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tv   News  ABC  July 15, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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good morning. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle meg happy wednesday. you reached the middle of the week. welcome to "good morning maryland." people living in one northwest community in baltimore are getting a rude awakening. imagine waking up and finding damage to your property. >> and could leaders from towson catholic be heading to court over the decision to close? and harry potter sweeps right into baltimore. we check out the midnight premiere. are you one of those people? a muggle who shows up with
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glasses and waits in line? >> no, i'll wait for it in the book. it's the other way around. >> can you see him reading a harry potter book? weather and traffic every ten minutes. here's mr. justin berk. >> you you didn't let him finish -- it's book on tape. there gotcha. >> in spanish. >> with pictures. >> yes. >> lots of pictures. waiting for that, too. outside, we have stevenson university hooked up, 56 degrees, an indication that once you're just outside the beltway, especially in the valley locations it's chilled back. so we're down to 56 degrees. that is an important mark, that would put us at record territory at least at the airport, just a few miles away. check out the beach, it's 67 now in ocean city. want to compare that with harford county, 52, compared to 58 fallston and 62 havre de grace. widespread this morning. we'll get to the two-degree guarantee of 87. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim.
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>> traffic smooth on 83 southbound from pennsylvania through to about the beltway. however, we have a couple of incidents in the city to let you know about, still working that crash east fairmount avenue at north linwood. also 95 northbound approaching whitemarsh boulevard, that disabled vehicle remains on scene. we have lane closures downtown for lombard between president and mlk for the resurfacing project. that might take extra time for you. and 95 southbound past the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza there's a disabled vehicle blocking one lane. looking now, this is 95 southbound through howard county, approaching the capitol beltway, traffic is running without incident. this traffic report brought to you by baltimore's country station 93.1 wpoc country for the work day. listen to music from stars like taylor swift, kenny chesney and keith urban. back to you. breaking news -- iran state tv says a plane carrying 150 passengers has crashed in northwest iran. officials say the caspian airlines flight from headed from tehran to the armenian capital and crashed.
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again, a caspian airlines jetliner crashed, all 150 passengers feared dead. 5:32. the national transportation safety board is still trying to figure out what caused the ceiling of a southwest jet to just rip open forcing an emergency landing. here's cell phone video taken by passengers on the plane. it was flying from nashville to baltimore on monday night and had to land in west virginia. oxygen masks fell as the cabin pressure dropped, before landing but the passengers on board were ok. southwest also checked all of its other 737 300 jets before allowing them to fly. more local news -- plan to take a dose of patience before you head out around lombard street. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live downtown with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. things are going pretty smoothly right now but later on this morning we could see a little more traffic congestion out here. today's the start of the lombard street improvement project, and crews have already
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blocked off several lanes to start working on the project. the improvements were scheduled to begin in early spring but it was delayed because of the massive watermain break. since then most of the infrastructure repairs have been completed. now crews can start the next phase and today crews will start working on things like milling, resurfacing and sidewalk repairs. during the first phase of the project transportation officials expect to keep at least three lanes of traffic open between light and president streets. parking restrictions and extended work hours will be used to reduce that congestion. again, drivers can expect some delays this morning and they are expected to finish up this project in late fall. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the alumni association from towson catholic high school has announced a lawsuit intended to try to keep this school open. last week the archdiocese said the school would be closed as of this fall and look at the protesters. they gathered outside the school last night while inside
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administrators from 15 other schools in the archdiocese met with students and parents. the alumni association filed an injunction asking a baltimore county circuit judge to intervene and try to keep the school open this year. >> they never spoke publicly about how this was executed. i don't know what else we could have done to bring them to the table. >> the archdiocese officials told students and parents they would need about 205 students to register for classes this fall to make the school financial levi -- financial leviable. they only got 163. we have made calls about this but our calls have not been returned so far. "harry potter and the half-blood prince" opened at midnight and sold out to audiences across our area. people were in whitemarsh to catch the sixth installment. seven screens were dedicated to
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the film. they are adults. the movie is rated pg, for some of the scary images and violence that are in there. yes, there are still two more "harry potter" movies to come. have you ever waited in line for a movie? like that long? >> i don't think i have, no. >> dressed up for one? >> no, never dressed up for one. 40 years ago, the brave crew aboard apollo 11 made one giant leap for mankind. we're going to check some of the amazing pictures from july 16, 1969. let's see if there are any amazing pictures outside. 60 degrees, 80% humidity. justin will have a full check on the rest of the week as well as the weekend when we come back. i'm still thinking about that movie line. here's mark jones with the bus and train line report for you. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the commute start is good on light rail and metro subway. marc train on time on the camden, penn, brunswick lines. on the buses, 21 westbound
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diverted at preston and maryland, due to artscape preparation ongoing. the number 17, a diversion attars at nursery and winterson, 22, in two locations, university and 40th, and university and st. paul, and look for heavy volume on the 7, 13 and 23 buses.
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it's now 5:40. 40 years ago tomorrow the apollo 11 blasted off from cape kennedy on the first manned mission to the moon. the apollo spacecraft reached earth parking orbit after 11 minutes, after one and a half orbits the saturn thrusters fired and the astronauts began their journey to outer space. this spectacular photo was taken from 90,000 miles. you can see that lombard street only had one pothole back then. that's amazing. most of africa and parts of europe and asia were visible. just amazing to see that, now and then. >> incredible. >> can't get enough of that. >> i know. let's look at weather and traffic now. here he is, justin berk. >> if you see the potholes on the moon -- you still -- we still haven't worked on
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that. it's all tied in bureaucracy. watch for the temperatures here, down to 53 in towson. it is 65 degrees in sparrows point. arnold, i believe, may be affected by one of the ventilation systems for the building -- 65 annapolis, seems legitimate. back inland, laurel, 57 degrees and down to 53 in ellicott city. overall we have ourselves official 60-degree mark from the top of the hour at the airport. we need three more drops on the thermometer to take us back to the record of 57. we're very close this morning. this afternoon back to normal of 87 under sunny to partly cloudy skies. hailing from laurel, here's kim. >> thank you. to laurel, that earlier disabled on 95 southbound past the fort mchenry tunnel has been cleared out of the roadway. still working that crash in the city, east fairmount avenue and north linwood. police are letting people through the intersection, should cause no delays. that northbound disabled
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vehicle on 95 northbound past whitemarsh boulevard still remains. and lombard street between president and mlg mlk, rolling lane closures downtown for a brand new resurfacing project. back to you. if you're headed downtown today look out. lombard street could be a little messy. >> crews start working on a new improvement project in downtown baltimore. i'm sherrie johnson. i'll tell you what you can expect. oh, what's this? breakfast. it's kind of early, buddy. you've got to need to take some cholesterol off you. honey, have you been reading the cheerios box again? he got that off the box. (announcer) cheerios is made with 100% natural whole grain oats to help lower your cholesterol. that was very thoughtful of you. very early, but very thoughtful. (announcer) cheerios. good for the heart.
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downtown lombard has seen snow, sleet, salt trucks, more recently busted pipes. how about a facelift on the oldest road in the city? abc2 news sherrie johnson live for us to show us how to get around town today. >> reporter: good morning, jamie. yes, this morning, traffic could be a bit of an issue here on lombard street as the new improvement project kicks off this morning. crews have already started to block off the street trying to show drieforts where they need to maneuver to here. the improvements were scheduled to begin in early spring but it was delayed because of a massive watermain break. since then most of the infrastructure repairs have been completed and now crews can start the next phase today crews will work on improvements like milling, resurfacing and sidewalk repairs. during the first phase which is what we're on now transportation officials expect to keep at least three lanes of traffic open between light and president streets. parking restrictions and
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extended work hours will be used to try to cut down on some of the congestion but again drivers can expect some delays as traffic picks up in the morning. this improvement project is expected to be completed by late fall. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it is 5:46. let's look at some of the other stories we're working on for you this morning. imagine waking up and finding that your property has been vandalized. that's the reality for several people in northwest baltimore this morning. police say cars and homes on bealer avenue became an open target for a 17-year-old around 2:00 this morning. 10 cars vandalized. the boy is in police custody this morning. also this morning, president barack obama actually did bounce the first pitch last night but the ceremonial pitch at the all-star game barely reached the plate. st. louis cardinals star albert pujols helped him out to scoop
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the toss. last night the president met or adam jones, joe madden, derek jeter and ryan howard before the game in the locker room. the american league took the victory 4-3. as for the game played in two hours and 31 minutes, it came down to the catch from tampa bay's carl crawford. in the eighth after a triple from curtis granderson it turned out that our adam jones sends the fly to the right. for the winning run. and again, american league wins 4-3 turns out in maryland you can dive further into debt, even after your dead. huh? anyone who rents a home should be aware of this. as investigator joce sterman reports a rental contract lives on in maryland even when you don't. >> reporter: at 94 years old erna ann still had the vibrant smile of a teen and was nearly as active.
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>> she organized social events, card groups. she went to the pool daily. >> reporter: and her granddaughter karen says she was a model tenant in the baltimore county complex she lived in for nearly 20 years. when she passed away last february she expected the family would simply hand over the keys to the rental apartment and be given a fond farewell but that's not what happened. >> i had no idea they would charge us and i don't know why we're being charged for april and march when we were out of there in february. >> reporter: rent money charged for nearly two months after her death. it was taken out of her $1,200 security deposit because she had broken her rental contract by dying. >> it's craziness. it seems like, ok, she passed away, we gave them notice, you return the money. that seems to me how it should work. >> reporter: but it's not how it works in maryland. where the law says leases don't expire even when you do. so there's a chance you or your family could end up having to cover the rent even after you've been moved somewhere else permanently.
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>> if you die technically you're still liable for the lease and responsible for the rent throughout that time. >> reporter: stephanie cornish resolves landlord-tenant disputes. she says landlords are first required to use security deposits to cover payments but under meryl law if they can't rerent the apartment they can even go after your estate to cover the bill and fill the leases up. >> they don't get security deposits back if the tenant dies. if there's an estate it can be attached. >> reporter: a lesson the state senator dolores kelly learned about during her own personal tragedy. ? in fact i had to pay rent for my father's apartment for three months after he's dead. >> reporter: she's thinking of drafting a bill that makes sure marylanders don't end up like this, but knows it will be a battle. it took three sessions of fighting to get a medical exception passed, one that lets you out of a lease if you're sick or hurt or can no longer
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live on your own or need special housing. >> the developers didn't want it, apartment managers didn't want it acht lot of people whose occupations would suggest they are better off if they don't have to deal with this issue. >> reporter: but people like karen have to deal with passing along the bill when someone passes away. experts say she's lucky, though. her family actually got some money back from the apartment complex. a generous and rare occurrence in a state where the end of a life doesn't mean the end of a lease. joce sterman, abc2 news investigators. >> under state law landlords have to get apartments in these situations ready to rent as soon as possible so the deceased won't be held responsible any longer than necessary. but senator kelly says there's no enforcement and nothing that obligates a landlord to rent a deceased person's apartment first. 5:50. looking at temperatures from the top of the hour. again, you got to consider that we lose some of the greatest heat during the overnight and we could be slipping back a few
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more notches on the thermometer for the next hourly update. 64 degrees. we're just still three off the pace for the record that was set 10 years ago. 51 back towards altoona. generally this is also important because we've got this little band of cloudiness that has just been slipping into the baltimore area. baltimore county north and eastbound, temperature have been noticeably cooler, in the low to middle 50s but because we're right on the edge of that cloud line, that acts as a little insulating blanket preventing us from cooling off too much. clouds tried to break an hour and a half ago. we'll see if it will cool us off more in the next hour. but clouds try to return this afternoon. we're watching showers and storms in the mountains that could be reaching us as we head on in through overnight and tomorrow morning. the possibility after midnight of showers and storms, some spotty showers as well for the morning commute tomorrow. and then showers and storms into the afternoon before we get a little break on friday. then a system will return with cooler temperatures over the weekend. today our two-degree guarantee gets to us 87p degrees.
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that is on pace with where we belong this time of year. 87. tonight, though, there will be the chance of showers and storms after midnight, back to about 65 to near 70 downtown. it looks like tomorrow we'll have the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms but a warm, humid day, 89. friday, seeing temperatures back to 85, partly cloudy. upper 70s to around 80, showers, storms sunday. saturday the pick of the week at 83. more storms early next week. kim? as we check around the beltway, no problems to report on the east side of the outer loop between whitemarsh boulevard and loch raven boulevard. however, that crash in the city remains on the scene, east fairmount avenue and north linwood. still dealing with the disabled 95 northbound at whitemarsh boulevard. if you're traveling downtown, keep in mind, we have roads closed for artscape but lombard between president and mlk will also have rolling lane closures because of the brands new resurfacing project. sherrie johnson will have more on that. 95 southbound traveling through howard county -- sorry, this is 695 at the bw parkway, you
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can see both loops of the beltway are traveling incident-free at this moment. back to you. 5:52. still ahead - >> en -- top honors are handed out to a young pilot who flew from coast-to-coast. and coming up at 6:00 -- a man with an overdraft charge that rivals the national debt.
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we have an update to a story we told but two weeks ago. >> a california teen who flew cross country with the help of a world war ii pilot, they made it yesterday. the teen honored for her record of breaking -- now she's the youngest african-american female to have accomplished this. >> i just wanted to fly through several situations, turbulence, flying through storms and stuff like that. i also felt that the airman deserved some -- airmen deserved some recognition. that's why i'm here. >> could she be cuter? >> no. >> she flew from compton to newport news, virginia and back again. she had an adult pilot with her, an 87-year-old who served with the tuskee gee airmen during world war ii but she was
5:57 am
at the controls the whole time. >> great story. >> will be the new president. >> one day. a look at our exclusive weathernet and we'll start the 6:00 news. right now we're in kingsville, 54 degrees.
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the art of getting dirty. the art of getting clean. new powerfully formulated wisk®... is better on tough mud stains than tide total care. wisk®. powerfully clean. perfectly priced. welcome back. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you so much for joining us. wednesday, july 15th. shaping up to be another gorgeous day. before we get the weather let's check the top stories. lovely lombard starts its makeover today. will it get to you work on time? and towson catholic is hiring lawyers to fight closing orders from downtown. we heard "wise latina" more than one time yesterday but the supreme court nominee kept her cool on the hill. >> cool? >> cool? >> cool is what we're up against this morning. how about this


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