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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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wlwt-tv] >> wlwt news 5 starts now. courtis: the accident that led to a car flipping over a bridge on interstate 275 was actually caught on camera. good evening, everyone. i' m courtis fuller. mike and sheree have the night off. a family' s surveillance camera was pointed straight at the bridge when the car tumbled over into the ohio river. wlwt news 5' s jenell walton is live with a look at that video . jenell? jenell: people did not want to believe that a car flipped over the bridge, but a family' s surveillance video captured the horrible moments when it flipped over and plunged straight into the ohio river. this video capture the moments that the unthinkable happened. a car flipped over the bridge, landing straight and the ohio river near coney island. a family, who does not want to
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home surveillance camera was pointed at the bridge. you can see it sinking almost immediately. campbell county police leave they know the identity of the driver. >> there is a possibility we know who may have been driving when the car went over the bridge. jenell: they have not heard from their loved one since tuesday' s accident. the person lives in the area and drives over the bridge to run from work. >> the individual frequently commutes over the bridge. jenell: investigators say it could be several more days -- tuesday or wednesday -- before dive teams recover the victims from the wreckage. >> we will do everything in our power to get the occupants out of that vehicle. that is our first priority. jenell:
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feet underwater in the ohio. investigators do not know if the victim or possibly victims are still inside that car. wlwt news 5. courtis: thanks a lot. dive teams will attempt to recover the victims next tuesday or wednesday. two northern kentucky men are being remembered tonight after they died in what police are calling a murder-suicide. it happened in pikeville that' s south east kentucky. police say they found 36-year-old nicholas hopkins of florence, and 22-year-old travis thompson of independence dead after being called to check on them. tonight, friends gathered in florence to remember the two men. investigators are not releasing many details about the shooting. was a student at the university of pikeville. a balloon release in fairfield tonight was part of a memorial for a popular high school
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one week ago today in hamilton. the family is hoping someone comes forward with a suspect and a motive. >> i just want justice for jaylon. i want his name never to be forgotten. i want his legacy to continue on. they can' t take that away from me. courtis: family and friends gathered in memory of jaylon knight, a young man who folks say was full of dreams and eager to step into his tomorrow. that was cut short last friday when someone fired multiple shots into jaylon' s ca r while he sat inside. just but he was in the wrong place, -- >> he was in the wrong place. i mean he was where he was
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bad intentions for him. it is sad. courtis: everyone we have talked to this week has nothing but great things to say about this kid, from school officials to family and friends. >> he went to school, worked, lived a regular teenage lifestyle, man, a good kid areas -- a good kid. courtis: serena knight, jaylon' s mother, organized this balloon release. they want answers and they want justice. >> for one young man to make an impact on the community, it is amazing. so his life is not in vain. courtis: jaylon' s mother says she is praying for who committed
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will turn themselves into police. if you know anything about the crime, you' re asked to call crime stoppers or the hamilton police department. charges have been filed in a deadly crash. a suspect is behind bars charged with vehicle or assault, grand theft auto, and failure to comply. the 18-year-old is accused of stealing gas at a gase -- at a gas station and leading police on a chase. the passenger was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. yet another set back for medical marijuana in ohio. attorney general mike dewine rejected a petition today for a proposed amendment that would attempt to legalize medical marijuana. dewine said he found at least 11 issues with the latest petition submitted by ohio medical cannabis care. this is the 4th time dewine has rejected a medical marijuana
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just into our newsroom, a plane has crashed on landing in russia. officials say the passenger plane from dubai crashed at an airport in southwest russia. right now, crews are looking for survivors. there are believed to be 55 passengers on board with four or five crew members. other news now -- the president of france is now saying he expects more arrests after a police raid in belgium. authorities caught the prime suspect in the paris terror attack in brussels. the 26-year-old man alluded paris police for four months. police believe that he took a car carrying the gunman to the site. the suspect was hurt in today' s raid. >> all members of the family of --
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interrogated by the investigators. courtis: france' s president says more people were involved in the november attacks than originally thought and authorities will continue to look for anyone who help. -- who helped . >> i can' t imagine the pain. that is what kills me. i was not there to protect him. courtis: a four-year-old boy died after being dipped in scalding water. his biological mother says she feels the loss without him. his stepmother, anna ritchie, was charged with child endangerment. his father discovered the boy dead the morning after the incident. >> she looked sorry that she got caught. she' s not sorry what she did to my son. she is sorry that someone
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courtis: richie' s premier -- preliminary hearing has been set for next friday. a man is now facing federal charges after more than a dozen shots went into the great american tower. rayshawn herald was convicted in a shootout on reading road. found the same gun used but investigators don' t know why. >> specific motive regarding him , there was none that we could verify. he has no connection to anybody that works inside of the square. courtis: he could face an additional one year to treat of years in prison on the new charge. there is still a chance he may police. her young daughter' s death. but her family says the abuse
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rebekah kinner pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, child endangerment, and permitting child abuse today. her live-in boyfriend is charged with murder in the death of two-year-old kinsley kinner. the toddler' s father was in the courtroom for the plea. >> i' m hoping they actually give him 25 years. that would be nice. when you plead guilty and you still have to wait a couple months, it is kind of bull crepe ap. me myself, i don' t like waiting. courtis: meanwhile, rebekah' s f ather says that she loved kinsley. march madness is underway. right now you see fans are cheering on the bearcats as they take on saint joseph' s. the bearcats are in spokane, but plenty of fans went to local
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hopefully take-home their first round win. and the xavier musketeers are psyched for their first-round matchup. the second-seeded muskies tipped off against weber state in saint louis. we found x faithful at maggie o' briens, ready to watch the game. stay with wlwt as the tournament continues. elise jesse is on the road in st. louis with the muskies, and derek forrest is out in washington state with the university of cincinnati. we are six weeks out from the flying pig marathon, and some of the littlest runners are practicing for their big mile. [laughter] they seem excited. students at terrace park elementary have been running one mile for the past few months, getting up to 25 and in these kids will run they are final --
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flying pig weekend. >> it' s important that they keep going, that this is not something they come to be finish line and stop. it is supposed to be a finish line for life. we would be excited if they come down and do this in the 26-mile event. we would be more excited if they become fit for life. courtis: the flying pig marathon weekend begins april 30. wlwt is the exclusive media partner for the flying pig. we will have completely coverage leading up to marathon day, and of course live coverage as the , runners take off may 1. a kentucky thief may have picked a bad target. how police say he stole several security cameras from a laundromat. kevin: things starting to cool down after springlike weather earlier today. big changes on tap for the weekend. it will not look or feel like spring with the forecast coming up. courtis: plus ohio governor john kasich back on the campaign trail.
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win in his home courtis: a kentucky man is accused of stealing security cameras. but what this thief didn' t know was that the cameras were rolling as he was ripping them off the laundromat' s ceiling.
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outside amera. there is the gentlemen entering into the laundromat here. courtis: it was the morning of march 9. the business was empty. a man perceives to check every corner of the laundromat. >> he walked into this area here, turned back, looked back toward the door. there are a couple cameras over his head. courtis: he then went to work and as you can see, one of the cameras capture is a clear shot of his face. >> that is probably one of the better shots we have of the gentlemen. courtis: the man was literally hanging on the cameras until they gave way. he was not using tools. he left with four cameras like this. the last when he took near the front door was a decoy. chef i was thinking, i gotcha. courtis: he was arrested.
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of the laundromat says even though a few of the cameras their jobs. well, great news for x fan s, xavier moving on a march madness. they won 71-53. of course, we' postgame conference. the it to you live. to the news now -- a horse in kentucky had to be rescued after he fell into a ravine. he was found this morning trapped in the ravine and tangled up in vines. kentucky large animal emergency response unit was able to get tractor and harnesses. a vet says it will be a few more days until they know how the future looks for that animal. let' s talk a little politics on
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republican candidates are focusing on utah and arizona before the voters head to the polls on tuesday. ohio governor john kasich campaigning strong outing utah. he told the crowd at utah valley university he expects a broker gop convention where the delegates will choose the candidate. he said with a lot of confidence that he is the person who has the best chance at defeating hillary clinton. governor kasich: we are not playing a parlor game. in running for president because i have a record, experience, and vision that is different from the rest of them. i am not here to play a game. i am worried about who is going to run the united states. courtis: meanwhile, john kasich is not getting the vote of mitt romney. the former presidential nominee says he' ll vote for ted cruz in utah caucuses even after campaigning in ohio with kasich last week. romney says he has respect for the ohio governor but said his vote is based on his belief that
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the nomination. back here at home, happening today, the city has reopened us she end park. the renovation included new equipment and a picnic area. safety concerns. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: a very comfortable night outside, although things are beginning to cool off across the area. not as cool as it will be for the upcoming weekend. you still see a breeze. that is bringing in chillier air. it should be the first weekend of spring. 49 degrees at the airport.
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and we are continuing to pull in cooler and drier air with that north wind. it' s already cool. look at wilmington. 44, 45. most areas in the metro generally close to 50 degrees. a couple degrees warmer as you head down into bluegrass. brooksville, maysville, all in the low 50' s. we have this error feeding into the ohio valley tonight. that will set the stage for what tomorrow morning along with some wet snow. s look at the temperatures. we have a north wind feeding into the area. 30' s in cleveland to toledo over to fort wayne. it' gradually bringing in cooler air. we had a cool front sneak its way through earlier. this storm system over around slide into the valley.
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we will be on the cold side of that. while most of it is expected to be rain, there will be a time tomorrow morning we will mix with, if not change over entirely to a little bit of snow. the thing to keep in mind, anything that falls will be on the light side. we start with light rain, but that will be falling into that dry, canadian air mass. gradually, you can see on the latest computer model run the snow mixing in, so that is why we are not concerned about accumulation. do not be surprised if we have a time when it goes over completely to snow. nothing will accumulate across the air it. it will be too warm. it will be going me through the evening hours before the showers taper off, and then it looks
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with a lingering shower threat. tonight, clouds increase across the area. tomorrow, midmorning, late morning, we drop into the mid-30' s. tomorrow, 35 for a high. that will be at midnight. during the day, highs will hover somewhere close to 40 maybe. 39 by lunchtime and you see we may get into the low 40' s by late tomorrow afternoon. in case you are wondering, our afternoon highs should be in the mid-50 ' s, so we will be colder than we should be when we ring in spring on sunday night. the good news is, it cannot last long. we will be back up to 70 by the end of next week. courtis: that is great. when you say spring, less than
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opening day, oh, that sounds a good. fans are already lining up outside great american ball park. the ticket oh -- the ticket office opens at 9:00 a.m. we' re 16 days away from opening day. we' ll have live coverage of the opening day parade, as we always do and have a float in the , parade from noon until 2:00 -- until 2:00. as mentioned a few moments ago, xavier won the first round game. george will have a break down of that game. and the big blue nation heading
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re prepa george: hey, the local teams are finally getting to play some basketball. welcome back, everybody. the bearcats are down and point at the half. a high-scoring half by uc standards, which also says the uc defense was nothing short of pathetic in the first half. they trail st. joe' s. deandre bender has 24 points.
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and the second-seeded musketeers are in st. louis and they came out doing what a number two seed is expected to do. they jumped all over weber state. they go on to win by 18 and how about james farr? the senior has improved so much. he has 18 points and 15 rebounds . xavier moves on to meet wisconsin. that game will be coming up sunday. and xavier picked up what could be some help down the road. stephen f. au stin knocked bob huggins and the west virginia region. also today, dayton lost to syracuse. and michigan state was upset big time by middle tennessee. s the eighth time in history a two seed was bounced by a 15. and
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interesting matchup between the wildcat sophomore and the kentucky guard. >> he finds these guys really well with lots of free throws and athletic fakes, finds his shooters and he has been a great player for the team and a big part of why it has been successful this season. >> he has been a great player. he is experienced. i know he is going to come out and play, and i am going to play a game like i always do. george: what a battle this will be. many feel that both teams deserve a higher seed. tip-off in des moines, iowa set for 5 :15 p.m. the high school championships being decided this weekend. wilmington took the floor tonight in ohio' s division i
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the senior would lead at by as many as 20, but wilmington starts a comeback. wilmington cuts the lead to three late. the hurricanes with one last chance to tie. cumberland takes the chance, no good. 61, 58. how about newscast? they stormed in the kentucky final four. then wire had another big game. 75-54 and they will meet dunbar in the final four tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. cactus league today -- reds beating the brewers, 7-6. do ball, three for three in the game -- duvall three for three in the game. and the cyclones get in overtime
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courtis: can you believe tickets to opening day are on sale tomorrow? george: how about that. what have we got, three weeks? courtis: i think i said earlier 16 days. george: oh, well. almost two weeks.
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courtis: you know, i sit in and i thought you' re going to have all of this great weather. and he gives me snow. kevin: don' t feel bad. mike and sharee are off tonight, but they chose the wrong weekend to take days off. do not tell them i said that. tomorrow is going to be pretty gloomy day. a great day to watch basketball inside or try to stay warm really. it will not feel like spring weekend. there may be wet snow makes 10 with that rain tomorrow, but more of a novelty than anything to be worried about. and then 70' s next week.
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not watching basketb uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart


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