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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  March 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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mike: four states voting. we' re live at kasich camp in columbus with all the primary results. sheree: also tonight, why the push to lower the penalty for certain sexting crimes? mike: a -month-old boy on the road to recovery just days after police say his mother' s boyfriend hit him in the face. plus -- kevin: unseasonably warm weather continues, but rain is inching closer. so, when will it get here? i have the timing on it in your full forecast, coming up. announcer: wlwt news 5 starts right now. mike: super tuesday part two. high stakes in the fight for the white house. good evening. i' m mike dardis. sheree: and i' m sheree paolello. getting exciting tonight. four more states head to the polls with michigan the key battleground. right now, the race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton remains too close to call. the gop winner tonight is more clear cut. donald trump has already claimed victories in mississippi and michigan.
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michigan enough to keep the kasich campaign kicking? sheree: kasich is narrowly holding onto second right now as the vote rolls in. wlwt news 5' s john london is live in columbus at a watch party for the ohio governor where the governor just talked. john. john: governor john kasich very pleased with those michigan numbers, giving him the kind of momentum that he wanted as this now shifts to home-court. the state of ohio, a week from tonight. his watch party at the renaissance hotel in downtown columbus was all about watching the michigan results. kasich did well with those who decided early and according to the exit polling, the mood reflected a sense of a campaign that could be on the cusp of catching on nationally. he told hundreds here that the strength of his team is
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moving into a position rethinks america is beginning to fear that message. mr. kasich: so i think the people are beginning to reward a positive campaign. one that they say to their children this is the way you conduct yourself in politics. i think the people are beginning to see that. and secondly, because of that, just wait one week from tonight. we are going to win the state of ohio and it will be a whole new ballgame. john: nevertheless, donald trump scored a double-digit win in michigan and now he takes aim at ohio too. in this crowd tonight, as you look at tracking what could be a mood swing in the next week, richard davis who brought his wife and teenage kids here from wilmington. he is very frustrated by the
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he wanted his family to see up close a presidential candidate who he says is civil and language of family. john kasich hopes there are more richard davises out there as ohio starts the vote. second place is ok right now for the kasich camp, but it will not help next tuesday. sheree: in other results, hillary clinton claimed victory in mississippi. mike: she' s throwing another punch at the gop presidential candidates in front of ohio voters today in cleveland. >> i think the people are beginning to reward a positive campaign, one that they say to their children this is the way to conduct yourself in politics. mike: voters in idaho and hawaii also went to the polls today, -- that was obviously john kasich begin, not hillary clinton. those results are not in yet. as for next week, primaries will be held in five states -- ohio, florida, illinois, missouri and north carolina.
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campaigns in the buckeye state. coming up, the stops planned over the next few days for the candidates. sheree: a 10-month-old baby is out of the hospital tonight after he was severely beaten by his mother' s boyfriend. wlwt news 5' s emily wood spoke with the child' s father tonight and is live at the hamilton county justice center where the suspect is being held. emily. emily: the boy' s father and i spoke on the phone tonight. he was too upset to talk with us on camera, but says his little boy is a fighter and is doing remarkably well since he was beaten friday night by his mother' s boyfriend. a swat stand-off friday in reading ended with 35-year-old neal royal in jail and 10-month-old gabriel correll on a ventilator at children' s hospital. healing fast, baby gabriel was released from the hospital today. a true miracle, his family says,
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according to court documents, gabriel was practicing walking with his mother when royal got mad and shoved him down, then he flipped him over and smacked his mouth. also in her signed affidavit, the mother said royal put six bullets in a gun and "put it to my head. t leaving, i' ve put too much time into this." the mother was eventually able to get away with gabriel and his older brother to call police which sparked friday' s stand-off. royal has been charged with kidnapping and felony assault. he is currently being held on a $350,000 bond. baby gabriel and his brother are currently in the custody of their maternal grandparents. the parents of the children are separated and both working to regain custody of their children. reporting live from the hamilton county justice center, emily wood, wlwt news 5. mike: thank you. tonight, loved ones said goodbye
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in a head-on crash last week. this was in northern kentucky. police say a driver crossed the center line on u.s. 27 in cold spring on thursday. 30-year-old desirae hensely and her eight-year-old daughter jakyra died in the crash. tonight, hundreds of people turned out for their visitation in alexandria. police have not said what led up to the crash. sheree: new at 11:00, a woman hired to provide in-home been sentenced for stealing from one of her clients. chante lewis was ordered to pay $5500 in restitution. police say lewis made at least 16 withdrawals from the victim' s bank account in two months. lewis will also spend five years on probation. mike: a national internet theft ring uncovered by west chester police, all thanks in part to a traffic stop. officers discovered the ring in 2012 and have since seized more than $150,000. now, west chester police are turning over their evidence to the fbi since they have identified victims throughout
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a mason father now has emergency temporary custody of a missing toddler. sheree: his mom took off with him last week. the mom' s family is concerned the two are with joshua craft. he pleaded guilty to assaulting grant last month. only wlwt was there when grant' s biological father, josh wells, walked out of the warren county juvenile courthouse. >> they told me to call the sheriff to try and put out an amber alert, but they did grant me custody today. medication three times a day for a heart condition. traveling in a white 2001 buick le sabre. if you see them, call the warren county sheriff. mike: fire crews pulled a body from a house fire in aurora, indiana. we spoke to the man who escaped.
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could not save his mother. his wife was also able to escape, but she was burned. stephenson says the fire spread too quickly to fight. >> i went outside to get the hose to hose it down. by the time i got back, i couldn' t get back inside because there was so much smoke. mike: at least five agencies are now investigating the cause of the fire. they say they' ll probably have to tear down part of the building before it collapses. sheree: a teenager is expected to be ok after a train hit him. it happened this afternoon near the intersection of pershing avenue and martin luther king, jr. boulevard in hamilton. police say it' s not clear why the teenager didn' t hear the train coming. a medical helicopter flew him to the hospital with what police are calling severe lacerations to his head and legs. hamilton police are still interviewing witnesses to figure out what happened. mike: a carrollton police chief and officer have been acquitted of felony charges. a jury found chief michael willhoite and officer ron dickow not guilty. prosecutors say the two violated a court order by putting an inmate on a bus to florida when
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sent for a psychiatric evaluation. sheree: new at 11:00, five passengers hurt in a 2013 greyhound bus accident have reached a settlement. at least 35 people were injured when the bus from cincinnati heading to detroit rolled off i-75 in liberty township. ohio state highway patrol investigation found the bus driver lost consciousness after having a coughing fit. attorneys say the five passengers settled for $6 million. mike: a lawsuit in ohio a week before the state' s primary. nine 17-year-olds are suing secretary of state jon husted after he said they will not be s primary. husted said even though the 17-year-olds will be 18 by the time of the general election, in the primary, only voters 18 or older can directly vote for the group of teenagers wants a decision by friday. sheree: ohio is one of the week' s primary. governor john kasich will be fighting for a win in his home
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the presidential candidate will be the keynote speaker at a pancake breakfast saturday. it' s at the sharonville convention center. tickets are $25. donald trump is also making a stop in the area saturday. he' ll be in vandalia at the dayton airport expo center. the event is free, but you have to pre-register online. mike: bernie sanders and hillary clinton making big pushes. bernie sanders opening up his headquarters. they are planning a big get out the vote for bernie campaign this weekend. former president bill clinton will be campaigning for his wife tomorrow. he will be in columbus then dayton. the dayton event is sold out. the columbus afternoon event is not sold out. hillary clinton will be in columbus on sunday for a debate at ohio state university. sanders has not said if he will be there. sheree: in other news tonight sexting and teenagers. , protecting young people who may be use bad judgement. >> that doesn' t mean you have to ruin every chance in life
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mike: the push to lessen the penalty and how close it is to becoming a reality in part of our area. kevin: temperatures still very mild for this time of year. mid-60' s for many of us right now. i' m tracking the weather and will let you know about the chances for rain and when it might arrive. sheree: a kentucky nine-year-old left fighting for his life after a drive-by shooting. tonight, his mother' s fight to try to make his fight a little easier. you' re watching cincinnati'
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sheree: making sure if a teenager uses bad judgement and sends nude pictures of themselves to a friend, it doesn' t cost them for the rest of their life. mike: tammy mutasa has more on a new bill being pushed through the kentucky state senate that will lessen the punishment for minors when it comes to sexting. tammy. tammy: the idea is to hold teenagers accountable without branding them a felon forever. tonight, i spoke with one teen sexting victim who says sometimes teenagers do things without thinking about the consequences. >> because i sent a nude, i do not want to think that my whole future is ruined because i made a dumb mistake. tammy: we'
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this 16-year-old sexting victim. she was 15 and says she trusted her then 17-year-old boyfriend when she sent him naked videos and pictures. >> basically felt pressured into sending pictures and videos, it did not stay with him. he felt the need to share it with anybody he remotely knew. tammy: she says she doesn' t want their mistakes to stay with them >> teenagers make dumb that doesn' t mean you have to ruin every chance in life because they made a dumb decision. tammy: kentucky lawmakers unanimously passed a bill that would reduce penalties for teenagers caught sexting pictures of themselves or friends on their cell phones or ve all been kids before ve made choices that weren' t necessarily the smartest, but them. tammy: right now in kentucky, teenagers under 18 who engage in sexting can be charged with a felony, then put on a sex
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the new bill would reduce a first offense to a misdemeanor. >> send a picture to someone and that' s not going to go away. tammy: the victim says she' s learned from the sexting ordeal, but if she had advice for other teens before they press send -- >> my advice is don' t do it. re going to put yourself through hell. tammy: the bill with alow low judges to issue fines and take classes. reporting live in newport, kentucky, tammy mutasa, wlwt news 5. don' t want to slap a teenager with a felony for sexting, so a lot of the time no action is taken. the bill goes to the house judiciary committee next. sheree: a former chamber of commerce director will spend 60 days in jail. investigators say sara arseneau stole more than $20,000 from the lebanon chamber. they say she wrote herself extra paychecks over a three-year arseneau pleaded guilty in january. and complete 200 hours of
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mike: a sixth grader facing a criminal charge and punishment from his school after police say he posted a picture of himself holding a gun during an argument online with a classmate. a parent of an amelia middle school student alerted union township police to the facebook post last night. the gun in the post turned out to be an airsoft gun, but investigators say students and parents did the right thing. >> it was an immature disagreement for the age that we' re dealing with. it' s definitely something that we' d like to not have these situations, but these situations give us an opportunity to remind parents to know what your kid' s doing. mike: the student faces one count of inducing panic. the suspect could also be suspended or expelled from west clermont local schools. sheree: a kentucky family is now raising money to buy their son a service dog one year after he was injured in a drive-by shooting. antonio and his family were shot at several times in lexington.
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was shot in the side of the head and spent several weeks fighting for his life. he has made progress, but needs full-time care. his mom wants to raise $20,000 to get a service dog for her son. >> he had nine years of just being a child and now he struggles and this dog would truly give him back a piece of what he deserves. just a piece. sheree: just a piece of independence. a suspect was arrested in the shooting. he pleaded guilty to assault and will be sentenced thursday. announcer: cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: what an enjoyable spring afternoon it was across the area and even play tonight it is very comfortable. here' s a look at the satellite and radar. high clouds going about throughout the day. notice this large area of rain barely entering the edge of your tv screen.
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smaller and smaller. i think that is boding well for what should be a primarily dry wednesday. here is a preview of wednesday morning -- mostly cloudy skies to start out. mid-50' s. we will be warmer than we should be for an afternoon high this time of year. into the afternoon, mid-to-upper 60' s. we will talk about close to 70 tomorrow. expected tomorrow. there could be some clouds, but it should be a nice and dry one. the warmth stays through the end of the week and into the weekend. temperatures will remain above normal for this time of year. tomorrow will be a breezy day. we are watching the rain as it inches closer and closer to our area. there could be a stray sprinkle tomorrow, but i think the best chances for rain will be on thursday.
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58 in early march is unseasonably warm. we have a south breeze at six now. most areas are in the mid to upper 50' s. some school spots -- cool spots. 53 in wilmington. 52. most areas hovering close to 60 right now. if you what taken average across the board, most of us would only drop to between 50 and 55 for lows tonight. there will be some locations that will be cooler than everyone else. for highs tomorrow, expected to make it back into the upper 60' s, low 70' s. i think parts of southeast indiana were clouds could be more prevalent could be in the upper 60' s. talking about the area of rain to the west, it is beginning to shrink tonight. thursday, as the storm system gets closer, that will funnel moisture into the ohio valley and have a better chance of seeing widespread rain.
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there may be a sprinkle or two that roams its way into southeast indiana four areas west of interstate 75. wednesday looks like another nice day around here. it really will be tomorrow night, late wednesday night and thursday when rain chances increase. some of that rain could be heavy during the afternoon and evening on thursday before it tapers off thursday night and we get back into some sunshine for friday. unfortunately, that sunshine will not last into the weekend. 54, that is as low week will drop tonight underneath a few clouds. tomorrow come afternoon high around 70. 56 at 8 a.m. 66 by lunchtime and low 70' s in the afternoon. near 70 on thursday and 63 on friday. 60' s this weekend. saturday does not look so bad, but there will be spotty rain. sunday looks very wet. saturday night and sunday getting wet.
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saturday night. does not have kids. i know you' this. march madness has officially arrived in southwest ohio. mike: a tournament tradition lives on in dayton. crews are installing the ncaa first four floor at ud arena. s that will be one week from now. we have a couple of games on tuesday and then wednesday. coming up in sports, the bearcats have a pair of players who picked up conference honors. sheree: and we' ll hear from bengals cornerback adam jones as he discusses his upcoming free
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derek: nfl free agency starts wednesday and the bengals have several guys on their current roster set to hit the market. one of the guys on the list -- cornerback adam jones. jones is on record saying he wants to remain in cincy, but also wants to test the market. tuesday, he was on "sportscenter" and avoided questions about the bengals and said he' d love to play for the
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here is what he had to say about what the bengals have to do to get him back. >> of course, everyone knows where i want to be. i just want it to be right where i go. i love the city of cincinnati. mr. brown has been really good to me. i just want to be fair, it' s got to be fair. the numbers have got to be fair. derek: over to college basketball, the cincinnati bearcats are set to travel to orlando for the american conference tournament. but before they do, guard troy caupain and forward gary clark got some good news. caupain was named first team all-conference while clark earned second team honors. >> to me, that means a lot when the other coaches in the league vote for you. and place a premium on how valuable you are and what kind of player you are. so like i said, credit to those guys and how hard they' ve worked. derek: meanwhile, fifth-ranked xavier heads to new york city and madison square garden for
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while several of the players on this roster have been to the garden before, it' s still a unique experience. >> it' s an incredible experience for a student athlete to be in that arena. heck, the beatles played there. i mean, it' s where jordan had it' s just a really cool experience for our guys. new york city, it' s obviously electric. derek: the reds and giants are currently in action in arizona. this one is in the seventh inning with the giants leading the reds by the score of 9-4. over to high school basketball, the 10th region championship over at montgomery county had augusta meeting up with mason county for the right to go to rupp arena. the royals get the best of augusta, beating them by the score of 48-41, ending their season. and finally, newport central catholic is headed to state for the first time since 2000 where they will meet up with trinity next wednesday.
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rupp by beating their rival covington catholic monday night, 52-47. >> that' s our biggest matchup of the year. that' s all we preach is beat covington catholic. we haven' t beat them the last three or four years here. they don' t think we can do it. no one thought we could do it, but our whole team believed this year. we just came out and played hard. they must have slept on us or something, but we came to play. derek: they will go to state next week. on the girls side, you' ve got holmes and campbell county participating. i' m all over it. mike: thank you. sheree: you think you are confused? i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of
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mike: top stories. bernie sanders is looking to pull off a big upset in michigan. still no declared winner in michigan. sanders has a very narrow lead of three points over hillary clinton. in the republican race, donald trump added another win. a double-digit victory with john kasich trying to edge out ted cruz for second. sheree: also tonight, a 10-month-old boy found assaulted during a swat standoff in
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hospital. police say 35-year-old neal royal hurt the boy friday night. his girlfriend says royal hit her son in the face in her apartment before barricading himself inside his own apartment. royal is now charged with assault and kidnapping. mike: kevin, a lot of rain coming up. it will be time to sit in and eat some milk and cookies. kevin: not tomorrow though. tomorrow will be nice to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather. thursday looks a little wet and then we get a break on friday and more rain by the time we get to the weekend. mike: we will stay on top of the results in the primaries. our website and the morning team coming up at 4:30 a.m.
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