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tv   AB Cs World News With Charles Gibson  ABC  August 5, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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caro eir release come how did their release come back? what does it mean for foreign willed t the gunman that willed three women and then himself. rote online for months about his his coming rampage. jet seth. millions of dollars to buy new jets for members of congress and it's your money. attery power, why these salt lats could be the next nd eration of electric cars and worl orld leader, grabs attention fo orld leader, grabs attention fo for what he's not wearing. captions paid for by abc, inc. >> good evening, nearly five mo months of captivity in north caro carolina, for american
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euna list, laura ling and euna lee ended w ee ended with a flood of emotion just after dawn this serning in california and you as d see their excitement as they came off the plane. you can feel you can feel relief there being eunited with family and understa nderstand their gratitude for former clinton coming back from korea and gore to work behind the scenes to make it all weppen. we begin with kate snow in los angeles. 00 reporter: they waited 100 days for days for this. euna lee's daughter had been asking for her mother all these onths, her father kept telling her mommy is on a business trip. aura ling's mother couldn't stop huggi her hugging here. a day before her daughter had been a prisoner in north korea. condemned to 12 years of hard suddenly we were t >> suddenly we were told that we were going to a meeting.
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we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. we were shocked, but we knew we were shocked, but we knew instantly in our hearts that th the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> reporter: his mission accomplished, president clinton left the talking today to former vice president al gore, who founded current tv, where the women work. >> your families have been unbelievable. unbelievable. unbelievable. great hanna has been a great girl and which you were gone and your m your mother has been making your special soup for two days now.
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>> reporter: the women spent the shst of the day relaxing with reporter: tes. cial soup madel. by their mother. >> i know that there will be a sushi dinner at some point s extraordinarily relieved. >> reporter: today's menu -- fruit and that special soup made le their mother. neither woman gave any details of their ordeal today, but u.s. officials are certainly looking forward to hearing their story. president obama said today he was extraordinarily relieved. >> the reunion that we've all seen on television, i think is a source of happiness. wh to our loved ones, friends and complete strangers with the kindest of hearts who showed us so much love and positive energy, we thank you. we could feel your love all the way in north korea. it is what kept us going in the darkest of hours. we s what sustained our faith that we would come home. >> reporter: according to laura's steer, lisa the women ere kept in two places a spokesman said they're not sure what they do next.
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lt are exhausted a difficult about.and a lot to think about. ka kate snow in california. rom the time president clinton left left for north korea, by the time he got back 30 hours. fforts to win freedom began afte after they were arrested for rossing the border into north ose efforts hose efforts intensified as re relations with north korea de enior foreign ere's our senior foreign affair affairs correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: the secret .egotiations begin on march 17th, the day ling and lee are r ized by north korean border guards. secretary of state hillary clinton and president barack obama order all appropriate steps taken to secure the er rnalists' release. >> secretary clinton is engaged on this matter right now. >> >> reporter: but the timing is terrible. april 5th, north koreans launch inte intercontinental ballistic missile a month after they test a nuclear device.
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laura ling and euna lee become pawns in a dangerous standoff. june 8th, it gets worse. the two journalists are sentenced to 12 years of hard young women are >> we think that the charges against these young women are absolutely without merit or .s. offion. >> reporter: u.s. officials ur urgently work back channels with help from the swedish ambassador to north korea. in mid july, a breakthrough, but not from diplomats. ling and lee are allowed to call they tell their families that the north koreans will free them if president bill clinton comes to get them. im jong-il sees clinton as a harismatic and powerful force who will attract worldwide attention. clinton's former vice president al gore, who the north koreans had rejected as an emissary, reaches out to clinton. uly 24th, national security he iser jim jones outlines the
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ission to clinton, making it pick uit will be strictly to pick up the journa journalists, not negotiations on nuclear issues. nine ces days later, after determining through a variety of sources that the mission will end in success, bill clinton leaves the u.s. or north korea, and within hours of his arrival, the news, g ending. martha raddatz, abc news, s shington. and jake tapper is joining us from the white house this morning. in part because t jake, president clinton in a written statement said he went in part because the white house mission.m to. those the white house said, on the other hand, this was strictly a asked amission. those statements seem at odds. >> they do, indeed. it. he and i asked a senior administration official about it. president clinton he said they assumed that what fesident clinton meant he coordinated the trip with the white house and it was okay for him to go. this of course gets at of course that's not what president clinton said. this of course gets at the very complicated relationship between president aobama and former president clinton. le et's talk about what i talked
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there's precedent there's precedent here. the americans you get a . gh-level american emissary. >> when > when it comes to states i asked what about iran. this is a cop in a similar three an. seized three americans in that country apparently improperly. a country trying to reset the relations with. a country that wants the u.s. to what if iran does that? what if iran does that? they are not concerned with that ype of situation. the u.s. has a keen interest in getting people out of the about thise this. the american people don't care so much about this precedent they care about results. >> as martha said it was clear this would only be talks about the two women and not other issues. ly bill clinton is the only american in american in a wrong time to see discern-il. there's a lot he might be able to discern. president clinton >> that's right. we have not heard whether or not president clinton has shared his views and shared his experience with president obama. r me experts we spoke to.
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spoke to a former u.s. envoy to north korea. he said e said he thought north korea as looking for a prop as a way of resetting the relationship with the u.s. that with bill they got that with bill clinton. >> all right. jake tapper at the white house gym in. thanks to you. >> last night in a gym in a pittsburgh suburb a man walked in and started shooting. elf.ded nine and killed himself. the he polititian say he had no rela s.lationship with his victims. in fact in s.lationship with his victims. in fact in , fact in an online blog, eorge sodini said the the ability to ability to establish relationships is what drove him over the edge. here's george berman. >> reporter: please say they found a calendar with the schedule of latin impact class circled. attack hinking of the attack since la since last summer. 48-year-old george sodini wanted de till women here.
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an someone was shooting a gun t.side the gym! surreal. >> reporter: and there is nothing anyone could have done latin ent it. >> reporter: around 8:00 p.m., ten minutes into the latin impact dance class, sodini walks in the back of the room wearing gym clothes. he unpacks his bag, turns out elf.lights, and opens fire. chaos. he fires 3 handguns, 36 shots, leaving 3 women dead, 9 injured, before shooting himself. killed were heidi overmier 46, elizabeth gannon 49 and jody billingsly 37. lisa lisa myl and stacey falk survived. >> >> i just saw him shooting around the room. think 's the image -- i think that w that will stay with us forever. >> i think that is the image that will stay with us forever. >> reporter: it's an image sodini, a systems analyst at a law firm, had been conjuring for more than a year, described in an extraordinary, murderous online blog. "who do this? girls and women don't even g second look anywhere. just read below. girls and women don't even give me a second look anywhere. there is something blatantly wrong with me. no girlfriend since 1984, no sex
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si since july 1990." >> he clearly resented the wom >> he clearly resented the women who had rejected him or resented women in general, because they weren't willing or able to have a relationship with him. >> reporter: patrick cohen was a neighbor. >> >> i never knew he was that bad off. i i would have invited him over more. in november 2008 he says, "planned to do this in the summer, but figure to stick i around to see the election outcome." then in january, he says, "i chickened out! i brought the loaded guns and gym ohing. hell!" but yesterday, on his third trip to the gym of the day and after run-throughs on monday, he did it. his last line is simply, "death lives." >> reporter: police say the real rony here is they aren't even ini'sanyone read george sodini's lonely lonely blog. if if they did, police say someone
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should have said something about his obvious, dangerous and now deadly plan. overseas the u.s. is ping overseas the u.s. is stepping up pressure on pakistan's most wanted man. a muscle fired by a drone plane killed the wife of the head of the taliban in pakistan and destroyed his father-in-law's house. and iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad was sworn in for a second term in a ceremony boycotted by leaders of the iranian opposition. they refused to send representatives. meanwhile lunns of demonstrators took to the streets to protest the results. still ahead the president's new promise about clean cars. why a remote part of the world can hold a key to success. that will be "a closer look." congress could be spending funds on fancy jets for laue makers to enjoy. and fit for duty. russia's vladimir putin sends a
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for batteries and thousands of jobs. far from indiana there's huge reserves for the main ingredient to power that next generation of batteries. abc jeffery kofman travels to bolivia for tonight's "closer look." are. >> reporter: night now all he see are the salt bathers. but something more valuable here. lithium. more than half of the known reserves. 6 you heard of the cars on the market, they will run on lithium batteries. there's no way that's going to be supplied with out accessing bolivia's reserves. bolivia has potential to be the saudi arabia of lithium. rtd they hold a charge like no other. as the auto industry looks
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toward an electric car. the challenge is finding a supply. why the world is now looking here at the salt flats of bolivia. so in one of the most remote places on earth, believia will build what they will ultimately be the largest lithium extraction plant in the world. >> it's like a lake. a lake under the salt. >> reporter: belgian scientist guillermo roelants is technical advisor to the bolivian government. >> reporter: where do you find the salt? >> no, it's like salt. it's in the brine. >> reporter: extracting the lim number is simple. it could bring riches to bolivia, but they've heard that here before with silver, gas, oil yet this remains the poorest country in south america. it's different this time, says
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former ra wla congressman william jefferson was convicted late today of charges of bribery and money laundering. his was the case the fbi found 90 thousand of cash in his freezer. he once represented parts of new orleans was found guilty on 11 of 16 charges. could face 160 years in prison when sentenced. los angeles pris chief credited with bringing down that city's crime rate is resigning. william bratton who inherited a scandal-plagued department is stepping down to heard a private security firm. next to capitol hill where helps of congress spent a lot of time recently telling business
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executives to tone down their spend anything these days of economic austerity. this is ironic. a spending bill making its way through congress. there's tens of billions of dollars of airplanes to fly members of congress. jonathan karl reports, it's "your money." >> reporter: call it jets for junkets -- congress is poised to spend $200 million to buy three of the highest performing passenger jets in the world. the gulfstream 550, capable of flying nonstop from washington to beijing, similar to the planes congress often beats up corporate executives for flying. >> couldn't you have all downgraded to first class? jet-pooled to get here? it would have at least sent the message that you do get it. >> reporter: but do members of congress get it? congress is mandating that two of these new planes be assigned to the air force wing that flies
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vips, including guess who? members of congress. >> it is hypocritical in the fact that lawmakers rightfully criticized automaker ceos for flying into town, but at the same time, they are stuffing in more than $100 million of taxpayer money so they can fly out of town. >> reporter: the pentagon asked for one of the planes for its new africa command, but it was congress that ordered two to fly helps of congress. and congress would be the one who would best be equipped to answer why it is they have added additional gulfstreams to the budget. reporter: the planes were not in the budget but pushed by two congressman to be built. one a democrat the other a republican. they each received more than 10 thousand over the last two years from campaign contributions from gulfstream's parent company. the house passed it. if the senate follows, it will mean members of congress flying in style with your money.
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finally tonight, when the going gets tough, the tough go to siberia and trip down. russian prime minister vladimir putin has been on vacation in a rugged region of southern siberia. and he's been -- well, he's been showing a lot of skin. nick watt tonight casts a weary eye. >> reporter: vladimir putin can ride a horse without his shirt on. he can drive a boat, he can even do the butterfly. >> every leader uses public
6:57 pm
relations to convince his voters he is the best. look at the french president sarkozy. he is naked all the time. >> reporter: last summer, president obama was snapped shirtless. but that's nothing. putin's been snapped fishing shirtless, hunting shirtless -- most russians don't laugh at such vanity. they lap it up. >> what it shows is he's fit, he's strong, he's not a drinker. and that's a problem in russia. many men are alcoholics. ♪ >> reporter: putin's predecessor, boris yeltsin, was no stranger to the bottle. in a country where a man's life expectancy is just 59, the 56-year-old putin's purposefully public machismo is impressive. volleyball, skiing, blacksmithing, he rides in submarines and fighter jets, he bowls, he tranquilizes tigers. >> a leader of a nation with nuclear weapons cannot be a weakling completely. he's a tough guy.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: apparently, putin must take his shirt off to prove to voters he's tough enough. sometimes, democracy works in very strange ways. nick watt, abc news, london. and that is "world news" for this wednesday. i'm charlie gib song. and i hope you had a good day. for all of us at abc news, have and i hope you had a good day. for all of us at abc news, have a good night. captions by vitac
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