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winter weather advisory for our southern counties. sheree: if you look out the window r ht now, the snow may look more impressive than what the impact is going to be. kevin robinson is tracking it for you once again and will join us in just a few minutes. mike: first, new developments involving a child reported missing. we have life team coverage for you. brian hamrick is live at police headquarters where police just held a news conference. brian: it was an emotional day of searching. now the mother that reported this child in the stolen car is charged. it was an elaborate scheme to make it look like a child was in this car. the child was never in danger, the child was never in the car. nicole benton sent police into a panic when she told them someone stole her car with a baby inside. only part of it was true.
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baby. police say the baby was with her at her home when they first responded. she hid the baby then called a taxicab. in the chaos, she slipped out the back of her home with the baby, left the baby at a friends house, and returned home. at some point, she went and got the child and returned home. she faces charges of obstruction of official business, inducing panic, and making false alarms. one misdemeanor and to felonies. >> vehicle. the mother left the home as our area. child. met with a friend who returned
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the child was found safe. the fact that the car was stolen was true. what was reported that the child was in the car was reported to be false. mike: let' s talk about the mom and some of the charges she faces. brian: she could face a little over two years in jail. we did some digging and found that she is out on parole for the charge of menacing.
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sister in the face. sheree: several crime scenes and many moving parts to this investigation. mike: it was found crashed on prosperity place in westwood. todd dykes is live outside the mother' s home. reporter: this is where the panic started. it was all based on falsehoods. i got an earful leg this afternoon. it' s possible that nicole benton was inside one of these cars. can i talk to you for a second? that reaction is in sharp contrast to what my colleague
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newscast . >> the baby appears to be fine. >> i' m really happy she made it back home safe and sound. reporter: those neighbors were not all that shock saying that they leave their kids and running cars as they go back inside for a minute or two all too often. mike: centered on the initial point of that crash, a side street.
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us with the work done there. john: three suspects were just down the street. the neighbors saw them flee. everyone heard the clamor and police were everywhere. >> the kids ran. reporter: no baby on board. a very worrisome investigative scene for a couple of uncertain hours. neighbors watched as police took pictures, processed what they could of the crashed car and put thoughts of their damage on the back burner. >> it was my main concern. i' m out looking. i wasn' t concerned about damage. i was more concerned about -- think they found the child. reporter: her mother called to tell her the house was on the
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hurtling down prosperity place. reporter: it is a sloping street with parking on both sides. he heard the commotion. three suspects on the run with police giving chase along the sides of the house. >> i heard the police yelling. and the neighbor just put one up
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sheree: we continue to lead the way online. we stream today' s breaking news. mike: chief meteorologist kevin robinson with cincinnati' s most accurate forecast. kevin: providing us with some
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i' ve seen here on twitter, and a cover some sidestreets out there. they are at or above freezing. as the snow comes down heavily, it will attempt to accumulate. as soon as the snow stops, it will begin to melt. it is moving in your direction. it will pick up a quick slushy half an inch. mike: the coroner says he was not killed by that fall. it was smoke inhalation after the fall through the home.
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sheree: today, three women and a man charged with the crime were in court. they were recovering from surgery when they forced their way into the apartment. one of the women actually put a gun to his for head. rehead. mike: 60-year-old david allen chapin was unsuitable for considered for parole in december of 2018. serving life in prison right now longtime friend in the eye during a dispute over religion.
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he told a psychiatrist he actually ate his brain as part of a mutual agreement between them. sheree: involving another school scare. mike: but the information was wrong. >> they don' t need to be putting out stuff that' s not happening. mike: karin johnson talking with angry parents and getting to the bottom of what happened. kevin: i' m tracking a localized band of snow on the east side of cincinnati. i will track this band of snow and what to look forward to as we head into the weekend. sheree: top dog year. meet piper. pretty popular because of his job. the michigan airport. on top of that, as you can see,
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vest has
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sheree: a man found sleeping in his car parked close to schools with guns and ammunition. mike: it triggered panic on monday but administrators say it was an unnecessary scare. reporter: they want to make sure that they know that every student is safe and it was not involving school grounds or another student. but a robocall that went out had parents thinking otherwise. >> i was terrified. reporter: they said that unfortunately madison schools
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there was no incident on its campus nor did it involve any madison students. here is what happened. it has to found 23-year-old brian miller asleep in a car. the church parking lot is about 1200 feet from madison school district property. >> it was never a question because we were told it was not related. it is not related. reporter: so why did middletown send out an alert? a spokeswoman told me they were trying to be proactive. she admitted the wording was inaccurate and a second robocall went out notifying them of the
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>> they should be talking to you apologizing to all the parents right now because this is a very upsetting thing. reporter: they are thanking them letting them know about the arrest. he' s been charged with ovi i. reporting live tonight. mike: miller will be arraigned in middletown municipal court in the morning. sheree: students in madison has something to cheer about this week. the varsity wrestling team is in columbus for the state tournament. they will compete this weekend, talking about a senior, the
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mike: not every 11 year old can say they impressed tiger woods. the south texas junior golfer teed off on the course designed by tiger woods. this happened. that is a hole in one for taylor right in front of tiger woods. the crowd goes nuts. taylor gets a big hug from tiger woods that then had to follow that shot with one of his own and the 11-year-old beats woods on that whole by two strokes. sheree: and tiger is holding his
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it looks pretty impressive but not a huge deal? mike: let' s go to kevin robinson with more on what to expect the rest of the evening. kevin: it all goes to the fact that fortunately, we are now in the month of march. and unless it snows really hard out there, it is hard to get snow to accumulate during the daytime hours. fielding phone calls this evening. it has been snowing all evening and it starts to stick. it just came through the area and snowing heavy enough and hard enough. big snowflakes coming down for a good half an hour. as soon as the snow stops, it will start melting across the area. in addition to the fact that there' s the high march sun angle, they have a light
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when you look at numbers across the board, temperatures in general are marginal. a few locations it freezing. for the most part, when you look at the road temperatures there above freezing and the fact that we have the sun out there this evening helping us out. for folks north and east of cincinnati, i can' t rule out that you' ll start to see more in the way of astor accumulation given this back edge. but the snow is right on top of us. the impressive snow is going to soon be pressing out of the area. right now, generally, to 75. these are decent snowfall rates. that is why we see it accumulate quickly in the grassy area. even on bridges and overpasses
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once the snow stops here, it will quickly melt away. over towards fayetteville, this dan is lifting off towards the north and east. for areas north and east of cincinnati, there may be some slick spots trying to develop when the sun goes down. that storm system is getting by. we are on the back edge of the snow. once this moves out of here this evening, i don' t expect anything else significant overnight tonight. that band of heavy snow has moved out of the area. there may be some lingering worries and snow showers. tonight. or two. we shouldn' t have any problems commute. friday will be a gloomy day.
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there could be some brief quick half inch accumulations in the grassy areas east of cincinnati as the snow begins to taper for an overnight low. i don' t expect any real re-freeze issues. look for a high of about 40 degrees. there you go. down to 30 for a cold friday night. temperatures warm up over the weekend. it could be a brief passing shower saturday afternoon. overall, warmer and milder weather. before some good rains move and towards the middle of the weekend. mike: busy times in the weather center for sure. sheree: a spectacular smash and grab caught on camera. i federal authorities are getting involved.
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mike: a bold robbery caught on camera in texas. sheree: a black pickup truck backs up to the store with 10
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at one grabs a chain, wraps it around the middle security gate, hinges. robbers run in, smashing the glass and scoop up more than 50 escape. the entire operation took less than three minutes. we learned several are under arrest right now and will be facing federal charges. mike: a drive off in new mexico puts a deputy and a very dangerous position. a driver with a deputy inside the car. hitting the driver over the head with his flashlight to get the driver to stop about 500 feet down the road and surrender. injury. sheree: fed up with people stealing off of his doorstep, a washington man has taken matters into his own hands. s day gift was snatched, he put together a decoy package. a thief was caught on camera making off with the boxed. the thief won'
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inside, just a stinky present from his dog. >> when they open it one way, it will rip open the bag and it' s going to go everywhere. sheree: police recommend not handling it this way, just call them and report the crime. a twist in the race for the white house. mike: a former republican candidate coming out against
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sheree: sheree: tonight at 5:30 p.m., a school district changing how it responds to school threats. and a frantic morning search for a baby that was actually never miss an. the charges the mother is now facing. mike: snow flurries making their
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sheree: flurries were flying outside the station in mount auburn. this is video expected to taper off tonight. mike: impressive but it did not stick a whole lot. kevin: you know what this means. the back edge of the snow is upon us. a quick burst of heavier snowfall that will be half an inch mainly in the grassy surfaces. that will be it tonight. all day, it' s been snowing but hasn' t been accumulating. the difference is the fact that it has been heavy enough that it has overcompensated for the melting that has taken place throughout the day. once the band has pushes through the neighborhood, after it drops
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grassy areas, it is going to start melting away because temperatures for most of us are at or above freezing. it will still melt the majority of the snow. i will watch the back edge of this because they will lose the additional help for melting. that' s all east of cincinnati. in the low-to-mid 30' s. coming up, we have 60' s close to 70' s. it sure will as we head to next week. mike:
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reporter: in front of the judge, the freshman denied the charges against him. slapped with two aggravated menacing charges. he made threats against a wyoming student. the district is considering changes when it comes to safety. when they were in class, one of their peers faced a judge. the freshman is accused of making a verbal threat. . -- you can talk about it in theory. it. denied the not guilty plea in adult court. the parents are reassured that their children are safe.
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the district can do in the future. other changes are in the works. >> a couple options are if students should leave their backpacks rather than bringing them in the class. reporter: they will make sure all doors in all buildings are locked. the student had never made any previous threats. the still, the district wants to ensure all parents that safety is still the number one priority. >> certainly, we would never invite them here if it were at all dangerous. there aren' t guarantees, but the staff and administrators will make this essay for place
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sheree: and we will keep you updated on the pretrial hearing. mike: a mother facing charges after her car is stolen. why investigators filed those charges. reporter: her in -- she said her daughter was inside the car when thieves stole it. the baby girl was always at home. they took a cab to a friends house. she then came back with a baby to make it look like someone found her. she is charged with obstructing official business, making false alarms, inducing panic. she hasn' t said why she lied
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police launched a large effort to try to find the little girl. >> this is been a very trying day. a tremendous amount of resources to try to locate this child. the fbi. our communications center was put on alert status to hold nonpriority runs to completely focused their efforts on locating this child. reporter: reporting live on the west end, wlwt news 5. mike: police arrested a couple of miners in the car theft. they are both charged with receiving stolen property. we screened this new story as it
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for the latest breaking news, download the wlwt news at. sheree: police hope this surveillance picture can help identify a man that held at the bank this afternoon. he handed the teller a note around 1:00 today. the man did not show any sort of weapon. the number is 513-352-3040. on south gilmore road, police say the suspect was armed when he approached one of the tellers there. he was also wearing white earbuds at the time. if you recognize him, call fairfield police. mike: a mistrial declared in the case of a brutal murder in roselawn. accused of stabbing patricia hammonds to death.
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kimbro has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. he was deemed confident -- competent to stand trial. he is now being held at the summit behavioral center for evaluation. another hearing is set for next month. the man charged with killing his brother at an ohio church will stay behind bars at a $1 million bond. he was charged with aggravated murder for the shooting in dayton. they pleaded not guilty this week. he previously sued his brother over an inheritance dispute five years ago. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> it is one thing you lose and you work. he let us down. he should have one. sheree: the party'
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candidate delivered a speech denouncing gop frontrunner donald trump in an effort to stop his march to the nomination. in our exclusive bureau tonight with the details. reporter: he offered a scathing takedown of donald trump and trump delivered to counterpunch. it' s the republican establishment. versus donald trump. >> the bullying, the greed, the showing off. the misogyny. the absurd third-grade the ettrick' s. >> he let us down. reporter: mitt romney delivering the establishment' s case against trump. he is a phony. a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. his domestic policies would lead
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his foreign policies would make america and the world less safe. donald trump: he is very nasty. i thought he was a better person than that. >> mitt romney has pulled the 10 out of a hand grenade. reporter: john kasich as he disagrees with romney' s move. >> you don' t beat trump by personal attacks. the guy in chicopee is not interested in name-calling. >> i do think republicans do well by telling voters they are wrong. reporter: he did not call on republicans to unify behind a single alternative candidate and urged them to vote for whichever candidate stands the best chance at beating trump in a given state. sheree:
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get even more interesting, the drama is expected to play out tonight on a republican debate on foxnews. mike: people attending donald trump' s rally saying they were punched and shoved by supporters in the crowd. should you this video yesterday. in the video, a student can be seen shoved around by men in the crowd. the other complaint filed by a 17-year-old protester that is she was punched by a woman that tried to grab her sign at the rally. democrats staying busy. 1300 delegates shy of clinching the number she needs for the nomination. bernie sanders needs almost 2000 to surge ahead. sheree: more commitment 2016 coverage for you. you can see where the candidates stand on all the big issues at any given time.
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cleveland man arrested and accused of making threats to president obama and hillary clinton. court documents show that they admitted to federal agents he was drinking the night of the alleged threats and said he meant no harm. more controversy over the empty seat now on the u.s. supreme court. sheree: democratic members of congress are calling on the senate to consider president obama' s nomination for the high court. they say senate leaders are playing a "dangerous game." >> he is the president. he has not only the power, but the duty -- a sacred duty and responsibility to fill seats on a federal court. sheree: senate republicans are
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kevin: we' ve had snow all day but finally coming to an end. i'
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we head towards the sheree: the texas trooper that arrested sandra bland has now been fired. they arrested her during a traffic stop for failure to use a turn signal. she was found dead in herself, no one was indicted for her death. the grand jury did not believe the trooper' s claim that he removed her from the car so that he could conduct a safer traffic investigation. the trooper has now the right to appeal that decision, of course. mike: the major u.s. airlines have been launching flights to cuba. sheree:
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havana. and from american to delta and jetblue, they want more flights. expected to make a decision on this summer. may have mosquitoes that spread the zika virus. they developed a compound you can add to laundry detergent. owes. -- mosquitoes. it could protect you for up to a day. they need more research before putting the compound on the market. mike: hope tonight for the township boy. page, he stood up time. several fundraisers have been this family.
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sheree: continuing the work of the ruth lyon' s children' s fund today at our cincinnati children' s medical center. i along with our general manager and news director, we were on hand to present the hospital with $150,000 from the children' s foundation. the money does more than just help kids during the holidays. >> it gives them something to play with every day. to interact with if it is an electronic game system or to do an art project. and to celebrate the milestones in the kids lives. anything they are doing at home we can replicate here because of this donation. sheree: we could not make these types of donations possible without your generosity. thank you for your continued
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kevin: things are looking better. before those of you start to panic out there when you get worried about snow, don' t. this is coming to an end all too quickly. the back edges past the 7175 corridor. it is pushing towards the northeastern suburbs. it has been snowing all day but it has not been accumulating because the snow has been light, temperatures are above freezing. even though we can' t visually see the sun through the cloud cover, we are still getting some warming. unless it' s nose really hard, it is hard to get snow to accumulate during the day. if this were at night, a completely different story. the last of the quick burst of
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areas east of cincinnati, this has a few pictures where snow is coming. temperatures are above freezing. don' t worry about travel issues. there is snow coming down towards fayetteville. and some of the more hilly terrain out towards the east of cincinnati as the sun is beginning to set, there may be some slick spots. expect improvements. between now and 7:00, a lot of snow is actually melting. temperatures are still above freezing. temperatures will hover close to freezing.
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gloomy looking skies . we back up to 34 at the airport. and when you look at these numbers, look at this. you' ll not have much in the way of accumulation. 33 in batavia. for the day on friday, like snow showers and flurries will begin to come to an end. cloudy skies lingering on friday. snow tapers off here very soon. 30 for the overnight low. still chilly.
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lunchtime into the mid 30' s. i think we will see a few peaks of the sun late tomorrow. 50' s over the weekend. there will be a passing shower. look at the mid to upper 60' s on the way for early next week. mike: could you pass a u.s. citizenship test?
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to make it a mike:mike: proposals to require high school students from passing the citizenship test. sheree: it is the same test people seeking to be u.s. citizens have to pass. students would have to answer 60 of the 100 questions correctly in order to get their high school diploma. mike: retired soccer store brandi chastain has agreed to donate her brain to science for concussion research. the 47-year-old hoaxer decision will expand the attention of
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the disease is caused by repetitive head trauma. sheree: amazon now once voice controlled assistant alexa and more homes. it has two new devices, one being the echo dot. there is the amazon cap. -- tap. apple is providing customer service support on twitter. just this morning, they launched a twitter account. it is offering up tips and tricks as well as tutorials. i twitter accounts but until now, it is having a social
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and they say the baby was never in any real danger. the charges the mother is now facing, next. mike: parents panic
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mike: and right now, we are covering a developing weather system. sheree: we are seeing some snow on the commute home. kevin robinson has your forecast tonight as we head into the evening. kevin: a close call, but multiple things in our favor. above freezing all day long. we are now into the month of march. that angle, it will melt most of
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disbursed was heavy enough to overcompensate for the melting process. we saw a quick half an inch. it to will quickly melt away. a quick burst over towards mount repose. still seeing some snow in areas out east. some of these far easternmost communities now that the sun is beginning to go down, you might find a very light and brief gusty on some of the secondary roads. i don' t expect travel problems this evening because temperatures will stay above freezing. that is going to melt as soon as the snow stops. sheree: a frantic search for an


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