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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. good morning to you. it is windy. randi: reader 40 mile per hour wind at time yesterday afternoon. this morning it will die down a little bit. you don' t need to stock up on the bulk size hair spray. you will notice across much of ohio, the wind is not 20, 25 miles per hour. we' ll see some improvement into the second part of the morning. indy has about 22 mile per hour winds.
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communist country. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is at the live alert desk with the latest on his case. andrew: we have seen confessions like this before, and often people detained in north korea later recant those confessions after they are finally released. otto warmbier was visiting north korea back in january when he was detained. the north koreans said he committed an anti-state crime. today we got a better idea of just what was alleged. warmbier admitted to stealing a political banner from an off-limits area of his hotel. during his video-taped confession, he said he took it because a member of his church offered him a used car if he brought it home. warmbier says he was also told his mother would be given $200,000 in donations if he was detained. >> i wish that the united states administration never manipulated people like myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign
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i entirely beg you and the government of the dpr korea for your forgiveness. andrew: the unusual and detailed confession from otto warmbier from wyoming, ohio, under detention in north korea. from the live alert desk, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: a congregation in dayton is in shock after their pastor was killed at church. witnesses say william schooler was shot right after he finished his service on sunday. police say the man who pulled the trigger is schooler' s own brother. witnesses say pastor schooler went into his study following the final prayer, and that' s when his brother daniel got up and followed him inside. >> then we heard pa-pow, pa-pow, pa-pow. that' s when everybody started running. i had my coat and purse still in there. all i had was this walker and we all ran out. >> i can' t believe it. i can' t believe it, that my pastor is gone.
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daniel schooler at the church. he is expected to appear in court on murder charges later today. mark: community leaders in hesston held a church service sunday for the victims in thursday' s deadly shooting spree in kansas. civic and religious leaders along with members of the community gathered to light candles and pray. three people were killed and 14 others injured when cedric ford opened fire inside excel industries in hesston. the first officer on the scene then killed ford. several people spoke at the service offering condolences and discussing how the community can
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recovering, too. former uber driver jason dalton, now in police custody, went on a five-hour shooting spree earlier this month. lisa: a jury trial begins today for a pleasant ridge man accused of groping patients at good samaritan hospital. police say mark rivers, who was a patient at the time, got into bed with one victim and started touching her while she was sleeping. she woke up and got help. police say rivers admitted to touching other women at the he'
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owner. simpson' s accused of taking $106. court documents show simpson is accused of using his position as an officer to steal the money. he' s now charged with theft in office. he' s due back in court in april. simpson is currently suspended without pay. lisa: a rally was held this past weekend for paul gaston and melvin murray, two men killed in confrontations with cincinnati police in district three. members of the group black lives matter cincinnati say they want more answers surrounding the shooting of paul gaston. the group is also asking the department to reopen the death investigation of melvin murray last september. murray crashed into a tree and died after police tried to stop him. his mother claims police didn' t help while he was dying in his car. >> why didn' t you aid him? why didn' t you help him? answer that, cincinnati police. >> until there' s justice for everybody and until the police are held accountable, we need to stand up and speak out.
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s chief and other city officials maintain police acted properly and according to procedures in the shooting of paul gaston. mark: whirlwind today? -- more wind today? randi: back down to five, 10 miles per hour close to lunchtime. checking in on our weatherbug network, 44 degrees with a 19 mile per hour wind. low 40' s in wilmington and cvg. day. the wind has a couple more hours before they totally die off. some rain along the river through seven portions of adams county.
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42 degrees as the kids wait for the bus. as we go through the week, keep your hands and arms inside the ride and all time. the seven-day forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. kyla: at 1.i thought i would go outside and start taping things down. get ready for that. on the roads, pretty clear conditions. 71 towards warren 275 loop, you are clear at this hour. 71, 75 looks good. no problems waiting for you.
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you can see just a few cars southbound. a very easy start on this monday. lisa: after rising high from last week' s win, the xavier musketeers take a dive sunday. mark: how the cincinnati team struggled to take down seton hall, coming up in sports. lisa: a selfie of a deputy and his k-9 unit going viral. how the love shared between the two partners was captured in one snapshot. mark: taking a live look outside . there' s see old glory blowing in the breeze. stay with us. you'
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mark: good morning and welcome back. starting on a windy monday morning. checking today' s headlines -- the man accused of fatally shooting two people including a police officer in virginia is expected in court today. active sergeant ronald hamilton, an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon, has been accused of killing two people, including officer ashley guindon, who was working her first day as an officer. hamilton is charged with multiple counts of murder and malicious wounding. lisa: a member of the famed seal team six will receive the medal of honor today. senior chief edward byers jr.
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mission operation in afghanistan on december 8, 2012. byers is from grand rapids, ohio, and has already earned two purple hearts for being wounded in combat and five bronze stars for heroism. defense department officials say byers is the first living seal to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war. mark: after five nominations, leonardo dicaprio has finally gotten his oscar. dicaprio took home the best actor academy award sunday night for his role in "the revenant." brie larson won best actress for "room." best picture went to the newspaper drama "spotlight." xavier is coming off a surprising loss on sunday. lisa: the muskies went to seton hall and stumbled. elise jesse has your sports update. elise: good morning. beating
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the muskies got rocked. xavier started the game down9-0. there would get close on several occasions. muskies down three. the loan bucket of the game, cutting the deficit to two. but the pirates begin to pull away. there is an easy lay-in. second half and the pirates continuing to dominate. a strong move in the paint. one minute to go in the game and xavier cuts the lead down to 10. trayvon blue is there for the putback but this would belong to seton hall. ohio state hosting iowa. second half. he drives the baseline against
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osu keeping it close. d drive and the floater is no good but he sticks with it and gets the putback to go. two minutes to go in regulation. the buckeyes take the number eight team in the nation down. the lions will make a trip to the ncaa tournament after winning. he was the tournament mvp with seven rebounds. the bengals have two players in free agency. jones said he is not taking the hometown discount. the bengals are exploring draft options. corey coleman is rumored to be at the top of the list. >> we'
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we are drafting for what he has done around the, two, three, four years ago experience. i know a lot is made of this. elise: the 2016 nfl draft kicking off on april 28. the bengals have the 24th pick in the draft. the ballclub is in rebuilding mode. they has some young guys looking to make the roster this year. brandon phillips is voicing frustration. potential success in 2016. >> people already put us at the bottom. we can go out and prove people wrong. tell the city we' re not going to win.
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to try to win and to get to the world series. that is our mission no matter how young and how sorry people think we are going to be. elise: the indians will face the reds at 3:05 our time. we send it back to you guys. mark: you have to be ready every
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we have highs in the 30' s, for these, 50' s, and 60' s this week -- 40' s. today we should be mid 50' s. we take a slide toward the center part of the week. you cannot dress the same way two days in a row. we have one lingering area of rain near adams county.
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into tomorrow, we do have a slight risk for severe weather in cincinnati. another round of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. second half of the day. 43 degrees right now. 8:00 a.m. it is still windy and cloudy, near 40. through the afternoon it will get mild with sunshine. sunshine returning by lunchtime. tomorrow we start out with the sunshine. temperatures around 60 midday, and then here comes the rain. maybe a little bit of snow on the back edge tuesday night into wednesday morning. 54 today. 60 tomorrow with storms in the
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a chance for some storms on thursday. mark: ahead of super tuesday, a new poll finds republican front-runner donald trump still ahead in many states. in georgia, 30% of likely republican primary voters support trump, followed by senators ted cruz and marco rubio, tied with 23% each. in tennessee, trump is ahead by a bigger margin, with 40%. followed by cruz with 22%. but in texas, home state of senator ted cruz, it is cruz in the lead, with 39% of likely republican primary voters. the democratic side, an nbc poll has found hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders by at least 20 points in each state. texas, tennessee, and georgia are among a dozen states holding primaries tomorrow. our commitment 2016 coverage continues online. you can check out the latest campaign stops and endorsements and see how the candidates are getting ready for super tuesday, all under the "politics" section of the wlwt mobile app. >> tuckers is a genuine place in
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everyone is welcome at tuckers. they' ve been welcomed there for 70 years and over-the-rhine has got to have tuckers. mark: enthusiastic volunteers looking to help out an over-the-rhine favorite, tucker' s restaurant. the vine street restaurant was destroyed last summer by a fire, but restaurant owners are looking to bounce back. a fundraiser was held at st. francis seraph school this weekend to raise money for that come back. >> joe and carla tucker are the salt to the earth. they' ve made everyone welcome in this restaurant and they' re looking forward to the opportunity to seeing all their friends again every day. mark: if all goes as planned, the tuckers hope to be back up and running july 25, a year to the date they had to close down because of that fire. cincinnati' s largest and longest-running spring showcase is taking a two-day break this week, set to reopen on wednesday. lisa: the home and garden show offers ideas for your outdoor and indoor spaces. more than 400 vendors are showcasing the latest trends in
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bathrooms, and outdoor living. bard nurseries focused outdoor design on the family. >> we decided to bring our outdoor environment, and ours has become a movie theater. that way we can bring the family out, catch a movie, sit in the garden and just relax. lisa: vendors say the show gives them a chance to connect with customers, and organizers say the strong economy has meant a bigger attendance. once the show reopens wednesday, it will run through sunday. mark: if you want to enjoy the extra day on the calendar, head to the cincinnati observatory in hyde park. there is a special leap night event. you can check out the observatory buildings, and if the skies are clear, you can take a look through the telescopes. leap night goes from 7:00 until 9:00, and admission is $5. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: we are looking at the
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we have had some strong winds to end the weekend. for the morning rush, about 20 mile per hour winds. we will end u with a nicep afternoon. you can see the rain showers that rolled through overnight are moving out. tuesday we should hiton 60. into the afternoon and evening hours, here comes some showers and thunderstorms. we could see a stronger storm tomorrow for the second half of the day. 54 degrees today. 40 on wednesday. kyla: it does sound like a roller coaster. nothing to snag your morning commute so far. right now i' m 75, 16 minutes from the 129 area over to the
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19 minutes on 71, 75 from the split into downtown. here is a look outside. 275 looking good and clear north and southbound near the eastgate area or beyond. lisa: thank you. we are checking some stories trending this morning. mark: well, apparently, you can teach old dogs new tricks. four shelter dogs rescued from slums and abandoned lots around sao paulo were trained as ball dogs for the brazil open tennis tournament. their job? to retrieve balls that went out of bounds at an exhibition match, and then give them back to the players. they didn' t like the giving back part as much as the getting the ball part. the local shelter hoped to raise awareness with its ball-dog initiative. lisa: a photo of a police deputy and his k-9 has captured the internet' s heart. it shows deputy chase garrett getting a hug from his beloved partner manson. the love between the pair perfectly captured in a single
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the two have worked together for the past three years. garrett says he never imagined the response his photo would get, but he likes seeing his faithful partner get so much recognition. mark: a swan stops rush-hour traffic on a bridge in the czech capital. the bird plopped down in the left lane of the prague bridge and refused to move. police blocked the lane where it was sitting to keep it safe. you can see the officers puzzling over how to handle the situation. no word yet if the swan received a loitering citation. lisa: it just doesn' t care. go about your business. mark: weird. a former presidential nominee echoing a statement made by current candidate marco rubio last week. lisa: ohio governor john kasich is facing more pressure to drop out of the 2016 race. outside live on your monday. it is a windy start but the wind
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lisa: the competition heating up a day before super tuesday. which republican candidates will make some nearby stops on the campaign trail this week. mark: a body found in a bracken
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the latest on the investigation. authorities work to identify the victim. lisa: dramatic video this morning of a confession by a local man who gr aduated from wyoming high school. what he admitted to just this morning. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your monday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. let' s go straight to randi rico for the windy details. randi: moore wins but not for the entire day. we had 40, 45 mile per hour gusts yesterday. the rain has come to an end. there was one spot that is dealing with some rain. drizzle through portions of clinton county. we' re waiting for the clouds to


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