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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 9, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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have to pass through the park. everyday. >> reporter: in the week following her death the city tried to explain how it happened. how metal pole sank into the ground until it came to rest upon a buried electric line. the family filed a wrongful death suit naming the city, bge and local electrical contractor who had done some work at the field, leaving it up to the courts to decide who was at fault. >> i don't know. that's what the courts decide. but we know that deanna is not to blame. i know my wife is not to blame. >> reporter: all the parties now filed motions to dismiss the case. >> other parts are responsible for the death. >> reporter: a judge has postponed any ruling for now since attorneys for the family have added new charges to their complaint. >> by filing the amended motion attorneys for the victim's family successfully kept the lawsuit alive for now and in the public eye for weeks
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if not months to come. it's the kind of attention deanna's family is counting upon, to help keep this from happening to other children who play in city parks. in downtown baltimore, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> deanna's father, bubba green, is a former baltimore colt and among the many friends who showed up to support the family in court today, hall of famer lenny moore. a legal setback for an accused killer facing the death penalty. a federal judge ruled prosecutors will be able to use fingerprint evidence in connection with a murder that happened in january of 2006 at security square mall. 25-year-old brian rose accused of willing warren fleming, a mall merchant while trying to steal his car. a judge had thrown out the fingerprint evidence calling it too unreliable for use in a capital case. tonight baltimore city police are investigating a possible fire bombing. the incident happened around 1:00 this afternoon in the 800 block of clintwood court, in
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the curtis bay area, when crews arrived on the scene they found heavy smoke coming from the first floor of the two-story brick home. >> we understand that this fire preliminarily began due to a domestic incident, involving an adult man and two women. it's reported that a woman threw some type of object through a window thus igniting a fire. >> we're told the two women suffered injuries and were taken to area hospitals for evaluation. new at 6:00 -- a street sweeper crashed into a home in harford county. it happened at about 3:00 this afternoon at a home on pal myra drive in churchville. police say no one was in the house and no one was hurt. four men face theft and vandalism charges after police say they stole the four-foot high number 8 sculpture in front of camden yards. that 8 of course is a tribute
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to cal ripken. police say the whole thing was caught on tape as the four pushed and kicked over the 8 and ran off with it. >> found that the number 8, cal ripken stat -- statue had been stolen, ripped off its foundation, loaded in the back of a pickup truck and drove away. shortly after we received a call for a disorderly in the 3,000 block of lombard street. four intoxicated white males fighting with each other. when officers arrived they found the giant number eight statue in the back of the pickup truck. case is pretty much closed after that. >> the four suspects have been identified as 19-year-old matthew rainier and jason stoneburner, patrick reynolds, from essex. gary parker, from baltimore. the four face theft and vandalism charges. we want your two cents. a lot of people have been talking about it. what do you think should happen to the four suspects? nothing? it was a harmless prank? a lifetime ban from camden yards? or, 2,632 hours of community
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service. that's one hour for each consecutive game played by cal. to vote in the on-line poll go to, look on the right side of the home page. baltimore county police need your help tonight identifying an armed robbery suspect. the robbery happened august 16th at giant food on milford mill road in pikesville. police say the suspect walked to a cashier, produced a handgun and demanded money. the clerk opened the drawer and the suspect grabbed the cash and took off. anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. we're not sure if that he had flown south but the ducks left baltimore. the amphibious sight-seeing rides ceased operations in baltimore. it happened yesterday. an official with the company says it needs to concentrates investments on other cities. the vehicles drove tourists through downtown streets before entering the water for a harbor tour. the latest tonight on the push to bring slots to maryland.
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today maryland's video lottery commission conducted a site visit for anne arundel county slots near arundel mills mall. this is the commission's final tour of the four proposed locates competing to operate a casino. there's a public hearing underway for public comments. >> we'll need maximization of revenues and we're building in a regional center that is already attracting 14 million people a year. >> commissioners already visited sites in baltimore city, cecil county and worcester county. tonight all eyes will be on president barack obama. he will be speaking to a joint session of congress about health care reform. and a woman from baltimore could very well be mentioned in his speech. abc2 news terry owens joins us now with a preview. >> after months of criticism for offering just broad ideas top aides say tonight the president will offer specific plans for legislation. perhaps the most controversial component of the democrats' proposal is that
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public option or government-run plan. the president said he favors the so-called public option but has not clearly indicated if he would veto a bill without one. >> we have a lot of uninsured people in this country and they need coverage because when they don't have coverage the cost for everybody else goes up. and then when it comes to private health insurance plans we're going to leave that in place. >> the white house press secretary robert gibbs says the president will talk about men that issues tonight including the public option and malpractice reform. a baltimore woman will be sitting next to the first lady michelle obama during tonight's speech. the white house says 49-year-old darlene daniels who works at bwi marshall airport has a disease that is attacking all her major organs and treatments cost tens of thousands of dollars every year. daniels says her job doesn't pay enough or provide enough insurance to cover those bills. terry owens, abc2 news. >> abc news will air a
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special tonight carrying obama's address as well as the republican response and that begins at 8:00. just yesterday we told you about at least 170 suspected cases of swine flu on the university of maryland college park campus and other schools are in the same boat. today the maryland higher education commission held a meeting and combating the h1n1 virus was a topic of concern. >> we ought to be vigilant and we ought to be flexible, and deal with this as it comes up. >> meanwhile the harvard school of public health study shows that american businesses are not prepared to deal with major absenteeism in the event of an outbreak of swine flu. radar continues to track shower activity across the region. here's the baltimore area up here. the heaviest rainfall now in pennsylvania, but more shower activity extends over on the eastern shore and making waits
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way in our direction. look for mostly cloudy skies, scattered showers, low 70s but more rainfall on tap later tonight and during the day tomorrow. the complete forecast coming up. baltimore county fire officials are working to make neighborhoods safer. it's all part of a new pilot program, kicking off today in rogers forge. fire department personnel will be walking door-to-door he at the request of concerned communities with safety issues. they will address smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and basic home emergency planning. >> we're looking for other communities to either give us a call or we'll be calling them to get some interest. the whole idea here is to try to stop a fire before it starts. many years we have been going down to the neighborhoods after a fire. now is the time to take it to the next step, get communities involved and stop fires before they happen. >> if your community is interested in safe neighborhoods contact the safety education division,
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410-887-4876. if you like a little extra leg room when you fly and live tv at no extra charge you've got a new option at bwi marshall airport tonight. jetblue is in town. there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony marking a commemorative -- to commemorate the first flight out of baltimore today. jetblue will offer four non-stop daily flights to boston. it's the second airline to begin service from bwi marshall this year. >> our airport business model sits very nicely with jetblue's business model. bwi marshall, as you probably know has among the low evident fares in the country, 20% or 30% lower than competing airports in washington and jetblue is an excellent service provider. >> how about the cost? fares will typically run you $39 each way to boston but in honor of 9-9-09, until midnight tonight you can book a flight
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for $9 one way. rabid racoons in anne arundel county. coming up, what health officials are doing to combat the problem. plus, hubble is back in action. new deep space photos captured by the newly fixed telescope. and capturing history. why one state senator is delivering presidential portraits to schools. yesterday, i gave you a two-degree guarantee for today of 73 degrees. the high today? 77. so we did not hit the two-degree guarantee. our complete forecast which includes quite a bit of rain, coming up. the new mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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here's an everyday to help protect you from getting rabies. health officials in anne arundel county and volunteers are working to immunize thousands of wild racoons. teams went out and distributed bait by hand. health officials say it will reduce the number of rabid animals and reduce the number of pet exposures to rabies. >> we've been able to reduce the amount of rackoon rabies in the county, in the upper 90s, 1997, before we started, until last year we had about four racoons. so, it's been very successful in that regard. >> vaccination program started in 1998 on the annapolis peninsula and was extended to the entire county in 2003. today the epa is scheduled to outline its strategy for cleaning up the chesapeake bay. the recommendations were mandated under an executive order issued earlier this year
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by president obama. he put the government in charge of efforts previously led by bay states. meanwhile ben cardin came up with his own bill. it includes $1.5 billion in grants to control urban an suburban storm water runoff. a newly fixed hubble telescope is showing far out sites. today nasa unveiled the first deep space photos taken by hubble since its billion-dollar repair mission last spring. maryland is home to two organizations responsible for the management of the hubble program. maryland is a great state as far as the difference in weather that we get here. and i mean right now, today, and the picture we're going to
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show you is a classic example of that. look at the picture now from our live harbor cam. folks to the west of us are seeing sunshine. while here in baltimore it's mostly cloudy. to the north it's raining. and over on the eastern shore it's been just flat ugly. no matter what you want, we got it. here's our temperature at bwi marshall now, 71 degrees. 66% humidity. wind now from the northeast at 7, the pressure rising 30.14. your tides tomorrow, high tide occurred 10:51 in the morning. low tide 4:51 in the afternoon. breezy day from the north at 15 to 25 but there will be higher gusts than that. sun coming up at 6:43. sets 7:22. a coastal flood advisory, everything you see in blue from jersey down through delaware as well as the maryland beaches, coastal flood advisory in is effect. everything in pink is a gale warning. as this area low pressure off the coast starts to intensify, bring in heavy surf, heavy wind
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and also some heavy rainfall into the region. our low today was 65 degrees this morning at bwi marshall. got to a high today of a surprising 77 degrees. got to 82 in hagerstown. 76 york. daytime high in ocean city was 77 degrees. current temperatures across the area -- everybody's starting to cool off a little bit. particularly the area where they've had rainfall, in the dover area, easton, in the northern harford and cecil county they've had quite bait of rainfall. as far as the satellite and radar throughout the day, scattered showers, very light early this morning. then throughout the day kind of let up, then this other batch of showers moving into the region, even more rainfall heading in our direction. it's all because of this area of low pressure sitting off the coast and it's being intensified by the second area of low pressure in the atmosphere, back here in the ohio valley. the whole system is trying to lift towards the north and east but up to the north a big area of high pressure just sitting up there says no, i'm not going to move. so they are trying to find a place to go. what is happening is they are kind of bending back in towards us. that is going to be bringing
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us more heavy rainfall tonight and during the day tomorrow. as far as right now our radar, you can see the heaviest rainfall from harrisburg to york stretching down through the eastern shore, around the bel air region up on 95 getting a few light showers but as we go through the evening and through the day tomorrow the showers will intensify. right now, sparrows point high school 69 degrees, the high today was 6. our winds now at sparrows point from the east at 5 miles per hour. as far as our forecast for the overnight period -- scattered showers around the area, then during the day tomorrow we'll see more showers develop and move into the region, some on the heavy side and even more rainfall on tap for friday but things hopefully, the way they are looking now will be clearing up for the weekend. your forecast for tonight, cloudy skies, scattered showers, 62. during the day tomorrow we're looking at showers and thunderstorms, gusty winds. scattered showers left on friday but things clear up for saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, with temperatures holding in the low 80-degree range. see you tonight at 11:00.
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now to rob carlin. the ravens began serious game planning for the opener today. they host the chiefs sunday afternoon and mark clayton plans on playing. clayton missed all of preseason with an ankle injury. terrell suggs played one series against the falcons in the preseason finale but he says he's also ready to go. suggs said his injured foot is doing just fine. he also says he's a lot more comfortable around the coaches this year. i think maybe too comfortable. >> i think we're more mature. we got that, you know, that weird -- that awkwardness of having a new coach and all that. now we're all can be ourselves around our other. we can fart around our coach, you know what i mean? >> reporter: i could have gone my whole life not knowing how they interact like that. the ravens might not know who might be under center for
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kansas until opening kick. matt cassel practiced today but listed as questionable for sunday. there's no question ray lewis will be ready. he will take the field for his 14th season with the ravens. he gets the fans fired up from the start, they stay loud until the final gun. after all these years ray says there's no place he would rather play. >> a lot of electricity in that building. he has his own aura about it. when you walk into it you appreciate why people appreciate who you are and why you do what you do. it's so loud in there, crazy and fans are just out of control. they are ready right now. we are ready. >> reporter: i'm ready. the ravens are 13-point favorites in the opener this. sunday, 11:30 a.m. before the pregame shows join me and stan the fan, contributory negligence -- terrell suggs is our guest. multiple outlets in cleveland report brady quinn will start the opener.
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eric mangini only said he made a decision but wouldn't officially say what it was. this is official, adam jones done for the season. the os put him on the 60-day dl today. he sprained his ankle three weeks ago. he finished 277 with 19 home runs. former blast star hosting gillman this afternoon. ben schreiber can't quite bend it in. the game is scoreless. late in the second half off the free kick a mad scramble in front, jamie puts the top shelf. loyola gets a big win at home 1-0. as the high school kids get back out on the field again. os and red sox highlights tonight at 11:00. talk about a wake up call.
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students at one baltimore school got a surprise today. state senator lisa gladden brought students at cross country elementary school a gift. the state senator brought portraits of president barack obama to hang inside each classroom. the goal is to encourage each student to do their best and succeed in life. >> i put the president's picture in every classroom, kids will do two things, will act better and achieve because they believe someone is looking out over them. in this case it's our
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president barack obama. >> gladden says she plans to hang the portrait in all the schools in her district, the 41st district. she started with cross country first. modest gains on wall street. the dow closed up 49 points. the nasdaq 22. the s & about up 7. we're helping you save money in these tough economic times. on our web site, an old trick that still works for saving money. plus, seven ways to save at the movies. and, several unique circumstances this fall may affect longterm interest rates. a look at what to watch for. these and other ways to stretch isolated shower dollar on -- stretch your dollar on click on the "financial survival guide." looks like we got rainfall in the forecast for the next 36 hours, then things clear up once we get along to the weekend. temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, looking pretty good but wet over the next couple of days.
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also windy. we'll talk more about it tonight at 11:00. that's all for us on abc2 news at 6:00. i'm marybeth marsden. thank you for joining us. hope to see i back tonight at 11:00. ♪
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