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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 28, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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mainly clear skies, it feels a little crisp out there, you can see things are looking nice out there. no more left over rain but more is on its way in for some of us. 54 degrees right now, relative humidity the 3%, the wind is calm, it will be picking up this afternoon as well. temperatures are in the mid 50s around the region, we're looking at mainly clear skies, a little system coming in out of the west it will pass mainly to the north of us up into pennsylvania. we will still get the clouds from it. we'll get the wind picking up this afternoon with gusts as high as 30 miles per hour and we may see a couple of stray thunderstorms or widely scattered showers yet this afternoon. 77 degrees for a daytime high. check out the roads, here is kim. >> thank you, susan. traffic looks good at route 50 and 97. we see building volume in the eastbound lanes, no real problems to let you know about toward the capitol beltway. northbound is checking in clear toward 695.
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the earlier crash on harrisburg expressway at schwan is causing minor rubbernecking delays. howard county southbound route 29 that earlier crash at broken land parkway has been cleared. those residual delays are thinning out well. jfx at cold spring lane, traffic is light in both directions and moving smoothly. we're coming you on a minute after 6:00 this monday. you can try but you can't explain what happened in mt. airy. >> it has been and will continue to be difficult days ahead after an entire family was killed over the weekend. sherri johnson is joining us with more. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil brought friends, neighbors and the local fire department together. authorities say charles dalton killed his wife jennifer, their two kids and dog before taking his own life. police say he shot his family while sleeping. a friend made the discovery friday night. those who knew the family say they attended church regularly
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but some belief there were financial issues that led charles dalton to commit these crimes. >> this was a choice that was made, but we love these people, we love this family, we love each other. >> reporter: grief counselors will be available inside 14-year-old charlie and seven-year-old emmaline dalton's school when they head back to class tomorrow. funeral arrangements have not been set. sherri johnson, abc2 news. a fire that killed a woman in white marsh over the weekend is under investigation on this monday morning. it happened before dawn in the 9000 block of deviation road. neighbors tried to save the woman but could not get past the smoke and fire. >> my neighbor ran in there to try to save her and this guy across the street in this house did. they couldn't save her. >> the victim's name has not been released. baltimore county police say a 74-year-old perry hall man has been murdered. david weeks was found in his home on friday night.
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police say an autopsy shows that his death is a murder but they will not release any other details because of the investigation. police say that weeks appears to have been targeted. it is 6:02. maryland's new ban on texting while driving goes in effect this week. it takes effect thursday, and prohibits, writing or sending texts but not reading texts while driving. assistant state attorney general katherine row says police officers will have a lot of discretion with the law enforcement. it will be based on what officers see just like other laws. if you are caught sending a text message you will be find $500. it's been more than a week since a broken water main flooded warts of dundalk, over the weekend, several county and state agencies came together to provide help to flood victims. experts were on hand at the waters edge community center to provide insurance information and help cleaning up. >> what i have found here today is that many of the clients that we're serving didn't really
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know that the red cross does this. we do this every day, 365 days a year, we are here for the public. here to provide help. >> insurance money i am getting will not replace hot water heater, furnace, air conditioner, washer, dryer, freezer, i'm just trying to get a little bit of help with at least replacing those things. >> last week the red cross served 4000 meals, distributed hundreds of cleanup kits and opened two shelters for flood victims. 6:04. this week it counts, you better not barreling down the road of yours. speed cameras will be up and that means fines if you don't follow the rules. linda sew joins us live. hey there, linda. >> reporter: megan, we're on walter avenue near glenmore the speed limit is 30. people go faster all the time. some are hoping speed cameras like the ones over there will get people to slow down. right here at the corner of walter and glenmore avenues is
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where the first of 51 speed cameras will be placed throughout the city. the cameras will take the place of monitoring devices like this one. both baltimore city and county are moving ahead with installing cameras. the new law allows the devices to be placed within a half mile of school zones and construction zones. supporters say it will make the roads safer. >> the community has been requesting this for the whole 22 years i've been in office and i think it's a good thing. i think it will slow people down around schools and we if we save one, two, or three children it's a plus. >> reporter: now, sheer a breakdown of what you need to know about this new law, it goes into effect this thursday. here in baltimore you will only get a warning for the first 30 days after that, if you're caught on camera speeding, you will get a $40 ticket but no points will be assessed. later this morning the mayor and other city officials will be here to unveil the city's first procedure camera. live in northeast baltimore, abc2 news. here is a store row that continues to develop as it goes
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on. iran state tv says there has been a second round of missile tests meant to demonstrate the country's preparedness for an attack. he light revolutionary guard test fired medium range missiles overnight, following tests of short range missiles early yesterday. new at 6:00, jews around the world are observing yom kippur it started at sunset last night. it traditionally marks the ends of a ten day period of sole searching where jews are asking for forgiveness for their sins of the past year. jews abstain from food and water to focus on prayers. the obama family toured the washington monument and jefferson memorial with family. the first lady the couple's two daughters and some of the president's extended family came along for the brief tour. the president's half sister and her family are visiting from out of town. if
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and pulitzer prize winning columnist william safire has died. he joined the new york times in 1973. he roe wrote conservative news columns for the paper and a language column for the paper's sunday magazine. safire also worked as a speech writer for president nixon. michael jackson is selling out crowds. advance screenings to the movie michael jackson this is it, sold out within two hours early yesterday. his fans began lining up three days earlier, snapped up 3000 tickets to the la shows. the documentary opens nationwide october 28th, but fans will get a sneak peak the night before in screenings at the new regal theater and for the grand opening the cinema will show this is it on all 14 screens that night. 38, 31, 34, that's the sound of a measurement of a pretty good football team. those are the points scored by the ravens in the first three
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games of the year. another career day for joe flacco. 342 yards in the air, 479 total yards, only once have the ravens produced more. derrick mason caught his 800th catch. ray rice, willis mcgahee, mcklein, even speed cameras are taking pictures of this offense. 34-3 against the lifeless cleveland browns. are the ravens this good? >> we don't talk about it. it's like when you throw the no hitter, you don't talk about it and you just line up and prepare for every week you know. this was a great win. it was a division win and we're going to enjoy it right now and then we'll get ready for next week's opponent tomorrow. >> after today after you all in your sports call in show, it's time, to get going and get ready for the new england patriots, 38-31-34 is a measure of success. we have the orioles. it's painful.
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i picked up press guides from 1970 and 1983 just to remember what it was like as a kid to be excited in late september for october. but for the tenth straight game the orioles loss, nine to nothing in cleveland. with seven games left, the orioles are five loses away from 100 defeats. how do you market this team for next year? is there anyone talking baseball except the orioles stat state of affairs. no excitement in late september. that's sad. some folks stood in amusement, others were kind of daredevils, huh? >> this stunt one man in ohio decided to pull off that had track backed up for hours. we'll talk about bernie madoff again this morning. billions he took from investors, parts of the scheme you need to know about should something similar happen to you. this driver didn't get far, especially after what someone decided to do with cones in georgia. and a nice quiet start to the work week for us weather wise, let's look outside. it's a little brisk, 56 in
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towson, 59 in westminster right now, mainly clear skies, we'll be seeing clouds move in throughout the course of the late morning, early afternoon hours. then we'll be seeing partly cloudy, breezy conditions at the bus stop and just be aware that you may need a light jacket as you head out to the bus stop this morning. let's check out the roads here is kim. thank you, susan. we don't have any problems to let you know about around the beltway. traffic is moving smoothly at route 50 and 97. i'll have a complete update for you when we come back next.
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good morning maryland, time now is 6:13. we know the name, but do we really know how bernie madoff pulled off one of the biggest heists in modern times. the final points of a ponzi scheme so you can protect yourself. >> he is the poster child for ponzi schemes, bernie madoff, the man behind an investment scandal that lost billions. he is now high profile, but scam artists are running smaller
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scams like that under the radar and we don't want you to fall for them. >> people are desperately looking for other sources of income. so they hear something that's too good to be true but they want to believe it. >> reporter: when it comes to a upon zoo scheme the cons get to you believe by investing money you'll get a huge return. they prey on people without a lot of knowledge about finance. the profit comes not from a product but from pulling in other investors who hand over even more money. >> the only people who benefit are the people who start it out, at the very top. >> reporter: here is why, the guy at the top pulse in investors who recruit others and he is able to pay big returns by shuffling the funds taken from new investors not profits. the circle of investors is kept tight, with the main focus on getting original people to reinvest. the scams can crumble when authorities get involved or stakeholders demand a pay out. >> that's what happened with madoff, people wanted to pull money out, what a return paid
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back, that money is not there. >> reporter: it's a crushing wake up call, one heard by hundreds tide up in the biggest scandal in years. that's why the bbb is warning consumers to be weary that an investment that sounds too good to be true probably is. i remember we're working for you to help but challenging times. check out our financial survival guide. there is new information on there every day. six foods to increase your brain power. plus surviving at work, get hired by answering the most important question. remember you're only going to find it online at let's take a look at weather right now. here is susan shrek. >> thanks a lot. good morning everyone we are looking at quiet conditions to start off the work week. it's nice out there on the pleasant side. 54 degrees relative humidity 93% and it's calm at this hour. as far as the rinds are concerned, that will pick up heading into the afternoon
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hours. 53 in winchester, virginia, 58 in hagerstown, 57 in york, pennsylvania, 54 in baltimore, 60 degrees in ocean city. we had a few clouds yesterday and rain and drizzle in fact almost half an inch of rain fell yesterday, but that system is out of here. that's far off the coast now. things are cleared out nicely for us so far in the overnight hours. as we head into the latter half of this morning, things will get cloudy again. we're seeing this system that's over the ohio valley. that will be approaching us. we will be seeing some effects from it. we will see the clouds come in, we will see widely scattered showers and maybe a few thunderstorms from it. the rain isn't going to be the big deal. it's going to be the wind that is associated with this storm, it's going to be creating a lot of wind. we are looking at gusts as high as 30 miles per hour this afternoon. that will continue as we head into the day tomorrow. we will have a windy day tomorrow as well. shower wise we are not looking at a whole lot, even through  wednesday. this is going to be mainly a
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dry week for us, at least until we get to next weekend. for today 77 degrees, partly cloudy, a couple afternoon showers or storms are possible. for tonight, breezy, partly cloudy, chilly, we're going to get into the 40s in many places. as we head into the next seven days a very slight chance of a couple showers still for us on tuesday an but the real story on tuesday is the wind. wednesday, thursday, friday, cracks it's going to feel like fall. we'll be in the 60s for daytime highs. let's check out the roads with kim. thank you, susan. westbound route 50 toward the capitol beltway, traffic is running smoothly. same on northbound 97 towards 695. we don't have any problems to let you know about on the beltway. but keep in mind we have reports of a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane on northbound 895 a approaching the merge to 95 today. also, southbound on the harrisburg expressway at schwan road that crash is still off to the right shoulder blocking the shoulder, causing
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minor rubbernecking delays. southbound 29 at broken land parkway that crash is being cleared. there is a construction zone in that area. i'm getting word they are late lifting that work in the left lane. be aware of that. the jfx at north avenue, traffic is light and running smoothly making your way toward downtown. jamie and megan back to you. 6:17 right now. looking at news around the nation, traffic was at a stand still, look at this, over a suspension bridge in toledo as a man scaled the cables. this is on saturday. the man actually got to the top level of the bridge as rescue crews stood by. he slipped several times, nearly fell to his death, but eventually managed to get back down. there is no word on why he climbed the bridge in the first place. a sinkhole caused by rain in georgia swallowed up a car. police blocked off the intersection, but someone moved the cones. so that driver drove right into that huge hole on saturday morning. the driver of course suffered some bumps and bruises, minor injuries but the car is stuck in that deep hole. police have blocked off the intersection again as crews
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work to get that car out of that big sinkhole. we have an eyesore in arizona no more, the old quest building was imploded on sunday morning. the ten story steel and concrete structure had been the source of civil citations and fines for blight, trash, broken glass, over grown vegetation on the property. while neighbors agree the building was an eyesore, some express concern for the historic homes in the surrounding area. it started with an assignment, this assignment went beyond the classroom education. the generosity one teacher gave that may have saved her student's life. it's match making in ireland that doesn't involve the internet, the man who draws thousands to emerald isle every year and what some are looking for. let's look at business news with jeremy hubbard with abc. >> reporter: good morning, we begin your money scope report with a big deal in the pharmaceutical injury. abbott laboratories is buying the prescription drug unit of belgian company sol vay it is
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worth $7 billion. abbott will have control of tricor and other cholesterol lowering drugs, heart and hormone treatments, a flu vaccine and other drugs. a man charged with recovering monies from bernie madoff's victims, he plans to sue madoff's two sons, his brother and niece this week, trying to recover nearly $200 million. the trustee has already filed lawsuits against madoff's wife ruth and several big investors. a surge in early retirements caused by the recession is put ago strain on social security's finances. social security will pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes the next two years. that's the first time that's happened since the 1980s, it's finances being hurt by an increase in disability claims and the loss of millions of jobs. movie goers got their fill of meat balls with the second week. cloudy with a chance of meat balls game in first in the box
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office with $25 million in ticket sales. surrogate opened in second, an updated version of fame debuted in third. michael jackson is still drawing huge crowds. tickets to advance screenings of his documentary sold out in two hours. fans in la wattled days for 3000 tickets. the movie opens october 28th, but these fans get to see it one night earlier. on good morning america, taking on the big banks on youtube, how one woman fought bank of america and won on gma. that is your money scope report. i'm jeremy hubbard.
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good morning, everyone i'm
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meteorologist susan shrak, things are looking nice for us this morning. we are only in the 50es, 53 in monkton, 63 in rock hall, we're looking at a pretty nice day unfolding. , at least this morning, we have mainly clear skies, there is a system coming from the west that will spread clouds across the region, maybe a couple showers, even a stray thunderstorm here or there is possible. and that's going to happen this afternoon. we are looking at a high of 77 degrees. the real story will be the wind more than the rain. gusts as high as 30 miles per hour. let's see how the roads are with kim. so far so good on the beltway this morning as we look on the west side at liberty road. traffic is moving along at speed as you make your way toward the baltimore national pike and route 70 interchange. working several events in the area. southbound on the harrisburg expressway at schwan road, that crash is on the right shoulder causing minor rubbernecking
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delays. northbound harper tunnel through way approaching the 95 merge we have word of a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane. and baltimore national pike at eng he willside avenue. best belvedere avenue at elmer avenue. the jfx is north avenue, traffic is looking good making your way down this morning. looking for a business you know you can trust let your better business bureau do it with the a rated business director. log onto for more information. thank you, kim. it's 6:25 a teacher in long island paid it forward to her student it started as a class assignment and ended up saving his life. she wanted her students to give back to the community and asked them all to do something to make the world a better police. one student talked about organ donation because he needed a kidney. and the teacher gave him one of hers. >> i have to be honest, i never signed the back of my license and i had never intended ever on being an organ donor. when i gave the assignment pay
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it forward and kevin wanted to do his on donation and giving life, that was my first introduction. >> she is great. she is amazing. >> wow. she won the liberty award from the state of new york for her generosity. that's amazing. >> it is. in just a few weeks, snow will begin falling around parts of michigan. >> just a few weeks, if it hasn't already. >> look at this weekend it wasn't the white stuff that coated downtown grand rapids, this is all 'cause for celebration.
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the latest from mt. airy and how a town mourns the loss of an entire family this morning. the texting law goes into effect on thursday, but why wait? don't text while you drive, ever. >> match maker, match maker, make me a match soon, find me a catch. the story we will see if he can make a love connection in one town that's all about love. thank you for joining us this monday morning. we'll have those stories and more coming up. in the meantime happy monday. >> meteorologist susan shrek is in for cuss justin. >> good morning, everyone. things are looking good. sunshine is peaking over the horizon. let's look outside. isn't that nice? you can see the orange glow starting to warm us up


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