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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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kyla: xavier' s basketball team getting ready for the big east tournament. mark: a family is looking for answers after the body of a local mother was found. kyla: desperate to find a missing mother and child. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. kyla: good morning, everyone. mark: thank you for joining us. let' s get a check of the forecast. good morning. randi: yesterday was a little on the cloudy side with 63 for the high. today, low 70' s. bring on that springlike weather. many spots already well above
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wilmington, 49. most places, mid 50' s. it is already a mild start to the day. we have some clouds around overnight. bring on the flip-flops and grilling-out weather. by lunchtime, sandy and 66 with the high around 72. for the evening, 64. a great day to get outside. tomorrow looks nice as well. the second half of the day turns on the wet side. let' s check the roads. kyla: we still have that incident in covington. we' ll show you where that is. 4th street at russell' s.
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lanes because of the accident and wires dowon. 4th street at russell. you will not be able to access 4th street near russell. you can see emergency vehicle still on the scene. all of those lanes are shut down. it might be a tow truck on the scene. try to avoid that area. we will continue to keep you updated. mark: warren county sheriff' s deputies are helping in the search for a woman and her son. they were last seen on wednesday in south lebanon. they may be with a man accused of abusing the child. >> i am scared. i have seen what this guy is
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we drove all the way down there. no sign of her. mark: if you have any information, please call the warren sheriff' s office. turner had been missing for a month before her body was found. her family said investigators are now wearing down the cause. >> they told us that she wasn' t stabbed, shot or strangled. mark: her family said the biggest struggle is explaining her death to her three children. kyla: michigan is among the states voting today. a new poll shows ohio' s governor
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he will join 1,000 people for pancake rectors on saturday. right now dollars donald trump is leading. >> this sets the table for some length donald trump to dominate the process. kyla: some think that kasich' s reserve manner could win out. congressman are expected at the event on saturday. the government will be in columbus for a watch party. the event will begin at 7:00 in downtown columbus. mark: commissioners are taking a closer look at how money is being spent.
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about the cost of major projects still underway and why some still have significant overruns. the director said there is no intent to hide cost overruns. >> there is no attempt of pretending that things are one way or another. we' re trying to follow the game plan that was established 2005, 2009, and nine times since then. cincinnati has launched its own investigation. sere wer officials have strongly disputed these claims. xavier is getting ready for the big east tournament.
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support. dan griffin has more. good morning to you. dan: good morning. all eyes on xavier basketball as 30 they head up to the big apple. xavier has the number two seed behind villanova. the team matched the most wins in school history, 26. to help keep out the energy. officials even made sure that spring break was going to land at the same time so that students would have to miss class. good timing for them. more on this coming up later this morning.
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kyla: thank you for that into insight. we have an update on the roads. india: we are still dealing with the accident in covington at 4th street and russell street. pete rose way, we have some construction that will last until 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. until friday. here is a look at 275. looking good. 70' s coming up thursday. aidan has track practice again. shorts? randi: absolutely. highs are going to be in the 70' s. the wind is coming out of the
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15 mile per hour wind through the afternoon. just some clouds this morning. we should get in on way more sunshine this afternoon. temperatures in the 50' s fo r most of us. 57 in delhi. cooler in fort mitchell, 47. a very mild start for everybody. clouds are clearing out during the morning rush. pack your lunch and sit out on the picnic table. 71 degrees for the evening drive. we' ll take a look at the time and of those showers. mark: vindication for a fox sportscaster.
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courtroom for erin andrews maybe short-lived. kyla: we take another look outside. we' re going to have a lovely forecast today. starting out pretty nicely.
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thank you for linki look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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good morning and welcome back. we take a live look outside. breaking right now. shooting in over-the-rhine a woman was shot and was taken to the university of cincinnati hospital with unknown injuries.
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re checking headlines this morning. it has been two years since one of aviation' s greatest mysteries. a plane veered off course before vanishing. no victims were ever found. today is the deadline for those families to file compensation or sue the airlines. kyla: whole foods was prompted to act. this picture shows packages of pre-peeled oranges. thousands of retweets later, whole foods pull the producted. mark: michelle obama will deliver remarks in celebration
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s da as part of they let girls learn initiative. it expands schools to help adolescent girls complete their education. kyla: to celebrate the 100th birthday, bmw has rolled out a self driving concept car called theb bmw vision. driver mode indicates the ideal speed. in autonomous mode, the steering will retract while the driver and passenger can face each other or those in the rear seat. sportscaster erin andrews was awarded $55 million in a civil
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nude in a hotel. she the hotel never should' ve told the stalker what room she was staying in. she said she suffered from depression after the video ended up online. the hotel management group received 49% of the responsibility. >> we are disappointed with the result. there are all kinds of measures that were undertaken after this was discovered. kyla: they will go over trial appeal. they say the stalker was the only one responsible for what happened. mark: a tennis player joint test. she tested positive for a drug. she says she has been taking the
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it can help endurance athletes. she could be banned for up to four years. she has lost two major sponsorships as a result. one of them was nike. the woman the first uterus transplant is now talking about this. she went through the surgery in cleveland and now she is tanking the family who may have helped her become a mom. >> i feel so excited. they are provided me with a gift i will never be able to repay.
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wait a full year to make sure her body does not reject the uterus. in sweden, women have been able to conceive healthy babies. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: good morning. we' re bringing on springlike temperatures the next three days with highs into the 70' s. the spring like temperature surge is on the way. it state gloomy yesterday. today you get more sunshine. shower chances slowly creep in and later on the day on thursday. no imminent rain for us. clouds early this morning. a dry day i had an very mild.
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53 in springboro. a couple of spots in the 40' s, including wilmington. temperatures jump pretty quickly. 5:00, most places around 70 degrees. it will be breezy for the second half of the day. it is a nice southerly wind helping to keep temperatures on the warm side. of great day to get outside. by noon, almost 70. yesterday' s high was 63. 72 your high temperature today. 6:00 tonight, 70. clouds thinning out by lunchtime. tonight mid 50' s. maybe a passing shower tomorrow in southeastern indiana. a few more clouds around through
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more clouds for the second half of thursday. 54 for the low tonight. some towns make it a scattered shower tomorrow. scattered showers become more numerous on thursday. temperatures down about 10 degrees on friday, topping out about 63. more rain in the forecast. sunday probably the widest -- we ttest day. 70' s for the next couple of days. kyla: i have to pack the amber alert? no complaints. we are taking a look along471, and that is a smooth drive. this is 27 and no problems
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the biggest issue is in covington on 4th street at. russell their wires down on the road. five minutes from the 275 interchange up to downtown along 471. we will check again in a few minutes. mark: thank you. ohio' s biggest theme park looking forward to summer time. celebrating a favorite breakfast food today. you can get your hands on free flapjacks and celebrate a good cause. 5:20, 57 degrees.
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good morning and welcome back. going to be a beautiful day. they are getting things ready for summer time at the roller coaster capital of the world. kyla: we are talking about cedar point. the new train
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the coaster is the tallest dive coaster and will be 223 fef et high. a new kind of feature will be included in the quw eue line. 1.5 miles of track. mark: it is been a few years since i have been up there. kyla: i am not a huge roller coaster person, but the girls are. they love it. i have to get back in the saddle. kyla: mark: kings island have posted this picture on twitter saying guess we' ll get a kick of what
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officials are not saying what is going on. we do know there is going to be a new ride that is seven stories high with different waterslides, which is scheduled to be ready when they open. kyla: tropical plunge is right up my alley. a free short stack of automatic pancakes to customers. consider leaving a donation for a local charity. since 2006, ihop has raised nearly $20 million for charity. the goal this year is to raise $3.5 million more. we are in a trance.
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behind me. enjoy that springlike weather. temperatures in the low 70' s. 4:00, 72. 6:00, 70. 8:00 tonight, 64. it will be a gorgeous day today. tomorrow will not be bad either. a few more clouds on wednesday. a small chance for a morning shower in southeastern indiana tomorrow. dinnertime on thursday night, a cold front will roll through with some rain which will continue into early friday. guys? mark: remembering more than just a former first lady. kyla: the funeral plans for the beloved nancy reagan. andrew: they had been missing
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coming up. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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mark: another round of primaries and caucuses on both sides of the aisle. today. kyla: increased efforts to find a mother and child from warren county. how deputies are stepping up their search. mark: over a dozen people injured after a california train jumps tracks overnight. how officials believe it all happen. >> from cincinnati'
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leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, thank you for joining us, i am mark hayes. kyla: i am kyla woods. randi rico is in with a forecast, a lovely one, if we say so ourselves. randi: monday was not bad, now we' re moving closer to the mid and late part of the week -- even though it is only tuesday. kyla: we will get there. randi: temperatures into the 70' s this afternoon. starting out with very mild temperatures. 53 degrees right now in springboro. 50 in hamilton, one of the cooler spots. cvg, 57 degrees. it is a very mild start to the day. we had clouds around overnight. unlike yesterday where it was mild, in the 60' s, but kind of a gloomy look, i think we will get more sunshine through the day today. you can see, no big areas of
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a small rain chance tomorrow, but generally, the next couple of days, the focus is on the really warm temperatures. 72 degrees. tonight, only 54. the average high is around 50, so our low tonight will be above that. it is nice to see a couple of 70' s and a row on the seven-day that' s. by lunchtime, 66. this afternoon, sunny skies and 72 degrees. kyla: hour drive, not looking bad. we still have this situation, i think in the clearing stages on 4th street in covington. we had an accident with wires in the road. just be mindful in the next five or 10 minutes. interstate travel, 71 at mesa montgomery, construction a little further north of here
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the overnight and early morning hours. things are moving right along. anything at norwood lateral traveling eastbound were westbound, traffic moving along as well. some pretty decent speeds across greater cincinnati as well. 74 f harrison pike. a few extra cars eastbound, still very light headed westbound. we will keep you updated and keep a close eye on the travel times as well. mark: thank you. following breaking news, two people have been hospitalized after a fire breaks out at a home in aurora, indiana. investigators tell us the fire broke out about 3:40 this morning on market street and crews are still on scene of fighting the flames. we have a crew headed to the scene and will continue to update you throughout the morning. developing, 14 people were injured last night after a commuter train derailed in northern california. authorities say the train was traveling from san jose to stockton when the front car fell
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two people suffered minor injuries with another 14 sustaining serious , non-life-threatening injuries. officials say the train car is still partially submerged in water, but all passengers got out. officials say it was raining heavily at the time of the accident. these searches on this morning to find a missing mother and her 22-month-old son. they were last seen in south lebanon wednesday. now deputies are investigating. andrew setters is live at warren county with the latest information. andrew: the search for this pair has been going on for nearly a week involving their family and friends, but now the worn county sheriff' s office is stepping in and getting involved in a search for information as well. they' re looking for information about the whereabouts of 20-year-old kallie carnes and her 22-month-old son grant. they were last seen wednesday. they say kallie carnes left a note and took off. there is some concern they may be traveling with josh craft,
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and apparently is under a stayaway order. initially, the warren county sheriff' s office says these two did not qualify as missing persons. they have since changed her course and the sheriff' s department is helping in the search. >> not knowing where they are or what they' re going through, we don' t know. and that is what is the most hurtful is not knowing. andrew: take a look at this car, a white 2001 buick, a similar make and model to the car they could be in. if you have any information about where they might be, getting touch with the worn county sheriff' s office -- warren county sheriff' s office. the family and friends of kallie carnes have concerns about her well-being and they' re reaching out, asking for help. kyla: thank you for the update. a man and woman will be arraigned this running after deputies say they started shooting at people in sycamore township.
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road just after 1:00 monday morning when they heard several gunshots. two people inside a car say the suspect shot at them, hitting the car once. the victims were not injured. mark: commitment 2016 news, four more states up for grabs today is another round of primaries and caucuses kickoff for both parties. as the city of michigan will hold primaries today, democrats and republicans debated in michigan cities the past week. a new nbc news poll shows clinton currently ahead by 17 points. bernie sanders still struggling to gain support from minority voters. in the meantime, trump is shown to hold a sizable lead against republican opponent in michigan which provides the first big test of how he can perform in the midwest. they will also face off in hawaii and idaho today. kyla: just hours to go before the next nominating contest get
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candidates appeared for a town hall in detroit. bernie sanders was the first to take questions. he stressed he is determined to win the nomination and contrasted his record with clinton' s on the iraq war and wall street. clinton called sanders and alia says she hope to enlist his help for winning the general election if she becomes the democratic nominee. >> one of the differences between secretary clinton and myself is i voted against the war in iraq and she voted for the war in iraq. >> i am proud of the campaign that senator sanders and i are ve said publicly i will repeat that tonight, i hope to win the nomination post up if i' m so fortunate, i hope to work with him because the issues he has raised -- kyla: they butted heads over abortion issues. sanders and he was strongly pro-choice while clinton says she was in favor of a late pregnancy regulation. speaking of hillary clinton, she
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cleveland. the doors open at 7:00 tonight at cuyahoga community college. mark: the ohio front runner will be in town. donald trump. but delia, ohio at saturday. attend but you have to preregister online. morning. millions of americans will have a chance to pay their respects to the former first lady nancy reagan this week. mrs. reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library after a private funeral on friday. before that, her body will lie in repose of the california library wednesday and thursday. she died on sunday at the age of 94. kyla: new developments in the ohio dole listeria outbreak. a woman has filed the first lawsuit alleging her mother went into a coma after eating a
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the woman remains hospitalized this morning. mark: xavier fans and students waking up early to cheer on the muskies. they' re making the trip to the big apple for the big eastt tournament. wo buses filled with 94 students will hit the road this morning. xavier has the number two seed behind villanova as they headed to conference tournament play at madison square garden. the team 26 wins matching the most in school history, along with the 2007 hundred 2018. the coach says he is working with the often strict proof is defense. -- the code says he is working with the offense to improve his defense. it would be their highest ever. xavier fans will get a swag bag to contain all of that energy, going to the big tournament action as they board the buses this morning. be on the tournaments, students will get a chance to explore the
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"today" show we are told it will be on the plaza. hopefully, we will see them on air right here. kyla: that would be cool to see them. randa, are they going to have these nice temperatures in new york for the muskies? randi: much of the eastern half of the u.s. getting the warm air. most of our temperatures are starting out in the 50' s. right now in springboro, 51. covington, 53. let me get that out of my throat so i can talk to you. why' d i mentioned no for? i got to go out there yesterday and meet the fourth-graders at mccormick elementary. we talked about snow days, which we hope we are done for with the season, and talked about warmer weather to come. a great group of kids yesterday. some of them may be awake at five club 30 in the morning. if you do, hit the snooze after you watch the forecast. the bus stop forecast, most starting out in the 50' s. a mild start to the day. " the cleric now.
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looking good. -- the clouds clearing out. not to cool this afternoon, looking good. get your homework done early and get outside and play a little bit. hopefully, the commute is looking good as well. india joes is standing in. india: the accident is an covington on 4th street and russell street. if you' re heading in this area, your best alternate is to either take madison and/or 5th street to get you around the closer. we will have daytime closures , dealing with construction. we will get to that later. kyla woods will have your travel times coming up. right now, butler county not doing too bad. 75 at union center, traffic is moving along. on 71, you can see at red bank, traffic is very light. when we get closer to 6:30, you will see the southbound side pickup and work down also in volume, the right now things are looking good.
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track down an alleged school shooter. mark: with the newly released radio calls revealed about last week' s shooting. kyla: a push for those chip cards losing steam. how many companies have delayed their switch over to the new card machines. mark: a live look, 57 degrees right now.
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. randi: good morning. taking a live look toward fountain square, lady liquid
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multi colors and it is going to be a really nice day. i think you' ll see a lot of people milling around lady liquid this afternoon. lunchtime should be a great one to get outside. if you' re heading out this morning to take a run as your training opu for the flyingg -- flying pig, temperatures in the low 50' s. this afternoon, 6:00 p.m., sitting at 70, 1 of the warmer afternoons we have seen during this training season. if you' re out and about running for the pig , snap a picture and send it to me on twitter and facebook. i would love to share them as we trained together for the first weekend in may. if you' re planning out your schedule for the week, we have rain on thursday. we will talk about the timing of the chances for rain coming up in a couple of minutes. mark: thank you. details about the school shooting at madison junior/senior high school. newly released radio traffic reveals what happened what police were searching for the
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investigators say the suspected 20 minutes before opening fire. within minutes of the shooting, two students were hit. first responders had austin hancock' spot. >> he is going to be in this and the community park. he is dressed in all black. he has a footie -- hoodie. he is in this area we can keep it locked down. mark: radio calls revealed the strategic response to victims and cut off the accused gunman' s escape. or records of 20 witnesses identified the 14-year-old as the gunman, but they still have not released a motive. the school is working to restore a sense of safety with a series of activities. you can find a list of those activities on kyla: the warren county jail is teaming up with two new resources to help inmates get jobs once they are released. the jail is partnering with ohio needs jobs and the worn county
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the program is targeting inmates between the ages of 18 and 24 and will provide training and contest -- contacts to get jobs and help turn of their was around. mark: dozens of local employers will be looking for new hires including the university of cincinnati' s ohio valley flooring. the job there begins at 11:00 a.m. at the clarion hotel. kyla: it turns out businesses are not jumping on board with the new survey found that more than three out of every five companies do not accept them. retailers and credit card companies were supposed to adopt a more secure cards by last october or face penalties. many put off the roll out until after the holidays ticky checkout lines moving smoothly. s 107th annual national convention. the organization will announce the theme at a press conference at 10:00 this morning at the freedom center.
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cincinnati between july 16 and july 20. kyla: time to get a check on your most accurate forecast. randi: it is going to be warm for the next several days. temperatures springing up into the 70' s today, tomorrow, degrees. we will take a little bit of a dip after a cold front passes by friday, but still staying at least 10 degrees above average all the way into the weekend. as we look at the radar this morning, it is dry and the clouds that were around all day yesterday are in place at the moment will stop toward lunchtime, the clouds will thin out and you will get a little sunshine. with went out of the south, temperatures should be a must to degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. we are already sitting at 57. the normal high average is about 50. we are warmer than that at 5:47 in the morning, winds out of the
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s and early morning, as the clouds clear out. by lunchtime, sunny skies and mid 60' s. through the afternoon, low 70' s. nice and warm and staying nice well into the evening. 6:00 to 7:00 tonight, still holding on to upper 60' s and low 70' s. futurecast issuing the second half of the day, a little more sunshine. it will be a great afternoon to get outdoors. tonight, a few clouds, and other mild one. the low only in the mid-50' s. for tomorrow, one part of town has a shot at rain, generally west of downtown cincinnati. specifically, southeastern indiana has the best shot at a passing shower tomorrow morning. generally, just clouds for everybody. we will still be in the 70' s. thursday, ray chances ramp up for everyone, especially the second half of the day. for today, enjoy sunshine, 72 degrees. really feeling like springtime. we stay in the 70' s through thursday.
5:49 am
an overnight, period s of rain. expect maybe a passing sprinkle on saturday. sunday, you lose the hour of sleep and probably is the steadiest period of rain in this warm stretch. how are the roads looking for us? kyla: still looking pretty good if you' re getting ready for your morning commute. travel times are off to a decent start. it is reflecting the smooth commute so far, especially the interstate system. 71-75, 18 minute commute. it is usually 19 minutes. it won' t take you that long to get were you' re going. 26 minutes on 275 from the ronald reagan to cvg. here' s a look to the airport if you' re hopping outside ready for a flight, get on those roads him in a delays waiting for you. hopefully, none for you in the
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we will continue to keep you updated. mark: social media forum to keep parents up to the latestapp trends. also this morning, a country music sensation soon to be working nine to five again. the nationwide tour that dolly parton just announced. taking a live look outside, a
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they kyla: welcome back. a beautiful shot of the museum center this morning as you get ready to go for your tuesday mounting -- morning. it is 5:52. time to get a check on stores training this morning. mark: we now know who is going to take center stage during the prime time emm y awards. jimmy kimmel will host the awards. the award show will air on sunday, september 18. this will not be his first go round. the comedian posted the awards in 2012. immunology is will be announced july 14. -- m a nominees will be announced july 14. kyla: dolly parton has announced her biggest north american tour in 25 years. hitting more than 60 cities in north america and releasing a double disc album. one will have on the music, the other one will be filled with
5:54 am
mark: facebook says they are in the mix, a live stream nfl games later this year. they say they will bid for a person a contest. others are also said to be interested in the package. the nfl previously reached an agreement with cbs and nbc to broadcast the games over the next two seasons on television. it is not fair how much the company will pay the nfl to live stream those games. keeping your kids safe as they surf the web and tap away on cell phones. kyla: one school district is being proactive about getting parents involved in their kids online lives. in norwood, social media experts spoke with parents in a foreign last night about apps . experts say on so many phone and computer apps, dangers just a click away in a world of sexing and cyber bullying and social media suicide games, social media experts are teaching
5:55 am
apps. social media and any platform where your child could get hurt or taken advantage of. experts cannot say what your child does today can stay on the internet forever. >> you have to have that open rapport with your children. they have to know that we are here for them. they have to feel safe, come in and talking with us as parents. >> technology is great, but they have to monitor what their children are doing. depending on the maturity level of the child. kyla: experts say get online and try to learn about as many apps as you can to protect your kids. stepping up search efforts. mark: what we know about the disappearance of her mother and young son. kyla: decision day and four states. randi: our temperatures are
5:56 am
yesterday, and i know it was gloomy, but clouds should be clearing out. most places this morning starting out in the low and mid-50' s. we should make it up to the mid-60' s by lunchtime, topping out today at 72. tomorrow, is spotty rain chance will stop we will talk about the timing for your best chances to go outside and see the soaking showers later in the week when we come back. mark: thank you. 57 degrees right now as we take a live look outside. you'
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s wlwt mark: authorities are searching for missing woman. kyla: how a family is looking for answers after the body of a local mother turned up in a creek. mark: presidential candidates competing for votes once again. the contest today on both sides of the race. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt , leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone, following breaking news. two people had been hospitalized after a fire breaks out at a home in aurora, indiana in dearborn county. investigators telling us the fire broke out about 4:30 this morning on market street and crews are still unseen fighting the flames. we have a crew headed to the scene and we will get you an update as soon as possible. i am mark hayes.
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on your headlights in traffic in a moment but first, a beautiful forecast -- a check on your headlines and traffic in a moment, but first, a bit full forecast. randi: i think you' ll be seeing a lot of short sleeves, maybe shorts and flip-flops. kyla: i saw some flip-flops yesterday. randi: temperatures making their way up into the 70' s for the next three days. yesterday was kind of gloomy, but we still hit 63 degrees. today, we should be that by about 10 degrees or so. expect highs in the low 70' s and way more in the way of sunshine. take a look at where we are starting. generally, mid-50' s to start the day. sitting at 57 degrees in and several hours. right now 52 in loveland. plan on very mild air as you step out the door, a nice light jacket or sweatshirt will serve you won' t need a by lunchtime that is how quickly our


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