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tv   AB Cs World News With Charles Gibson  ABC  August 3, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight, sales surge. cash for clunkers, lists the auto maskers to their best sales rate in years but will the senate but the brakes on the program? tax talk. the white house says there will know be a middle class tax hike. why didn't the aides rule that out? d minus, several of every send children have a vitamin d deficiency. raising their risk for heart disease. alaska, a town with 150 million people gets $15 million for a new airport and it's your money. and an american bringing the cry to surf's up to a place you and an american bringing the cry to surf's up to a place you would never expect to hear it. captions paid for by abc, inc.
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good evening. you get your car's engine tuned and you feel a new burst of energy. the government creates a cash for clunkers program and the whole auto industry feels a new burst of energy. the nation's automakers reported a burst of sales thanks in large part to the clunkers' trade-in program. ford sales up from a year ago, gm and chrysler saw increased sales as well compared to a year ago although they were still down. still overall good news for an industry who hasn't had much. david muir is at a ford dealer in new york. david. charlie good evening. ford says sales are up, and having a hard time keeping cars on the lot. when is the last time we heard that? the cash for provide a miniboost. it turned out it was a boon for ford. for the first time in two years, sales were up year to year.
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158,000 new cars and trucks rolled off car lots last month. in detroit, where the industry's pain has been felt the deepest, this couldn't have come at a better time. >> it's been really crowded. we've had customers waiting and a full show room. >> reporter: any lingering program did not keep customers out. in fact, ford is giving the program huge credit. their hot sellers? escape, sales up, and focus, sales up 44%. >> they traded in vehicles like the ford explorer, that got the combined fuel economy in the teens, for something like the ford focus. >> reporter: granted, greater fuel efficiency was part of the deal, but buyers were ready for it. today, chrysler said it, too, was helped by the clunkers program. emerging from bankruptcy earlier this year, the automaker says the program helped stem steep declines in recent months. though sales were still off. gm and chrysler continue to have a little bit of a taint from the
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bankruptcy situation. that ford does not have. >> reporter: chrysler says for the first time in a long time, their inventory is running thin. in recent moms they had a 100-day supply. in some places, it's down to just 40 days, considered very low in the industry. because consumers who want to pick color, model. interior, have less to choose from. this couple wanted to buy a new chrysler today. the car they were looking for was sold out. >> i was looking at the compass. there's no more left in the country, i heard. >> reporter: in fact the real question tonight for these automakers is whether or not to rev up production to keep up with increased demand or whether or not this is really for the cash for clunkers program which ends friday according to the white house unless the senate approves more money, charlie. david muir, ford dealer in new york. david poses the question. will the senate approve more money to keep the cash for clunkers program going beyond the week.
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jonathan karl joins us, i know they approved $2 billion more for the program. what's the senate going to do? >> reporter: no guarantee they'll do the same thing. there are hurdles to passing that bill. a big one cleared a short while ago when senator dianne feinstein who opposed the program because she didn't think fuel efficiency standards were high enough. said she favors it. points out offer average the cars people bought got nine miles per gallon better mileage than the clunkers she traded in. with her support makes it more likely she'll pass on the senate. >> of course they have the vote fs it came up to pass it. i gather conservatives are opposed to this. why? >> they are adamantly opposed. in fact you see the overwhelming majority of republicans oppose this program. because it's mismanaged. look at chaos created at dealerships around the country. they say yeah, it's popular. dropping dollar bills out of
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airplanes is also popular. that said, charlie in my conversations with republican senators today, i get the sense they'll vote against it but will not block this, will not keep it coming from a vote that means it will r will ultimately pass. >> thanks very much. jonathan karl on capitol hill. on the money, whatever you're driving it cost more to fill it up. gas prices rose to an average 2.56 a gallon. stocks got a boost on construction spending. it had been expected to fall but rose 0 .03. dowel jump to 1 1/4% up. s&p 500 ended above 1,000 fort first time since last fall. at the white house, reporters wanted to know if the president was backing away from his campaign pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class. over the weekend two president
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economic advisers would not rule out a middle class tax increase. so what's up? the president said one thing, top advisers say another. she's jake tapper. >> reporter: this morning in his daily economic briefing, president obama felt the need to reeducate two of his administration's top economic officials that as a candidate, he promised to not raise taxes on the middle class. treasury secretary tim geithner had told george stephanopoulos that reducing health care costs will not be enough to reduce the deficit. >> that's necessary, but not sufficient. we're going to do some other things, as well. >> so revenues are on the table, as well? you can't rule it out. >> reporter: by revenues, of course, george means new taxes. >> well, i think that what the country needs to do is understand we're going to have to do what it takes. >> reporter: national economic council director larry summers suggested the president does not want to burden middle class families, but tax increases could happen. >> there is a lot that can happen over time. but the priority right now, so it is never a good idea to absolutely rule things -- rule
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things out, no matter what. >> reporter: the white house today tried to walk back both men's messages. >> the president made a very clear commitment to not raise taxes on middle class families. >> reporter: but the president's ambitious agenda, especially deficit reduction, might make require phrasing taxes on middle class. >> we're going to have to have higher revenue and that means additional taxes. the size of this problem is so big, that you can't address it by just taxing a tiny slice on the top. >> reporter: one study released today from the associated press indicates that tax receipts are on pace to drop 18% this year, the biggest drop since the great depression. individual income tax receipts are down 22%. corporate income taxes are down 57%. and the deficit this year, charlie is expected to reach almost 1.9 trillion. and some economists estimate it's $1 trillion for the next 10
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years which is truly unsustainable. jake tapper at the white house. thanks. overseas, the pentagon disclosed secretary robert gates flu overseas to a clan defendant tine meeting with leaders in afghanistan. prompted by a worsening situation on the ground. martha raddatz also joins us from washington. marsha. >> reporter: good evening, this was unprecedented and topic more troops for afghanistan. they descended on this military base in belgium. defense secretary robert gates, mike mullin, centcom commander david pet news and general stanley mccrystl, recently put in charge of troops in afghanistan. sources tell abc news that
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another dramatic increase in troops is suggested. four to six brigades in 2010, anywhere from 12,000 to 27,000 troops. that's in addition to more than 20,000 troops president obama already approved. also recommended, an increase in the afghan national army from a goal of 134,000 to 240,000. something mccrystl has talked about in broad terms. >> i think we need to accelerate its development and grow larger. >> but it is adding u.s. troops that would be the most controversial. in the past, secretary gates made it clear he would have to think long and hard about that. >> we need to look very carefully at how our strategy is proceeding, some months down the road, before i would contemplate forwarding a recommendation for additional troops to the president. >> reporter: a u.s. military official tells abc that the drawdown from iraq would have to be accelerated in order to add more troops to afghanistan, but
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there may be no other choice than to do just that. july was the worst month in afghanistan since the war began with 76 troops killed, and already in august, nine have died. now, there have been no decisions made about the troop increase, charlie, or whether there will be a troop increase. this is an ongoing assessment by general mccrystal, but i do think there will be some changes in strategy upcoming. >> all right, martha raddatz reporting from washington, thanks to you. iran today accused three american ike hikers who crossed into american territory over the weekend of being cia agents. called the accusations ridiculous. secretary of state hillary clinton called on iran to provide information on the whereabouts of the three. and spokesman for the family of pilot navy scott spiker wants to know how he died.
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he was shot down shortly after the beginning of the persian gulf war in 1991. he was the only american miss anything that war and disappearance prompted spec station he might be held captain. the navy announced yesterday his remains had been found. still ahead on "world news," a new study finds millions of children lack an essential vitamin. why is a tiny town with no paved roads or stop lights getting a new million dollar ain't? paid for with your money. and riding waves in a surprise place. surfing catches on in a place better known for shooting. to lower your bad cholesterol but your good cholesterol and triglycerides are still out of line? then you may not be seeing the whole picture. ask your doctor about trilipix. if you're at high risk of heart disease and taking a statin to lower bad cholesterol, along with diet, adding trilipix can lower fatty triglycerides
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michael jackson's mother has been granted permanent custody of the singer's three children. today a judge in los angeles approved katherine jackson's guardianship petition. also award her a monthly alawns for raising the children but the amount was not reelvooed. in medical news researchers said millions of children are sorely lacking a vitamin crucial to their health. studies know 70% of u.s. children and adolescents don't get enough vitamin "d." a deficiency that causes brittle bones to heart disease. why are they deficient? here's john mckenzie.
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>> reporter: millions of children in this country are not getting enough vitamin d which, is a wake-up. >> it affects entire population of children and adolescents. >> reporter: sample blood tests indicate more than 58 millilack vitamin d. >> i didn't know how many children were involved. >> reporter: called sunshine vitamin used to get what they needed be playing outdoors a few times a week p. using sunscreen interfere was vitamin decht r "d" production, and drinking less milk another valuable source. results found teenager was low levels of vitamin "d" were more likely to have high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. joe ellen welsh has seen
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evidence under a microscope. >> in the laboratory we've seen that vitamin "d" with directly affect the cells in the blood vessels that control blood pressure. the heart cells, fat cells. >> reporter: recommended daily intake for children is 400 international units of vitamin "d," the amount in a basic multi vitamin. but only 4% of children actually take a supplement. many researchers believe that dose is not enough. institute of medicine reviews government guidelines debating whether the daily recommended intake should be increased. especially when there's such a simple solution to aproblem affecting so many americans. john mckenzie, abc new, new york. our medical unit put together information on various you'll find it at our blog, the coming up, the remote village getting a pricey new airport paid for with your money. i'm used to it. three ?
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purina cat chow. share a better life. at least 26 people injuried this morning, four of them seriously when a continental airlines jet ran into severe
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turbulence. continental flight with 179 on board was diverte skrerted to m. after it suddenly lost altitude and threw minings around the cabin. next turning to an airport because it's new, and built essentially in the middle of new where. in this case it's ouzinkie, alaska where there are no planes, or people. but they're getting what aamounts to $100,000 per resident to build that airport. as neal karlinsky reports it's your money. >> reporter: we're on a tiny plane headed to a place called ouzinkie, alaska. so small and remote most alas n alaskans have never heard of it. our plane lands on a gravel runway in the middle of a field, no tsa, no buildings, nothing.
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>> not only does this place not have a single stoplight, there are no paved roads, no stores. there isn't even really a town. just a collection of dirt roads and some houses. >> reporter: yet ouzinkie has hit the federal stimulus jackpot. as federal money is carved up for airport improvements nationwide, $15 million has been sent here for a brand new airport. >> i would say it's fair we get this money. we need this airport, we really do. >> reporter: the tribal council says flying in now is too dangerous because of strong winds and short runway. but even some villagers think the federal money is a joke. >> that's an awful lot of money for a little village. i don't know how it happened, but it happened. >> reporter: it didn't just happen here. tiny villages across the state have received similar grants. all chosen by the faa after the state of alaska submitted a wish list of airport improvements. >> our rural citizens have the same needs as our urban citizens, and we are not in a
6:52 pm
position to judge which are more important. >> reporter: but like a lot of people who live here, longtime resident william delgado doesn't even use the airport. he takes a 30-minute trip to kodiak, where there is a regional airport. >> you don't need a lot of airports for a couple of people. >> reporter: construction on the new airport has already begun. millions aside, locals complain that they're not getting many jobs our of it. the new runway is being built by outsiders, who come and go by plane. neal karlinsky, abc news, ouzinkie, alaska. and when we come back. using a board to build a dream. you might call this surfing for peace. to stay on top of my game after 50,
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finally tonight, a peaceful pursuit in a troubled region. when you hear about the middle east, it usually conjures up images of deserts, frequent violence and war. but as abc's simon mcgregor-wood found, it's an undisputed paradise. >> reporter: think of gaza -- and you probably think of this -- or this -- but not this! according to members of the gaza surfing union, just 20 members so far, it's the next big thing. "when i surf i feel free," he says, "and you don't often feel free in gaza." there's real passion here and some talent, but when hamas took over, israel sealed the borders, and now there is a desperate shortage of equipment. when surfing started in gaza 15 years ago, this was the only surf board there was, when an
6:57 pm
american surfer named dorian paskowitz heard about that, he decided to help. no ordinary surfer, this 88-year-old jewish doctor from hawaii. >> all of a sudden i see in the paper a picture of two guys with one old board, there are surfers in gaza, but no boards! >> reporter: so he started surfers for peace, to reach out the hand of friendship to gaza's surfers, and two years ago, he managed to get these 12 boards into gaza. "it doesn't matter if you're christian or jewish," he says, it was a try umt of enormous proportion. "we are so grateful to dorian and anyone who helps us." dorian longs to surf in gaza, but its boarders remained sealed shut to him. but members of the gaza surfing un yong still surf with his boards and dream one day of
6:58 pm
surfing with a friend they never met. >> within five years the palestinians will be over here surfing in contest. >> reporter: and will you be here? >> inshallah! god willing. >> reporter: simon mcgregor-wood, abc news, gaza. 123467 and that's "world news" for this monday, i'm charlie gibson. i hope you had a good day. for all of us at abc news, have i hope you had a good day. for all of us at abc news, have a good day. captions by vitac
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