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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 24, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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westminster. around the beltway, 73 degrees in glen burnie and mid-70s from stevensville over through chestertown on the eastern shore. back it up six hours and at midnight we had a band of moderate rain come through. the rain that held off all day yesterday and allowing us to break sun and get into the 80s came through last night, moisteneds the ground and we have a little patchy fog left over. no rain to deal with this morning but again, some patchy fog, near 70. we'll go partly sunny again today, most of the day dry, maybe a late shower at 84. a big cooldown tomorrow. 6:00. let's check the roads with kim. >> all the roads or i should say at least the major highways are checking in pretty much incident-free. no problems along the baltimore beltway, here at 795 at maryland route 32 in howard county running along nicely towards the capitol beltway. in catonsville south rolling road and we have wilkens avenue remains closed in both directions, because of a crash that left a pole and wires down in the intersection.
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avoid that area. today through monday at 4:00 p.m., expect east mount vernon place at st. paul street closed because of the baltimore book festival. and fire activity on west 41st street, between falls and jfx. 41st street is closed though falls road is passable. back to you. a fire started just after 5:00 this morning on 41st street. everyone got out ok. no word though on the cause but police and firefighters do say, again, 41st street at falls road is blocked this morning so keep it in mind if you're headed out around there. 6:01. you can say it runs in the family. two college students from catonsville with cops as parents did what their mama told them. >> to help when help is needed. last night it was needed. abc2 news linda so is here to talk about a crash course on bravery. >> reporter: these are two guys you hope are around when
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you're in trouble. they were driving home when they saw a man who needed help. he immediately jumped into action. this is exclusive video from our pete "on the street" o'neal. the two college students were heading home with a group of friends when they saw downed power lines in the road. they looked over and saw a car flipped on its side. near rolling road and wilkens avenue. the driver was apparently trying to avoid a car that swerved into his lane when he lost control and crashed. they stopped and ran over to help. one of them grabbed a tire iron to free the man but stopped after realizing if they pulled him out they could hurt him even more. they called 911 and stayed with him until medics arrived. >> as long as the guy is all right, he was not dead when we opened the car. that was a good sign. >> he ended out breaking the front window open and he started responding to us. the cops showed up at that point. >> reporter: both terrance and matt are studying to become police officers. they say it runs in the family. one of their mothers is a
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retired officer. the other is a state trooper. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. 27 baltimore city employees will be out of a job. and nearly all city employees will have to take at least five furlough days. this all stems from the serious issues with baltimore city's budget. mayor sheila dixon says as many as 400 employees could have been fired if not for the furlough plan. >> there are times i would rather do that than see something get laid off. if that's what it takes to, during these tough times, everybody's got to do their part. >> this gap that we have to face and decisions we have to make really impacts all of us. >> the city is still negotiating with the fire department on possible furloughs. police are exempt by their contract. city/state's attorney patricia jessamy sent a statement that reads in part "our office will honor the furlough days.
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i want to assure the public our operations will not be affected." 6:03. slots coming to the eastern shore. a state slots panel voted unanimously to approve shots at ocean downs racetrack. now the track's owner can proceed with his plan for 800 machines and says if everything goes through and as planned slots could be operational on the shore by memorial day of next year. ? i think this came to light when linda tripp recorded monica lewinsky. there's a law on the books in maryland you can't record anyone's spoken word without their knowledge. >> the leaders of acorn say that law was broken when a couple posing as a pimp and prostitute got illegal advice from an acorn worker. is it a smokescreen? they want to know. sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: good morning. the community group filed a lawsuit against james o'keefe and hanna giles, the pair that posed as a pimp and prostitute at several acorn offices across
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the country including in baltimore. in the meantime the irs says acorn will no longer be included in the volunteer tax assistance program. earlier this month the house and senate voted to cut ties after their employees were caught on video helping o'keefe and giles commit ultimately what could amount to tax fraud. the census bureau also shut out acorn for 2010 national head count. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's a hot issue. how do you feel about the latest on the controversial video? should the people who made it get in trouble? friend us on facebook or twitter. tell us what you think. i want to get your comments on the air. a 24-hour gym boarded up and closed in pittsburgh. in fact, a lot of businesses have closed up shop and hired security guards in preparation of protesters. leaders of the world major industrial and developing nations are in pittsburgh today for the g-20 summit. the president will host the two-day meeting of representatives from the world's largest economies today as well as friday and thousands of protesters, they've already
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showed up to voice their concerns and opposition to the summit. massachusetts governor duvall patrick says it will name an interim successor to the late senator ted kennedy today. until a special election that was -- that happens in january. it will help to pass the health care overall we've heard so much about. kelly preston and john travolta leaving a courtroom yesterday. travolta told a jury he tried desperately to save the life of his 16-year-old son jett and said he performed cpr on the teen after a nanny told him the boy had fallen ill at the family's vacation home. jett died after a seizure in the bahamas in january. police say the alleged scheme to extort $25 million from
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travolta involved a document related to jett's treatment. seven losses in a row for the orioles. lost from toronto last night. final score 7-3. jeremy guthrie the ace of the staff lost his 16th game of the year. let me tell you some bright spots. michael aubrey hit his first big league home run and matt with his eighth. look at his average. up to .290. the orioles have to win three out of the next final 10 games to avoid a 100-loss season. off to cleveland next. he came with a tent and a lot of controversy. >> the man who wanted a different kind of shelter but didn't get it. the secret service's blessing. and the diamond that is stark naked for the first time. and we're all being told to get our flu shots. the location where the flu shots are being given and who is supposed to show up. 6:07.
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we're taking you back to school where we were yesterday. good morning to the principal deborah, graham, youngblood, cummings. we had a great time with them yesterday. we'll show you a little recap of the visit in a couple of minutes. let's check the roads with kim now. >> we don't have problems here on southbound 95 but i am getting word of a crash southbound on the bw parkway at route 175. just be aware of that. complete report up next. hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun.
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why don't we have both? old el paso. hard n soft tacos. mexican style.
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woman: in 1990, in severn, maryland, the daughter of a clergyman was discovered by a music industry insider while pumping gas at a service station. the odds of her getting signed and spending 11 weeks at #1 on the u.s. singles charts? 1 in 19 million. the odds of this former church choir singer going on to sell 40 million records? 1 in 15 million. the odds of the same woman winning 6 grammy awards and starring in two broadway plays?
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1 in 75 million. the odds of this musician and performer having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. i'm toni braxton, and i encourage you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. we're getting breaking news into our newsroom from new jersey. authorities say four lakewood police officers were shot executing a search warrant in new jersey. two of them have been rushed to the hospital. this happened around 2:30 this morning just northeast of philadelphia of authorities say an officer was struck in the face. another shot in the foot. they are in the hospital now. two other officers sustained minor injuries when they were shot in the bulletproof vests. more on this story as we get more details.
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floodwaters that have plagued parts of atlanta are finally receding. >> but there are still homes underwater and some people trapped inside because of standing water. two 16-year-olds made it their mission to help as many people as they can. kevin and matt, best friends, when they saw the devastation in their hometown they knew they had to do something. >> i've always been the one to go out there and get it done. i can't stay inside and watch tv and watching helpless people not be able to do anything. >> it makes me very proud of them. because you hear so much about teenagers. in two days these boys have done the right thing. >> the teens already helped rescue more than 40 people whose homes are literally under water. let's look at weather with justin berk. good morning. >> good morning. we're going to take to you a place where they are breeding more good teens, cockeysville middle school yesterday. we had a fantastic time.
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that is mrs. jenny youngblood. they are teaching science. they were going over the influence of the moon on the tides, just starting their earth science and weather unit. what an absolutely good group of people there. we're showing you jenny youngblood. we also met jenny grimm next door. the principal magnus. and kermit cummings, we've been talking for years on the internet because he was working with their weather station. we finally met in person yesterday. the guy in charge of the weather station, his name is mike drought. is that a great name for a weather person? hopefully, good morning to all of them. we wound up with some extra sunshine yesterday helping to boost our temperatures into the 80s. we may have a little bit of a repeat today. check it out this morning though. after overnight rain dropping us to around 70 degrees we have a very muggy feel to the air and a little hint of some fog around. there's the line of showers that held off until the
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afternoon but rains came through around midnight or just before. now we have a moist and very unstable environment. the big weather pattern change is still back west. if you highlight not only baltimore but unfortunately atlanta still dealing with the receding floodwaters the big storm pattern here is going to get a little energized as it slides eastbound and picksp more moisture into the weekend. until then, a muggy southerly feel and cool air tries to slip in this evening and tonight. that is probably our best chance of developing more rain. back to 84 today. most of today will be dry. we'll call it partly cloudy but the chance of a shower still lingers especially in the afternoon. i think our better chance of getting wet will probably be this evening and overnight. overnight itself, some of that rain brings us back to 65 and continuing to cool towards daybreak as a fresh air mass builds in. we're looking for a high of only 74 degrees tomorrow with some clearing and even cooler temperatures on saturday with the next round of rain from the western system heading in, we're probably stuck in the 60s. you can catch us on line at
6:16 am go to the weather page and our interactive doppler radar in the middle of the screen. we can actually show you, we can focus in on your neighborhood. there's cockeysville and cockeysville middle. 6:15. let's check the roads with kim brown. >> thank you. in anne arundel county not too much happening here at route 50 and route 97. traffic is beginning to build in both directions no problems on 50 towards the capitol beltway and northbound 97 smooth towards 695. a little heads up if you're headed towards the capitol beltway. a crash on the outer loop near rockville pike that has two right lanes blocked. could slow things up heading towards dc today. in catonsville, still dealing with south rolling road closed in both directions at wilkens avenue because of the overnight crash. try using hilltop road, and downtown baltimore, east mount vernon place between cathedral and st. paul street closed through today. actually through monday at 4:00 p.m. because of the baltimore book festival. and we have fire activity at west 41st street that has
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falls road blocked near the jfx -- actually 41st street is blocked, falls road is passable. getting word of a crash southbound on the bw parkway at route 175, just use caution there. as you look at downtown baltimore, this is fayette at st. paul street. traffic is starting to build but everything still looks good in baltimore city. back to you. topping our look at news around the nation, the at the present -- tent has been taken down. the one thought to house libyan leader qaddafi owned by the property owned by donald trump. qaddafi is in the united states for the u.n. general assembly session. the tent came down after a county executive says the secret service told him he would not be staying there but the county official later said that the secret service reported qaddafi would not stay in to the tent after all. the town of bedford ordered the tent be taken down claiming it violates zoning laws. people aren't the only ones being forced to flee
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fast-moving fires in southern california. polo horses had to be taken to safety with hundreds of other evacuees. fire burned about 9500 acres along steep canyons northwest of los angeles and fire officials say it's only about 20% contained right now. it's the most spectacular diamond in the world and for the first time it appears naked. the smithsonian institute is laying the 45.5-karat hope diamond bare. it's about the size of a walnut, will remain without a setting for the next few months while a new one is made. it's called "embracing hope." the new setting will surround the star gem. it's to celebrate the diamond's half century at the museum. the most asked question probably, where's the hope diamond? up the escalator and to your right, sir. some baseball fans can be obsessed about the team. >> one man's obsession, had to do with a family. why his night at the ballpark
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sent one family over the edge. and two baltimore city police officers tried to help a man that investigators say was suicidal but he needed help from doctors after what he grabbed and started waving around.
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paola... sí, mama? ven aca, por favor. i don't know how my mom knew. but i guess moms always know. i wasn't being very nice to one of the girls at school. i knew it was wrong. i knew i wasn't supposed to be mean. i guess i didn't think it was a big deal. but in one sentence my mom helped me understand. she said, "mi hija, you need to treat others "the way you want to be treated." i thought about that a lot. i still do.
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life's most important lessons are best learned in the home. 6:20. starting warm and muggy. aiming for a high of 84, the second day in a row that we're in the middle 80s, well above normal. we should be 76 this time of year we start off with a little fog. there's a chance of showers this afternoon but most of the day will be dry much like yesterday. our better chance of rain will come in this evening and overnight. tomorrow looks like some gradual clearing and cooler. highs only around 74 and lows back into the mid-50s. only 67 on saturday, look for thickening clouds and rain could arrive by evening. rain could be moderate to heavy saturday night through sunday but we'll push 78 on the thermometer to end the weekend. by tuesday and wednesday next week, we drop back into the
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mid-60s. 6:21. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. traffic is pretty much moving smoothly along our major roads today. no issues to let you know about at the baltimore beltway, at route 50 and 97, traffic building but no problems at this time. in catonsville, still have southbound rolling road closed at wilkens avenue. that is in both directions because of that overnight crash. use hilltop road to get around that. we have a disabled vehicle at the toll plaza at the fort mchenry tunnel in the northbound lanes. and fire activity has west 41st street blocked at falls road. that fire is right there at falls road and the jfx so use caution there. we have a disabled vehicle/crash at the bw parkway. and downtown at fayette, traffic looks great, no problems. back to you. not exactly the field of dreams but a man's attendance to a baseball game has some people pretty upset this morning. randy barker was serving a 10-day sentence for violating a protective order in iowa but last night he was allowed out
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to attend a boston red sox game with his family in kansas city. the judge said he granted the temporary release for the man's family who had made the plans months ago. >> enjoying the baseball game and having a good time. >> lance morris, the man who had the protective order against barker was livid when he found out about the judge's decision. morris said barker repeatedly harassed his family including calling his mother more than 60 times in one night. children can be, they can do some serious consequences. we're going to show you about a hide and seek that went wrong. >> a little boy decided to play and ended up hiding for longer than he wanted to. the details coming up. getting dirty
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woman: in 1990, in severn, maryland, the daughter of a clergyman was discovered by a music industry insider while pumping gas at a service station. the odds of her getting signed and spending 11 weeks at #1 on the u.s. singles charts? 1 in 19 million. the odds of this former church choir singer going on to sell 40 million records? 1 in 15 million. the odds of the same woman winning 6 grammy awards and starring in two broadway plays? 1 in 75 million.
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the odds of this musician and performer having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. i'm toni braxton, and i encourage you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. police shoot a man armed with a spatula. we're going to learn more on this shooting on bridgehampton drive. >> you hear what sounds like a car crash, some of you peak out the window, some of you jump into action. wait until you hear this story. first she was in, then out, then in, and back out again. who is it? and thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. i got a e-mail from a good
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friend brian snyder who runs pickles and chips. they are going to make the joe flacco sandwich. this is where you come in. you should get in touch with pickles and chips and come up with a name and what should be on the sandwich. they are going to have a contest that will run for the next few weeks. and they will come up with the joe flacco sandwich >> i never heard about someone talk about pickles and chips so much. you must love that place. they should name a sandwich after you. name it the jamie costello. >> they did. >> they did? >> a big breakfast sandwich. >> i love it. you heard it here first. i want to taste the costello. what is on there? seriously? >> i don't think you want to know. >> mayonnaise, bacon, sausage, potatoes. and russian dressing? outside this morning we've got ourselves some moisture left over from the rain that came through overnight. boy, we got ourselves another
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round of rain that may come in probably tonight but overall almost a repeat here with skies partly cloudy this morning, 69 degrees, a hint of fog but as we go near 70 for most of us to a high of 84 the chance of a shower will actually increase late in the day through this evening and then a big cooldown as we go through friday and saturday. a little peek at that at our our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. and we'll have more coming up in a few minutes. 6:29 now. we need to name a breakfast sandwich after kim brown. i think we'll call it the twitter. >> what is on the twitter exactly? i'm curious. >> i just got the name first. we'll work on the rest. >> details later. good morning. as we look at route 50 and 97 you see traffic beginning to build around the area. we're running smoothly on the baltimore this morning, no problems to let you know about at the harbor tunnel. in catonsville, still have rolling road, southbound side closed in both directions at wilkens avenue because of that overnight crash. and use hilltop road to get ar


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