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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  July 7, 2009 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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has been the best father you could ever imagine. [ crying ] and i just want to say i love him. so much. >> that was probably the most emotional moment of the day. good evening. i'm marybeth marsden. nearly 20,000 michael jackson fans packed the staples center in l.a., becoming a part of history. the golden casket of the king op pop was carried into the arena for the star-studded memorial. fans from everywhere were there. t.j. winick has been following today's farewell. >> reporter: good afternoon. as one speaker today said, michael jackson went into orbit and never came down. today's memorial here at the staples center reflected that legacy. michael jackson was on stage and in the spotlight one final time. ♪ it was a highly choreographed and star-studded tribute to the
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king of pop. part memorial, but gospel service. ♪ the day began at the forest lawn cemetery in the hollywood hills, where family and close friends gathered for a private funeral. then the motorcade to the memorial. at the staples center, stars like mariah carey celebrated jackson's music. >> ♪ i'll be there . >> reporter: the man himself also appeared in the videos that made him one of the most recognizable figures on earth. ♪ ♪ whose bad >> reporter: actress and former girlfriend brooke shields shared some insight into their unique bond. >> both of us needed to be adults very early. but when we were together, we were two little kids having fun. >> reporter: motown founder barry gordie called him the greatest entertainer whoever lived, but didn't shy away from his private life.
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>> made some questionable decisions on his part. but michael jackson accomplished everything he dreamed of. >> reporter: for the finale, the children then took to the stage as the crowd sang "we are the world." with the jackson family on stage, 11-year-old paris michael gave her father an emotional final sendoff. >> daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> reporter: here outside the staples center, there were three thousand police officers on duty. but the huge crowds never material ayed. most fans choosing to stay at home and watch the memorial on television. live in los angeles, this is t.j. winick, abc 2 news reporting, now back to you. >> as t.j. said, l.a. wasn't the only place people gathered in large numbers to view the farewell service. downtown at the enoch pratt library, dozens of people showed up to view the service on a jumbo screen. many in attendance say they came out because they were inspired by the pop icon's music and life. >> some people want to be with
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people during something like this. and i think that's what is happening today. >> we just want to pay respects and show that the younger generation, i don't think a lot of the younger generation knows who he actually was. i just came to pay my respects, just like everyone else. >> enoch pratt officials say the last time they rolled the jumbo screen out was for president obama's inauguration. today's viewing in baltimore didn't cost the city a fortune, unlike the service in l.a. tonight that city has set up a website to allow michael jackson fans to help los angeles actually pay for the service. it was launched today and is linked to a pay pal account where fans can make a tax deductible credit card contribution. the mayor's office is estimating the service will cost up to $4 million. coming up on abc 2 news at 5:30, we will head back live to the staples center in los angeles to learn more on how that massive memorial service took over the town. and remember you always count on for constant updates on the investigation
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into the death of michael jackson. now we have some breaking news out of baltimore county. the archdiocese of baltimore decided late today that it will close towson catholic high school this fall. a spokesperson for the archdiocese says the school was nearly a half million dollars over budget and saw an unprecedented drop in enrollment. four other schools are also being closed, st. michaels in frostburg, catholic community in central hill and st. mary's gauvins elementary and middle. the maryland transit authority says two of its trains did indeed run over two teenagers this weekend. the mta released the findings of its preliminary investigation after an inspection of all of its trains, a spokesman said they did find damage to two trains consistent with that of hitting a human being. the mta says they believe the two teens were lying flat between the trails of the tracks allowing the trains to run over them. coming up at 6, we will have much more on what investigators
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believed happened, and why, and we'll have more on the two boys who were killed. metro officials in d.c. say a rehab work on the red line would not deal with problems on the part of the track where the deadly train crash happened last month. metro is considering a $177 million contract for a repair project that would include work on the public address system, closed circuit televisions, and power rooms that help run the system. the work would be done between the fort totten tacoma stations. baltimore county police have identified the man who drowned in chink creek in dundalk yesterday. 19-year-old said crick cart was swimming in the creek in the 8500 block of sandy plains road around 3:00 yesterday afternoon when he had some sort of medical condition, possibly a seizure. and went under. a van going the wrong way in north baltimore crashed with an suv. the video you'll only see here
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on abc 2 news. the crash happened around 1:15 this morning on 24th street near charles street. firefighters had to cut a man out of his van. he was taken to the hospital. people in that neighborhood say many of the crashes in the area could be avoided with a simple change in the city. >> for a few years now, there has been a missing sign over the intersection at maryland and 24th. a do not enter sign used to be there. it's missing now. i called 311 many times a month for several months now. almost two years about the missing do not enter sign. eight cars a day pass the wrong way on 24th street. this is what finally happened. >> neighbors say they hope the crash will finally get city leaders to take a look at the problem. there is no word yet on the condition of the driver. another overnight crash involving a police officer in west baltimore. an overnight photographer pete on the street o'neal was on the scene of this one. police tell us the crash happened at the corner of pressman street and north fulton avenue.
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the officer was taken to shock trauma, treated and released. police are still investigating the crash. today's hearing on magna entertainment's chapter 11 bankruptcy case has been postponed. there are concerns about the fairness of any asset sale. the hearing is now set for august 18th. some traffic changes are coming next week for drivers. the maryland transportation authority will switch the traffic pattern at the i-95, i- 895 split. -895 drivers will merge to the right and drivers on i-95 day stie the left. the traffic changes start next sunday. tonight people in north carolina are dealing with major flooding. in hanover county, one road looked more like a river. it was nearly impassible. but that didn't keep some drivers from trying to make a go of it. >> they sees cars already
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stuck, why you going to go out in there? i don't know what they're thinking. >> abandoned cars were left on the road and parking lots. the flooding didn't only affect the roads. apartments were also flooded. things have been a little on the dry side out there. as you can see with maryland's most powerful radar, no precipitation out there. there were a few showers up in southeastern portions of pennsylvania and into new jersey that we told you what happened last night as far as our forecast here in baltimore, for the remainder of this evening. for the next couple of hours, temperatures will hold in the 70s with partly cloudy skies. what about the rest of the weekend? when can we expect some rainfall? the answer is coming up in just a couple of minutes. chrysler's financial future remains in limbo. and that comes with a warning to you. the warning you may find on used chrysler cars and trucks. and a surprising find in fat. the link researchers found to one fat cell and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. plus, eight kidneys, 16 surgeries. no, this isn't a made for tv
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surgery. it happened right here in baltimore. linda so explains the record- breaking kidney swap, coming up. and let's take a look at the temperatures from northeast middle school in baltimore. 83 degrees. another stunningly beautiful summer day in baltimore. norm is coming up with the full forecast in just a few moments. we all have confidence
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you're watching baltimore's station that works for you. now abc 2 news at 5. >> the automaker bankruptcies mean there are a lot of good deals out there. but safety advocates say there is something you should know before you buy a chrysler. abc 2 news joce sterman is here to explain why. joce? >> reporter: the advocates believe information about the chrysler bankruptcy and its impact needs to be front and center for anyone considering those cars.
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they say you need to know that if you or someone you love is hurt or killed in a car made before their filing was approved, you may be left without options to get compensation. that's why a group is asking for a warning tag to let chrysler buyers know they be taking a chance. consumers for auto reliability and safety have joined with the national consumer league in petitions the auto trade commission. they're asking the agency to require labels on any prebankruptcy chrysler, labels letting consumers know they may not be able to recover any losses from injuries or death, even if they happen as a result of the manufacturer's defect. advocates say because under chrysler's unique bankruptcy file, the company bears no responsibility for future liability cases. a spokesman for the ftc says the agency has received that petition and is taking a serious look at it. if they do decide to take action, it could be part of the used car role, designed to make sure dealers don't leave out any information about the cars
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they're selling. advocates believe it should be included. and one update for you. the gm bankruptcy that is similar that was approved over the holiday weekend, but they have agreed to honor future liability cases. joce sterman, abc 2 news. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> gosh, it sounds almost boring to say it was another beautiful day outside. >> yeah, but today was a little different than what we have been seeing. today was a very normal day temperature-wise and humidity wise. but tomorrow more cool air will arrive. tropics are quiet. it must be global warming. >> i knew you were going to go there! >> don't get me going. let's take a look outside. am i really that predictable, marybeth? our temperature right now. >> yes. >> yes. 86 degrees. 30% humidity. wind from the west at 13. the pressure steady at 29.72.
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temperatures across the area right now in downtown 86 degrees. 82 in york. over in oakland, cooler. some of the cool air heading in our direction. 68 degrees right now. 86 in easton. pax river 86. 85 in dover. didn't get a report from ocean city. they must be out enjoying the boardwalk. as far as what is going on down in the tropics, again, not much happening. we're looking all the way from the coast of florida all the way across the atlantic, down into the caribbean. nothing happening. but we will keep our eye on it just in case something decides to pop on up. very heavy rainfall moved off the carolinas. and that's what caused all that flooding that you just saw. as far as the satellite picture, lots of sunshine once again. remember yesterday i told you there would be light showers out here in the northeastern portions of pennsylvania. watch the showers as they make their way through the region. a few little spotty showers right there now making their way across long island and up into portions of new england to
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massachusetts, connecticut, rhode island getting a little bit of shower activity. a very weak cold front is going to pass through the region. and that's the thing that is going to drop our temperatures a tiny bit. right now none of them showing up on maryland's most powerful radar. nice clear scan, and it's going to remain that way. talks about showers, take a look. this is the tornado alley that we can show you on our website, at you click on the weather tab. and on the left-hand side, you'll see a menu that says tornado alley. you can basically zoom in, move around the country to different parts of the country. right now we're looking at central portions of oklahoma there is a pretty good thunderstorm moving into the tulsa area. but let's say you want to move some place else. let's take the map and stroll it around. it will show you where the thunderstorms are breaking out there. is one in kansas city right now. and one up into around the there we go. des moines area getting pretty
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heavy shower and thunderstorm activity right now. again, it's available on the website,, 24/7, 365. our forecast for this evening, a few little light clouds around with all the showers continuing to be contained up in portions of new england. as we go through the overnight period, some very nice weather during the day tomorrow. another batch of sunshine. more showers are on tap for the carolina coastlines. but basically, we're going to be precipitation-free until we get along into thursday and the eastern shore. they could see showers over there, but quite frankly, even those -- kind of a slim and none situation. here is the forecast for the overnight. partly cloudy, mild, 63 for the overnight low. tomorrow during day pretty decent day. we're talking about daytime highs tomorrow, talking about a high of 82 degrees with partly cloudy skies, breezy and cooler. now the extended outlook for the next seven days. 80 on thursday with partly cloudy. on friday a few scattered showers, maybe a thunderstorm. saturday and sunday same kind of a situation, scattered showers and thunderstorms.
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monday and tuesday, things start to clear up just a tiny bit; but temperatures remaining below normal. back with more on the weather in a moment. tonight millions of people worldwide are affected by type 2 diabetes. with the increasing number of cases, it's also putting a heavy burden on the health care system. but new research on a hormone produced by fat cells offering a potential weapon in the fight against the disease. kelly swoope explains. >> reporter: obesity has fueled the increase in type 2 diabetes to epidemic proportions. in the u.s. and many other countries, unfortunately the problem only looks to get worse. >> predicts have been in 2030 there may be up to 350 million people with diabetes in the world. >> reporter: while excess fat is known to be associated with the illness, research on this risk factor has uncovered a surprising fact. >> it's really an organ that is very active and sends out signals to other parts of the body and has a major affect on people's metabolism and risk of
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disease. >> reporter: one such signal is a hormone associated with the decrease for the risk of type 2 diabetes. a higher level means a lower risk. >> it actually has beneficial effects on the liver and on muscles. it increases insulin sensitivity and reduces inflammation. >> reporter: dr. rob van damme at the harvard school of public health and his colleague analyzed data from 13 studies that included more than 14,000 patients. their research featured "journal of the american medical association," not only confirmed that higher levels were associated with the lower risk of type 2 diabetes, but did so regardless of the patient's ethnic group. >> i think it's interesting, assistant to see that it's consistent. so if it would be useful as a target for treatment, or for prevention of diabetesser for identifying people at high risk of diabetes. it would be useful across all these different ethnic groups.
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>> reporter: an important study that it seems could benefit anyone. kelly swoope to your health. >> adipenectin may be related to -- according to the research. have you ever thought about what you can do to curb your cost when it comes to your health care? believe it or not, there are some things you can do. >> there are some screening tests that patients can start cutting back on. pap smears is a big one. >> internist dr. dana simpler says there are many ways to save on your medical care. we'll show you how, tonight on abc 2 news at 11. a suspect breaks into a new york hardware store, but this isn't your usual new york suspect. what this buck found once inside. and if you live in baltimore county, you can say goodbye to the nuisance flyers. how long before the county's new flier ban will take effect. >> watch abc 2 news any time on channel 1 with comcast on demand.
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a dull metal clanking sound. bear groans. ♪ ominous music ferocious growling. roaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!! ♪ whistling bluegrass tune
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now with a look at abc 2 news at 5:30, i'm kelly swoope. 20,000 fans packed the staples center in l.a. for michael jackson's memorial today. so how does the rest of the world pay tribute? thinking about trading in your clunker for cash? another easy way to find out if your car is enough of a clunker. and surgeon in maryland and four others have accomplished the largest kidney swap ever. those stories and norm's cooldown at 5:30. >> thanks, kelly. to new york where a deer went wild inside a hardware store. it was all caught on surveillance tape, of course. the deer wandered into the store? rochester, knocking over displays and crashing into walls. the buck paused at one point in front of five deer heads on the wall. >> workers were able to open
5:25 pm
the backdoor and it escaped. the damage was minor and nobody was hurt. a georgia man thought his jaguar was in the shop until he got a ticket from the shop. he was supposed to pick up the car on friday, but got a ticket in the mail. his car is actually seen going through a toll. the repair shop owner says after providing weeks of free storage, he wanted to make sure the battery was not run down. he admits he should have told him before taking it out. the shop paid the ticket and continues to waive the $20 a day storage fee. in spain the annual running of the bulls. the event dates back to the 1500s. runnellers take their chances in front of six bulls on a half mile course through the cobblestone streets. four people have been hurt this year, and since 1924, 14 people have died. the running gained worldwide fame in 1926 when ernest hemingway wrote about it in his novel "the sun also rises."
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and i guess something like this is bound to happen. the image of michael jackson spotted in a tree stump. you be the judge. abc 2 news at 5:30 starts in just two minutes. when you first smell the incredible scent of gain laundry detergent, time stops. ( ♪ ) your heart races. ( ♪ ) your eyes close.
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now abc 2 news at 5:30. >> we have breaking news out of baltimore county. we j have just learned that towson catholic high school will not be opening its doors this fall. good evening. i'm kelly swoope. abc 2 news delia goncalves is live at the archdiocese headquarters with more on this. what can you tell us? >> reporter: after many attempts to save the school, the archdiocese is forced to shut down towson catholic. they intended to release this news tomorrow but word already leaked out forcing them to break the news today. they are blaming the economy, and because of it enrollment
5:29 pm
was down 81 students to a total of 163. the unprecedented drop in enrollment came as student population was already down, and the school was in a budget deficit of more than $650,000. towson catholic is the oldest and one of the few parish coed high schools in the area. and at $9,500 a year, offered tuition at a reduced cost, and in some cases 2/3 lower than most other schools. we're told this afternoon that 20 staff members and teachers will be meeting tomorrow with human resource and hopes to find them other types of employment solely in the summer. students will have a meeting we're told next week to discuss their option of heading to another school within the parish. we're told that the towson catholic students will be able to attend another parish school, and for that first year that they attend that new parish school, parents will be paying the same tuition, $9,500


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