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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  March 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at noon. mark: a guilty plea in connection to an connection to the assault and riot on fountain square. the details on today' s plea and sentencing, and why more possible pleas could be on the way. plus, reports of wasted funds, within the metropolitan sewer district. now hamilton county commissioners are trying to get to the bottom of the money issues. but first, primary preps. how ohio is getting ready for voters to cast their ballot and where the candidates stand right now. in good afternoon, i' m mark hayes.
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primary. you state leaders say they' re ready for voters to head to the polls. wlwt news 5' live downtown with what they' re expecting come march 15. good afternoon. the end: good afternoon. the expectation -- huge. -- dan: good afternoon. the expectation -- huge. ohio' s secretary of state says primary turnout in some time. and with governor john kasich in the mix, that only adds to the excitement. husted says they have been keeping in touch with the board they' re making sure those offices are prepared and ballots are ready. that includes hamilton county, one of more than 44 counties those systems have been re-programmed after big issues when voters went to the polls in november. voters also need to remember: bring a form of i.d. to the polls, whether it be a driver' s statement or utility bill with a current address. but just in case we' re told there are system issues at voting locations, there are back-up plans. jon husted: something like this s a
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books, in case the e-poll books were for some reason to fail, there are back-up paper ballots in case the voting machines fail. dan: he also tells me they are in need of poll workers this election season. it' s a little late for the primary, but they say there' s a real need come time for the they say you can get more information at or at the board of elections office. live downtown, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: dan, thank you. after a busy weekend, the presidential candidates are focused on the next primary, tomorrow in michigan. already today, ohio governor john kasich held a town hall at a school in monroe, michigan. while he talked about the importance of lowering the cost of going to college, he boasted about how inexpensive it is to attend a county community college and how universities
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governor john kasich: i friend whose daughter received a full scholarship to indiana university, and turned it down to go to vanderbilt. which is like $60,000 a year. a nice school, don' t get me wrong. but i' m not going to tell him she could have come here for $6,000 in two years, he would be behind him -- beside himself. mark: donald trump is still leading the way after winning two states this weekend, including kentucky. here' s how the votes stacked up, from the kentucky caucus. trump topped ted cruz to claim 17 delegates. ohio governor john kasich, finished last, in his neighboring state. so here' s how the race looks now. trump is on top, with 384 delegates. cruz is starting to catch up, with 300 delegates. marco rubio has 151, and john kasich has 37. it takes about 1200 delegates to clinch the republican nomination. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will do battle tonight in a town hall
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night. sanders beat out clinton in maine, nebraska, and kansas. clinton clinched louisiana. wlwt is leading the way with all your political news coverage and results. get the latest up to date information from the campaign trail, on and wlwt mobile app. this week is all about the warm-up. wlwt news 5 meteorologist jennifer schack has the rising temperatures in your most accurate forecast. jennifer: we do have warmer temperatures today, but we are sunshine. the city cam shot showing cloudy skies. there have been brakes at times with sunshine coming through, but in the way of filtered sunshine. partly cloudy to mostly sunny for the afternoon, a couple of sprinkles closer this morning. they basically diminished, the raider at this point try to pick up something in extreme northern fayette county. we have very dry air at the surface. even light showers aloft are probably not making to the
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temperature is the main thing, 60' that would be the case for midday. highs this afternoon expected in the mid-60' up as we start the week. it' s not even officially spring yet. we still 13 days away from spring. it starts on sunday, march 20. in the morning. a lot of spring temperatures this week, we have a 70 forecast, coming up. up. mark: today marks one week since the school shooting in madison township. and school leaders say the goal this week is to meet with everyone about how they' re feeling. the school district says safety, security and support will be the focus of forums this week. according to its website, the school wants investigators, students, parents and staff to share thoughts and ideas on what forward. parents and guardians will meet with school leaders wednesday and thursday at 6:00 p.m. investigators say 14-year-old austin hancock -- a wrestler at the school -- fired shots in the cafeteria last monday, injuring four students. since that time, two other
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reporting hancock had a gun. a man who stole a car, then lead police on a short chase in colerain township this morning is behind bars. officers tried to pull over the man around 7:00 a.m -- but he refused and the chase began. after a short chase, police say he tried to run from the car after leaving it behind an i-hop on colerain avenue. police say the car was stolen from struble road. the spca had to be called to an early morning apartment fire in mt airy. the fire started at a three-story chesterfield court apartment building, just after 8:00 a.m. firefighters say a heat lamp for an aquarium heating snakes caught fire. the fire was quickly put out. spca officers responded to help identify and find any missing animals, but determined none of the nine snakes living in the apartment had escaped. damage estimated at about $2500. a teen girl is recovering after
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pleasant ridge this morning. the teen lost control on langdon farm road around 6:00 a.m. police say she was on her way to school she was taken to university hospital for a possible head injury. no word yet on what may have led up to the crash. a woman accused of shooting a man in the face with a b.b. gun went before a judge this morning. the bond for lawanda short was set at $250,000. court records show lawanda short allegedly caused visible injuries to the man' s face. she' s being charged with felonious assault. she' ll be back in court on march 16. another guilty plea today from one of several people arrested in connection to a series of fourth of july incidents around fountain square. raeshaun hand was sentenced to six years in prison. nearly a dozen people in all were arrested for the july holiday incident, where two officers and another man were assaulted near the government square bus plaza. steven montgomery and gary sheffield will also be in court later today. happening today.
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threaten someone. allegedly told a man he was ready to kill somebody, causing the man to fear for his life. kuss will be in court this afternoon to face two counts of aggravated menacing. hour standoff with norwood police, has been sentenced to 80 days in jail. hear ryan brehm in the background of the phone call, s eve at a home along pine street. the situation ended peacefully a brehm has pleaded guilty to domestic violence, and inducing panic, as part of a plea deal. he also has to pay $220 in fines and fees. a 10-month-old boy is standoff in reading this police say neal royal hurt the little boy friday night. his girlfriend says royal stepped on her son and hit him in the face, inside her apartment. at her and told her not to leave. we are told the girlfriend
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refused to come out. he was eventually arrested, and charged with assault and a meeting amidst controversy. the gathering scheduled today between the metropolitan sewer commissioners, and what they today, hamilton county commissioners are meeting with the director of the metropolitan sewer district. operations, and certain sewer years. this is the latest hearing, after the county claimed, the sewer district has been wasting millions of dollars, with "overbuilt" projects and other issues. sewer officials have strongly disputed these claims. happening tonight -- norwood parents are invited to a social media night. the dinner and presentation will focus on how technology has changed the way students communicate online. parents will learn about sexting, bullying, online privacy, and social networking in general. to rsvp, we have a link on under the ' as seen on' section. still to come this noon, she
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re looking back at the legacy nancy reagan left behind, and how she' s being remembered by washington leaders. plus, going under renovations. the changes being made a cvg and -- at cvg and the impact it will have on travel. jennifer: in mild start this morning, but in which is climbing quickly.
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>> you' re watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. leading the way. mark: good afternoon, welcome back. countless tributes pouring in for former first lady nancy reagan. her passing sunday is prompting a wave of eulogies and memorials, on all points of the political spectrum. many say nancy reagan redefined what it meant to be first lady. nbc' s natalie morales reports she brought a sense of style, substance, and sensitivity to the office. natalie: good morning from the ronald reagan presidential library, where many a remembering and honoring the memory of nancy reagan. the most influential first ladies. so devoted to her husband, president ronald reagan. theirs was a love affair beyond compare. she also was one of his most trusted advisors.
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fears -- fierce protectors. president obama says she redefined the role of first lady, as one of the first first ladies to a real platform with the just say no campaign, the antidrug campaign. nancy reagan: when it comes to drugs and alcohol, just say no. natalie: as well as being an during president reagan' s long battle with all fibers. funeral plans have not been made public, but the public will have an opportunity to come to the presidential library this week to say their goodbyes. i' m no morales, back to you. -- i' m natalie morales, back to you. mark: tributes are pouring in -- remembering the former first lady, nancy reagan. her legacy was honored with a moment of silence on the debate stage. the democratic candidate and former first lady hillary clinton, praising her predecessor, for her strength of character from republicans on the campaign trail. governor john kasich said she was quote "an incredible lady, she was very strong, a total class act."
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first lady released a statement redefined the role in her time here. president reagan, she became a voice on behalf of millions of families going through the depleting, aching reality of alzheimer' s." former president jimmy carter has announced he no longer needs cancer treatment. doctors at emory winship cancer institute began treatments in august, when a small lesion on in his brain were discovered. former president carter said doctors will continue to monitor will treat any cancer if it shows up. forum, focusing on the republican candidates, looking to replace former house speaker john boehner. miami university' campus is hosting the forum, with all 15 gop candidates. voters will make a choice, on the day of the ohio primary, which is about a week away. chosen, there will be a special election on june 7, with one
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candidate. the united states olympic committee will hold a leadership virus. the committee formed an infectious disease advisory group last week to help identify best practices to deal with the disease. the mosquito-bourne virus has raised several concerns surrounding the 2016 summer olympic games in rio de janeiro, where the disease is prevalent. rio organizers say august is brazil' s cool season so the infected mosquito population will be smaller. happening today. the end of the peyton manning era, in the nfl. manning is going to call it a career after winning the super bowl last season with the broncos. the five time mvp is walking away with a long list of nfl records. he will make it official with a news conference, set for 1:00, in denver. tournament resume is looking better, after a big win on sunday. uc beat smu to close out the regular season, and now they spot in the tournament. the bearcats will get an automatic bid, if they can win
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tournament. uc gets started on friday, taking on uconn. the musketeers are in a good spot. xavier finished the regular season this weekend, with a win over creighton. with that win, they finished 26-and-4 -- the best record in school history. the muskies earned a two-seed in the big east tournament. on thursday, they will take on the winner of the st. johns-marquette game. developing news from cvg. the cincinnati international airport plans to tear down concourse ' c' . the once major concourse was permanently closed in 2008. airport officials tell wlwt they expect the tear down and renovation to take about a year, starting in august. the site will become a spot for parking airplanes, as well as a deicing pad. aaa is expanding its roadside rescue team, and today they' ll they' re looking to hire technicians.
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is from 2:00 to 6:00, at the aaa fleet garage on west court street. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. we are starting with the time lapse from the morning lack of sunshine. we had quite a few clouds rolling through this weekend since 8:00 this morning. mostly cloudy skies earlier, a few breaks in sunshine and filtered sun at times. it' s thickened in the past 30 minutes. the start of the afternoon. then we bring back more sunshine evening. clouds moving southwest to northeast overhead. across indiana have not been a problem for us trade we basically been dry with the times earlier. at this point, with 275 lubitz dry. pop up on the radar. it' ground. early because we have very dry air at the surface area in the south brees is drawing in drier conditions at this point. t think it'
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problem , most of us noticed them warm temperatures. 61 right now, the unity is very low at 35%. a southwest wind at 15 miles an hour, a little bit of a breeze today and tomorrow especially as the temperatures climb. we will be in the 60' s all afternoon under mostly cloudy skies with filtered sunshine. quite conditions continue as we head into the evening. on the wider view of satellite and radar, with a few light struggles and showers locally, there' s not much more downstream kentucky. just the clouds rolling in. thicker clouds at times also have filtered sunshine through the clouds at times this afternoon. overall, pre-quiet and warm today and again tomorrow. in the same set up for tuesday. looking ahead on futurecast, warm conditions continue with southwest wind. all the moisture' s being held across the mississippi river valley for the rest of today, tomorrow, and to start wednesday. it have widespread rain and
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we end up with just clouds temperatures. today our own -- tomorrow, highs in the 70' s still dry on tuesday. start wednesday dry. showers getting warmer. by wednesday evening, the first chance for a stray were isolated thunderstorms. weather set up for us. as we head into the weekend. springlike start to the week. 54 alerts i scattered clouds and tomorrow, 71. a bit breezy again for tuesday, and more sunshine. late a showers for wednesday, often on showers for thursday. the continuing to the weekend, heading into sunday when we spring ahead clocks. mark: jennifer, thank you. crime-stoppers is here with information on a couple of the s most wanted. officer lesa smith is joining us department. today? looking for is jack deakins.
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probation violation. deakins is 28-years-old, 5' 9" and 190 pounds. he has multiple tattoos on his neck and face, including tear drops down his left eye and mickey mouse on his back. he has past arrests for assault be hiding out in covington or crittenden kentucky. we are also looking for robert felony domestic violence, burglary, and contempt of court. carroll is 33-years-old, 5' 8" and weighs 147 pounds. concealed weapons, resisting arrest, aggravated menacing and domestic violence. chickering avenue in winton hills. in. have a good week. can help police find these two people. call crime-stoppers. or you can submit tips online at remember, you don'
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your name, and you could get cash for clues. when we continue this noon, before jesse owens earned a gold medal, he helped put ohio state on the map. now an ohio senator wants to honor the man -- nicknamed the buckeye bullet. the legislation moving through the statehouse. plus, it' s never too cold to do a good deed. the stars that helped make this polar plunge a record breaker. your waking up with -- you are watching cincinnati'
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mark: a state senator from cincinnati, wants to honor olympic gold medalist jesse owens. ohio senator cecil thomas has introduced legislation to establish "jesse owens day" in ohio. senator thomas says, it would fall on his birthday, september 12. owens ran track at ohio state, where he became known as the buckeye bullet. after college, he gained international fame at the 1936 olympics in nazi germany. owens won four gold medals at those games. it was a star-studded turnout to this year' s polar plunge in chicago, all for the special olympics. pop star lady gaga took the plunge, on the back of fiance taylor kinney. she along with more than 1000 others went into the bone-freezing waters of lake michigan sunday. lady gaga said she'
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help those athletes. lady gaga: we are so proud of all the kids that are here. they are so awesome and this is no big deal, i' m just mark: lady gaga wasn' celebrity to attend, nbc' s own al roker, tamron hall, and dylan dreyer also took part in the polar plunge. they tweeted out this picture during the event. organizers says the celebrity appearances are part of the reason why the event had a record turnout this year. kensington palace shared some new photos of the royal family, french alps. the duke and duchess of cambridge, and their children george and charlotte, spent some week. the palace says it was their first vacation together as a family of four. it was also the first time prince george and princess charlotte played in the snow. before we, quick check outside. no snow around here. jennifer: we feel like spring all week, 60' s and 70' s and the weekend.
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for today and tomorrow. we will have a mix of sun and clouds, today more clouds and sun. tomorrow, we should see more sunshine at 71. most of wednesday is dry. then we see often on showers and rain, could be slightly heavier at times. that will last for several days. it' s not a washout forecast, but it does get wetter and stays warm into the weekend. mark: as long as it' s warm, we can handle it. jennifer: 60' s and 70' s, that will do it for us.
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lights, camera, access. you're probably the first person in american history -- >> he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. >> to ke a joke about your you know what. >> nobody has ever said that about my hands. i've never heard this one. >> i'm billy bush. hard to say what's more pelexing, the fact that presidential candidates are arguing about this or evidence that we have found that donald has been incure about this for three decades. i was quite shocked. >> turn events all these years later.


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