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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning. i' m mark hayes. lisa cooney has the week off. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. let' s go straight to randi rico for the forecast. what a beautiful monday. randi: it is monday and we are talking good things all week weather-wise. mid 60' s, low 70' s every day. most places in the low to mid 40' s. 45 degrees is the current temperature at cvg. a mild start to the day. those temperatures ramp up really quickly. we' re going to stay cloudy. we have warm air on top.
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north. that could be a passing vehicle to the north today. 65 is where we are heading today in cincinnati. we' ll see 70' s by tomorrow. cloudy to start. we' re in the 40' s. a high this afternoon around 65 degrees. it is a nice start to the day. kyla: here is a look at 74 at harrison pike. you will not have any issues on the road. out of butler county, 75 year 129, things are easing right along with light volume across greater cincinnati. that' s what we' re seeing on 275 toward the east gate area. a light start around the board. we will keep you updated. mark: thank you. today marks one week since the madison school shootings.
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re scheduling events this week to help students, staff, and the community move forward and feel safe again. s dan griffin is leading the way with where the district stands this morning. good morning. dan: good morning. as the community in madison township moves forward, the school system plans to host a series of forums so people can discuss safety and security and also support each other. according to its website, this week the school will wants to give everyone a chance to share thoughts and ideas on what happened and how to move forward. it' s been a trying time for all involved after investigators say 14-year-old austin hancock, a wrestler at the school, fired shots in the cafeteria last monday. since that time, two other 14-year-old boys were also charged for knowing and not reporting hancock had a gun. the school says it will be contacting and inviting
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staff, students and parents and they will talk about this. hancock is being held at the butler county juvenile detention center. he' s set to be back in court next week. we' re live this morning dan , griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: happening today, the suspect in a deadly shooting is expected in court. the jury trial begins today for deandre bandy, charged with murder and aggravated robbery, . investigators believe he shot and killed 21-year-old justin madaris last april right by neons in over-the-rhine. officials believe the shooting was the result of two groups of people firing shots at one another following a basketball game. the dayton church where a pastor was shot and killed a week ago resumed services sunday. the congregation gathered at st. peter' s missionary baptist church for its normal 11:00 a.m. worship service. 70-year-old reverend william schooler was shot last sunday as services were winding down. the pastor' s brother daniel schooler has pleaded not guilty in the killing. police say the pastor' s wife witnessed the shooting.
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of former president ronald reagan, has died. the former first lady died of congestive heart failure sunday at her home in the belair section of los angeles. she was 94. her best-known project as first lady was the "just say no" campaign to help kids and teens stay off drugs. former first daughter chelsea clinton and the mayor of flint, michigan, announced a new jobs program. the flint water works initiative will provide the city' s youth with jobs to help families affected by the water crisis. young adults will be given volunteer opportunities to distribute clean water, healthy food, and information to families. the program will also aid mayor karen weaver' s fast start initiative to remove all of the lead-tainted service lines in the city. during last night' s democratic debate, which was in flint, both candidates told voters what they would do about the crisis if they were president. mr. sanders: president sanders would fire anybody who knew about what was happening and did not act appropriately. [applause]
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full investigation, determine who knew what when, and yes, people should be fired. mark: the city' s water supply became contaminated after its source was changed to the flint river and the corrosive water leached lead from the service pipes. mayor weaver says the program is targeting about 100 youths in the community who are out of school and not working. last night, flint' s mayor also announced a union pension fund is pledging $25 million in loans to help solve the water crisis there. she said the union labor life insurance company will provide low-cost loans for replacing lead water pipes. those loans would boost the mayor' s $55 million fast start program. slow lines and long wait times plagued kentucky voters, as they showed up for the republican caucuses on saturday. wlwt news 5' s kyla woods tells us how we' re learning the
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expected. kyla: it was the first republican caucus since 1984, and it seems none of the voters wanted to miss this opportunity. while many republican officials feared a low turnout, more than 229,000 kentuckians turned out to vote on a chilly, rainy saturday. that was more than voted in the 2012 republican presidential primary, a race that mitt romney had largely already won. republican party of kentucky executive director mike biagi said the vote totals could have been more, because thousands of registered democrats and independents showed up wanting to vote. they were turned away, but not before some of them changed their registration. there were lots of reasons voters said it was worth waiting in long lines to vote. some wanted to stop donald trump in his tracks. >> it surprised me they put only one place to vote in each county, unless they expected a very low turnout, which we obviously had a huge turnout. i' m hoping that' s to stop trump. [laughter] kyla: as for kentucky' s democratic presidential primary, that' s not until may 17th.
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to the polls, with both the republican and democratic primaries scheduled for march 15. mark: ohio governor john kasich showing he has nothing to hide. this weekend, he released his partial tax returns for the past seven years on his campaign website. kasich and his wife reported more than $5.3 million in total income and have paid roughly 31% of that in federal taxes. senators marco rubio and ted cruz have also released their personal financial records. gop front-runner donald trump has not, citing an ongoing irs audit as the reason. wlwt is leading the way with all your political news coverage and results. get the latest up-to-date information from the campaign trail on and wlwt mobile app. time now to check the forecast. good morning. randi: it is a nice way to
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a couple of towns in the 30' s, but not many. taylor mill, 39. 45 degrees in wyoming and mason, downtown. lawrenceburg, 43. temperatures ramp up pretty quickly. most council be in the 50' s by 9:00, 10:00. keeping it cloudy. for the drive home, cloudy and temperatures into the mid 60' s. today we are talking mid 60' s. this is comparatively very cool for the rest of the week. kyla: right at my alley. it is not too hot. 60' s, 70' s. very nice. i have been looking forward to this.
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we have our eye on some construction for you on heat rose way -- pete rose way. it is a daytime closure. pete rose way, a single lane closure between 9:00 and 3:00 p.m. across the river, 71, 75 looks good in covington. northbound, hardly any activity. we will continue to keep you updated. we' re still problem free. mark: thank you. tackling the ever-growing zika outbreak. the meeting scheduled today regarding this year' s olympics in brazil and how officials plan to manage the spread of the virus. and a new spa is sure to get a lot of attention in oregon. how you can drink beer there, and soak in it, too. taking a live look outside
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drive 5.
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you wake up the difference between it's a person who surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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mark: good morning. 45 degrees right now. checking today' s headlines, the united states olympic committee will hold a leadership meeting to discuss the zika virus today. the usoc formed an infectious disease advisory group last week to help identify best practices for the mitigation, assessment, and management of the disease. the mosquito-bourne virus has raised several concerns surrounding the 2016 summer olympic games in rio de janeiro, where the disease is prevalent. former president jimmy carter has announced that doctors say he no longer needs cancer treatment. doctors at emory winship cancer institute began treatments in august, when a small lesion on his liver and four small lesions in his brain were discovered.
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doctors will continue to monitor his condition for some time and will treat any cancer if it shows up. vice president joe biden and his wife, jill, arrived in the united arab emirates early this morning on the first leg of their middle east tour. the vice president is expected to meet with the crown prince of abu dhabi and deputy supreme commander of the uae armed forces, as well as with the vice president and prime minister of the uae and ruler of dubai. biden will tour a mosque and other sites in abu dhabi, and visit u.s. and coalition forces while in the uae. later in the week, the bidens will also visit jordan and israel. big news in the sports world. denver broncos quarterback peyton manning is retiring. manning called the broncos saturday night to inform the team of his decision. he will publicly announce his plans to retire today at a news conference. the five-time mvp and two-time super bowl winner holds the record for more touchdown passes, most passing yards, as
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thrown in a single season. the nfl' s miami dolphins is taking their search for cheerleaders international, as part of a latin american talent hunt. dozens of aspiring cheerleaders turned out in argentina for the auditions sunday. the dolphins were looking for talent with regional flair to join their ranks. both american football and cheerleading are growing in popularity in argentina. >> we are a very latin-based why don' t we go to latin america and find these beautiful women with talent and personality and rhythm? mark: auditions were also held in rio de janeiro last week, and this week, the dolphins organization will head to colombia before ending tryouts in mexico. a lot of buzz is brewing over a unique spa in oregon. a new beer-themed spa has opened in the town sisters called hop in the spa. it' s the first beer spa in the nation.
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immerse themselves in hop-infused spa treatments, including body wraps, facial scrubs, and what hop in the spa calls a microbrew soak. it involves taking locally brewed beer, rendering it into a solid, grinding it up and using it as part of a bath brew that you soak in. all it takes is an idea. $1 and a dream. randi: the only spa where you can get your husband to go to. they are going to hit the golf course. not here. that sounds awesome. awesome is a pretty good description for what to expect this week. spring it on. 60' s and 70' s all week long.
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of year. shower chance to start to move back in late this week. we have cloud cover. do not expect a ton of sunshine. rain showers across portions of illinois. i cannot rule out a passing area of drizzle for some of the northwest communities. starting at was looming skies. 45 degrees at cvg. 40 at wilmington, one of the cooler spots. 45 for our official temperature. most places, mostly cloudy skies. we will be cloudy through the day. about the mid 60' s. bring it on. the ice cream shops opened up over the weekend. it is going to be a flip-flop
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by noon, almost 60 degrees. staying around 64 degrees at 6:00 tonight. generally cloudy more often than not with filtered sunshine. today and tomorrow, most places should be staying dry. we are starting a nice little warm-up. 50' s tonight. the average high this time of year is 50. that is our low tonight. you can see through wednesday afternoon, 72 degrees. we could see a couple of showers moving in. we do have rain chances every day. no big shots of thunder and lightning. keep an umbrella nearby. kyla: no worries.
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the forecast. good morning, everyone. here is a look along 471 at u.s. 27 with moderate volume. green conditions everywhere, so you should be good to go. 65 miles per hour northbound from the 275 interchange. five minutes into downtown. here is a look at the daniel carter beard bridge. no delays and accident free outside. a great start on this monday. mark: thank you. how he good samaritan responded after seeing how a boy treated his grandmother. and it' s never too cold to do a good deed. the celebrities that turned out for this year' s polar plunge in chicago. taking a live look outside this morning. 45 degrees.
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wlwt n mark: good morning and welcome back. a beautiful start to the day, nice sent mild. wow. right now a little local boy' s kindness touches a stranger' s heart.
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his love. and now his family wants to thank that stranger. josh pelfrey is a fifth-grader at mayfield. and last week, someone wrote to his school, saying she saw josh being sweet to his grandmother at a store. well, josh' s grandma told the woman he' d been struggling with his grandpa' s death on thanksgiving day. writing as an appreciative citizen, the stranger says she saw josh admiring a pair of shoes. so she dropped off two pairs at his school, along with a $50 gift card, to take his grandma and siblings out to dinner. josh says he couldn' t believe it. >> i was just excited because i didn' t really remember looking at them. but i liked them the minute i saw them. >> they were just a total angel. they have made my life easier, just with the kindness they' ve shown. so, yeah, thank you. kyla: josh' s grandma says she still doesn' t know whom her grandson inspired so much, but she hopes thet appreciative
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thank her personally. that is a great story. mark: wow. great story. good news on a monday. thank you. it was a star-studded turnout to this year' s polar plunge in chicago. that' s pop star lady gaga taking the plunge on the back of fiance taylor kinney. she along with more than 1,000 others went into the bone-chilling waters of lake michigan. the annual event is a fundraiser for the special olympics. lady gaga said she' s happy to help those athletes. lady gaga: we are so proud of all the kids that are here. they are so awesome and inspiring. this is no big deal. we are just happy to be there for them. mark: lady gaga wasn' t the only celebrity to attend. nbc' s own al roker also took part in the polar plunge. organizers says the celebrity appearances are part of the reason why the event had a record turnout this year. well, beer fans did a little
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for the record, that' s a cross between football and bowling. go figure. play-cincy brought the first bock-lympics to the festival for the kids and kids at heart. revelers could also try their hand at stein-holding, cornhole, giant jenga, and several others. [laughter] that is good stuff right there. randi: somebody could get hurt. all right. we take a look at the forecast for those you training for the flying pig, 6:00 this morning, cloudy and pretty comfortable for a run. 64 at 6:00 this evening. a lot of smiling selfies posted like this one. she' s trying to raise $100,000 for girls on the run. that is a big tie-in for the
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send me your pictures on twitter and facebook and i will share them. high temperatures in the mid 60' s today. the rain chances are going to be off and on toward the weekend. not a total washout. mark: thank you. a search underway for two suspects in a west price hill shooting. how the victim is doing after being shot multiple times sunday. dan: he county commissioner will meet with thesew sewer
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report on mark: the democratic candidates meet on stage for the seventh debate in michigan. how they' re measuring up to their republican counterparts. america says goodbye to one of its most notable first ladies. what the current presidential candidates had to say about the late nancy reagan. and a meeting amidst controversy. the gathering scheduled today between the metropoltian sewer district and hamilton county commissioners and what they hope to accomplish. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa cooney has the week off. randi rico and kyla woods are in with a look at the weather and traffic. no problems. i can' t work at the airport. no problems so far.
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the roads are clear. it feels nice. it feels so nice. randi: you do not need the winter coat today. you do not need it all this week, 60' s and 70' s every single day today through the weekend. let' s take a look. most places well into the 40' s. a couple of spots holding onto the 30' s. that should not last too long. it looks like carrollton, kentucky, the only spot still in 30' s. hamilton, 43. florence, already 47. it is a warm start of the day. ring on the springlike forecast. our high this afternoon, forecasted at 65 degrees. the low tonight is 50. take a look at where the apples on our averages. usually, our average high is 50. that is our low for tonight. not record-breaking, but a really pleasant thing to take a peek at on a monday morning. cloudy and cool at 42.
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it seems like spring is on the way. this afternoon, cloudy skies but 65. kyla: good morning. we have nice conditions for you as well. 71 at mason montgomery, things are rolling right along. not seeing any delays by any means. you should be off to a pretty decent start. 74, traffic looks good, nearly 275 interchange. we will keep you updated. not seeing any problems right now. mark: thank you. breaking news this morning. north korea is threatening nuclear action, as joint military drills between them and -- between the u.s. and south korea got underway today. the hermit kingdom says it will launch an indiscriminate nuclear strike, responding to what it considers aggression on the part of its enemies. state media quotes a national defense spokesman saying that the strike would show the country' s military might. a warren county family desperate to find out where a baby boy
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what police say the baby of his mother cannot be called missing. we' re not showing photos of 20-month-old grant wells. relatives say his mom took off with them wednesday and is not responding to family and they are afraid the pair is with josh craft was ordered to stay away from baby grant after he abused him. >> i am sick. totally sick not knowing where grant is. just in fear of his life. my worst nightmare is that he dies. i mean, this young man has problems, apparently. mark: the family says they will appeal for the no contact order. police are still searching for two suspects in a shooting in west price hill this morning. they found the victim sunday afternoon on trenton avenue. police say the man was shot multiple times in the torso inside a home. they found him in a parking lot on trenton. he was in stable condition during surgery at uc medical center.
5:33 am
expected to survive. they have not released the man' s name, but say he' s in his 30' s. police say neighbors have complained about the home before. >> we did get some neighbors were stating that they' ve called, referencing some suspicious activity, drug activity at the residence. mark: witnesses say two men ran from the home after the gunfire. the spca also removed a dog from the home for its safety during the investigation. if you have any information that can help police, call crimestoppers at 513-352-3040. a walnut hills man is heading to court today accused of using and asked a threat someone does threaten someone. he will be in court this aggravated menacing. and under the metropolitan sewer district is facing scrutiny over what
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dan griffin is leading the way with a meeting set to take place today trying to get to the bottom of it. dan: hamilton county commissioners want to know her of millions of dollars have been going. today they will be meeting with the director of the metropolitan sewer district to talk about operations and upgrade issues. this comes amid allegations that the entity spent hundreds of millions of dollars without sufficient oversight. hamilton county commissioners said they filed a motion in u.s. district court requesting enforcement of a 2014 court order making the city operate under the msd under the county' s discretion. county commissioners say there' s -- the city has settled claims without approval of the county and the city' s lack of response to county requests for information. commissioners also say msd has been charged double the rate the city charges others for work perofrmed by the greater cincinnati water works. >> we' re looking at about a half-billion dollars, billion with a "b", of potential overruns or added expenditures to the ratepayers.
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rates exorbitantly over the last 10 years, and i think it is was not justified. dan: last month, mayor john cranley says an independent investigation team was formed to look closer at this, expecting so. he says he along with several members of the city council have past. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off in the seventh democratic presidential debate last night, hosted by cnn. wlwt kyla woods gives us a wrap of the night. kyla: mark, the debate took place in flint, michigan, and the lead contamination crisis in the city' s water dominated much of the evening. both candidates called for michigan' s republican governor, rick snyder, to resign or be recalled in the wake of the crisis. clinton and sanders had a sharp exchange over the auto industry bailout just two days ahead of
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vote against the financial industry bailout could have restructure america' s car industry. sanders disputed that aggressively and instead criticized clinton for accepting paid speeches to financial industry groups. each candidate agreed, though, when sanders mocked the tone of the republican presidential debates. mr. sanders: you know, we are, if elected president, going to invest a lot of money into mental health. and when you watch these republican debates, you know why we need to invest in that. mrs. clinton: we have our differences, and we get into vigorous debate about issues. but compare the substance of this debate with what you saw on the republican stage last week. kyla: while the debate was going on, bernie sanders was projected the winner of the democratic caucuses in maine, his third win of the weekend. michigan voters go to the polls tomorrow, where 147 democratic delegates are up for grabs. sanders and clinton debate again
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mark? mark: thank you. throughout northern kentucky, polling sites were busy this weekend with voters ready to let their voices be heard. it was a super saturday at the polls in the bluegrass state. the large voter turnout was unexpected. we talked to supporters of all four remaining gop presidential candidates. but without question, it was one name standing out. >> it' s unbelievable. unbelievable. i' m so happy. and trump did this. he woke everybody up. he did it. thank you, trump. >> voted for ted cruz. >> we' ve got the board of elections here today, so we' ve had dozens of people today switch their party registration today. people, lifelong democrats, are finally tired of the party, and they' re switching, coming on board with the republican brand. mark: donald trump won the kentucky caucus with 36% of the vote. senator ted cruz finished second. marco rubio came in third place with a two-point lead over ohio governor john kasich. he came in fourth place with 14% of the vote. trump also dominated in louisiana saturday, while ted
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and maine. nancy reagan is being remembered for her strength, her intelligence, and as a woman who changed the role of first lady. the 94-year-old died sunday. across the country nancy reagan was honored. on the campaign trail, ohio governor john kasich, who served in congress during the reagan years, paid tribute to mrs. reagan, while opponent marco rubio fondly recalled meeting the former first lady. mr. kasich: she was an incredible lady. she was very strong and a class act. mr. rubio: i had been invited to speak at the reagan library, which was an incredible honor for me because i grew up and i am a child of the reagan revolution. mark: in southern california, mourners brought flowers to the reagan library. mrs. reagan will be buried at the library next to her husband. coming up on "today," ronald reagan, junior, we' ll stick live about his mother' s legacy. -- will speak live about his mother' s legacy.
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randi: temperatures already in the 40' s and rolling for the mid-60' s by the afternoon. take a look at the bethel tate school, 45 right now. kenwood, 44. in springboro, 42. middletown, one of the cooler spots, 40. not a bad way to start the day. you do not have to bug the kids to put on the hat and scarf and all that junk. temperatures in the low 40' s. cloudy and fairly mild, to which is generally low and mid 40' s as the kids wait for the bus. after school, 63. who cares if it is cloudy? s. tomorrow. it is a great day to maybe get your homework done early and get to fire up the grill. the grill. now i have to pass that along. i will be the mom who has to talk or get out of the winter
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i think today' s the day we can break out the light jacket. 60 miles per hour on 74 dear the 75 interchange. hours these are fantastic, up to 70 across the river on 71-75 through northern kentucky. if you' re up closer to the to 75 loop on 75, 65 miles per hour. as you can see, 60' s and above as far as the speeds are concerned. here' s a bigger look at 75 in sharon, getting heavier step down inside the loop. we are still accident-free. a great start as you get ready to head outside. mark: thank you. working together to stop suicides. and we continue, the summit hoping to save lives in a teen' s personal experience with it. also, improving law enforcement' s relationship with the community. the state grants now available to local departments.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me randi: a live look outside at 5:43 a.m. you can see the light at radisson glowing green because that means we' re looking at a really nice day and even later on this week, may switch over to read, that is just a chance for a couple of showers. all in all, it looks pretty great. heading out the door right now, this is what you need to know.
5:44 am
s today makes it the coolest a we will see until the end of the weekend. we take a look, cloudy today, but not bad . some shower chances start to work back in our direction by wednesday. second half of the seven-day, warm but slightly wet. we will take a look at the timing of the showers and a couple of minutes. mark: making a difference for our youth. local advocates are tackling the tough topic of teen suicide. they joined parents and students to try to prevent more deaths in greater cincinnati. wlwt news 5' s kyla woods has more on the group' s message. as well as one teen' s personal story. kyla: it is important to share these experiences. local teenagers have been searching for hope. and last night they were encouraged to speak up by one of their own. dozens of teenagers filled the allen temple church for the teen suicide prevention seminar. since the beginning of the year the hamilton county coroner says , at least two teenagers have committed suicide. organizers say many more teens have attempted it. they say the so-called social media suicide game has been
5:45 am
lives. parents told teenagers life is not a game. we spoke with a teenager who tried to kill himself at school two years ago. he was only 13 years old when he swallowed a bottle of blood pressure pills. >> don' t end something so precious. because life is precious. don' t end your life for a temporary problem, everything is temporary. >> when i pulled in the driveway and saw the ambulance and siren -- and fire truck and three police cars, and i knew they were there for my child and i did not know what state he was in, i was scared. i didn' t want to be a mother who lost a child. kyla: john' s mom encourages parents to let their kids join positive youth organizations. she also suggests parents need to keep tabs on their children' s social media pages. mark? mark: thank you. the state of ohio is now offering money to improve police community relations. the office of criminal justice services is accepting applications for grants. city and state police and
5:46 am
groups and non-profits can apply for up to $30,000. police departments must be working for certification. groups can apply up until 5:00 p.m. march 31. happening today, cincinnati firefighters will be on-duty in florida to help their neighbors. but they won' t be putting out fires. the department has traveled to fort myers beach for nearly 30 years. they' ll spend the next 10 days dancing and lip-synching along the beach. last year firefighters raised , more than $10,000 during the event to help purchase an accessible van. oscar-winning actor tom hanks will visit ohio next month. hanks will help dedicate wright state' s newly renovated motion pictures center. he' ll appear at several private events before the dedication and gala april 19. the gala will raise money for the tom hanks scholarship and visiting artist program. hanks performed at wright state back in the 1970' s.
5:47 am
kyla: heading out for your morning commute, check the all important travel times right now. 19 minutes on 71-75 in northern kentucky from the split in the downtown. butler county, 16 minute commute from 129 to the norwood lateral. 65 miles per hour, 25 minutes, a pretty good stretch of the 275 loop with that travel time. from the ronald reagan over to cvg. heading out toward the airport this morning, befriend these guys are waiting for you. hopefully, no delays once you get up there. certainly, none on the roads getting you to the airport. you will enjoy this mild temperatures as well. randi rico is hitting it out of the park today, tomorrow, the following day, the next day. keep it going, girl. you' re showing off. randi: no need to travel somewhere us to get good temperatures. kyla: it is tropical here. randi: this week, 60' s and 70' s, not bad at all.
5:48 am
on the way. typically this time of year, the appetite is 50. we are way above that. today' s high of 65, beating them by 15. of the week ahead. i think with see filtered sunshine at times. generally, it is not going to be sunny, even though we talking about a nice warm-up. winds out of the south, hour through the afternoon. right now sitting with cloudy skies and attempt to around 45. as you look at the planner today, 8:00, still in the mid 40' s. or low 40' s in some parts of town. i lunchtime, pushing 60. through the afternoon, nice and mild and staying great into the evening. 6:00, 64. the futurecast today, i would expect to see mostly cloudy skies. they thin at times, but more
5:49 am
we could see a sprinkle , but most places cloudy and starting the warm-up. tomorrow' s win temperatures had updated the 70' s. we will see some rain chances as we get toward the second half of the week. for today, 65 degrees. warming things up. went out of the south. small chance for a sprinkle to the north. very small chance. the rain chances are better for the mid and late parts of the week. tonight flow, 50. 50 is the average high. not a bad way to roll into the next couple of days, highs in the 60' s and 70' s. overnight lows in the 50' s. tomorrow, 71 degrees. little more sunshine on cap. wednesday, stray showers start to creep into the forecast. every day as we head toward the weekend, there will be at least some chance for rain. the models disagreeing on the timing of these, but no civil they will be a washout. not much threat for thunder and lightning come either. some scattered rain and the
5:50 am
week. mark: the warming to mergers getting many folks excited for the spring season. leading up to this year' s spring break. also, an annual contest bringing music to your years. how people in the florida keys tried used a c cerro -- friday tunes. or monday.
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s wlwt it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master
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mark: good morning and welcome back. taking a live look at a shell and clinton. gas prices went up in two weeks. the first significant rises june of last year. the average price is $1.90 in cincinnati. this station has a four $1.99. let' s get a check on some of the stories trending this morning. dozens of people competed in key west' s annual conch shell blowing contest over the weekend. that is some skill. takes lots of practice. hundreds of spectators watched contestants ranging from pre-teens to seniors try to make music with the conch shells. contestants were judged on the quality, duration, loudness and
5:54 am
when the quirky challenge ended, corey fritz was crowned winner of the men' s division, while delaware native jayne challman was named the winner of the women' s division. a pennsylvania judge returning from a vacation in the florida keys stopped at a convenience store to buy lottery tickets, and upon his return to work, he realized he had won $291 million. his brother also played powerball and was a winner $7. when the judge realized he won, he was met he went back to work, and he bought the breakfasts of everyone in the restaurant and called his family to say, we are going back to florida. here' s to hoping he takes his brother back with him. near hawaii scientists octopus while on a deep sea dive. they found this little guy sitting on a flat rock at more ocean' s surface. no one' s ever seen this kind of octopod before. some of his unique features includes a lack of pigment cells giving him a ghostlike , appearance. travel experts say this is the
5:55 am
decisions. -- critical decisions about where you would like to be a few weeks from now. wlwt news 5' s kyla woods tells us the climate for spring break travel this year. kyla: good morning. i think the warmer temperatures will help juice everyone up for spring break plans. for a variety of reasons, it looks like traveling to a spring break destination. this year is going to be dramatically different even from just a year ago. that' s thanks is large part to lower gas prices than we saw last spring break. but even if spring breakers down 6% on domestic flights, 15% on international -- again, because of lower fuel costs. the timing is great, especially for international travel. >> when you look at panama city, panama, average hotel rates over spring break are just $113 a night. >> you' re going to find deals of upward 29% on anything travel related. tellico sounds good. -- kyla: sounds good. competition' s up domestically, too, though, with florida and las vegas among top
5:56 am
the travel experts say they real key to saving on spring break this year is to book by the end of this week. mark? mark: thank you. when we continue this morning more support in madison. , the latest efforts to help the community heal one week after a school shooting. and remembering nancy reagan. the reaction to her passing and the legacy of the former first lady. randi: we are looking at a seven-day forecast. it looks likes bring is already here. officially, we have two more weeks but we will take this week. 60' s and 70' s today, starting out with the 40' s, and by lunchtime today, most places should already be close to 60. 64 at 4:00 p.m. 70 tomorrow with rain showers on the way. we will take a look at the timing of the rain coming up. mark: thank you. 45 mild degrees as you get up and get moving on a monday morning. stay with us, you'
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s wlwt mark: working to move forward. the efforts to help the community one week after the school shooting in madison. mourning the death of former first lady nancy reagan. how she is being remembered this morning. and primary preps. how the candidates are getting ready for another round of elections after a weekend of contests. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt
6:00 am
mark: good morning. as we take a live look outside, a mild monday morning to you, no, this is no joke, we are starting at 45 degrees. i' m mark hayes. lisa has the morning all. randi rico, what is going on outside? randi: in early spring break. are those who don' t get to leave for spring break, we will call it this week. 60' s and 70' s every single day. even this morning, not all that cold outside to start. most places starting out in the mid 40' s. 45 degrees at cvg. northern communities, a couple of degrees cooler. oxford, 41. dry ridge, kentucky, 48. as we take a look at what we are expecting today, we will see two meters climbing into the 60' s. we have cloudy skies to start the day and it looks like the clouds probably will not break much, expect it to stay cloudy through the afternoon.


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