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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  August 5, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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kim jong-il, were some of the nuclear negotiators for the north korean side, which raises the question, what really happened in that meeting? a lot of questions going to be asked on that in days to come. 20 hours on the ground to get their return. that's all it was. want to go back to kate snow, see what you're hearing now. >> reporter: we hear the plane, diane, which is on the other side of the door behind me. it's unclear, if they're going to disembark fully outside. or if they will come and use the staircase here that says welcome home. we'll have to wait a few minutes to see. you talk about the family and friends. what a day this must be for them. you can only imagine the emotions here. 140 days they've gone without seeing these 2 women. and the families are gathered in a back room. they're waiting for the plane to come into this area, we believe. or for the family to come into this area. and we hope to hear from them. it will be interesting to hear how the women talk about how they were treated. we haven't heard very much about their daily life when they were in north korea. we haven't heard much about the
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politics from their point of view, whether they felt like political pawns in all of this. so, i suspect we may hear some of that this morning. i also suspect we'll hear a lot of gratitude and thanks for what's been accomplished for them. >> yes, kate. everyone involved, including the obama administration, withholding their words until the two journalists are back safe and sound here. you've been spending some time in the community there, kate. i know you arrived yesterday. what has been the reaction from family and friends? >> reporter: you know, overnight, very little reaction. i think everybody's just sort of holding their breath, waiting for all this to happen. but we did talk to laura ling's father, who told us that he knew this day was coming. as soon as he heard that bill clinton would go, he knew that it would work. they were very confident because, as martha mentioned, the phone call came in july his daughter. saying, if you send bill clinton, they will release us. the family, i think, had a turning point, as soon as they knew that president clinton was on his way to north korea. they expected this moment that
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we're seeing this morning, to happen. i don't know what other adjectives to use, other than ecstatic, thrilled. i was talking to someone from current tv, who told me, we're so happy we can finally talk. they've been holding their words, all this time, not wanting to interfere with the process. >> you can only imagine the conversation that took place on that plane, on the way here. and suddenly, to go from a north korean arrest, to this private plane, winging your way home. a couple of personal details, once again. you mentioned laura ling's father, doug. mother, mary will be there. of course, lisa ling, as robin said. she is married to an investment banker, iain clayton. met him on a concert date. and he has been writing to her every, single day she was away. there's a letter for every day she was away. euna lee, married to an actor,
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micha micha michael saldate. she was born in south korea, euna lee was. >> moved to the u.s. in '95. >> moved to the u.s. in '95. martha, what does the administration do now? and say now? do they try to keep distance from this, to preserve the insistence that this is separate from any nuclear negotiations with the south koreans? >> reporter: i think you will hear that over and over again, diane, that this is separate. and in fact, they said last night in a conference call, we made clear in every communication we had with the north koreans, and president clinton made clear in all his conversations, that this was a purely private, humanitarian mission, being solely for the release of the two journalists. but the white house official also said, i'm sure president clinton gave kim jong-il his al views on a a
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on went over there as a private citizen. but again, the administration certainly was involved in trying to negotiate the release of these, young women. washington correspondent, george stephanopoulos, though. george, we did hear a north korean statement that said, a personal message was delivered from the obama administration. does there a message, even a message of thank you for the release? >> nothing from president obama. the white house jumped on that. i was actually e-mailing a top white house official, when that north korean report crossed the line. and this person was insisting that is simply not the case. no message from president obama was delivered. president clinton delivered his own personal messages of thanks and congratulations. although, he didn't repeat the apology that secretary clinton
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had given for the journalists crossing the border a few weeks ago. and president clinton also, as martha was just saying, gave his own views on the nuclear situation. and made it pretty clear to the north, consequences would be if they didn't come around and rejoin the six-party talks, as opposed to direct negotiations with the united states. but every, single white house official i talked to was adamant about this. no message whatsoever, from president obama. >> you say no message, george. everyone is ecstatic that laura ling and euna lee are back in the u.s. but a lot of folks want to know, long-term, going forward, the political implication of this, like you were talking about. >> and there is a danger here. again, white house officials, even though they knew they had no choice but to approve president clinton's visit, once the north koreans asked for it, were worried about it. they're thinking about the three hikers in iran, who have been arrested by the iranians. they think the iranians look at
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how this whole thing unfolded. they'll say, wait. we'll do exactly the same thing. we'll demand a meeting with a high-level envoy. it could set up copycat situations around the world. the precedence is dangerous. and the sense of legitimacy it gives kim jong-il is dangerous. so much of the administration's strategy over the last several weeks and months, as the north koreans have restarted their nuclear program, have had missile tests, is to say the north koreans are isolating themselves. they're cutting themselves off from the world with their behavior. you see these pictures all around the world, with bill clinton sitting next to kim jong-il, it counters that message. >> why did they do it? >> just because they had to get the women out. the families had, i think, a very effective public relations campaign. a great deal of sympathy for the women. i think it would be morley irresponsible to allow them to languish in these north korean
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prisons. i don't think they had much of a choice. what they have to do now is limit the damage. >> want to tell everybody, lisa ling just went onboard the plane. customs officials, even they have to go through customs. and the customs officials are onboard right now. lisa ling has been tireless, tireless in the effort to make sure whom she calls her best friend, her sister, comes home. her baby sister comes home. the website, which was counting down the days, every, single day, you would see a new day added. and now, it just says, they are free. >> they were arrested back on march 17th. you think about how long and how much these two have endured. kate, they're going through customs. it's going to take a bit more time before they are there for the ceremony. and i'm sure, standing room only right now. >> that's what we're hearing. right. it's standing room only for the
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press right now, robin. there's really not any v.i.p.s or family remembers. i don't know if you can pan over to the white chairs. you can see where the v.i.p.s will sit. but they're not here yet. we think they're doing customs outside. there's a number of formalities when you come into the country from overseas. and in this case, probably more formalities than usual. they may be having their health checked, as well. we do know that one of them had an ulcer, or has an ulcer. and they may just want to have their physical when they're on that plane. we're not sure. no one's really telling us much here, in terms of how quickly they'll come into the hangar. we await them coming in. i just want to quote from lisa ling, who you saw go on to the plane. she said to us, a couple of months ago in an interview. she said, my sister is my best friend on earth. we travel all over the world. there isn't a single day we haven't spoken. i can be in the himalayas, she
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can be in the ukraine, we'll get a phone call to each other. it's been painful to each other. >> want to point out that roger band, the university of pennsylvania emergency physician, traveled with former president clinton. they did have a physician onboard, all the way back. they were taking that precaution. kate, can i ask you to tell everyone, again, about the plane? because it's one of those interesting, 21st century convergence of politics, entertainment and public life. >> reporter: right. if you live in l.a., you've probably heard the name steve bing. he's well-known here. he's a multimillionaire. he owns the hangar i'm standing inside of. he owns the airplane, the 737 they have flown on. he loaned it to bill clinton. he's been a long-time supporter, politicly and as a friend, of former president bill clinton. not unusual will that he would donate the plane and the hangar.
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he's supportive of the foundation, when bill clinton goes to africa to do work for the foundation. he's a philanthropic foundation. a very wealthy person. the plane, i can imagine, is luxurious on the inside. and as robin said, quite a change going from north korea and a prison cell to that luxury airplane. >> and that luxury airplane, the stairs are going back up, again, kate. i think you're right when you said earlier, they're going to bring -- >> reporter: the doors are opening here. >> right. they're going to bring the plane in. and let them depart -- disembark that point. >> reporter: we think they're towing the plane inside. >> have to think that one of the things lisa might be preparing if two of them for, is the size of the crowd and the dimension of the interest in this in the country. >> they have no idea. they have no idea what the reaction has been. but the families, they issued a statement overnight. they said president obama,
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secretary clinton, u.s. state department, for their dedication to and hard work on behalf of american citizens. they especially wanted to thank president bill clinton for taking on such a mission. and vice president al gore, for his tireless efforts. we heard from george stephanopoulos moments ago, about the reaction from the white house. we have our chief white house correspondent, jake tapper on the phone now. what are you hearing, jake? >> reporter: you know, this has been going on for a while, the preparation for this. the women have been, since mid-july, or since the spring, rather, able to talk to their families on the phone. and last month, just a few weeks ago, during one of the calls, the women said that the north koreans would be willing to release them if former president bill clinton would come as an envoy. and vice president gore, who works -- who founded current tv, their employer, directly made the appeal to president clinton. interestingly, president obama has not spoken to president clinton since march. this was done in coordination
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with his national security team. and the obama administration has been very sensitive about making sure that the world and north korea knew, that in their view, this was a separate humanitarian mission, by president clinton, as a private citizen. even though they were abreast of all of the developments. >> and we are told that president obama is going to be traveling to indiana today. he will have something to say onboard. and secretary of state hillary clinton spoke. but she was very measured. in fact, she told the press corps at one point, you only have two questions each. don't waste one of your questions because i have limited things i'm going to say about north korea. she did refer to him as, my husband. >> she did. >> she had spoken with her husband, she said, about the mission. and everyone was glad that the girls -- that the young women are home. let me ask you, jake, any intelligence information that you know has already come from former president clinton? there's been so many questions
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about kim jong-il's health. about who surrounded him. about succession questions. >> reporter: nothing they're sharing right now. obviously, the clintons have a complicated relationship with the white house. but on this mission, the white house and the clintons have been functioning, you know, as one unit. while the white house was abreast of all of the president's comings and goings -- in fact, after the north koreans announced that bill clinton's plane had taken off, white house sources said that was not true. and sure enough, the north korean news agency withdrew that last night. they have not been forthcoming about the intelligence that bill clinton may have picked up on the trip. >> we want to hear more about that. thank you, jake. kate, the families are now -- they've left the room. they're now there in the -- where you are. >> reporter: yeah. i don't know if you can see, robin. but we're trying to get you a shot there, of little hannah. do you see her? she's wearing a pink sweater.
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>> we see her. >> reporter: with her dad, michael. that is euna lee's little girl, who has been waiting for her mom to come home. also, vice president al gore is within view here. he's standing about four people behind them. and i can't quite make out if laura's husband is there. but i think he is. everybody just waiting for these stairs to pull up. they're pushing thstairs up now. there's a big, green banner on the stairs that says welcome home. >> and we know that lisa ling got on the plane to be with her sister, just moments ago. she's on the plane, as well. i can only imagine what that reunion must have been like, for those two sisters. >> yes. so many tears, as they talk to each other on the telephone. lisa, i know, woke up every day, saying what haven't we done? what can we do? what can we do? waiting for the door to open. >> reporter: i'm keeping my eye -- >> go, kate.
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>> reporter: i'm keeping my eye on this little girl. she's so anxious. >> can we have another shot of her? can we get the cam are over there? >> reporter: can you pan left there? here she comes. she's bounding up. it breaks your heart. >> let's just watch this door open and watch this scene.
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this day, we know, this moment, we know, these two families dreamed of every, single night, before they fell asleep. >> they have waited for this moment. we're expecting to hear from laura ling and euna lee. also former vice president, al gore, who helped, as we've been telling you, in their safe return. but these pictures say it all.
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>> a personal story, written so large on a political stage. hearts pounding. and at the same time, entire nations around the world, watching to see what the geo-political repercussions will be. >> can't help but also think that the three hikers in iran. and how the iranians, as jake said, are looking upon this. >> a 4-year-old, now, clinging to her mother. as we know, 4-year-olds, with all the cameras flashing, seeing her mother again after 140 days. >> what were you saying earlier? that she was told her mom was at work? >> her mom was at work, and working. and hoping every day she'd be back soon.
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there, again, is former vice president al gore. and i believe, with him, is the co-founder of current tv, joel hyatt. and that is mrs. ling. doug and mary ling, the parents of laura ling. >> and they may still have medical testing to undergo. there's former president bill clinton, now. >> john podesta, of course, former clinton chief of staff. headed the obama transition team. currently running the center for american progress, who also traveled. >> wonderful how he let euna lee
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and laura ling go first and have the moment with their families before he disembarked. >> he also took with him david stroud, who is a retired u.s. diplomat. served at the korea desk at the state department, formally. and justin cooper, who has worked on his autobiography, and worked for the clinton foundation. and as we said earlier, the brother of a long-time clinton aide, who is a physician, an emergency physician, roger band. jake tapper? >> reporter: yes, diane. >> do you have a statement from former president clinton? >> reporter: that's right. bill clinton's office says, quote, i'm happy after this long ordeal, laura ling and euna lee are home. when vice president gore and the white house asked that i undertake this humanitarian mission, i agreed.
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i share a deep feeling of relief that they are home. you see bill clinton, who does not look happy in any of the photographs from north korea, talks about being requested to go by vice president gore, the white house, and the families of the two, young journalists. interesting underlining by the former president. >> and, george stephanopoulos, for al gore to place that call to bill clinton. tell us about that moment. >> well, it count have been all that easy. on the other hand, i think he knew it was the only way the north koreans were going to let the journalists go. al gore had been expected. and didn't expressed -- to be the envoy on this matter. gore had no choice but to make the phone call. their relationship got tense after the 2000 campaign. and they reconciled as of late. and this is helping to bring them together a bit because they both wanted these journalists
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home. martha raddatz, you're watching along with us. and we're saying, we saw former president bill clinton, there on north korean soil, quite different from what we see right now. and how he was requested to go there. knew he had to do it. and knew this would be the successful outcome. but still had to be very difficult. >> reporter: very difficult. but, you know, i'm struck, as i watch this beautiful moment, that the beat i cover sometimes, diplomacy, can be very dry, very dull, very nuanced. but this is really the lovely side of diplomacy. a perfect outcome here, with the families moving -- very moving. very moving video. what happens next will be even more difficult. i think all eyes will be back to north korea, to see what the north koreans do next because, as you know, they've been very belligerent over the last five months. but for now, this is the result of this diplomacy. and it is a happy, happy moment
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for all. i do think we'll hear from president obama soon. and probably talk about his relief and delight at this moment. robert gibbs, just a short time ago, in what's called the morning gaggle, spoke about the relief that president obama is feeling. and in fact, president obama had called the families even before the arrival, saying how eager he was to see the families reunited with their loved ones. >> and, martha, what did you read in secretary of state hillary clinton's statement about this this morning? >> reporter: i think she wants to separate what her husband was doing. going over there on a private mission, from these nuclear talks. but there is bound to be some mixture here. there is bound to be -- if there's an opening, if the north koreans want to talk about these nuclear issues, because bill clinton came over there, they're still going to say it was separate from that. but perhaps he opened some doors. and i think one of the reasons they want to keep it separate is, if this goes badly. if the north koreans revert to
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bad behavior again. they can say, it really had nothing to do with this humanitarian mission. >> and here they come to the microphone, laura ling. >> 30 hours ago, euna lee and i were prisoners in north korea. we feared that at any moment, we could be sent to a hard labor camp. and then, suddenly, we were told that we were going to a meeting. we were taken to a location. and when we walked through the doors, we saw, standing before
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us, president bill clinton. [ applause ] we were shocked. but we knew instantly in our hearts, that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. and now, we stand here, home and freed. euna and i would just like to express our deepest gratitude to president clinton and his wonderful, amazing, not to mention supercool team, including, john podesta, doug band, justin cooper, dr. roger band, david stroud, minji kwan,
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and the united states secret service, who traveled halfway around the world and then some, to secure our release. we'd also like to thank president obama, secretary clinton, vice president gore, who we also call al. the swedish ambassador, mats foyer. curt tong. linda mcfaden and the people at the u.s. state department, who worked so hard to win the release of their follow americans. steve bing and his crew. and andrew liverus, and the dow company. and i know i am forgetting a bunch of instrumental people right now. but forgive me in i'm a little incoherent. to our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and to the complete
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strangers with the kindness of hearts, who showed us so much love and sent us so many positive thoughts and energy, we thank you. we could feel your love all the way in north korea. it is what kept us going in the darkest of hours. it is what sustained our faith that we would come home. the past 140 days have been the most difficult, heart wrenching time of our lives. we are very grateful that we were granted amnesty by the government of north korea. and we are so happy to be home. and we are just so anxious right now to be able to spend some quiet, private time, getting reacquainted with our families. thank you so much.
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[ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, the families asked me to say a few words. and on their behalf, all of us at -- and on behalf of the staff and families of current tv, and my co-founder, joel hyatt, we want to welcome laura and euna home. we want to thank president bill clinton for undertaking this mission and performing it so skillfully. and all the members of his team, who played key roles in this. also, to president obama, laura mentioned this. but president obama and countless members of his administration have been deeply
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involved in this humanitarian effort. to secretary clinton and members of the state department, several of whom are here, they have really put their hearts into this. it speaks well of our country that when two american citizens are in harm's way, that so many people would just put things aside and just go to work to make sure that this has had a happy ending. and we are so grateful to all of them. to the thousands upon thousands of people, who have held laura and euna in their prayers, who have written letters and called and sent e-mails, we're very, very grateful. to steve bing and all the folks who have made the flight possible, we say a word of thanks. deep thanks, as well. this has been an ordeal for them. but i want you all to know, your families have been unbelievable.
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unbelievable. passionate, involved, committed, innovative. you'll hear a lot of stories. and they're looking forward to hearing a lot of stories from you. but euna, hannah's been a great girl while you were gone. and, laura, your mom's been making your special soup for two days now. and to everybody who's played a part in this, and again, a special thanks to president bill clinton, my partner and friend. so grateful. and ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming out. we're going to let these families have a full and proper reunion now. but thank you for coming out. [ applause ] >> former vice president, al gore. and we are awaiting president obama. we're told that he's getting ready to speak, as well. an enormous, international
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effort, as you see here, all coming down to a 4-year-old daughter and a special soup that was prepared. and as we told you earlier, former president clinton decided not to speak. that he would leave it in the hands of former vice president al gore, who had made the phone call, asking him if he would take up this mission. want to bring in jake tapper at the white house. i'm a little surprised that the president decided to weigh in on this day. jake? >> reporter: well, these been very quiet up until now. he's going to speak in a few minutes, on his way to indiana. he has not wanted to give the north koreans any more attention from him. and he's not wanted to do anything that could jeopardize the mission. now that it's over, i think you'll see more statements from the white house. and more explanation of how they have been involved. it's been very important for the white house to underline the fact that they take this is separate and distinct from north
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korea's nuclear program. and they see it that way. >> they see it that way. and we'll have to wait and see to see if the rest of the world sees it that way, too. laura ling began her statements saysing, 30 years ago, she and euna lee were in prisoners in north korea. and any moment, they fear they would be sent to a hard labor camp. then, they go and see -- >> who can imagine opening that door, when you have no idea where you're heading. and standing there is former president clinton. the two young women have said, that they crossed the border. they did violate the boundary of north korea. it was a question, of course, of proportion. in exchange for that, 12 years of hard labor at a camp in north korea. again, we are waiting for president obama to come. george, your thoughts after washington? >> well, interesting to hear all of the elaborate thank yous. there's so much to go around. they're trying to keep that distance between this mission and the white house. it's hard not to be struck by
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the notion that pretty much the three, key players in this were al gore, secretary of state hillary clinton and former president clinton. it's little back in the '90s here. >> that's true. what does this mean, now, though, that the obama administration needs to do and will do for the three hikers being held in iran? >> that is a key question right now. something that the white house is quite worried about, even as they approved this mission, by former president clinton. they're worried that the iranians, the message the iranians will take away from this, is we should demand something, as well. we should demand some kind of high-level recognition from the united states, in return for releasing the hikers. the administration is going to try to resist that. we'll see how long they're able to do it. >> yes. we're pointing out that the north koreans got their meeting with former president clinton, even though in the meantime, they had launched a long-range ballistic missile, conducted an underground nuclear test and
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caused the united nations to levee economic sanctions on them. >> that's right. and the united states' goal, the other thing that was going on here, is the obama administration, whenever another missile test went off from the north koreans, their response was, we're not going to dignify that behavior by paying attention to it. we're not going to give them the attention they deserve. but in this case, they really didn't have any choice. once the journalists had such a high profile here in the united states, once it was clear that the north koreans were going to demand the presence of an envoy, it was something they had to accept. another key point in this road, to their release, was the decision by secretary of state clinton, now more than a month ago. when she was speaking to martha raddatz, she formally apologized on behalf of the united states. and had to admit that she's women did cross the border and ask for amnesty, rather than say
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they didn't do anything wrong. >> martha, are you with us, as well? martha raddatz? >> reporter: one of the things that george brings up in that interview with hillary clinton, she did issue an apology. but she did make news, calling the north koreans, comparing them to unruly teenagers. as a mother, you need not to pay attention to them. the north koreans blasted back, saying she looked like an old pensioner. crude and rude comments. all this was going on. one thing you really have to watch here with iran and the three hikers, is their immediate reaction. those hikers, last we heard a few days ago, were being interviewed by local authorities, on the border with iraq. in other words, they had not been moved to tehran. if those hikers are moved to tehran within the coming days, i think that is bad news. as george points out, they may want to do the same thing here and get a presidential visit, as well.
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>> as we said, geo-political reverberati reverberations. i want to go back to kate snow. there were so many human moments. a 4-year-old girl, trying to believe that's her mother. and you can see, adjusting after all these months to her mother's face. what else did you see inside the hangar, kate? >> reporter: yeah. i was so close, that i could see her mom, euna,eangng up, as she held her little girl. honestly, it was really powerful. it was hard for me to stand here as a reporter and watch it without tearing up myself. the emotion of all the families. all the family members getting together. and you heard al gore mention, laura ling's mother making the soup. i don't know if you can see how much her mother was touching her and holding her arm. didn't want to let her go. you can see a mother's love for her child knows no bounds, even when she's an older woman who was held in north korea. mom was so touched to have her back here. they've left the hangar now. they've gone out a back way. i've suspected they've gotten in
9:36 am
cars and gone off at this point. they want to have quiet, private time. i took that as a direct message to the media to leave them alone for a little while. a lot of crews have been camped out in front of their house here in los angeles for some time. diane? >> kate, it's robin. how do they look to you? i mean, 140 days. how do they look to you? >> reporter: i have to say, i have not seen either of these women in person before. i've seen them on tv, like everyone else. but laura did look quite thin to me, i would say. she was probably thin before. but she looked very, very thin. but they looked healthy. you know? they were walking around. and they didn't look like in any way they had any impediments. that's a good sign, i think. >> that's a great sign. we're waiting to hear from president obama. he's about to head to indiana. and before he does, he will make a statement concerning the release of laura ling and euna lee.
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>> president obama, approaching the microphone. obviously, waiting until the statements in the hangar had been completed. >> good morning, everybody. i want to just make a brief comment about the fact that the two, young journalists, euna lee and laura ling, have safely back with their families. we are, obviously, extraordinarily relieved. i had an opportunity to speak with the families yesterday, once we knew they were on the plane. the reunion that we've all seen on television, i think is a source of happiness, not only for the families but for the entire country. i want to thank president bill clinton. i had a chance to talk to him before the extraordinary
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humanitarian effort that resulted in the release of the two journalists. i want to thank vice president al gore, who worked tirelessly in order to achieve a positive outcome. i think that not only is this white house, obviously, extraordinarily happy, but all americans should be grateful to both former president clinton and vice president gore, for their extraordinary work. and my hope is that, the families that have been reunited can enjoy the next several days and weeks understanding that because of the efforts of president clinton and gore, they are able to be with each other once again. so, we are very pleased with the outcome. and i'm hopeful that the
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families are going to be able to get some good time together in the next few days. thank you very much. >> you notice there how he was referring to president clinton and vice president gore, saying thanks to their effort, still trying to separate because they want this to be seen as strictly a humanitarian effort to bring these two journalists back home. >> choosing to focus on the human moment. well, we thank george stephanopoulos, jake tapper, martha raddatz, and kate snow for being with us. and you were being with us, as well, for this special report. by my calculation, 140 days, 5,935 miles and 3,440 hours of prayer by 2 families, have brought these 2, young journalists home. this has been a special report for abc news. robin and i thank you again. see you later. (announcer) when verizon brings 100% fiber optics straight to your home it also brings first-class entertainment,
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freedom is a beautiful thing. you just watched it for 55 minutes. thank you for joining us. i'm jamie costello. megan pringle is getting married. let's go to justin berk with the weather. >> we have a day that is warm and sticky, 81, feeling like 83. clouds tried to roll in downtown already. they will continue to try to come into the region with 78 degrees now at parkville middle school as we go into the afternoon temperatures jump in the mid-80s. 85 is our two-degree guarantee. sometime after 2:00 through 5:00 and then beyond we'll develop some showers and thunderstorms as the cold front that will try to take some of this humidity out of here.
9:42 am
i'll have more on the forecast and much more to come. stay with us. we'll be right back. explain. oh yea, well for 6 months, customers get all three: fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month. oh, all right, see... you're just moving your fingers, aren't you? i gotta cut my nails. (announcer) now get three amazing fios services for the price of two. tv, internet, and phone for only... for the first 6 months. it all adds up to one incredible deal from fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v unlike cable, fios brings 100% fiber optics straight to your home, for razor sharp tv, america's top rated internet-- now even faster,
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thank you for the best in the business for sticking around. mike gymble is with us. if this guy don't know what is happening, we don't know. you know the salvia situation. >> it's been around a long time. >> it's a legal high for teens >> reporter: well, what
9:45 am
happened is, it's one of hundreds of herbs that grow mostly in mexico but have been around for thousands of years and what happens are kids through the internet and youtube especially start finding these herbs, they experiment, they find which ones will make them hallucinate. then it goes through youtube and within days it's all overle the world. >> an out of body experience? >> it's much like, yeah, musculine, even a little bit of lsd. the thing about salvia that caught everyone -- that they loved the experience was that it was fast. it only lasts like five minutes but it's a very intense kind of hallucination for a few minutes and the fact is, is that it's illegal in 13 or 14 states and it's illegal in six other countries but in maryland it's been legal. >> mike was telling me a couple of moments ago.
9:46 am
you said it was on the tables here in the state government in annapolis and they didn't do anything bit. >> last year the attorney general and his family were in ocean city and they found salvia. he said he was going to push some legislation. it went up before the legislature. i believe it passed the house but it failed. >> ocean city took it upon themselves. >> ocean city said if the state doesn't take care of it, we will do it ourself. they deserve a lot of credit but we need to take this further in the state of maryland. it needs to be banned throughout the day. >> pay attention, parents. going back to school what did you find? >> a quick rundown for back-to-school. at the end of the summer parents make contact with their kids and all of a sudden -- there's a lot of things we're concerned with. alcohol is the drug of choice. these are flip flops in which the bottom, the heel, is a flask. you literally can put an ounce of alcohol on the bottom and these are high-end, they sell these in ocean city, nordstroms
9:47 am
is selling them. you keep a one-ounce in the heel so that they can literally hide and stash it. we've got magic markers here, our back-to-school markers, well, one of those is real. the other three are actually marijuana pipes. the bottom comes out, and you have a pipe. and these kids can hide these. they have them in highlighters. they can stash them. and they make pipes out of them. energy drinks, huge. off the charts with the young kids. especially the athletes. >> steroids. you've been a - >> the thing about it is they start with these energy drinks. they are taking them to get faster and to get energy and then they start working their way up because right now competitive sports, they want to get bigger, stronger and faster. obviously we're trying to teach them how to do it naturally but there sore many products out there and supplements that give them that boost that it becomes very tempting to do that.
9:48 am
parents need, be aware, learn as much as you can about all this stuff, ask questions, pay attention now that summer is over and back-to-school. >> you put on great seminars for the schools and the parents. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
9:49 am
it's a imreek word that means slice. in imrees they used feta for almost every single meal,
9:50 am
lunch, dinners, whatever. it's a curd that has been brined. like the liquid? it's a salt water brine so you get that kind of tangy salty taste. applications are amazing. they came out with about a hundred million different things you can do with it. plain versions, herbed, french, a little sweeter. we're going to be doing that out of a barrel. cutting that to order coming up at the end of august. this is my latest and greatest, spreadable feta. put it on a pita and you're good to go. >> all feta cheeses are not created equal. >> they are not. that's why when you go to the cheese shop you're going to want to ask them which types of feta they are and give some type of explanation >> the most common we find on greek salads? >> what you'll see, a lot of people are using the cow's milk, it's less expensive to produce that particular kind of feta. like the wegman's traditional,
9:51 am
we call it feta in the united states, it's a cow's milk so it's not traditional. in europe you can only call it feta if it's made with sheep's milk cheese. >> what do you have behind you? >> this here? this is a marinated one from australia. this is just pure decadent. it's in a canola/olive oil base with herbs. you can crush that over the top. we have that from you a strail why to us -- australia to us. we have it available. then you can get flavored ones. if you don't want to add your own herbs, they come tomato herb, mediterranean herb. the greek herbs are on it. this is another fun thing. we have recipes you can pick up in the store. you put a slice of feta on a plank after you soak this in water. top it with roasted tomatoes, bruschetta, whatever you like and put it right on the grill. it gets all gooey and crunchy and you can just have it as a dish. >> very nice job. you love this feta? >> i love feta. it has so many different
9:52 am
applications. for breakfast, lunch, dinner. there's no end to it. >> head to wegman's. it's like cheese alley there. thank you, monica thompson from wigmans. to see this again and again and again or get the recipe, heirloom tomato salad with feta go to click on the gmm tab. we'll be right back with the weather with justin berk. explain. oh yea, well for 6 months, customers get all three: fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month. oh, all right, see... you're just moving your fingers, aren't you? i gotta cut my nails. (announcer) now get three amazing fios services for the price of two. tv, internet, and phone for only... for the first 6 months. it all adds up to one incredible deal from fios.
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if you didn't like yesterday you're definitely not going to like today weatherwise. 79, feels like the low 80s already. notice 60s back west in the mountains. those are the place that's have been under cloud cover throughout the day. those are the places dealing with showers as well. we'll have the warm air stream ahead of it. the radar is not very active but will get more active as showers just beginning to develop back towards the mountains. our forecast model indicating this afternoon there will be showers in the afternoon to the west and also north of philadelphia towards northern new jersey and new york.
9:56 am
give or take a few hours but generally we're expecting the build-up of showers along the line that should be moving through the beltway. this is a 6:30 plot. we could have showers at 4:00 p.m. but this evening we'll deal with showers that will be pulsing along that boundary. they may generate, fade away and come back as we look south of baltimore heading in through 10:30 tonight and on in through tomorrow morning the good possibility of showers lingering near the bay as well. then regenerating more in the afternoon as the boundary gets stuck. that frontal boundary slowly moving through virginia and the delmarva could keep showers around while cooler drier air works from the northwest. we all get into that brand new fresh air mass. by friday should feel much better. this afternoon a better chance of showers and storms, hazy sun now, 85, will feel like close to 90 because of the humidity. 79 overnight with a few spotty showers and storms. tomorrow, back to 83 degrees. 84, the pick of the week looks to be friday. we crank up more of the heat and humidity over the weekend and could be back in the lower
9:57 am
90s as soon as sunday and early next week. remember, we're on-line all the time at today's one of those days to check out the interactive radar there in the middle of the screen. you don't see anything locally, pull out and you'll find something nearby including the showers we were just pointing back in towards the mountains of virginia and west virginia and deep south. >> we have a shorter "good morning maryland" segment at 9:00. so we invite you to to get caught up with the news of the day. a lot happening especially in pittsburgh at that gym. that was horrible. and we'll have more local news on this. so go to we'll see you again tonight at 5:00. have a great day.
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