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mike: a dangerous dive to the bottom of the ohio river. doing any kind of work like that where there' s very limited visibility there' s very high current, it' s a real danger to divers. mike: tonight an expert' s take, on retrieving the vehicle involved in the combs hehl bridge tragedy. plus, life saving text messages? the local county, counting on it. wlwt news 5 starts right now. mike: good evening, i' m mike dardis. sheree is off tonight. for 6 days it' s been sitting at the bottom of the ohio. the mission to recover the car that flew off the bridge, too dangerous to try. tonight, wlwt news 5' s tammy mutasa spoke with a dive expert, about the strategy, and the safety concerns. tammy. reporter: mike. rescuers were hoping to start tomorrow to get the car from the but i' s not happening. as one professional diver explained to me the ohio river is, its own boss. looks like a gentle giant but
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dark and dangerous. >> doing any kind of work like that where there' s very limited visibility there' s very high current, it' s a real danger to divers. reporter: john hoh has been a professional diver for years- he' s not with the boone county water rescue team but he' s worked missions like one boone county faces. >> if something comes down and hits you, it could definitely injure you, it could knock you unconscious or it could tangle yourself up in the lines people that people are holding onto to keep you safe. reporter: the plan to recover the car which plummeted into the river last tuesday has been pushed back, again. to get the car and the victim inside, rescuers say the current has to be 1.5 miles per hour. today it' s 2.8 miles per hour. >> what you' re really worried about is that current 2.5 mile current, 3 mile current, if you' re a diver and you go under water, you could be swept away, swept from the location you' re searching for. reporter: the boone county search and rescue team says they' ll use a barge, crane, tow boat and commercial drivers to
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t think it was going to go over once i saw it all happening and then i thought oh man. and you see it go over, you don' t know what to do. reporter: rescuers have to wait. as river conditions slowly move in the right direction. >> what those people are trying to do is bring closure to the family and figure out what happened and get the car out. reporter: crews are hopeful to try to get the car out of the river by the middle of this week. mike: tonight we are getting a new perspective of what happened on tuesday from someone who was on the bridge, and saw it all happen. >> many cars that got into this accident we should be really greatful that nobody else went over. mike: alysa says it appeared the crash began somewhere in front of a semi, then the truck began to skid, causing other cars to get into accidents, and then sending the car over the edge.
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the wall these other cars were getting into accident and then it went over to the right side of the wall and once it hit the right side the car just plunged right over. mike: all the cars involved have been impounded, and the owners have not been able to see them yet. tomorrow loved ones will hold a funeral for a four-year-old boy who died after being dipped in scalding water. austin cooper' s funeral will take place at herr-riggs funeral home in middletown. franklin police have charged the boy' s stepmother anna ritchie, with child endangering. a woman wanted tonight for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from the university of cincinnati. kassandra jackson was indicted on charges of theft, telecommunications fraud, identity fraud and misuse of credit cards. the 26-year-old is accused of taking at least $7500 from the school in 2013. court documents don' t describe how the money was stolen. if you can' t call 911, you can now text. it' s a potentially life-saving option, for the most dangerous wlwt news 5'
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in butler county with the new technology and help, for times of crisis, emily. reporter: butler county dispatchers say calling from a landline is stil the best option to quickly get the help you need, but not everyone' s situation allows them to call, so texting is another, sometimes safer option. >> hi, this is butler county' s 911 dispatch center. reporter: dispatchers field hundreds of calls a day. >> first name? reporter: most are over the phone but new technology is allowing mobile users to text in an emergency. just like a 911 call, a text box pops up on a dispatcher' s screen. butler county says the ' texing' option' could provide life-saving aid to the deaf and speech-impaired communities. it' s also a silent option for those afraid to be on the phone, or fearful someone may hear them. >> we had a domestic violence call early on where the text was the method of contacting and
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police and there was an arrest made out of that incident. reporter: fran reese works with domestic violence victims through the ywca, she says texting is another safe resource for victims living in fear. >> if they' re in a situation where they cannot speak, they' re afraid that someone is going to overhear them talking that' s where that texting 911 comes in play and they can get the help without the perpetrator knowing what' s going on. mike: -- reporter: a 911 text also works in the reverse, dispatchers are able to respond to silent calls via text to make sure everything is ok. >> they' ve got a very high rate of return of people responding to the text message which allows them to clear that event and move on to the next one. reporter: again, the dispatch center says 911 texting is another tool not a replacement.
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help. reporting live in hamilton, ew, wlwt news 5. mike: in ohio hamilton county also uses 911 texts. warren county does not. also, wireless carriers must provide automated bounce-back messages if you attempt to send a text message to 911 where the service is not available. another important note if you are able to make a 911 call, and are safe to do so that is always the preferred option. new at 11:00. building economic opportunity within cincinnati. tonight, the city' s inclusion department gave an update of its progress, over the past year. the group' s director says he' s seeing success. >> we think we are on the right track. we will be moving pretty good ahead. we got a lot more to do. but we made some great strides over the last 13 months and the program is coming along. mike: some of the group' s accomplishments include beginning a minority and gender based inclusion program for businesses, and new this year a
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these inclusion efforts for city -- of money. happening tomorrow. vice president joe biden will stop in cincinnati. the white house says. the vice president is coming here to support former governor ted strickland. strickland won the democratic primary in the ohio u.s. senate race last week. the hamilton county democratic party will host an invitation-only breakfast reception with the vp. in the race for the white house most presidential candidates were in d.c. tonight. addressing america' s leading pro-israel group aipac. a group of rabbis boycotted donald trump' s speech before the american israel public affairs committee. trump along with ohio governor john kasich criticized the obama administration over the iran nuclear deal. donald trump when i become : president, the days of treating israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one. john kasich: i want you to be assured that in a kasich
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delusional agreements with self-declared enemies. no more. mike: two more states, are up for grabs tomorrow. republicans will caucus in utah, and vote in arizona' s primary. all said 98 delegates are up for grabs between the two, neighboring states. the right to let a felon vote in kentucky could be heading to the voters. right now, kentucky' s constitution does not allow convicted felons to vote. the state senate approved a bill that would send the issue to the voters. the house passed a bill already restoring voting rights to some nonviolent felons. this new bill goes back to the house. three people are behind bars, for a gas station robbery in miami township this morning. police say two suspects used a knife to order the clerk at the speedway on state route 131 to the ground around four this morning. then they emptied the register, and took off in a getaway car. the car was found minutes later. and these three were arrested. robert steele and benjamin pendleton are charged with robbery. stephanie fletcher is charged
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police say the same gas station was robbed just a few days ago, and police believe the same people are behind that crime as well. mike: tonight more than a dozen families are out of their homes. after a construction crew sparked a fire in fairfield. investigators say the crew hit a gas line which caught fire. and quickly spread to an apartment building. five units were damaged. fairfield' s fire chief says the age of the complex made it challenging for duke energy to find the gas shut-off. >> i had to run up to the building and it just, it does, it just, everything you own. i just got a brand new tv yesterday. it' s everything you own. it' s hard. it' s hard to lose everything. mike: no one was hurt in the fire. the red cross is now helping the families who can' t stay in their homes. an ohio village, hit with lead in drinking water, is getting some help. sebring, which is southeast of akron is getting a grant from the u.s. department of
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the $400,000 will be used to buy technology that will alert operators at the village' s water treatment plant to add chemicals when the water becomes too acidic. high lead levels in water were found in sebring in january. the epa fired two employees, and the plant' s manager were fired over the water situation. kentucky' s new lieutenant governor is making a difference as she hopes to inspire students in the blue grass state to learn. jenean hampton read to a first grade class at a louisville-area elementary school. she then shared with fifth graders her story of overcoming adversity. hampton says she grew up poor in detroit raised by a single mother. >> when you realize how my sisters and i all beat the odds and broke that cycle, generational poverty cycle, we are all first generation college, to do that growing up
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just a remarkable story. mike: she is a trailblazer. hampton is the first african american to be elected to any statewide office in kentucky. a kentucky community heartbroken after a murder-suicide. >> you think about the kids that passed away and the futures that are lost there. mike: emotional reaction, and how first responders were notified of the family deaths. kevin: it is in of the area. most of the same temperatures hovering close to 40 degrees. some of you are down in the 30' s. all of us should wait for temperatures in the mid-30' s for tomorrow. i therefore forecast coming up. -- i have your full forecast coming up. mike: plus a high schooler' s facebook posts resulting in criminal charges. what he mentioned in his social
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sc mike: a kentucky community in mourning. gathering tonight to remember a louisville family killed in what police are calling a murder suicide. the family of four, discovered dead this weekend, after the home' s alarm system alerted authorities of a fire. >> tough case. tough case for everybody involved. mike: an entire community stunned at what happened in this suburban louisville home. >> my wife walked the dog, saw them, waved to her just like a
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mike: yesterday firefighters were called to the home of brad and billie jo hettinger. they found several fires set throughout the house, on both floors. investigators say the 33-year-old man shot and killed his wife and two children five-year-old collin and 4-year-old courtney. before setting the flames then turning the gun on himself. >> this is a safe place for kids to be, and a nice place to raise a family. for something to happen this close to home, it' s really hard for our community. >> a lot of things go through your mind. you start going through a. the family and friends of the people deceased yesterday, and then obviously the first responders as well, having to deal with it. >> there' s a lot of first responders that see stuff like that that it' s hard to tell what kind of an effect it has on them at the time. it' s just something that you have to work through . mike: two online donation pages have been set up to help the family of the victims with funeral expenses and other costs. police officers brought home the body of a fallen indiana deputy today.
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carl koontz died at an indianapolis hospital after he was shot serving a warrant. a procession moved from indianapolis to koontz' s hometown. state buildings flying flags at half-staff until his funeral. the suspected gunman later shot and killed himself. happening tomorrow. a 15-year-old boy is due back in court, accused of threatening to blow up eight local schools. cincinnati public schools have recommended dater high school expel the 10th grader. parents called concerned over facebook posts. the boy' s posts referenced being the next osama. and a terrorist. he mentioned dater west high aiken withrow woodward walnut hills colerain and mount healthy. >> this, i believe, was almost certainly a hoax, that being said, when lives are at stake we have to take it very seriously and many, many hundreds of parents and students were reacting on facebook to his comments.
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t the only district dealing with a threat today. police say a 14-year-old boy at campbell county middle school told classmates he had a bomb in his locker. school leaders evacuated the school. and the cincinnati bomb squad swept the rooms. school leaders say some parents weren' t happy about how fast notifications. so they' ll review the process and decide if changes are needed. new developments tonight in the legal fight over a terror suspect' s iphone. the fbi was expected to meet apple in court tomorrow. the feds wanted apple to unlock the phone belonging to the san bernardino gunman. the court now says the court hearing is off. as the fbi works with an outside party to unlock the phone. mike: president obama continues his historic trip to cuba. he says he believes the embargo will end. but he didn' t know when. the president said congress would probably lift the embargo once cuba addressed human rights concerns. he met with cuban president raul castro. castro asked the u.s. to lift
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for gitmo. president obama: they' re meeting and talking and interacting and doing business together and going to school together and learning from each other, then they' ll recognize people are people. and in that context, i believe that change will occur. mike: president obama spoke to business leaders in havana today. he said many u.s. companies want to see economic relations restored. jurors have added another 25 million dollars to the award for ex-wrestler hulk hogan in his sex tape lawsuit. hogan sued gawker media its founder and former editor for posting part of his sex tape. a jury already awarded hogan 115 million. then added the 25 million for punitive damages. cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: today was a fairly good night.
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re going to kick it into high gear after this past chill. first with the get through tonight. it will be chilly night across the area. after a cold start tomorrow morning, will kick things into high gear with a warm-up for the rest the week. if everything times out next week with the our favor. we should enjoy a comfortable mild easter weekend. you can fall the jet stream. that is what i' m going to start with tonight. over the weekend and even tonight, yet this dip across the east. that represents a cold air. watch was -- what happens , first thing first tomorrow, as we get into wednesday, it is still relatively mild across the area. the jet stream is across to the north. the jet stream starts to buckle here. as you get into friday, we get into the brief cooldown. this is a glance seeing --
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we will see those images climbing again after brief cooldown behind some rain on thursday night into friday. that is later on this week. in the short-term, quiet night, chilly night. there is a dew point of 25. our temperatures will continue to drop this is a with a light southwesterly wind. cold air is on the retreat. high pressure is going to provide us with quiet, springlike weather. tomorrow as we head into wednesday, we' of the backside of the high. on thursday, it is way out rest -- west to the rockies. in the short-term, the only the wind. will be breezy tomorrow. we will see sustained 10-20. the games it will get some gusts over 30 miles per are. -- per hour.
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about incredibly strong winds here but we have noticeably breezy as we head into the next couple of days down to 37 in harrison. most areas of her 40. by morning most of us will it down into the mid-30' s. feel of us will go below freezing. we' ll probably see temperatures drop 20 degrees tomorrow. there is not much to show you here. it is going to be quite. there' s going to be a passing cloud from time to time. we may see a few more clouds on wednesday. will we see tomorrow, there is real opportunity for rain which won' t get here until thursday. tonight is going to 35 for an overnight low. tomorrow, expect mostly sunny, breezy a mild. we' ll see an afternoon hike climb into the low 60' s. here is your day planner, of to 57 mile inside. into the low 60' s by tomorrow afternoon. here is your seven-day forecast.
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they ran threat should be lightly others a. friday should be cooler. saturday, sunday we should bounce right back. 63 on saturday and almost 70 by sunday. mike: the road to the final four makes a stop in louisville this week. today, the ncaa floor was installed at the kfc yum. -- yum center. the louisville stadium will host the south regional championship. it starts thursday night with third seed miami, taking on two seed villanova. coming up in sports, we' ll fill you in on the latest about mick cronin, is he going to be interviewing with unlv. and we' ll tell you what uc president santa ono said on social media about the whole
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next with sports. george: mick cronin says that he school. i exchange text messages -- i
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but he said as i always said, i' m honored to be the coach for cincinnati. i have met with any other schools. as always i have no, not any other coaching job. mick cronin has been at you see for 10 years. he was originally supposed to be on a radio show. president ono tweeted this out at 7pm tonight, great conversation with mick cronin today. made it clear he is a key member of our team here at uc. 45 minutes later he says, casinos get boring awfully fast. george: this is interesting. the coach at pittsburgh is on the move. jamie dixon is leaving the panthers and returning to his alma mater. at tcu. dixon was the head of pittsburgh for three seasons. bengals coach marvin lewis had a interesting thought about aj
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he told mike florio that the bengals will not entertain offers for their backup quarterback. mccarron certainly has trade value as the bengals control him for two more years. we are getting ready for it, two just weeks from today the town will be painted red for opening day. here is our spring training update tonight. veteran pitcher devon mesoraco will be on a mission to keep these guys on track some of them he has worked with a little before, some he is seeing for the first time, so that makes this spring training a little different for devin. >> yeah, just getting to know it' s not going to happen over night. you just try to work with them once the games start, i' ll get out there and work in the games with them. but it' s a long process to get really get a feel for somebody and see what makes them tick. george: the reds in action tonight on the cactus league
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innings. he is allowed three runs now. they are now in the bottom of the fourth. it is 3-2 san diego. johnny bench has weighed in on the new school in old-school -- and old-school debate. bench says that bring back excitement, we will bring back the brush back edge, the knocked down page. that is all part of the excitement. this all started with goose gossage in her interview going on about the antics of players on the field and how he does not appreciate it. version. to bleep
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mike: uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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mike: top stories now a delay in the recovery efforts of a car that fell into the ohio river off of the combs hehl bridge. the ohio river has be 1.5 miles per hour or slower today. today the river was
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joe biden stopping by and cincinnati. he' s coming here to support former governor ted strickland. he is one the primary in the ohio senate race. the democratic party will host a invitation only reckless reception with the vice president. it is a nice day today. looking pretty good tomorrow. kevin: looking pretty good up until thursday. just a bit easy over the next two days. they weather will not come in here until thursday. mike: a coaching move in high school. george: mclaughlin going to princeton. he will be the coach there. mike: have a great night the morning show team will be with
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sure he will b [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in


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