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tv   News  ABC  September 21, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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city but there may be low clouds, if to anything will help out with cutting down the sun glare. 50 is the temperature at veterans this morning. check it up towards monkton and perry hall where we have patchy fog and low clouds, 51 degrees, again, compared to 56 on the hill in westminster and down towards brooklyn park on the south side of the city. again, those are low clouds showing up basically north and east of the city on the satellite imagery. as we roll through the day we should all be partly sunny, two-degree guarantee of 76 and will continue to warm up through the middle of the week. though that warm-up may come with a little bit of some rainfall as well. we'll talk about that in a bit. right now let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> reporter: tweeting traffic early at tweet me your updates, i'll tweet you back. no question. outer loop of the beltway at liberty road traffic slow between 795 and the route 70 interchange. again, just volume delays so far. in dundalk we still have a
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crash -- excuse me, crash on the outer loop at the key bridge, blocks the right lane. in dundalk, still have broening highway and avon avenue closed in both directions because of the watermain break. in middle river, westbound wilson point road at dark head cove road closed because of a utility problem. two-way traffic gets by in the eastbound lanes. north avenue at jfx, traffic looks good. looking for a business you know you can trust? let your better business bureau do the work for you. log on to for more information. back to you. 6:3 . new at 6:00 -- pete "on the street" o'neal on the scene of this incredible rescue. in southwest baltimore there was a man that had to be rescued after crashing his moped into a imrail and flipping down an embankment. happened at frederick avenue and millington in southwest baltimore. guardrail. rescuers had to pull him up from the embankment. firefighters had to also use hoses. he was taken to the hospital. he's hurt but expected to be ok.
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police still don't know what caused him to crash. the pictures are just, well, you just don't know where to start to clean up. >> dundalk went underwater friday but still trying to dry out this morning. abc2 news linda so is live while they are cleaning up. >> reporter: it's going to be a long week ahead. you can still see the gaping hole from friday's massive break and it will take a couple of weeks to fix it. you can hear the echo generators this morning but the cries for help are even louder. many are worried their insurance company may not cover the flood damage. some victims tell us they've had their insurance for years and may not receive any money to cover the damages. insurance adjustors spoke with folks in the neighborhood this weekend to give them peace of mind about this situation. a situation that could cost thousands of dollars. >> this is a recession. unemployment is at its highest. this is a working class neighborhood. people cannot afford to pay for the costs themselves. >> reporter: you'll still want to avoid this part of
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broening highway. officials say it could take anywhere from two to four weeks for repairs. live in dundalk, linda so, abc2 news. some homeowners worry about who will pay for the repairs, others are targeted by people trying to cash in on the mess. baltimore county officials now warning people about scam artists that have been reported to be in the dundalk area. they are apparently showing up in homes and telling people the county ordered them to clean up. the county says no apparent orders have been made like that so if you have any questions the county has set up a hotline, call 410-468-2090. they will help you out. i was going down to the river. >> a man in atlanta georgia came home to a terrible scene over the weekend. record rainfall is causing major flooding, the water so powerful it swept away his jeep. this is home video you were looking at of the jeep floating down the river. the man also had a rain-soaked
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and mud-covered home. this isn't dundalk but looks like it. this is the pacific in oregon. a coast guard had to come to the rescue of a hang-glider pilot who crashed into the pacific. video released by the coast guard yesterday that clearly shows the danger that the man was in. the rescue diver was lowered into the water, the crew brought both people back on to the helicopter and flew them to the hospital. 6:34. they fight life threatening illnesses everyday. more than 100 children fought each other, all for fun. with their friends and with their families, they did it with lasers. the casey cares foundation hosted a night out for the special kids at the red zone in timonium. the state of the art laser tag system. casey cares foundation, these kids got to tag each other with green lasers and score points for their teams. >> it's a great opportunity for kids to leave the hospital or doctor's office and actually
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have some time together as a family but then also meeting other families who are in similar situations. >> the kids also enjoyed glow in the dark miniature golf which does sound pretty fun. casey cares provides programs for critically ill kids and their families. next on "good morning maryland" -- >> are you coughing, sneezing, sniffling? we're going to tell you what is going around. and pretty scene in owings mills. we've got the sun about to come up --cal, in 20 minutes. patchy fog in other locations. temperatures down near 50. a big warm-up on the way. let's check the roads with kim now. >> we have volume building around the area. this is a pretty significant backup on the outer loop of the beltway between 70 and 795. give yourself a few extra minutes. right now lets check the commute. >> reporter: on the mark, brunswick is 20 to 30 minutes late from barnesville to union
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station and dc metro folks are accepting marc train tickets for the ride in. on the buses the numbers 3 and 15 are 20 minutes late. 17 diverted at corporate and international. a heavy volume of passengers on the 13, 7, 5 and 23 buses. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. well, this is new...
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6:39. seems cardboard can be used for more than making boxes. in idaho, they were used for kayaks for a race. a quick race, huh? the rules were, you could only use cardboard for the actual craft. the only adhesive was duct tape. everyone had to puten to a life jacket. prizes were given for the fastest run and most creative design. usually people try to stay out of the mud but not in south
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carolina. the marine corps held its ultimate challenge, mud run. in fort jackson. governor mark sanford's office says he participated in the challenge. >> he did? >> he was not in argentina. the event is 4.2 miles of dirt road trails and lots of mudholes. looks like fun. coming up next on "good morning maryland" - >> if you you turned your tv on yesterday you probably saw a familiar face on quite a few channels. >> a look at president obama's media blitz this weekend and just how effective was his personal persuasion approach on health care reform? i'm sherrie johnson. that story next. watch for the temperatures this morning, even patchy fog and low clouds. 51 in towson. check out this view, pretty sunrise about to greet us in sparrows point, 58. live view from harbor cam, a little haze, temperatures in the mid-50s. we'll talk about a warm-up coming up. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> i told my sister you're in good hands with allstate. you're in the devil's hands with allstate.
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>> ooh, dundalk yells help. linda so continues her life reports on this monday morning as we clean it up. if you have a scratchy throat, eyes hurt, can't stop sneezing. what is going around? we'll find out. and there's ray anthony lewis-itis. this was caught in the san diego backfield around 7:00 last night. that play -- >> amazing. >> that play may be one of the greatest defensive plays we've seen in this town. >> he's incredible. >> that was a walkoff tackle yesterday. some area students getting the day off. >> something you need to know about -- baltimore international academy number 335. they are closed today because they have electrical problems. so students, you not the day off. if you -- you got the day off. if you work there, staff reports to the walbrook building. that is baltimore international academy number 335. justin didn't have the day off. >> 6:44. good morning, after all this talk of patchy fog we have a camera to show you, parkville middle school, camera
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highlighting low clouds and fog. you'll find that on the top side of the beltway, whitemarsh all the way through towson and up near loch raven reservoir, up in through timonium and hunt valley. we've had some low clouds, even up 95 you may have that in through harford county. 56 degrees, just low clouds and beautiful-looking sunrise upon us at sparrows point high school. 58. overall, though, temperatures still 51 in baltimore. widespread but look at the 60s on the other side of the mountains, socked in with the clouds and showers. that is going to halt back in the mountains. we have high pressure off the coast that will continue to ploif us with the southeasterly wind. that is why we're expecting the moisture to build in. a partly sunny day with more clouds building in later on. showers stay back west and we'll have just on and off showers from the southeasterly wind throughout the week. our two-degree guarantee 66 and partly sunny -- 76 and partly sunny. traffic moving smoothly at southbound 95 and 92, in the distance a bit of a slowdown,
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there's an accident closer to the truck rest stop. if you're headed southbound 95 you may see that. still dealing with the right lane blocked on the outer loop lanes of the key bridge. that is because of a disabled vehicle and tow truck on the scene there. and dundalk broening highway and avon avenue remains closed in both directions because of the ruptured watermain break. use dundalk or hol burt or merritt to get around that. and wilson point road and dark head cove road closed because of a sewage problem. traffic gets by in the eastbound lanes. jfx, building traffic southbound towards downtown baltimore. looking for a business you know you can trust? let your better business bureau do the work for you with the a rated video business directory. go to for more information. back to you. 6:46. new this morning, a baltimore city cabbie could face charges after allowing eight people including two children to squeeze into his cab overnight. our overnight photographer
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captured this video. owfers -- officers say it collided with an suv injuring everyone in the cab. the driver of the suv wasn't hurt. no word on the condition of the passengers. pete was at the scene of an incredible rescue in southwest baltimore. a man had to be rescued after crashing his moped into a guardrail and flipped down an embank pent. it happened at frederick avenue and millington. rescuers had to pull him up from the embankment. he's hurt but expected to be ok. police still don't know what caused the moped to flip. basements flooded, streets flooded, heads flooded on what to do next in dundalk. >> we continue to watch the clean-up. linda so is live this morning. good morning. >> reporter: we're starting to see crews show up to fix the broken watermain. it's going to take a couple weeks to fix the entire problem. for the folks dealing with flood damage it will be just as hard.
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the echo of generators can be heard throughout dundalk but the cries are louder. many are worried the insurance company may not cover the flood damage. some say they've had insurance for years and may not receive any money to cover the damages. insurance adjustors spoke with folks in the neighborhood this weekend to give them peace of mind about the situation, a situation that could cost thousands of dollars. >> this is a recession. unemployment is at its highest. this is a working class neighborhood. people cannot afford to pay for these costs themselves. >> reporter: you'll still want to avoid this part of broening highway. officials expect to it take anywhere from two to four weeks to fix the problem completely. live in dundalk, linda so, abc2 news. >> some homeowners worry about who is going to pay for the repairs. others are being targeted by people trying to cash in on the mess. baltimore county officials are warning people about this scam. this is where scam artists have been reported in the dundalk area apparently showing up at
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homes and telling people that the county ordered them to come clean up. the county says no private companies have been ordered to do that. so if this happened to you or if you just have questions baltimore county has set up a helpline, that number is 410-468-2090. restaurants in baltimore city are getting an oil change. the city's transfat ban now in effect. restaurants are now obligated to use ingredients that don't include transfats that are found in all sorts of cooking oils. mayor sheila dixon signed the bill banning transfat in march of 2008. what do you think? go to you can leave us your two cents. 6:49. anybody you see sniffling or coughing? you want to run a mile away. >> i heard that, too. >> sherrie johnson - >> everybody's looking at you now. >> it's going around. we all keep talking about h1n1 or swine flu.
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how do you know? is it a cold? allergies? what is going around? health reporter kelly swoope looks at what is going around this week. >> reporter: everyone is on the lookout for signs of colds and flu since we live and work in such confined spaces. however, when in doubt don't assume you've got the flu, leave that diagnosis to the experts. when you walk into the door at patient first in greenspring station they arm you with the essentials, face mask, tissues and hand sanitizer. intern turnist dr. paul woo says they see sick people but not everyone has the flu. >> i hear it all the time, head is going to pop open, aches, sore throat. >> reporter: while many of these seem like flu-like symptoms patient first reports seeing more fall allergy patients than just about anything else as of late. >> allergies don't usually have the fever and the muscle aches,
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usually has a lot of sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes. if you're sick, go see the doctor. because they can help tease out whether this is a common cold -- or the flu. or allergies. >> reporter: when in doubt protect yourself with good hand washing and hand sanitizer, avoid sharing cups and utensils. shoot me an e-mail if you've heard something in your community. i'm kelly swoope, abc2 news. 6:51. we've seen the president make his basketball picks, show his white house swing set. went off the record on kanye kanye west. >> he made the news. >> sherrie johnson joins us live with what is going on. >> reporter: president barack obama continued the personal persuasion approach when it comes to his health care reform proposals. the president made appearances on nearly all the news talk
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shows including abc, nbc, cbs and the cable networks cnn and univision. the interview with george stephanopoulos got a little testy when the correspondent claimed a mandate requiring people to buy health insurance was a backhanded tax increase. president obama denied it and the president's sunday media blitz didn't sway republicans. after health care, the war in afghanistan was the next big issue. the president says he wants to wait to determine the best strategy for u.s. forces in afghanistan before considering whether to send more troops there. >> have i to exercise skepticism any time i send a single young man or woman in uniform into harm's way. i'm the one who is answerable to their parents if they don't come home. >> he can be on every news show until the end of time. if he doesn't get republicans and democrats in a room and get off tv we're never going to solve this problem. >> reporter: lawmakers will get their chance this week to change the health care overhaul
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plan as the senate finance committee begins work on the bill. some want the public option included, other concerns include the cost and whether it does enough to help low and moderate income americans. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. if you change the channel during one of the president's interviews odds are you would find his face on another channel. do you think his media blitz was overkill? log on to, tell us what you think. friend us now on facebook and twitter. we've already done the work. all you have to do is write us. we want to get your comments on the air. when they make the hall of fame tape for ray lewis canton will see this highlight first. this was the game. fourth and 2, the best player on the field made the best play of the game. ray lewis stopped san diego cold on a 100-degree day. game over. ravens stay unbeaten after two sundays and find themselves in first place. coach, what did you think? >> first of all, just keep the chargers -- give the
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chargers credit for a tremendous game. that is a good football team. a team that knows how to win football games at the end. i guess ray lewis knows a little more. maybe the greatest football play i've ever seen. >> he's seen a lot of football. he tackled him again. ravens 31, chargers 26. cleveland right here on sunday. last week was a good time to be arrested for tourists traveling through washington county, iowa. >> the small town sent its police department to the streets with one task, pull over a car with an out of state license plate and offer the passengers an all expenses paid trip to colona. ron and sherry cunningham, from missouri, were the lucky couple taken into custody. >> you probably pulled over the right people. we didn't really have an agenda. >> everyone was so nice and friendly. the little downtown area is darling. >> the other people might be mad but they were given a gift
6:55 am
basket, had a meeting with the mayor, ate for free and got nice lodging. the chamber of commerce hopes the publicity stunt will bring attention to the town's charm. the couple was also presented with t-shirts that say "ask me about colona, iowa." ask me about sparrows point. we got some fog rolling in. 58 degrees. watch it over the past hour and we've been checking out some low clouds and you can see some fog in the field and low clouds coming in from right-to-left. we may be looking at another surge of this moisture coming off the bay. so it may block out the sun for some of you. may reduce visibility. on the east side and north side of the beltway look for some of that. we turn partly sunny with 76 degrees this afternoon. mid-60s overnight. fall begins tomorrow afternoon and we'll have showers, 76. we'll push low 80s on wednesday and thursday with
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showers and dry out near 80 friday. for the friends headed southbound towards the dc metro area traffic is moving smoothly on the bw parkway, also route 29 at 95 southbound at maryland route 32 things are looking good but notice a slowdown at about the route 216 area. outer loop at the key bridge narcs earlier accident that had the right lane blocked has been cleared to the right. broening highway and avon closed in both directions. middle river, westbound lanes of wilson point road and dark head cove road cloasessed, a sewage problem. jfx at northern parkway, building volume but track looks good at this time. thank you for joining us. on "good morning maryland" at 9:00, we'll talk about mortgage refinancing requests. good or bad? and we're going to talk about "dancing with the stars." >> all that coming up at 9:00. we'll see you then. in the meantime have a great morning. today i'm making a classic sweet potato pie...
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