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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 11, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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already. one in overlea and northbound 95 at 695 in arbutus, there is a crash on the scene there. an earlier crash has been cleared over to the right shoulder, and in lowell, at whiskey bottom road, the right lane is blocked with downed power lines. traffic looks good and the roads are wet so be careful. jamie, megan, back to you. the attacks came without warning. >> eight years ago today, terrorists killed nearly 3,000 people. >> sherrie johnson is live with more on the day that changed america. >> reporter: megan, jamie, dozens of volunteers mark the eighth anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. more than 100 volunteers who worked at the world trade center site after the attack will read names of victims at the ceremony near ground zero in new york. vice president biden is expected to attend. in washington, president barack obama will meet with family members of the dozens killed at the pentagon.
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former secretary of state colin powell will speak at a ceremony in western pennsylvania where one of the hijacked airliners crashed. and a congressional plaque will be placed in the east front lobby of the capitol. >> they will be reminded of the tragedy and triumph of the flight 93, the loss of life, but more than that, of the extraordinary acts of courage by the men and women on board. >> reporter: this is the first year september 11th has been declared a national day of service. americans plan beach cleanups, packages for soldiers, and fund- raisers. now let's head over to linda so with more on how locals mark the anniversary of september 11th. linda? >> reporter: runners are getting ready to participate in a 5k run that will get underway at 7:00. runners will gather in less than an hour.
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take a look at this map because traffic will be an issue. the 5-mile race starts on fayette street, runs down key highway and finish at federal hill park. this is the sixth year for the race. hundreds have turned out in the past. the race is sponsored by st. joe's medical center and raises money for the baltimore police and fire department. proceeds from this year's race will help support the mounted police unit. you will receive a t-shirt for all preregistered runners and a bag for every 100. there will be temporary street delays as runners make their way across the route. please stay with us. we'll let you know what areas to avoid to help your commute go smoother. linda so, abc 2 news. >> every, single one of us has a memory of september 11th. we want to you share your thoughts with us. log on to and leave a message on how the event may have changed your life, what you were doing and friend us on facebook as well
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as twitter. we've already done the work for you. all you have to do is write us and write your comments. you can possibly read them on the air. baltimore city police questioning possible witnesses after a deadly early morning shooting. sources tell our pete on the street o'neil someone found a man laying in the middle of erdman avenue off the 3200 block of bel air road. no arrests have been made yet. also this morning, baltimore city police also trying to determine who shot three people last night, killing one of them. it happened in the area of the 500 block of radner avenue at york road in north baltimore north of cold spring lane. this all happened around 8:45 last night when police responded to reports of shots being fired. >> when they got here, they found two shooting victims in the block. one, an adult male had been shot in the head. the other, a 38-year-old male
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had been shot in the right arm and leg. both were transported to area hospitals. one was pronounced dead a short time later. >> after that, a third shooting victim showed up. police say they are still trying to determine if this man was somehow involved in the other shooting. it's 5:04 right now. they were the stars on the hit hbo series "the wire," and now are using the show to save kids from a life of crime. sonia song who played a detective on the program and several other cast members started a nonprofit called rewired for change. this group identifies troubled young kids and uses a media- based program to help turn their lives around. >> i think this is a use of television and film for escape so when they see something that reflects their own issues and their lives, they connect. so we use that as an
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opportunity to help escort them toward change. >> the first class of graduates was acknowledged at the frederick douglass isaac myers museum. the program will expand from six to 12 weeks in the fall and hopes to expand it eventually across the country. >> what a great program. >> that is great. the h1n1 virus has many of us doing this all day, you all right? you okay? >> however, research suggests that you don't have to take multiple trips to the doctor's office this flu season to make sure you are protected. we'll explain coming up. the obama administration says this baltimore woman is just one of the many faces of the current health care debate. the experience she had this week in washington. first, let's check in with meteorologist susan "shrek." >> reporter: good morning, everyone. we have temperatures around the region that are on the chilly side. temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s for the most part. what we'll be seeing is cloudy,
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rainy and windy conditions without a doubt. that will be throughout the day today. so be sure you have the rain coat and an extra sweater. you may need it today. check out mark jones at the mta. >> reporter: good morning. taking a look at mta systems we have out on the buses right now, the 15 divert at saratoga and green. 17 bus die veerted at corporate and international, construction related there. light rail, metro, subway both on schedule. the m.a.r.c. trains right now on time on the penn and brunswick lines. i'm curt kroenke for the mta transit team. ♪
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all right. it is 9 minutes after 5:00. good morning and thanks for joining us. >> justin's out today. apparently, he got hurt, banged up helping a friend move yesterday. >> we have to try to get ahold of him. >> yeah, let's find out. >> we'll get to the bottom of it and let you know. >> here's meteorologist susan shrack. >> thanks a lot. good morning, everyone. today is a good day to take off. tu are justin, enjoy the sleep. take a look at the radar picture. you have the storm just off the delmarva peninsula spreading a huge rain shield across the region. we are seeing it spreading west of baltimore whereas before we
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were seeing it on the eastern shore. we're looking at a half inch of rain. it looks more impressive than the rain totals we're getting. what we had so far is more than an inch of rain in some spots. baltimore seeing just under half an inch, and that is just since midnight. so it's been heavy and will taper off more as we get throughout the rest of the day. here's your forecast for the day. we're looking at 65 degrees. anywhere from 55 to 65 depending on where you are. 68 degrees for us this afternoon. let's see how the roads are. hi, kim. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. good news is there's no problem at the tunnels this morning. where the only place it's probably not raining, as we check at the outer loop, traffic does seem to move along at a good pace. we have a couple incidents we are working on at the outer loop of the beltway. 695 in overlea, a spun out disabled vehicle blocks the lanes there.
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we also have a crash at 695 in arbutus. another crash at 195, that crash is off to the right shoulder. in laurel, whiskey bottom road, the right lane is blocked because of downed power lines. we checked the jfx here, cold spring lane, traffic is looking good. jamie and megan, back to you. acorn became a big name during last year's election. wait until you had see this undercover video. into space. the rocket nasa launched and how it's being put to the test. >> we have ignition.
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fresh express...
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all right. it's 5:13. let's talk money. treasury secretary tim geithner says with the financial systems showing signs of repairs, it's time to start winding down government programs. some federal reserve programs have already started to phase down like the fdic's program to guarantee senior debt which will end later on this month. you've seen all of the t mobile commercials with d wade friending charles barkley as one of his favorite five people? sprint next tell will now offer unlimited domestic calls to other mobile phones no matter what network it's on. the nation's third largest wireless provider is trying to attract and keep customers who have switched to competitors. megan? new research suggests wartding off the h1n1 virus
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this flu season is a one-shot deal. scientists feared people would need two shots to be inoculated but the new australian and united states research suggest that one is enough to protect adults. people still need to get the regular flu shot come october, also when the h1n1 vaccine will be available. and moving the date of a month because dr. bealeson says the date change is to avoid confusion and overlap of the flu vice with the h1n1 vaccine that's supposed to be available in mid-october. >> might as well do it before it hits hard. >> the flu mess, which is given to young kids up to 49 years of age, you cannot get the next vaccine for a good four weeks after getting the flu mist.
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>> also in howard county, monday night at 7:00, community leaders will hold a town hall meeting about the h1n1 and seasonal flu. president obama met with many expressing concerns about the health care overhaul. he received a lot of reinforcement that they wouldn't vote for a bill that fails to reign in health care costs and increases the deficit. democratic leaders predict legislation will pass this year. how about this baltimore area woman? didn't have to watch the speech on tv wednesday night. she was there. darlene daniels was one of 15 people invited by the president, and she was selected because of problems that she has paying for her health care. she got to sit with the first lady for the speech and then later got to meet president obama. >> i was so nervous. >> were your hands sweating? >> yes. you know, i didn't want my
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hands to sweat if people were going to shake my hand. when i finally got there, i just stood there. he was like, get over here! i'm thinking, should i move or what, you know? then he hugged me and shook my hand. >> miss daniels is also getting a memento of her visit, an official white house photo of her and the obamas. good morning, everyone. i'm meteorologist susan shrack. a very rainy start for us this morning, and we've had it raining all night. it will continue throughout the day today. ing see the rain hitting the streets starting to pool on the roadways. temperature right now is 57 degrees, relative humidity 94%. wind is out of the north at 8 miles per hour. you can see where the rain is coming from, a big storm just off the coast that's spreading that rain back in across the inland areas. we're seeing it obviously in
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delaware. we're seeing it across everywhere, pretty much east of the mountains there in parts of maryland. that's going to continue today. so far we've seen heavy amounts. these are the amounts just since midnight in the rain gauges. we're looking at half an inch already in baltimore. it will die down as we get farther into the day. this will shear off and we'll see it rip itself apart. so things will stop for us. we're still gonna see a light drizzle and showers throughout the rest of the day and into tonight and probably tomorrow. we're only looking at about another half an inch of rain at the most out of this. for today, 70 degrees, cloudy and rain. it was going to be breezy, winds out of the north 15 to 30 miles per hour. let's see how things are on the roads. here's kim. we have slick roads and reduced visibility and wind warning at the bay bridge. we take a peek at southbound 95 approaching the white marsh area. we do have incidents working in some areas in the outer loop of
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the beltway in the overlea section at bel air road. a disabled vehicle still blocked. mees are on the scene. that's causing a bit a backup this morning. northbound 95 at the beltway in arbutus, that's a crash on the scene there. and we do have the right lane blocked because of some downed power lines in laurel westbound route 198 at whiskey bottom road. jamie and megan, back to you. it's 5:19 right now. a national controversy with roots right here in baltimore. the community organization acorn caught on camera giving advice on people on -- giving advice to people on how to cheat on your taxes. fox news broke the story yesterday. two conservative bloggers posed as a pimp and his prostitute and got advice on setting up a brothel, cheating on their taxes and clapping underaged sex workers as dependents. this morning, baltimore acorn
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is in defense mode firing the two part-time employees on the tape and questioning the motive and typing behind the release. the tape was leaked one day after president obama's address to congress. >> there was nothing done where acorn took any type of moneys from them. there was nothing that we found that was done illegal. we don't know exactly what was said, how it was said, whether it was dubbed, whether it was cut, sliced, we don't know. >> we also learned that the pair attempted to pull off the same undercover act at acorn offices in l.a., new york, and were turned away. as far as the taping, it is illegal in our state to record someone's voice without his or her permission so acorn may be pursuing legal action on this. a remote beach in southern california is asking people to cover up the birthday suits with a biething suit. this beach is a state park and
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it's been okay to sunbathe in the buff. earlier this week, it became illegal to go nude. most of the nudists are fighting the ban. it may go all the way to the state supreme court. we'll have to see. three, two, one, fire. >> great segue, wasn't it? [ laughter ] the next generation of space transportation from nasa blasted fire into the utah desert yesterday. the firing sent an enormous cloud of sand and dust high into the northern utah sky. for more than two minutes, the flames shot out of the horizontal rocket, which was anchored to the ground. nasa and contractors were very pleased with the test. take a look at this. this baby has a whole new-ahead of him, but chances are nine will be significant in henry's life. maybe his lucky number because henry was born wednesday, september 9, 2009, and this newborn entered the world on
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9:09 and weighed 9.09 pounds. his parents are happy he's healthy. that's a big baby. listen, it's a five-mile run today. >> yeah. and it's all about honoring those from september 11th. >> runners are getting ready to take to the streets in baltimore to remember the victims of 9/11. i'm linda so and i'll have how this will affect your morning commute coming up. (announcer) they're highly trained specialists.
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good morning, everyone. i'm meteorologist susan shrack. we're off to a rainy start this morning. if you haven't looked outside yet, you will be depressed. look at all of that rain spreading across the state and will continue to be the case for us today. 70 degrees the high. may be cloudy, rainy. windy, northerly winds 15 to 30 miles per hour. this is what you can expect for the weekend. a little bit of rain left over for us on saturday. things looking better as we head into the day on sunday. jamie? for today's tech bytes, let's join abc's vinita nair with the latest. >> reporter: in today's tech bytes, a new cell phone that could help reduce your monthly bill. sprint nextel is offering unlimited calls to no matter what plan others are on.
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it includes unlimited texting. sprint's plan could eventually force competitors to lower their prices. facebook is slimming down. it is easier easier to use, less cluttered and faster. the new site could be particularly useful to people who find the current site overwhelming or who are new to facebook. it focuses on establishing a network of friends and communicating with them by writing on their walls, sending message and look agent pictures. motorola unveiled a new phone designed to make it easier to keep up with your friends and facebook and other networking sites. it runs on google's mobile operating system. the phones let users aggregate contact information from e-mail accounts and place status updates on the home screen. the click will be available in time for the holidays. finally, a new iphone ap
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that can turn you intoa fashion designer. polo has launched the make your own rug by app. you can make, design, and order your own rug by shirt. you can even have your name stitched onto the back. users can also upload their own picture to see what their creation will look like on them. the app is available for free on the app store from itunes. for more log on to the technology page on those are your tech bytes. i'm vinita nair.
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eight years ago, we remember the weather, the time, and the heart ache. eight years later, we run


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