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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 11, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. it's friday, september 11th, 2009. the president busses moderate senators in the white house to talk about health care. and we take you behind the scenes. a new report that just one shot could ward off the swine flu? our dr. besser tells you what he thinks you should do. 9/11 eight years later. we have a stunning investigation into one of the nation's most vulnerable targets. a promise made. millions spent. what really happened? intersex. a report says that the controversial south african athlete is a woman. and a man.
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and latoya jackson's exclusive interview. new details of the day michael jackson died. and what happened at the family's private memorial? and good morning, america. diane sawyer with robin roberts on this somber eighth anniversary, september 11th, 2009. >> president obama participating in the ceremony at the pentagon this morning. taking a break for a moment from his health care battle. a battle that is now largely playing out behind closed doors at the white house. >> so, let's get straight to jake tapper, senior white house correspondent. what's going on behind those doors, jake? >> reporter: well, the president has become the lobbyist in chief for his health care reform plan. one senator said, the president set out his goals. now, he's getting to a place where he's more firmly entrenched in trying to achieve those goals. the president summoned 16 moderate democrats and independent democrat, senator joe lieberman, to the white house, to give them the hard sell.
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they came by bus. >> i will not tolerate us continuing to pay more for less in health care. the time is right. and we are going to move aggressively to get this done. >> reporter: the president brought in budget director, peter or zach, to convince some of the budget hawks that it's possible to pass health care reform without adding to the deficit. and that will sustain the skyrocketing health care costs. sources say the president showed flexibility when discussing the public-run government option. it's part of health care reform, the president said. it is not health care reform. that's a message that's upsetting liberal lawmakers. >> frankly, unless he's more clear about this notion of the public option, we're going to continue to be tugging in different directions. >> reporter: the president also emphasized, with the democratic crowd, how much he wants to work in a bipartisan way. not a claim the republicans find. >> bottom line, i thought the speech was partisan,
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uninformative, disinjen with us. >> reporter: republican leaderes seemed embarrassed by the outburst of south carolina congressman, joe wilson. >> you lie. >> reporter: but although wilson apologized to the white house for his lack of civility, he quickly took to the limelight of conservative media. like a moth to a flame. >> i do apologize for speaking out. but what was said was not accurate. >> reporter: with a new website devoted to wilson as a spoil sport, plus, late-night comedians riffing on him -- >> obama accepted wilson's apology. then invited him to a death panel. >> reporter: wilson has entered the public consciousness. >> number two, it's been weeks since a republican politician embarrassed the state of south carolina. number one, nobody cared when mccain yelled, bingo. >> reporter: and the white house apparently frustrated with having to defend health care legislation that does not meet the president's ideals says on their website, obama's plan,
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which is a 2 1/2-page outline, few details in there. but they're more comfortable defending that than what's on capitol hill. robin? >> all right, jake. jake tapper at the white house. thank you. now, a potentially huge breakthrough in the fight against the h1n1 virus. a new report shows that one dose of the vaccine may be all you need to protect yourself this season. our senior health and medical editor dr. richard besser is here to explain it to us. >> this is very exciting news. "the new england journal" yesterday, released results of the first trial of the swine flu vaccine in adults. came out of australia. what they found was one dose of vaccine was enough to give protective immunity. very surprising. all along, we've been planning on two doses of vaccine. logistically, in terms of expense, two doses is much more complicated. people don't like shots. going to one dose is really going to dramatically increase the number of people to get vaccine and people's willingness to get vaccinated.
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>> and reduce costs. >> that's right. >> the u.s. study is coming out tonight, right? >> i spoke with dr. tony fauci at the nih. this afternoon, he's going to release the results of the u.s. studies. and it shows the exact same thing. >> and it seems that the vaccine kicks in a lot sooner than previously thought? >> that's what he's saying. the australian study didn't look at that. but the u.s. study says in eight to ten days after getting the vaccine, people should be protected. that's very fast for a vaccine. >> you said adults. what about children? i know the study geared toward adults. >> the results for children should be out in two weeks. what we expect to see, what we've seen with other flu vaccines is older children, children 8 and above, tend to respond like adults. children below that may need a second dose. we'll just have to see. >> remind us again, those who should be getting the vaccine once it's available. >> those in the highest risk groups include pregnant women. children from 6 months to 24
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years of age. those adults with chronic, underlying medical conditions. emergency medical workers and health care workers. and those people who are caring for very young children because the very young, those 6 month and under, can't get the vaccine. >> so, overall, dr. besser, because we've been talking about this a great deal, to have this kind of news and to know what's about to happen with the study in the u.s. >> we're in flu season. season is around us. the seasonal flu vaccine is here. people should get that vaccine. and when the swine flu vaccine comes, you should get in line and get the vaccine. >> and the target date will be october 14th, for the vaccine to be available? >> still targeting middle october. and everything i heard from the cdc, is we're on track. >> that's great news. >> thanks. we turn, now, all across the nation americans are marking the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. remembering those who tried to rescue those who died. and this morning, president
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obama will attend a special ceremony at the pentagon, as robin said. and abc news senior correspondent, martha raddatz, is there. martha? >> reporter: good morning, diane. this will be president obama's first 9/11 commemoration since becoming president. and his first since the war in afghanistan became his war. ♪ america >> reporter: 20,000 people came to the dedication of this pentagon memorial last year, where 184 benches, with the names of each victim, marked the spot where american airlines flight 77 slammed into the building. in rural pennsylvania, the temporary memorial will soon be replaced by a permanent structure at the site where one of the hijacked planes crashed. in new york, construction is still under way for a memorial at the site where the twin towers once stood. and where then-president bush promised revenge. >> and the people who knocked
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these buildings down will hear all of us soon. >> reporter: barack obama was a state legislator at the time. little did he know that eight years later, osama bin laden would still be on the run. the mastermind of the attacks, khalid shaikh mohammed, seen in these recent pictures, would be growing old in a guantanamo prison cell, looking early more and more, like his terrorist boss. and most shocking, the war in afghanistan would not only be worse than ever. but u.s. commanders would likely be asking for tense of thousands more troops. president obama has called this a war of necessity. but whether he will send more troops is far from certain. the white house is deeply divided. and on the eve of this memorial today, speaker of the house nancy pelosi had blunt words. >> i don't think there's a great deal of support for sending more troops to afghanistan, in the country or in the congress. >> reporter: now, that decision
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will probably not be made for many weeks, if even months, diane. >> martha, apart from speaker pelosi, is support eroding on capitol hill? >> reporter: it certainly seems to be. carl levin, who heads the armed services committee, says he does not want to see more combat troops until the training of afghan troops is stepped up. this could take quite a while. and there could be a democratic revolt on capitol hill. >> thanks much to you, martha. we'll be back to you later on the memorial ceremony. thank you. now, to a report card on the nation's security. eight years of the 9/11 attacks, are we safer? one of the most vulnerable targets, the new york city subway system and the 4 million people who ride it every day. our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, joins us now with more. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we think long and hard before we report on security failures that terrorists could take advantage of. but what we found in new york in
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the city subway system, is no secret. it's a giant vulnerability, that seems to be the result of politics, finger. pointing and indifference. new york has done a lot to make itself safer. but eight years after the 9/11 attacks, experts say the city's subways remain a leading and unnecessarily vulnerable target. especially the many subway tunnels that run under the east river. >> and terrorists, if they did surveillance, would know that security hasn't really improved since 9/11. >> reporter: in an official report identified the underwater tunnels as the achilles' heel of the system. a breech here could shut down the entire system for years. >> the water of the east river would start pouring in. and it would not stop. >> reporter: it would flood the entire system? >> the report estimated about 19,000 casualties. >> reporter: improving tunnel security was supposed to be a top priority. and four years ago, the agency in charge announced a state-of-the-art surveillance
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system from lockheed martin, at a cost of over $200 million. >> it would give us an alert that we can respond and hopefully prevent an attack from happening. >> reporter: lockheed martin's system was supposed to be in option last year. but today -- >> eight years after the attacks, four years after they bought the system, it is still not in place. >> reporter: lockheed martin and the transit agency, the mta, are now suing each other. and all work has stopped. >> they've already paid $250 million to $300 million to lockheed. and the only thing they have to show for it is litigation, being in court. >> reporter: washington, atlanta, and other major cities have already been able to install new surveillance systems. not so, new york. >> i think the secretary of homeland security should have on her desk a list of the high-priority projects that are in trouble. and this would be high up, if not on the top of that list. >> reporter: but when we asked homeland security secretary janet napolitano last week in
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new york, she seemed unaware of the dispute. >> i ride the subway. the mayor rides the subway. the vice mayor rides the subway. the overall safety of the subways are safe. now, are we there on technology, that i can't comment. >> reporter: this is eight years after 9/11. you're not familiar with this? >> not this lawsuit. thank you. >> reporter: the transit authority and the lockheed company blame each other. there have been steps to harden or strengthen the tunnels to withstand the blast. still, the bottom line is, security improvements officials said were essential, are still not in place. >> can we learn from others? others who have tran sis systems across the world? >> reporter: yes. for example, in london, they have floodgates they installed during the blitz. if there's an explosion, they shut off the tunnels. not so here. a lot of improvements that could have been made, have not been made. caught up in politics and the usual new york government -- whatever you want to call it.
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exactly. just bureaucratic delays and struggles to get things done as they fight over contracts. >> all right. thanks for your investigation, brian, as always. appreciate that. let's get the news with chris. good morning, chris. >> robin, diane, brian. the obama administration says it's time to begin getting out of the banking business. treasury secretary tim geithner told congress, that the government will begin winding down some of the programs to help banks amid signs of the recovery in the financial sector. geithner expects the banks to repay $50 billion in government aid over the next 18 months. president obama will travel to wall street monday, on the first anniversary of lehman brothers' collapse, to discuss the steps, he says, still need to be taken to prevent another financial crisis. now, while the banks are showing signs of a recovery, the job market is not. and that's taking a toll on too many american families. new census figures show the poverty rate has risen to the
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highest level in a decade. more than 13% of our population now lives below the poverty line, which is defined as an annual income of $22,000, for a family of four. and median income dropped to just over $50,000. when adjusted for inflation, that's lower than it was ten years ago. and it's likely to drop lower this year, as the effects of the recession take hold. president obama's strategy to open communication with iran may be in jeopardy. the state department has rejected iran's latest proposal for talks because it did not include an offer to discuss the country's nuclear program. the white house had given iran until the end of this month to address concerns over its nuclear program or face possible, new sanctions. it wasn't liftoff. but it looked like it in the utah desert on thursday. that is nasa successfully testing a motor for its next generation rocket, which is designed to take astronauts back to the moon. let's not get our hopes up yet. the new government report says,
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there's no money for a moon mission anytime soon. and finally, bad news, summer is winding up. good news, the nfl's 90th season just started. and the defending champion pittsburgh steelers, let's hear it. they mounted a fourth quarter comeback last night against the tennessee titans, clinching their 13-10 win, with a field goal in overtime. great game, but my man, troy polamalu, acl sprain. probably the best defender in the league. >> but to step it in. the titans, the last to beat the super bowl champions. >> but in overtime. >> what a game. >> football. the nfl the back. all is right in the world. hey, sam. what's going on? >> i missed everything after summer was over. that completely -- >> more confetti. >> we're going to talk about heavy rain in a lot of locations. "gma" storm site radar, from washington, to baltimore, to philadelphia, to new york.
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there's a tornado watch for most of nj. that tornado watch, with the heavy rain, about three to four inches of rain in south jersey already. we're going to get two more inches of rain with this. that will continue into the noon hour. boston, when this rain moves in, it will be lighter. elsewhere, down into deep texas, rain. there's a change in the rain. the heaviest will be west of dallas, to abilene. and check out coastal louisiana, also picking up what could be two to four inches in rain. in those targeted, bull's eye areas there. on the west coast, look at seattle. 83 to 86 degrees. 84 is the record.
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all of america's weather in the next half hour, including a lot of fog. and we'll talk about where, in the midwest, robin. >> okay, sam, thank you. now, the mystery of the missing bride to be. a you'll university student has vanished just days before her wedding, leaving family and
7:18 am
friends worried. aaron alfonsi has the latest in this all-out search. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this was the last place annie was seen, walking into a lab, tuesday morning at 10:00. she was supposed to get married, this weekend, in fact. but now, police are trying to figure out if this is a case of cold feet, or if there's a crime involved. smart, pretty, and conscientious. that's how friends bribe annie le. >> a lot of good friends. wonderful fee yans, she's going to marry on sunday. >> reporter: photos on fisbook, show the bride-to-be smiling, posing in her wedding dress, and with her fiance. this may be the last photo taken of annie. surveillance photos capturing the student tuesday morning, as she entered the yale lab where she worked. disappearing later that day, without a trace.
7:19 am
and without her things. >> she left her pocketbook, her cell phone, everything in the lab. >> reporter: le was supposed to marry her fe yans, jonathan, this weekend in new york. >> he's a wonderful kid. a wonderful, wonderful boy. >> reporter: thursday, investigators combed over the lab. later, sorting through dumpsters, looking for clues. co-workers can't understand how she disappeared in the middle of the day. >> look at all the people. how could that happen? she is a little, tiny thing. but still, it's amazing. it really is. it's pretty scary. >> we're praying that she's going to pop up somewhere. and everything's okay. we're not going to look at the worst here. >> reporter: and still, some say the area around here could be a dangerous area. annie had written about it herself in the university magazine earlier this year. she wrote, new haven is an area plagued with thefts and confrontation. but added, with street smarts,
7:20 am
you can avoid becoming a statistic. that search for annie will continue around the new haven area today. back to you. >> thanks, sharyn. coming up, latoya jackson. her first in-depth interview since her brother's death. why she believes he was murdered. that's a barbara walters exclusive. she'll be here with a preview, coming up. we have the newest model in fuel-efficient cars. are you ready for that? and that controversial south african runner, accused of lying about her gender. it turns out, according to one report, at least, she may be both man and woman. how is that possible? we'll tell you the science and tell you more of her story this morning, after this break. these days, wouldn't it be great if saving money happened as automatically as everything else? at bank of america, it practically does. use the bankamericard power rewards visa credit card and earn rewards like cash back with every purchase. cash you can put into savings. or even use to help pay down
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good morning, everyone. the sun is up but the rain is coming down in most places
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around the state. let's take a look at temperature right now at 58 degrees. the winds are out of the northwest at 10 mires. you can see on maryland's most powerful radar. you can see the storm coming offshore. it's starting to pile up. taking a look at the forecast, 68 this afternoon. 65 for us this evening tonight down to 63. not a lot of temperature change. we'll be seeing rain and showers all the way through until tonight. let's check out the roads. here's kim. >> reporter: thanks, susan. traffic is building and easing in some spots. we do have some crashes working on the outer lap at providence road, reports of a spun out vehicle. that's causing a little bit of slowing. reisterstown road, we have those crashes that block both
7:26 am
the left and right shoulder causing delays in that area. southbound 83 at pa do enya road -- padonia road, delays begin. as we look at the jfx and coal spring lane, give yourself plenty of time this morning. we'll be right back with your morning news update next. ç
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good morning. it's 7:27. a national controversy with roots right here in baltimore. acorn was caught on camera giving advice to people on how to cheat on their taxes. the undercover video popped up on youtube and big fox news broke the story yesterday. two conservative bloggers posed as a pimp and his prostitute and got advice on setting up a brothel, cheating on their taxes and claiming underaged el salvadorian sex workers as dependents. acorn is firing the two part time employees on the tape and questioning the motive and
7:28 am
timing behind the release. the tape was leaked one day after president obama's address to congress. >> there was nothing done where acorn took any type of moneys from them. there was nothing that we found that was done illegal. we don't know exactly what was said, how it was said, whether it was dubbed, when its what cut -- whether it was cut, sliced, we don't know. >> the pair also attempt heed the same thing at acorn offices in new york, l.a. and were turned away. it is illegal in our state to record someone's voice without his other her permission so acorn may be prosecute suing legal action. this year, joe flacco is receiving more praise. portfolio magazine ranks joe cool as the league's fifth best quarterback in terms of cost effectiveness. he was paid a cool million and threw for over 2500 yards last year. the magazine looks at on field and payday performance.
7:29 am
here's what we have coming up at 9:00. president barack obama will speak at the pentagon to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. we'll cover that moment for you live on abc 2. and are you prepared should any emergency or disaster affect you on your family? we'll help you prepare for and plan for any terror attack or storm that we may get. so watch us here this morning at 9:00. now let's go back to new york and more of "good morning america."
7:30 am
this morning, we hear from latoya jackson. her first in-depth interview since her brother's death. revealing paris' heartbreaking good-bye to her dad. the one you did not see. and latoya pointing her finger at one of michael's doctors. it's a barbara walters' exclusive. and barbara is here with us this morning. we say good morning, america, on this friday morning. alongside diane sawyer, i'm robin roberts. and we will also be taking to the roads this morning. imagine driving a car that runs on hydrogen power. sounds like "back to the future." but it's on the roads.
7:31 am
and dr. oz will be here. >> he is. he's going to shine his light on the inside of your purse. do you really want to know? you should, he says. first in this half hour, new information about the south african runner, accused of lying about her gender. you may remember questions being raised about caster semenya, after she blew away the competition at the world championships. she was ordered to undergo tests to see if she really is a woman. this morning, those test results are back, and show she is both a woman and a man. abc's jeremy hubbard has more. >> reporter: the bombshell results reportedly show that caster semenya has both male and female sexual characteristics. a hermaphrodite, with no womb and no ovaries. but internal male organs, that produce three-times as much testosterone as a woman. the international association of athletics federations ordered the gender tests last month, as questions were raised about the
7:32 am
18-year-old's masculine physique and deep voice. >> sex is actually really complicated. it's made up of a whole bunch of different components. >> reporter: this morning, semenya's father was outraged over the news reports. saying anyone who insinuates his daughter is not a woman is sick and crazy. the iaaf has said that semenya would probably be able to keep her gold medal, because it's not a doping matter. but she may still be sidelined, considered too strong to compete against women. and not strong enough for the men's category. >> i see the day where there would be a third category at the olympics. male, female and other. no. sometimes that black and white world is necessary. male, female. even if the medical community would say, there's a lot of gray here. >> reporter: semenya recently modeled for a south african magazine in full feminine attire. and she said, god made me the way i am.
7:33 am
and i accept myself. for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc news. >> impossible not to think of her and the humanity involved in all this publicity. we're turning, now, to latoya jackson's first in-depth tv interview since her brother's death. when michael jackson died on june 25th, it was latoya who signed the death certificate. and now, she is talking about what happened that day. and it's barbara walters who has the exclusive interview. barbara? >> before we start on this, i want to say congratulations. i'm very proud of you. >> thank you. >> it's been a long wait now. >> you and i will have dinner now. >> we have to talk. okay. you know that her brother's death, michael's death, has been ruled a homicide. but not a murder. latoya says her brother told her that he knew he was going to be killed. he knew he was going to be assassinated. and the people around him, she blames for it. here's a little bit of what she said.
7:34 am
we now know that michael jackson died of a fatal combination of drugs, including the powerful anesthetic propofol, which was administered by this man. did dr. conrad murray murder your brother? >> barbara, something went wrong. >> reporter: it has been reported that michael's eldest son, prince, was summoned by dr. murray, to help resuscitate michael, prince's own father. that must have been a terrible experience for him. is it true? >> yes. he did call prince. he watched him do this, barbara. and you don't do that to a child. you don't do that to a child, especially when you knew, prior to asking that child to come up, that michael was no longer alive. >> reporter: do you feel that michael was dead long before he went to the hospital? >> oh, yes. oh, yes.
7:35 am
>> reporter: why was he doing this to this little boy? >> i think to show i had nothing to do with this. >> she signed the death certificate, by the way, not the doctor. and she was at the hospital. she also planned a good part of his funeral. so, she was very, very involved. >> you talk to her about prince, who is 12 now, i believe. paris is 11. and blanket, the youngest, is 7 years old. what else did she say about the children? >> they are very well-protected. even though, for the first time, we're seeing their faces. they will be homeschooled. they were when their father was alive. they're not allowed to watch any television, she said. except the disney channel. plug. but their whole life has changed. right now, they are being raised by their grandmother. she talks about whether or not diana ross will take over, if anything happened to their grandmother. the one who is grieving the most is paris. she said, every day, paris wears her father's shirt.
7:36 am
and she described some of her actions before and since. so, we'll take a look. the night before the big, public memorial, paris visited michael's open casket. and she put something in it. >> she put two stones on his chest. and it was so sweet and so kind and so delicate and so warm. i just love that. ♪ i'll be there >> reporter: i was honored to be asked to sit near the family at the public memorial. paris was crying on your shoulder. did she just take it harder than the boys? >> paris, i don't think the world knows, has such a love for her father. >> reporter: and paris wanted to speak. >> yes, she did. >> reporter: at that memorial. >> yes. she absolutely did. she wanted so badly to say something to her father. ♪ you said you would be the
7:37 am
light ♪ ♪ in the autumn >> i think it was stevie wonder that was on. she said, can i say something to daddy? you know what, paris? at the end, we're all going to say good-bye and go on stage. i think that would be a great opportunity for you to go then. she goes, okay. i'll do it then. >> ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> she loves him unconditionally. she speaks so highly of him all the time. >> and i just wanted to say i love him. so much. >> and it just touches her heart to know that he will no longer be with her. >> we talked about whether the children are aware of the controversy.
7:38 am
and do they know who their biological parents are? there's so much mystery still. >> do you know now who they are? >> do i know who the biological parents are? well, we know the mother of the two children. there is some question -- i think the hardest question that i had to ask was about her brother's sperm. and was it used for the children or not? >> okay. i'll let you save that for tonight. okay. but did you ask about the drug use? we know how they feel about dr. murray. but what about michael jackson's drug abuse? >> well, that's so important. he did do it. he didn't have to take those drugs. he was an addict. they tried to intervene, the family, and never could get anywhere. but when i said, you know, he took these drugs. she said, well. i could ask you for a billion dollars. that doesn't mean you have to give it to me. in other words, these doctors, who they were, why they did it, this is something that she's questioning. again and again, diane, she said he was murdered. he was murdered.
7:39 am
>> murder. murder is the word they use. all of barbara's interview will be on tonight. so much in it. it's abc's "20/20" at 10:00, 9:00 central. watch it. and time, now, for the weather and sam champion. >> diane, barbara, good morning, everyone. we're going to start with disturbing pictures out of what is known as icy cape, alaska. what you see here is a grouping of walrus. about 3,500 walruses here. they're on the shoreline. they shouldn't be. normally, you would see them sitting on an ice shelf. they would be collecting clams. there is no ice shelf. they're back up on land. only the second time they've seen a grouping of walruses like this. and they're investigating whether walruses are going to be an endangered species. because the ice shelf isn't there. we thought we'd bring you those pictures as we saw them. we have heavy fog around chicagoland. at the arptd, not such heavy fog.
7:40 am
but outside the area, we're looking at two-mile, three-mile visibility. that goes all the way into iowa. madison, wisconsin, one mile of visible. even bowling green, kentucky, with two-mile vizability. that will clear up. heavy rain will not go away today in central new jersey. there's a 30--mile-per-hour wind that's attached to that rain. we're going to get rid of that low in the next couple days, hopefully. and we have the big heat, two more days of it. portland, at 91. all that weather was brought to you by macy's. in the next half hour, we're going to talk about the shuttle landing. will it go on with the weather?
7:41 am
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the new general motors, just out of bankruptcy, is making an offer it hopes consumers cannot refuse. if you are not satisfied with your new gm car, you can return it within 60 days and get your money back. the carmaker is also looking to new technology for its comeback. a hydrogen-powered car, that sounds like something straight out of a hollywood movie. they've already logged 1 million miles in test drives. and "gma" financial correspondent, bianna golodryga, outside with the brnd-new equinox to tell us more. >> reporter: you know we at "gma" love talking about fuel-efficient cars. but i have to be honest with you. when we heard about a hydrogen-powered car, we started thinking of cars of the future. here it is. it's the equinox. the 1 million miles traveled you
7:45 am
just said, actually saved 50,000 gallons worth of gas. the big question, of course, is, can that kind of technology help save a company like general motors? for jeanine getz, the future is now. what did you think when you heard about this car? >> it's a lefshing curve. i learned about hydrogen. felt more comfortable with it. >> reporter: the connecticut author is 1 of 100 selected americans that gm has asked to test-drive their car of the future. a hydrogen-fueled chevy equinox. by now, most car companies have their own version of fuel-efficient technology. gm is due to release its chevy volt next year. and nissan and honda says they'll do the same. but unlike those cars, this one doesn't require a drop of
7:46 am
gasoline. >> we put hydrogen in the tank. it moves through this device called the fuel cell. you bring in oxygen. the chemical reaction gives you water, which is the only thing that comes out of the tail pipe. and you get electricity to power the car down the road. >> reporter: it may sound complicated. but for drivers like jeanine, it looks, feels and drives just like a normal car. >> i was impressed with the fact i could get in, turn the key and call it a day. i didn't have to do anything differently than i do now. >> reporter: for cash-strapped general motors, it's hoping this car could be a teekey to its survival, including weaning itself from oil dependence. >> the manufacturers don't have a choice. washington is forcing them to do this. because of the new fuel economy standards that are rolling out, with model year 2011, which is just next year. >> reporter: the car gets an equivalent of 50 or 60 miles to the gallon. the hydrogen fueling process, is similar to the normal gas station fill-up. >> it goes into the back of the
7:47 am
car, where you'd normally put gasoline in. you squeeze the clamp. that's when the fueling process can begin. takes about three to five minutes. you pull the nozzle back off. you're all done. >> reporter: so, when, if ever, can we expect to see hydrogen fueling stations throughout the country? >> we can take existing gas stations and adapt them to also be a hydrogen refueling station. but that takes money. and we are not seeing a significant demand from the american public for alternative technology. >> reporter: fortunately, tomorrow's consumers already appear interested. >> my daughter is 5. and she loves -- she'll say, let's take the hydrogen car. and she'll stand right there and says, oh, it smells like nothing. >> reporter: i have to say, it is amazing. i'm standing by the tail pipe. it feels like water coming out. it has no smell. it's fun. and everyone here is shocked by that. and if you wanted to know how much it would cost, if, in fact,
7:48 am
there were hydrogen stations to fill up, very comparable to what gasoline would cost. hopefully this is technology we'll see coming out in the coming decades. >> any idea how much the vehicle itself will cost? >> reporter: they're hoping that when it comes out and we have hydrogen available, would be comparable to what this car costs running on gasoline. >> bianna, thanks so much. have a great weekend. it's 7:48. we'll be right back.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
going to have some music for you on this friday morning. mary j. blige will be coming up, singing live. and we're also going to take you to italy. an astonishingly emotional story. a little boy, kidnapped by his mother. and ending up in an orphanage, as his dad tries to get him back. and what are you carrying around in your wallet? your purse? it can cost you your health. mehmet oz with the dirty, little it can cost you your health. mehmet oz with the dirty, little details, lurking all around us. but you already are great at doing that. really? sure! you're made with fiber just like me. but best of all, you're the perfect size for smaller kids, and they love your chocolaty taste. kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats little bites cereal. an excellent source of fiber packed in a smaller size... to help keep your little ones full and focused. now where you going? to practice keeping 'em full and focused. i have big shoes to fill. he better not be on the bed.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist susan shrack. the sun has come up and we have rain in most areas. temperature's at 57 degrees, relative humidity 94%, wind out of the northwest at 9 miles per hour. we have the storm coming ashore, blowing a lot of rain our way. we're seeing it most heavily on the eastern shore. now they are getting another round of that.
7:57 am
it is spreading mostly through hagerstown. take a look at the next 12 hours. we're looking at 58 degrees for a high in the afternoon. the showers continue into tonight and tomorrow morning. 63 for the overnight lows. check out the roads. here's kim. >> reporter: as we look at the beltway, traffic has calmed down a wee bit, although there is heavy volume, heavy delays in certain spots. if you are traveling southbound on 83, that is the harrisburg expressway, things willing slow through to about the beltway. we are working on the outer lap open reisterstown road. the outer loop at 795, a new crash blocks the left lane there. southbound on the bw parkway after route 100, getting word of a disabled vehicle and northbound 95, a car has run out of gas. use caution there. as you look here at the jfx, here at cold spring lane, we
7:58 am
have heavy volume from the beltway through to the northbound area. traffic is moving along at a good pace. we'll be right back with more of "good morning america" next. thanks for choosing abc 2 news. go online for more news now at abc 2 works for you. now you can save more every time that you shop, with thousands of items at prices that pop. now double the number of deals through the store, with your new card, you can't help but save more. it's specials each week on the things that you use, and real deal savings, now how can you lose? low prices every day in every aisle,
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8:00 am
"good morning america" continues with new details in that case of a little boy kidnapped by his mother. now, living in an italian orphanage. we're there as his dad goes to italy to try to get him back. plus, why looking good could leave you feeling bad. dr. oz is here, with the dirty details about the germs lurking in your makeup. ♪ closer and mary j. blige brings her spectacular voice to times square. she's going to perform live this square. she's going to perform live this morning. captions paid for by abc, inc.
8:01 am
>> we're looking forward to hearing from mary j. >> mary j. >> we need that on this friday morning. it is friday, september 11th, 2009. as you mentioned, dr. mehmet oz is here. we sort of suspected what's in our purse. but do we really want to know? it's germ warfare. and dr. oz is going to give you the truth. the dirty truth. >> we don't want to know. but we should know. we should know. and later, the newest chapter in the battle of the sexes. why men and women often do not see eye-to-eye. we have the latest theory from a very funny couple. and they will join us to tell us all about it later. first, back over to chris with the news. >> men and women don't get along? >> that's the word on the street. >> news to me. news to the news man. thank you, robin. good morning, diane. good morning, everybody. of course, today is the day that america pledged never to forget. september 11th.
8:02 am
the tribute to those lost at ground zero began with two beams of blue light. four moments of silence will mark the moments when the twin towers or hit. and when they collapsed. president obama is attending a wreath-laying ceremony at the pentagon. and the names of victims will be read aloud, at each site, including shanksville, pennsylvania, where one of the hijacked planes crashed into a field. now, eight years after 9/11, the war in afghanistan is more violent than ever. u.s. commanders are expected to ask for more combat troops. but now, a key senator, democrat carl levin, is voicing opposition to any such request. levin heads the armed services commit. . and says, the u.s. needs to focus on training more afghan troops. and house speaker nancy pelosi says, the support isn't there for more troops. medical research researchers say just one dose of the h1n1 vaccine would be strong enough to battle the virus. they initially said two doses
8:03 am
would be needed. they also say protection kicks in within ten days of taking the shot. how about a little levity here. patience has paid off for the owners of a dog named skoobby. skoobby, the puppy, wedged for five days behind a rock wall in australia, as only a puppy can. they were slipping it food. they were giving it water. finally, using high-tech cameras, found him. pulled him out. skoobby's going to be just fine. there you go. there's the news at 8:03. they couldn't call the puppy because the puppy's deaf. it took a little more time. but everybody's okay now. sam, are you okay? not going to say anything mean about the puppy, are you? >> wait. was his name really skoobby? >> of course, his name was really skoobby. >> not that i doubt you, news guy. but it's just -- why didn't you go -- why didn't you do skoobby? why didn't you do that? >> that would be your role, sam.
8:04 am
>> ow. all right. good morning, everybody. gang, good morning. [ cheers ] they are an exceptionally live and active crowd on all edges of the studio, by the way. and mary j. blige is in the house. i think everybody is really, really riled up about that. let's get to the boards. we'll show you one or two things going on this morning that we want to talk about. we have two opportunities to bring the shut until today. one at about 5:00. one at about 7:00. i don't think either one is going to happen. we have strong storms and heavy rain across florida again. it may be california and edwards air force base that gets the shuttle down. more heavy rain in texas, as well. areas like corpus christi and san antonio, have has more rain in this episode than all year long. and heavier rains continue throughout that area, into louisiana, as well. what's going on in the northeast? we already have airport delays in new york and newark. and some are running from one to six
8:05 am
and there's a lot more coming from our times square studios. chris? >> all right, sam. we want to update you on a story now that we have been following closely. we promised to take you along. as you remember, for 2 1/2 years, michael mccarty is a father who has fighting to bring home his son, liam. his son was taken to italy wrongfully by his mother. and the fight continues now. just over a week ago, michael mccarty went to rome to visit with his 8-year-old son. what happened next is absolutely
8:06 am
shocking. take a look. it's a trek michael mccarty knows all too well. in the past two years he's made about a dozen trips to italy, to try to bring back what means the most. his son, liam, now 8 years old. but for all his dreams, he was just hoping his son is okay. >> the last time i saw him was a few months ago. every day, i'm worried about his safety. and what's going through his mind. >> reporter: now, michael would be able to see for himself. and we went along. it's a heartbreaking, legal tangle that started in 2007, when without warning, liam's italian mother ignored a court ruling and took the boy to italy. she's now on the fbi's list of parental kidnappers. and liam is torn between two parents and two countries. even more tragic, liam ended up in an italian orphanage, after his mother was ruled unfit. while michael knew he couldn't win custody on this trip, he still had high hopes for the scheduled visitation. he thought, it would be a chance
8:07 am
for weather and son to reconnect. instead, it turned out horribly. our cameras weren't allowed in. but michael says there were six security guards and italian reporters surrounding liam. >> the mother was there screaming. the grandmother was there, screaming. >> reporter: and when he finally got a glimpse of liam this, father learned just how far apart he and his son truly are. >> he yelled at me, that i was a bad person. and then, i walked back inside. you know -- i just don't know why they are doing this to him. >> a very good question. michael mccarty joins us right now. i'm sorry for you to have to see yourself like that. but i know that -- we talk a lot. i know you went there. you wanted to make sure he was okay. could you ever have imagined that he would regard you the way he did? >> well, it's not surprising, i guess, under the circumstances
8:08 am
of the pressures that are being put upon him. he's in a really, really bad situation. he's been shuttled around, from place to place. he does not know who to trust. i read some documents yesterday and early this morning, that he was kept up all night, the night before this visitation. i arrived there. there were six security guards. i think there were actually 12 or 14. there were a throng of people. there were reporters from television all around. there was the grandmother and the mother, yelling and screaming. a guy, i came to find out was her latest attorney, yelling. and in the middle of that, was my son, sitting there. surrounded by these security guards. and witnesses this whole scene. >> constantly under the influence of his mom, who was found unfit. but who constantly says you were physically abusive to him or sexually abusive. and he's constantly asked about
8:09 am
you by experts in terms of whether or not you abused him. he's just barraged with this now. >> all those matters have been settled. >> in his mind, i'm saying. there's no merit to the claims. in this country, that country, understood. but to the child, what do you think it's done? >> i've read that he didn't even define -- he says, oh, my father's a bad person. but he can't define what it is. so, we don't even know what's going through his mind. it's very clear to them, at this point, what is -- that he's traumatized. that there's a problem. and that nothing ever happened to him. and it's pretty clear to them where that's coming from. you know, the mother was there. she brought him there. there's a court order that she not be near him. why was she even allowed there? why were there reporters there? >> the logic breakdown here, legally, they say, this situation is very bad for the child. you're arguing, yes. and you're creating this situation. you're not supposed to be in his care. he's supposed to be in the united states.
8:10 am
and that's simply still being ignored. even with the legal attention? even with the legal proceedings? >> yeah. it's being ignored. and they're saying to me, now, in italy, in court orders, that are issued very quickly, that by putting him in the media -- they're saying i'm putting him in the media. that's really incorrect. he's been in the media for two years because he was kidnapped. there was a crime committed. they're saying because of that, they're blaming that on me. and say that is traumatizing him. now, the courts are even trying to find some reason to say that i'm not acting in a manner befitting a parent. >> let's keep the audience apprised of the situation. what happens next? >> that's a very good question. i wish i knew. i know that later this month, there are going to be some determinations made, as to whether he gets placed next. it will either probably be back in the orphanage. or possibly with an uncle.
8:11 am
maybe left with the grandparents. we're not sure. i'll try to go back and see what i can find out. >> all right, michael. thank you so much. we will say on this situation. stay in contact with us. and you can go to the website for more information. we'll be right back after the for more information. we'll be right back after the break. ng. my husband, robert, robert made me come. he dragged me up here. i'm scared. i don't want to take my feet off the platform. hey, this isn't bad! you look down and you're like, ooh that's a lot farther than i thought it was going to be. well that wasn't bad at all, that was fun. i'm from fayetteville, north carolina, ...and i smoked for 29 years.
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8:15 am
all right. we've all suspected we don't want to know what's in our purse. that it's a breeding ground for bacteria. and even viruses. did you know in a your purse has more germs -- your average purse, more germs, than there are people in europe? how did they get there? how dangerous are they really? and how do you get them out? dr. mehmet oz is here. host of "the dr. mehmet oz show" which premieres. you're ready to launch. >> i'm so excited. we're going to go places where folks are asking questions already. but a lot of times, a little shy
8:16 am
about going too deeply into the topic. >> yes. you are the task master of going deeply into the topic, whether we're ready or not. you're going to begin with sexual famine, you were saying. >> we have a sexual famine in america. the one question i get asked more than any other. it's not obesity. it's the fact that people aren't having sexual relations with each other. that means there's deep issues physically and emotionally. that's exactly where i want to. people are asking the question. but there's an embarrassment around it, that holds us back from going where we need to go. when someone's embarrassed about asking a question, a lot of people probably have the same question that aren't brave enough to ask it. >> but the wide-ranging approach of the show is revealed in the fact you can do sexual famine and you can do our purses, as we said. you have a clip from the show. you start out, i guess, by asking a woman, does she really know what's in her purse? >> exactly. >> here it is. >> there's something that all
8:17 am
women tend to share. the makeup. we found, on your makeup, a weird bug. it's called bacillus serious. and it's a serious bug. that's not why it's called. but it can cause vomiting and diarrhea. it can also cause meningitis. >> really? >> yeah. >> this is contractible from the kind of germs and bacteria you found in the purse? >> absolutely. and women don't expect this at all. if you look inside the average woman's purse. this is not my purse. >> or mine. >> but take these two out. let's put the purse itself down. i'll leave the wallet for a second because we'll come back to that. but take your makeup. i'll just pour this out here. we'll start off with one big culprit right off the bat, which is this. >> oh, dear. >> so, folks will often use a kleenex and reuse it. once you've used this once,
8:18 am
please get rid of it. it harbors bacteria, and virus. you don't want it in your bag. let's look into the bag itself. a typical product that might be -- not only used by you, but you might share with a good friend, is your lipstick. and the same goes for mascara. of course, these, are often shared by young women. but lipstick harbors all kinds of bacteria, and especially viruss. if you have a cold sore, and use the lipstick, it could be problematic. if you're the only one using it, you can harbor an illness from a couple weeks earlier. the question becomes, how do you clean your lipstick or your mascara. one solution, actually, is to dip it in alcohol. in for 15 seconds. >> doesn't dissolve it. >> doesn't dissolve it. and the alcohol gets into the membrane of the bacteria and kills them. you can wipe off the tip of the lipstick. it's clean, sterile and ready to go. if you don't want to dip your
8:19 am
lipstick in alcohol. of course, you can't do that with your mascara. you can take the mascara. just put it in the freezer before you go to bed at night. >> and that kills it quickly? >> exactly. by the time you get up to watch "good morning america" in the morning -- >> overnight in the freezer will kill bacteria, kill viruss? >> very effectively. reproducively. as we showed in the clip, we went through a woman's purse. we cultured all the different products. we found a lot of fecal material. >> just on an average woman, who is perfectly hygienic. because it's off of other things. >> simple things will often contaminate everything in your bathroom. >> for instance, in your wallet. the money in your wallet. >> the money in your wallet is a big issue. if you look at the money in your wallet. it's not just an urban myth that most u.s. currency has traces of cocaine on it. but a virus can live for an hour on a dollar bill. that's not a big deal. but if i were to cough on the dollar bill, the mucus, with the virus, can live up to 17 days.
8:20 am
>> what's the solution to this? what do you do? your purse is your survival. >> a lot of makeup has expiration dates for a reason. there's anti-bacterial products placed in makeup. if it settles, you can clear the top of it. simple things again. butter knife, you can scrape the surface off. or take a q-tip and wipe it off. you want to make sure that the product looks the way it looked when you purchased it. you don't have material that's not supposed to be reused, hanging out in there. clean it up. if you have things like pencils that you have to sharpen, please do it. you want the surface that touches you, to be touching you, if not for the first time, one of the first times. and finally, we talked about these. there are cleaning wipes you can use. you should wipe down the inside of the bag, as well. whatever is being put in that bag doesn't become contaminating for you. >> wipe it down once a week? >> once a week. it's not too anal. pretty simple to do. you focus on the basics.
8:21 am
people can stay healthier. >> we're not overalarming on this. you can really get sick from things in your purse? >> the bacteria, if you're compromised in capacity, it can be dangerous. we checked these out with wonderful germologists. experts in the area. this is an area we have not tapped into. it's an area we can help a lot of americans. >> all right. here you go. i'm very excited. that's great. watch on monday. "the mehmet oz show." and also for tips he's given us here. go to we'll tell you more. mary j. blige performs, coming up. when it comes to being more like the original,
8:22 am
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8:25 am
good morning, i'm susan shrack. the rain has stopped at least in the central part of the state. a lot of us are still seeing the drizzle out there. right now, we're looking at relative humidity at 93%, wind out of the north-northwest at 10 miles per hour. a very large storm off the coast throughout the overnight hours is bringing lots of rain onshore. you can see the heaviest rain is in the northeastern section of the state. we've been seeing it stretching across the west. this afternoon, 68 degrees for
8:26 am
a high. only down to 632 for tonight and steady rain and showers and drizzle through tonight and tomorrow morning. let's check out the roads now with kim. >> reporter: as we look approaching the southbound 695, things are moving along a good pace. we have delays all around the area this morning so just give yourself a few extra minutes. northbound on the jfx between ruxton road and 695, an overturned vehicle blocking the left two lanes. 695 on the outer loop, there is a crash and a tow truck on the scene. traffic will be heavy as you make your way from the beltway all the way down to st. paul's street. so give yourself extra time this morning. we'll be right back with the morning news update next.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm megan pringle. here's the news headlines we're working on for enthusiasm morning. a national controversy with roots right here in baltimore. the community organization acorn caught on camera giving advice to people on how to cheat on their taxes. the undercover video posted on youtube and fox news broke the story yesterday. two conservative bloggers posed as a pimp and prostitute claiming they had underaged el
8:28 am
salvadorian refugees living with them working as employees. acorn is in defense mode as you can imagine. they fired the two employees on the tape questioning the motive and timing behind the release of this tape that was leaked one day after president obama's address to congress. >> there was nothing done where acorn took any type of moneys from them. there was nothing that we found that was done illegal. we don't know exactly what was said, how it was said whether it was dubbed, whether it was cut, sliced, we don't know. >> we've also learned that the pair attempted to pull off the same undercover act in los angeles, new york and philadelphia at acorn offices but were turn add way. as far as the taping goes it is illegal in maryland to record someone's voice without his or her permission. so acorn may be pushing for legal action. this year, joe flacco is receiving more praise this
8:29 am
morning. portfolio magazine ranks him as the league's fifth best quarterback in terms of cost effectiveness. the magazine looks on field and payday performance. we'll see how the season goes and what they have to say. remember, "good morning, maryland" is coming up. have a great day.
8:30 am
♪ right from the heart i've waiting my life for light ♪ the one, the only, mary j. blige. grammy winner will be performing live, later on this morning. beautiful music this friday morning. >> we really do. she sings the heart out of every song. good morning, once again. diane sawyer, robin roberts, chris cuomo and sam champion. also coming up in this half hour, we know relationships can make you a little crazy. a very funny couple, and perceptive, as well, is going to
8:31 am
take on the question why women seem crazy and why men seem stupid in love. their version, not mine. >> we'll find that out. but first, no one is stronger than the amazing mary j. blige. so, it's fitting that "stronger" is the name of her new single, from the soundtrack of "more than a game." later on, she's going to sing it for us. for our fall concert series. but first, come on up here, mary j. come up with us. [ cheers and applause ] don't be scared, chris. don't back away. >> thank you very much. >> you're one of our favorites. your music is uplifting and inspi inspiring. and your song, "stronger," is on the lebron james soundtrack for
8:32 am
"more than a game." how did you get involved in this? >> he asked me to be a part of it. i said, absolutely. something like this, this is how we all came to where we are. we struggle. we struggle. it's about five, struggling, talented basketball players. one of them is now lebron james, the great. and someone followed him through his whole career, a family member. and made a movie out of this whole thing. >> you're acting, as well. >> i did my first feature film, called "i can do bad" all by myself today. >> was it a big leap? >> it was a big leap. i'm nervous. i'm always nervous because i never get used to the favor that's shown to me. you know? so, i was very nervous. and i got an acting coach and everything because, you know, it's not my first profession. i needed the help. >> but working with tyler perry, i'm sure that helps.
8:33 am
i'm sure he really helped you, as well. he's marvelous with young talent. >> yes, he did. he's so supportive. he makes you feel like it's okay to make a mistake. like we all make mistakes. you know? but he allows you to get the part and just be yourself while you're getting it. and he makes you laugh. and he makes you cry. you know? i love tyler. it was fun. >> did you ask lebron to come to the knicks? >> no, i didn't. >> look at chris. trying to get personal favors. >> lebron's going to come get you, if you keep going on about the knicks. >> good. come get me and play for the knicks. >> is it "essence" magazine that you're on the cover? >> yes. >> i picked it up and looked at it. that's a gorgeous picture, first of all. >> thank you. >> and inside, some great stuff. is that this month's? >> yes. on the streets now. >> you're everywhere. >> a show she's working on. but music inspired by the film, "more than a game," will be
8:34 am
released tuesday, september 29th. "more than a game" opens friday, september 22nd. and we have mary j. singing for us in a little bit. if you hurry up and do the weather. >> let's get to the boards and show you one or two things going on this morning we want you to know about. quickly, if you're in the northeast area, there are already airport delays out for all this rain and that spiraling low along the coastline. so, make sure you check with your air carrier. we think it will get worse as the day goes on. here's the good news for boston. this low will be shredded apart by the area of high pressure just above it. boston never gets into the heavy rain, even though they get showers today. new york city will get its fair share of wind and rain. and that worst shot, to philly, throughout the day. the weekend is cooler. we start to get rid of all the warm air along the west coast, by the time we get into sunday. by tend of the weekend, the west coast gets slightly cooler temperature. and all of that rain going into south texas right now, moves
8:35 am
into north and central texas. the entire area needs rain. louisiana, you're kind of a side part of that. yo all that weather was brought to you by the national association of realtors. here's something i love to do. only here on "good morning america," can you be the stage, where mary j. blige is going to be in. and the audience, where you are. you guys are right here. right here. do it again. from the audience. back up to the stage. oh, robin? >> thank you for buying me some time, as i was running up the stairs to get back up here. thank you, there, sam. you helped me out. what do you get when you have two, tv comedy writers living under the same roof?
8:36 am
well, if you're howard morris and jennie lee, you get a very funny and insightful look on relationships. it's called "women are crazy, men are stupid." the simple truth to a complicated relationship. they're both here to try to explain everything to us. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> you've been together a couple of years? >> yes. almost three years. >> how did this come about? what were you fighting over? >> it started with a romantic evening that went awry. i was all dressed up, expecting to go out. and i ended up in a subway parking lot at 10:00. this is it? and the fight ensues. and at 3:00 in the morning, i'm proving to him -- or i think i'm proving to him, he loves frozen yogurt more than me. >> when i thought he was completely crazy. >> and i think, wow i really am crazy. and that was it. women are crazy. and men are stupid. i just stated it. >> and she was depressed about it. i was thrilled. i felt like i finally understood
8:37 am
the entire world. and it was like a basis to understand everything. now, we can have a dialogue. >> you cracked the code. >> yes. i am stupid. i felt known for the first time. >> so, how can we help? if we know this to be true, how can we help men and women understand each other better? >> well -- >> one thing i've learned is, never get between a woman and her crazy. the crazy will burn itself out. what you never want to do, is put yourself in the center of that. >> don't be the target. >> if it's coming in 20 minutes, nod, agree a lot. >> you can't ignore us? >> no. you have to be supportive. >> and with stupid men, now that we know that all men are stupid -- >> it's funny, now that we know that. >> yeah. now that we know that, don't write off a stupid man too quickly. they can learn. they can eventually get there. >> and also, men are not stupid about everything.
8:38 am
they're very intelligent about logic and facts. but none of that is helpful at all when it comes to dealing with a crazy woman. >> i love it. i'm looking at diane like, is this all -- help one another get through -- are you taking your own advice? has it helped at all? >> absolutely. we are definitely taking our own advice. i really thought the book would break us up. i was nervous about writing it together. and he convinced me. i'm like, okay. i need to get my point of view in there, for the women out there. it actually brought us closer together, because we survived. >> it shows us, by writing about our own foibles and then reading. i would write the beginning of the chapter and then, jenny writes the response. and it shows that crazy is not that crazy and stupid is not that stupid. >> what can you do to understand men? to have a better relationship?
8:39 am
and i'll let you speak for men. >> i think with women, the biggest thing that i learned, with howard, was in a he thought that love and romance were the same thing. and romance is a very important topic to women. very important to me. and i -- when i realized that, i'm like. oh, i have to educate him in a way that men can understand what romance is. i actually came up with an analogy that it's similar to hd television. >> being that a writer, more in life -- >> it's better than real life. it's a better version of ourselves. every now and then, a woman wants a better, dressed-up version. >> exactly. and i know how hd makes me feel, all sort of special and giggling inside. >> you can understand that, then. >> that was a breakthrough. >> now, speak to the men folk out there. >> women always ask these crazy questions. we think they're crazy questions. jenny seems to ask me a question right before i'm about to go to sleep. she'll say something like, which one of my friends do you think is most attractive? or then, she'll say -- one time
8:40 am
she woke me up from a dream, to ask, why did you say that mean thing to me in the dream? what i realized after i wrote the book and thinking about the crazy questions. what she's really asking me, in all the questions is, do you love me more than everybody else? and that was it. what's crazy about that? >> nothing. >> nothing at all. >> and guys. >> not as stupid as you think. >> we're meeting in the middle. >> there you go. thank you. it is a funny, funny read. and it's a delight meeting you both. >> thank you very much. >> you can read an excerpt from howard morris and jenny lee's new book, "m (employee 1) subject: urgent!! bob!!
8:41 am
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eight years ago today, a class of 4-year-olds were starting their morning at a preschool, just blocks from the world trade center. and in one moment, their world would turn upside down. images of them walking hand-in-hand, the burning towers behind them. a moment of silence today for that. but first, they are now 12. we asked them about change in their lives. >> my name is loyabeausoleil.
8:44 am
and on september 11th, 2001, i was a teacher of 4-year-olds. most of the children did witness the collapse of the towers or the fire, or when the planes hit. >> september 11th was one of my first memories. i remember hearing screaming. i remember feeling as though i would die because another airplane would come. >> what i remember about september 11th was, it was the first time i had seen jill cry. i was like, why is she crying? i didn't know what was happening. >> kids began building the twin towers, almost as suddenly as they began talking about it. and the blocks were a very concrete medium for the children to build a really clear representation of the twin towers.
8:45 am
>> yeah. we had to do like the artwork on the easels and building stuff. >> it helped me feel better because i felt as though everyone understood. we all experienced this. and we're all going to help each other understand that this wasn't going to happen often. >> the children went through a really hard thing. and yet, i saw them as very brave. and very resilient. i think my favorite one is that one. i think that they probably feel like they can face the world. >> now, i really understand the whole story behind it. it was a hijacking. it was an accident. i do think about how sad that so many people died and stuff. >> we grew up during that period. we understood that life is sad at some points.
8:46 am
and we experience things that other people wouldn't experience. >> well, i hope that nothing like this happens again. i think it's interesting that i remember. i think it will be something i'll tell my kids and my grandkids, about the memories i have from september 11th. >> and you are looking live at ground zero in new york city. memorial services beginning, with a moment of silence. later this morning, the president will appear at the pentagon to commemorate this day. the bells are tolling. let us pause and commemorate together. >> eight years, we have come together to commemorate this anniversary. and just as our hearts return to those that we lost, we also remember all those who spontaneously rushed forward to help. however and whoever they could. their compassion and selfless
8:47 am
acts are etched in our city's history, inspired by what they did that day. president obama has designated 9/11, as an annually recognized national day of service and remembrance. and appropriately, the city of new york has been the first to take up that call. from this day forward, we will safeguard the memories of those who died, by rekindling the spirit of service that lit our city with hope and helped to keep us strong. [ "taps" playing ] explain. oh yea, well for 6 months, customers get all three: fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month. oh, all right, see...
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8:49 am
and now, to soothe our souls, here for our fall concert
8:50 am
series, the multiplatinum singer, who has sold over 40 million albums. here's mary j. blige, singing "stronger," from music inspired by "more than a game." ♪ oh, woo ♪ we've been through the storm we've been through it all ♪ ♪ we had some close calls but never would fall ♪ ♪ we climbed all the mountains walked through all the valleys ♪ ♪ and you never left me behind ♪ ♪ i found my way through the clouds ♪ ♪ no more running scared closing my eyes ♪ ♪ i will be true this love from the heart ♪ ♪ i'm laying my life on the line ♪
8:51 am
♪ oh, i will survive as long as it's you by my side ♪ ♪ i will survive as long as it's you by my side ♪ ♪ i'm stronger, stronger stronger ♪ ♪ i'm stronger, stronger stronger ♪ ♪ they say we wouldn't make it but guess what we made it ♪ ♪ and we got them wondering how ♪ ♪ you're always for me never been the one to hurt me ♪ ♪ you gave me peace of mind ♪ ♪ found my way
8:52 am
through the clouds ♪ ♪ no more running scared and closing my ice ♪ ♪ i will be true this love from my heart ♪ ♪ i'm lying my life on the line ♪ ♪ oh, i will survive as long as it's you by my side ♪ ♪ i will survive as long as it's you by my side ♪ ♪ i'm stronger, stronger stronger ♪ ♪ i'm stronger, stronger stronger ♪ ♪ sometimes i can't believe that you are with me ♪ ♪ there's nobody lucky as me so i get on my knees ♪
8:53 am
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good morning, everyone. i'm meteorologist susan shrack. a bit of a gray start for us. the rain has stopped in many areas, mostly the eastern shore. taking a look outside, temperature right now is 59 degrees. relative humidity at 94% and the wind out of the north- northwest at 10 miles per hour. you can see on maryland's most powerful radar confining the heavier rain on the northeastern part of the state. we're seeing a couple of isolated showers now to the west and south of baltimore. for the most part, we'll look at shower activity for the rest of the day and on into this evening. let's take a look. for the next 12 hours, 68 degrees for us this afternoon. 63 tonight. there's not a lot of temperature change due to all of the cloud cover. we're looking at rain and drizzle and showers throughout the night. let's take a look at the roads now. here's kim
8:58 am
>> reporter: we have delays but nothing to let you know about here southbound 95 as you approach the northbound area. we are working a few accidents in the counties one in pasadena at chelsea grove court. the crash there also in dundalk at old data run road. in howard county columbia, route 22 a crash at that intersection at great star drive. there's been a crash reported there as well. that earlier crash has been cleared between ruxton road and the beltway. traffic is moving along nicely in both directions. we'll be right back with more of "good morning, maryland" that starts in 90 seconds. thanks for choosing abc 2 news. go online for more news now at abc 2 works for you. hey, i'm worried about mrs. lowenberg next door.
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