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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  July 8, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning. it's wednesday morning, middle of the week. how you feeling? >> ok. >> good. justin berk, megan pringle. we want to clear something up. i got an e-mail from a very concerned viewer. she said is jamie sick? he's not. he's back monday. >> he's quite the opposite of sick right now. he's probably having a great time. >> he might be sticking his feet in the pool. he's off this week. the guy works really hard. >> he does. he earned it. >> he deserves a vacation. >> he does. >> we're having a good time anyway. there's a lot going on. we're going to talk about quick weekday meals. there's a chef from wegman's, has an easy recipe. if you want to cook and do
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something quick in the middle of the week, he's got you covered. you like it? >> i like it because i may need to take care of some meals myself soon. i may forget to feed myself. >> are you serious? you never cook. >> i try once a week. do i. mostly on the grill. it's a lot easier in the warm season. i got it pretty good at home. >> i do yard work. don't write me e-mails in anger that i don't take care of my home because i do. >> it would be funny. and it's back-to-work wednesday. this is a neat idea. it's a web site called 360 job interview. it gives you tips -- you can send out your resume, you might get success and feedback, going for the interview is the hard part where maybe you freak out a little and don't do your best. we'll help with that. then jeff daniel -- have you ever seen a show at the
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hippodrome? >> i have. >> it's a spectacular place. we'll talk about the new season, hippodrome, his new position. that is all ahead. >> a lot revilallation going on in that part of town. yesterday we had heat. 88 degrees. that is real summer. say goodbye to it because it's cooled back down. still pleasant. gorgeous in the sun, north/northeasterly breeze, 68 in catonsville. watch that sunrise, we're fighting off a few morning clouds, maybe a few in the afternoon as well but right now mostly sunny and downright pleasant. in fact we'll take you to the beach and it is 72 degrees now. they have an east/northeasterly wind coming off the ocean. there could be a little bit of a rip current because of the wind flow but overall pretty good shape statewide. our two-degree guarantee of 82 degrees this afternoon. with sunny to partly cloudy skies and i think as megan would put it that is just stinking nice, or stinking cute. 9:02. back to you. >> every morning we start with
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our top stories. this morning we start with baltimore city federal lawsuit against wells fargo. a u.s. circuit court judge denied wells fargo's motion to dismiss the case. baltimore city is accusing the mortgage giant of unfairly targeting minority borrowers setting them up with loans they say were destined to fail. the just cited new affidavits submitted by the city from former wells fargo employees as being sufficient proof to proceed with this case. the next court date is now scheduled for july 20th. we'll keep you posted. it's a bittersweet day for the people at the john steadman station in baltimore in downtown baltimore. the engine left the station for the last time this morning. the move was made after mayor sheila dixon called for budget cuts from nearly every city agency. she believes shutting down truck 2 saves money as well as jobs. another casualty of the ailing economy. this time a school. a towson high school is closing its doors. now students and faculty at
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towson catholic are scrambling to find a new school or new jobs. a spokesman for the archdiocese says it simply couldn't recover from a sudden drop in enrollment. they say the school is mounting with debt and stands at nearly $650,000 in debt and their enrollment croppe dropped. some baltimore residents take back their streets in the same neighborhood where a young girl was shot nearly a week ago. citizens on patrol will walk with residents on south pulaski street, where this happened last thursday. a 5-year-old shot in the head by a stray bullet after a street fight. it happened in the 300 block of south pulaski street. same street where this walk will kick off tonight. >> we strive for community involvement merely by just walking through their neighborhoods and reporting all kinds of problems in the community. >> we're told that mayor sheila dixon is scheduled to be there
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in tonight's walk as well. a proposal that would allow speed cameras in baltimore passed the first round with city council. if it passes the cameras could be used by october. a $40 ticket would be sent to the address linked to the vehicle's license plate. if the speed limit is exceeded by 12 miles per hour. a state law passed this year allows speed cameras within a half mile of school zones and road construction sites. the city finance department expects to take more than $7 million from this speed camera violators during the fiscal year of 2010. it will sound like an emergency today on the campus of towson university but it's just a test. towson's emergency warning siren and public address system will be tested today between 10:00 and 10:15. this is designed to notify students, faculty and staff in the event of a campus-wide emergency. even those living near towson
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university are expected to hear the sirens but it's just a test. don't be alarmed. the public had a chance to say their final goodbyes to the king of pop in a star-studded event. thousands of people were in the staples center in downtown los angeles for a memorial service that celebrated michael jackson's life as well as his music. carla wohl shows us the emotions. >> reporter: michael jackson's goodbye was both personal - >> ever since i was born daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> reporter: and professional. motown's berry gordy remembering the man he said was more than the king of pop. >> i think he was simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived. >> reporter: a pastor urged the audience to let the music help them heal. ♪ in love i'll be there♪ >> reporter: there were songs
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from mariah carey, lionel richie, stevie wonder, and usher. ♪ gone too soon ♪ >> reporter: emotional tributes from brooke shields and al sharpton who spoke about how jackson outsang his cynics. >> every time he got knocked down he got back up! every time you counted him out he came back in! michael never stopped! michael never stopped! >> reporter: jackson was there, too. on video. his famous moves filling the arena. then his family and the performers joined on stage in jackson's hit song♪ we are the world we are the children♪ >> reporter: there are still questions about how michael jackson died and where he will be buried. but there is no doubting the legacy he leaves behind.
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carla wohl, abc news, los angeles. getting back to work could be easier with a little help. coming up, coaching for your job search. how to get your own personal coach. plus, a new leader at the historic hippodrome. we're going to introduce you to the man making the calls and take the theater into the future. plus, remembering a legend. a special tribute to michael jackson that continues this morning. we'll be right back.
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good wednesday morning. welcome back to "good morning maryland." our director marybeth said it's beautiful. it is a beautiful day out there. after the show get out and enjoy some sunshine. the view down pratt street you were just looking at may become a popular site of another big race in baltimore. we're not talking about a race involving four legs but four wheels. state and city officials along with the racing promoter are looking at bringing indy car racing to the streets of downtown baltimore. as abc2 news roosevelt leftwich tells us, it's an idea that has many revving their engines. >> reporter: sometimes when you drive around downtown it can feel like you're on a racetrack. for the rushing cars along pratt street, they don't have a thing on them. right now the city, state and private development firm are looking at the feasibility of bringing a grand prix-style race that would cut through the
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heart of the harbor from pratt and light to russell street and back. >> the estimates are 150,000 visitors, $100 million in economic impact which is generated from the visitors, from the hotels, meals, etc., and also major national television exposure. >> reporter: a race of this caliber would bring more to the city than say lots of tourist and dollars we're talking about international exposure. millions of people worldwide love this time type of racing. however, folks in baltimore hopes this brings something he is to the city, a better roadway. you can hear the bumps and lumps even before you see them up close. race fans worry while the city can present a great tourist package can the city get its roads into track shape? >> i think it would do wonders for the city, clean up the roads, the roads do suck. they are not -- definitely not ready for a grand prix. i was in monaco, that race was amazing. >> i would love to see it. do i think the streets are good
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for it? no. but i think the city really wants it, they can definitely flatten it out and make it a good course. >> we'll be looking at the feasibility in terms of the street closures, the conditions of the streets, the ability to close the streets down. and handle that kind of a large crowd. >> reporter: but any city or state investment in the roads or any part of this can pay big dividends. four days of racing on the international stage can be a positive road trip of sorts for the city of baltimore. in baltimore, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> one of the most popular races to visit baltimore may be making a return visit. according to the baltimore business journal city and state leaders are thinking about bidding to bring the volvo ocean race back to the region. baltimore would once again be the around the world sailing race, with the stop in maryland and annapolis, national harbor in prince george's county serving as co-host. the race is every three years and usually makes at least one stop in a u.s. port. it would be great if you were here.
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the last visit was in baltimore in 2006 and 250,000 people flocked to the inner harbor to see the spectacular boats. this year boston hosted the eight-month race. justin? did you notice all the race footage was stormy? lightning, rain, big waves. we hope to have much better weather in safe harbor if that's the case when it comes back to town. this is the time of year when overnight temperatures could stay in the mid-70s. it could be stifling hot. here we are into the 9:00 hour, back to 70 degrees. serious lease, this has been an impressive relief on a lot of our utility bills. something to be grateful for. and we're looking at 49% humidity, north wind at 8 miles per hour. an absolutely pleasant day setting up. 73 degrees in easton. 68 back towards hagerstown.
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oakland in garrett county, they are at 59 degrees with the temperatures slowly starting to respond to that sunshine but it is about that northerly wind, it is about that air mass coming out of canada. and really being pulled around this upper level low pressure system. once again back across quebec dragging that cool air across the great lakes and basically from the northern plains to the great lakes, mid-atlantic and northeast it has not been an impressive summer. we've had temperatures that yesterday reached 88. that's the warmest we had in quite some time and we have yet to see 90 during the summer season. storms back to the west will dive across that upper level flow, could throw clouds our way this afternoon but essentially we're going to be dry under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. that northerly breeze gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow we look at the forecast model here, with chance of some showers developing in southern new jersey. watch the northeasterly wind which is typically a cool flow for us. this will spark some showers during the afternoon across the delmarva. they could swing our way from
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east-to-west as we head through the afternoon and evening. model here indicating basically south of annapolis a better chance of showers but we had to throw it in there for good measure and friday, cool and pleasant. 82 degrees is our two-degree guarantee today. mostly sunny to partly cloudy but we clear it out tonight, drop to 59 which means cooler north and west. low 60s downtown. tomorrow's temperatures near 80 with the chance of a shower. catch us on line at check out the weather page for the latest weather conditions in your neighborhood. 9:16. back to you. >> thank you. we are lucky enough in baltimore to have a beautiful theater with fantastic energetic shows. we're talking about the hippodrome. if you've been there you know it's a glorious historic place with spectacular shows on the stage. jeff daniel is now in charge of all the programming. he's been named the vp of venues for "broadway across america." thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> what a job. >> a great job. >> are you excited? >> i am. to bring my family to baltimore and focus on the hippodrome is
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truly an honor. i worked on the hippodrome in the 1990s when it was a development idea. when we were walking around town talking about the stadium authority, city and state, about, wow, this jewel you have just off the harbor, just up from camden, that we should pay attention to. >> when you were going through that, did you think it would be where it is now? and where do you want to take it from here? >> it's a complicated economic development proposal to make to a city and state. it was a nonprofit partnership. we believe it could be what it is now and even more. it's a wonderful broadway house. we have a great broadway series. we have 10,000 subscribers plus annually that want to keep their seats and see the shows that we ply away from markets to come to baltimore. we'll build on that series. even next year we'll have a bigger surprise for subscribers. i think they are happily
9:18 am
renewing now waiting for some good shows. i'll negotiate with producers in new york to come to baltimore first. a bit of lobbying on our part. the hippodrome needs to represent baltimore. it needs to open its doors to more programming, diversified programming, for-profit, non-profit, arts programming, it's rare for a city to have such a wonderful venue to rely on not only from an economic standpoint but for entertainment and great night out. >> we're looking at video of shows. can you give us any sneak peeks for the next coming season for 2010? >> the season that 2009/2010 season includes "in the heights," best musical of 2008 and has a great cast. we were able to negotiate having "dreamgirls" come directly from the apollo.
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>> how fun. >> more of the best and brightest shows. they just completed casting and have a wonderful talented young lady starring in "dreamgirls" from "american idol." it will be a wonderful show. i've always been a fan of mel brooks. kind of anyone with a sense of humor, don't know how you can't. one way or the other. we have "young frankenstein" coming. >> great. >> a big juggernaut production where the production values are high, the show is hysterical, well cast. in addition to specials like "phantom." "mamma mia," community favorites, in addition to new broadway shows for subscribers. >> it's important to support the arts but right now it's a hard time with the economy being bad. is that a big challenge that you are going to tackle? >> i think we have to, in broadening our program base, do a very good job of describing to people it's an affordable luxury. the theater is not out of reach. it's not a platinum-level experience.
9:20 am
kit be if you would like it to be and we can take care of them but it's -- our subscription can be as low as $124 for six shows. this is a very successful form of luxury in baltimore. it's baltimore's own theater. it's its own series. in addition to broadway the concerts and comedy and other shows we'll be doing it's all quite accessible. one of the other lobbying jobs you have to do is remind people this is not out of reach. it's still ok to have a night out with your wife or husband and you don't have to spend a mint to do it. it's in baltimore and it's the best entertainment in the nation and baltimore is good enough to go and enjoy it. you don't have to go somewhere else. >> jeff daniel, welcome to baltimore. >> thank you very much. >> i'm sure you will love it. >> thank you very much. appreciate the warm welcome. stay with us. coming up we're going to talk about getting ready for the grill. do you like to grill? >> love it. >> i do, too. so does the chef from wegman's. he's in the parking lot grilling up a storm. we'll show you how to make something easy during the week
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abnormal behaviors such as being more outgoing or aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation and halluciations may occur. don't take it with alcohol as it may increase these behaviors. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and in rare cases may be fatal. side effects may include next-day drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. in patients with depression, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide may occur. if you experience any of these behaviors or reactions contact your doctor immediately. wake up ready for your day-ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr. welcome back. we're here with ed from wegman's. how are you? >> good, how are you? >> fantastic. what are you making? >> our brown sugar barbecue chicken today. >> what i like about what we're doing today, you said we'll teach you how to do something that is easy for the weeknight. it is a little stressful. sometimes you have a lot going on. what better way than to grill?
9:24 am
>> absolutely. that way you can get the family out, just hanging out, interacting with you while you're grilling so you're not stuck in that kitchen all by yourself hanging out. the marinades are simple. we have four simple easy ingredients. brown sugar here. our wegman's barbecue seasoning. >> let me ask you while you do that, because brown sugar always -- any kind of sugar always sort of surprises me as an ingredient with something like paprika. >> you get that sweetness with the spiciness. you get that heat and at the end that sweetness. it's going to be -- you'll add actually -- i'm a little short on the basinol which is going to make your marinade. pop it in there for about eight hours. i found out overnight intensifies the flavor if you're really looking for a quick bang for your buck that's definitely the way to go. >> can you ever marinade too
9:25 am
much? >> you can. flavors, like, especially if there's a soy sauce or something in there that is real salty it will definitely increase the sodium intake and the flavor. it will kind of overwhelm anything you're going for. usually, generally six to eight hours is your best bet. with this one is it's kinds of light. i found a little extra time goes a long way for it. then i'm going to drop down this so we can kind of talk about the grilling a little bit. i've had it on the grill, looking for fancy restaurant -- you put it down. key component, make sure the grill is hot, otherwise the food will stick and the half of it is on the grill. a little oil, lube it up a little to make sure nothing gets stuck >> how often do you have to watch this? >> you can close it, let it go, i would say every two minutes come back and check because you will get flare-ups because of
9:26 am
the basinol. it's handy to have a square bottle in case there's a flare-up you can control the flame a little bit. if it doesn't want to come back let it go. it's not ready yesterda yet. turn it another 90 degrees, let it sit until its ready. you'll get the beautiful cross hatches like you do in the restaurant. restaurant secret today. >> you'll make neighbors jealous. >> you'll want to cook it with a temperatures of 165, make sure we get the food-borne illnesses out. >> that is important. >> absolutely. our finished plate here, roasted cauliflower with roasted red peppers. and there's the beautiful cross hatches we were talking about. >> i know you feel this way. it's always about a little bit of presentation too. >> absolutely. the family thinks you've gone that extra mile, it's just a half second to make them feel special. >> perfect. ed from wegman's, thank you
9:27 am
very much for coming in. they were kind enough to give us this recipe. we put it on-line so check it out. you can also see the segment, if you missed it, to see how to grill again. ed will show you how on in the meantime, stay with us. we'll talk about job hunting. you don't have to go it alone. there are all sorts of resources for you. coming up, getting help with the job search just a click away. stay with us. we'll tell you even if the help is across the country, you might wonder how it works. plus, in these tough economic times you can cut costs without cutting corners. we'll tell but that when it comes to your medical expenses. and, also ahead, remembering michael jackson. we're going to continue to do that this morning. we'll be right back. fios guy! where ya headed?
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it's wednesday. we're getting you back to work as we do every wednesday. you've probably been there before, you get out the resume, you land the job interview, you're excited, put on your best suit, then you have to seal the deal. how do you do that? jeff garber, the ceo of for everybody at home explain how it works. >> basically what we have is over 300 hr coaches across the
9:31 am
country. as you know many people lost jobs or they are a recent college grad, it's a tough environment. what they need to do is really hone in on their interview skills so what they can do on they can log in, pick 155 job categories, review coaches in their fields, set up a live web cam sciep interview and basically you have a live one-on-one coaching session. >> just say you're in accounting so you can basically do an interview. is it a mock interview? do you get feedback on what you're doing right and wrong? >> absolutely. the beauty of it is one-on-one live coaching. job-specific. so, for instance, if it's accounting it is a mock interview, for about 45 minutes it's real intense, as a real-life interview would be with the questions that you would be expected to answer. then there's a review of, you know, maybe you didn't address
9:32 am
the question correctly or didn't provide enough detail. or because there's audio and video maybe you're twirling your hair while responding to the question and didn't realize it. >> which is something you really have to prepare for, for people who maybe haven't looked for a job in the last 10 years it's really changed. video conferencing may be a way you may -- you may need to e-mail your resume, that's new to a lot of people. it's a way to open up your mind to something you may be faced with. >> i -- technology has changed so much and has also affected people who are looking for a job. for those who are not too comfortable with technology my suggestion would be is become comfortable with it. especially with video conferencing and skype. a lot of companies are being more economical so if you're interviewing for a job outside the market they may not spend the money to fly you in. and that would be a video conference. >> you basically still have to brush your hair and put on a soup. don't show up in pajamas for
9:33 am
that kind of interview. >> up less you don't want the -- unless you don't want the job. we encourage people to dress appropriately for the job so that can be critiqued as well. we go from the ethettics but more importantly the substantive type of questions we would ask. >> can you give me examples of things that people do right and wrong during a job interview? >> probably the worst thing people do is they are not prepared. you need to be prepared. you need to research the company. you need to research the job you're applying for so that you can highlight the information on your resume in your skills. the other thing is to amendment what the questions will be -- anticipate what the questions will be. the biggest question people stumble over is, so, can you tell me a little about yourself? basically employers are not asking you to say what you did this past weekend. they want to you say, for instance, i'm a financial analyst for the past 20 years and i have specialized in the
9:34 am
fields, what would you like to learn more about me? be prepared. >> this will teach you that. if you're unemployed or looking for a job and right now every penny counts, is it expensive? >> no. as a matter of fact, we're really economical. we made it comfortable for everyone. you can have a half-hour session, an hour session. the beauty of it is we deal in large quantities with our coaches so we try to keep costs down. we don't lock people into an expensive series. >> good stuff. thank you so much for coming in. >> you're welcome. >> stay with us. if you're looking for some jobs we're working for you. there are two upcoming job fairs to put on your calendar. the first is putting americans back to work, the job fair there, at the baltimore convention center. tuesday, july 21st. the event runs from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. you can go to baltimore.
9:35 am for more information on that. same day, july 21, a tech expo job fair at the marriott in linthicum, 10:00 a.m. to about 3:00 p.m. for more information and to preregister, still ahead on "good morning maryland" -- saving money at the doctor's office. it can be done. we'll let you know what tips we have. things you might want to know to save a few bucks when it comes to medical care. we'll be right back. talking about saving money on your utility bill, today's helping out. 71 degrees at the inner harbor. sunshine and 67 in western howard county. we'll talk about our two-degree guaranteed forecast and see how long this cool weather will stick around, next. stay with us. fios guy! where ya headed?
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in this recession many of us are looking for ways to cut on spending. many of us doing what we can do without sacrificing health which sometimes happens. health reporter kelly swoope shows us some simple ways to save when it comes to medical costs. >> reporter: at the pump. making the most at the market. some of the ways people are cutting corners but what is the prescription for cheaper medical care? >> hi, there. >> hi.
9:39 am
>> how are you? >> good. how are you? >> come on back. >> reporter: karl harkey is determined to stay healthy. even more important now sips -- since she retired last year and her income changed. >> you want to maintain your health. you want to be able to do that as prudently and as cost effectively as possible because at my age i've made all the money i'm going to make. and, if you have one poor health incident, you're in big trouble. >> reporter: at 65 the former hopkins cancer researcher falls on the younger side of the retirement age group. >> just try to save where you can and have a healthy lifestyle. >> reporter: screenings, blood work, checkups, can all add up. but in turn this dr. doctor says there are ways to save on medical. >> recent evidence have shown that pap smears can be spreched out in healthy women.
9:40 am
if you're over 30 and have had several normal pap smears he can actually wait every three years. and women with hysterectomies don't need pap smears at all. >> reporter: women over 65 can also discontinue pap smears as long as they've been normal. if you're on more than one medication prescriptions can be costly. the doctor says here's in our way to save. >> you can save hundreds of dollars a month by going to generic medications. somewhere the brands name would be $200 and a generic would be $400. another money to save on medications, cut your pills in half. there are some medicines where you can cut it in half but they don't charge twice as much for the higher strength. >> looking over your medications it looks like you've been doing really well with your cholesterol medicine. >> reporter: carol says since her health is pretty stable she's also been able to save money by cutting back on doctor visits to just once every six months unless it's needed. carol says it's also important to do her part, too, by living
9:41 am
a healthy lifestyle. >> i've always been a big vegetable person. i never met a vegetable i didn't like. so i'm heavy on the vegetables as opposed to the meat. i have a dog who i do performance events with so that keeps me pretty active. >> reporter: if you're having difficulty with your finances you should start by having a conversation with your doctor. the doctor says if your physician knows you're trying to pinching pennies, she may recommend cheaper treatments over more expensive imaging exams that are not always necessary. kelly swoope, "2 your health." the doctor does stress there are screenings you should not skip. we're talking about mammograms and colonoscopies. yesterday's memorial to michael jackson was a memorable one. if you saw it you know what i'm talking about. a closer look at the heartfelt tribute to the king of pop. we'll be right back. fios guy! where ya headed?
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we keep remarking about how pleasantly cool the temperatures are. i want to emphasize pleasant, not complaining. temperatures will probably jump another three or four degrees when we get the next update at 10:00.
9:45 am
it's relatively comfortable in terms of mid-july standards. checking out a few clouds starting to mix in at least on the western fringe. we have this area of low pressure in eastern canada, that provides us with the cool flow. there's the cluster of thunderstorms coming out of the upper midwest and the upper level flow taking the tops of the clouds, bringing them into ohio, parts of west virginia and there may be at least some of the high clouds starting to filter in, in addition to the fair weather puffy cumulus that form in the afternoon. that is why we're going to go from sunny to maybe partly cloudy. overall we're in a dry environment and not much to imped us for today but that north/northeasterly flow starts to develop showers around philadelphia, maybe atlantic city heading into tomorrow crossing from cape may to delaware and there may be a chance of some showers rolling on the eastern shore and in parts of maryland as we head through tomorrow afternoon. this would be under the influence of a northeasterly flow providing our showers. this particular model highlighting basically south of baltimore but we've thrown that
9:46 am
in just for good measure, the chance tomorrow afternoon. otherwise we get the continued cool trend for here in mid-july. temperatures today 82 degrees. our two-degree guarantee which gives us the range of 80 to 84. for tonight we'll slip back into the upper 50s with clear skies and light winds. bouncing off that bottom tomorrow, again, turning partly cloudy, 80 degrees. 80 friday with chance of a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. over the weekend we build up to 85 on saturday. but no real heat to be found as we lock into the lower 80s sunday and monday. catch us at for more local weather information. 9:46. back to you. time for our featured events. when you tell us what is going on in the community. we let everybody else know. dave says there's artscape and then there's northscape. you can do both but definitely check out northscape. it starts at noon on july 18th. near artscape but here's the deal, it's free and raises
9:47 am
awareness for an important cause. cystic fibrosis. at the corner of north avenue and charles, they have music, art, fire dancers, clowns, jugglers, contortionists, visual arts and more. all the performances have dopated their time and support to the cystic fibrosis foundation. july 18th, noon at north and charles. it's free. if there's something going on in your community and want it mentioned like dave did, e-mail us, you can e-mail jamie, me or just let us know what is happening. we'll let everybody else know. if you've got a business or charity you want to plug, send us your mugs. it's our cup of joe segment. send your mugs to 6400 york road, baltimore, maryland, 21212. just provide a little background information about your business or charity. that way he can share it with everybody. free plug. we'll be right back. ♪
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a dull metal clanking sound. bear groans. ♪ ominous music ferocious growling. roaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!! ♪ whistling bluegrass tune
9:50 am
welcome back. let's take a final look at the weather. >> meteorologist emily gracie is sitting in the storm center now and she confirmed it. it's a nice morning. >> it really is gorgeous. i know you've been saying it, it's so unseasonable but it's great >> i'm not complaining. even that 88 yesterday didn't
9:51 am
feel that bad. normally we should be 87 this time of year. 82 is our two-degree guarantee this afternoon. i've thrown in some extra clouds, overall it will ash mostly sunny day -- 50s overnight. open up the windows again. tomorrow, small chance of a shower but that chance will increase friday night and into the weekend as we get back into the middle 80s. instead of leaving with you the top five we'll leave you with another farewell to michael jackson. millions and millions of people around the world apparently tuned in to watch yesterday's memorial service. according to crn crn nearly -- cnn nearly 10 people watched this on the web site. that was the service that celebrated the life and music of the king of pop. before we go we leave you today with a look back at the emotions and the music. thank you for joining us. ♪ hallelujah
9:52 am
hallelujah ♪ >> in his view beautiful and very human heart michael jackson wanted nothing more than to give love to the world. ♪ i'll be there i'll be there yeah yeah i'll be there ♪ >> i loved him all my life. one of the first records my brother and i ever bought was "dance machine." and i never forget the two of us trying to, like, get the robot going, trying to be like the jackson 5. thank you. ♪ we believe i hope you don't mind
9:53 am
i'll walk with you talk with you do all the things you wanted to do ♪ >> the first beat of billie jean and toss of that hat i was mesmerized. when he did his iconic moonwalk i was shocked. it was magic. [ applause ] i feel the king of pop is not big enough for him. i think he's simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived. [ applause ] ♪ michael, why didn't you stay♪
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