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tv   News  ABC  August 28, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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it's friday. good morning. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. it's august 28th. almost september. >> are you ready for that? >> no. where'd the summer go? >> it floated away last night. >> leaks in the roof and water in the basement. that's the way of the life for us this morning as storms rolled through the area. >> we're all over the place from inside your basement to watching you get stuck out here on the road. also this morning, your giant cutting pricing.
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you maying wondering how much and on what? we'll find out on deals at the grocery store. i think linda so, the great reporter that she is, just questioned justin, is it gonna rain all day? >> i think she said all weekend. she was talking about plans for an arc. i don't know. wait until you see what linda so is about to show you. we've had rough weather roll through most of the area last night. we'll talk about the flash flood watches and warnings in a moment. you want to get to rainfall totals and into the forecast. winey ridge in carroll county got over 2 inches of rain since midnight. right now, westminster north where i had numerous reports from long time weather overs saying how concerned they were because it was so rough out there. 3 and a third inches of rain at harford technical high school. we switch it over to maryland's
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most powerful doppler radar. westminster north getting the rain and lightning. i feel bad if you have to drive 83 right now from new freedom southbound. big boomers and big problems. we've got that floosh flood warning until 7:00 in harford county. more heavy rain could be expected. stay tuned, pay attention and look out for standing water because then you end up on kim's traffic report. looking on the bright side of things, traffic is moving nicely on a lot of our major highways as echeck on the beltway and liberty road. no real problems to let you know about there. keep in mind in howard county marriottsville road there is a downed tree that blocks both directions on the intersection this. southbound jfx an accident blocking the left lane. philadelphia road remains closed in both directions
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between route 543 and abingdon road. circle road at ruxton road closed due to flooding. the late johnny cash used to sing the song how high's the water, mama, 2 feet high and raising. >> that's the song we're humming this morning. it is bad out there. linda so joins us to show us the exclusive video. >> reporter: it will take a lot more than a good song to make some people feel better today. for one baltimore county family, all of that rain landed them in an awful situation. pete on the street o'neal shot this. water poured into the basement of this brand new home completely flooding it out. the home sits near pikesville. the homeowner says he bought the home ten days ago and today is his birthday. the outside drain got clogged with storm debris causing the mess. fire crews had to cut through it to clear it out. then in west baltimore county
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this is something you hope you never to do, scoop water out of your car with a plastic cup. this man hit a wall of water near owings mills boulevard and timber oak grove. he says it was so dark he didn't realize the road was flooded until he was in it. he and his friends managed to escape but three other cars had to be pulled out of the water. >> a couple of other people flagged down one guy but some other was not able to nag him down. a friend of mine helped me and we tried to stop another car but he went gung hoe right through there. he didn't see us obviously. it's very dark. >> reporter: luckily, no one was seriously hurt. stay with us. we'll bring you more exclusive video of what happened overare night and the mess we're waking up to this morning. worcester county prosecutors have dropped the possessions against one ocean
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city retailer after he argued charges were not fair. the store owner claimed he left it waiting to go back to the distributor. the hallucinogenic herb was charged as part of a sweep of resort shopsp. perhaps is t. is a sign of the times grocery stores seeing who can slash prices the most to get new the store. two weeks after safeway announced plans to cut the prices, giant supermarkets are now saying they will do the same thing. according to the washington business journal, stores will soon double the number of weekly sale items then revamp the discount card program. giant expanded discounts and is expected to start today. the baltimore county fire department wants you to fight muscular dystrophy. jim smith kicked off the 12th annual fund-raiser in essex that raises money for the
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muscular distrophy association in our state. firefighters from local 1311 are are out there collecting money on their boots thanks all of the firefighters for their efforts. lou? >> my father-in-law was was a new york city fireman for the 3 years, i meesh yat the -- appreciate the commitment you bring to your job every day. and someone told me you are unbelievable as far as what you guys do every day. >> way to go, rick. last year, the department raised more than $80,000 for md research. they are learning a lot more than reading, writing, 'rithmetic. better buy your ticket. how much you could win if you see your numbers pulled tonight. pardon the pun, but this
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the is at 1:00 in the morning, a car stranded in 4 feet of water on franklin near reisterstown road. aberdeen got cars stranded earlier this morning near cranberry road at 159. we will talk about the latest on tropical storm danny. now for the latest on what's happening with the commute, here's kim. >> we do haved intoing on a lot of the side streets in baltimore county and harford county as well. looking at the beltway this is running along nicely. now a check on the buses and trains with mta's mark jones. >> reporter: good morning. still dealing with vie verses on, 28, 46, 45 and 91 being diverted westbound. fayette and park locations look for the 519, and 91 to be diverted. the number 13 diverted at washington boulevard due to construction. the 160 commuter bus not going
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into oliver beach due to a problem there. 8, 45 running 12 to 15 minutes late. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. q
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schools all over the country are having to cut back on budget woes. students in kansas have to clean up their own mess. 13 janitors no longer have jobs. so the students in this elementary school now have to take out the crash and sweeping the floor. all that you see right there. >> i do help with cleaning windows. that's something that's really fun for me. >> i heard parents say oh, my gosh, they are putting up their backpacks andp t.'s making kids feel accountable and proud that
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they have a job. >> the students are also getting life lessons in the importance of working together. all right. coming up next on "good morning, maryland" -- >> imagine if you are a baltimore city teacher living in an apartment complex at a reduced rate. i'll tell you all about millers court. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪
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i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun.
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all right. good morning again. i'm jamie costello. >> before we get to justin, we'll look at the top stories we're working on for you. we went to our basement, took a look at the sump pump and watched you get stuck on the road. it is bad out there. one of baltimore's famous clergy gives up his church but wait until you see what he gets in return. john cardin says he is sorry and signed the check after getting an answer. that and more coming your way. here's justin. big storms overnight and early this morning hitting most of the area and has nothing to do with danny. in anything, the storm will
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reach us and bring us heavy rain today and widespread over the weekend. it's probably the same storm causing dabney to fall a-- causing danny to fall apart. it does look like kent island got hit hard as this came off from anne arundel county. we're looking at northern sections of baltimore county and manchester and westminster starting to get a break. this is passing right through the pa line. and we're looking at the 83 interstate interchange. this has erupted. we're bringing tropic ale moisture from the south and northeast wind helping this stuff to develop this morning. this is an upper level feature dragging tropical moisture in from the south. winds at 40 miles per hour right now passing well to the east of cape hatteras and ocean city. there will be rip current
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problems out there, but i think we get more rain that hits all of us today with a flash flad wuch. and the weekend outlook. here's kim now with the traffic. >> thanks. we have a new accident reported on the outer loop of green spring avenue. liberty road makes a smooth ride but we have an incident on the jfx southbound at the chase avenue exit. also on the inner loop to park heights avenue the earlier accident at cold spring lane. tow truck is on the scene. in towson, circle road clowzed. let your better business bureau do the work for you. log on to jamie and megan, back to you.
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it is one sloppy mess out there. >> absolutely. we're going to take you from the rooftop to the basement to the roads to show you just what you are up against this morning. there's linda so with exclusive video. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it will be a messy friday. it let's take a look at the exclusive video shot from pete on the street o'neil. what happened to this family is any homeowner's nightmare. their basement was completely flooded out. to make matters worse, they bought the brand new house ten days ago and today is the homeowner's birthday. the outside drain got clogged with storm debris causing the mess. then many west baltimore county, this is something you hope you never to do, scoop water out ever your car with a plastic cup. this man was driving home when he came upon a flooded street near owings mills boulevard and timber grove road. the driver says it was so dark he didn't realize the road was
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flooded until he was in it. he and his friends managed to escape but three other cars had to be pulled out of the water. >> hit an absolute wall of water. got a huge fright. the car died. next thing i know, opened the door of my car to see what was going on and the water started flooding in. shut the door immediately. opened the door and tried to push the car as fast as i could out of the water so the water would stopped intoing into my car. >> reporter: all that stormy weather brought down tree and power lines in our area. linda so, abc 2 news. detectives are now trying to piece together the events leading up to the shooting of a corrections officer in east baltimore. erika carr worked for the baltimore city detention center. her body was found early yesterday morning on ken hill avenue not far from fort worthington elementary. people who live nearby say they heard three shots.
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they called 911. residents say police can't find carr's body until several hours later. she was 37 years old. police would not say whether her murder had anything to do with her job as a corrections officer. >> shocks me a whole lot. especially for a female. this is a good community. it's not no bad neighborhood at all. so it's shocking. >> reporter: the pretrial ddfs detention oversea where's erika carr worked. officials are working with detectives in this investigation. vernon evans, jr. his name is famous in an argument over the death penalty in our state. his son nolan was shot and killed on garrison boulevard on tuesday afternoon. evans is on death row and police are now investigating his son's murder. an update on the marriage proposal stunt by maryland delegate.
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after numerous apologized, john cardin reimbursed baltimore city $300 for his proposal that involved marine police and city police helicopter at the inner harbor. during the 15-minute incident, police officers boarded a boat he and his friends were on and pretended to search for contraband until he popped a question. cardin's reimbursement was based on the hourly rate paid to the officers and the cost of helicopter fuel. a baltimore murder victim will be laid to rest today in a church that suffered vandalism. the pastor thinks the two may be linked. david lumpkin was shot and killed saturday night in the 600 block of yale avenue. reverend st. george cross offered the family his church for the funeral. just yesterday morning, he noticed graffiti was painted on the back of the building. the vandals even tried to break into the church. police are unsure if the tags
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ggt and trane are gang symbols. they are investigating. the reverend feels it is a scare tactic but one he is not worried about. >> i'm not going to be scared about it. i'm not going to tell the family they can't have the funeral here. we are here to serve them. >> reporter: the funeral is now set for 10:00 this morning. police are continuing to investigate this story. a baltimore man accused of kidnapping two teens at a timonium light rail station is expected to be sentenced today. kiene taylor was found guilty of kidnapping and rape in october of last year. the judge says the jailhouse phone recorded a conversation in which taylor proved that he was guilty. tens of thousands of teachers are needed around the country and here in baltimore city. >> that's right. right now, many teachers are looking for affordable places to live. >> millers court is offering more than living space and
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amenities. >> here's sherr rejohnson to tell us how the teachers are now being enticed to move in. sherrie? >> yes, there is a new community geared toward educators. it is an affordable housing complex for teachers. it was originally a can factory but since july, about 80 baltimore city teachers call it home. to make it better, teachers pay a reduced rate for rent. it features high ceilings and large living room windows. it places many teachers close to the schools. it's profitable because state and local taxes help offset the costs of development and operations. new teachers moving to baltimore are excited about this concept. >> the idea of the community that is established here can work for any field. there is a great energy. there's a lot of young people. a lot of people are passionate about what they are doing. that's important for education
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and other fields, also, to get people who are ready to go out and do it. so increase the community that can't be beat. >> rent for one, two, and three-bedroom apartments range from 700 to $1500 a month for teachers. normally a one bedroom in the same neighborhood would go nor $1100 a month. right now there is a waiting list bit a similar complex is in the works for baltimore's hamden neighborhood. sherrie johnson reporting. the annoying telemarketing calls could soonen history. they are considering banning row bow calls to start on september 1st. only if you give written permission will you be able to receive the calls. if the companies do call you, they face up to $16,000 in fines. calls that provide flight information, delivery noticed or calls from debt collectors are exempt from the new law. also this morning, the last days of summer start today. the maryland state fair kicks
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off with the 4h military day at the timonium fairgrounds. this would be a special day for military families to enjoy the fair and nonmilitary families to support the troops and families as well. the fair runs up until september 7th and celebrates all things maryland. the animals are a must-see and good the fried fair food. got your beach house picked out, the charity of your choice. >> we're talking about the megamillions, all things would you do if you hit the giant jackpot. we're talking 325 million bucks. you take the cash option home and 242 million. get your ticket. you have time. megamillions as you know is a multistate lottery. it's bane while since maryland's been hit so justin, i think we're due. all right.
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6:55, ocean city's overdue for a tropical system but it's not going to be danny. it's dying offshore. it will produce rip currents and guesty winds but it's offshore. we have high storms coming. in hunt valley, i'll be there soaked tomorrow morning and a chance of flooding rains continue off and on into the weekend. now to the latest on the roads with ken. >> reporter: thanks, justin. now starting to filter to the major are the ways. on the jfx southbound at chase street, we're dealing with that crash that has the left lane blocked there. the two left lanes remain blocked at cold spring lane. the tow truck is on the scene trying to get that out of the way. in towson, circle road closed. it's busy out there. >> really busy. thanks for choosing "good
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morning, maryland." for more news, watch "good morning, maryland" at 9:00 or go now to abc 2 works for you.
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