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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  March 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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morning, we're going to see temperatures slowly start to climb into the 50s. a sprinkle possible y lunch time. you could see peeks of sunshine this morning. into the afternoon, bets are off for sun. mostly cloudy skies, scattered showers later this afternoon. even a chance for thunder as we head into the overnight hours. looking at futurecast, here are building clouds. the chance for a passing sprinkle around the lunch hour. into the evening, 7:00, we start to see more scattered shower activity. you can see a little bit of pockets of embedded thunder possible. overnight, as we head into sunday morning, it looks wet. into the afternoon, things look a little more scattered. then we have a lull before we see some showers arrive late monday morning into monday afternoon, again becoming scattered by monday evening. tuesday, we have another system moving through that could bring us a chance for stronger storms. today, 63. mostly cloudy skies, and then as
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tonight, dropping down to 57, a chance for thunder. tomorrow, 69. it's wet but warmer. jonathan. jonathan: thank you, mariah. in commitment 2016, days before key primary tests in ohio and increasingly heated presidential campaign season seems to be reaching the boiling point. they were chanting we want trump, but there was trouble. last night, protests erupted in chicago before a giant rally for donned trump. the clash between protesters and supporter forced him to postpone the event. there were several fights among the thousands inside the arena. outside, and protesters stopped traffic. trump said on cnn, he and his campaign officials made the decision to cancel after talking with law enforcement. >> there's so much anger in the country. it's not directed at -- i don't
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it's just directed at what's been going on for years. jonathan: other presidential candidates commented on the trump incident including bernie sanders and ohio governor john kasich. >> we don't want to have violence at any rally. rallies. i can't comment on what's happening at his rallies. expect to be going. >> the added attention and concern comes as the gop frontrunner heads to our area. today, he's set to host a free event at the dayton expo center in vandalia. the question, what about sunday? multiple sources are telling wlwt's karin johnson that a trump campaign event could be in the works for west chester on sunday. the campaign. governor kasich will be in town this morning for a pancake breakfast in sharonville. you can watch the event live at but before that, we have an
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talking about his message to voters. brian hamrick got to ask him some questions. he's also going to talk about the brent spence bridge. that's coming up at 5:30. stay with wlwt news 5 on tuesday night for special coverage of the primaries as ohio votes. we'll have live coverage beginning at 7:30, when the polls close. you can join us for a special edition of wlwt news 5 at 10:00 and 11:00. happening tonight, the butler county republican party is going to host theable lincoln day dinner. the republican party will pay tribute to that man, john boehner. the butler county native retired from congress on october 30 last year. they'll also honor former head of the butler county republican party, carlos todd. it will be at the west chester holiday inn gipg at 6:00. less than two weeks after a shooting at madison junior senior high injured four students, big security changes could be on the way. this morning, they hold an
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courtis fuller has details on the safety strategy. reporter: the madison school district is pushing to address issues of continued safety, security and support after last week's shooting. >> there's no waiting around at this point. some of these things need to be happening immediately. we wanted everyone to have a say in that and to be able to collaborate with us and get better from this point forward. reporter: the district has come up with immediate actions it will be taking, such as adding a student resource officer, hand-held metal detectors and classroom door mod cations. >> at some point, we have to say what is our plan moving forward and we have to talk dollars. reporter: the item still in the conversation phase might be most controversial that selected steph being allowed to carry a concealed firearm. >> what we released to the parents and students and staff and even you today is that there will be further conversation about that.
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was brought up by not only parents but students. reporter: folks i talked to here at a place called at the square where, in agreement, school safety must be a priority. of course, the conversation about concealed carry can be a sensitive one. >> there are professionals who, when they envision teaching students, when they talk about their passion for education, i don't think them carrying a weapon ever crossed their mind. >> i trust all the teachers at madison with my whole life. so if it's something that would save the students in the long run, i do think it's a good idea. >> the special board meeting will take place this morning at 9:00. a portion of the meeting will be held in executive session. hamilton police are investigating a deadly shooting. a car involved in the incident ended up in a yard on charles street and looks like the victim was behind the wheel. officers arrived to find 18-year-old fairfield high school student jalen knight unresponsive in the driver's
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witnesses say they heard an argument, then gunshots. >> i woke up to gunshots. and my dog started barking. my mother in law came and woke me up and we came out here and there was police everywhere. there was like three shots. i know they found like two casings. but there was three shots and it was very loud. >> school officials tell us knight was a good student and former football player who was preparing for graduation this spring. a local man wanted in hamilton county for raping a girl in colerain township has been arrested in arizona. 27-year-old john noe is being held in the phoenix area on charges of rape, sexual imping position. and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. investigators say the incident happened in october. u.s. marshals helped to arrest him. >> this weekend, thousands will take steps to try to end heart disease.
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takes off tomorrow. events start today. today is the health and fitness expo at the duke energy center from 9:00 to 5:00. it features more than 70 vendors who offer health screenings, fitness apparel. there will be a cyclebar stretch session, yoga, a zumba dance party and a kids fun run. you can also register for tomorrow's heart mini half marathon and 5k or kids race. it's all to raise awareness and money for the american heart association. thursday. hundreds will be downtown to celebrate a little early today. cincinnati st. patrick's parade will step off today at noon at mehring way and central avenue. it will then head east on mehring, turn left on 0 joe nuxhall way and head north on to freedom way and end at freedom it will continue on fountain square with live music, irish
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one prisoner captured, one still at large, and authorities seem to have more questions than answers. the latest on a manhunt in new mexico. and an exciting game for u.c. that ultimately ended in controversy. the game that stopped their tournament run and what kroep cronin had to say about the loss. a live look outside. citycam 5. red lights at the radisson and green going down. miriah turner, does that sound right?
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jonathan: an inmate who escaped from a new mexico prison transport van is in custody. police say joseph cruz was captured in albuquerque friday. a second escaped inmate, lionel clah, remains at large. authorities say they're not sure when or how the men escaped. they say the incident wasn't reported until the next morning. however, they believe it happened wednesday night during a transport. cruz is serving a life sentence for a murder conviction. firefighters spent hours battling a large fire that broke out in western pennsylvania friday afternoon. multiple crews were working to extinguish the fire at a closed down furniture store in butler city, pennsylvania. crews say the fire likely started in one of the apartments located above the store. all residents got out safely and
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have been busy rescuing people from flood water. in shelby county, tennessee, crews used an amphibious vehicle to go door to door to get people out of flooded homes. nearly a dozen memphis residents were evacuated. some areas have had as much as ten inches of rain. effect. forecasters expect one to three more inches could fall this weekend. louisiana also being heavily impacted by heavy rain and flooding and it isn't expected to stop any time soon. the state's governor has called in the national guard to help. some people are already stacking sand bags. , sbags. drone video shows the magnitude of the flooding in vernon parish. authorities are mandating evacuation in all areas downstream. let's talk local weather with miriah turner.
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get with drone video. now you can see everything. it looks like spring, it feels like spring. we have spring holidays to look forward to. springing forward, not a holiday, but something you need to remember tonight at 1:00 a.m. you set your clocks forward. don't forget. st. patrick's day this thursday. we're eight days away from the official day of spring. sunday, march 20 is the official first day of spring. it's looking and feeling like spring. temperatures in the 60s. we have light showers. it's not april. we have a lot of rain showers that we're talking about so hopefully, we'll see a lot of flowers in may when the time rolls around. we're seeing light sprinkles off to the southwestern most communities. it's all part of this moisture that's moving up out from the gulf. texas you can see it's a low pressure system pushing forward. it has a warm front as well. walling more moisture, we are going to see warmer temperatures. that's one thing to look forward to as we head into tomorrow.
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it's going to be comfortable temperature-wise. but it's going to be wet overnight and a wet start tomorrow morning. what we're seeing, futurecast, the broad perspective, maybe light sprinkles this morning. but all in all, we're looking mostly cloudy today. our big rain chance comes in this evening and overnight and tomorrow morning. here's the warm front. sunday morning, 12:00 a.m., scattered showers and thunder as werl. the low continues to push north. behind it, another front. as it pushes north, brings us scattered showers for sunday afternoon as well into the evening, that begins to taper off. monday, we see a spec'd batch of showers and embedded thunder. what to expect for your saturday, today, mid to low 60s. scattered showers by this afternoon and evening. rain overnight tonight and
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our temperatures right now, 49 degrees at cvg. springboro at 45. you can see a nice spread from the upper 40s to mid 40s. winds out of the northeast at 7. visibilities this morning are clear as well. 8:00 a.m., clouds building. scattered sprinkles into the afternoon. topping off today in the mid to low 60s. here's a closer look at futurecast. clouds building out of the south. a sprinkle possible around lunch hour. later hours of the afternoon, 7:00 p.m., into the evening, still the chance for a sprinkle or scattered showers. it's overnight tonight, you can see the time stamp at 3:00 tomorrow morning, we could see embedded thunder and pockets of heavy rain. all in all, about less than an tomorrow morning. and then with tomorrow's scattered shower activity. monday. still cloudy and monday morning in the late hours into the afternoon, we see more showers monday evening. then a chance for showers and storms by the time we head into
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we're looking at spring showers and storms continuing. 63 today, 57 tonight. though we're wild, we are wet. 69 tomorrow, again with scattered showers likely in the afternoon. the biggest potential for the showers will be overnight tonight and, again, don't forget to set your clocks forward. jonathan: an exciting matchup in college tournament play that ended with controversy. what happened in u.c.'s game against connecticut that has head coach mick cronin speaking out. george vogel has details. george: if the games today can match the games on friday, this is going to be one crazy 48 hours of basketball. welcome back, everyone. xavier and seton hall going at semifinals. yes, there's the man, bill murray, looking on with his xavier hat. seton hall built a double digit halftime lead. carrington's three-point shooting doing most of the damage. seton hall by 11 at the break. blueitt and x clawing their way back. a furious comeback in the final
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falls short for xavier. and the musketeers losing to seton hall last night in new york, 87-83. u.c. and connecticut. triple overtime. in triple o.t., time running out. u.c. gets the ball to kevin johnson, the man from summit. drills it. looks like a game-winning shot. 0.8 seconds left. but wouldn't you know it, a three-quarter court heave by jalen adams banks it in. tie game, we go to quadruple overtime. unreal. in the fourth o.t., it gets away from u.c. connecticut winning in four overtimes, 104-97. another tough chapter in u.c.'s recent history. >> you can't catch it, turn, bring it below your waist and then shoot it with enough force to shoot it 80 feet in 0.8 seconds.
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i've already watched it five times. so it's. >> narrator: that happened to my kids. george: frame by frame, he got the shot off just under 0.8. we started our clock when he touched it. with the ball gone, 0.007 seconds left according to the frachl by frame look. unreal that can happen. u.k. coach john calipari watched his final year. he connected on four three-pointers. he had 20. murray had 23. kentucky blows out bama. they're in the s.e.c. silver semifinals. ohio state loses to michigan state. indiana loses on a last-second three-pointer to michigan. in the a-10, dayton rolls into the semifinals with a win over richmond, 69-54. and women's play.
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horizon league tournament. 76-53 over valpo. thomas more women at home in the ncaa division 3 turnment against mariville. off the miss, madison temple with the rebound over to owings with the layup. thomas more rolling. they meet washington in the elite eight this evening at 6:30. high school girls, the mason comets in the final four for the first time since they won state in 2000. their opponent, solon. anna brinkman cutting to samari mobrey for the bucket. lauren decides to back her opponent in. up and under and off the glass. mason advancing to the division 1 finals against wadsworth with the 48-31 win over solon. nku, the girls tournament going on. campbell county losing to
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holmes losing by four to mercer county. two tough, close losses there. the girls semifinals taking place today and then the finals, the championship for kentucky taking place sunday. cyclones last night, a winner, 3-1 over quad city. the reds lost both end of the split squad. 7-4 to chicago, 9-4 to oakland. and when i say chicago, i'm talking the cubs in arizona. all right. that is all the sports for now. we'll have more coming up later in the day. jonathan: george, thanks. a community rallying in support of their small town team. the excitement in wilmington as they watch their basketball team make an historic run in the tournament. a live look outside. citycam 5 found old glory.
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ciara . jonathan: welcome back. it's a small city northeast of cincinnati. wilmington's high school basketball team is coming up big this postseason. they've created a buzz heard around the state. wlwt news 5's zach wells takes us there. zach: wilmington is home to the smallest division one boys basketball program in ohio. >> this is something that this
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zach: hurricane fever has swept up benches, homes and school hallways alike. >> it's like the best sport we have. everyone is excited to get to it. everyone loves it. >> we've seen this gym when it is entirely packed with fans standing on the railings. zach: tim martin is a wilmington super fan and remembers missing his last home game more than 30 years ago. >> you really can't explain or describe the undescribable. you would have to live in this community, be a part of wilmington high school to really know how exciting this is. zach: it's a story with a hoosiers type feel. not that small, but just as hickory had jimmy chitwood, u.c. bound jaren cumberland has wilmington. >> a school that has a thousand more boys than we do, it feels like a hoosier story. i don't think our guys have the underdog role. they feel confident going in. zach: the employees at this
5:25 am
what this means to the town's overall psyche. after dhl moved out of town in 2008. >> it's nice to focus on the school and the kids and some positive stuff for wilmington. zach: wilmington has as short a drive as anybody in the region to columbus. fitting, perhaps, for a program that's waited an eternity for the chance. in wilmington, zach wells, wlwt news 5. jonathan: i remember at seven hills, we were always the underdog. well done to wilmington. i'm sure they'll continue on. if wilmington defeats centerville in the regional final at the cintas center, they'll advance to the state tournament in columbus for the first time in nearly a century. go wilmington. happening today, the city of mason hosting the leukemia and lymphoma society and msa sports seventh annual race to any place. the indoor cycling competition will be at the mason community center. teams of four to twelve people will compete in support of blood
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the event runs from 8:00 to 2:00. there will also be a live deejay and food and drinks. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including teens preparing to cast their ballots. the judge's decision that's giving 17-year-olds a voice in ohio's primary. citycam 5. oh, the fine arts museum in mt. adams with the tire swing exhibit projected on the wall of
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stay with us. this is what i came home for -- turning schools after hours into centers for healthcare and safe spaces for our kids. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. after princeton and a marshall scholarship, i turned down a job at google to work improving education. elected to city council, i've helped create 5,000 new jobs, took on big banks to clean up foreclosed properties. now i'm running for the senate and approve this message to offer bold new leadership
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, the ohio's primary being considered a must-win for ohio governor john causic. we sit down with the presidential candidate to find out the issues he's pushing to get your vote on tuesday. plus, rebuilding a historic landmark. the fund raising bash that could lay the foundation for a new general store in rabbit hash. and a dry start to the weekend, but we could end the day hearing rumbles of thunder. miriah turner is in this morning to give us all the details on the forecast. it's saturday, 12, march 12, 2016.
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jonathan: good morning, welcome to news 5 today. than ks for joining us on this saturday. i'm jonathan hawgood, this is miriah turner. thanks for coming in early. you're used to it miriah: i was thinking because i've been off, it would be hard. it wasn't hard at all. i rolled out of bed, got out of car. jonathan: that's the secret, do it two days a week, you'll be fine. miriah: we're talking spring-like feeling. we have st. paddy's next week. your tie is on today. i forgot my green, but i have green on the radar. jonathan: you can wear green because of the green wall. it's a tv secret. ever seen a meteorologist in green? it doesn't happen. miriah: it will happen thursday. trending videos. people will think it's funny. but you can't see to do your job. jonathan: rain later today? miriah: yes. you can see some to the south and west. it's rolling toward the ohio valley. that will be the majority in our area overnight tonight.
5:31 am
what we're seeing today, mostly dry conditions, increasing clouds and then the chance for maybe a scattered sprinkle, scattered shower later this afternoon. all in all, the sprinkles that kind of rolled through, they dissipated. so we're looking dry to start our saturday. all in all, this weekend won't be a washout, but it will be wet tum points. we are looking at a 52 as the average high. we're looking at warmer temperatures today and tomorrow. mid to low 60s today. upper 60s tomorrow. we have a warm front lifting across the area. visibilities not looking bad. lunken, ten miles, hamilton, nine. wilmington at six. temperature-wise, wilmington is schooler on the map, 43. dillsboro at 47. carrollton at 50. it's a mild start to the day. it will be a mild and wet finish. we'll detail that coming up. jonathan: with ohio voting in just three days, governor
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take trump in what has become a winner take all primary. it is technically. but for kasich, i think you go to another level on that. wlwt news 5's brian hamrick spoke one on one with the governor as he was making the rounds on his home turf. >> governor, thanks for joining us here, a busy schedule to you. what does ohio mean to you today? >> it's critical. i hope the people of the state will reward me with a good win so i can continue the presidential campaign and take so much of what i've learned here in ohio to the white house to help improve the country. reporter: what's your path forward from ohio? >> we'll be everywhere. we'll head to pennsylvania, be on the eastern seaboard. we'll be out west. at the same time, we're making sure we manage the affairs right here in ohio. reporter: what are the key issues you want people to focus on in this election from here forward? >> experience, accomplishment some vision. when i talk, i'm not talking about what i might do. i'm talking about so many things i've been able to accomplish. so i think experience matters.
5:33 am
vision matters. the three things that matter the most, jobs, number one. jobs number two. what do you think? jobs number three. reporter: a big problem in the country is infrastructure. we've got an aging infrastructure here. we have the brent spence bridge in cincinnati, going over. what can you do as president to try and fix some of those infrastructure problems? does that fall on the state or should there be more money allocated for those sort of projects? >> ohio is in very good shape when it comes to infrastructure. we have things we need to do, but we've been create it. in terms of the brent spence bridge, we believe we should toll it. we're ready to go. peoplen people on the other side of the bridge don't do what they need to do. at the end of the day, we need to have a creative infrastructure system, one which allows the states to keep more resources that they currently send to washington.
5:34 am
fix our problems. >> should the federal government expect more cities to be willing to -- tolling bridges? >> sure, we're 19 trillion in the hole. you have to say it makes perfect, conservative sense, that you pay for what you use. this has been political in northern kentucky. this has nothing to do with principle. it's all politics. the costs go up every day. it's up to the new governor there to get this fixed. >> thanks for your time, governor kasich. good luck on your campaign. brian hamrick, wlwt news 5. jonathan: governor kasich will post a pancake breast today -- breast today breck breck fast today in sharonville. over on the democratic side, bernie sanders made stops in raleigh friday and in toledo, ohio, as well to rally
5:35 am
before tuesday's primaries. sanders is hitting on familiar themes including the idea of expanding healthcare for all. meanwhile, hillary clinton attended nancy reagan's funeral friday in simi valley, california, joined by michele obama, barbara bush, rosalynn carter, as well as george bush. i didn't see any other president, though. clinton is expected to pay a visit to youngstown, ohio, today. president bill clinton will make a stop in cincinnati to stump for his wife, hillary. he's expected to attend a get out the vote event at the underground freedom center. come tuesday, 17-year-olds will be allowed to vote in ohio's presidential primary, as long as they turn 18 before of the election. ohio law allows for 17-year-olds who will be 18 before the
5:36 am
tuesday, with some limits. secretary of state john husted said they couldn't vote for presidential candidates. friday, the judge granted a request of nine 17-year-olds who sued. >> it's great. i'll be able to go out tuesday and can have big part of my vote count. >> one person can make a difference and that's their vote or their voice will matter. jonathan: wlwt news 5 will have special coverage as ohio votes tuesday. our live coverage starts at 7:30 when the polls close. then join us for a special edition at wlwt news 5 at 10:00 and 11:00. new developments in a murder suicide that happened in fairfield township. a homeowner returned to his house on springcrest to find his fiance, 54-year-old barbara busch and her daughter, 24-year-old cynthia, dead. police say barbara shot her
5:37 am
cynthia was developmentally disabled. friends say barbara loved her lately. cincinnati police are investigating a bomb scare at western hills high school. students were forced out of the building friday. montessori nearby. a message about a bomb in the bathroom. students were let back inside and school resumed after nothing was found. passengers are to avoid bringing prohibited items to checkpoints. it important to leave restricted items at home because it slows stuff up. we've got a peek at some of the banned items they got but also the screening process done every day down at cincinnati's international airport. the average time to get through checkpoints went from two minutes to 12 minutes once a restricted item was found. >> it could cause a ripple, which really can turn into almost a tidal wave after a certain amount of time when people are bringing those things
5:38 am
jonathan: you hear that? you multiply the wait time by six if you have something that can't be brought on. officials have seen a seven percent increase in passengers at cvg. and a lot of times, people are new to traveling and don't know what they can and cannot bring. they have a list on the airport's website. study that before you come. rabbit hash will come together to help rebuild the general store a month after the fire gutted the historic landmark. money. the bash is from noon until 7:00 at colonel d. gourmet in fort thomas. we had the colonel in the studio last weekend. celebrity chef laurel gavin and local butcher allison hines will be on hand helping out. >> she's going to be auctioning off a piece of art as well as i'm going to be auctioning off a butcher experience and colonel d. has been in charge of raising money for that. it was one of the first places
5:39 am
and it made me cry like a baby. >> she looks like rosy riveter. admission is $50 now or $75 at the door. if you have a formal dress in your closet, you can be a fairy god mother to a teen in need. cinderella cinderella's closet is collecting prom dresses for local teens who may not be able to afford them. the dress drive is being held at emanuel united methodist church in lakeside park, kentucky, from 10:00 until 3:00. they'll accept new or generally used dresses, high heels, and purses. a u.s. hero now a victim of theft. we've got the latest on the search in northern kentucky after a war veteran's prized possession was stolen from him. and basketball teams from high school to college all in tournament play. and one local team competing in the division one finals. george vogel has more on that in morning sports.
5:40 am
citycam 5 found newport on the levee in its sleepy state in this saturday morning. stay with us. .
5:41 am
the power of febreze.
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jonathan: welcome back. the search is on for someone who stole from a local purple heart recipient. the northern kentucky war veteran was badly hurt in an explosion in afghanistan. now, as wlwt news 5's emily wood shows us, he wants to recover something that's been so
5:43 am
healing process. >> turn the switch on, light comes on, they throw their leg over. reporter: surveillance video shows the moment someone hopped on brandon bailey's beloved harley and took off. >> i was helpless. i can't run to start with because of the injuries that i sustained. reporter: seven years ago, his unit was hit by a ied, breaking both hips and his back. his doctors said he would never walk again. bailey was determined not only to defy doctors' orders but get back on his bike. >> that's my release. you have guys that go to war and they do things a human shouldn't do. they do things a human shouldn't see. you need that release. >> the bike is hard to miss. the custom purple and black
5:44 am
the purple heart on the gas tank has the date he was attacked. >> i fought cowardses all over the world and i come here and someone comes and takes a possession of mine. reporter: bailey says he has yet to get angry over what happened and at night when he comes home, he still expects to see his bike in the garage. jonathan: they're going to find it. bailey is working with florence police to find the bike. they have a few leads but need your help. if you recognize that bike out there, you just saw it in the story, please call police. let's get this guy his bike back. the victims of the 2009 terrorist attack at fort hood received texas purple hearts. in november of '09, major nadal hassan opened fire at fort hood, killing 13 people and injuring 30 others. more than 30. the families of the victims
5:45 am
the honor. the defensive freedom medal was awarded to those not part of the military. there appears to be one thing presidential candidates can agree on. oreo cookies. hillary clinton, donald trump and bernie sanders are speaking out against the company which plans to move jobs to mexico. trump says he'll never eat another oreo again. last week, clinton said the u.s. should make the company give back any tax breaks it may have gotten. ohio's eight major urban districts are joining together for their third annual statewide education job fair. they're looking to recruit teachers for their respective districts. the job fair is at the embassy suites north in columbus from 9:00 to 3:00. there will be staff there from akron, canton, cincinnati, cleveland, columbus, dayton, toledo and youngstown. the beach water park also looking to add to its staff for the upcoming season. you need a summer job?
5:46 am
up the way from kings island and they're hosting a job fair today from 1:00 to 4:00. there are positions available for food and beverage, lifeguarding, guest services, retail and more. they're also hosting a job fair on march 26 or you can apply online at beach water parks website. let's talk local whether with mariah. miriah: video of the beach waterpark looked nice. we're looking at spring eight days away. what to expect. clouds, showers, and above average temperatures. so at least that's the good thing. and we're looking at just a little bit of gloom where weather headed our way. mostly cloudy today. mostly rainy as we head into the overnight. this afternoon not a washout. we'll see sprinkles, scattered showers. overnight, we could see a rumble of thurns as we head into
5:47 am
this morning, light sprinkles in southeastern indiana. that's dissipated. we're dry to start the morning. we'll see clouds building ahead of the moisture that you can already see on radar entering st. louis and also indiana and paducah, moving into louisville. it's all part of this low pressure that's moving out of dallas and will be moving into the ohio valley by tomorrow and bringing with it a warm front. so we're looking at warmer temperatures. cool to start the day. ending on a nicer note in the 60s. very much above average. you can see temperatures already, dry ridge at 47. own ton at 48. harrison at 45. it's cooler off in that area. our temperatures will be in the 40s this morning. we'll climb into the 50s and ultimately the mid to low 60s by the afternoon. winds out of the northeast at seven miles an hour. visibilities aren't bad at all this morning at ten miles at cvg. your day planner stacking up like this. 8:00 a.m., increasing clouds, 47 degrees.
5:48 am
around the lunch hour. it's going to be light. notice mostly just the cloudy skies this afternoon. 57 degrees. then scattered rain as we head into the evening, 62 degrees. again, very light, very scattered. not a washout today or tomorrow. but the wettest portion of your weekend will be overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll take a look at futurecast. building clouds as we head into the afternoon. here's the scattered sprinkle by the lunch hour. into the evening, 7:30, light scattered showers. continuing to press off to the northeast. and you can see our time stamp. 3:30 tomorrow morning, overnight we could see pockets of yellow, heavy rain. also embedded thunder possible with that as well. it continues to push through. into sunday afternoon, things become more scattered because north. so we're looking at light, scattered pattern. then things taper off, quiet down. monday afternoon, in the late hours of the morning, we see a batch of rain move through. that will end by the evening and move out.
5:49 am
for tuesday. ultimately, looking at the weekend from this afternoon until tomorrow afternoon and the evening, time stamp 11:30 tomorrow night, we're looking at less than an inch around the greater cincinnati viewing area. so it will be wet but not a washout. 63 degrees today, scattered showers possible. into the evening, scattered sprinkles this afternoon, cloudy all around. degrees. with a chance for thunder. the rest of the seven day looking like this. mild across the board, almost 70 tomorrow. by the time you get out and vote, things are shaping up. it should be nice until nighttime storms. now here's a check of morning sports. george: tournament time in college basketball and i'll tell you, the games are already crazy. we're talking conference tournaments. xavier playing seton hall up at madison square arena in the big
5:50 am
that's bill murray. reminds me of caddieshack. seton hall heating up in the first half. yep, seton hall up 11 at halftime. xavier making a furious comeback. trayvon blueitt drains the three. the final minute, xavier almost got back to even. but it didn't happen. the final, 87-83. seton hall. so xavier bows out of the big east tournament. how about u.c. and connecticut. they went to triple overtime. game tied. cats with possession of the ball. it gets out to kevin johnson, the man from summit. drills it. u.c. up by three with 0.8 seconds to play. nothing can go wrong, right? game over. well, not quite. wouldn't you know it. three quarter court heave to tie it. it goes. banks it in the. so we go to quadruple overtime in the fourth quarter.
5:51 am
connecticut winning 104-97. another tough chapter in u.c.'s recent history. >> you can't catch it, turn, bring it below your waist and shoot it with enough force to shoot it 80 feed in 0.8 seconds. the clock didn't start nearly on time. i've already watchedive it five times. it's unfortunate it happened to my kids. george: when we went frame by frame to check the time, he got the shot off just under 0.8 seconds. when it's out of his hands, left. according to our frame by frame look. anyone. u.k. coach john calipari has watched alex poythress to stick around for the senior year. it paid off. the sharp shooter connecting on four 3s last night. he had 20 points. murray had 23.
5:52 am
they roll into the s.e.c. semifinals. ohio state drilled by michigan state. indiana losing on a buzzer beater, falling to michigan, 72-69. in the a-10, dayton rolls on with a win over richmond. they're in the semifinals. women's basketball, northern kentucky rolling on in the horizon league tournament, 76-53 over valpo. in division 3 ncaa tournament, thomas more a winner. so the saints will host another game tonight at the conner convocation center. eight. so if they win tonight, they're back in the ncaa division final won last year. how about the mason girls? in ohio's division one state title game up in columbus, they'll take on wadsworth for the state title tonight at 8:00. that's all the sports for now. let's go back for more news. jonathan: thanks, george.
5:53 am
watch your step. coming up, we'll tell you about family in oregon sick and tired of stinky streets. the change they're trying to initiate, using humor as their platform. and your live look outside. citycam 5 has a high definition shot of the roebling suspension bridge with its steel grate for a surface. sounds interesting when you go over it. (vo) my name's nick and i make dog chow in denver, colorado. one of my fondest memories of khloe is the day we got her. i knew right there she was gonna be a great dog. khloe's a big influence on the family. she loved lincoln from the start. she's his little protector. i trust dog chow to keep khloe healthy because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. the standards that we follow are top notch.
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jonathan: frustrated neighbors using humor to put a stop to a stinky situation. residents in an oregon neighborhood are weary of people not cleaning up of a after their own dogs. they created clever signs and planted them next to dog dropping on lawns. before they knew it, there were 300 signs marking the spots. residents say there's serious business behind them. they hope the signs will lead to a furry tail ending, a neighborhood free of dogby waste, trying to stop a movement here. a strange job in new york got the attention of hundreds. it was an advertisement for a job. taking care of a turtle.
5:57 am
someone to walk her tortoise, henry. he travels by dog arge carriage and loves to gaze at central park. she's received hundreds of replies. green will look carefully at all applicants for the job, but only one lucky person will get it. it will help some shy person coming out of their shell. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today. including making wishes come true. the event to help young patients with life-threatening medical conditions feel like kids again.
5:58 am
there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america
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for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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jonathan: clashes between protesters and donald trump supporters cancel the rally in chicago. today, the gop frontrunner is headed to ohio. we've got details on the visit, the weekend stop still in question. i'm john london live in sharonville with john kasich brings his message to the sharonville convention center. it's do or die tuesday night in ohio. we'll have a live report on wlwt news 5. jonathan: folk cusing on school safety. new security measures put in


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