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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  March 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and he needs a miracle mickelson hole out here to have any kind of chance. he does have a lot of green to work with. that is to his advantage. also it is a little bit into the wind which will help. >> probably puts it way forward in his stance, mark. [ cheers and applause ] it was going right at it. >> good shot. >> so the best phil can do is post 10 under. still wraps up another good. and now adam scott. get it up and down and 12 under in and get the trophy, right? >> and if he doesn't get it up and in he's got a playoff with bubba watson looks like. >> johnny, this is very much a hanging lie.
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are an adam scott fan he hate at 16 in the bunker which was basically a shank. >> it is not the simplest shot. >> we don't want to totally forget about mcilroy who's at 10 under par and he could birdie the last hole and be a factor at 11 under in a playoff. >> he is looking well left of the flag. >> pretty steep, huh? >> very steep. oh that's beautiful done. beautifully done. >> i would say if he had 10 balls from there, that would be at least one of the best two. >> and while all that was going on this was rory mcilroy off the tee. again needs a birdie and needs a miss coming up by adam scott. it could be a three-way playoff if mcilroy can somehow get a birdie here but this was headed right and that is going to make the proposition for a three even
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that rattles around in the top of the palm fronds and there it is across the cart path. >> i was right there earlier today looking at that and that is no shot. >> so mickelson for his par before adam scott strokes his par attempt. and here is mickelson once again, right down to the wire here pretty much johnny. in the thick of it. as he's trying to become the oldest winner of a world golf championship event. >> mark, is this not too far off the line of adam scott's putt? >> this will help adam. that's a good one, johnny. >> the longest winless drought of his pga tour career is going to continue. nevertheless though he's not going to be too disappointed. i he's in contention. he can feel it coming to a point, mark, where he feels like a w is not far off. >> i don't think he'll be too disappointed.
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>> little slow. >> so a closing bogey 5 for mickelson. just two birdies on the day. round of 70. begins with season with three top five starts. and in with bubba watson, who is in at that 11 number and signing ing autographs. here we go. this putt for back to back wins and remember, runner up, to bubba, at riviera. >> the only thing he could have asked for more was foil make it. i'm not sure phil's putt really helped him. you're right. you just can't give the hole
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hit it firm. >> we'll see if this stroke works with the short putter. [ cheers and applause ] >> got it. he's 2 for 2 in florida. we still have rory mcilroy back there. it would take a miracle hole out. >> what a blessed four that was. hitting that back and the little puffy area where it didn't kick off at much and then a magnificent kick shot. and his caddie david clark who is most likely going to end one two caddie flags in his first two starts and here's a a guy who's been out here for years and hasn't won with any player. and here rory mcilroy, the last guy who stands in the way of officially making adam scott a
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>> he's got a window. just about his launch angle from here. 188. he'll have to start at the left edge of the green but the wind is blowing to the right. so could pull off a wonderful shot here. >> yeah. there is an opening. >> well this is going at the very right and going miss right i think. and so adam scott. >> projected now to climb to number 6 in the world. and what a roller coaster couple of weeks. makes two double bogeys in a span of three holes on the front nine. the winning putt. and with all the pressure on, with a conventional putting style that he had to adopt at
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got his money again. and the last two and a half decades only one player has won in consecutive weeks on the florida swing. tiger woods in 2001 when he won arld arnold's event, and the players. >> bubba watson, just congratulated. adam scott a very class act there by bubba. we saul sau a lot of wild shots going on out there. how would you describe the difficulty of doral today. >> very difficult. this is the blue monster. this is what trump and everybody wanted. they wanted tough like this. with the wind picking up like it did today, very difficult. 18, they put the tee all the way back. so it was a real test. >> you came close here before. you came close again. what is it about doral that fits your eye and your game? >> you know, i think it is just so difficult. but i can still play from the rough.
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lot of fairways for anybody, not just me. but you can still play from it and right now i'm just seeing the shots so well and that's what i've been doing around here. i just knowky ky i can play out of the little bit of trees and i'm just staying committed around the golf course even though it is really difficult. >> thanks a lot. >> we'll see bubba in a couple of weeks at bay hill along with adam scott. and there is the handshake. and congratulations to adam scott, who trails by six shots after the fifth hole today. played the final 13 holes in six
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rory mcilroy in a tie for third at the moment with his third at 18. at 10 under par. >> beautiful shot. >> really great shot. >> that is's going to keep him willet. but this one got under way at the start of the day we remarked how mcilroy had been so good at putting away 54-hole leads. outright leads of the year, 6 of 8 and this is one of few that got away. >> a nice lead. four shots on the third role hole, and just sort of fell apart. to be honest with you. didn't make any putts and starting pulling those irons
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and just never really rebounded. just one birdie on the easy 16th hole. so players co-win -- >> so players to win on consecutive weeks on tour since 2009. horschel a couple of times. tiger woods. and adam scott the lay latest to go back-to-back and he's with steve sands. >> dan thank you. we're with the winner adam scott. and adamness last year , last week you had the quad and came back. and this week you start with two double bogeys and you get the win. what does say about your game right now. >> i think i've used my experience to my advantage the last couple of weeks and realize around the tough courses, although you never want quads and double, you are not out of it. i knew if i could just get a couple before the turn maybe i'll have a chance and everybody fell the right way for me today,
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to stay up. >> speaking of 18 we're going show the second shot right now. what did you see from beyond the tree. >> i hit it right where i aimed. i had to aim it right there because the tree was right in my line to go to the green. i thought the wind was strong enough but i hit it well enough i flew the hazard and i was so lucky for it to stay up inside the hazard. and when you are that lucky you better get them up and down. >> do you consider yourself right now the way you are approaching the game and the way you are playing it that if you play well, someone's got to come get you as opposed to you chasing someone else done down? >> well i feel that is where my game's been the last couple of weeks and where i'd like to keep it the next few weeks as well. but, you know, you have to push it so hard to beat the class of player out here now.
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back-to-back but really a world golf championship is huge and i'll just keep pushing. >> all right. >> one shot clear of bubba. we'll see adam scott, bubba and rory mcilroy in a couple of weeks at bay hill. and this is the first time that adam scott has ever had the lead in the fedex cup standings. he zooms to the top over kisner, snedeker slips to third. and bubba watson continued to climb up today as well. the florida swing continues in the gulf coast of florida for the valspar championship. coverage begins thursday at 2:00 and continues saturday at 3:00 p.m. eastern on nbc. coming up next your local news. tonight's starting at 7:00/6:00 value is "the voice" followed by "dateline." so long from doral where adam
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wlwt-tv] >> leading the way, this is wlwt andrew: tonight on news 5 at 6:00.
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stories tonight. mourning in the nation tonight, former first lady nancy reagan has died. she was 94-years-old. here at home, the search is on for two suspects police say shot a man multiple times. more on the investigation, the search and the victim' s , condition. and giving teenagers the resources they need, the summit offering hope, for those who may feel hopeless. more of those stories in just a moment, but first, good evening, i' m andrew setters, courtis fuller has the night off. remembering nancy reagan, she died today at the age of 94. she is being her number today for her strength and class, but also as a woman who changed the role of first lady. we begin team coverage of this national story tonight. dan: across the country nancy reagan was honored and remembered. president and mrs. obama city were fortunate to benefit from our about example and said the former first lady redefined the role in her time here. nbc' s political director active -- echoed the sentiments. >> in hindsight, she really
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where the public is used to the first lady being both a political and personal advisor to the president. dan: on the campaign trail, arnold schwarzenegger appearing at a john kasich rally said the former first lady and former president are together again. >> she will join him now in heaven. the love between the two of them will start all over again. dan: republican president jehovah will john kasich served in congress during the reagan years. >> she was an incredible lady. she was very strong, and a total class act. dan: in southern california, mourners brought flowers to the reagan library. >> it is like the end of an era. it is sad. it is bittersweet. dan: mrs. reagan will be buried at the library next to her husband. andrew: former house speaker john boehner sending his condolences tonight. he tweeted out this photo of him and the late first lady.
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reagan. reaction to the death of former first lady nancy reagan is pouring in from across america and around the globe. wlwt news 5' s sally kidd is in our washington bureau with more of our team coverage tonight. sally: nancy reagan is being remembered for her devotion to her husband, as well as her tireless advocacy efforts on addiction and alzheimer' s. president obama and the first lady released a statement that reads, in part, in her long goodbye with president reagan, she became a voice on behalf of millions of families going through the depleting, aching reality of alzheimer' s. former president bill clinton and sec. hillary clinton praised her strength of character as legendary. >> she was a very interesting woman, very tough, very convicted. she loved her husband, she loved her country. and at least with me, she was always very fair and decent. sally: sen. bernie sanders says no matter your party or political ideology, she was an exemplary first lady.
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hopefuls, also reacting, donald trump called nancy reagan an amazing woman. sen. ted cruz says she poured her life into helping the afflicted. sen. marco rubio called her a husband' s legacy as one of the great modern presidents. gov. john kasich says america has lost a woman of grace and strength. but one of the most powerful reagan' s white house chief of staff. >> nancy reagan was indispensable to every success that reagan enjoyed. she was his closest advisor, she was his constant protector, and, of course, she was the love of his life. sally: and former president george w. bush says her influence on the white house was complete and lasting. in washington, sally kidd. carter is also painted it, calling nancy reagan, a woman of
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cincinnati police searching for two suspects after a man is shot multiple times in west price hill. it happened just after 3:00 on trenton avenue. the victim was found shot, outside. police say the shooting actually happened inside a home, before the violence spilled outside. >> we did locate a male, black, in his early 30' s, shot in the parking lot, just north of the residence. he was shot multiple times in the torso area. andrew: the victim was taken into surgery at u.c. medical center. he is expected to survive. if you know anything that could help police, call crime stoppers 352-3040. new tonight at 6:00. tackling a tough topic parents and teenagers saying suicide is not the answer. the community is coming together to talk about stopping suicide after several teen incidents in greater cincinnati this year alone. wlwt news 5 is live with the group' s message, as well as the personal story from one teen. tammy? tammy: andrew.
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cry for help. the teenagers were learning that they have so much more to live for. dozens of families with teenagers filled the allen temple ame church for the teen suicide prevention seminar. since the beginning of the year, the hamilton county coroner says at least two teenagers have committed suicide. organizers say many more teens have tried to kill themselves. they say social media has been playing a big role and encouraging teens to end their lives. at the seminars, parents told teenagers that life is not a game. we spoke with a teenager who two years ago. , he was just thirteen when he swallowed a bottle of pills. >> i remember waking up to my dad being like, are you ok? to those ivs and i said what' s going on, and he said you tried if you ever feel like you' re like you can' t get up, you can, because you'
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live for you. tammy: counselors from the talbert house say parents also need to look for warning signs in their children. that includes keeping tabs on their social media pages. reporting live, wlwt news 5 . andrew: counselors say to look at the child' s emotions and behavior. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. erik: we started off this morning with plenty of clouds, but we finally saw some sunshine, and that really helped out our temperatures. this afternoon, a few high clouds drifting in from the west. you can see them right here on city camusso take a look at downtown. the wind out of the south of 30 miles per hour. hoping to warm things up. yesterday, upper 30' s, today, lower 50' s. tomorrow, lower 60' s. gradual increase in temperatures will crack 70 degrees by the
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and wednesday. warmest temperatures to the south and west, still 51 in hillsboro, a little bit cooler where the clouds held on a little longer around wilmington and hillsboro. both regions in the mid 40' s. as for tonight, we' re looking at partly cloudy skies. we will continue to see high clouds stripping in from the south and west, but also, some milder weather, which is why we are going to be a little warmer tomorrow. overall, high pressures going to keep us drive for monday, tuesday, and the majority of wednesday. beyond that, bringing the chance for showers and perhaps even some thunderstorms by the end of the week. tomorrow, starting off a 40 degrees, not a bad way to start your day with a little bit of sunshine there, too. by the afternoon, high of about 64. we will see the thin veil of high clouds throughout the day. in fact, it may even get a little thicker as we head into the afternoon, swear calling for most the cloudy skies by tomorrow evening. overall, the jet stream has been to our south, allowing for the cool canadian air to keep us on the chilly side.
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mild air surges in, and on top of that, but he ended the way, we' re going to see plenty of cloud cover and the chance for showers and thunderstorms, too. futurecast high clouds, blowing through, overall, partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. tomorrow morning, early sunshine, again, all of this is generally on the high, thin cloud said, and during afternoon, a few more class they can appear in. overall, partly sunny day. your forecast tonight, down to 39, most clear skies. tomorrow, up to a high around 64. filtered sunshine, also going to be on the breezy side. the first half of the week, not too bad. a decent amount of sunshine, temperatures warming into the 70' s for tuesday. the latter half of the week, that is where we will have some were clouds, plenty of showers, and even a chance for a thunderstorm or two, as we head into saturday, but overall, to -- temperatures will above average for this time of year.
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>> cincinnati bearcats in action what you could call the biggest game of the year to date. not just because you had a top 25 team and smu in town, but because of a chip to the ncaa tournament was still on the line. some shenanigans before the game, not sure what this is. a mascot coming down from the ceiling. first half, octavius ellis was doing work on the glass sunday, off the miss, he is there for the putback dunk, bearcats with a three-point lead. second half, cincy extends their lead, gary clark with the nice find for troy caupain in the paint, bearcats at under four 10. minutes to go, lead cut down to 5, kevin johnson pulls up for the jumper, gives the bearcats a seven-point advantage. but smu would cut in to the lead, nick moore finds shake milton for the layup, smu down 55-52. but cincy would hit their free throws down the stretch as they pick up a much needed win over #24 smu, grabbing the 61-54 win, elise jesse was there
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elisse: a huge opportunity for cincinnati to bolster their ncaa tournament resume with the top 25 team in town. when little seemed to be going right for you see offensively, their defense of prowess shines. forcing 17 smu turnovers. >> you shop 5% from 3, 20 9% overall. you dominated the top 20 team. dominated meaning that you let the entire game. they controlled in the whole time. without making shots. they did that with defense, for 17 turnovers against the team that does not turn the ball over. >> with smu is one of the top five teams in efficiency on offense, they took care of all, committing just a few turnovers not a defense of performance. >> contain it more. basically, shadow him around the court. hans high when he comes off because he can definitely pull it from anywhere. box out, no offense rebounds. >> smu is the highest ranked team that cincinnati has been
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of the leaders on this team troy caupain, was peppered with questions about ncaa tournament and fairly heard on tv that cincinnati with a bubble team, he instantly turn the channel. the squad is only focused on things that they can control. >> meanwhile, across town xavier , finished off their regular season with a five point win over creighton to improve to 26-4, the best record in school history. >> it had been at cincinnati gardens, schmidt fieldhouse, not one of them is ever played the schedule that this team has played. to be 26 and four and the best regular season in history of our program. i' m really proud of our team. it has been led by the oldest players all year long, james and remi, and miles, and those guys have been for your guys, as
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as i told our team, every guy on the team is a huge part of it. >> obviously moving forward, xavier in the tournament now whether or not for one, to, or three c, we' ll find out. cincy still trying to get in, still on the bubble. they left to be uconn next week and depending on what they do in the american. andrew: watch for that. and the weather is looking great, right? erik: 50 degrees is not the back, but if you enjoy today, you' re going to let tomorrow. 64, in the 70' s by tuesday. rain by wednesday. andrew: think for joining us, more tonight at 11. [captioning performed by the
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$14.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc. time warner cable. on this sunday night breaking news. the death of nancy reagan. america remembers one influential first ladies of the 20th century. the fiercely protective partner of reagan. tonight a look back at her many roles and their life together. their triumphs and challenges from their the governor's mansion in california to the white house. tonight we'll hear from some of those who knew nancy reagan best. plus the showdown looming for those who


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