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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 1, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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released from the hospital. atm bandits strike for the send time in baltimore county, making off with the entire cash machine. 10 days ago robbers ripped an atm machine from the floor of a towson convenience store. and early this morning as jeff hager reports they struck again. at a store in the 7400 block of bel air road. >> reporter: the sign outside the a & m convenience store says get cash here, atm. police say that is exactly what three robbers did in the wee hours of the morning tuesday. >> it appeared somebody pride open the door with a crobar. it was left outside the store and they pried the atm off the floor. it was bolted, they picked it up and disappeared. >> reporter: it mirrored a similar crime at the sherwood market in towson 10 days earlier. abc2 news has now learned that the robbers came here to the mount pleasant ice arena on hillen road where they broke open the machine, emptied out
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its cash and left behind the atm shell. >> we arrived on the scene. atm was lying on its side. that was pretty much it. >> reporter: police won't say how much cash the robbers made off with from the two thefts in 10 days' time. at this point there's little doubt the two robberies were connected. we're told that they found a first machine emptied here as well outside the ice rink just next to this air conditioning unit. at this point these crimes appear to be the work of professionals. >> reporter: despite their slight appearance the machines weigh hundreds of pounds. we're told in the towson robbery three subjects broke into the store and removed the bolted-down machine in just 40 seconds. in baltimore county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> anyone who might have spotted anything unusual in the 7400 block of bel air road at about 3:00 a.m. this morning, is asked to call the baltimore city police department at
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410-307-2020 or metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. and tonight, police in baltimore county are searching for a man accused of robbing two women at a bank machine in parkville. and sexually assaulting one of them. abc2 news delia goncalves joins us live with details. >> reporter: we spoke to some bankers who are shocked and a bit scared after learning the news that two women were robbed at gunpoint here at the bank of america on the 1900 block of east joppa road in parkville. we can tell you there's one thing in common. both women, we're told, were withdrawing cash at the atm very late at night. now police are asking for your help. take a close look at the video we're showing you. the suspect was caught on surveillance camera. fortunately. the first robbery happened july 31st at 10:30 p.m. the suspect we're told walked up to the 22-year-old victim, demanded money at gunpoint. about a month later he returned. this time approaching a woman
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at the drivethrough atm, it was then just before midnight. he demanded cash at gunpoint, got in her car, told her to drive to a nearby elementary school where he forced her to perform a sex act, after driving to a third location police tell us he later took off. >> i use the atm in the daytime. i don't go at night. if i do go at night i go with, like, open. >> reporter: a lot of women say they are doing a lot of steps and taking a lot of steps to keep themselves safe when they do approach atms, trying not to come here very late at night like unfortunately these two victims did. police say what is a troubling about this, is that the suspect is showing he's becoming increasingly more violent so they want to catch him very quickly. that is why they released that video and they are asking if you recognize him to call metro crime stoppers at
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1-866-7-lockup. we're live in parkville, delia goncalves, abc2 news. a convicted rapist in harford county has been sentenced to 100 years in prison. 40-year-old glenn raynor was arrested more than two years after the attack which happened in bel air. in 2006. state police say raynor broke into a woman's home, cut her phone lines and raped her in bed. dna from his sweat recovered during questioning was matched with blood from the crime scene. baltimore city helen holton hell is due in court today. it would be her first appearance on charges involving her and developer john paterakis. it's all part of the state prosecutors ongoing corruption investigation into city hall. one of the teens charged with the fatal beating of a crofton boy last may pleaded guilty to manslaughter. tre robinson was just 14 when he and another teen beat christopher jones on his bike.
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jones later died and both teens were charged with manslaughter. robinson admitted to his role in the beating and this morning in court he apologized to the jones family saying killing christopher was never his intent. the judge gave him the maximum sentence, rehabilitation in a secure juvenile facility. jones' mother, jennifer adkins thinks justice was served. >> i know he killed my son and played a big part in his death. but he's still a child and i feel for him inside and i hope one day i can forgive him >> will you? >> i'm working on it. >> reporter: it will be up to the department of juvenile services as to how long robinson will be in the secure facility. the second teen involved, javel george is charged with manslaughter as well. also an adult -- as an adult. city police are looking for the person who killed a man in southwest baltimore this morning. it happened shortly before 1 so:00 a.m. in the 3000 block of
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prestman street. officers found the victim on the sidewalk, shot in the head. he was take -- taken to shock trauma where he was pronounced dead. baltimore county police are searching for suspects in a murder. 30-year-old kawan granger was gunned down outside of his home in arion park road in arbutus last night. detectives say he was unloading items from his car, a group of armed men approached him and began shooting. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. if you have any information you're asked to call metro crime stoppers, here's the number -- i'll just give it to you, 1-866-7-lockup. baltimore county council got an earful today about speed cameras. council members heard public input about the plan to put the cameras in school zones. as abc2 news roosevelt leftwich tells us opponents there are -- or opponents say there has to be a better way to do this. >> reporter: the speed limit here is normally 35 miles an
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hour. but when there's school it's 20. those who live around parkville high would like to see people respect that. >> i don't think it's a money thing. if you break the law you get caught. >> reporter: would a ticket really make people obey the law on this stretch of the road? some say the speed camera wouldn't solve the whole problem. >> they don't need them when school is out. not to me they don't. like i say, they are going to give a ticket for going one or two miles over and i think it's a money grab. >> reporter: work zones could be covered, too. however, opponents say it's nothing but bunk. county police want to put 12 speed cameras around schools only that have particular problems with speeding and crashes. >> just within the last three years over 1,790 automobile accidents, 32% of those result in personal injury within a half mile of our schools. we need to use smart technology
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to improve public safety. >> go to page three. >> reporter: but at a public hearing opponents say if they were really interested in safety they would put a cop there. >> so we are asking that more police officers be put into schools zones a and enforcing traffic laws and deterring much more serious offenders. >> reporter: supporters however say that the issuing tickets at 12 miles over speed limit doesn't go far enough. >> it should be 15 miles per hour. anybody going over 20 miles per hour in a school zone has got to rethink how they drive. >> reporter: baltimore county council hopes to bring the measure up for a vote before the end of the month. in towson, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> we want your two cents. should police use cameras to control speeding in school zones in log on to and look on the right side of the home page to vote in our on-line poll.
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right now maryland's most powerful doppler radar not showing any precipitation around the region. we're not expecting any as we go through the evening and through most of the week. here's your forecast for the next couple hours. partly cloudy, mild temperature, in the low 70s but it's going to be much cooler by tomorrow morning. we'll tell you about it coming up. now a developing story. the national transportation safety board wants new rules for medical helicopters. the ntsb approved recommendations today for better training and more sophisticated safety equipment. this all comes after a rash of fatalities involving emergency medical helicopters. there were nine accidents between december of 2007 and october of 2008. killing 35 people. here in maryland a medevac crash in prince george's county last september killed four people. mars supermarkets will pay $275,000 to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit. a part time deli clerk alleged that mars wouldn't hire her as an apprentice meat kutner a dundalk store because she's a
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work. in a court settlement mars agreed to give her back pay, damages and her attorney fees. other female applicants denied a meat cutter job will also receive back pay. we have just a reminder -- that maryland's tax amnesty program begins today and runs until october 30th. individuals and businesses can settle their delinquent tax debt without incurring any penalties. they will also receive a big reduction in interest. the plan was approved by the legislature to encourage people to pay back taxes as the state copes with the budget shortfall. and speaking of paying what they owe -- the federal government is reimbursing maryland more than $3 million for inauguration costs. the money was related to security expenses. we're saving money at the pump. the energy department says gas prices have fallen for the third straight week. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded now stands at $2.61, down two cents from the previous week. prices are expected to continue falling. in the baltimore area the average price for a gallon of
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regular unleaded is $2.52 according to aaa. a deadly crash in northwest baltimore. coming up, the driver smashes into several parked cars. why neighbors say it's all too common. and last season the terps knocked out cal in college park. saturday maryland heads west for their season opener and rob carlin has a preview in sports. yesterday they gave you a two-degree guarantee guarantee of 75 degrees. our high today officially at bwi marshall, 74, so we did hit the two-degree guarantee. we've hit it nine days in a row. do you live in middle river? is your name bobby price? >> no. >> congratulations. you've scored an abc2 news umbrella. we'll be back with the forecast after this.
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police are investigating a deadly crash in northwest baltimore. it happened this morning on park heights avenue. abc2 news has exclusive video. we're told that 54-year-old terry lee singleton of baltimore lost control of his car and crashed into several parked cars. singleton was cut out of his car. he later died. neighbors tell us this kind of incident on this street is all too common. >> this is definitely not a good street. i'm glad i don't have no kids. being on this street at all. you can see the dprail don't do anything -- the guardrail don't do anything. >> neighbors say they've been pushing for a traffic light or speed bump to be put in to slow down drivers. these are tough times but authorities say a man in fredrick county offered pot to pay for his gasoline. it happened monday afternoon at the classic fuel store on old national pike in new market. the clerk called police. deputies searched the
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52-year-old man and his motorcycle and say they found suspectedded marijuana, cocaine and oxycodone pills. outside now our live camera shot from high atop the building overlooking the national aquarium. our temperature at bwi marshall 72 degrees, 40% humidity. wind currently from the east at 70. there's the high and low tides tomorrow. winds from the northeast 6 to 12 miles per hour. sun coming up at 6:36. will set at 7:35. our low this morning was 57 degrees. did not set the record but by tomorrow morning we could. the high today, 74. 73 in york. 76 hagerstown. the high in ocean city, 79 degrees. they win the prize. we hit our two-degree guarantee. nine days in a row right now. temperatures across the area, hagerstown 75. 71 york. 73 pax river.
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easton 73. high pressure continues to dominate our weather pattern. that area of high pressure is now sliding over the top of the region. that will give us the clear skies tonight. what little heat we have during the day radiates back into space and by tomorrow morning that area of high pressure is going to provide us with very chilly temperatures but also provide us with sunshine and some warmer temperatures during the day. right now maryland's most powerful doppler radar not indicating any precipitation across the region. looks like it's going to stay that way all the way down through the week and into the weekend. downtown baltimore 72 now. towson 70. 69 westminster. eldersburg 73. 71 damascus. chestertown 76. 72 elkton. in kingsville, 71. 72 havre de grace. here's your forecast for tonight -- clear skies tonight. giving way for some possible record low temperatures tomorrow morning. but during the day tomorrow we'll get a lot of sunshine, it will start to warm us up a little after chilly days.
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you can see the shower activity will be confined to the outer banks of north carolina, not affecting it here in the baltimore area. your forecast for tonight -- clear skies, 50 degrees for the overnight low. our record low is 50 set back in 1892. so we could hit possibly even beat that record during the day tomorrow. lots of sunshine on tap. warmer temperatures with a high of 78 degrees. we continue the warming trend thursday with partly cloudy skies, 81 degrees. partly cloudy on friday, 81. saturday partly cloudy, 83. lots of sunshine on sunday, 81. monday and tuesday, 80 and 81 degrees. now to the only man in baltimore that has ever beaten terrell suggs in arm wrestling, rob garland. >> i got guns! it may be the final preseason game for the ravens but it will be the first chance terrell suggs has to play. sizzle today saying he plans on suiting up against the falcons. suggs returned to the practice field yesterday after injuring his he'll august 2nd. he says he's not sure if he'll
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play one series, one quarter, or one half but suggs is ready to play football again. >> the overall -- definitely, get out of the game healthy, don't have any setbacks and prepare for the nfl season. >> it's been wild but i'm a -- some sometimes it's just like riding a bike. i like to play football. it felt good to get active. >> reporter: the ravens also clut quarterback cleo lemon today to get to the mandatory 75 players. the terps were 6-2 in season openers since the fridge took over. they open saturday night at cal. remember, last year maryland knocked out the 23rd-ranked golden bears. this hit making best lose his lunch on the field. this year cal goes in ranked 12th. turner expects them to be looking for revenge.
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>> i would imagine it would be a significant factor. they came in here, big favorites. we kind of jumped on them early. i would say that is probably -- >> reporter: that's 10:00. the rob ambrose area of towson also starts this week. the towson alum replaces gordie combs as new head coach. the tigers at northwestern saturday at noon on the big 10 network. our abc2 saturday night game of the week returns this week. it's a good one. seventh-ranked virginia tech against fifth-ranked alabama. johnson and harper say they have a gentleman's bet going on this one. the orioles just barely avoided being on the wrong end of history last night. snapping andy pettitte's bid for perfection late in the game. pettitte was perfect through six and then got the first two outs in the seventh. then former oriole hairston blows it, the easy grounder by
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the management of a baltimore hotel might be flushed with pride tonight. the treemont plaza today received the first runner up award for america's best bathroom. you'll be able to see why. it has beautiful imported marble, grand columns, chandeliers and hand carved woodwork. >> we're extremely proud of it. we think it represents not only the treemont in the same light but the city of baltimore as well. >> a national on-line contest attracted nominations from a wide variety of businesses. 10 finalists were selected based on exceptional hygiene, style and open access to the public. markets tumbled on wall street today. the dow closed 185 points. nasdaq dropped 40. s & p fell 22. we're working to help you save money in these tough economic times. on our web site today, finding it harder to get ahead?
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eight simple messages of hope and inspiration. plus, 101 restaurants where kids eat free. and, ideas to entertain yourself without spending much money. these and many more tips to help you stretch your dollars on just click on our "financial survival guide." now, coming up tonight at 11:00 -- more on the story you heard at the top of of the newscast. neighbors in the parkville area are on high alert after police pick up their search for the person behind a pair of robberies and a sexual assault. plus, we're working for you to tonight. if your child suffers from asthma. kelly swoope has a few tips to make life a little more manageable. that and more tonight at 11:00 after primetime outsiders. we could have set a record low early tomorrow morning but we'll recover during the day nicely under sunshine skies with 78 degrees and looks like the sunshine will be gradually warm up the temperatures through the end of the week and into the weekend. more tonight at 11:00. >> thank you. that is all for us on abc2 news
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at 6:00. i'm marybeth marsden. thank you for joining us. see you back here tonight at 11:00. good night.
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