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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 22, 2009 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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and finally tomorrow night, my co-anchor terry moran has the first tv interview with michael moore since the premier of "capitalism, a love story". >> they're fighting behind the flag that's our flag. this is a great country. people died for that flag and in behind there they have moved people's money around, they have created all these crazy exotic systems of credit default swaps and derivatives and all this. >> moran meets moore tomorrow on "nightline." but that's our report for tonight. "jimmy kimmel live" is next. for terry, cynthia mcfadden and all of us at abc news, good night, america. hi, i'm jimmy kimmel, and tonight on the program, robin
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williams will be here, bobcat goldthwait will be here. and we'll have music from matt & kim. and guillermo, do you want to see a magic trick? >> yeah. >> watch this quarter. and it's behind your ear. >> wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> so for those of you who say i'm not talented, beat that. "jimmy kimmel live" back in two minutes. (announcer) when you buy a car
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♪ when something's gone. ♪ ♪ i want to fight to get it back again. ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪ ♪ fight to get it back again. ♪ get the new pearl jam album, plus exclusive content, only at target, or download it only on itunes. >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- robin williams. director bobcat goldthwait. and music from matt & kim. with cleto and the cletones.
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and now, like it or not, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by abc, inc. >> hi, i'm jimmy. thank you. i'm the host of the show. i want to get that straight right off the bat. i am the host of the show. we've got quite a program planned for you, but before we move on with our guests and our music and all that stuff, we have some very big news today. apparently, michael jackson is alive. >> oh. >> it is big news, right? and apparently dicky is the only one that is happy about it. [ laughter ] there is a new tape that has surfaced on the internet of all things. and look at this.
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what you're seeing there is the l.a. county coroner's van. this is the van that according to the person who shot the videotape contained michael jackson's body. watch -- you can see here through the fence a man who either is or is not michael jackson himself gets out of a van and walks into the building. michael jackson is alive. isn't that something? [ applause ] >> good news. >> we have been -- we have been jackoed again. he's got a wicked sense of humor that guy. actually, they're claiming -- the guy who shot or found the tape says he is sure it is real and that it is michael and that he is alive and he checked the license plates and everything. and if you keep watching, actually, the tape gets more amazing here. you can see after michael goes in through that door, go back to the actual -- yeah, the van, here you go. you see elvis.
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[ laughter ] president lincoln is in there. >> oh, man. >> and jesus is back. >> wow. [ applau ] someone owes a certain dr. conrad murray a huge apology, i guess. in case you're worried that the rest of the jackson family wouldn't make money off this whole deal, a&e has announced a new jackson family show. it will be a reality show following jermaine, marlon and jackie and tito as they prepare for a reunion tour. i think a reality show will be the closest that the jacksons have come to reality in about 30 years. so they shot part of it where their mother katherine lives in encino and the other part where tito lives under an overpass on the 405 freeway. last night, kate gosselin of "jon and kate plus 8" was on "larry king". i love watching larry king pretending he knows who she is. and what she does. uncle frank, do you know who
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kate goslin is? >> no. >> and you're about larry's age. >> what? >> never mind. [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> the big news is that the "jon and kate plus 8" show might not go on next season because jon says he might not want to i -- doesn't want to do it anymore. can you imagine? obama goes on vacation and the whole country falls apart. jon wants to focus on what's important which is having sex on yachts with 23-year-old girls. it's refreshing to find someone who doesn't care about the fame. but since kate and i guess the kids do want to keep doing the show they figured out a solution that i guess will make everybody happy. >> a single mom struggling to raise eight kids. a performing family struggling to pay the rent. and this fall, they're all living under one roof. jackie, karen, tito, hannah, madeline, latoya, colin, jim, joel, prince
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michael, paris, blanket and joe. >> the only thing better than the jackson 5 is jackson 22. >> i'm not very fond of the idea. >> the jacksons and kate plus 8 only on tlc. >> that will be something to watch. this is -- this is something too. there's a new study, but this one found the obese people have 8% less brain matter, and i call -- 8% less brain tissue than nonfat people. i call them weirdos, which means that overweight people aren't as smart as thin people. i thought fat people were the smartest people on earth. no wonder the olsen twins have so much money. they're geniuses. [ laughter ] here this is what a person of average weight's brain looks like. and you can see -- here's this represents a fat person's brain. [ laughter ]
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one of them looks suspiciously like a bacon cheeseburger. that's why when fat people do algebra it smells like meat. the nfl season isn't far away. two weeks from tomorrow, it starts. on thursday, the patriots had a preseason game against the bengals. the game was in foxboro, massachusetts where they built a new shopping and entertainment center. called patriot place, and here is cbs randy cross telestrates patriot place to hilarious effect. >> the beautiful shot there gives you a chance to see what's going on with patriot place right next to the stadium. >> could be a bunny rabbit, i guess. or a penis. in other sports genitalia news, there's some controversy right now about a sprinter from south africa. her name is caster semenya, but many aren't convinced that it's
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-- that she is a her. this is caster winning the championships in berlin last week. she is very fast, and very muscular. and right now they're doing what they call gender tests to determine her sex, which really is a nightmare if she is a woman and no one believes her. that's terrible. i've said it before, they have to run these things naked. they do. [ laughter ] this not the first time it's happened. by the way it doesn't only happen in sports. it's actually the reason star jones got kicked off "the view." [ laughter ] oh, you people didn't know that. the president of south africa says he will not permit her medal to be taken away, no matter what the gender tests say. so even if she comes back a man, he -- i don't know, i guess he'll mobilize the south africa army to keep her medal for her. even nelson mandela is involved now. he met with this woman yesterday. actually, they ran into each other in the bathroom. [ laughter ]
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gender testing is a complicated thing. i don't have to tell you people that. you think they just have them pull their pants down, but that's not how it works. fortunately, we have our own medical expert on staff now and we'll go to him now to break it down with all the answers you might have. it's time to ask dr. uncle frank. >> hi, dr. uncle frank here, trying to keep you healthy. the first question today is from columbia, south carolina. as a doctor, can you tell me if south african runner caster semenya is a woman or a man? i will check it out. it's both. it's a travicite. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> what is the medical definition of that exactly? >> a combination of men and women when they join hands. >> and how do you spell that? >> travesite. >> very good. one more thing. he's dumb, but he's a good speller. [ laughter ] we're on break last week and i happened to catch willard scott of the "today" show. he does the birthday wishes and he was good enough to provide us with our unintentional joke of the day. enjoy. >> take a look at the birthday boy. 100 years old. he likes to play golf. he's beaten his kids a couple of times. >> what? we have a good show tonight. on the show tonight, bobcat goldthwait, music from matt & kim. and when we come back, robin williams. so stick around.
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♪ well, welcome back. bobcat goldthwait is here tonight. director bobcat goldthwait, who has a very well reviewed new movie called "world's greatest dad". and he brought his star along with him too. and then later on, a duo from brooklyn, new york, who together made this new album called "grand". you can see them at the el rey theater here in l.a. tomorrow night. music from matt & kim. sounds like a morning deejay team. right? >> kind of does. >> tomorrow night, shaquille o'neal, selena gomez and darius rucker will be here. by the way, i'm not a -- i'm in the middle of a serious health crisis right now. >> wow. [ laughter ] >> not really, but to me everything is serious.
12:24 am
and i can't -- what do they call it when you inhale and exhale? breathe. yeah. i can't breathe anymore. so my throat closes up, there's something with my vocal chords. i have been looking on the internet to figure out what this is. so i went to the doctor because in the middle of the night i stop breathing and then i spit up like a 97-year-old man. and he said -- i said i keep -- i'm choking my vocal chords are closing up and i'm choking. he looked down the throat and took an x-ray and he said, try not to do that anymore. [ laughter ] i swear to god. that's what he told me. so i have been trying not to do it anymore, and truth be told, he was kind of right, because i've been doing it an eighth as much now that i'm trying not to do it. and now on the internet i was researching my body and they said to cut a straw and try to breathe through the straw, inhale, you relax your shoulders, and then you inhale like this.
12:25 am
and then you exhale for like three seconds through the straw. i'm doing this all day and i look like, you know, snoop dogg in the back of a limousine or something. [ laughter ] but i think it's called -- i think what i'm experiencing and you know will -- cleto and i are both hypochondriacs. it is called vocal chord dysfunction. and i just want everybody to know in case something happens to me during the show. i also want people to realize what a hero they're dealing with right now. thank you. jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] all right. moving on. not even -- now, this guy has medical problems and i feel like an idiot. not even his own murder russ -- murderous cardiovascular system can slow our first guest down. he's an oscar and golden globe winning actor with a new movie called "world's greatest dad", opening in new york and los angeles on friday and around the country september 4. please say hello to robin williams. [ cheers and applause ]
12:26 am
i thought they told you to stop doing that. >> i know. [ cheers and applause ] it's true. thank you. thank you. young people. you described the symptoms of becoming an old jew. >> i guess. [ laughter ] >> exactly what i sound like. yeah. >> in the morning, how are you -- nice to be with you, jimmy. be careful, do not smoke too much now. thank you. >> how are you feeling, by the way? >> alive which is kind of wonderful. once you have heart surgery you kind of go breath. yes.
12:27 am
an interesting thing, where you get short of breath and you walk up a step and your heart is like, okay, that's it for now. and your ass is like, let's all stop. >> i'm glad -- i'm glad you're all right. >> me too. >> happy to see you. but people are happy to see you more so than usual. >> yeah, they talk to you after heart surgery like you're an immigrant. like how are you? i am good, my heart is new, thank you. my bowels move not so good, but the heart was operated on. not that. thank you. >> you have -- you don't have a new heart? >> no no i had a baboon heart. no. i had a new valve. [ laughter ] wouldn't that be great during the middle of the interview. hi, how are you? [ laughter ] i have a new valve, repaired valve and a new valve and they gave me a choice, they you can
12:28 am
-- they said you can have a pig valve which is great, because then you can find truffles. [ laughter ] we'll have robin over, he'll find truffles and we'll have a great dinner. and then the mechanical heart which is great because it clicks, but you don't have to have another operation. and then the bovine heart. and the bovine is great because it's a cow heart. i feel like a mel gibson movie. and then the good news is that -- you feel better and i can't eat meat now, because every time guy, you're one of us now. [ laughter ] but the weirdest thing after open-heart surgery, after the surgery you get so emotional. i thought at first they didn't give me a valve, but a tiny vagina. [ laughter ] it was like, oh, my god, i just want to clean the house! what are you doing? [ laughter ] that sounds like a great name for a stripper. please welcome tiny vagina.
12:29 am
>> it does. >> hi, everybody. nice to be here. okay. >> you can run for south africa with something like that. >> she's a man. no. but wait a minute, hold on, those are testicles. no, no. she's -- she's a woman. tell her i'm a woman. okay. very good. >> also a great name for a stripper. howdy -- >> also a website. [ bleep ]. already the censors are going, we have nothing. we have no show. >> no way pudendem is in that book. >> i know. it is now. >> but not earlier. >> there's one guy who speaks latin, oh, pudendem. that sounds like a great name. what's your name? pudendem. these are my daughters, genitalia. genitalia, get over here. [ laughter ]
12:30 am
those are great names. i didn't know that jermaine jackson's son is named jermagesty? >> yes, it is. >> wow. wow -- i'm not going to say anything right now. nothing to say to that, only say good luck. no. no. >> what kind of beatings do you think a kid named jermagesty gets at school? >> the only one who gets it -- who gets more beatings is jermama. genitalia, get over here and sit next to codeine. we're going to get letters anyway. >> what the heck. [ laughter ] >> my name is morphine, mr. -- hold on. >> this is the freedom that you get when you face death and -- >> yeah. you face death. i don't remember anything. the anesthesiologist was so
12:31 am
good. i was like -- >> really? that was that. >> that was the drug that michael had on tap at home. >> yeah. right. some serious stuff. >> did you see the anesthesiologist saying it's like taking chemotherapy to -- instead of shaving your head. it was a kick-ass drug. i had the surgery in cleveland and i woke up going where am i? they went, cleveland. i went why? [ laughter ] you had heart surgery. that's how good that drug was. yeah, baby. everybody is so beautiful. but it is -- >> you were in the middle of a comedy tour. >> yeah. i was doing the tour and then all of a sudden i'd be doing the shows and the shows would be going, okay, that went really well and my heart was going maybe. then you have the thing of i ought to get it checked and we went do a physical check and i did a stress test on the treadmill and i was on it for
12:32 am
one minute and then the guy said okay, thanks. my heart was like -- my heart beat was so irregular it was like -- you've got an arrhythmia, man, but you can dance to this. you know? this has a nice meringue beat to your heart, brother, please. >> are you planning to finish the tour? >> oh, yeah, i have to pay for the heart surgery. or get cash for clunkers. i was hoping to -- a weird thing with the healthcare debate is so interesting. i love the man who got angry and said, i want the government to keep his hands off my medicare! oops, too late. they've already got it. cash for clunkers, you can take your grandmother in. grandma, we're going to get you a new kidney. we'll get you a new porch. >> that's how i got my strauss. >> there's a good thing, mr. kimmel. you're gonna be set for life now. >> you're going to finish the
12:33 am
tour. and the people -- did they hold their tickets? how did it work exactly? >> i guess the ones who thought i'd make it. the other ones are going i got the last ticket. [ laughter ] >> that would be grim after -- going in for a refund after you passed away. >> i don't know how to ask you this. the weird thing of it. i guess sometimes you do have a ticket of somebody passes away, they keep them as a souvenir. this is a ticket to the tour he didn't make. the one he's not gonna be there for. >> what a lovely memento. >> yeah. for in your box. oh, ank you. >> after you go through the whole thing, you know, a big deal obviously in your life. do you feel like you have a different outlook? have you changed -- >> it's like you -- it's changed everything. you appreciate everything. >> really? >> big time. your friends and family and everything. you look at it and the gratitude is instantaneous. you look around and go -- all the people who wrote letters,
12:34 am
thank you. but this thing of realizing it is pretty precious, life. and that thing where you kind of go, wow. and it is -- and the surgery alone it kind of -- it humbles you by the sheer fact of i'm back and i'm really grateful. it is so, so simple and the simplest things like talking to friends and being with family and all that stuff. i know it sounds like friends and family. no, it means something when you come back. because you realize every one of you mean something to me. it's really special. >> at some point, you're laying there and you're evaluating your life and you thought, damn it, i have to make a movie with bobcat goldthwait. >> that was my last wish before i die. do you want to work with martin scorsese? no, forget that. i want to work with bobcat goldthwait. that's my dream i want to work with that young bob squirrel. >> you and bobcat are old pals. >> big time. 30 years i have known him. the first time i saw him i was
12:35 am
going brilliant but scary. and he was always wonderful because even in his act, there was always this great intelligence behind that. when i started to know bob as bob, oh, that's an act. oh, cool. he used to describe the character as grover on crack. but it was this idea of knowing him as a friend, he's one of those people, you know, he's a comic, you know, you've got friends that you know from old time and it's special. living with a comic is like having a cobra as a pet. [ laughter ] we could be fun up to a point. >> yeah, right. >> and having bob and then the guy comes in with the flute and says, time to go on the stage, but bob has been there all that time. he's been the best friend i ever had. >> let's bring out the cobra. we'll take a quick break and bring the cobra out. robin williams is here with us. opens friday and september 4 everywhere else. we'll be right back with bobcat
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why can't we give love one more chance? why can't we give love? give love. give love -- >> stop. jason, you didn't write that. that's a queen/bowie song "under pressure". what were you thinking? >> i didn't think you knew that one. >> jason, i'm white. [ cheers and applause ] >> i didn't know you were a writer. robin williams. our next guest is a very talented writer and director. despite the fact that he -- i better get my straw. >> clear! >> despite the fact that he screamed at us more in the '80's than even our own mothers. his latest effort, starring robin williams, is "world's greatest dad" which as i mentioned opens in new york and l.a. friday and then every place else september 4. please welcome beautiful bobcat goldthwait. [ cheers and applause ]
12:41 am
>> yeah, baby! [ laughter ] >> well -- >> hi, how are wow? >> when i came to take a look at him, he was sucking on that in your dressing room. i didn't -- i said, what are you doing? i really thought it was meth. now i know. >> i haven't gone there yet. >> all right. >> well, first of all, can i say i loved you in "police academy". >> well, thank you very much. [ applause ] thank you. thank you. i'm really happy that -- it doesn't really matter what i do. i know my eulogy, the photo on the obituary will be me in a police uniform on a talking horse. that was very sweet. you're so nice. >> who, robin was nice? >> yeah.
12:42 am
i thought it was my eulogy. i felt -- i got all choked up. >> funny you say that, because tonight, bob, we're going to kill you. we've decided to kill you. >> really, if you know robin and i, the smart money would have been on me having a heart blowout. you know what i mean? >> what's gonna die? >> i have four or five meals of cheese a day. >> how did you meet? >> robin and i met -- it was jay day. no. [ laughter ] >> my friend -- such an attractive male. >> robin and i met, we weren't supposed to meet. i was at a comedy club in boston. and they said robin williams is coming, would you go hide. by the way, i had all this mascara on. whatever. >> there you go. look at that. >> yeah, but that's even better looking. >> really? >> yeah. robin came to where i was hiding. so then we met. we didn't really meet. he'd come to my shows.
12:43 am
i'm very nervous. it was so weird. i used to direct the show. >> you're the director of the show. >> right now the director is going cut away, cut away. [ laughter ] cut away from bob. cut away. >> ready, go to four. >> go to four, go to four. to the guy in the audience. >> back to two, go to one. go wide, go really [ bleep ] wide. [ laughter ] >> but, you know, robin and i are -- we're really old friends. >> huge. >> one thing people don't know is we have matching tattoos. >> is that right? >> yes. >> somewhat matching. >> so robin got a chinese symbol. he is like -- he teased him -- i teased him about getting a chinese symbol because i thought that was lame. >> well, actually it was done for happiness and laughter, and i've never had a chinese person get that close that says that's what it says. actually, it says welcome home. your company name -- >> if you live here by now. you're almost there. [ laughter ] >> so -- so about a week later i
12:44 am
said, you know, i was making fun of you about the tattoo. so i went out and got a chinese symbol too. >> let's look a -- there it is. >> come in close. there it is. yes! [ laughter ] >> hold up, parker. hold up. >> do you think somebody at home is going, oh, my god, they're selling it. >> for those of you who don't know what it looks like, it's small symbol with chinese eyes. >> an actual symbol -- >> a symbol with -- a chinese symbol, yeah. >> that's a long way to go for a pun. >> it is. and for the rest of your life. but i feel that -- here's a joke that keeps on giving. the problem i have is that i want people to take me serious as a director. [ laughter ] >> well, they should. >> yeah, martin scorsese said -- >> he was like --
12:45 am
>> but he's great when he directs. because he doesn't -- he wears like -- >> oh, he knows. >> oh, you know that. i came to him visit on the set. i came here. he's in the director's booth wearing a davy crockett hat and he goes, go to one. and i'm like, great, how you doing, daniel boon? >> when i directed jimmy, i wore a different hat. if i came down to the set and i'm screaming at everybody and i'm in a sombrero, then i'm a douche bag. you know? i remember one day i was mad and i heard cleto go, he's not wearing a hat. he's not wearing a hat. everybody run away! >> bob's got no hat! >> he's going to blow. >> hide guillermo! >> bobcat, i'm going to read some reviews of the film. i want you to brace yourself because i don't know if this has ever happened before. because they're really good reviews. [ laughter ] >> but also tell people that bob
12:46 am
made the citizen cain of the alcoholic clown movies. >> yeah, shakes the clown. but this may beat that. with merciless acuity this comedy ridicules collective grief and the news media's cynical marking -- marketing of an uplift after a death. "the new york times." [ applause ] that's in the post -- world's greatest dad overturns hypocritical isn't it mowny and bobcat may have the most unique filmmaking sensibilities since albert brooks. that's pretty good. a crazy foul-mouthed black comedy that blows up every rule of taste and common sense and gets away with it. "entertainment weekly." congratulations. >> to the brother! >> yeah. >> thanks, that is amazing. now if we can get people to see it. we tell them it's on video on demand,
12:47 am
if you do buy it that way, i have a service it's like watching a movie in the theater. four teenagers show up late and they talk through the video and talk and text and say what's going on? >> a wonderful service. does it cost anything? >> no, they just come and twitter in your house. like people texting and going omg. >> if you're talking to me on facebook or twitter, it's not me. grandpa is not on any of those things. people are always mad at me. me daughter once said, dad, there's somebody on myspace saying there's someone [ bleep ] pretending to be you. she's 8. i was like why would you say if you're try -- like if you say you're george clooney and then you meet him and it's not. you're not george clooney. but if you say you're me and you're not me, come on. you were going to bang bobcat
12:48 am
goldthwait? come on. am i no good? that ought to be good enough for the reach around in the parking lot. good night, everybody! >> it's a good day for him not to be able to talk. >> hold on, jimmy, you'll be speaking soon. >> jimmy will be sucking on -- >> here's a selling point for you, robin williams in the film completely naked. >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> completely naked. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. >> first of all, i had to shave because there's animal rights issues. [ laughter ] >> he's going up to the set and he's all shaved. i'm like, dude, you just cost me the bear audience. >> you weren't as hairy. >> i was so hairy. one time i had to get waxed for a movie and two girls were waxing me and they said at one point, do you mind if we take a break? [ laughter ] i had to do it. >> the other night at the premiere, robin's daughter was there and she goes, thanks for the head's up that i was going to see my dad's hog. [ laughter ] >> i was thinking that. >> a nice surprise, yeah.
12:49 am
>> yeah. merry christmas. >> you might want to go get popcorn. >> that is a fantastic scene, first of all. how i'd -- did you have to be talked into -- >> that came from me. >> really? >> by the way, i spent the whole day with robin. i have known him all these years. and just -- he's bottomless for the whole day on the set. i was like, why are you insecure? you know what i mean? seriously, if i was hung like him, i wouldn't have pants on right now. i would just -- [ laughter ] i would just -- i mean, i know he's already done the movie and i don't have to suck up, but honestly, if that was me, really, i would be walking around, like how do you like me now, bitches? numbers don't lie! you hear that? >> bobby likes it! >> we have a third tripod. we don't need the camera today. [ laughter ] >> well -- >> but it was weird to do. you -- i the or -- the only other time i did was in "fisher
12:50 am
king" and it was a cold night. i was naked in central park and it was a cold night. whenever you do a nude scene -- >> this was a warm, warm pool. >> it must have been. >> and he is my friend and he's very kindly in this movie, and then -- i'm really happy that folks do love him and people who see the movie -- they know he's one of the greatest actors in the world. but the night before we went to work, i was like, is he going to listen to me? like i truly thought -- you know, let's do that take one more time. he was like, i have an academy award and you're in "hot to trot". but that's not he works. >> i know you wrote a great piece and i have seen your other movies and i trust you. i knew it -- i read it and i thought it was really interesting. i did it because i wanted to be a part of it. the process was great because there's a scene in the movie --
12:51 am
i have almost like a break down. it's on a talk show where the woman is asking me about the book and then she says your son was a wonderful kid. then at that point i'm caught in a big lie. he told me before the scene, sell the big lie and in the process of doing that, i have a thing where you're laughing and crying and you're breaking down. we both finished it and he said that was great. >> he goes, i just had a -- i had a breakdown, a real breakdown. i go, yeah, can you the that again, please? [ laughter ] >> that was it. >> yeah. i'm really sad. wa-wa. move six inches to the right. >> well, the movie came out great. congratulations. "world's greatest dad" is opening this friday in new york and l.a. and september 4 everywhere else. bobcat goldthwait and robin williams. we'll be back with matt & kim. new blackberry, huh ? yeah. me, too. how sick is the web browsing ?
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we're back. this is their latest album. it's called "grand". here with the song "daylight", matt & kim. ♪ ♪ we cut the legs off of our pants ♪ ♪ threw our shoes into the ocean sit back and wave through the daylight ♪ ♪ sit back and wave through the daylight ♪ ♪ slip and slide on subway grates ♪ ♪ these shoes are poor man's ice skates ♪ fall through like change in the daylight ♪ ♪ fall through like change in the daylight ♪ ♪ i miss yellow lines in my roads ♪ ♪ some color on monochrome maybe i'll paint them in myself ♪ ♪ maybe i'll paint them in
1:01 am
myself ♪ ♪ maybe i'll paint them in myself ♪ ♪ maybe i'll paint them in myself ♪ ♪ maybe i'll paint them in myself ♪ ♪ maybe i'll paint them in myself ♪ ♪ these sidewalks, liquid then stone ♪ ♪ building walls and an old pay phone ♪ ♪ it rings like all through the daylight ♪ ♪ it rings like all through the daylight ♪ ♪ and in the daylight we can hitchhike to maine ♪ ♪ i hope that some day i'll see without these frames ♪ ♪ and in the daylight i don't pick up my phone ♪ ♪ 'cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home ♪ ♪ i have five clocks in my life and only one has the time right ♪ ♪ i'll just unplug it for today i'll just unplug it for today ♪ ♪ open hydrant rolled down windows ♪ ♪ this car might make a good old boat ♪ ♪ and float down grand street in daylight ♪ ♪ and float down grand street in daylight ♪ ♪ and float down grand street in daylight ♪
1:02 am
♪ and float down grand street in daylight ♪ ♪ and with just half of a sun burn ♪ ♪ new yellow lines that i earned ♪ ♪ step back and here comes the nighttime ♪ ♪ step back and here comes the nighttime ♪ ♪ and in the daylight we can hitchhike to maine ♪ ♪ i hope that some day i'll see without these frames ♪ ♪ and in the daylight i don't pick up my phone ♪ ♪ 'cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home ♪ ♪ ♪ and in the daylight we can hitchhike to maine ♪ ♪ i hope that some day i'll see without these frames ♪ ♪ and in the daylight i don't pick up my phone ♪
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♪ 'cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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