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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 17, 2009 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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finally tonight, terror in jakarta, indonesia, as powerful blasts struck a marriott and ritz carlton hotels. at least nine are dead and some 50 injured. the explosion came in the early hours as these neighboring hotels in an upscale occasion of the indonesian capital. first blast hit the marriott and was followed two minutes later at the ritz carlton. the senior counterterrorism official told abc news tonight that there had been no serious reports reported in indonesia in 18 months, making this a surprise attack. there'll be more on this developing story on "good morning america" tomorrow. tomorrow on "nightline," a
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closer look at debt consolidation companies that promise to help you clean your debt, but at what cost? >> when you signed up with them, what did they tell you to do with your bills? >> they -- well, they told me first of all, not to pay anything. >> nothing? >> nothing. nothing. to stop making payments. >> it's a story you cannot afford to miss. but that's our report for tonight. "jimmy kimmel live" is up next. but for now, for terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and all of us at abc news, good night, america. hi, i'm jimmy kimmel, and this is eclipse gum. not only does eclipse fight bad breath, it helps kill the germs that cause it. and here to demonstrate the power and freshness of eclipse, my uncle frank and security guard guillermo. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ knock on door ] >> hi, guillermo. >> wow, uncle frank, you have bad breath. what are you eating? >> a skunk, guillermo. >> you're eating a skunk? >> yep. i love to eat skunks. >> oh. oh, uncle frank, seriously you need some eclipse gum. [ laughter ] >> eclipse fights bad breath and helps kill the germs that cause bad breath. >> tell me if it worked. >> your breath smells muey bien. hey, since eclipse works so good, maybe i'll have some of that skunk, too. >> okay, guillermo. the best part is the neck. >> freshen your breath and help kill the germs that cause it with eclipse gum. >> "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with terrell owens, music from pitbull and josh
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>> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- josh lucas. from "t.o. show", terrell owens. uncle frank and aunt chippy at massage school. and music from pitbull. with cleto and the cletones. and now, you better believe it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by abc, inc.
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>> well, very nice. i'm jimmy. hey, if you like what you see, send me an e-mail, it's the emmy nominations were announced. this year they're including six nominees in each of the major categories. it was an honor to be nominated and now it's embarrassing not to be nominated. we got two nominations. actually, i don't mean. our camera crew was nominated for outstanding technical direction and video control, right? and our lighten director was nominated for outstanding lighting direction. [ cheers and applause ] especially exciting because until today i didn't know we had a lighting director. i go, guillermo -- i thought it
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was guillermo switching lights on and off when he came in. there's christian right there. hey, christian, congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] now, the call came when you were sleeping, right? >> yeah, it did. >> well, fortunately this morning we had a camera set up in christian's bedroom when the call came in. here it is, the moment he found out. [ phone rings ] >> hello? what? oh, my god, that's great news. thanks. honey, wake up. honey! wake up! wake up. honey, i'm nominated for an emmy. >> enough with the lights. >> i love lights! >> that's right. electrical -- [ cheers and applause ] well, congratulations. i don't want to take credit, christian, but in high school i was v voted most lightable.
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so congratulations to all of the fellas here. abc tonight aired a documentary about j.k. rowling. she wrote the harry potter books. in england they call her the black oprah, and -- [ laughter ] i don't see care too much about harry potter, but her life is interesting. here's a little bit of the special from earlier tonight. >> before the riches, before the fame, before the english accent. j.k. rowling was born in phillips head, south carolina, as a young girl, her parents, siegfried and roy put in her a keen sense of magic and wonder. she grew up to be the most successful writer of our time, even surpassing the book sales of prestigious author, lauren conrad of "the hills." but there lies a secret never revealed until now. j.k. rowling cannot read.
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j.k. rowling a year in the life, only on abc. >> what a bombshell. i mean, she can't read -- doesn't make any sense. hey, you probably heard that michael jackson passed away. they did do a story about it on the news. that's a story from england today where apparently michael jackson has re-emerged on the hood of a used car. >> gary took some pictures of his rover 200 with the intention of sending them to a car sales magazine. when he uploaded the photos on to his p.c. though, this is what he saw. the king of pop staring back at him from the bonnet. >> nonchalant. that is not michael jackson. that is loretta lynn. [ laughter ] coal miner's daughter on that bonnet. [ laughter ] this is -- this is from the confirmation hearing for supreme
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court nominee sonia sotomayor. sit back and enjoy this bit of improv comedy from alabama senator jeff sessions. >> thank you for able comments and mr. henderson, good to work with you. senator leahy and i were talking during the commercials we're going to do that crack cocaine thing that you and i have talked about before. >> thank you, senator. >> yeah. maybe we'll go kill a hooker, who knows? these hearings turn into season six of "the liar". [ laughter ] here in california, we have no money. our budget situation is a mess, and when you have no money, what do you do? you sell drugs, right? a state representative from san francisco just introduced a bill that would legalize marijuana. he claims it would raise almost $1.5 billion a year for the state in taxes. and then another $3 billion in chee-to sales. [ laughter ]
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and his proponents of the bill wasted no time getting their message out there. >> it's abundant. it grows easily. and it could bring california much-needed revenue. it's marijuana. [ coughing ] sorry, just -- marijuana. [ coughing ] >> you do know that. [ cheers and applause ] >> he alone could balance the budget. one more thing. the department of homeland security is looking to replace that terror alert chart. you know with the colors where blue is safe and yellow is kind of dangerous and red means don your rescue turbines. they did a study and found it's ridiculous so they're looking to come up with something else and i have a plan i would like to present to the white house tt i think is a lot more accessible using youtube clips. here's how it would work. you go to a website, and when
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there's no threat of terrorist attack, you're at the lowest level, you'd see this. [ laughter ] that's low. this is slightly elevated. >> yeah! >> this represents alert level high. >> oh! oh! >> and finally the highest terror alert level, this is severe. >> -- he bites me. >> that's my gift to you, america. hey, we have a good show tonight. josh lucas is here. we have music from pitbull. and when we come back, my aunt chippy and uncle frank go to a massage school. (announcer) we speak car.
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♪ hi, there, we're back. with us tonight, from the new movie "death in love", it opens tomorrow, josh lucas is here. also tonight, a new member of
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the buffalo bills who has a new reality show on vh1 called "the t.o. show". terrell owens is here. and later, his single went to number two on the billboard hot 100. tonight, we try to make it number one. his new album "rebelution" comes out september 1. music from pitbull. not an actual pit bull. although that would be awesome. tomorrow night, teri hatcher, danica patrick and daughtry, so mark it in your planner. this is my aunt chippy and my uncle frank. they're not married currently, they may get remarried in the future. we don't know. they were happily married for six months and then unhappily for 26 1/2 years. uncle frank, you're driving everybody crazy tonight, by the way. >> the plane was late. >> what time was it supposed to get in? >> 4:30, and it was 6:15. you know me, i'm always early.
12:23 am
i like everybody early. >> what about my cousin mickey, your daughter, she's trying to book the guests and you're insisting she book your vacation. >> well, i'm leaving in three weeks. >> and that has be done today? >> yes. i do everything fast and in a hurry. >> you wonder why i haven't killed him. >> well, that's why i live 3,000 miles away from him. >> well, you don't see each other much, but when you do tensions will rise. and that's why we decide send you to massage school to learn the art of massage. >> you know, my first massage was from a girl when i was in japan, when i was 19 years old. she was -- she also broke my virginity is that what they say? chip, we're going to have a lot
12:24 am
of fun today. i feel it. hello. >> hello. >> hi. >> how are you? >> i'm so glad you're a girl. >> why? >> well, there's a story for that. you're a massage girl? >> i'm a massage therapist, yes and i'm also one of the instructors here at ippt and welcome to the world of massage. what brought you here today? >> my main objective today is to see if i can have a man massage me. >> all right. i think that's a good idea. >> to see if i'll be repulsed by it. >> massage is not really about that. we know that massage helps heal the body, but also healing relationships. >> it's got to be good -- >> i don't remember ever getting a massage from you! >> chippy, it's natural, in the art of making love to give each other's massages. >> take a hike. you're full of it. >> you're full of [ bleep ]. sorry is. >> that's okay.
12:25 am
we are mostly hands on here. we spend not too much time in this classroom so are you ready to do some hands on massage, receiving and giving? okay. we'll go to the next room. >> when people receive massage, a lot of them focus on the back and the neck and there are a few places and a few regions that are neglected. one of them is the face. a couple of things that you want to pay attention to as far as working on the face is the amount of pressure that you're going to apply. you want to place your hands right here. you're going to follow the jaw line. >> i wish i knew this earlier when i was- i never touched her face, i wish i knew about this. >> want to stand behind her? >> i always said, frank, you have soft hands and that's because you never did anything. >> i don't get it. how does it feel? >> good. not in there, you moron! >> what do you mean? >> what are you doing my eyeballs for? >> i forgot where they were.
12:26 am
>> i all thought that one of the best ways to go ahead and learn massage is one-on-one instructions so there's no other distractions around. okay, we have a lovely volunteer here. >> you're a dancer -- did you say she's a dancer? >> i didn't. >> i do dance, i do jazz. >> i believe you. >> before you even start the massage, go ahead and ask if there are any problem areas. >> got any parts that hurt you? >> my lower back a little bit. >> wow. can't believe this is your first time, it's amazing. >> yeah, but i just graduated. >> okay, we'll just -- >> very nice. harder, please. there we go. >> i'm telling you i'm not saying this crazily, but you have a gorgeous back. >> get more of your body weight on that. >> that feels so good. >> that feels good to me. because you feel good. >> wonderful.
12:27 am
>> up and down. >> i've got 160 pounds on top of you. if that isn't hard enough i don't know what is. >> you're good at this, frank. >> you're giving me confidence and that's what men need. [ laughter ] >> aunt chippy that looks great. >> all right, chippy, are you done? because we're ready for your couples massage with frank. we have your room all ready for you. >> hi, chip. >> hi. >> i'd like to give you a massage. just lie down. okay. all right. [ laughter ] >> oh, that feels very nice. >> from here up.
12:28 am
>> will you stop talking and just do it. >> i'm going to use some massage oil. >> oh! oh, what the hell? frank! oh, my god! you stupid -- get out of here! you moron! [ bleep ]! you don't put oil in my head. >> your hair needs oil once in a while to keep it fresh. don't you know that? >> you're so stupid! >> chip, come on. you didn't do me yet. give me a massage, please. i can use -- >> okay. lay down. yeah, put your head in there, frank. you ready? >> yeah. >> you like that, huh, frank? i'll be right back. >> all right. >> okay. >> i'm going to finish you off. >> i'm the boss.
12:29 am
>> you like it? >> yeah, great, chip. maybe you better turn over. >> what the hell is this? whoa! what are you doing here? did you do it? >> have a great time. >> you were good. she knew i didn't have a man before. it was good. i got a massage from a man. [ cheers and applause ] >> aunt chippy and uncle frank. we'll be right back with josh lucas. (announcer) new nivea for men active 3
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♪ hi, there. still to is come on the show, terrell owens who is not here yet. he's not here yet. pitbull is here? >> yes. >> okay, terrell owens is not here. presumably he will be here. our first guest tonight moved 30 times before he was 13 years old. very sad, he was his own pen pal. starting tomorrow, you can see
12:34 am
him as a con man with a dark past in the new movie "death in love". please welcome josh lucas. [ cheers and applause ] how are you? >> i'm great. i have to say it's pleasure being here. when you tell people you're going to be on the kimmel show, they say you have the best backstage ever. i drank beer with my brother and i have the high-playing -- >> we unplug it every night. we want to make every guest feel good. >> 480 is not bad. >> you didn't get -- you didn't see t.o. back there at all, have you? >> i have not seen him yet. >> well, good to see you. and i learned something that -- i don't know, i don't know if you can be prosecuted for this, but josh lucas not your real name, is it? >> it's not my full name. i have my -- my parents were living on an indian reservation
12:35 am
when i was born and when you are living on an indian reservation i guess you name your baby based on what happens during the birth. i mean, there's a funny joke about that, obviously. so my actual real full name, genuinely is joshua lucas e.d. dense mauer. i guess i came out so easily that -- that the doctor pulled back and slammed my head and dented it. i still to this day have a dent. do you want to see it? >> seriously? wow. you do have a dent in your head. should be called parents sued the doctor. >> i lucked out with joshua because it was going to be sundance. >> oh, yeah, that would be horrible for an actor. you'd think -- from the film festival. and it would be really bad.
12:36 am
you don't want that. well, that's something. a good story. easy dent which sounds like something billy mays would sell on television. >> a bad foreign name. it's funny because recently, not many actors would admit this, a director cut me out of a movie and he called me and said, we have to cut you out, because your stuff is so raunchy. we're going to be using you for one second in the movie and he said, do you want to be called josh lucas? no, it should be called easy dent. my first title is easy dent. >> easy dent finally hits the big screen. why did your parents live on the indian vez -- reservation, by the way? >> they were very interesting. they were activist and moving around and doing a bunch of different things. my parents were kind of radical hippies in some way and very smart people at the same time. so they were involved in a lot of different causes, the indian cause being one of them. >> wow, really? is that how they met?
12:37 am
or was -- >> they met on a blind date. my mother was in high school and my father was a freshman at harvard. so yeah. >> wow, that's something else. what were they protesting or -- >> they were there, their thing is they felt that the country should be spending more money on education and less on nuclear bombs. so -- [ applause ] >> i got my brother in the audience. there's a great photograph that i think it was in "time" magazine or something where i'm pulling my brother and sister on a wagon. and he's a little baby and he's got a big sign that says no nukes. and in back of him is 100,000 people. >> really? wow. that many people were following your brother? [ laughter ] incredible. >> if you knew him, you'd know. >> as a kid, you'd go to these -- they'd bring the whole family to the protests? >> we did. there's some kind of bizarre moments that way, but one of the ones i remember and i have this intense phobia to this day of
12:38 am
cops. i mean, literally i'm that guy who gets pulled over for a speeding ticket and is shaking with fear. when i was 5 or 6 years old my father was arrested for trespassing. he was very active in terms of his beliefs and a group of people had put in a big pen and there were greats around and the rest of the people who hadn't been arrested, which is me as a 5-year-old, was standing around and picking up dirt and i picked up a pine cone and threw it over the fence in kind of 5-year-old anger. i happened by pure coincidence to hit a cop who was carrying a semiautomatic machine gun who literally turned and pointed it right at me. i was a 5-year-old boy and literally to this day, i see a cop and i go -- >> and are you scared of pine cones too? wow. that's something. >> the funny thing, i'm going to go play a cop in new orleans. i know we have some people from new orleans. >> yes, we have cajuns here.
12:39 am
>> yeah. web feet cajuns. >> they said it as a joke and sure enough, there were webs in the feet. for real. you know, they're the ones that should probably have the tribal nicknames, right? swims like duck. >> i have a question. is it worse for an actor not to do an actor if they're pretending to be from new orleans or is it worse for them to do a bad accent? >> usually a bad accent. >> you're saying that most -- what actors would you give as an example whose accent has been bad? >> i can't remember off land, but a lot of them were really bad. we don't talk like that. >> okay. so nobody is really -- has really nailed it, the cajun accent? >> not really, no. >> it's up to you, josh. his new movie, there's a lot of sex in this movie. >> there's a lot of sex. >> you are the one exacting it on a slew of young women. true?
12:40 am
>> um, i read the script and then in the script it says montage demand -- that's all he's called in the script has lots of graphic sex with various women between the ages of 19 and 65 years old that's all it said. >> did you pick up the phone and say, i'll do it? >> absolutely. that was on the first page. so day 15 of filming, it says call sheet, man has sex. so i literally take the subway to the set and i walk in and it's a synagogue. strangely enough, we had rented a synagogue. they had the rooms set up in the synagogue and there's little bedrooms and bathrooms and different things that will be used as the different locations for the montage sex scenes. they have gone on craigslist for real and said, sweet home alabama actor josh lucas is
12:41 am
doing a low-budget movie and if you would like to come have mock sex with him, you -- [ laughter ] >> really? >> you will be paid $50 and get a film credit. no dialogue, however. >> how many guys showed up? [ laughter ] i wouldn't have been able to resist. i'm here. >> it did say women between the ages of 19 and 70 years old. for real. i walk into the room and there's a group of women between the ages of about -- 20 women between the ages of 19 and 70 years old. >> wow. >> true story, i went into the bathroom, took everything off, figured out a sock for real with a rubber band, put it on. and they would bring one after the other to me. we'd shake hands and we would proceed to pretend to have sex. >> wow. >> and every single one of them was completely sweet. until the end, a woman in her late 60's who was very excited to be there. [ laughter ] and literally about a year
12:42 am
later -- a year later i'm doing another project and i look across the room and i see this woman -- i don't recognize r at all. i see the woman look at me and be like -- she's an extra in the next movie i'm doing. she comes over to me and she goes, hello, josh. i said, hi, you know, how you? she said you don't remember me, do you? i'm sorry, have we met before? and she says, oh, yes. we have slept together. [ laughter ] >> really? >> yeah. >> wow. >> so -- >> that is terrible. >> it was strange, man. >> see, it's not all glamorous, kids. it really isn't. hey, is t.o. here or not? he's here. are you a buffalo bills fan? >> i'm a huge fan. >> want to stick around?
12:43 am
"death in love" opens in new york and los angeles tomorrow. we'll be right back with terrell owens. so i get a night free. you. me. getaway. really? #where? anywhere you want. a bed and breakfast? bed and breakfast. check. a place by the beach? a place by awesome. oh, you are smart. accumulate 10 nights and get a night free. welcome rewards .from smart. so smart.
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awesomé. h whoa! honey honey honey honey honey! okay... i mean... you can't... this isn't a stove, alright? i mean... what if i just walked into the kitchen and started making a salad? - that'd be weird. - right? i mean, look, there's a technique. - okay... - ( strikes match ) wow. it's okay, everyone. - thanks, hon. - you're welcome. announcer: yep, it's that easy, - with kingsford match light. - ( match strikes ) hi, there, we're back with
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josh lucas. pitbull is on the way. if ever a pro athlete was tailor made for a reality tv show, it's our next guest. over the past 13 nfl seasons, no player has caught more touchdown passes, or worn out more welcomes than him. his new series on vh1, "the t.o. show" premieres monday. please welcome the newest buffalo bill, terrell owens. [ cheers and apppplause ] you just made it. good to see you. >> appreciate it. >> how's everything? >> good. >> what happened in dallas exactly? the last time -- it seemed to be going well. you seemed to be really kind of like really getting going well, like really -- you formed a bond with your teammates. i think you may have cried when someone criticized one of your teammates. >> all that sounds good and correct. >> and now you're in buffalo. >> yeah. again, i have no earthly idea what happened. i'm clueless.
12:48 am
>> are you in therapy at all? >> sometimes i think i need to be. >> sometimes you want to say what's going on? i don't understand what's happening. each time i go somewhere it starts out so wonderfully and at the end they're throwing my luggage at me. >> you know what, things happen, that's life. you know, i have moved on. now i'm in buffalo looking for a great season. >> you know, that's the thing. now, do you really want to go to buffalo? >> absolutely. >> you do? >> want to go with me? >> not really. [ laughter ] i would, but i don't feel like you'll be there long. i don't know why. >> i'm there for a year. >> you're there for a year. do you think that's it? do you think you'll want to stay there for a while? >> who knows? >> see how it goes. now, josh, you're friendly with buffalo bills fans. how do you think it will go for t.o. in buffalo? >> i'm part of the bills backers in los angeles and the season ended with a guy crashing a bottle of jack daniels over my
12:49 am
head and saying, you don't understand pain! >> see, they take football very, very seriously in buffalo. i mean, very seriously. if you go there and fool around what sgees -- what's going to happen, josh? >> bring back a championship or they'll kill you. >> you should probably just not go. [ laughter ] because you have the reality show. you don't need football anymore. >> no, it's going to be an interesting year. i'm looking forward to it. again, with all the stuff that's happened this off season, you know, i put that behind me and i have been filming my reality show for the last four months and it airs on monday. i'm looking forward to that. >> i know you say you put it behind you, but tony romo, i don't think you're particularly friendly with him. >> okay. >> you should -- you should try to date jessica simpson. [ cheers and applause ] that would be something? >> that would be something.
12:50 am
but i don't know if she likes black guys. i don't think her dad would allow that. >> really? >> i don't know. >> why not? you don't think her dad would allow her to date black guys? >> well, i'm definitely handsome. >> as a matter of fact, this billboard is one that i see driving in to work almost every day. on it, you are -- you appear to be completely naked. you appear to be thinking where did i put my underpants? [ laughter ] are you actually naked that? >> that's what it looks like. >> but you're not really? >> that's what it looks like. >> but i mean, josh wears a sock and his private parts when he's with an old lady. >> what does it look like, josh? >> it looks like an old sock. >> you know, this humorously this was above an elementary school. >> i had nothing do with it. >> but you're like a lightening rod for this sort of thing.
12:51 am
what's this show going to be? are you dating people, are you in a house with a viking helmet? >> no. i was in -- i am seeing someone that's on the show. >> oh, you are? >> so, yeah, there's been a range of emotions that's happened throughout the show. >> really? >> you'll be able to see that. >> will she come to buffalo with you? >> possibly. >> have you discussed this with her? >> yes, i have. >> you have? >> trust me, she's not in the dark about it. >> she's not? but she knows's cold and all that stuff there? >> yeah, i think everyone knows it's cold in buffalo. that's not a secret. >> you are -- you're renting a place in buffalo? >> well, i'm currently homeless right now. >> you are? >> i was renting a place until the idiotic realtor -- >> used your name -- >> she notified the press that i was renting a place at this -- at this one address and scheduled the news to come in there and take a tour of my
12:52 am
place and all that good stuff. >> that seems like a little bit of an invasion 06 -- invasion of privacy. >> you would think. >> however, you're doing a reality show. >> i wasn't doing it in that place. >> are you doing it in your real place? >> i don't have a place. >> not at all? oh, we have to get you a winnebago or something. >> trust me that's on a option. >> did you talk to your teammates and did you have a conversation, and say, listen, this time it's going to be different? >> no, i haven't had to. i think with the way that things went in dallas, i'm very comfortable with how i left. knowing that i established a lot of great friendships there and those guys in the locker room know that the things that are being reported about me out there aren't true. so i have no qualms about anything that happened. you know, could i have done some things throughout my career, but my last two or three years in dallas i felt like i did the necessary things to maintain. >> is it fair to say that you
12:53 am
don't get along that well with quarterbacks? >> no, actually i think -- for the most part, tony and we did get along. >> you did? >> we did. as far as what happened after the season, as far as my departure from the cowboys, you asked me that earlier, i still don't know. >> you don't know? nobody explained anything to you? >> no. >> did anyone try? >> you'll see something about it in the reality show. >> oh, really? >> stay tuned. >> i will stay tuned. is it just the one girl or do you have like 25 of them -- >> no, 25 is a little bit excessive. i can't handle 25. >> i mean with a body like this i think you could. if i had a body like this i would handle 25. >> i did. [ laughter and applause ] >> you sure did. you did it in like an hour. you have to get on craigslist, you can get an apartment. you can get a whole bunch of girls, the whole thing. >> i have to check that out. >> good luck. i hope it goes well for you in
12:54 am
buffalo. but, you know what? you're a great player. even if it doesn't go well, another team will always want you on the team. >> well, that's the thinking, but a, you know, right -- but, you know, i'm looking forward to the one year that i have. hopefully it can go beyond that. >> i've got you a present by the way. these are receiving gloves for buffalo. >> nice. >> terrell owens, everybody. "the t.o. show" premieres monday, july 20 at 10:00 p.m. on vh1. and at the espys sunday night at 9:00. we'll be right back with pitbull. just because they're inside you doesn't mean they're protected. oh, ladies. let's say ou have osteoporosis. i do. you could be losing !bone strength. can i get it back? (announcer) sk your doctor how to help treat osteoporosis with once-a-month # actonel. actonel is clinically proven to .help reverse boe loss and can help increase bone strength to help prevnt frctures. so you can get back some of what you lost. do not take actonel if you have low blood calcium, severe kidney disease, or cannot sit or stand for 30 minutes.
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well, this is his new cd. it comes out september 1 called "rebelution." here with the song "i kn you want me, calle ocho", pitbull. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:59 am
>> we're going to put this thing down for you in fine style. i want to say kimmel, i appreciate your love. make some noise we do it like this. ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four uno, do, tres, cuatro ♪ i know you want me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ i know you want me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ i know you want me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ i know i want you me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four uno, do, tres, cuatro ♪ ♪ rumba si ella quieresu rumba ♪ ♪ como rumba si ella quiere su rumba ♪ he's hot! ♪ ♪ r.i.p., uh, bigg and pac that he's not but damn he's hot ♪ ♪ now watch him make a movie like albert hitchcock, ha, enjoy me ♪ ♪ i want you want me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ i know you want me you know i want cha ♪
1:00 am
♪ i know you want me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ i know you want me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four uno, do, tres, cuatro ♪ ♪ ♪ and they love to do everything and anything ♪ ♪ and they love gettin' it in gettin' on all night long, ♪ i know you want me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ i know you want me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ i know you want me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four uno, do, tres, cuatro ♪ ♪ baby you can get it if you with it, we can play ♪ ♪ baby, i got cribs i got condos we can stay ♪ ♪ even got a king size mattress we can lay ♪ ♪ baby i don't care i don't care, what they say ♪ ♪ i know you want me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ i know you want me
1:01 am
you know i want cha ♪ ♪ i know you want me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ i know you want me you know i want cha ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four uno, do, tres, cuatro ♪ ♪ one, two, three, four uno, do, tres, cuatro ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:02 am
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1:04 am
well, thanks to josh lucas, thanks to terrell owens. our apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night, teri hatcher, danica patrick and daughtry will join us. "rebelution" is in stores september 1. playing us off the air with "hotel room service", once again, pitbull. good night! ♪ ♪ meet me at the hotel room meet me at the hotel room ♪ ♪ meet me at the hotel room


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