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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  March 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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s-eye during the brief path of the tornado. good evening, i' m sheree paolello. mike and i' m mike dardis. : around here, we had some storms but nothing with rotation. sheree: chief meteorologist kevin robinson has cincinnati' s most accurate forecast. kevin: that brief tornado was created by this thunderstorm that pushed through with a complex of showers and a few rumbles of thunder. this is what it looked like in case you are wondering what radar looked like as the storm was pushing west of dayton. here is dayton. here is i 70 at the top of your screen. that is where we were able to pick up rotation on that storm as it pushed towards 70 and towards the lewisburg and phillipsburg communities. this is what we saw , some of the pictures we saw from the system as it moved through. this is not your classic , strong, well-developed tornado,
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extends to the ground. that system was rotating. you can clearly see the rotation in the clouds and the thin down. from everything i have been able to see, the damage has been very sporadic and on the light side , kept to a stray barn right now. things are quieter. here is a live look at radar. things have quieted down since earlier. there are still a few rogue showers and stray storms around the area, especially south. i am not concerned about severe weather this evening. that was kind of a rogue situation so we can rest assured this evening we don' t have to worry about additional severe weather around here. sheree: good news. we will see you in a few minutes. the battle for ohio hits the finish line a little over 24 hours from now on the republican
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mike: the outcome here could way. wlwt news 5' s john london joins us live for a look at the high stakes on this last day. reporter: the stakes are so high for john kasich rate he has mitt romney campaign with him in a transparent effort to block trump. if it falls short, republicans will do some serious recalibration come wednesday morning. on the eve of a watershed primary in ohio governor john , kasich was in youngstown where donald trump will also do some last minute campaigning. trump could create an aura of inevitability should he take ohio tuesday night and florida with it. as ballots were sorted today, longtime republican strategists were still trying to sort through trump' s undeniable staying power. >> there is a strong undercurrent against donald trump inside our party. fundamentally unhappy with his
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>> he has tapped into sort of a main line vein of anger. unfortunately, i think he has dealt with that irresponsibly, . reporter: in west chester sunday, the trump appeal attracted hamilton county sheriff jim neil, a democrat, setting off a firestorm within his party. >> i called him up. i mean, i was stunned. reporter: party chairman tim burke calls it a terrible decision politically. >> and jim, i think is going to have to explain himself to an awful lot of democrats. reporter: that explanation came straight from the sheriff mid-afternoon. >> i made a big mistake. it was selfish on my part because i didn' t take into consideration the other candidates on the democratic ballot. reporter: in a way, it shows the pull of trump who speaks up vigorously for law enforcement. kasich delegate greg hartmann supports police, too, but sees trump as potentially ruinous for republicans. >> i don' t think he represents the republican party that i believe in, i don' t think he
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that a lot of people believe in. i think he represents anger. reporter: here' s where a lot of traditional republicans are tonight. they want to stop trump. but they want to beat hillary moore. they believe will be the democratic nominee. they want unity but they say it is hard right now. john london, cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. mike: thank you. preparing the polls on the night before the biggest primary since workers are out today making 2008. sure everything runs smooth tomorrow. in hamilton county they' re all , too familiar with how one small glitch can lead to big election day problems. wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick live from the board of elections. reporter: there is a lot of interest in this primary. it' s an election that sometimes it looks more like a reality show.
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candidate island. in hamilton county, they are expecting a turnout of around 45%. that is why they want to be 100% prepared. before the vote is tallied, this is what counts, preparation at the polls. >> we try to make contingency plans for everything and our staff has worked very hard preparing for tomorrow and we' re ready. reporter: sherry poland is director of the hamilton county board of elections. she says they' re already sorting the absentee votes. they' ve increase poll workers beyond requirements in some of the busier polling places, so what will keep her from sleeping tonight? >> it' s the unknown, you never know what' s going to happen on election day. reporter: last november it was the e-poll books, they were a new addition and a glitch created technical issues. the board of elections is confident they' ve fixed the problem, but just in case that
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there is hamilton county' s election system surgeon. he will be on call to treat any trouble. when they see you coming they know the problem is going to be fixed. >> that' s why they call me mr. poll worker. reporter: is that what they call you, mr. poll worker. >> i' ve been called a lot of names areas basically all of our poll workers are really good people and they' re fun to work with. reporter there are 116 trouble : shooters set to respond around hamilton county, 116 workers they' re hoping they don' t have to call. so those e-poll books were new technology last time. they say they fixed those. they replaced the routers they say caused the problems. this time, they say there is no new technology for this election. live brian hamrick, wlwt news 5. mike: thanks. be sure to watch our special coverage of the primaries as ohio votes.
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beginning at 7:00 30 when the polls close. we' ll have updates through the voice. then join us for a special edition of wlwt news 5 at 10, and 11. sheree: we now know the identity of the man shot and killed in avondale last night. police say trazone mahaffey. was found dead at a gas station on burnet avenue. no arrests have been made. a driver who crossed the center line on hopple street and hit an oncoming car last month has died from his injuries. police say the driver was 56-year-old kenneth howard. and he may have been impaired at the time of the crash. the driver of the other car was also injured. mike: an indiana student has died while on spring break in panama city, florida. authorities say 20-year-old tyler gilmore of terre haute was drinking heavily before he fell from a parking garage and died. it' s unclear how high gilmore
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his body was found about 1:00 in the morning on sunday. police do not believe anyone else was involved in his death. sheree: two weeks have passed since police in butler county say a 14-year-old student shot two others. then there' s been a lot of talk about increasing the number of the area. wlwt news 5 investigative at why that' s easier said than done. reporter everyone wants students : to be safe, but making sure schools have the appropriate police presence is tough especially when dollars are tight. doug hale and paul payne are completely comfortable surrounded by students. hail is a deputy. officers. ve been out on the street when you come inside to work it' s a whole different world. >> you are a counselor, teacher, law enforcement. but i' d say 90% of our job is just being a parent in the
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reporter: but whenever violence erupts sros are trained to , assess the threat and do what it takes to keep students safe. both men know that' s what fellow sro kent hall did two weeks ago when hall heard the sound of gunfire inside madison junior -senior high. wax by officer hall being there, it was absolutely just wonderful. reporter: hall raced toward the scene and helped catch the alleged teenage shooter before anyone was killed. this weekend, news 5 was there as the school announced hall would become a fulltime employee and said plans are in the works to hire a second, part-time sro. as president of the ohio school resource officers association, paul payne understands paying for an sro' s salary can tax a a district budget. >> as an association that' s our , number one complaint funding. reporter: but he and deputy hale point to what happened inside madison junior senior high as proof of the value sros can provide. >> we' re not naive enough to think it can never happen here, and if we can get educators and the public to realize that, that'
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in the building. reporter typically, police : agencies and districts split the cost of the time a resource officer spends in a school building. the voluntary association officer payne leads has more than 600 members in ohio. 160 of those resource officers are based at schools in our part of the state. todd dykes, wlwt news 5. sheree: thank you. some parents assume there' s a school resource officer in every building all the time. the reality in many districts there is one officer assigned to , several schools. in cincinnati, the city' s police department provides 13 resource officers for cincinnati public' s 55 schools. mike: it' s on this question already. who' s ready for some march madness? sheree: i know you are. the teams have been seeded. the brackets filled out. the investigation already underway into what happened on selection sunday next. kevin: the bulk of the thunderstorm activity is out of here for this evening.
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i will let you know who has the best chance of getting wet this evening. sheree: caught on camera, and wandered onto the australia. picks up speed, and actually charges towards one boy. the player was able to dodge the bull. it turned around and ran back into the woods. fortunately no one was hurt.
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mike: 2016 ncaa brackets are ready to go. five teams around our area have made it to the big dance. xavier earns a two seed in the east, cincinnati a nine in the west. dayton gets a seven seed in the midwest. indiana number and kentucky five. draws a four. both of those teams also in the xavier' s number two seed is the highest in school history and for the team. sheree: a st. louis draw for the east region will almost be like a home game. s andrew excitement. >> i think xavier' s really proved themselves this year. i think chris mack is a great
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s just got a lot of great players up there. reporter: normally, students would be subdued the first day back to campus after spring break, but there is a lot of excitement on xavier' s campus today. i think it' s really exciting, >> and i think the players worked really hard and they' ve really grown. reporter: the musketeers earned their highest ever seed in the ncaa tournament. number 2 x.u. takes on weber state friday in st. louis, and it has some people dreaming of watching it in person. >> we actually talked about going to saint louis. i don' t know if we' ll actually make it there, but that would be awesome. reporter: if you want to get tickets to go to the game, the ticket office here at the cintas center isn' t going to be much help. xavier only gets a limited allotment of about 450 tickets to the game, and those have been spoken for thanks to season ticket holders, students, and staff for quite some time. tony hennies was on the ticket short list, but didn' t make the cut. he was hoping someone declined their tickets for the first round game. >> i' ve been a season ticket holder since pretty much i graduated. it' s our best year that i can remember, probably the best team we' ve ever had.
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re moving merchandise at the all for one shop. the monaghans made a stop in the middle of a road trip to pick-up xavier gear. they call toledo home, but both their daughters are xavier grads. how exciting is it to see them as a number 2 seed? >> it' s great, phenomenal, and let them just keep on winning you know? reporter how far will the : musketeers go? >> i think this team has the potential to make a good final four run. >> hopefully we have a shot at the final four maybe even the , finals. reporter we' ll have to see. : from xavier university, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mike: tickets will not be a problem for the thursday and friday games. you' re not out of luck at all if you want to see them play in st. louis. the school does not have tickets left. online, there are plenty left. sheree: the ncaa is investigating how the bracket
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official announcement. the bracket appeared on twitter during the airing of the ncaa annual tournament selection show on cbs. at that point only half of the field had been revealed, the leaked bracket had the full field and it turned out to be spot on. announcer: cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast . kevin: an interesting day of whether across the area. downpours midafternoon. now sunshine. the good news is most of us are done with the rain for the evening. it looks dry or through the next couple of hours. here is a live look outside. 68 degrees at the airport. not much rain at the airport. the showers were fast-moving as they pushed in and out of the area. here is a look at radar. things are much quieter. not much happening across the viewing area. there are still a few rogue showers across the area,
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towards williamstown towards dry ridge, these showers will pivot toward pendleton and into robertson county. from williamstown to mount all of it -- not all of that -- mount olivet, you may get showers. i am not concerned about severe weather this evening. i don' t anticipate additional thunderstorms to reach severe levels across the area. we had a small storm center push through the area. you can see the spin in the atmosphere. we raved to get enough breaks in the cloud cover today that it was enough to trigger showers and storms big it even managed to trigger one rogue thunderstorm that briefly put down a tornado outside dayton. this is all pulling away through
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at the back, it pivot through. notice how these showers have been falling apart as they move toward our area. i will keep a few around for the next couple of hours. 53 in dayton. lexington, 63. 61 in indianapolis. any showers will go away over the next couple of hours, especially when the sun goes down. things will stabilize. i think most of us are done with rain. it will be quite overnight. i would not be surprised to see patchy fog late tonight, early tomorrow morning. tomorrow looks good for primary day in ohio. i expect partly cloudy, breezy conditions. it should be dry all day across the area. things get more interestingly tomorrow night. it looks like any threat for showers or storms will arrive even later than previously
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i think the threat for severe weather tomorrow continues to decrease. that is based off the timing which has a coming through late tomorrow evening into the overnight hours. late tomorrow night, there is a small risk for thunderstorms that could be on the stronger side. that is something i will keep an eye on. those will be out of here by wednesday and we get into a quieter pattern. the second half of the week is going to be much cooler for us. tonight, showers come to an end. mostly cloudy and mild. there could be patchy fog tomorrow morning. tomorrow great for primary day. 74 for the afternoon high. the first half of the week is mild. by the weekend, things start to cool down along with the threat for showers. afternoon highs this weekend may only be in the upper 40' s. mike: hard to compute when you
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sheree: i am loving it and officially putting the winter coats away. a high-speed pursuit had officers chasing one of their own cruisers. mike: who was behind the wheel and the maneuver officers pulled off to stop the suspect. sheree: a passenger train headed to chicago derails.
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sheree: a high-speed chase of a stolen police cruiser comes to a dramatic and deadly end in southern california. mike: the suspect stole the cruiser, flipped on its lights and sirens, and led police on a 40-mile chase that reached speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. officers were able to trap the driver in an alley and used a pit maneauver to pin the cruiser against a dumpster. shots were fired. the suspect died at the scene. sheree: an amtrak train traveling from l.a. to chicago derailed in kansas. five cars fell off the tracks and tipped over. 142 people were on board. 32 were taken to the hospital, two have serious injuries. but almost all of the others have been treated and released. according to one official, the engineer says the train was
5:25 pm
when he noticed a significant bend in a rail and pulled the emergency brakes. passengers describe the moment as unforgettable. >> it was bone-chilling. i felt a bump and i thought at first it was hydraulics, but when we heard the shots, we knew something was wrong. sheree: it' s unknown how long it' ll take to get things back on track. mike: strong wind and wet weather in seattle, washington, caused a monster fur tree to fall on a car. the tree was so big firefighters had to saw it apart and then jack it up to reach the driver who died inside. people passing by rescued a child from the back seat. she is expected to be ok. several trees came crashing down as wind gusts reached 52 miles per hour. a sea lion pup rescued after it wandered into a fish market parking lot in san diego. sheree: this is adorable. the sea lion, apparently in no hurry to leave.
5:26 pm
car, played with the radio, and even got behind the wheel. sea world rescue was called to the scene. they picked up the pup and safely took him away. front end of fashion, have now come up with new line of clothing. tweed suits for race horses. the suit took more than 4 weeks tweed. it was made to mark the cheltenham festival, in lambourn about 70 miles outside of london. the festival begins tomorrow. nice suit. sheree: two ohio schools on different sides of the state brought together in tragedy. mike: how they are hoping schools around here after the
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sheree: announcer: you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. mike: two schools on opposite ends of the state now linked forever. sheree: today marks two weeks since the school shooting in
5:30 pm
mike: the leaders are helping those in butler county get through this next phase. wlwt news 5' s karin johnson is live in our newsroom to explain. reporter: the day of the shooting in madison township, folks from the chardon district reached out to madison administrators. this past the two districts friday, participated in a teleconference. madison says the guidance its getting from the cleveland suburb is invaluable. two similar sized ohio school districts with horrific stories to tell. chardon high school and madison junior-senior high. >> we realize their incident was worse and there were fatalities. it might not be as bad but i' d rather over cover and over support the not have enough. reporter at the advice of the : chardon district madison is aggressively moving forward with counseling services. >> six months out, you will have more kids struggling. reporter when madison schools : opened its doors for a walk through for parents and students that came recommdened by chardon
5:31 pm
>> that was huge. allowing all our parents and students to walk through the building and see that it' s the same, everything' s ok and they were able to do it with parents support and so that was number one. reporter: four years and two days before the the madison shooting, a chardon student opened fire in the cafeteria there. three students died. there was no playbook on how to deal with such tragedy. there still isn' t but madison administrators say chardon' s advice has been critical in madison ceiling. >> we' re working with some of the same experts that they worked with and are still working with in terms of this kind of tragedy and they' ve been able to share with us that there are some time lines with the 2 week mark is where it really starts to sink in for everyone . reporter: i was at the madison school board meeting over the weekend where all of this was discussed.
5:32 pm
, superindent discussed the two students who were charged for not reporting a gun at school. he said they did not do the too. , live in the newsroom, karin johnson, wlwt news 5. sheree: thank you. madison schools voted to make the current school resource officer full time and add a second, part time sro. they are still considering using metal detectors for random sweeps of students. kevin: son this afternoon. rain returning tonight. severe weather to the north. anything to worry about around here? nothing to worry about this evening. the rogue storm around dayton was an exception. most areas will stay quieter through the evening. it was around 2:00 when they had the stray storm that produced the brief tornado around dayton. no threat for tomatoes around here this evening or even
5:33 pm
there are stray showers from lewistown -- williamstown. these will continue the next couple of hours. they are being driven by daytime heating. when the sun sets, those showers will begin to go away. through the evening tonight, drier for most. there are one or two renegade downpours across the area. it looks mild with temperatures in the 60' s. i will let you know about primary day in ohio and maybe a second potential threat for storms. coming up, i will let you know when in my full forecast. sheree: thanks so much. in commitment 2016, while ohio voters get ready to head to the polls tomorrow, tonight election officials are clarifying confusion with the republican ballot form. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin has more on how they' re trying to avoid a headache tomorrow. reporter: election officials want people casting a vote on a
5:34 pm
attention this time around because there' s been just a little bit of confusion. voters in ohio are lining up to make their voices heard. >> it seems like there' s a fresh face in the race and people are always looking for something different. reporter: but this year, some casting votes on the republican ballot say the paperwork is a little awkward. >> it is kind of confusing. but i think if you vote for the same candidate in both sets of delegates, you come out a winner. >> i would' ve looked at it and been confused, gone back and forth between where do i actually put who i want to vote for. reporter here' s why, there are : two spots to pick a candidate for the presidential race. election officials say in 2015, the ohio republican party changed awarding delegates to a winner-takes-all process. that means those voting on the republican side only need to fill out the first box, called at-large. >> if the voter votes in both contests, there' s no problem with that, it doesn'
5:35 pm
reporter: election officials say the law still requires a second box for presidential candidates labeled district delegates. those votes will also be totaled, but won' t count. >> i wish things were more simple. reporter: officials say bottom line, tomorrow will be easy as long as voters know their polling location, review a sample ballot and read the instructions. the hamilton county board of elections director says she' s not sure if this second box over here will be removed any time soon, but it' s going to take some action by lawmakers and also the republican party here in ohio. we' re downtown, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. sheree: election officials say. the ballot for democratic voters isn' t affected. there' s only one box to choose. mike: five states including ohio holding primaries tomorrow. a couple of republican contests close. the outcome could shake up the g.o.p. race. sally kidd has the final four' s focus on winning last-minute support.
5:36 pm
the biggest prize, florida with 99 delegates, winner take all. first, a campaign stop in north carolina and then florida where polls show trump with a lead over marco rubio. protesters briefly interrupted both events. trump rejecting criticism he is stoking chaos. donald trump these are love fests. reporter: rubio told supporters he will be donald trump in the primary despite what the poll say. marco rubio: the republican party will not allow itself to be hijacked by fake conservatives. >> his home state is important. if he pulls out an upset by coming back in his home state, he will come close to the republican nomination. at least he does not go down as little marco.
5:37 pm
all state, ohio going down to the wire with donald and john kasich virtually tied. mitt romney joined the ohio governor on the campaign trail where he took a metro. >> think of the images broadcast across the world of the way where picking a president. reporter: also voting tomorrow, illinois, where delegates are on the line and ted cruz is making a stand. ted cruz: the polling shows us neck-and-neck with donald trump. we are surging. reporter: missouri will offer 52 delegates tomorrow. the winner will get most. north carolina' s 72 delegates will be invited up proportionally. sally kidd, cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. mike: many analysts are saying donald trump has a big advantage in florida. better with supporters who commit to a candidate early and in some cases during early voting.
5:38 pm
cruz is less than 100 behind. a big day for democrats tomorrow. sheree: some are calling the second-largest primary day mega tuesday. hillary clinton is poised to do well in florida and north carolina. midwest contests remain competitive tonight. bernie sanders went through four states today hoping for another surprise win like last tuesday in michigan. bernie sanders: our disasters trade policies , permanent normal trade relations with china have cost this country millions of decent paying jobs. sheree: bernie sanders doing well with young and female voters now. both candidates agree democrats need to stop donald trump. sanders' wife talked with us this afternoon. jane sanders says she thinks her husband has a good chance of
5:39 pm
the sanders campaign hopes to win independent voters who may be deciding between sanders and republican donald trump. i think what trump is doing is >> appealing to the worst in people and stoking their fear and anger and blaming people that have no role, whatsoever, in the decline in the american middle class. bernie, on the other hand, is trying to instill hope and optimism and come up with real solutions that are affecting people' s lives. sheree: you can watch special coverage as the votes come in right here on wlwt. we' ll bring you live coverage as the polls close tomorrow night. we' ll bring you updates throughout "the voice" at 8:00 followed by a special edition. of wlwt news 5 at 10, and 11. are moving to 3:00 in the
5:40 pm
if you want to see that, set your dvr. mike: a warrant is now out for the arrest of franklin county' s auditor. he' s accused of stealing nearly $1500 from the kiwanis club. court documents say stephen brack wrote checks from the brookville kiwanis account to himself or cash. investigators say he wrote 10 checks over two years. and he didn' t spend the money on kiwanis business. when they questioned him brack , told them he was irresponsible. sheree: they have released a preliminary plan to update the viaduct. there are no plans to fund it. they released a repair and construction plan. it hopes to start next year. the project would take about 11 years to complete. mike: russia' s president thrown his support behind renewed syrian peace talks. sheree: the big step he took to cut back russia' s involvement in the country today.
5:41 pm
mike: mother teresa on her way to sainthood. the big announcement taking place tomorrow. kevin: showers on the decrease across the area. i let you know what to expect overnight and as we head into important primary day on tuesday. i will let you know about the threat for storms. the from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of
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announcer: you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5, leading the way. sheree: happening now. vladimir putin says he' ll pull some russian troops out of syria to support ongoing peace talks. mike: the russian president declared an official end to russia' s air campaign. but putin said russia would keep its air base and naval facility in syria. it would also keep some troops inside the country. vladimir putin: i believe that the goal set out to the ministry of defense and the armed forces has overall been fulfilled and that' s why i order the minister of defense as of tomorrow to start the pullout of the main part of our military grouping from the syrian arab republic.
5:45 pm
have been fighting for about five years. peace talks resumed today in geneva. sheree: happening tomorrow. the vatican will announce the approval of sainthood for mother teresa. the indian nun won the nobel peace prize in 1979 for her work with the sick and poor. pope francis signed off on the miracle needed to make teresa a saint last december. but the timing for her canonization was still up in the air. nuns at her charity say mother teresa is still making an impact. >> to actually have met and spoken to a saint is very precious to me. and i have sort of memorabilia from mother of things that she has written. sheree: tomorrow pope francis , will announce the date and venue for mother teresa' s sainthood ceremony. mike: tonight, we are getting a new look at what underdevelopment will look like in kenwood. the tower set to open in late summer.
5:46 pm
renderings of the entrance designed to look like the roof. terrace. restaurants yet. sheree: here is news you can use, bargain shoppers. shopping for end of the season sales. winter clothing can be marked down 40%, even 70% this month. march is also the cheapest time to buy exercise equipment like treadmills. it also means the lowest prices for digital cameras as stores make room for the new models. it is a good time to buy a camera for upcoming vacations and wedding she will be going to. consumer reports says it is important to consider how much room you have before you stock up on big items but you can find sales in stores and online.
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yesterday, we had strong storms through the south. this funnel cloud was reported yesterday. forecasters say three to five tornadoes touching down in that area knocking down trees and power lines through central arkansas. the national weather service assessing damage today. they are investigating if the tornadoes hit and how strong they were. sheree: it looks like we had one touchdown to our north in the dayton area. anything expected locally tonight? kevin: we are not expecting severe weather tonight. we do run the risk seeing storms tomorrow night across the area. that same storm system that came through arkansas is what triggered the tornado north of dayton this afternoon. it does not happen often. occasionally, you can get a tornado without a watch or warning. that is what you saw west of dayton. fortunately, it was a week storm and tornado. i imagine it will come in as a
5:48 pm
on the ground for a few minutes. the good news is things are looking much quieter. no threat for severe weather across the area through the evening. we do have downpours that continue to our south and east. i will put this into motion. over the next hour, these downpours are building up towards the ohio river. they will stay to the west and south of central. along 52, get ready for another wave of rain pushing through your area. that is the exception. most of us are looking much drier through the evening. it will remain mild. temperatures will stay in the 60' s. a few showers still expected, although drier for most of us. you can already see that this evening with sunshine beginning to appear across the area. mild temperatures in the upper 60' s, close to 70 now.
5:49 pm
we have a west wind at 12 now. very mild today across the ohio valley. you can see the impact of clouds and showers with 50' s and 60' s across the region. i want to draw your attention to what is to the west. 74 in kansas city. 77 in little rock. this air is going to make a run into the ohio valley for tomorrow. tonight, here is the storm system. a compact center quickly pulling out of the area tonight. we are shifting our focus to this next storm system in the colorado rockies tonight. this will be the system that comes through tomorrow night and brings another risk for storms. here is a look at futurecast. this evening, showers will be on the decrease. a couple more hours mostly driven by daytime heating. when the sun goes down, thinks quiet. it should be quite overnight. i
5:50 pm
patchy fog overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. we should see skies clear tomorrow. southwest winds. afternoon highs tomorrow headed for the 70' s across the area. it looks dry all day. tomorrow looks like a nice day. after dark, i will be keeping my eye on showers and storms weakening as they move into our area. it is typically the case this time of year. it will be more of a babysit situation. severe weather is not a certainty. we will keep an eye on dying storms moving into the tri-state late tomorrow night. it looks to be after 9:00. things will quiet down and we will get into a quiet wednesday. the second half of the week is looking cooler. no more 70' s in the forecast. don' t put all of those jackets away yet. 52 for the low tonight. we will see patchy fog late. tomorrow great all day. the risk of a few storms tomorrow night.
5:51 pm
53 at 8:00 a.m., 67 by lunchtime. no matter what time you are heading out to the polls tomorrow, the weather should be great. here is your seven-day forecast. 63 on wednesday. temperatures cool through the rest of the week. this weekend is not going to shape up like the past several where we have had a warming trend into saturday and sunday. this weekend it is a cooling trend with highs only in the 40' s by saturday and sunday and the threat for showers. mike: 30 degrees to 70 and everything in between. sheree: gas prices are going back up this week. the trend could continue. mike: not as bad as it was a few years back. a few things experts say are pushing prices at the pump. sheree: a new exhibit explores the genius of da vinci.
5:53 pm
the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
5:54 pm
sheree: gas prices are creeping up at near $2 today. they are still cheaper than this
5:55 pm
and gives that cost more. the price of oil is headed back up as well. according to aaa tonight, ohio' s average price is $1.93 today. that is about equal the national average but $.37 higher than last month. the museum center will welcome a new exhibit on leonardo da vinci this summer. mike: it will feature full scale interpretations of his inventions and iconic art, including the last supper. artisans decipher his secret writings to re-create his inventions. they also gave a deeper analysis of his iconic pieces. >> he truly was a renaissance man. he was an inventor, a scientist, even a musician. this exhibit exposes people to the full scope of his mind and brilliance. mike: the exhibit will feature 17 galleries with more than 200 pieces and opens may 20.
5:56 pm
sheree: ohio' s governor is bringing in one of the most recognizable names to help make one last push for votes. we are on the campaign trail for moves. mike: working to prevent glitches on election night and a look at what is being done today
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
announcer: from cincinnati' s wlwt news 5, this is wlwt news 5 at 6:00. >> you will see me pick up seamen have momentum. i may go to the convention with more delegates than any of them but probably not enough to win, so we' ll see what happens. sheree: governor kasich brings out a g.0.p. heavy-hitter to join him on the campaign trail, while other candidates shift their focus to florida and north carolina. >> it' s the unknown, you never know what' s going to happen on election day. mike and pulling off election : day without a hitch. a look at what' s being done to prevent technical glitches like the ones we saw in november. sheree: first tonight a tornado , touchdown to our north. good evening, i'
6:00 pm
paolello. mike i' m mike dardis. it touched down in brookville, outside dayton, around 2:00 this afternoon. sheree: chief meteorologist kevin robinson has a closer look at the tornado and what we can expect as we head into the evening. kevin: good evening. we don' t have to worry about severe weather this evening. this was a rogue storm near the dayton area. here is interstate 70 at the top of your screen. this is the storm. it does not look very impressive. fortunately, the tornado was not either. lots of video. we were able to capture some of that. this was courtesy of the police department. in the center of your screen, you can see the rotation. towards the


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