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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> >> you see what happens again when you challenge him on a policy issue? the first thing he does is launch an attack on some little guy thing. mark: another bout of bickering at last night' s republican presidential debate. how ohio governor john kasich attempted to take the high road amongst all the arguing. lisa: a baby reportedly stolen along with a car. police say it was a lie. what officials are saying is the real story. mark: a mother and child killed in a head-on collision. how law enforcement is saying it'
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ve ever witnessed. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. right now there are a few school , delays to tell you about in northern kentucky, the diocese of covington schools are on 2-hour delays. the same goes for robertson county schools. meanwhile, illness has forced williamstown independent schools to close their headstart and preshool in grant county. you can always see a complete list of closures and delays on good morning, thank you for joining us i' m mark hayes. ,lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. this morning' s headlines are coming up. let' s get a check on the forecast. randi: another round of flurries to start the morning commute. we are with these pronounced 7:00 a.m. and they are gone. for those of you out in the early morning, flurries flying around the greater cincinnati. the radar showing snow showers
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assuming on into downtown and areas of northern kentucky, it is all the same scenario no matter where you are. we are looking at light snow showers drifting through. they are not going to accumulate at all, but you definitely are working the wipers. as we look at the wide view, over the last couple of hours, some rain mixing and at times. right now, flurries , the back edge rolling through portions of southeastern indiana north of 74. it is going to be a slow go. they will be on the 7:00 before we are clear of this batch of flurries. right now, temperatures at or above freezing for most of us. 33 degrees at cvg. looking at the planner today, by 8:00, flurries are gone, temperatures at 32. noon, gloomy, 36. by 4:00, peaks of sunshine with a high of 40. if you are sick of the gloomy skies, hold on a couple more days. there is a warm up for the weekend.
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lisa: it is 4:32 right now developing now, a mother and , young girl killed in a car crash in cold spring, kentucky. and this morning, police plan to release new details surrounding the accident. mark: wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live at u.c. medical center where one other victim is still being treated. dan? dan: we know the woman who drove a car crossed the median is here at u.c. medical center. we do not know her condition at this what we do know, a mother point. and daughter were killed in the head-on crash. cold spring police tell us the crash happened about 7:00 last night. investigators say the mother and young daughter were headed north on alexandria pike, when a woman driving south crossed the center line hitting them head-on. it' s a crash the police chief says is heartbreaking to investigate. >> it' s horrifying, it' s probably the worst thing you can see in law enforcement. we have the officers over at uc trying to investigate with the other person that was in the car
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they can provide for us. dan: police have not determined a cause in this crash at this point. they tell us that area is not prone to crashes. no names have been released this point. we are expecting an update later this morning. live at uc medical center, dan griffin, wlwt news five. lisa: 4:34 police were scrambling. and neighbors frantic after a mother says her 18-day old baby was inside a car that was stolen, and now, the mother is under arrest for lying to police. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live in the newsroom with what police are saying really happened. andrew things went from heart : wrenching to head scratching yesterday. nacole benton reported her car stolen with her newborn baby inside. now police say the child was , never in danger. we were there in the west end as police launched their search. we all wanted to know what happened to newborn lamilyan mccollum. the car was spotted and crashed
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then benton showed up back at home, carrying the baby girl. police now say she called a cab, took her baby to a friend' s house nearby. they' re still trying to understand why she did it, but they don' t have any real answers yet. collects -- >> this has been a very trying day for not only our officers and investigating efforts, this yielded a tremendous amount of resources to try and locate this child. andrew nacole benton is due in : court this morning for obstructing official business, making false alarms and inducing panic. her baby, and two older children are now in the custody of job and family services. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: 4:35 your time this , election season has been full of lively debates and last night' s republican debate was no different. the candidates didn' t spend a whole lot of time talking about specific issues but there was plenty of mudslinging. marco rubio and ted cruz went after front runner donald trump
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fray. >> answer the economy question. >> you have an employed one person, i haven' t to -- employed tens of thousands of people. >> for 40 years donald has been part of the corruption in washington that you' re angry about. >> throughout this campaign, i' ve talked about issues. i' ve never tried to go into these scrums that we are seeing here on the stage. >> despite last night' s bickering kasich, cruz, and rubio all said after the debate they would support donald trump if he were to become the republican nominee. republicans have two more debates on the calendar, the next one is coming up on march 10 in florida, a key state with winner take all delegates for the candidate who wins the primary on march 15. democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders hold their next debate on sunday in flint, michigan. lisa: speaking of the democrats candidate hillary clinton is locally. in an event today some major african american elected officials with announce their endorsement of clinton. some of the big names include former cincinnati mayor mark
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, young and a handful of others. today' s event. it will begin at 10:30 this morning at the urban league of greater cincinnati on reading road. right now on more commitment 2016 coverage. see where the candidates stand on the big issues. time is 4:37, more controversy over the empty seat now on the u.s. supreme court. mark: democratic members of congress and members of the congressional black caucus, are calling for the senate to s nominatation for the high court. they say senate leaders are playing a, "dangerous game." >> that the president has not only has the power but a duty, a sacred duty and responsibility to fill a seat on our federal court. mark: senate republicans are vowing not to act on any nominee
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lisa: back to the forecast on this friday, 4:37, 34 degrees, the venture -- bewitching temperature we have and have ring around. randi: the aware there could be some slick spots, by and large, roads are wet. downtown lebanon, the national bank building, you can see the lights up to the golden lamb. roads and sidewalks are wet in that area even though we are currently staying -- seeing flurries and snow showers. there is lebanon right there. much of the area, the story is the same. flurries, light snow showers, rain mixing and at times. generally, we' re watching the back edge of the system move through. it will be 7:00 before we are done with this particular round of snow flurries and snow showers. we are hoping to see some sunshine that are on in the day. as the kids had to the bus stop, plan on them dealing with a
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temperatures close to freezing. wet roads and flurries expected for the first part of the day. on the way home from school, around 49. we will see sunshine, 50 degrees on the way and into the weekend. kyla: wet for the most part it watch for slick spots since we are hovering around the freezing point. a look at northern kentucky, 7175 near u.s. 42, if you are traveling north or south bound near the split and continuing into downtown, you' re going to go along the entire stretch. on the norwood lateral, decent scenes eason westbound. still some construction cones out, but nothing that will take out lanes for you at this hour. a good start as we had 30 friday. 275 looks good along the entire loop. use i-75 interchange, all of the lanes are clear. we will keep you updated. lisa: at least one reds player is off to a perfect start this
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mark: george vogel has the latest on the cincinnati team next in sports. lisa: an accused shoplifter runs into a bit of a hiccup during his crime. how his getaway path was temporarily interrupted. mark: taking a live look outside this morning, 4:39 is your time. 33 degrees. we will update your most accurate forecast and your commute times only continue.
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mark: a live look on a friday, 30 three degrees, hopefully, the snow gets out of here. things will be perfect, even if it is cloudy. checking today' s headlines. the families of 12 passengers on malaysia airlines flight 370. have filed a lawsuit against the carrier and the government ahead of a filing deadline next week. the boeing 777 carrying 239 flew far off course for unknown reasons after leaving kuala lumpur for beijing on march 8, 2014. an ongoing search of the southern indian ocean has found no trace of the plane though a wing part from the aircraft washed ashore on reunion island last year. lisa: a congressional delegation is heading to flint michigan to listen to families affected by the city' s water crisis. representative dan kildee is leading the delegation comprised of some 12 members of the house and at least one senator.
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pelosi and assistant minority leader jim clyburn are among those traveling to flint. as is new york city congresswoman yvette clarke. mark: the federal government will release february jobless figures today and some economists believe the numbers will show steady job growth. experts surveyed by factset say employers likely added 195,000 jobs last month up from the 151,000 in january. the unemployment rate is also expected to remain low at 4.9%. the bearcats have some work to do to make it into the ncaa turner. lisa: they had a chance to help their cause last night in houston. wlwt news 5' s george vogel has the latest. george: the bearcats are on the road looking for a win and perhaps a spot in the ncaa. this is in way to impress the committee. welcome back, everyone. a 27-1 all-time record against the cougars. the very cared -- the bearcats, hot.
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15-10, u.c. it went south in a hurry. houston had a 19-15 lead and would never look back area brian johnson following up. another triple. houston in the middle of it 20-three run that would decide this game. octavius gets denied the deck. the only american conference the league. u.c. in a must win situation sunday against smu. the reds are off to a fine start in the cactus league. starting pitcher made his first start. two perfect innings. for a third straight day. adam depaul, one of the guys in in the first inning.
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the reds go on to win big over the indians, 9-1 is the final from goodyear. today, or the first time this spring, the reds face a team not name the cleveland indians. the giants roll into goodyear, michael lorenzo starting on the round or the reds. -- on the mound. not only gap or baton gamble among the characters. -- tom gamble. 92 high school and decimal teams are taking part. they played at some of the finest venues in the area like the fields a you see xavier. >> it is unbelievable what the reds are try to do around the field of cincinnati. with the youth and everything to get baseball back to going to way it used to be a long time ago and cincinnati. george: chocks knows what he is talking about. he has over 400 wins as a head coach at oak hills. the games begin april 2 with opening ceremonies and seven
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in golf, when the ball is submerged, probably best to take the drop and the penalty. mark leishman trying to fish and out of there. not a good idea. the ball in a couple of feet. there it is. by by his feet. that -- he double bogey the at&t. one over for the round. not bad. tied for the lead at six under. phil mickelson, one shot back at the catalog championship -- cadillac championship. that is all the sports for now. more coming up later in the day. mark: 4:47 is your time as we dig a live look outside. snow flurries floating around somewhere. i realize it was friday and i realized it didn' t matter. randi: exactly. i can give you any forecast on a friday and you a more optimistic view of it.
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potential for stronger thunderstorms, snow, and actually, yesterday, i cvg, we picked up 2.2 inches of snow. when it all melted away, didn' t realize on the ground. that is how much fell yesterday. add that into our total for the season and that nudges us up to 19 inches of snow. we are on target. i don' m i want warmer weather. we have that in the cast into the end of the weekend -- any forecast. this morning, contending with flurries. it is fairly light, some rain next and in a few spots. this is not accumulating. the roads are still wet. annoying enough flurry activity watching the back edge work its way through. it won' t clear the area until he a closer to 7:00 a.m. we have about 90 minutes left of flurries. a wider view, once this rules through, good to go.
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it will be a while before that gets here. midafternoon before we get any sort of sunshine. right now, 33 degrees, wind out of the west at six miles per hour. your breakdown today, 8:00 a.m., flurries are fading. by noon, gloomy . this afternoon, 40. chilly afternoon, peaks of sunshine coming our way. futurecast shows by 7:30, flurries are gone, clouds remain. lunchtime has an overcast look to it. we will get some sunshine going just in time for the parade tonight. it will be called. at least it will be -- it will be cold but at least it will be raining or snowing. expect a chance of passing showers tomorrow through the day here and there. nothing hefty. you might want an umbrella handy for anything you are doing outside tomorrow. by sunday, a bit more sunshine. for today, plan on a high of around 40 degrees. flurries early in the morning. sunshine later on in the day.
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tomorrow, flirting with 50 but the passing showers and clouds will lock is in the 40' s. sunday, 52. look at next week. high temperatures each day. mid and upper 60' s. lisa: a cleveland man is arrested. accused of calling the secret service and making a phone threat against president obama. and presidential candidate hillary clinton. jonathan smead was arrested at his grandmother' s house hours after the alleged threat was made. court documents show smead admitted to federal agents that he was drinking the night of the alleged threat and said he meant no harm. 4:50 right now the man charged , with killing his brother at an ohio church will stay behind bars on a $1 million bond. daniel schooler is charged with aggravated murder for the shooting of reverand william schooler sunday at saint peter' s missionary baptist church in dayton, ohio. daniel schooler pleaded not guilty at his arraignment this week. court records show daniel previously sued his brother over an inheritance dispute five
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mark: 4:50 is your time a guilty , plea from a suspected bank robber, known as the sock hat bandit. brian parnell took a plea agreement on 11 federal charges of bank robbery in ohio, kentucky and indiana. parnell was arrested in june after robbing a bank in independence. the fbi connected him to 10 other incidents in the 3 states. court records show, that parnell took more than $27,000 in the 11 bank robberies spanning longer than 3 months. in each case parnell passed a note to the bank tellers, indicating he had a gun. parnell faces jail time when he' s sentenced plus, he' ll be required to pay restitution to all 11 banks. lisa: new details in a plan to upgrade security at cincinnati' s city hall. the city manager has announced a date to implement changes. harry black released a memo saying you should expect to see metal detectors back at entrances on april 4. other changes include, requiring employees to wear i.d. badges. adding card-access doors on other floors. and restricting parking on plum street.
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are expected this summer. mark: continued problems for kentucky' s two planned parenthood clinics. the state requires abortion clinics to have a license and a transfer agreement with a hospital. the university of louisville hospital has now backed out of an agreement with the louisville planned parenthood. while the governor says the lexington clinic also doesn' t have an agreement or a license. lisa: a new bill could help kentucky students graduate with a college degree, without having to pay off loans. the work ready kentucky program is making its way through the state house. lawmakers say it would be an investment to get students educated then into the workforce by paying for community college. the program would cost 13 million dollars the first year then 20 million after that. , >> most of those students will be looking at a technical education, advanced manufacturing degree. maybe something in the healthcare industry and fill the need for businesses across the state.
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program, you must graduate from a kentucky high school or get your ged before you turn 19. you could only get money, after accounting for other grants and scholarships. and maintain a 2.0 gpa. mark: donations continue to pour in for the rabbit hash general store, after a fire destroyed it last month. this morning. kelly elementary school in burlington will present a check to the owners of the store. the money was collected by students. it will go towards restoring the 185-year-old historic landmark. randi: kind of a bummer to wake up to continued flurries. it is friday, think positive. the forecast on the upswing over the next couple of days. flurries to start the day p right clouds around through the morning. we will get some sunshine going later on in the afternoon. today, cold side, highs only 40. batch of flurries moving out this morning.
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a cool friday ahead. for your saturday, gray skies all day. occasional passing light rain showers. nothing hefty, but you need to bust out the umbrella a couple times during the day saturday. clouds clear out by sunday. temperatures have a rebound. today, 40 degrees early flurries. dipping to 30 tonight. tomorrow, passing showers. maybe a sprinkle for the runners. sunday, warm sunshine. take a look at next week. bring on that spring break weather. i think 60' s, mid-to-upper 60' s for most of the week with rain coming our way wednesday and thursday. kyla: not much of a bummer for us. fortunately, we don' t have inches of snow. we might see flurries out there as we head out on this friday. it is friday. here is a look at travel times. 17 minutes on 74 from the indiana side to i-75. 19 minutes across the river on
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17 minutes on 71 as you head out of warren county. a clear start as you can see. 71 at red bank looking good north and southbound. wet pavement. that is what you will see across greater cincinnati, as well. we will check in again at the top of the hour. lisa: it is 4:54. we are checking stories trending this morning. mark: and overnight golfer -- an 11-year-old golfer has become an overnight sensation after hitting an amazing hole-in-one right in front of tiger woods. lisa: police are still searching for a shoplifter who was stopped in his tracks while fleeing the scene, running right into an suv on surveillance video. you can see the suspect running out. this is a south carolina walmart. looking back to make sure he isn' t being caught. he doesn' t appear to be paying attention once he hits the doorway. the troops and does a face plant into the suv. mark: chick-fil-a is hoping to encourage some quality family time, minus the cell phones, by bribing customers with food, free food. as in free ice cream cones.
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your phone. then put it in a box at your table for the entire meal. more than 150 locations are taking part. at least you don' t have to dress like a cow. customers who did that got a free meal last summer. lisa: attention, star wars fans. the force awakens will be available for digital download april first. viewers can download other features as well like deleted scenes and other material from director j.j. abrams. the first six star wars films were made available for digital download for the first time ever last april. the film will be released on blu-ray and dvd april fifth. donald trump makes a new enemy in his own party. mark: what former presidential nominee mitt romney had to say about the businessman-turned-politician. lisa: at sign live on your friday, i hope it is a great start for you. flurries coming down.
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lisa: a violent head-on crash. when we are learning about how it happened. mark: family can sous for schools and middletown. why a school officials say it was an unnecessary scare.
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fraud. lisa: a scathing speech from the last presidential nominee. how mitt romney is trying to drag trump' s name through the mud. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: randi rico and kyla woods have your traffic and weather. let' s get to randi with the latest on your forecast. still snowing out there. randi: the good news is these flurries and about the morning commute. the rain -- the roads are just went. the usual things apply. temperatures close to the freezing point. watch out for the potential for slick spots. flurries and snow showers rolling through much of greater cincinnati. the only spots that are done


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