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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 28, 2009 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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into a moncton home killing a woman in the process. good afternoon, i'm mary beth marsden. abc 2 news jeff haeger has reaction to the sentence from the victim's family. >> reporter: when aubrey miller lost control of the stolen truck it crashed through the side of mary sullivan's home crushing her in her own bed. >> mary was the heart of our family so losing her will be the most difficult thing any of us have hod to deal with. >> reporter: prosecutors asked them to sentence him to 20 years in prison for grand theft and slaughter. at the time of the accident he had more than two dozen charges on his rap sheet. >> a career criminal, the crime that took the happen life of mary was the end of a night of crimes. broke into many vehicles, drove the stolen vehicle into the house. >> reporter: there was no
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getting around the fact that after he crashed the truck he crawled out of it and simply walked away. the judge followed the state's recommendation hand being down a 20-year sentence. >> it allows us to now kind of close this phase of the process and hopefully we can, although it will never be forgotten, we can move on and deal with it a little better. >> reporter: the crash, which killed mary sullivan, awoke her teenaged daughters who had been sleeping in another room. they suffered no physical injuries but are still coping with the emotional scars. >> we have all rallied around the girls. i think they are doing fine, as well as they can, without a mom. >> reporter: in baltimore county, jeff haeger, abc 2 news. and while he received a 20- year sentence aubrey miller will be eligible for role and time off for good behavior behind bars. funeral arrangements have been made for a mount airy family found dead in their
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homes. a private service and burial will be held friday. charles dalton shot his sleeping wife, jennifer, and their two children, and then he shot himself. a friend found the bodies on friday night. those who knew the family believed that financial issues led dalton to kill his family. he did not leave a suicide note. two 16-year-olds accused of shooting an off-duty officer last week have been denied bail. kevin wilson and craig take let will be charged with the attempted murder of officer aaron haire risks. we are told his condition worsened this weekend and at one point he was put on life support. harris is now stable. coming up at 6:00, hear what the family of one of the suspects says about the shooting. a man and two teenagers have pleaded not guilty in what police call a racially motivated beating of an elderly black fisher man. kelvin lockner and 16-year-old amanda miller and zachary watson entered too please.
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they beat up james pritchett while he was official. he is a member of a white eventually sift group and told the police the attack wouldn't have happened if the victim had been white. a trial has been scheduled for november 1 1th. a man was shot to death earlier this month. jerome black man was shot multiple times on bel air road in baltimore. police are looking for a suspect and they need your help. if you know anything about this shooting called metro crimestoppers (410)276-8888. speeders beware. cameras will be on at school zones in baltimore city. today sheila dixon was joined by the students to announce a speed monitoring program. there will be 51 speed cameras in the city.
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the drivers know they are approaching a speed check zone. councilman shek says it is important for drivers to slow down. we don't have as many police as we used to, although we have wonderful police. they can't be out here. as they were in the past. writing tickets for speeders everywhere in baltimore. these speed cameras are a worthy substitute to help provide an incentive for slow, slow, slow down, especially around our children. >> the new speed camera law starts on october 1st. drivers who exceed the speed limit pyatt least 12 miles per hour will get a warning in the mail at first but that will change, in november you'll get a ticket. those who drive aggressively will receive $40 citations. no points though. public works crews are making progress on repairing a 72" water main break in dunn doc. today the crew z are remaining sections of the damaged pipe
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from a highway. they are also expected to inspect several thousand square feet inside of the pipe looking for any cracks. last friday's water main break flooded hundreds of homes and dozens of cars. the cleveland papers called it carnage on the chesapeake. that's a good title, right. baltimore ravens fans call it amazing. they are still undefeated after beating the winless cleveland browns. it was never even close. they were up 27-3 in the fourth quarter when joe flacco found derek mason down the sideline for the day's final touchdown. mason also caught the 800th pass of his career. the ravens once 24-3 and take a road trip to new england next sunday. now on a morcellement jews around the world are observing their most holy day of the year. the day of atonement. it ends a 10-day period of soul- searching where use ask for for
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giveness for their since of the past year. they abstain from food and water to focus on their prayers. we had rain this afternoon and into the evening. it's 695 on liberty road. 95 near the white marsh area still crowded but moving slowly. wyatt is joining us with his first forecast. >> you really have to watch some of those exits and on- ramps. we have had showers across the baltimore area over the last couple of hours, a couple of views here on maryland's most powerful radar. see this line coming through. well defined cool front going to drop temperatures down in a big way over the next couple days. first i want to zoom in to maryland's most heavy rainfall. if it takes you south toward the annapolis area you're going to find some heavy rain down towards i-97, we can give you an x vision view here and show you that some of that precipitation pretty heavy, south of baltimore again, as you move down toward say bowie
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and on toward the bridge you will find some rain in that direction. forecast the rest of the evening, the last of this rain is going to push out quickly, 50 degrees overnight, early thousands giving way to windy and clearing conditions. we'll talk more about a windy day coming up and there will be a difference in the area, how low will the temps go, that answer straight ahead. >> thanks wyatt. some scary moments at a parkville shopping center. the county bomb squad blue up a suspicious suitcase at the shopping center. someone spotted a piece of lung gauge sitting in a parking lot across from the home depot. they called police after hearing beeps. police shut down the parkway between oakley and maclean. the bomb squad detonated the suitcase. there is no word tonight on what was inside of that case. the 15-year-old cecil county boy accused of raping then killing a pregnant woman will stand trial in early january.
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robert urban goes on trial january 1 isth. he has been charged as an adult in the death of jennifer thompson back in july. he raped and killed thompson during an argument that began when she asked him to sleeve. running water from her bathroom sink seeped into an adjacent townhouse. thomasly skipper is charged with robbery and second degree assault. on friday he tried to steal several items from a walmart on george cause boulevard in receive region. a loss prevention officer tried to hold skipper for police but police say skipper nearly stabbed the man in the face with a hype kerr nick speed needle and got away. they found him at home. we now have the name of a woman killed in a fire in baltimore county. police say cathy hall was killed early sunday morning when her home caught fire. it happened in the 9,000 block of deviation road near perry hall high school. they tried to save her but they couldn't get past the smoke and
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the flames. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. another marine from maryland has been killed in combat. the family of lance corporal jordan crow bought of cedric was killed over the weekend of afghanistan. they say he was on his second tour of duty. >> latest from iran. days before leaving to start talks the tehran government has test fired its most advanced missiles. what some are calling signs of a double-barreled threat. >> reporter: mary beth the missile launches are escalating tensions between the east and the west. they could reach u.s. military bases in the regime. >> these come days after the discovery of a secret site where u.s. officials believey rain yum could been researched. it comes before a meeting between iran, the u.s. and american allies. tehran as defiance is a sign it
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won't budge on nuclear inspections or on giving up its nuclear ambitions. >> i just don't think they are gonna sit down for this and, if they do submit to complete inspections, it will be a humiliation for the regime and i'm not sure it would survive it. >> reporter: despite the launches, israel is going along with the obama administration's policy of diplomacy and threats of more severe sanctions. though sanctions could include targeting iran's oil and gasoline sector and blocking the importation of weapons. terry owens, abc 2 news. more than 24 million parents and adults in america are living with diabetes. and when it comes to baltimore the number of people with the disease are above the average. how people in our town are being urged to take control. major mix up at a new orleans hospital. how did dozens of embree i don't say get mislabeled. and why this isn't as rare as it sounds. foe trees bringing you better cell phone service?
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>> announcer: you're watching baltimore's station that works for you. now abc the news at 5:00. nearly 24 niclas ron children and adults in the u.s. are living with diabetes. 2 out of 3 with the disease will die of a heart attack and stroke. the numbers in baltimore are above the national average. kelly swoope tells us about a new campaign designed to turn those numbers around. >> reporter: every 20 seconds in the u.s. there is a new case of die peteies diagnosed. every seven minutes the disease kills an american. the american diabetes association is hitting the airwaves with a new ad campaign to grab your attention. >> two out of three people with diabetes die of heart attacks or strokes.
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that was his wake-up call. this is yours. >> it has a serious focus on minorities because they are serious at risk of developing diabetes. >> reporter: cities like baltimore are seeing growing numbers. >> according to the latest data from the c dc in baltimore 8% of people are battling the disease. that's above the national average of 7.8%. >> i had all the classic symptoms and 506 course i became a little bit anxious that something was wrong and so i, the two typical symptoms are frequent urination and thirst. >> reporter: dougly shaw had to make some lifestyle adjustments and he is living with his diabetes and others can too. >> you have to be disappointed
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and a little bit compulsive to manage your sugar, which is very, very important, none of the side effects, losing your kidneys, eyesight, losing your feet, are something that anybody wants to happen. >> reporter: the campaign wants to raise awareness about the disease in an attempt to stop the war they say we aren't winning. kelly swoope to your health. the american diabetes association has also launched a web campaign. if you want more information you can go to our web site there is a link attached to the story in the 2 your health section. >> now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most radar. soon as i got out of my car this afternoon it just dumped. >> perfect timing when it works out that way. right and you pull in there. i tell you, definitely some heavy showers, quick moves, already through the city mary beth and i think as we go through the evening we're going
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to clear up. and then the cooler winds of fall turn our way. let's take a look outside at our tower cam here. a real nice looking shot, you can kind of see the sun trying to break through a little bit there, it is cloudy and daisuke matsuzaka happen on the roads. you to have watch on some spots. not hard to lose traction when some of those oils come to the surface of the roads. bwi, brain cooled air, down to 66 degrees. west wind at 5 put it has been gustier than that, maryland's most powerful radar, let's zoom you in county into anne arundel county, you will see some pretty good rain falling towards is a verna park, arnold getting sacked with some pretty heavy precipitation right now as well. a lot of this precipitation moving out toward the vest a cheek but there is still some rain in the direction of cecil county as well. as you make the trek up 85 you
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will find not just the roadway but show showers before you check out. all that wet weather coming in courtesy of a pretty significant fall cold front which we start to get here in late september into october. not going to be a major frigid blast buddy enough to trigger showers and cool down big time. upper 70s, we're not going to see numbers like this, especially the 80s, not going to see them for a while here. maybe towards next weekend because we're going to be down in the 60s, you do see some spots cooled off significantly already. out towards hagerstown, chesapeake, mid-to low 70s, 66 in bwi where they experienced that brain blowing through. the satellite rain, what is significant is you can so clearly make out the leading edge of this cold front, well- defined boundary behind it, cooler drier air that will take a few days to really work its way in but i think by tuesday
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and into wednesday you're going to feel the difference. all courtesy of a bit of low pressure spiralling up over michigan. cool front swinging around that system. the first of which coming through some showers, the secondary front which will mean more cool air i don't think will trigger much, but it will cool us off each more. the forecast model in detail here, i don't expect much precipitation over the next hour or two. drier overnight. clearer cooler weather. a partly cloudy scion tap for us. dryer for the most part into wednesday. early showers, windy weather, clearing overnight. again i think most of the wet weather will be done by probably three, three hours at most from now. tomorrow we're up to 69 degrees, partly sunny skies, windy cooler weather on tap, toward the middle of the week the winds will relent but temperatures upper 60s for highs, lows in the mid-40s, feeling a lot more like fall as we go toward the middle of the week here. a recent increase at the
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number of mix ups in fertility cristianix. a woman in ohio gave birth to a baby who isn't hers. now a clinic in new orleans has closed after mislabeling dozens of embree i don't say. abc's tie anna alby ar has the details. >> you just can't believe you're in a situation where this is unfolding the way it is. it's just, it's unreal. >> reporter: carolyn savage gave birth last week to a 5- pound baby boy. a baby boy she immediately gave up to the family he belonged to after the wrong 'em pre-i don't was implanted in her womb. >> 20 find out that your child is in another woman. i didn't know if she was going to terminate, if she was going to carry it. >> reporter: the mix up is one of several instances where fertility clinics have made mistakes. operations at this new orleans clinic were suspended after mislabeling as many as 100 embree rose. >> we are deeply sorry for the
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concerns, average cy tee and fear we know this causes our patients. >> reporter: katies share i and her husband have filed a lawsuit against the california clinic that accidentally combined her eggs with someone else's sperms. >> they had gotten the slots missed up in the inque bayter and we were pretty crushed. it was devastating. >> reporter: more than 3 million babies have been born through ibf. and mix ups are extremely rare. but the fallout is severe. >> we're in a practice where there is zero tolerance for error. you cannot have an error, because it affects so many lives. >> we'll have to turn away from our loss and focus on the gift that we're giving the more el family. >> reporter: diane alby ar, chicago news. westerny madoff pulled off the biggest ponzi scheme in history. we know that much. but do you know how he managed
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to pull it off. details on ponzi schemes so you are not the next victim. and take a look at this car in georgia. but the bad luck didn't run out there. what happened next. closed captioning of abc 2 news is brought to you by luna. ñó
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baltimore's most accurate forecast, certified by weather rate, only on abc 2. and, now, a look ahead at abc 2 news at 5:30. i'm terry owens. is your credit being hurt by the saw we are economy. how where you shop could impact your credit scores. not in my back yard. where a proposed cell phone tree is running into opposition. and when danger strikes, how dupree text your animals? the steps some are taking to save their beloved appellants. perhaps those stories and why it's putting together baltimore's most accurate forecast is all ahead at 5:30. our look at news around the
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nation take it to guy net county, georgia, where a huge sink hole swallowed up a car and its driver. the sink hole caused by recent flood its opened up over the weekend. police blocked off the area and someone moved the cones and a man drove right into it. look at that. it fits perfectly. to make matters worse the man said vandals then stuck cutting the seats and taking the sister yes out of his car. the driver was not seriously hurt. folks in bridgeport, massachusetts, witnessed a little movie magic. wow. it was a planned explosion on a movie called wichita starring tom cruise. filmmakers promised they would pay for any damage caused by the blast. the film is due out 4th of july. it was a snack that will finish your diet. a cheeseburger stuffed between
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now, abc 2 news at 5:30. we begin tonight with a fight over a tree in rural baltimore county. good evening everybody, i'm terry owens. this is no ordinary tree. it's a cell phone tower made to look like a pine to blend into the natural landscape. verizon is hoping to build the tower off bell fast road, that's where jewel gonzalez picks up the story. >> if you live off bell fast road you may have a low cell phone signal. >> i get one. >> reporter: that's why verizon hopes to build an 80-foot cell phone tower on


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