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tv   ABC2 News at 630PM  ABC  August 2, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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. now abc 2news. >> while the storms didn't soak everybody today but a lot of people found themselves in the middle of a downpour as heavy storms rolled across much the east coast. showing the skies pretty dry but still clouds in the air. its been another wet and stormy day, especially this morning. it's not over yet. storms have knocked overpower in parts of south ocean city. police are directing traffic in some areas because lights are out. we have warnings to talk about. >> yes. just about eight minutes ago the national weather service gave a tornado warning down here in the southern portion of
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the east eastern shore. very heavy thunderstorm over the top of the area. you can see it right there. at this point we haven't gotten confirmation of a touchdown but of course if people are in the area they are getting very heavy rain. i have turned the radar off so you can see the return better. what we will do is zoom into that area right down in that area where that thunderstorm activity is. you can see how big that storm is. again a tornado warning is in effect for both counties for about the next 45 minutes. here in the metro area partly cloudy, mild temperatures in the 70s. what about a return of thunderstorm activity later tonight or tomorrow? we will have the forecast coming up. >> thank you. the clean up continues after three tornadoes touched down last friday. heavy rain and high winds caused a lot of damage. the storms left aimful
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destruction in their wake. no one was seriously hurt but it was the worst damage the town was seen in more than a decade. we haven't been the only ones battered by storms. one person died and 75 were hurt when a storm collapsed an outdoor stage in canada. it happened at a country music festival. organizers canceled today's closing day concerts. you know despite the rain and clouds there is a lost happy smiles at baltimore ravens camp. derek mason was back on the field. >> reporter: derek mason was retired for three weeks but today he was back in the purple and black on the field giving the ravens that number one receiver they need. he was introduced to mostly
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cheers. he said when he retired he was sincere and admits the murder of steve mcnair did play a role. phone call from teammates helped. all signs the ravens wanted him back and derek said it wasn't about money, he is back to help them win. >> i don't want to hear about contracts, i don't want that to be a carrot over my head. i didn't get expenses. haven't been talking about extensions. i'm coming back to play football and try to win the super bowl. >> that sounds just !3dno carrç
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he said it made him ap him think about where his life was headed. after soul searching he was back on the field in westminster this morning. he came tout a a standing ovation at mcdaniel college. he was upset he didn't have the band playing like t.o. had in buffalo it wasn't just the fans. coaches and players giving him a standing o. mason said it meant a lot specifically jarrod gaither call and ask him to come back. john went to his house and said
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take your time but make sure when you come back you're 100 percent committed to football. now he's back and ready to help the ravens go further than they went last year. >> i don't know anything about contracts. i don't want that to be the carrot over my head. i didn't get an extension. i haven't been talking about an extension. i'm coming back to try to win a super bowl. that's it. >> the best part is having derek mason on our football team. >> he didn't renegotiate. would not say if he would play next year saying only quote this season is very important to me. practice went on for everybody else as well. the vets had the day off. willis mcgahue was out there.
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the big scare near mark clayton incomplete. tweaked his hamstring. will likely get a few days to rest. kelly washington making move. marcdarius webb, the cornerback, with the nice juggling interception today wearing chris mccalister's old number. trying to impress reid. the offense made flashes at times and that's what john haba wanted to see. >> both sides of the ball make the other side of the ball. the better we play on the defense, the better the offense will be. we want to see one side dominate and try to bury the other side if possible. we have had give and take so far in camp and, we have to keep that going. >> the ravens are back on the field for an 8:45 practice,
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open to the public. the wheels are coming off the wagons for the oregons. melvin mora picked a fight with dave trembley. he has been held out of the lineup for three days. his time in baltimore may be coming to a close. signing off. top 1, two outs two strikes, bases loaded drew off perkin. clears the bases. three-run two-out double. that's just the way the game started. 7-0 sox. in the bottom of the third, adam jones with the bases loaded, going the other way. brian roberts roberts in to score. back into it at 7-2. not done in the 3rd inning. ty wigginton off the foul pole. two-run shot for wigginton. the o's are back within a run. then it all fell apart again.
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matt albers coming on. victor martinez, youkilis coming in to score. 9-6. still in the 4th, victor martinez, two-out, two-strike. the drop in for two more runs. 13-6. the o's trying to come back again. adam jones, another part of his big day. solo homerun. his 18th of the çseason. made it 14-7. for every pitcher that came in, it was like gasoline on the fire. in the 9th rock a solo shot off jim johnson. the red sox go on to win 18-10. the o's in detroit for a three- game series in detroit starting tomorrow. it sounds as if brian madis will make his major league debut. he was drafted last year only
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got to double-a the middle of this year. looks like he will make his debut in detroit. the yankees and white sox today, this one in chicago. buehrle with a perfect gay game recently. melky cabrera was nearly perfect for the yankees at the plate. makingmaking it 3-0. -- making it 3-0. a hit shy of the cycle and then played into a triple. melky cabrera with the cycle. jimmie johnson winning the race in nascar. we will have high lights of that and update the standings. tiger woods, it's not a major, but it's still a win. tiger, the buick open. highlights of that coming up next. fiber one. i'm looking for some fiber.
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. rachel alexandria the winner. she is not just the best filly but possibly the best horse alive right now. she wins almost setting a track record. no doubt tiger is the best living golfer right now but this has been a bit of a rough year. no major titles, he missed the cut at british open. the three time buick open winner was back in michigan looking to add onto his impressive win list. tiger on the parr 410th hole. look at him work this onto the green. with would parr to stay at 19
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under. greg on the parr four 15th from 50 feet out. he would finish tied for second at 17 under parr. tiger had three birdies all day. 15parr's. that's because of shots like this. look at him work that back. the crowd went crazy for him this is cool. tiger throws a ball into the gallery. i'm sure it was a mad rush for that ball. tiger wins the open. really the big news, the only news for us, derek mason coming back is great for the ravens. >> i'm excited. >> i think all fans are. >> i'm ready for football. >> looking outside a lot calmer than it did earlier but watching weather on the eastern shore. we have the details when we come back. ú
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. lower eastern shore for the next ten minutes a tornado warning in effect. nothing has touched down, just radar indicated. heavy showers and thunderstorms, good possibility as we go through the evening. the forecast for the next seven days. on the hot and humid side. >> all right. we will see you at 11. have a great night.
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