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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 afternoon. mark: new developments in the investigation into monday' s shooting at madison junior/senior high. today, two additional teens were charged. what the sheriff says they knew that could have helped prevent the whole thing. the mother who made up story is before a judge today. why she could be released from jail soon.
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we' re following new developments today in monday' s shooting at madison junior/senior high. good afternoon i' m mark hayes. just hours ago two more teens were charged. wlwt news 5' s karin johnson has the new information about the charges. karin: both knew their classmate had a gun at school and never told anyone. these 14-year-olds have been charged with failure to report a crime. the accused shooter showed the boys the gun earlier in the day. investigators say he took up the gun in the school tax material and shot to classmates. charges filed against the other students. >> they should have told about the gun. it might' ve stopped the incident in itself. ve done something about it. that boy wouldn' t be where he is right now. people wouldn' t have been hurt.
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to juvenile court at a later date. reporting live in hamilton. mark: press conference. we will cover it for you. the mother who claimed her child was abducted and her car stolen today. there are still a lot of involving na' cole benton after she made her first appearance in wlwt news 5' s andrew setters has been leading the way on this case since it broke, and he joins us now with the latest. good afternoon. andrew: good afternoon. she spent the night in jail that she could be for you soon. she will face charges in this book we will find out more. false alarms. her attorney entered a not guilty plea.
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home in the west end. there may have been some miscommunication. she says she never reported the baby missing, just the car. on an ankle monitor. >> if children effective services are involved, i feel protected. >> thank you. andrew: the family member did not want to give her name. the baby is in the care of a relative now. family services is involved. she cannot see her baby without somebody from j fs supervising that visit. mark: thank you. she can be released, but she must wear an ankle monitor.
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wlwt news 5 meteorologist randi rico has cincinnati' s most accurate forecast. snow flurries are out of here? randi: they are long gone. it looks a lot like this we have gloomy skies. it' s not the prettiest picture. there will be some improvement as we head through the afternoon. take a look. there is some clearing from indy to chicago. when we get into the second half of the afternoon, clear skies will be working in our direction. cincinnati. the temperatures have not moved much. a degree or s where most of us are. it is a sign of spring when all
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there are lots of places to go and get a nice ice cream treat your it' s never too cold for that. at 2:00, it will be gloomy outside and 39 degrees. by 8:00, 37. i' ve got springlike weather in the seven-day forecast. mark: new developments today in a deadly head-on crash that killed a mother and her daughter. in just the last hour, the names of the two people killed in that accident were released. we have an update on the situation. curtis: police were back here on the scene this morning doing their investigation. they just reopen the highway short time ago. the deadly accident happened here. let me show you what looked like last night. this was the scene. two people killed police say . desirae hensley and her daughter jakyra cundiff died last night
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the other driver, tammy feinauer, was taken to uc medical center for treatment. her condition is not known at a car hit them head on. investigators say the mother and daughter died on the scene. police are looking at all possibilities. there is some speculation about drugs. >> we have done all the preliminary testing and we are awaiting the results from the hospital. that is standard procedure in an accident like this. we went ahead and put the test just as a precaution. curtis: no word on the condition of the woman who was taken to uc medical center. the police chief said as of now no charges have been filed. it depends and how the investigation goes.
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mark: curtis will have the latest developments in the investigation coming up at 5:00. the butler county corner says by the fall. he died of smoke inhalation after the fall through the floor of the home back in december. investigators have ruled the fire as arson and his death is considered a homicide. police make an arrest in a bank robbery just yesterday downtown. 37-year-old bruce canaris is accused of handing a teller a note demanding cash. this happened at the key bank on fourth street downtown yesterday afternoon. police arrested canaris around 2:00 this morning on central he' s charged with one count of robbery. new details in a plan to upgrade s city hall. city manager harry black has
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changes. he released a memo saying you should expect to see metal detectors back at entrances on april 4. other changes include requiring employees to wear id badges, adding card access doors on other floors, and restricting parking on plum street. mail and video security changes are expected this summer. it' s a measure that would provide hundreds of millions of dollars to help fight the growing heroin epedemic nationwide, but it has to clear the senate first. today, kentucky us senator mitch mcconnell spoke on the senate floor about why he says the funding is critical to saving lives. the comprehensive addiction and recovery act would provide $312 million over the next five years for federal programs aimed at prevention and treatment of addicts. mcconnell says it' s critical to break the cycle of addiction and save a generation. >> to strengthen education and
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and improve prescription programs. we can build on these and other up the fight against prescription and heroine overdose and addiction. hundred million dollars in grants. kentucky lawmakers are looking at new rules that would make it tougher for new abortion clinics to open in the state. the bill would set up tougher medical standards, requiring abortion clinics to meet standards of an ambulatory surgery center and get a certificate of need from state regulators. if passed, the new standards would apply to abortion clinics licensed after july 1. the bill passed a senate committee and now goes before the full state senate. this bill comes after the planned parenthood clinic in louisville was ordered to stop performing abortions in january, citing problems with the clinic' s application to operate in the state. and just this week, the
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hospital backed out of its agreement to provide emergency care for planned parenthood patients if complications happen during an abortion. t perform abortions. hospital was pressured by the state to end its transfer agreement. new information this noon about the death of bobbi kristina brown, the daughter of the late singer whitney houston. the medical exmainer' s office in atlanta released the official cause of death today, saying it was a complication of drugs and drowning. the drugs found in her system included marijuana, alcohol, morphine, and medications used to treat anxiety. the medical examiner says bobbi kristina was also suffering from pneumonia at the time of her death last year. positive signs in the job market today, the labor department released new numbers today showing job growth last month, with us employers adding 242,000 jobs last month alone. the labor department says most
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retail and hospitality industry, but the unemployment rate remains steady at 4.9%. when we continue, taking aim at the front runner. donald trump is facing new fire. how the other canids are trying to slow down his momentum. randi: the snow showers put us up where we should be snow wise. if you would like to hear more about spring, we' ve got a big warm up coming up.
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it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe.
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>> you are watching wlwt news 5. mark: nbc news is reporting that the los angeles police are testing a knife found on o.j. simpson' s former property. it was handed over by a retired traffic officer who told police he was working on a film shoot 12 years ago at a construction worker gave it to him. it' s far from clear if it had
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also making presidential campaign heads to a primetime debate turned ugly. >> moment was unprecedented. >> he referred to my hands. problem. i guarantee you. >> donald trump below the belt and under fire. >> he is very flexible, you never know. >> trump was targeted before he even took the stage. >> his promises are as worthless university. i'
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t nominate donald trump. i think he would be unfit for office. i don' t think he has the temperament to be president. t step in. he is not completely closing the door. >> there are no circumstances i can foresee where that would happen. >> marco rubio and ted cruz taking aim. >> he is into giving them their vote. >> let me ask the voters at home, is this the debate you want playing out in the general election. >> john kasich looked to stay above the fray. fighting. all the candidates answered the same when asked if they would support the republican nominee. >> i will support whoever is the
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>> the answer is yes i will. mark: that was highly jackson reporting. kentucky voters are heading to the polls. the caucus takes place. they will need to have registered as republicans in order to take part. they development' s with the democratic front runner. the fbi will have more information on hillary clinton' s private e-mail server. a former staffer set it up in 2009. he is being granted immunity by the justice department. he invoked his fifth amendment rights last fall. a new playground is in the works to help kids learn about history. the museum in covington is collaborating with a project to
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the museum. it will let children discover fossils. they can even travel down the ohio river. >> cincinnati' s most accurate forecast. randi: we' ve done really well the last couple of weekends with gorgeous weather. this weekend is not perfect. temperatures are on the cool side. plan on it being in the 30' s. tomorrow, gloomy. on sunday, some sunshine it. notice the trends. week. we have cloudy skies for every. it looks like we may have a few
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you can see the overcast look to the skies. wind is out of the northwest that nine miles per hour. it feels like 27. you' re going to have to bundle up this afternoon. the temperature will climb to the mid to upper 30' s. this is just in time for the evening commute. temperatures tonight will fall to the 30' s. getting on into the evening, we had 6 p.m.. if that is your planet for the weekend, you can expect a temperature of 39 degrees. we toss some showers into that forecast. it looks like gloomy skies and we are in the 40' s. i will show you those showers rolling in. there is the chance it could be a rain and snow makes, especially closer to dayton.
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tomorrow if you are out in about, you may want to grab an umbrella. we have a chance for another scattered light of showers. any plans you may have tomorrow night, i think the showers are out of here. we will slowly wait in the clouds to appear. today, a high around 40 degrees. all in all, just a chilly afternoon. tonight, we are dipping down to 30. saturday, i would expect to see spotty showers here and there. temperatures almost to 50. he will stay locked in the 40' s. sunday is a pic day of the weekend. sunday is the better day to do it. it will feel warmer. look at next week.
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temperatures will be in the mid s through next week. on wednesday and thursday. i am richard dyer. welcome to this week' s inbox 5. the yield deputy has served cincinnati for 68 years. s fund. it' s mission to provide a toy to every humbled by the generations of supporters. donated $150,000 to cincinnati children' s hospital. donations totaled $20 million during the funds existence.
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. thanks for watching cincinnati' wlwt. the most well-known drug kingpin' bars is making him sick. if your teenager has plans to hang out at the northgate mall, they will need an adult with hi rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security
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i'm bernie sanders,
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you have an infection. ask your dermatologist about humira. because with humira clearer skin is possible. mark: the mexican it drug lord made an unusual request from jail. he wants to be extradited to the united states. he says he is getting ill. he wants to be transferred to the u.s.. the drug lord would do that only if he is held in a medium security prison and not in isolation. he is wanted in seven states. the northgate mall is enforcing a new policy. officials have family evenings. this will affect younger shoppers. anyone under the age of 17 will
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this is a new mall policy. it goes back to a recent teenagers. charges. they were acting belligerent. the party is about to get started for that festival. weekend. also, that will include the 5k on saturday morning. how' s the weather going to be? randi: they are the ones who burned the snowman. it won' t be sunny and gorgeous. as we take a look right now, temperatures are in the mid 30' s at the moment. we are only going to make it to the upper 30' s.
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it' the evening. temperatures will generally be in the 30' s. the clouds of thick right now. as for the weekend, tomorrow there is a chance for a passing shower. we are not talking about snow. we are talking about a mix of rain showers. next week does not look bad.
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mark: [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take
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lights, camera, access. >> allowing him to call in to every show >> mitt romney is a stiff. >> i think that's a no-no. >> donald trump is a phony, fraud. >> the ultimate perfect storm hits tonight debate. i'm billy bush. trump versus megyn kelly rematch, mix in mitt's targeted move to dump trump and add t that the superstar who just called donala xenophobic.


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