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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  March 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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jonathan: now on news 5 today, a dead. the gunman is on the run. details about the victim and the plea from community leaders for witnesses to come forward. plus -- >> trump did this. he woke everybody up. he did it. jonathan: a record turnout for kentucky's first gop presidential caucus. the candidates making voters change their weekend plans and who is closer to becoming the republican nominee. also, we might just be done with the winter weather. meteorologist jennifer schack has the spring-like forecast in the coming days ahead. it's sunday, march 6, 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] jonathan: good morning,
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thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. how are you? jennifer: i'm good, good morning. what's up? jonathan: 60s coming at us. >> nice. back out. jonathan: i've got a basil plant. i repont lanted it. i love basil. jennifer: remember last fall when we talked about my basil. i had my dad winter it. it's still working out. >> and you saved a buck 99 on the basil plant. you've got to have it. sometimes i do mint too, but i eat more basil. jennifer: you can leave it out to get more sunshine in the next couple days. we're coming out of a cloudy ask school couple days. 30s and low 40s. a nice jump into the 50s today. comfortably above average into the work week. good stuff heading our way. we're getting through this morning with clouds lingering, mid 30s with the exception of
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where the skies are clearing earlier. batesville at 27. the rest above the freezing mark. the clouds in place still for the morning. we're calling for mostly sunny to partly cloudy sky. satellite and radar showing low clouds lingering this morning. they're moving out. clearing skies to the southwest will help us out today. temperatures in the low 50s. that's the start of the warmup. we're talking sunshine and 70 in time. jonathan: thanks, jennifer. on to commitment 2016. it was a super saturday at the polls in the bluegrass state, especially for presidential candidate donald trump. trump won the kentucky caucus with 36% of the vote. senator ted cruz finished a close second, 32%. marco rubio came in third place with 16% and ohio governor john kasich hit fourth with 14%. throughout northern kentucky,
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voters ready to let their voices be heard. wlwt news 5's richard chiles is live in our newsroom with what local voters are saying about their choice for president. hey, richard. richard: jonathan, good morning. certainly, a large voter turnout saturday exceeded expectations. donald trump campaigned in louisville earlier this week, a move which many analysts suggest may have impacted saturday's caucus results statewide. registered republicans and independents came by the carload. all to the school in kenton county's only caucus site. after decades of being an afterthought in the presidential nominating process, republicans in this part of the commonwealth made it clear, today is a new day. some republican strategists in northern kentucky worried that turnout would be low because the vote fell on a saturday. those fears appear to be unfounded. we talked to supporters of all four remaining gop presidential candidates, but without question, one name stood out. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. i'm so happy.
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he woke everybody up. he did it. thank you, trump. >> voted for ted cruz. >> we've got the board of elections today. we've had dozens of people, life long democrat, tired of the part and are coming on board with the republican brand. richard: the caucus was paid for by former candidate rand paul because he wanted to run for the white house child having a chance to keep his senate seat. he'll be on the ballot in may to run for senate. whether there will be a caucus in the hands of the state jonathan: nationally, this was not the dominating performance donald trump might have been hoping for. three gop hopefuls are doing all they can to blunt his momentum. nbc's chris pollone has more. reporter: on super saturday,
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picking up at least 17 delegates, winning the kansas caucus and 12 more by winning maine. >> the combination of super tuesday election results, the last two debates together has been more and more unifying republicans behind our campaign and that is a very, very encouraging sign. reporter: cruz picking up a symbolic win too in the straw poll at cpac, the annual gathering of conservatives in washington. cpac is usually a key stop for republicans hoping to win the nomination. donald trump is playing by his own rules. fresh off his win in louisiana, he skipped the conference to campaign in florida, where a big bounty of delegates is up for grabs in ten days. >> i've taken more questions from reporters than maybe any human being who has ever lived. reporter: a late night news conference, he says it's time for the republican field to thin. >> marco rubio had a bad night and personally i'd call for him
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off that suggestion. democrat bernie sanders was hoping to pick up momentum on super saturday, entering the day with half the delegates of hillary clinton. he won the kansas and nebraska caucuses but clinton had a resounding win in louisiana and has her sights set on michigan. >> we have to win this election. we all know the stakes keep getting higher. the rhetoric we're hearing from the other side keeps sinking lower. reporter: sunday, more delegates on the line. republicans have a primary in puerto rico. democrats caucus in maine with contests in hawaii, idaho, mississippi and michigan following on tuesday. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. jonathan: ohio's governor john kasich has shown has nothing to hide. saturday, he released his partial tax returns. kasich and his wife reported more than $5.3 million in total
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senators marco rubio and ted cruz have released their personal financial records. gop frontrunner donald trump has not, citing an ongoing irs audit as the reason. wlwt is leading the way with your political news, coverage and results. get the latest up to date information from the campaign mobile app. in developing news, neighbors in the west end issued a renewed against gun violence after a deadly shooting there. victim as 46-year-old charles weathers. times inside his house on derrick turnbow avenue. this happened saturday morning. seen too many shootings and are trying to get neighbors to come
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>> we've got to save our community. if you've got a cancer in your community, you have to do something to get rid of the cancer. we have the community information envelopes we pass out. you can remain anonymous. when you see something, say something. write on the envelope and send it in. we'll take care of that. jonathan: police say if you know anything, please call crimestoppers. you can remain anonymous and get cash for your tips. the number is 352-3040. a reading man is accused of holding his girlfriend at gunpoint and hurting her 10-month-old son. s.w.a.t. responded to the apartment complex on maple drive friday night. 35-year-old neal royal is being held on $350,000 bond, charged with assault and kidnapping. his girlfriend says royal stepped on her son and hit him in the face inside her apartment. she says he then pointed a gun at her and told her not to leave. called police when royal went back to his own apartment in the same complex and barricaded himself inside.
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place tonight to try to make a difference for our youth. the backstage fashion show will be held at the downtown macy's from 5:00 until 8:00. local models will take off down the runway, modelling the latest fashions from macy's. proceeds will help hearts and minds provide scholarships to african-american boys who have gone through their program. there is one more day to experience bockfest 2016. hundreds have already gone down to over-the-rhine for a beer run. saturday was the annual bockfest 5k. racers wound their way through historic brewery sites before crossing the finish line. everyone got a bockfest medal, which also served as a bottle opener. they could use that new hardware inside bockfest hall after the run. congratulations are in order for
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rachel appenfelder took the title saturday on her third time in the competition. bockfest posted this photo of rachel on their facebook page. she was representing milton's the prospect hill tavern. she is now the sausage queen. four people are dead after a ferry cap sizes in indonesia. coming up, we'll tell you what officials know so far about the accident and how many people they were actually able to rescue. plus, big games for all our local college basketball teams. we've got highlights from saturday's teams and a preview in morning sports. a live look outside. there's city hall through the slight fog in the air.
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looks and tastes amazing. available in gravy and now pate. fancy feast medleys. love is in the details. jonathan: welcome back. a ferry capsized in indonesia, killing four people between the islands of bali and java. this video shows passengers jumping into the sea as the boat goes down in calm waters. 71 people were rescued. search teams recovered four bodies saturday. the cause is under investigation. police in cocoa beach, florida,
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custody after she allegedly drove drunk through a camp side and injured several people. at least four people were injured and taken to a local hospital. police haven't released their conditions. the driver, 43-year-old abbey kinney of cocoa beach, is charged with dui and reckless driving. she's out of jail after posting a $5,000 bond. a plane parachuted to a safe crash landing on long island yesterday. lewis oberg says he was approaching the runway at republic airport in farming dale when the small aircraft lost power. he deployed the parachute, enabling it to drop to the ground. no injuries were reported. oberg says they got very lucky. >> the engine died and i pulled the parachute and we landed. so how lucky to come in that close to that building. >> we got very lucky.
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for a guy who got out of a plane crash. officials say the plane came down eight miles from the airport. oberg says he and his daughter were returning home from a trip to the university of rhode island. let's talk local weather with jennifer. jennifer: a look at the weather bug camera. this is four hours ago. so just about 3:30 this morning. at the top of the screen, you'll get to note some of the clouds that have been lingering for the morning. you get light reflecting off the clouds. then sun comes up and we have limited light out there with the clouds that linger. so our time lapse showing the morning clouds still around right now, but not any fog. a look at the wlwt radar showing the dry conditions in place. we did have some showers around, quite a bit of yesterday. but today, the radar should stay dry and we allow more sunshine to return and a nice warmup in the forecast.
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ten degrees warmer than yesterday. satellite and radar showing the clouds. there are quite a bit in the way of low level clouds for cincinnati in the eastern counties. we're starting to break up the cloud cover in the southwest counties. a little improvement for you as you head down 71 towards louisville. right now, in the citycam shot, the clouds in place. no sunshine yet for our sunday, but i think we'll bring back a lot of it for midday and afternoon. we're at 36 currently. winds are calm. humidity at 76%. haven't seen widespread fog. it's been limited if we've seen any morning fog. should not be much more of a concern. visibility improving at the international airport. now back to nine miles. satellite and radar with our clouds overhead, but no precipitation locally in the we have a break inspect clouds just to our west. more sunshine for the midday and afternoon today. helpingous us out. high pressure overhead. sinking air, light winds.
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temperatures in the low 50s. it's close to where we should be. it's a quiet warmup as we start the work week. the lines indicating winds picking up from the south. that's a warm and moist return of flow from the southwest, which will take temperatures into the low 60s for monday. so another jump in high temperatures tomorrow. but with that, we also bring back moisture in the form of scattered clouds and a stray springle or passing shower. some of the moeflds s models want to squeeze out a light shower. monday, a stray shower possible. most will stay dry. the warm flow will continue through the week as temperatures remain above average. it's a dry start, but in time we also get into the wet weather pattern. so we've been talking about the rain being focused to our west. here's a look starting on tuesday morning. the widespread rain expected tuesday and wednesday to our west. we start to get into hours for midweek wednesday, seeing a
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more of it will linger for friday and saturday. so although we're talking periods of rain and showers, the bulk of the rainfall will be focused to the southwest. it could cause problems with flooding. i think we'll get active as we start in for midweek and last into early in the weekend. 52 for the high today. dry today after morning clouds. more afternoon sun. scattered clouds tonight. we drop off to 39. tomorrow's high, 62. i have a ten degree jump each day as we head through yesterday, today, tomorrow. by tuesday, we're near 70 under partly cloudy skies. the rain returning, a chance for showers wednesday. maybe see a thunderstorm mixed in. rain chance thursday and a similar weather pattern friday and saturday. jonathan. jonathan: thank you, jennifer. a big day for xavier as they clinch the second seed in the tournament as well as a bye. here's morning sports. elise: good morning.
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buzz will fill fifth third arena as ellis, deberry, cobb and thomas take the court for the last game in front of the home crowd. number 24, smu, is in town. the bearcats need the win to fortify their ncaa tournament resume. yesterday was senior day for james farr, remy abel and kevin kocher at the cintas center. it was a chilly start. creighton leading by as many as nine points. xavier had to dig their way out of a deep hole. clawing their way back towards the end of this half. james farr, the senior, giving the muskies the lead. he finished with 16 points. xu led at half, 44-41. the guys in white coming out hot in the second half. myles davis here, going to drive, get the floater, led all scorers with 24 points and seven assists. muskies wrapping up the regular season with a 98-93 win and take the two seed in the big east tourney next weekend, derek. derek: it was closer than expected here at the cintas center as the xavier musketeers come away with a win versus creighton.
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chris mack, he says the final five minutes was the determining factor. >> the bigger concern was up 18 and it whittles down to a one-possession game. that shouldn't happen. again, there are two teams on the floor, creighton didn't quit. give them credit. they hit a lot of threes. they rattled us with the press. it just can't happen. derek: it was senior night with several seniors contributing to the win. james farr had 16 points and five rebound off the bench and remy abel had 15. >> you get the win while james and remy and kevin and the seniors could celebrate. everything was meant for them. everything was for them. derek: moving forward, next week it's all about the big east conference tournament for the muskies. they will have a bye, being the number two seed, and will take on the winner of the st. john's marquette game thursday night. reporting from the cintas center, i'm derek forrest, wlwt
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arena. alex poythress a four-year senior for u.k. this was a great play. tyler ulis sets the table up for the slam as kentucky routs lsu, 94-77. dayton getting a big win yesterday, beating vcu 68-67. jonathan, we'll send it back to you. jonathan: protecting kids in schools. what one local school district is doing to up their security and how it involves cell phones. not before we go outside through citycam 5. stay with us. we'll be right back at news 5
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jonathan: welcome back. in the wake of the madison school shooting, parents everywhere in the area are talking about classroom safety. wlwt news 5's ves gavive reporter todd dykes takes us to one district where smart phones are being used to keep stoonds safe. reporter: in loveland city school district, security
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but school leaders are going mobile to improve school safety. >> no one goes anywhere without their cell phones. reporter: because of that, they spent more than $20,000 to launch a web-baized school safety system. >> this is a major leap forward. reporter: the district's business manager says notifications are available at a moment's notice. >> it used to in a binder and the people would put the binders on the shelves. in the emergency, they'd say where's the binder and fumble through and have to go to page 95 to find what they need. now it's click, click, click. you're looking at what you need. >> it's a great flow you're not waiting for information because you'll have it accessible to you and to law enforcement as they come in to the district. reporter: loveland is one of around ten districts in the area using the system. in addition to making emergency plan information available online, the system includes maps of the district's buildings and photographs of each classroom. >> i'm sure there will be things
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next few years that we and even envision. but right now, from where we were last year to this year, it's just a giant leap forward. jonathan: that's good to hear. loveland superintendent says because school safety is so important, the state of ohio made grants available last year which helped districts state wide improve surt measure ecurity measures. a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including mr. trump. could he be headed to the witness stand? how his comments could affect an army sergeant's right to a fair trial. citycam 5. citycam found the newport quare upand those pretty buildings behind. it's got some interesting frames for us this morning.
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again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors
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so you can love cereal... again! jonathan: now on news 5 today, ohio taking steps to win the battle against heroin. how the attorney general is making it easier to purchase the life saving drug, narcan. richard: a resounding turnout in the first kentucky caucus. details just ahead. jonathan: a prite note to end the week event. meteorologist jennifer schack will talk about the clearing clouds and what they'll mean for temperatures. it's sunday, march 6, 2016.
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jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. citycam 5 has shades of gray. gray, gray. that's very gray. jennifer: it's better than yesterday. jonathan: you're right. jennifer: the lens was wet. jonathan: it's almost white, a whitish gray out there. i guess we've got cloud cover. jennifer: we had midlevel clouds out there. they're trying to move off to the east. with the sun coming up from the east, we're not going to see much early sunshine. in a couple hours, i think they're doing well scooting out. we'll see midday sunshine, afternoon sunshine. it comes back today. help our mood and our temperature. but ten degrees warmer today than yesterday for the afternoon high. tomorrow, about tep degrees warmer than where we'll be today. we're doing well. jonathan: we stick with the temperature for many days. this is good.
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spring for the whole week. the forecast today, 52. we should be at 49. the low so far, 35. average low is 31. so on both accounts, not too far off today. a look at clouds in place right now. the citycam. any morning fog we may have had earlier seems to have lifted and mixed out. so temperatures climbing nicely. mid 30s currently. as we get into sunshine for midday, we boost temperatures into the upper 40s. satellite and radar showing the lingering made and low level cloud cover, especially eastern counties, trying to clear out. we will see more sunshine later today. a pretty good amount of sunshine to start the work week before we get into a wet weather pattern. in time, it will be warm but wet. we'll talk about when rain returns coming up, jonathan. jonathan: jennifer, thanks. the votes are in and donald trump took kentucky. the state's first presidential caucus was marked by long waits outside and inside of polling locations. wlwt news 5's richard chiles live in the newsroom with the unexpected voter turnout and the
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richard: heavy turnout, lines exceeding all expectations as voters came out in full force in boone and kenton county. poll workers say people were waiting to vote before the polls opened. there were people still trying to park at the florence baptist church when the polls closed. the turnout so large that sheriff's deputies were called in to direct traffic. the caucus chair says it was a steady crowd for the first two hours of voting. poll workers say it was exciting to see so many people coming out to support their candidate. one kasich supporter says she made it seconds before the polls closed. >> i thought i'd go to the grocery store and come back, and the lines exiting here and the lines exiting i-75 were totally backed up all day. all day. really bad. >> surprised me they put only one place to vote in each county unless they expected a very low turnout. which we obviously had a huge turnout.
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trump. richard: after getting through the long lines, most voters we talked to said the process was smooth. another problem in the state, going to the wrong polling location. jonathan. jonathan: that's tough when you've only got one of them in the county. here's a look at the numbers. donald trump was the winner with 36% of the vote. ted cruz came in second with 32%. followed by marco rubio and ohio governor john kasich. the attorney for army sergeant bowe bergdahl is requesting a meeting with frontrunner donald trump. on the campaign trail, trump has been calling bergdahl a traitor. you may remember he was held captive for five years before his 2014 release. he's facing desertion charges for leaving his unit. his attorney says he'd like to interview trump about the comments he's made. no word if the trump campaign has responded.
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ohio on saturday. he held a press conference at his field office in cleveland. then he spoke at a baptist church in the area. next weekend, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will attend the democrat's legacy dinner in columbus. ohio ans head to the polls on march 15. and another endorsement for hillary clinton. m.i.t. rom -- mitt romney will be on "meet the press." public agencies in ohio will be able to buy an anti-overdose drug at a discount. attorney general mike dewine negotiated a year-long extension with the maker of narcan. the company will offer $6 rebates on each syringe. dewine says nearly 60 agencies have applied for more than $150,000 in narcan rebates. happening today, an effort to
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through cincinnati. the national hemp road tour bus will be stopping at hemptations on madison road at 2:00 p.m. that's just down from that bakery, the bonbonerie. the tour is an effort to show the benefits of the crop, including food, fiber, biofuel, construction materials and health and beauty products. making a difference for our youth. this weekend, mayor john cranley hosted a career and jobs fair for cincinnati's young people. saturday, the community action agency welcomed teenagers in bond hill. older kids could learn about summer jobs and apprenticeships, while younger teens could find internships and volunteer opportunities as well as learn about higher education. pz cincinnati's youngest and most talented poets were at u.c. this weekend. the louder than a bomb poetry slam took place at daap.
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will be the emcees for the slam finals at scpa next month. new details in a shooting in columbus that killed a 7-year-old boy and hospitalized two other people. a fourth victim has emerged. why police say they didn't know about her before. a man in custody in baltimore after he shoots a coworker inside a city building. stay with us.
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new details after a shooting in a convenience store in columbus police are saying a fourth person was injured, a 4-year-old girl. the 7-year-old boy died after police say an 18-year-old man fired shots into a car, also injuring a 5-year-old boy and a 19-year-old man. car, but the family didn't realize she was hurt until they were at the hospital. the girl's injuries are said to be nonlife-threatening. neighbors say this area is
7:40 am
woman screaming. it's just something you. don't expect or want to see. jonathan: police say the suspect jumped into a waiting car and took off after the shooting. they later took two people of interest into custody. police in baltimore, maryland, say a public works employee accused of fatally shooting a coworker at a city maintenance depot is in custody. the 47-year-old suspect turned himself in saturday after police say he shot and killed his 34-year-old coworker at a city building after the two had an argument. police say the suspect is facing several charges, including both first and second degree murder. a 48-year-old woman has died after a car drove into flood waters in yuba county, california, last night. >> the water was six to eight feet deep by the time we were able to get into the vehicle. took the dive team a while to find it. jonathan: officers say the driver went around road blocks and then the car was quickly submerged in six feet of water.
7:41 am
the woman in the car was under water for about 15 minutes and drowned. districts finals for high school basketball under way. winner moving on to the sweet 16. plus two puppies from the same litter up for adoption. why they may not be fit for the same family. they're certainly fit for that picture. cute! jennifer: cute as can be. a good looking sunday in the forecast. cloud cover now, but sunshine returns this afternoon. we'll start the work week off with sunshine, but eventually rain returns. it's a spring forecast. we'll have the details coming up. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you,
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on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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jennifer: welcome back. a dry start for our sunday morning. a clean sweep this morning. we had quite a bit of activity yesterday morning. snowflakes in the afternoon. rain showers and drizzle. dry this morning, even with the cloud cover. satellite and radar showing mid and low level clouds lingering for cincinnati and the eastern and northern counties. we have skies trying to clear
7:45 am
we'll see that clearing continue midday. though it looks like a dreary or is a dreary start again this morning, like yesterday morning, we have improvement in the forecast today. when we bring back sunshine. temperatures at 36. this morning. the winds are calm. did not have widespread fog develop in any isolated fog earlier. not a problem any longer. visibility improving now to nine miles. note the dew point has dropped off. the humidity then following suit. look at visibilities above five miles for all locations. morning clouds will push off to the east. look at clearing skies to the west. bringing back more midday and afternoon sunshine. helping us out, high pressure, sinking air will combat the development of clouds today that allow for light winds overhead. today's temperatures, ten degrees warmer than yesterday.
7:46 am
pretty close to average or mild afternoon today. when we head overnight, we'll tap into southerly flow. as we start off the work week, that sends a resurgence of warm air our way. it will bring back moisture in the form of scattered clouds. some of the models want to bring a sprinkle or two in tomorrow with the leading edge of moisture. a midday light passing shower with some extra clouds a possibility monday. but i do think it will be very limited. most of us will just be enjoying the low 60s for afternoon temperatures for monday and mainly dry conditions. we'll keep around this weather pattern during the week. so although it does allow the warmth to return, it will eventually bring back a lot of moisture and even at the surface. not just scattered clouds aloft. we'll bring back rain chances. to start the week, the rain will be focused in the southwest. here's a look at a computer moefld.
7:47 am
specific attention to how much rainfall and specific tenth ps of an inch. three, four, five inches across arkansas and texas monday and tuesday. the model taking us three thursday evening. we may have rain bands possible thursday. we'll keep the wet weather pattern around for friday and saturday as well. this will be a wet setup up the mississippi and ohio river valley the second half of the week. we'll get into the action. we'll see quite a few wet periods in there. may see thunderstorms and sunshine mixed in. 52 for the high today. should have a good amount of afternoon sun. south winds with scattered clouds. we bump back to 62 tomorrow. i noted the spring forecast because look at the
7:48 am
s 70s. next weekend, there will be periods of heavy rain. the best possibilities, fine tuning, trying to look for thursday and saturday, the heavy rain days. jonathan: every sunday, we show off some of the tri-state's stray animals ready to go to good homes. with me, lisa and bob with the stray animal adoption program. let's start with the pretty kitty. he's miles opers. >> top of the morning to you. >> i can pur for miles and miles. >> he purrs constantly. he's a perfect companion. he plays and he'll be a snug ler to take a nap. jonathan: he's formal and informal. he's got a tuxedo. >> just an awesome kitten. if you're looking for fun and entertainment and looking for a
7:49 am
he's a lot of fun. jonathan: where will we find miles today? >> at sapp station. starting at 11:00. we'll have other cats there too. take a look. he's very playful. jonathan: you've got playful and not as playful. >> the entire spectrum. it's a black and white day. jonathan: these two are cool because if you just saw their faces from the top, kind of like we're seeing them now, you'd think they were twins. when you reveal the body, it's like holy cow. >> they're different sizes. we'll start with the girl. her name is lalani. she is a terrier mix, about eight weeks old.
7:50 am
she's going to top out about 30 pounds. she's a small girl. she's going to make somebody a wonderful family pet. we'll introduce you to her brother. now, he's the runt of the litter. he's just a little baby boy. and he's a sweetheart of the litter. he wants to be loved and cudd cuddled. his name is liam. they started with the letter "l." there were six. four were adopted yesterday. we have two available today. he's going to top out probably at about 25 pounds. they've been introduced to other dogs. they do well with them. they do well with children. they're very social and friendly. two families will be lucky today. i hope you come see us. >> a cuddler and a show girl. >> they'll also be at saup ap station from 11:00 to 3:00. if you need directions, give me a call.
7:51 am
information about adopting pets, 859-391-1234. you can also logon to and click on the as seen on section. and now here's sports. elise: good morning. in high school hoops, the district finals taking place at wright state, the winning teams advancing to the sweet 16. fourth straight year the hurricane made its way to the district championship game. last night, wilmington really led from the start. mason trying to chomp away at the lead. matt king's bucket got mason within one point. then jarinn cumberland happened. the cincinnati commit took over the game, finishing with 35 points as wilmington brings home the district championship, 63-38. the second game had lakota east facing wayne, a nationally ranked, undefeated team. east trailed by 14 in the first happen. made a run in the second. coleman's bucket put them up, 52-51.
7:52 am
in the last couple minutes. up by one with one minute left, lakota east hitting free throws and upsetting the number one team in ohio, 60-57. lakota west beat mason twice in the regular season. the comets had revenge on their minds in the regional final. mariah campbell down low. automatic in the paint. abbey spotting up in the corner for the three ball. the triple is good. mason pushed their way to a 49-30 victory as their first regional title since 2000. they're headed to the division one state final in columbus. u.c. hosting smu at noon today. jonathan, back to you. jonathan: thanks. after the break, a final check of the top stories of the morning and the tri-state's most accurate forecast. let's see what citycam 5 is thinking about. our fair country, our wonderful united states of america, and a lack of wind.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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jonathan: welcome back. let's get a final update on the morning as top stories. police have identified the victim in a shooting in the west end. charles weathers was shot inside his house on derrick turnbow avenue saturday morning. he died at the scene. police are asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers crimestoppers, 352-3040. a reading man is accused of holding his girlfriend at gunpoint and hurting her ten-month-old son. neal royal is being held on $350,000 bond, charged with assault and kidnapping. the incident happened at the apartment complex where they live on maple drive friday night. the girlfriend called police when royal went back to his own apartment in the same complex and barricaded himself inside. s.w.a.t. made the arrest. the gop caucus was marked by
7:57 am
that indicated probably that in the end, donald trump would be your winner, and he was. >> with 36% of the vote. ted cruz came in second place, followed by marco rubio. fourth place went to ohio governor john kasich. get the latest up to date information from the campaign trail from as well as the mobile app. today is the last day for bockfest 2016 in over-the-rhine. today's events will feature the continental bock feast at bockfest hall. specialty beers and new this year, the bock olympics. all this after the sold-out bockfest 5k sad day and parade friday. today's events run until 7:00 p.m. i used to ride a big wheel when i was a kid. it was fun. jennifer: what's that mean. jonathan: the big wheel. jennifer: oh, of course. we had those.
7:58 am
thing you were riding yesterday. that wasn't a wheel. jennifer: you jonathan: you hope they're not queueing up the video for that. the weather is beautiful. jennifer: it's going to be more beautiful. this morning, clouds. this afternoon, sunshine. 52 today. that's on the way to 62 tomorrow. sunshine for monday with scattered clouds. we'll see more clouds around tomorrow afternoon. there is the slim midday sprinkle chance. but overall, it's a dry day and mild monday, mild to warm tuesday, near 70 with the sunshine. get out and enjoy, because we get into a wetter weather pattern starting for wednesday into next weekend. periods of rain and showers through the stretch. jonathan: tuesday, 50 becomes the lowest we go for right next four days. jennifer: all temperatures above freezing in the forecast. jonathan: have yourself a great sunday, everyone.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. split decision. donald trump, ted cruz and bernie sanders each winning two states on super saturday, while a disappointing showing for marco rubio has his republican rival suggesting it is time for a two-man race. >> marco rubio had a very, very bad night. and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. >> "snl" also weighing in, taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> i mean, everyone loves me,


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