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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 30, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the area that will be getting picked up in the next 20 minutes or so. as we look here at the jfx at 41st street, no problems to let you know about so far. back to you. 4:59. when you drive the last thing you want to worry about is your floor mats sliding forward. toyota officials say that's what's happening. it's forcing toyota to make its largest u.s. safety recall next week. abc2 news linda so is live on how a deadly crash two weeks ago may be a direct connection to the recall. >> reporter: it was a 911 call a california man made that killed him, his wife and a patrol officer. >> 911 emergency, what are you reporting? >> our accelerator is stuck, we're in trouble. no brakes. >> you don't have the ability to turn the vehicle off or anything? >> we're approaching the intersection. we're approaching the intersection. hold on! >> the recall affects toyota and lexus. more than 3.5 million vehicles. the problem is a removable
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floor mat that could jam the accelerator. some of the most popular car models are affected, the toyota camry, avalon, prius, toyota tundra and three lexus models. owners should get rid of the floor mats immediately and not replace them. >> it's an unknown hazard waiting to strike. when it happens the average driver doesn't have the reaction of a fighter pilot and can't bring the car under control. owners of the affected models should be getting a letter from toyota soon. the company says it's working on a permanent fix. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. it's 5:01. no doubt about it, our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neal has seen some things in his day. >> this morning, have we got video to show you. just as it happened, watch, around 11:00 last night here comes pete making his rounds in the city when he spotted a red van in the middle here. it wouldn't stop for police so he whips out his camare and that's when it all happened.
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the driver of the red van ended up t-boning a car right in front of pete at the intersection of caroline and monument. that block is in front of the hopkins campus. the crash ultimately ended up at one of the booths where a security guard was slightly injured. the driver of the van jumped out, police went after him and finally arrested him. the van driver, the driver of the other car and the guard are all being checked out at hopkins but only two of them will be released. police say they plan to keep that driver of the red van. new information on the apparent drug overdose of a university of maryland researcher. police say 29-year-old kerry johns died after injecting herself with a drug that is for cocaine addicts and she used it recreationally. on monday clinton mccracken called 911, said his girlfriend overdosed. she was pronounced dead a short
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time later. he told police johns had injected the solution on her own. >> if you're not a heroin addict and you inject that you can overdose really quickly as we saw with this woman. >> police believe mccracken ordered the drugs on-line from a pharmacy in the philippines. police found 25 marijuana plants in the home as well. mccracken now faces charges in connection with the plants. at 5:03. a 23-year-old soldier living at fort meade is one of four people now charged in a sex trafficking ring. craig cory was arrested yesterday. three others arrested also out in ohio. prosecutors say a millersville apartment where cory once lived was the ring's headquarters. they allegedly used the internet to solicit women for prostitution as well as advertising sexual services. 5:03. today, baltimore city is going to take a whole new look. we're just over two weeks away from maryland's susan g. komen
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race for the cure. sherrie johnson has more on what is being unveiled today. >> reporter: at 11:30 this morning baltimore mayor sheila dixon along with susan g. komen, they will unveil a new pink city hall dome. this is all in honor of october's breast cancer awareness month. the race for the cure will take place again in hunt valley this year. komen maryland recently conducted a 10-month study to evaluate the state of breast cancer in most of maryland. the report showed women and families in the komen service area showed high death rates from breast cancer. that is why maryland komen officials say frequent checkups are key. >> it's the opportunity for people to know their own bodies and to take care of themselves and advocate for their own health and to get involved with getting diagnosed early enough so that you can have your screening and your treatment at an earlier phase and have the
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best results or the best opportunities for staying healthy and living a longer life. >> reporter: according to komen, maryland has the fifth highest cancer rate in the country. african-american women in maryland don't have as high an instance as white women but have a higher death rate than white women. that means once diagnosed a african-american woman has a better chance of dying from breast cancer than a white woman. the race for the cure is scheduled for sunday, october 18th. you can head to and you can click on the "think pink" tab for more information. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:05. ' tis the season for your child to come down with a case of the sniffles. >> i worry about how strong her immune system is. >> we're going to hear from health experts who have the basics on protecting your child.
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especially from h1n1 virus and other germs. and we hear for a woman taken for a ride by someone she thought was there to collect her debt. first the forecast with justin. >> 5:05. we take you on a ride, our bus stop goes to joppatowne elementary school. we'll be there for a live broadcast at 9:00. mid-50s and cloudy skies, even a little breezy on this cool morning. let's check in with mark jones and the mta. >> good morning. the commute start is good if your ride is on light rail or the metro subway. on time. and marc, no delays or difficulties on the camden, penn, or brunswick lines. on the buses, heavy volume on the 7, 13 and 23 bus lines. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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welcome back on this wednesday morning. 5:09. >> let's look at the weather with justin berk. >> want to see something cool? >> yeah. >> 5:09. i want to take you back to yesterday, besides the fact it was jamie costello's birthday, 50th. >> what did he say? >> 5-0. t-h. we had a day that started with sunshine. check out mount airy. we had the clouds try to build in and really just fighting that wind, that gusted to 30 miles per hour in spots. pretty scene but it did turn overcast from time to time.
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we cleared out during the evening hours but the clouds since rolled back in. temperatures could have easily dropped back into the 40s but because of the cloud cover that rolled in after midnight we're at 57 now. still a wind out of the west averaging 5 to 10 miles per hour and already gusting to 16. another breezy day, most of us mid-50s on the thermometer and mostly cloudy as we head through the afternoon. we'll aim for a high of only 67. 5:09. lets check the roads with kim. >> thank you. as we look at the beltway traffic is running very smoothly around both loops of the area, of the beltway. no problems at the tunnels either. several construction projects still on scene. southbound harrisburg expressway the ramp to the middletown road exit is closed overnight. same in the harbor tunnel, two-way traffic in the southbound tube as the northbound tube is closed overnight. again, those overnight construction projects should be getting picked up quickly. as we peek at the jfx, this is the jfx at northern parkway, you can see traffic is light and running smoothly. back to you. 5:10.
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it struck fast between two islands. new information on the death toll that has risen overnight from deadly tsunami in the south pacific. and many say the organization peta takes things too far. we'll show you the investigation that uncovered, that involves butter and one company's response.
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"good morning maryland" time 5:13. you know these tough economic
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times the last thing you want is to fall victim to a scam. that's what authorities say happened to a woman from west baltimore. this is a tough one. the victim claims she got a phone call last week about a delinquent water bill. so the next day a guy dressed in a city uniform, sporting a badge from the water department said he was there to collect the payment or shut off the water. >> he said they don't collect checks. i gave him $535 in cash. he said thank you. >> reporter: then said thank you and the victim said she was suspicious after the man left and called the water department. that's when she learned her bill was still unpaid. dpw officials say they never send people out to collect your cash. city police are now investigating. baltimore city council is tackling tobacco and are a step closer to putting your butt out, your cigarette butt that is, though. yesterday two measures were approved. one would ban candy-flavored wrapping papers. the other ban would mandate
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cheap cigars sold in packs of five or more. instead of being singles. supporters say it's in an effort to help curb teen smoking but opponents say it's unfair to adults. a third measure to ban smoking near hospitals was tabled as well by the committee for a further study. 5:14. "2 your health" -- pediatricians are getting hid with lots of questions from you about h1n1. health reporter kelly swoope shows us how one doctor is educating his patients and their parents about the virus. >> reporter: little ava bentley is in pretty good spirits for just getting her seasonal flu shots. with h1n1 becoming more prevalent in our area her mom is prepared to bring her back with another shot. >> with somebody as young as her i worry about how strong her immune system is. >> reporter: while staysly wants to safeguard ava she admits she doesn't know a lot about the signs and symptoms of the swine flu. >> it's a sudden onset of symptoms, often high fever, often with a cough, often with
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weakness and some muscle aches. in children they might be some other additional symptoms having to do with a runny nose, for example. >> reporter: dr. kumar, a pediatrician with franklin scare hospital says many of his patients' patients have been calling with questions and concerns. >> i think people have some misconceptions as well. a lot of folk come in thinking this is going to be a horrendous disease. we don't know if it's going to be bad or not. >> reporter: state health officials say so far in terms of severity h1n1 is comparable to the seasonal flu. however, the doctor says h1n1 affects children differently than adults. >> the number of days the flu virus sticks around in a prism is much greater in children. an adult might have it for three or four days. in children, could be as much as 10 days. >> reporter: with the state reporting its first death of a child last week from h1n1 parents are paying close attention. >> not to the point of the hype. just making sure that whatever the reality is, that we're
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ready for it and if there are a shot she will get it. >> reporter: children and pregnant women will be the first to get the vaccine when it arrives in mid-october. kelly swoope, "2 your health." it is 5:16. in the south pacific, it's probably one of the most beautiful regions on earth but today it's a region that is devastated, paralyzed by a deadly earthquake that later triggered a tsunami. rescuers are searching for more survivors after towering waves swept ashore on samoa and american samoa early yesterday. experts say it was triggered by a powerful earthquake registering between an 8 and 8.3 a a samoan man lives in the united states and fears some of his relatives may need help. >> you are ohouse is on the water -- our house is on the water, right next to the water. when it hit it must have pulled the kids in because they can't find them right now. >> it's been declared a major
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disaster area in american samoa. 5:17. we're looking at more tranquil conditions around here. yesterday, a high temperature and our two-degree guarantee was hit, 68 degrees. 70s confined to southeastern virginia and even southeast pennsylvania, while western pennsylvania had the 50s. so far what we expect on this last day of september, 51 in the morning. 73 in the afternoon. and yes, we're going to stay below normal if we get another afternoon. records 39 in 1888. 1986, record high of 92. sun coming . we're dealing with another disturbance. showers back towards the mountains, sprinkles near york and harrisburg in pennsylvania. it's all about the westerly to northwesterly wind. that will push more gusts through midday.
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we're watching this still wrap around our upper level area of low pressure pushing through eastern canada from ontario through quebec wrapping in chilly air across the great lakes. while we're 56, 52 cleveland. it's 35 in green bay. that is a source of some chilly early winter air sliding from the prairies of central canada and some of the cool air will continue to filther in our direction. for today, mostly cloudy this morning, then partly sunny, breezy, around 67 degrees. winds gusting over 20 miles per hour. tonight 44 as we try to clear out. tomorrow we'll stay in the upper 60s but more sunshine. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. traffic continues to be quiet around the area at this early hour. west side of the beltway, traffic moving along nicely, probably traveling at speed as you make your way down towards route 70 and baltimore national pike. overnight construction projects still linger, southbound harrisburg expressway left lane blocked due to construction approaching the timonium road
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exit. and we also have, on the westbound span of the bay bridge, right lane closed due to construction. again, these projects will be reopening probably within the hour. as we check at the jfx at north avenue, traffic looks great at this time. back to you. 5:19. with president and mrs. obama overseas pushing for the olympics to come back to the united states one might think americans would be supporting it. >> not everybody is on board. police have arrested six people last night after they confronted workers decorating a statue for the city's olympic bid. police say protesters tore away paper from a picasso statue and even tried to set it on fire right there at the nearby eternal flame. chicago is vying for the 2016 olympics along with rio, madrid and otokyo. peta going after a company that makes butter. we want to warn you, you may find some of this video disturbing, because of this.
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peta unveiled video shot during an undercover investigation at a minneapolis farm, land o' lakes company, contracts with. evidently this isn't the right video. land o' lakes doesn't own cows but the dairy comes from independ farmers and the video shows cows being milked while covered in their own waste. and several cows with infections not treated properly. land o' lakes released a statement saying they are committed to the humane care of animals and are also investigating. on a lighter note -- park visitors in oregon are getting a unique experience. while they tour, they can actually get their car washed by alice the elephant. >> do you like washing that car? do you? >> pretty good at it. park officials say it's a car wash like you've never seen before. complete with high pressure rinse and a streak-free detail. so alice is just one of several
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new exhibits and attractions at the wildlife safari added over the summer. despite the economy the park has seen sales increase by 28% over the last year. i bet it's because of alice. >> and when they open up the car door, alice sucks that up, too. when you get behind the wheel of a car you trust it will keep you safe? >> not always the case with toyota vehicles at least this morning. >> the problem is the floor mats. they can move around and jam your brakes. i'm linda so. we'll let you know the popular models that are affected.
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5:24. we're cloudy this morning, breezy and temperatures mid-50s. we'll try to turn partly sunny this afternoon but temperatures only about 67. we're down to the low to mid-40s overnight. 67, breezy tomorrow with more sun. back to around 70 on friday. the clouds roll in as we warm up to the low 70s with some showers on saturday. and try to stay in the 70s sunday and monday. back to the roads at 5:25. kim? >> thanks, justin. it happens. >> oh. it's all right. let's request -- go to new york with vinita nair and "tech bytes." >> reporter: in "tech bytes" -- dell brings new meaning to the wireless laptop. introduces a computer that can be charged wirelessly. it works with a special dock. place the laptop on the dock and the computer powers up. it's no slower than plugging it in, dell says.
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and there's also an external monitor but the features are not cheap. the computer starts at $2,000. microsoft is now offering free anti-virus software. microsoft security essentials can be downloaded from the company's web site. the software updates daily to stay current with the latest malicious programs. microsoft says it will not slow down your computer. gps maker garmin is releasing its first gps phone. it has pretty much the same abilities at the other devices. it comes with preloaded north american maps, millions of points of interest like restaurants and gas stations. the phone goes on sale sunday for at & t customers, is $300 with a two-year contract. warner music group reached a deal to put its music videos back on youtube. the label pulled its videos nine months ago because of a dispute over advertising revenue. now artists like jay-z and madonna will be featured more prominently on the site.
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they will have their own channels and videos will be available in higher quality. disney is looking to transform storytime for young children. the parent company of abc news has unveiled it has hundreds of books from tinker bell to hannah montana. it's aimed for ages 3 to 12 and organized by reading level. there's even a listening feature that reads books to beginner readers. it costs $80 a year. for information on all these stories log on to the technology page of those are your "tech bytes." i'm vinita nair.
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toyota has a major recall and we're going to tell but it. it involves the floor


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