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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 21, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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i told my sister you're in good hands with allstate? you're in the devil's hands with allstate. >> how to start again after your life stopped on friday. we tell you the trick of starting over for those in dundalk. three in the back is enough but we're talking eight. what happened here? we'll tell you. you can throw but you cannot run against the ravens. the first-place baltimore ravens proved to be bad company for san diego. these stories and more coming up. how you feeling? >> what a game. >> we have to mention the school closing again. >> we have a school closing. this one is in baltimore city. baltimore city school leaders telling us baltimore international academy number 335 is closed today due to electrical problems. if you go to school there you have the day off. however, if you work there, staff should report to the walbrook building. >> i'm surprised none of the dundalk schools are closed. no word of them >> no.
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we'll look at the news and then lead you up to "good morning america" at 7:00. justin berk? >> good morning. we take you to the parking lot and our view at the veterans elementary school. i want to show you this, because now that the lights are up we can show you. we've had thick fog in spots. looks like it's not really effecting them at this part of ellicott city, 51 degrees. definitely a cool one. 51 perry hall and monkton. we have low clouds and fog in those two locations. strefn up to cecil county and elkton. 56 on the eastern shore in rock hall. we've had low clouds and fog developing especially around baltimore north and east and we may have patchy fog in your backyard or on the commutes. be careful. otherwise we'll turn partly sunny and a nice day, back to 76 degrees as our two-degree guarantee. let's check the roads with kim. >> good morning. traffic is moving at a really nice pace at route 50 and routes 97. beginning to build in both
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directions but still moderate to light at this hour. word of a crash, outer loop at the key bridge in the northbound lanes, that crash blocks the right lane. in dundalk, still road closures because of that watermain break over the weekend, broening highway and avob avenue remains closed in both directions. use dundalk or holo burt or merritt avenue. wilson point road and dark head cove road, a sewage problem, two-way traffic gets by in the eastbound lanes. jfx at north avenue, we have traffic moving nicely in both directions. back to you. 6:02. new at 6:00 -- a baltimore city cabbie could face charges after allowing eight people including two children to squeeze into his cab overnight. you're looking at the wrong video. officers say the cab ended up colliding with an suv at the intersection of west baltimore and schroeder injuring everyone in the cab. the driver of the suv was not hurt. there is no word this morning on the condition of the passengers. also new at 6:00 -- our
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pete "on the street" o'neal was on the scene of this incell rescue in -- incredible rescue in southwest baltimore after crashing his moped into a guardrail and flipping down an embankment. it happened in southwest baltimore at 3:00 this morning. rescuers had to use hoses to get the man up from the embankment. medics took him to the hospital where he's expected to be ok. police still don't know what caused the wreck. blue skies, water up to the belly buttons. >> a mess saturday and sunday. now on this monday. linda so is live in dundalk to tell us how they are getting things back together. >> reporter: it's going to be a tough start to the workweek. there's still a gaping hole where that massich watermain broke and this part of broening highway remains closed. it will be a while before things return back to normal. the echo of generators can be heard but the crieses for help are even louder. many are worried their insurance company may not cover the flood damage. some victims tell us they've
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had their insurance for years and may not receive any money to cover the damages. insurance adjustors spoke with folks in the neighborhood this weekend to give them peace of mind about the situation, a situation that could cost thousands of dollars. >> this is a recession, unemployment is at its highest. this is a working class neighborhood. cannot afford to -- people cannot afford to pay themselves. >> reporter: state officials are advising insurance companies not to deny any claims but it may be a few weeks until people know how much is covered. live in dundalk, linda so, abc2 news. 6:04. some homeowners worry about who will pay for repairs and others are being targeted by people trying to cash in. baltimore county officials are warning about scam artists who have been reported to be in the dundalk area. they are reportedly showing up at homes and telling people the county ordered them to clean up. the county says no private companies have been ordered to
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do that. so if you have any questions about the situation baltimore county has set up a helpline, that number is on the screen at 410-468-2090. this is going to be some kind of week. a plan to deal with baltimore city's $60 million budget deficit could cause controversy. baltimore city's board of estimates will meet wednesday. according to "the baltimore sun" it's expected to begin considering the mayor's plan to save money in part by shutting down the city government for five days while furloughing every city employee for those days but representatives for the city's fire and police unions have told abc2 news they would not agree to furloughs. so that could lead to more layoffs than those already included in the mayor's plan. and the state's university system is also dealing with a lot of budget cuts. another round of furloughs aimed at saving $226 million could begin as soon as next month. still not clear yet how many days workers will go without
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pay. 6:05. president obama is in a talkative mood, so much so he may try to twitter kim brown with traffic later this morning. >> with his media blitz making news, is it diluting the product? sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: good morning. the president sat down friday for five interviews that aired sunday morning on abc, nbc, cbs and cable networks cnn and univision. a proposal before the senate fine innocence committee this week includes the mandate for health coverage. the president praised the plan in general and said in interviews he could back the coverage mandate. the interview with george stephanopoulos got a little testy when the correspondent said a mandate requiring people to buy health insurance was a backhanded tax increase. the president's sunday media blitz didn't sway republicans. >> my critics say everything's a tax increase. my critics say i'm taking over every sector of the economy. you know that. >> you rejected it -- >> i
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absolutely reject that notion. >> health care was not the only topic covered by most reporters in the interview. afghanistan was also a topic the president discussed. coming up at 6:45 -- the president's response on sending more troops into afghanistan. live in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. time now 6:07. if you have changed the channel during one of the president's interviews odds are you'll find his face on the new channel you changed it to. do you think that mr. obama's media blitz was overkill? you can log on to and tell us what you think. you can friend us on facebook or twitter. all you have to do is write us. go to it's 6:07. to a developing story. a confidential report is out and it says that the war in afghanistan will fail if more troops are not sent overseas. general stanley mccrist tal, the top commander in afghanistan says while some progress has been made the
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overall effort is getting worse. he requested more soldiers to be sent. the report has been now sent to defense secretary robert gates. in august. now the president is trying to decide whether or not to send more troops to afghanistan. restaurants in baltimore city are getting an oil change this morning. the city's tranfat ban is now in effect. restaurants are now obligated to use ingredients that don't include transfants, found in many different kinds of cooking oils. mayor sheila dixon signed the bill banning transfats in march of 2008. what do you think with this new law? do you think the city should have banned transfats in the first place? go to weiant your two intents. even though the ravens secondary looked like a problem in dundalk, phillip rivers threw for a mile but joe flacco led the ravens offense in the end zone, went back and forth. thank you, norv turner for not scoring six near the end of the
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half and pulling out the play on fourth and 2, you throw all day, you can't run and you decide to run? here's the best player on the field, ray lewis. >> i told the defense earlier, third and fourth down stances will win us the ballgame. we've helped people on the 150 yards in some games. if you don't win you're sick. when we didn't let them in the end zone, that's what i told them, our victory. >> the coach said that's the best play he's ever seen. a walkoff tackle by ray lewis. ravens win 31-26. home sunday against cleveland. if you went to bed last night before the end of the giants/dallas game, it was the opener for the cowboys more than $1 billion stadium. they compared it to the rome coliseum. there it is. a crowd of 105,000 people it. neither team was ever ahead by
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more than six. a 37-yard field goal to win it as the clock ran down. the game was over, the giants win 33-31. so the ravens spoil the closing of the old cowboys stadium and the giants spoil the opening of the stadium. you want your family to be protected, right? >> especially if there's a scam that involves a home alarm system. in this week's scam alert, why free isn't always a good thing. what the suspect did, no one saw this coming. the action one man took against a suspected bank robber. a big night at the emmys. a series that kept the momentum going in the w column. patchy fog, otherwise temperatures a little chilly. a lot of us down to near 50. we take the view outside at 51. 92% humidity. low clouds, especially on the north side of the beltway. let's check the roads with kim. >> we don't have any problems to let you know about here at route 50 and 97 but we're working a crash on the outer loop at the key bridge.
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welcome back.
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thank you for joining us on this monday morning. >> let's look at weather with justin berk. good morning. >> good morning to you. we've had some pretty chilly temperatures -- any time, thank you. if you want to come over and point to the map that would help, too. 51 degrees. definitely an improvement from the 47 we had yesterday morning. even some spots up in the hereford zone down to the 30s on sunday morning. 50s, we'll take that. right now 54 in easton. 56 up towards york. pull this back a little wider, check this out. there's always a balance going on. while we're well below normal look at the 66 in pittsburgh, 68 charleston. there's some really warm air but underneath clouds and showers in the mountains. we have ourselves a little clearing here and we've carved out this little nugget of clearing. it does look like moisture building in. we've had low clouds form around the north side of the chesapeake bay. we've got that from harford, cecil county, north side of the beltway as well. maybe patchy fog thrown in for good measure. we have a warm flow back towards the south and west and wrapping around a large storm
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system for them. we have high pressure, the same one that brought us the chilly mornings over the weekend, sliding off the coast and return flow is bringing in some of that atlantic moisture. that will eventually warm us up as well. all the moisture back to the west. rainfall in the ohio valley and down through the department south where we showed you in the last hour flooding rains in atlanta georgia, five inches from the rainfall yesterday. more will be hitting them as we roll in through this week but looks like this pattern will be actually stuck and really not moving much east of the mountains. as far as we're concerned today turns partly sunny after the morning clouds and fog, we're back to 76 degrees. tonight the clouds roll back in. temperature back to to 64. tomorrow more clouds, maybe showers in the afternoon. that system out west, is from the southeasterly wind moistening up our atmosphere, 76 degrees. the extended forecast coming up in a bit. remember, you can catch us on line at go to the weather page, scroll down and see the interactive doppler radar or our weather
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graphics on your computer screen. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. as we take a peek at the west side of the beltway you'll see that we have some heavy volume and slowdown pretty early in the morning here. this is going to stretch from about reisterstown road through to about the baltimore national pike. so just give yourself a few extra minutes. also working a crash on the outer loop at the key bridge in the northbound lanes, that crash does block the right lane there. also some other incidents in dundalk, broening highway and avon avenue, closed in both directions because of that watermain break over the weekend. westbound wilson point road at dark head road there in -- that is middle river, that is closed because of a sewage problem this morning. as you peek at the jfx at 41st street, traffic moving along nicely. back to you. 6:16. we all want to feel secure in our homes, so the idea of a free alarm can sound pretty good. >> as joce sterman explains door-to-door sales that ask you to sign up on the spot may lock you down longer than you think.
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>> reporter: they say every man's home is his castle but since most don't have fortress protection alarms are a popular alternative. with some companies you don't even have to search them out. they come to your door and offer free systems they'll install the same day. sounds good but the better business bureau and local police departments are warning about some of those offers. saying you've got to be careful about signing up on the spot. >> you've got to read the fine print and really should think about it. >> reporter: otherwise you could end up like many marylanders trapped in a five-year contract. the bbb says you typically have three days to cancel any deal from door-to-door sales but hearing from a lot of people that get the equipment installed right away. once you do that legally there's no turning back. >> what most people complain about, they purchase something on the spur of the moment, an emotional appeal, they want to get out of the contract and now they are bound. they can't. >> reporter: that's why the bbb advises against signing up for a high-pressure sale even if the equipment is free. ask for a copy of the contract and read it to see how long
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you're committed and how much it will cost each month. get quotes from several companies, check the alarm company's record with the better business bureau and mike sure they are registered with the maryland state police. >> you want to make sure they've been fingerprinted, they have a badge, id, that they have been actually gone through the proper channels to offer the service in maryland. >> reporter: simple steps to protect yourself from those claiming to help you protect your home. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> if you want to know how some of these companies make their pitch and what they are going to say to get you to sign on immediately check out angie barnett's blog on on the "scam alert." so head to, you'll find it there. i want to look at this video. this is unbelievable, from wisconsin. a man wasn't about to let a bank robber get away with the crime. mark wallinger in line, waiting for his wife, saw the suspect and literally leaped into action. ran behind the suspect, jumped over bank ropes, held the man down until police arrived.
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why? he said he was not going to let that guy hurt anyone. he runs right in there and tackles him. wow. more than one million gathered. >> it was not just for entertainment. ♪ [singing in spanish] >> how revolution plaza in havana, cuba, became the center of a political message. and some hang-glider, for the thrill of it. a oregon man had more than just an adrenaline rush. first, let's rush to new york to get the latest in business news from jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: the beginning of the ends of the bank bailout. treasury secretary tim geithner says it's time to start winding down government programs designed to save the financial system and lifted the economy out of a recession. geithner told a congressional panel banks to repay another $15 million over 18 months and the extraordinary neshers no longer necessary though admits
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we're not in the clear yet. >> i think people reasonably expected -- not enough yet though and we're going to keep at it. >> reporter: president obama will deliver a speech on the financial crisis on wall street monday exactly a year after lehman brothers collapsed igniting the crisis. the recession helped wipe out a decades' worth of income in a year. median household income sank to just over $50,000 last year, a record drop of 3.6% and almost 40 million people lived in poverty. more than 13% of the population. that was an increase of 2.5 million from 2007. the sec is promising to fix the problems that allowed bernard madoff to get away with his fraud for so many years the head of the agency's enforcement decision told a senate panel he started the biggest overhaul of his division in at least 30 years. the commission's internal watch dog says he may recommend more than 40 changes to improve investigations. general motors is launching a bold new marketing campaign.
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if you don't like your car you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. buyers will have up to 60 days to return their car. gm is hoping to prove to customers its vehicles are better than the competition. the offer starts monday and will run at least through the end of november. coming up on "good morning america" -- the car of the future. it doesn't take gas and you don't have to plug it in. will hydrogen-powered cars catch on? on gma. that is your "moneyscope report." i'm jeremy hubbard.
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check this out. we've got this low cloud deck i've been talking about. now that we're getting daylight we can see it hanging just over owings mills and the clouds really just about 100 feet
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above the ground. 56 degrees and just a really interesting setup, especially around baltimore and the north side. check that out before we burn off the clouds. we will, turning partly sunny this afternoon, high of 76 degrees. mid-60s overnight. fall begins tomorrow afternoon and we'll have thundershowers to boot. 76 and back into the low 80s with a chance of showers thursday and wednesday. let's check the roads with kim. we've got quite a backup on the west side of the outer loop between liberty road and past the baltimore national pike area. this is just volume delays. i guess everyone decided to leave about the same time this, mo. if you have to travel in that direction give yourself a few extra minutes. a crash also in the outer loop, edgemere area on the key bridge, that blocks the right lane. dundalk, broening highway and avon avenue remains closed in both directions because of this weekend's watermain break. you can use dundalk, holoburt or merritt to get around that. middle river, westbound wilson point road at dark head cove road closed in the westbound
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lanes because of a sewage problem. two-way traffic gets by in the eastbound lanes. jfx at north avenue, traffic still looks good. back to you. >> thank you. "mad men" repeats as emmy winner for best drama. "30 rock" claims its 30 straight comedy series trophy. "united states of tara" took home emmys. "the daily show with jon stewart" has its seventh straight win. ♪ [singing in spanish] >> millions of cubans flocked to sprawling revolution plaza for an open air peace concert sunday. juanes, the rocker, spoke of the importance of turning hate into love. and another singer from spain, in the five-and a half hour concert. there were 1.2 million people there. the biggest since pope john
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paul ii's 1998 tour. stay with us. you you saw it this weekend, the waters rose quickly. >> now the insurance claims. >> reporter: there's still a lot of work to be done in dundalk after that massive watermain break. i'm linda so live with the latest on clean-up efforts.
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soaking up the mess in dundalk. you turned us on friday for the latest. we continue to give you the live reports. a flip on frederick avenue. we have pictures to show you of a moped accident that happened just a few hours ago. you've heard of the cash cab? well, this could be called the crash cab. we'll find out just what happened with this taxi. the dundalk flooding is unbelievable. we have a school closing but doesn't involve dupped. >> no, actually baltimore city. due to electrical problems they are closed today. we're talking about baltimore international academy number 335 closed today because of electrical problems. however, the staff should report to the walbrook building. let's report to weather, here he is, justin berk. good morning. >> good morning. as we do check it out this morning we are looking at a little bit of some low clouds and fog. not the issue now at least from our vantage point at veterans elementary school ll


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