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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 21, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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but, two incidents in dundalk, watermain break that has avon avenue closed in both directions, until further notice. plus, a crash also in dundalk, eastern avenue at north point road. as we check -- and everything looks good on the jfx. no problems to let you know about. back to you. 5:00. the latest developments on friday's massive watermain break in dundalk. there's a massive hole bigger than this. it will probably be like that for a while. >> many are concerned about the lack of help they may not receive. linda so is live at the scene. good morning. >> reporter: this what is caused the huge mess on friday. you can see the hole from the watermain break that flooded businesses, homes and streets in dundalk. this morning many are worried their insurance company may not cover the flood damage. some flood victims say they've had their insurance for 40 years and may not receive any
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money. insurance adjustors spoke with people this weekend to give them peace of mind about the situation, and a situation that could cost thousands of dollars. >> it's a working class neighborhood. people cannot afford to pay for the costs themselves. >> reporter: state officials are advising the insurance company not to deny claims but victims may not know how much is covered until early next week. in the next half-hour we'll let you know how much of burning highway will be closed for repairs. linda so, abc2 news. >> baltimore county officials are saying scam artists already started to target victims in dundalk. they are apparently showing up in homes telling people the county ordered them to clean up. while the county says no private companies have been ordered to do that. if you have any questions about the situation baltimore county has set up a help line. here's that number,
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410-468-2090. new at 5:00 -- check out this crash. this video from overnight. sources tell us around 2:30 this morning a cabbie picked up a fare but overloaded the car with about eight passengers including two children. police say the cab collided with an suv at the intersection of west baltimore and schroeder injuring everyone in the cab. the driver of the suv was not hurt. no word on whether the cabbie will face charges or the condition of the passengers this morning but we'll keep you posted. "good morning maryland" time 6:02. this is video from overnight. firefighters had to use a gurney and ropes to pull this man from a gully after crashing his moped into a guardrail and flipped into an embankment. happened in frederick avenue and millington around 3:00 this morning. he's banged up but expected to be ok. police don't know why he crashed. president obama trying to appeal to tens of millions of americans on the health care
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reform proposal. the president took the different approach over the weekend to reach out to the entire country. sherrie johnson joins us live in the studio with the tactic that the white house used. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the president sat down friday for five interviews that aired sunday morning on abc, nbc, cbs and cnn and univision. a proposal before the senate finance committee this week includes a mandate for health coverage. the president praised the plan in general and said in an interview he could back the coverage mandate. the interview with george stephanopoulos got testy at times with george saying a mandate requiring people to buy health insurance amounted to a backhanded tax increase. >> my critics say everything is a tax increase. my critics say i'm taking over every sector of the economy. you know that. >> you reject that? >> i absolutely reject that notion. >> reporter: health care was not the only topic covered by most reporters. afghanistan was also a topic
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the president discussed. in the next half-hour, the president's response on sending more troops into afghanistan. live in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. if you have not already drop us a line at leave us a message on how you feel about the president's media blitz over the weekend. you can friend us on facebook and twitter. the university system is dealing with budget cuts as well. another round of furloughs aimed at saving $226 million could begin as soon as next month. right now it's not yet clear on how many days workers will have to go without pay. 5:04. did you hear the scream a little after 7:00 last night? you want ravens defense? you grab ray lewis and often. ravens up 14-13, flacco hits kelley washington, 27-yard touchdown at the half. ravens led 21-16. hits todd heap, 10-yard score
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but the chargers came back. on third and 18 phillip rivers hits vincent jackson and that brought san diego back to within five but the game came down to fourth and 2 at the ravens 15. ray anthony lewis, right there. >> i told the defense earlier that those third and fourth down goal line stances will win us the ballgame. i don't care -- i've been in games where we've helped people up on the 150 yards. that's huge. but if you don't win you're sick. the bottom line is, when we didn't let them in the end zone, that's our victory. >> when lewis goes to the hall of fame and that tape is shown in canton, this may be the first highlight. you don't have many walkoff tackles in the nfl. ravens win 31-26. they are now 2-0 on the year. first place, cleveland next up here at home.
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she's known for her antics on "saturday night live." >> but not always known for the comments after winning an emmy. and some problems in the south, in atlanta. that some facing. 5:05. chilly start, patchy fog, low clouds especially on the north side of the city. near 50 outside the city. though upper 50s and spots downtown and by the bay. so widespread, even some patchy fog. let's say good morning to mark jones with the mta. good morning. the commute start is good if your ride is light rail or metro subway, both on time. marc on schedule as well. on the buses, 23 and 55 are 20 minutes late. look for the number 17 to be diverted at corporate and international, construction on the scene. and the number 15 with a diversion at saratoga and greene. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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5:09 on a monday morning. >> perfect weekend. can we keep it going? justin berk. >> patchy fog, low clouds. look at the temperatures. 49 degrees now at veterans elementary school in ellicott city. yet we're 51 baltimore. 52 easton. i want to point out the corners here. look at ocean city 61. hagerstown 64.
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the places near the water, places higher, terrain will be warmer than some of the valley sections. look at the spread, 48 to 58 degrees. sun coming up at 6:54. after that we'll have a partly sunny day. temperatures should be nice and comfortable. we're getting up to 76 this afternoon. let's check the roads with kim. >> we have dry roads this morning. as you can see on the beltway traffic is moving nicely, no problems to let you know with at the beltway or the tunnels. but in dundalk the highway at avon avenue is closed because of the watermain break. use caution there. crash in dundalk at eastern avenue and north point boulevard. no problems at the jfx at northern parkway, traffic is light and running smoothly in both directions. back to you. 5:10. coming up next, to the rescue. dramatic video after a paraglider forced to crash land in the pacific.
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also ahead -- check out this story. everyone'ss favorite. how to score a night out at the movies. for free. when we come back.
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it would include cables, blank dvd's. they already sell kindle along with other products under private label brands. the ravens spoiled the closing of the old cowboys stadium and the new york giants spoiled the party to open the dallas cowboys new $1.1 billion stadium last night. the giants get a 33-31 victory over dallas. a regular season crowd, 105,000 fans attended. there were standing room only areas. who doesn't love the movies? tickets can cost $10, sometimes more. what if you could see the latest flick without breaking the bank? abc2 news cheryl conner shows you how. >> reporter: larry loves the movies. >> i probably go to the movies at least two times a week. >> reporter: a habit that could really cost him if he always had to pay but he
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doesn't. he knows the inside secrets on getting in for free and doesn't mean sneaking in either. >> if you really try and you really want to you can go see a movie for free every week. >> reporter: want to know how? a simple search on-line can get you the ticket you're looking for. sites like wildaboutmovies or mycinemaaccess list films offering free passes in dozens of cities. >> generally most of them have you put in a user name and password. some have several pages but they are optional. look for skip this step so you can log on as soon as possible and get ready to find out where the screenings are. >> reporter: if you're in l.a. or new york you can get in to see a live taping of one of your favorite tv shows by checking >> they will tell you which tv shows, what time, what location. >> reporter: don't want to leave home? has hundreds of movies both new and old that
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you can log on to watch. some have a fee but if you look carefully there are plenty of free ones, too. >> it's a great way to sort of discover new things. they categorize by your tastes. >> reporter: then there's the master list of all free programming that you can do on your laptop from network shows to overseas programs to live video streaming. it's all posted on screen so you can pick easily and click. >> it's a great way to scan quickly and see what you want. >> reporter: the way larry sees it. >> you can get free tickets all the time. >> reporter: cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> thank you. 5:16. when it comes to laughs tina ray never fails to disappoint. >> we want to thank our -- everyone in our screw queue and long island city -- in our crew and long island city, everyone who works on the show, frommer including scotty at the front desk who always says have a nice weekend every day of the
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week. >> last night in l.a. "30 rock" claimed its trophy. "mad men" repeat winner. "the daily show with john stewart" won the emmy, the seventh straight win for the "the daily show." we're going to take you down towards atlanta, georgia. some of these places saw over five inches of rain. you can see massive floods. really impressive. what a contrast to the extreme drought they had and water rashingg rashtioning just last year. as we start back home. yesterday we had quiet weather with high pressure in control and a few high clouds. 73 degrees on the thermometer. that is a little below normal as we would expect on the 21st day of september.
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last day of summer here. 77 the normal high. 37 the record in 1962. some of us got close to that over the weekend. 96 degrees in that hot decade again in 1931. continuing to show us records. 6:54. sun coming up. sun blocked by low clouds and fog that developed this morning. we're definitely flirting with 40s in the baltimore area but we'll warm up a little this afternoon. we're pushing in warm air and we're looking at the showers back towards the west where our computer model highlights staying west of the mountains. we'll build in more clouds later today and likely have more clouds over the course of the next few days with the moisture from the south. that is the cause of an atlantic wind flow that will keep us with the moist feel and spotty showers. no organized rain though expected over the next few days. today though the early clouds and fog give way to a partly sunny day, 76 degrees, our two-degree guarantee. back near normal. tonight, back to 64, not as
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chilly. as we head through tomorrow, notice more clouds and some afternoon showers. again, near 76 and we'll be pushing 80s for the rest of the week. the monday commute is off to a great start so far. no real problems on 95 approaching the whitemarsh boulevard area. traffic running smoothly in both directions. no problems at either tunnel. in dundalk, still that watermain break, broening highway and avon avenue, closed in both directions. another crash in dundalk, eastern avenue and north point road. in the city, a crash, a car into a traffic light pole. at west baltimore street and north schroeder. use lexington to get around it. jfx, looks great at north avenue. no problems here. back to you. 5:19. national news -- new york city police say a housekeeping manager in a luxury hotel has been arrested for killing a dubai business woman. police say derek prelu was arrested after her body was
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found in the essex house, near broadway in the upper scale fifth avenue shops. the medical examiner says the victim had been strangled. police in washington state recaptured a legally insane killer who had been on the run since thursday. police say phillip arnold paul just tried to hitch a ride from someone who alerted authorities. he slipped away from mental health staff members during a field trip to spokane. in florida police want to question a man about the deaths of six people. the man's wife and five young children found dead in an apartment near naples over the weekend. police believe that the man flew to haiti before the bodies were found. the children ranged from 11 months to 9 years old. amazing coast guard rescue video. from astoria, oregon. the crew came to the rescue of one hang guider, a pilot, when he crashed into the pacific, it happened at the cape lookout friday but officials want released video to show just how much danger the glider was in
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while he treaded water. the coast guard successfully rescued the man who was then taken to the hospital. we certainly know that the stars are big and bright, deep in the heart of texas. >> in amarillo residents got a rare glimpse of the vessel that gets up close and personal with the stars. a piggyback for the space shuttle discovery. stopped at rick husband international jaicialt where -- airport where the carrier refueled on its way back home to florida. discovery landed at edwards air force base in the mojave desert about 10 days ago. a media glitz for the president. >> but health care reform is not the only issue he's addressing this morning. >> the president also sounds off about troops in afghanistan and whether to send more. i'm sherrie johnson, i'll have that story coming up. fiber one honey clusters,
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last day of summer here. it's definitely on par with where we belong this time of year. after a cool weekend and chilly start we're back to 76 degrees this afternoon. clouds come in overnight, back in the 60s. 76, spotty showers tomorrow. the chance of showers and thunderstorms will continue but look at the warm-up for wednesday and thursday, low 80s. about 80 degrees. we try to clear out friday and then we drop back into the 70s as we roll through next weekend. back to you. let's send you up to new york for "tech bytes." with vinita nair with abc.
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>> reporter: in today's "tech bytes" -- a new cell phone that could help reduce your monthly bill. sprint nextel offering unlimited calls to other cell offense no matter what service provider it's on. sprint mobile any time plan starts at $70 a month, includes 450 minutes to landline phones as well as unlimited texting and other data services. experts say sprint's plan could eventually force competitors to lower their prices. facebook is slimming down. the company is launching a new lite version of its site. easier to light, less cluttered and faster. the new site could be particularly useful for people that find the current site overwhelming or are new to facebook. facebook l ooh facebook motorola unveiled a new phone designed to make it easier for to you keep up with the friends on the social networking sites.
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it runs on google's mobile operating system. it lets users aggregate contact information from various networking sites and e-mail accounts. also to place status updates on its home screen. the click will be available from t-mobile in time for the holidays. finally, a new iphone ap that can turn you into a fashion designer. polo ralph lauren, shoppers can create, design, share and order their own rugby shirts. there are a million combinations, you can even have your name stitched on the back. users can also upload their own picture to see what their creation will look like on them. it's available for free from the ap store on i-tunes. for information on all these stories, go to the technology page of those are your "tech bytes." i'm vinita nair.
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the president was all over the tv but did he get the message out? a bear attack in japan. what happened in a gift shop that forced police to use brutal force on the bear. how about this fiesta? nearly 500,000 people braved the heat in the name of peace. we're heading to havana. you're heading back to bed if you belong to this school today. >> the school closing. baltimore city school leaders say that baltimore international academy number 335 will be closed today and that's because they have electrical problems. the staff should report to the walbrook building. keep it in mind. baltimore


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