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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 25, 2009 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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recovering. both are in custody. both have prior juvenile records. their ages, actions and records drawing the ire of the mayor. >> two 16-year-olds with a gun, legal gun and these are consequences they have to face and it's becoming extremely frustrating. >> reporter: both will be charged as adults with gun charges, robbery and attempted murder, arrests in a crime the commissioner says underscores the work his force has done, yet, still needs to do. >> we're making progress, but this tells us in a very personal way we still have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: harris is a 16- year veteran of the force and is expected to make a full
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recovery. this is now the second off duty officer shot at his own home in almost as many weeks. the commissioner said neither of his officers were targeted, but random attempts. the baltimore county police department is mourning the loss of one of their own. detective jason simons died after a crash on black rock road. simons was driving to work when he lost control on the wet road. the veteran's vehicle flipped over trapping him inside. officer simons is the stepson of a county lt. who died last year in the line of duty. three essex teenagers are charged with the death of a man in a wheelchair last week. the three are charged with first-degree-murder in the man's murder. police say he was found dead in
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his apartment by maintenance workers last friday. the man had been targeted by the suspects and was strangled. the suspect stole jewelry, an eye pod and other items. bail was denied for all three. remember the marriage proposal stunt where police resources were used? turns out a scheduling conflict may have saved the mayor's name from being linked. they pretended the search for contraband as helicopters hovered then he popped the question. the nephew of senator carden invited the governor but he was in ocean city that day. the governor said he did not know what was being and. he has apologized and paid the police department back. it's been one week since that 72-inch water main break. crews are still working on. it the rake last friday flooded
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hundreds of homes and dozens of cars. once the water receded people were left with all the mud and the muck. >> it's a complete mess down here. so many people got flooded. >> as for the massive hole on burning highway, officials expect that pie early next week they will pull the damaged section out and inspect the interior of the pipe looking for cracks and bulges. they will also be shoring up the sides of the hole. tomorrow several county and state agencies will come to help. expert also provide insurance information and help with cleanup. that's from 10:00 until 4:00 at the waters edge community center on dunn dauk avenue. we've seen much milder air move. it couldn't get much above 70
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degrees. tomorrow we will get even cooler for our saturday the first full weekend of fall 2009. 72 at easton. humidity levels very low. no preparation to tell you about, just a mixture of fair weather clouds. tonight dropping off to 53 degrees by daybreak. partly cloudy, definitely getting cooler. by this time tomorrow night, big time wet weather headed our way. we'll talk about that in a couple minutes. baltimore health officials are confirms the first serious case of h1n1 inside city schools. a student at monte bellow is being treated. right now she is not at school. in a letter top parents authorities said the school will be thoroughly cleaned. so far there have been seven deaths in maryland tied to the
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swine flu. coming up at 5:30, hear about the plan that's been put in place to make sure that baltimore city schools are vaccinated against the swine flu. a 12-year-old girl was hit by a car this morning as she was walking to school in annapolis. it happened at hill top lane. police say she is a student. the driver did stop. susan atkins, a follower of cult leader charles man son died last night in a prison hospital in california. atkins admitted to killing pregnant actress sharon tate in august of 1969. tate was one of seven people murdered in los angeles during the manson cult mood -- bloody rampage. she had been suffering from
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brain canner. she was 61 years old. an afghani man indicted yesterday in an alleged terrorism bombing plot will face charges in new york city. he was flown out of denver where agents say he had traveled in a conspiracy that may have targeted trains. at the same time several other bomb plots were foiled. officials said they are not believed to be connected. >> reporter: 24-year-old najibullah zazi was originally charged with lying to the fbi now conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. federal agents said he went to beauty stores this summer for bomb supplies, purchasing large quantities of hydrogen peroxide and acetone, listed in bomb recipes found on his computer. they were also found in the
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2005 london bombings. >> an attack that crippled the new york metropolitan system and killed hundreds of people would be the biggest al qaeda attack against the united states since 9/11. >> reporter: fbi agents are also busy in dallas where they arrested 19-year-old hosam maher husein smadi. in springfield, illinois, police said michael fenton, also known as talib islam, was trying to blow up the federal courthouse. >> he talked about a number of different targets. >> reporter: according to police fenton drove a van that he believed was carrying a ton of explosives and parked if in front of -- it in front of the bulling but the explosives were fake. across the nation fbi agents are trying to gather
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intelligence, but it is difficult to know what they don't know. the son of the new will appoint nigerian ambassador to the united states is being held without bail tonight. he is one of three men suspected of raping women in baltimore. it happened in the parking lot of seton keel high school. police said a second attack happened early in the morning on august 8th. all are charged with rape. the war against drugs in maryland was the topic of a round table. the nation's drug czar joined the governor. law enforcement and community leaders to discuss what could be done to discuss the state's antidrug program. >> what i'm looking forward to with the new administration is making maryland a model when it comes to expanding drug
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treatment services to those who need it, creating stronger connections between the courts and drug treatment providers. >> today's round table is part of the drug czar's tour to discuss the antidrug strategy and programs all across the country. brave men and women from our area are getting ready to ship out tonight. >> very nervous and kind of sad about leaving the babies, but we know we're dog the right -- doing the right thing. >> meet a husband and wife leaving their precious little girl behind. >> how to get all the problems off your chest in a matter of minutes. the vice-president sees the mess in scray jay with -- georgia with his own eyes. why people say the federal response was way too slow. 72 degrees as we speak. we will have the full forecast coming up. seem smooth and strong to irreversible damage. no different. irreversible loss of enamel. enamel shield enamel loss by forming against acid attack. toothpastes dentists check most. save your enamel. be gone for good. enamel shield. with the rinse. 
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vice-president joe biden traveled to georgia to see the damage from the flooding. there were many lives and homes turned you upside down. >> reporter: vice-president joe biden toured the hard hit atlanta area by helicopter, parts of the region visibly submerged. >> it is katrina.
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it's not katrina in scope, but the impact on their lives, on your lives, we understand it is katrina. >> reporter: a day earlier president obama issue add disaster declaration for several counties in georgia. severe storms caused flash floods that killed nine people and caused about $250 million in damages, millions the cash strapped state says it cannot provide. >> we're really going to be dependent on the federal government to help with this disaster. >> reporter: fema teams fanned out, assessing damage and taking claim, something residents said was days overdue. >> you have to wait until nature does its job to allow our people to get in safely. >> reporter: in some cases there's not much left after mother nature. homes are unliverrable.
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some schools unusable. floodwaters nearly reached the roof of clarksdale elementary. >> clarksdale is a great school. i just wish it were still here. >> the region is expecting another severe round that could result in several more inches of rain. >> looking at those pictures, you can't believe it, water up to the rooftop. >> that's incredible, the devastation. we'll have some wet weather around here tomorrow evening. nothing on that scale but wind at 20 miles an hour, windy, rainy. get your weekend fun tonight and early tomorrow. we might squeak the game in, but late saturday night. >> we'll squeak it in anyway. let's take a look at what we're seeing. boy, what a beautiful fall day we had today. temperatures hovering in the
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low 70s, almost no humiditied a light east breeze. a couple of showers in the area last night. low temperatures this morning only around 60 or so. this is a lot more like fall early this morning. in fact last night, if you maybe had the ac running the last couple of night, you didn't have to do it last night. you could open the windows. temperatures plunging down in the low 50s tonight. take a look at the highs for today. low 70s. i think tomorrow we'll be in the mid-60s tomorrow so maybe a cooler day on tap. all right. here's the current temperatures. we're down to 67 already out in damascus. satellite radar pictures, we've had decent sunshine through the afternoon. now we're clouding up as we go
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towards sunset. what we're really watching is off to the west. you see quite a bit of wet weather across kentucky. it will spin up, spiral into a pretty good storm system as it moves steadily east. i think by this time tomorrow night weather heading downhill, across baltimore, maryland. it will be a quick mover, clear up by sunday or so i think tomorrow late in the afternoon and early sunday morning will be a messy deal for us over the weekend. the forecast model in detail. watch this. we stay clear tonight into the day tomorrow. this is through 5:00. still looking pretty good, but that's about. it 5:00 tomorrow evening, massive amounts of rain will briefly douse the area. move through quickly. expect winds to gust up to 15, 20 miles an hour. on sunday we clear out quickly. we may squeak in the ravens
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cleveland game. 53 degrees tonight partly cloudy. i want to tell you about the bay tomorrow. small craft advisory for the chesapeake tomorrow through the day. sunrise tomorrow 6:58. clouds on the increase. look for windy, rainy weather. we'll start off on a pretty nice note. your seven-day forecast. sunday, some showers maybe early in the morning. we clear out sunday afternoon and we start next week on a relatively decent note, 75 degrees cooling off in the 70- degree range in the middle of next week. as a soldier it is one of the stuffest things you have to do saying good-bye to your family. members of the 392nd regiment said their good-byes at a ceremony. we have some of their moving
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stories. >> reporter: when you see these ceremonies, it's hard not to get emotional. they know they will have email, phone and video chats, but it's still hard to let go and leave your family behind. travis is soak up the last laugh he will hear for awhile from his baby girl. it will be 400 days before he sees them again. >> i don't want to leave my children. >> reporter: travis and his wife have made that choice, both leaving behind little girls as they balance love of their family and love of their country. >> we know we're doing the right thing oar oar husband and wife doing the right thing by upholding their service. it's something these soldiers with the 392nd have learned to live with. >> just doing my job. me and my family both knew what we got into when i signed up so
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many years ago. >> reporter: the sergeant's family has grown used to the good-byes and the worries that go with them. this is his third deployment. this time he's leaving his 2 week old, sacrificing to serve others. >> it's to help the other soldiers bring them back home. my wife talks to the wives and parents who are here to help them get through. so we're a support group. >> reporter: here and on the home front, holding families together as they face their own battles. >> i'll miss the family but they know they're behind me, supporting me tend makes it that much easier. >> reporter: this group of more than 220 soldiers is leaving tomorrow for training. they will eventually split up and head to iraq, afghanistan
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and kuwait. >> thanks. protesters in pittsburgh hits one reporter hard. and a massive refinery fire in california traps dozens of families inside their homes. imlap
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health officials targeting schools to combat the swine flu. those extra fees you're paying. the airlines are adding up. fans are lining up to see the new michael jackson movie. why the film is generating so much excitement. we'll have those stories. it's all ahead at 5:30. a look at the news around
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the nation. a reporter and his camera crew are hit by tear gas at g-20. he was not seriously hurt and was able to report about the experience later. fire at a southern california refinery shot flames and clouds of plaque smoke. it started in the wilmington area. firefighters were able to get the fire under control and contain it but people living nearby were asked to stay indoors. no one was hurt in the fire. also in california a car plunged over a 150-foot cliff in san francisco. police say the driver hit the curb too fast when his brakes locked up. the driver was able to call 911. when emergency crews arrived on the scene they used ropes and harnesses to pull him up. he was not seriously hurt. police say the combination of fog and speed may be to blame for the crash.
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an injured manatee in florida has a new lease on life. shell was released into the wild after being rehabilitated following a boat accident and following a fishing line. it caused air to build new shell's lungs but he is now feeling better and able it dive for food. it has been a picture perfect day, a nice fall day. that is about to change somewhat this week. abc 2 news starts in just two minutes.
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we begin with the city's school plan to vaccinate children against the h1n1 virus. word of the plan comes one day after the district announced that a 13-year-old girl is in
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serious condition after being diagnosed with the swine flu. we learn why the health is focusing on schools to keep the virus from spreading. >> reporter: this 5-year-old was a brave girl this morning. she took the seasonal flu mist. soon she will feel that same tengele in her nose when the h1n1 vaccine is available. her grandmother has seen the impact of the flu inside schools. >> already we're seeing a lot of kids coming in with temperatures, colds, really early this year. it's important to emunionize. >> reporter: baltimore hosted its first city wide clinic where shots and sprays are administratorred for free. they began a few weeks early to get people prepared for the h1n1 vaccine that will follow. the plan to vaccinate ud


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