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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 6, 2009 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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raising an issue many avid cyclists worry about every day. the accident happened tuesday at the corner of maryland avenue and west lafayette near penn station. as linda so reports, it's prompting city officials to take a closer look at bike safety. >> steve an avid biker. he moved to annapolis and is pedaling his way through town. >> i lived in a bike friendly part of chicago. >> reporter: roads that were not initially designed for biking. >> the lack of bike lanes and the conditions of the roads in a lot of cases. because you're looking out for potholes and stuff like that, but you've got to be paying attention to traffic. >> reporter: sharing the road ended tragically for john yates. the 67-year-old was killed this week when police say he clipped the back wheel of a box truck. his wife was well aware of the dangers. >> i said please be careful out there. there is a bunch of nuts out there. >> reporter: the city has been trying to get more people to
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bike to work. just this week they came out with the resource guide, a map to all the trails and tricks to keep bikers safe on the streets. >> watch your back, be obvious, let people know where you are. if you need to, take the lane and let cars go around you. >> reporter: nate evan is the bike planner for baltimore. it's his job to look for safer routes. he says right hook crashes like the one that killed yates is how most cyclists die. >> a car is going to make a right turn because we're programmed to think you can make a right turn because that's your vehicular right of way. but we've got to look for pedestrians, cyclists, anyone else that is going to be in the road at that time. >> people know the risks involved. but it's incumbent on the cyclists and drivers to be cautious and look out for one another. >> reporter: in mount vernon, linda so, abc 2 news. >> police are still looking for driver of the white box truck that hit john yates.
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to get a copy of the cycle resource guide, call 410-396- 6802. tonight the chief of pediatrics is at shock trauma after a car crash. state police say dr. jose alvardo's car slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer on route 50 yesterday. he was flown to shock trauma. he is in critical condition tonight. he has been a doctor in salisbury since 1988, treating thousands of lower eastern shore families. in new york, the family of a woman blamed for a wrong-way collision that killed eight people is publicly disputing the official count of the crash, despite an autopsy that found she was drunk and high on marijuana, those who knew her claimed she rarely drank and didn't use drugs. here is abc 2 news lindsey davis. >> reporter: the case of the woman who was driving the wrong way on a new york highway has taken yet another turn. >> she is not an alcoholic. and my heart every night when i
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go to bed, something medically had to happen. >> reporter: diane shuler's husband strongly defended her against accusations of drunk driving. >> did you know her to go to bars? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: but police say the 36-year-old had more than ten vodkas and smoked marijuana within an hour of driving the five children back from a camping trip. when her minivan crashed head- on into an suv, eight people died, including shuler, her daughter and nieces and three people in an suv. the family of two of the victims in the suv, michael and guy are considering starting a lawsuit against her relatives, saying they should have stopped her. >> it's hard for me to believe that the family did not know that this woman had an alcohol problem or a drug problem. >> reporter: shuler says she grieving for the family as he grieves for his own. >> it's my little girl. she is gone. i don't know what else to say about that. >> reporter: but the family's attorney had a lot to say about diane's medical conditions.
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he suggested diabetes, an abscess on her mouth and a lump on her leg could all be possibilities to explain her erratic behavior. >> something had to happen. this is not a woman who would jeopardize five children. nine witnesses saw her that day. not drunk. >> reporter: the west chester county medical examiner says his team ruled out the possibility of several medical conditions as possible causes of the crash, but a family hasn't decided if they'll exhume the body for another autopsy. lindsey davis, abc 2 news, new york. tonight six people are still in the hospital from tuesday's shooting at a pittsburgh area health club. three women died at the l.a. fit club when george sodini went in and turned out the light and started firing. police are examining his computer and home. in one entry of his web diary, sodini wrote that he had been planning the attack since at least november. when he tried to carry out the shooting at the same gym, but,
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quote, chickened out. cash for clunkers is grinding through the senate with an expected vote at any time. a inspect of amendments have been proposed. all are expected to fail. with another $2 billion in funding, lawmakers expect cash for clunkers to keep rolling through labor day. and do you want to see the cash for clunkers program continue? we'd like to hear from you. just log on the let us know what you think about the cash for clunkers program under the your two cents on the right-hand side of the screen. a federal stimulus grant gives life to the allison transmission plant in white marsh. with the grant, workers will develop electric car transitions. allison transmission will share money with a plant in michigan to develop a rear wheel drive electric system as well there is no known specific amount that will go to the white marsh plant, but roosevelt leftwich at 5:30 takes a look at what
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this means for the overall local economy. this fall it won't be just the first monday in october. it will also be the first term for the first hispanic supreme court justice in our nation's history. voting mainly along a party lines, the u.s. senate confirmed president obama's nomination of sonia sotomayor. >> and with this historic vote, the senate has affirmed that judge sotomayor has the intellect, the temperament, the history, the integrity, and the independence of mind to ably serve on our nation's highest court. >> the president called this a great day for america. sotomayor also is the third woman to serve on the high court. and senator mikulski was in washington voting. she was also working on health care reform. but it is one of her own bills gathering support on capitol hill. mikulski has co-sponsored a bill that would allow governments to jam cell phone signals in prison.
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the senator cowrote the bill after the high profile murder of carl lackl, whose killing was ordered from a cell phone in prison in baltimore. her bill has made it through committee and believes it will pass the full senate. >> i believe that it will pass. i think maryland has brought this to the attention of others and senator kay bailey. but it's coming back all over the country. >> mikulski says you can look forward to her fighting for this bill on capitol hill this fall. and boy, it was a busy day for the senator, considering she just got out of the hospital today after ankle surgery. she had ankle surgery at mercy medical center. mikulski says she fell on steps after leaving an afternoon mass at the basilica of the assumption in baltimore last month. the fall caused her ankle to break in three places. her surgeons predict the senator will make a full recovery. a company bidding for a slot machine license in baltimore city is closer to getting that slots parlor.
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the baltimore city entertainment group applied to the state in february for a casino with 500 machines. the company has acquired gateway south, an 11-acre vacant lot on local street south of m&t bank stadium. the city is counting on a big revenue boost from slots. the state commission must now approve the slots license. right now maryland's most powerful radar is not indicating any precipitation around the baltimore area, but look over on the eastern shore. they've got some shower and thunderstorm activity. i tell you what. let me take and shove the radar over so you can see so it's not hidden by our abc 2 logo. they've got shower and thunderstorm activity all along the eastern seaboard of maryland. and down into virginia, as well as the carolinas. that shower and thunderstorm activity will move off the coast, and they'll get some nice weather like we're enjoying right now. here is your forecast for the next couple of hours this evening. what we're calling for is a pretty nice evening as far as mostly clear skies with some cooler temperatures. we'll have the complete forecast coming up in a couple
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minutes. >> thanks, norm. it actually started to feel a little like football weather this morning. and we had a surprise visit from snoop dogg at ravens training camp today. snoop dogg and ray lewis are really good friends, apparently, and he was in town for a concert last night an caught up with ray at camp. he hit the hud well the team, did a little footwork, and took him to talk to us, about his love of the game and who he calls the best player in league. >> inspiration to see how he can inspire his whole team and turn the level up and they go out there and dogs, just nasty on the field. i love it. i'm a football person. i am surrounded by people. i have my own football league. i love the players and the situation with the nfl. i'm a phenomenon of it. it's a natural thing for me to be here today. >> you can hear more from snoop and coach harbaugh coming up tonight at 6:00. good news. you can tweet again. hackers executed a twitter takedown today. and for hours people looking to
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send tweets could not log on the twitter. a message on the twitter blog said they were, quote, defending against a denial of service attack, whatever that means. while twitter was being hacked, facebook users were also experiencing problems today. there is a whole group of people out there who have no idea what i just said. the woman exsenator john edwards admits to having an affair with is in court, federal court. the campaign probe she is embroiled in. and a terrible crash caught on tape. how witnesses came to the aid of those trapped. plus, remember this police speeding in philadelphia? the punishment a grand jury decided to hand down to the officers. and let's take a look at the temperatures. pretty cool from sparrows point high school. right now 73 degrees. norm is coming up with the full forecast. crest whitestrips has created a strip so revolutionary...
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the former mistress of john edwards was in federal court
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today. rian hunter went through the backdoor. senator edwards is rumored to be that child's father. he was rumored to have an affair with her while running for president, but he says she not the father of the girl. edwards is in under federal investigation for payments to hunter's production company which was hired for work in 2006. he says he did nothing wrong. a dramatic crash right in the middle of rush hour yesterday. it happened at the intersection of pennsylvania avenue and alabama, and the first responders to the scene were passers bi. people walking along the street saw the crash and rushed to help the people inside the burning car. jonathan harris is one of the good samaritans, and describes what he saw. >> with the seatbelt around her neck, strangling. her legs and her back, it was a mess. i got the seatbelt off and pulled her out to the back, but her back was hurting too bad to
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move her anymore. >> so he waited with her inside the suv, trying to keep those trapped calm until firefighters arrived. in all, fife people were taken to the hospital. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> boy, you were right. i was actually a little chilly this morning. >> remember yesterday i said that the morning we start out very slow and get progressively better as the day went along. right now brilliant sun out there. the temperature throughout most of the day was in the low 70s. it's really climbing right now with the sunshine we've got out there. but the next 24 to 36 hours on the mild side. then the heat is going to start rolling back in. and we could have some of the warmest temperatures we've seen so far this summer come the first part of next week. your shot from harbor cam overlooking the downtown area. folks out enjoying. a little bit of a paddle around the inner hash were the dragon boats. our temperature right now at bwi thurgood marshall 76
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degrees. 56% humidity. wind currently from the southeast at 5. and the pressurizing 29.95. there are your tides tomorrow at fort mchenry. high tide 7:45 in the morning. low tide 2:41 in the afternoon. winds from the northwest at 6 to 12 miles per hour. the sun comes up at 6:11. we'll set at 8:13. temperature around the region right now 79 in york. 82 in hagerstown. 78 in winchester, virginia. 73 at pawtuxent river. and ocean city cool with shower activity, 75 degrees. the picture of the atlantic, again, not much happening at all. of course, we've got two hushes in the pacific. but they're not bothering us here in the atlantic. and we continue to watch the atlantic basin to see if there is anything being generated out there. you'll see a few showers south of cuba, but for the most part a pretty quiet tropical season so far. a few light showers over the top of our region. heavier rainfall over portions of cecil county and up into northern delaware. also the lower eastern shore as the day went along. that shower activity has pulled on towards the east.
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we broke out into sunshine out there. the very thin clouds over the top of the baltimore area. like we said yesterday, this looks a lot worse than what it actually. very thin clouds. there is the heavier rainfall on the eastern shore. the larger picture shows what is going on. we're getting a moisture flow coming in off the gulf of mexico, causing the showers and thunderstorms. and what is going to be happening is this little area of high pressure moves into the region. that's going to bring some nice weather for about the next day and a half or so. then it's going to retreat to the north and allow all that hot air that we have seen down to south, all that hot air is going to start working its way in our direction. right now maryland's most powerful radar is indicating some shower and even some thunderstorm activity over the lower eastern shore. just south of ocean city right now. pretty good thunderstorm going on over assateague and shower activity from louis, delaware stretching down through portions of salisbury and down into the cambridge area. as far as temperatures from our storm center weather net, life data only available here on abc 2. eldersberg at 80 degrees.
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carney at 77. bowie at 76 degrees. 76 in havre de grace. rock hall at 77. 72 right now with showers just ending in easton. that shower activity on the eastern shore continues to pull offshore overnight. we'll have a pretty nice evening, and also lots of sunshine during the day tomorrow. saturday a few clouds make their way into the region. all things considered, it looks like pretty nice weather for the next couple of days. here is the forecast. gradually cooling, clearer, overnight low of 62 degrees. during the day tomorrow mostly sunny, mild. below normal temperatures again a high of 85. but here comes the heat. take a look at saturday. we climb to 87. 90 with thunderstorms because of heat and humidity on sunday. 92 on monday. again, the low 90s on tuesday. then we cool off a little bit for wednesday and thursday. but you can see, we're going to get some of the warmest temperatures we have seen in a while here in the baltimore area. we'll be back in a while with more on the weather. >> thank you, norm. tonight news you need to know before you go for an x- ray. the machine hospital views that are not properly cleaned may
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actually spread infections in the hospitals. abc 2 news dr. timothy johnson has details. >> reporter: when x-ray machines are not properly cleaned between patients, it increases the risk of passing bacteria from one patient to another. bacteria from these machines may contribute to the hospital- acquired infections that affect 20% of intensive care patients. a study at one hospital found that during follow-up x-rays, adequate measures to keep equipment bacteria free were taken only 10% of the time. as a result, researchers found antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the machines 50% of the time. researchers implemented a program at the hospital to encourage more hygienic measures among the x-ray operator, and they found that they were able to completely get rid of bacteria on the machines. but when researchers checked back a few months later, they found that x-ray workers had slipped back into less hygienic habits, and the machines were
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once again contaminated. the authors advise that intervention programs aimed at continually encouraging very hygiene techniques are essential at preventing infection. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. a rodgers forge-based bank in baltimore county has been given 15 days to sell itself or merge with another bank or it could become the second maryland bank to fail during this recession. the baltimore business journal is reporting that bradford bank was notified in may that it's, quote, significantly undercapitalized. banking execs are reportedly working tonight to meet the deadline from federal banking regulators. if it does sale, it will be the 70th u.s. bank to do so this year and the second in maryland. crofton-based suburban federal saving failed earlier this year. 70 new jobs and free food for a year, all thanks to a chik-fil-a opening. about 200 people pitched a tent and sat 24 hours in the parking lot in middle river. a raffle was held yesterday
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morning, and 100 of them received 52 coupons for a sandwich, fries and drink when the doors opened at 6:00 this morning. and for bonita waters, the opening means the end of unemployment. >> four months of looking for work, and it's been hard. my husband was recently laid off from his job because the economy is going crazy. so everybody was losing work. so when they called me, i was so happy to get that phone call. >> the owner says he received a thousand applications for 70 positions. there are still a few jobs that need to be filled. back to school shopping will be a bit harder to a lot of maryland families this year as many are dealing with layoffs and salary cuts. in anne arundel county, the office of school and family partnerships is trying to help. they had been getting a lot of calls from parents who just need a little help. the county runs a back to school program with social services, and while typically the program is for elementary and middle school students, teresa tutor says she is getting a lot of calls from high school students. >> we have more students who
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need supplies, families who normally have not asked for supplies in the past are coming to us and saying that they really need them this year. they're just having a hard time buying all the school supplies. at the same time, we're having less donors than we've had in the past. so we really have a need for donors to step up also and help us with getting every child the school supplies that they need. >> parents needing help should call their child's counselor who will submit a card with the child's name, school grade, and supply needs. and if you would like to help the program, you log on the, click on back to school to find out how you can do that. okay. what we have to show you next, you have to see to believe. check this out. a huge tire comes right past a police officer who is helping a driver change a tire on a bridge. what happened to the officer and where that tire came from. and this is the dream retirement condo, or it was supposed to be.
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we are working on several stories for you at 5:30. i'm kelly swoope. help is on the way for the crab industry. the caps that have been lifted will help crabs on the eastern shore. and put to the test. which ones crumbled under pressure. and jamie is taking us to the sunshine grill. those stories and the latest outlook for this year's hurricane season, all new at 5:30. >> thanks, kelly. our look around the nation takes us to texas where a police officer's offer to help a driver change his tire turned into a scary ideal. this truck driver called for help because he was nervous about changing his vehicle
5:27 pm
without an emergency vehicle behind him. just as the driver pulls the tire off the retaining wheel, a 200-pound wheel that broke free on an 18-wheeler flies by. sergeant davidson is standing in the path and only moves second before it speeds by. somehow the tire only scuffed up the sergeant's weapon and ripped his holster. >> got a little sick to my stomach immediately afterwards. and the first chance i got when i got off the scene, i pulled my patrol car over and said a little prayer for the protection. >> wow, sergeant davidson is okay, and he is still on the job. and a waterspout that is rarely seen in alaska. dorothy ivanoff had just taken off in a small plane when the pilot spotted the funnel cloud. she grabbed her camera and captured the waterspout. waterspouts are more common in warmer climates, but sightings in alaska pretty unusual. new jobs for gm. it's been a long time since
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we've been able to say that the latest on what this means for workers at the allison transmission plant. abc 2 news at 5:30 is just minutes away.
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