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tv   News  ABC  September 28, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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bit. it's a little chilly. 54 now, the wind is calm, it will pick up heading into this afternoon. temperature wise we're in the mid 50s around the region. mainly clear skies, it's a gorgeous morning, but we do have a little system coming in out of the west that will spread clouds into the region by noon and then this afternoon we are looking at mainly cloudy skies, a couple of widely scattered showers are possible, maybe even a thunderstorm. 77 degrees, the real story will be the wind as it picks up in most places this afternoon. let's see how the roads are. here's kim. traffic is moving nicely so far tonight beltway at least on the west side of the outer loop at liberty road. at speed toward route 70 interchange. we are getting word of debris in the roadway at the inner loop at charles street. be aware of that the right shoulder continues to be taken away on southbound at the harrisburg expressway at schwan road. northbound on the harper tunnel through way approaching the 95 merge a disabled vehicle blocks the right lane.
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baltimore national pike near enge-lside avenue, a crash. west belvedere avenue at elmer avenue. jfx traffic is building but no real problems or delays at this time. time now is 6:30. there is no way we will ever understand why,. >> but this morning police are trying to figure out why a man killed his entire family, including the family dog and turned the gun on himself. sherri johnson has been working on the story and joins us live. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil brought friends, family and the local fire department together. authorities say charles dalton killed his wife jennifer, their two kids and the dog before taking his own life. police say dalton shot his family while they were sleeping. a friend made that discovery friday night. those who knew the family say they attended church regularly, but some belief there were financial issues, that led charles dalton to commit these crimes. >> i see this guy at the house,
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it's up for sale, with the economy and everything it's been stressful on a lot of people. >> reporter: grief counselors will be available inside 14-year-old charlie and seven-year-old emmaline dalton's school when they head back to class tomorrow. funeral arrangement versus not been set. live in the studio, sherri johnson, abc2 news. the ex-wife of john allen mohammed is publishing a memoir about her life with him. her book is based on journals they she began writing when her ex-husband took their three young children from her a decade ago. she continued writing when he was convicted of the 2002 sniper attacks that terrorized maryland, dc and virginia. a college student from maryland died after being struck by lightning in north carolina. 18-year-old john sackett is from annapolis but attended unc-wilmington, near the north carolina coast. witnesses say sackett was in the ocean they're wrightsville
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beach when lightning struck the water. rescuers performed cpr but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. a gas leak forced the shopping center in prince george's county to be evacuated. the same shopping center where an explosion in may injured nine firefighters. somebody smelled the gas at the penmar shopping center. high levels of natural gas were found, there was no explosion, nobody was hurt. the utility companies washington gas and pepco are looking into possible causes for both gas leaks. a billboard featuring a gay soldier was ripped by vandals in memphis, tennessee. the billboard was part of a campaign for national coming out day which takes place october 11th. now police have not said weather there are any suspects incus deem the memphis gay andless bee an community center plans to rally. the billboard was meant to understand issues affecting the gay community in the mid-south.
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police arrested 76-year-old roman polanski when he arrived in switzerland saturday. he is being held based on australia arrest warrant pending extradition proceedings. the warrant was issued in 1978 accusing him of sexual acts with a 13-year-old girl. the director of chinatown who won an oscar for the pianist fled the united states before sentencing. he has lived in france. the victim is 45 years old. she says she wants the case to be dismissed we know finding the one is not easy. so forget the internet or speed dating, everything out there. how about good old-fashioned match make not guilty there is only one professional match maker in ireland and every fall about 50,000 people from all over the world turnout to willie daily. he is the country's only professional match maker his philosophy for success, he says women want to marry for love
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and a man is looking for a companion. he holds an annual event every year, thousands of people show up. he has written some books on it. way to go, willie. christmas is in three months. >> one family has a special reason to celebrate earlier this year. and coughing and sniffling and sneezing, allergies or the swine flu? we'll tell you what's going on this week. we have a bit of a break from the rain this morning. how long will that really last? i'll have that and your complete forecast coming up. there you can see the situation for today, 77 degrees the daytime high. may see a little bit of activity storm wise this afternoon. let's see how the roads are doing. here's kim. traffic is moving smoothly around the outer loop this morning. just be aware there is an object on the roadway on the inner loop approaching the charles street exit. use caution. now let's check the buses and trains with mark jones. good morning, presently dealing would delay on light rail. it's running about ten minutes late southbound from hunt valley be aware of that in your
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travels. metro on time, mark train looking good on the camden, pen and brunswick lines, buses have heavy volume of passengers on the three, seven, 23 and 15 bus lines. as you move about and travel this morning for the mta transit team i'm mark jones.
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all right. it's a christmas party three months early in cincinnati. julie miller's house is decked out for the holidays. her son kyle wade will not be home for christmas for the fourth year in a row. she decided not to let that happen. >> it means everything in the world to me. i love it and appreciate everybody beg being out here and it means so much to me, it really does. >> the family prepared a traditional ham for dinner and there were plenty of presents suited for this marine. beef jerky, baby wipes, socks
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and a handheld game system. wade leaves for afghanistan next month. look at this, paper airplanes filled the sky over downtown grand rapids, michigan, 100,000 colorful plains littered the streets there. it was an entry into an art competition called art prize. the plains were launched from six 11 story skyscrapers, the art prize competition is being voted on on public with the public online. that's cool. that is a good idea. coming up next on good morning maryland. >> you may not be smiling if you are caught on this camera. >> if you speed, watch out, dozens of speed cameras are going up in neighborhoods near you. i'm linda so, live in northeast, baltimore we'll tell you where coming up. things are looking good for your back to school forecast. let's look outside, temperatures in the mid 50 #s, a little chilly, mainly clear skies. we have a few clouds that will start to move in as we head into the later half of the day.
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partly cloudy and breezy at the bus stop. take a coat and maybe an umbrella for the ride home. let's take a look at what's happening with your full forecast coming up in a little bit. right now we'll just take a look at the sunrise. we'll see you in a few minutes. just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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slow it down. speed cameras are ready to take your picture if you don't follow speed limit fines. one family is wiped out in mt. airy. total domination by the ravens, the true test will come on sunday on the road against the brady bunch. talk about patriot games, here we go. >> what a game? >> another salute to jimmy schwartz, coach of the detroit lions. the detroit lions beat up the on the redskins. he made the players line up and shake hands with the fans. what a great thing with the
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economy. thank you for joining us before we get to the news we'll send it over to susan filling in for justin this morning. >> thanks a lot. good morning, everyone we are looking at a terrific sunrise if you haven't looked out your window take a look. it is gorgeous out there. a nice clear sky. 54 degrees, it feels nice and fall like out there as well. relative humidity 93% and the wind is calm. bear metric pressure though is on the way down. >> temperaturewise we're in the mid up toker 50s across the region, 60s down to the south of us and along the coast in ocean city. taking a look at what's been happening. we had the rain and mist and drizzle yesterday that's out of here. we have a system to the west of us in the ohio valley. that is coming our way and will be happening throughout the day today. this afternoon is when we will most likely see effects from it, maybe seeing a little cloud cover and maybe a couple widely scattered showers and thunderstorms from that as well. partly cloudy, a couple of afternoon showers. the real story though will be
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the wind as it picks up later on this afternoon into tonight. partly cloudy tonight, 49 degrees, chilly and breezy, looking at the next seven days, things look pretty good as we head into this week. it's definitely going to feel like fall with temperatures mid week barely cresting into the mid-60s. let's check out the roads with kim. thank you, susan. good morning, as traffic starts to build we see little slowing here on the outer loop at hartford road making your way toward providence road. keep that in mind making your way out this morning. i was under the impression traffic would be lighter because of the yom kippur holiday, you won't see as many school buses out and about, keep that in mind. debris on the roadway at the inner loop approaching the charles street exit. a disabled vehicle remains on northbound 95 approaching the harper tunnel through way. a car versus a bike, at baltimore national pike and
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engelside avenue. west belvedere avenue at elmer avenue. jfx is building southbound. no real issues. if you're looking for a business that you know you can trust let your better business bureau do that with the a rated business directory. get more details at kim, good morning maryland. time is 6:46. it's not lifetouch or sears, or al kelly taking your picture. >> it's the police in an effort to slow you down. (no audio))
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within a half mile of school zones and construction zones. supporters say it will make the roads safer, critics say speed cameras are only a money maker. >> it's not about generating extra revenue, it's a safety factor that's been on going within the city and communities who are just fed up with people speeding. >> reporter: now, here the breakdown of what this new law will mean to you, it goes into effect this thursday. here in baltimore for the first 30 days if you're caught, you'll only get a warning, after that if you're caught going 12 miles per hour over the limit, you will get a $40 ticket, no points will be assessed. later this morning the mayor and other city officials will be here to unveil the city's first speed camera. live in northeast baltimore linda so, abc2 news. investigators are still looking for a cause of a fire
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in white marsh early yesterday morning in the 9000 block of deviation road. neighbors tried to save the woman but couldn't get past the heavy smoke and flames. >> my neighbor ran in there to try to save her and this guy across the street here in this house did. and they couldn't save her. >> the victim's name will not be released until her family is notified. baltimore county police say a 74-year-old man from perry hall has been murdered. david weeks was found in his home on friday night. an autopsy shows his death is in fact a murder but they're not releasing any other details because of the investigation. police say that weeks appears to have been targeted. well, maryland's new ban on texting while driving goes into effect this week, but some are wondering how it's going to be enforced. the law will take effect on thus, prohibits sending text messages, but not reading text messages while you're driving. assistants state attorney general katherine row says
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police officers will have a lot of discretion with this new law. enforcement will be based on what officers see like other laws. if you're caught send ago text message you could be find $500. it's been more than a week now since a broken water main flooded warts of dundalk. over the weekend several county and state agencies came together to provide more help to flood victims. ex% were on hand at the waters edge community center to provide help with insurance information and help. >> many of the clients we're serving didn't know that the red cross does this. we do this every day, 365 days a year, we are here for the public. we're here to provide services. >> insurance money i'm getting will not replace hot water heater, furnace, air conditioner, washer, dryer, freezer, so i'm just trying to get a little bit of help with at least replacing those things. last week the red cross served 4000 meals, distributed hundreds of cleanup kits and opened two shelters for flood
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victims. ten away from 7:00. you can try, but you can't explain what happened in mt. airy. >> it has been and will continue to be difficult days ahead after entire family is killed over the weekend. sherri johnson joins us with what we know. >> reporter: this morning the mt. airy community is trying to come to terms with the death of a family of four all killed in a murder-suicide. the community held a candlelight vigil last night to remember the pamly. friends of 14-year-old charlie and seven-year-old emmaline dalton, they cannot understand why charles dalton shot his family while they were sleeping. a friend made the discovery friday night. >> was looking forward to being a senior and fight fire for real. we are really going to miss him. >> she is a good person. she didn't deserve this. she is a very nice person. >> there was no suicide note left behind, but police say preliminary information shows there may have been financial
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problems. grief counselors will be available at charlie and emmaline's schools on tuesday. sherri johnson, abc2 news. half the respondents of a new say taxing the richest americans, at least 50% of people say it's a great idea. a third consider twit arefied will that will fade. half of the people who responded to this poll chose wal-mart as the institution that best symbolizes america today, leaving google, microsoft and the nfl far behind. those are among the findings of a new 60 minutes and vanity fair pole. 6:52. what's going on around us here this morning? swine flu is officially here surfacing at schools across the area. the younger population is one of the most vulnerable. as kelly swoope shows us how one school is handling h1n1. >> reporter: state health officials say when it comes to severity the swine flu appears to be very similar to the seasonal flu. schools are taking h1n1 head on
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and not taking any chances. >> what i need you to do is to make sure you wash your hands throughout the day often. >> reporter: nurse terry shahhold is reinforcing the basics at trinity lutheran school in harper county. hygiene has always been important, this year their efforts are stepped up. >> they have had one confirmed case of the h1n1 flu. >> reporter: that's the news delivered this week. since my daughter attends the school, i got the message on my cell phone. >> this was a very mild case. >> reporter: i made everyone aware, i didn't want anyone to be too anxious or upset, you know, that we do have the one case. >> reporter: the good news is the student is on the mend and the school is continuing to follow cdc recommendations. >> why don't we go to the back and practice washing our hands once? >> preventative care, so we are really pushing for that and that's mainly, it's just washing hands, covering when you cough or sneeze. not to touch your face, you know, your eyes, nose, mouth
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and just stay home when you're sick. >> reporter: by making sure they're taking care of themselves, the nurse says they're really protecting everyone around them. >> we need to do our part by washing our hands and taking extra precautions. as he said don't panic. >> thank you, very good. >> reporter: the good news that will come from this is a heightened awareness of hygiene as we prepare for the season of flu. the state declared it's first case last week. washing your hands and covering when you cough are things you should do all year-round. with what's going around i'm kelly swoope, abc to news. six minutes from 7:00. the cleveland browns might want to move to baltimore again. first and ten they run a quarterback sneak. what? and we saw stone faced eric mangini who didn't talk to a soul on the sideline. he has a crab controversy. in the land of pleasant living, aren't we entertained? we have never had such an exciting offense, 38-31-34, those are the measurements of a
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great football team. those are the points we have scored in the last three games. after all these years, letting the defense set the tone, here comes cam cameron, don't you think the defense is noticing? how about it ed reid? >> i saw cleveland, we came out and did what we wanted to do, executed our game plan. >> was it better this week than last week? >> the communication rose. last week san diego is a good team. >> the ravens go three and zero. pittsburgh losses, cincinnati is not who we thought they were. >> focus is now on sunday, this is the test in foxboro, against the patriots. derrick mason is 800th career catch. the ravens are on a roll. >> on a roll. pampered dogs have a five star option when staying in california's bay area now. a new swanky hotel for dogs put out the red carpet during the grand opening. it offers listen to this, a
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pool, massages, pedicures, even a zen den, you see it for stressed out dogs. >> the owners of the dog hotel say that the prices are on par with kennels and the dogs are treated like rock stars. good morning, i'm meteorologist susan schrek, starting off nicely this morning. mainly clear skies, we are looking at 57 degrees, 69 by noon. the clouds are moving in throughout the day. a stray shower and windy conditions this afternoon a high of 77. susan, the main concern you need to be worried about today is northbound on 95 as you approach the 895 merge. we have a disabled vehicle blocking the two right lanes as they attempt to move it. aside from that traffic is heavy on the outer loop between harper and providence road this morning. thank you for joining us this monday morning. remember, we're going to have more fun at 9:00 with good morning maryland at noon.
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