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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 8, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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there has been a large explosion in the center of afghanistan's capital kabul. police at the site of the interior ministry say they believe it's the work of a suicide bomber. at least a dozen people are dead this morning. the afghan capital has been hit several times in recent months by suicide bombers as well as roadside bombs. today president obama will be consulting with his war council about the next possible steps for the united states in afghanistan as well as pakistan. we'll keep you posted. an alert for anyone with children. baltimore county police appealing for yourself. >> a admitted child abuser in jail but fear there are more victims out there. abc2 news sherrie johnson has details. >> reporter: officers arrested william davis tuesday and that's when police say they began to find a long past of crimes. baltimore county police were tipped off by a cable repairman who spotted child porn on davis's laptop while working at
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his home on chalcot square where he recently moved. he admitted to regularly watching child pornography. he told police he abused a neighborhood girl and fellow church member over several years. he knew her from rosedale evangelical congressional church. police are concerned because davis was very active in his church which put him in contact with young children. >> we're showing his picture and asking the public to take a look at him. if they've had contact. if their children have had contact with him to please contact the police department. >> reporter: until recently davis lived in essex, held on $250,000 bond. live in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:01. an autopsy is underway in washington state to learn exactly how former baltimore raven tony fein died. you may remember the 27-year-old undrafted linebacker, the player that police arrested after a run-in with the baltimore city police department at harborplace, this happened in september. fein's agent said the iraqi war
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vet died in his hometown of port orchard, washington, near seattle. it happened tuesday. >> tony fein was a really good teammate, you know? i think what he did in iraq and we've talked about this before when tony went through what he went through this summer. we found out a couple of days ago he would be vindcated on that. it speaks back to his character again. he's a tremendous american, a tremendous young man, a raven to us. always will be. >> my prayers and i know the team's prayers go out to his family. we enjoyed him while he was here. it's just one of those unfortunate situations where, you know, it makes you think and realize and cherish the time that you have. >> we spoke with fein's baltimore attorney warren brown who says the ravens had told him his death was an apparent suicide. however, media outlets in fein's hometown reported there's no official cause of death. an update on a story we first reported in to august. police arrested a baltimore man
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accused of murdering an owings mills man, gerald sears is now charged with first degree murder in the death of scott greenberg. greenberg's ex-wife found him dead in his parent's home back on august 22nd. sears is also facing armed robbery and weapons charges but police are not saying what sears' motive may have been for killing greenberg. 5:03. to the latest on the h1n1 virus and the newly available vaccine. >> ready? here we go. there's one. and -- is that bad? no. >> it's easier than the shot? with the arrival of more than 2,000 doses baltimore county began vaccinating children living in homeless shelters. officials from the county department of health also inoculated others living in those shelters. abc2 spoke to those first in the county to receive the
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flumist. >> a lot of people are affected with the flu now, like whole households, whole establishments, whole schools. so i'm happy to be getting it. >> the baltimore county health department ising will planning to vaccinate children who attend county head start programs and their siblings. that is expected to start early next week. in the meantime several counties including baltimore county will soon start the h1n1 clinics but if you're not in the high-risk category you're going to have to wait. health officials say it's not as simple as first come first serve. >> the initial start is going to be a little bit bumpy. we're getting a small amount of h1n1 mist now. there will be a small amount of shots after that. then in the following weeks that is going to continue to roll out and then it will grow to be a larger stream. the folks at the front of the line are the people at highest risk of hospitalization.
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>> but we are working for you on-line. if there are any questions you have or are curious about the h1n1 clinics coming to your neighborhood you can go to abc2news.comm and check out all the information there. where to get vaccinated is one of the questions you're asking now. send us an e-mail with questions or concerns. we've invited an expert to join us in studio tonight to answer the questions live. whatever your questions about the swine flu is just e-mail us now, to and join marybeth marsden because the doctor is in. robin roberts and dr. richard besser will be live in the cdc on "good morning america." in the meantime we invite you to stay with us on the air and on-line on for the very latest on the h1n1 virus and its vaccine. is it politics as usual or mudslinging campaign in what
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some may call poor taste? >> depends on who you ask. i'm linda so live at hopkins university. how one student used last month's deadly samurai incident to win an election. chicago kids just trying to make it home from school alive but the school ceo says he has a plan that could save them. first, let's check in with justin berk. >> 5:06. temperatures in the upper 40s, clear skies. winds about 5 to 10 miles per hour. definitely an improvement from yead -- yesterday afternoon. we'll have more improvement ahead but first the commute start. >> the commute start is a good one, if your ride is on metro subway but light rail presently running northbound 15 to 20 minutes late. out there on the buses the number 15 still diverted at saratoga and greene. and look for a heavy volume on the 13, 7 and 23 bus lines. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. ♪
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a dramatic pause there this morning. you like that? >> gathered all my thoughts. >> what did you think about? >> you don't want to know. >> you need longer than that for all your thoughts. >> i don't think much. here's justin. >> you left one on the floor. 5:09. good morning to you.
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we are hopefully going to have a much improved day because the wind yesterday was gusting between 40 and 50 miles per hour. this morning we've settled down to about a 5 to 15 mile-per-hour breeze. maryland's most powerful doppler radar with multiple sweeps across the chesapeake. we are dry this morning. virtually clear skies. temperature officially 54 easton to 48 baltimore. crossing some of the bridges, you may feel an occasional gust, winds will probably pick up just after sunrise, so 8:00, 9:00, we could get more gusts but right now not too shabby. breezy through midday and afternoon. sunny to partly cloudy and our two-degree guaranteed high of 71 degrees. let's check the roads with kim brown. >> thank you. so far so good on southbound part of the 795 stretch as you make your way down from owings mills headed to the beltway. things are running smoothly here as we look at liberty road towards the route 70 interchange and the baltimore national pike. no problems at the tunnels either but we're working an accident on southbound 95
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approaching whitemarsh boulevard. that is an overturned vehicle blocking the left lane so use caution there. still wind warnings posted at both of the bridges, bay bridge and key bridge. so our truck driver friends and high-sided vehicles, definitely use caution traveling the bridges this morning. jfx at the 41st street bridge, traffic is quiet in both directions and moving nicely. back to you. 5:11. we continue to put up our dukes to fight breast cancer. abc2 has survivor stories from our own backyard. and pooches are putting smiles on the faces of breast cancer survivors. this is in texas. we'll tell you the story of why they are all dolled up in pink.
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this time now 5:14. controversy on the campus of johns hopkins. after a candidate running for student government referenced that deadly samurai sword attack. is it censorship or freedom of speech? linda so with reaction near the campus. good morning. >> reporter: the reaction is mixed. some people think it was a clever way to get peoples' attention while others feel it was in bad taste. the poster we're talking about references the incident last month where a hopkins student killed an alleged intruder using a samurai sword. the poster says "nine out of 10 hopkins samurai are voting wyatt larkin for president" larkin is a freshman here. he won the election for class
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president by just 15 votes this past weekend. he says he focused on meeting as many of his fellow students as possible and he didn't focus on that poster. that is what helped him clinch his victory but he's offering an apology this morning. >> it was a joke. it was a joke and i tried to keep it as -- i knew there was some controversy to it but i was not trying to offend or shock. if i did i'm sorry. >> reporter: a spokesman for hopkins declined to comment on the issue but the president of the sga told us he felt the poster was inappropriate but feels larkin had the right to display it. in north baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. 5:15. breast cancer survivors share their emotional stories in downtown baltimore. a student-run seminar to support breast cancer awareness was held at the baltimore international college. among those speaking, benita fisher, a culinary student. >> i am a four-year breast cancer survivor and i'm very
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passionate about this and i'm trying to get everybody here to support the cause. >> it's a great story. lots of great stories coming from there. look at this. dallas, texas. quite a parade going around. four-legged friends helped join the fight to cure breast cancer. these pooches were all in pink for the baylor hospital raise awareness and spirits of breast cancer patients. >> i'm laying here thinking about me and then the pretty dogs come in with their pink on and it's making your world of breast cancer and it just brightened up my day. >> the pink pooch parade awarded prizes for the cutest, most playful and more dazzling dog. abc2 news is a proud sponsor of the susan g. komen race for the cure which is saturday, october 18th. we want to you join us. we're going to be on the air on abc2 and you can get all the
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information on you can click on our "think pink" page. it's on the upper righthand portion of the web site, the tab. for all the details on the race and the show we're going to be airing plus how you can get involved. >> it was the necktie that had me. >> you like that? >> check this out. they didn't like this in detroit. high winds yesterday hammered the area knocking power out to 100,000 homes and businesses. some of the gusts out there reaching 60 miles per hour. whoo! detroit. they lose their bid for the post season. then they have to deal with this. it's a rough time for that town. we've had a temperature of 71 degrees. we were out of the playoffs before that. 71 degrees up towards new york. we had winds pushing between 40 and 50 miles per hour on the east coast. stronger winds were locked up across the great lakes.
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80 richmond and norfolk. we'll get a bump back on the thermometer the next couple of days. on this eighth day of october typically baltimore would see a low of 47, high of 70. the wide spread here, 2001, 31 degrees, two years ago we hit 91 degrees! it's not going to happen this time around. 7:10 sun up. we'll see it but we're starting at 48 this morning. temperatures will respond just a little bit, though we will have occasional gusty breezes as we still deal with the transition of the storm pulling out and the next one trying to come in. the skies may turn partly cloudy and this next weather system is going to be the shift in our winds. it's also going to bring in warmer air but in response to that warm air it will throw clouds our way and we could have to deal with moisture. so the clouds roll in this afternoon through this evening. tomorrow morning looks like we're go to be to have showers pushing in the warnl air. today, looking for a high of 71 degrees. tonight, temperatures settle back to 55 and we'll talk about the rest of the forecast, or
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follow along at the our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. >> let's check the roads with kim. >> if you're traveling southbound on the harrisburg expressway you have pretty much a smooth ride between the pennsylvania state line and the beltway here. the southbound lanes are going to be on the lefthand side of the screen. traffic moving pretty smoothly. no problems at the tunnels. 695 checking in clean so far, but we have a crash on 95 southbound approaching whitemarsh boulevard an overturned vehicle takes away the left lane. traffic gets by pretty smoothly to the right. keep that in mind. as justin mentioned we'll have winds picking up later in the morning so wind warnings posted at the key and bay bridges. our friends that drive tractor-trailers, definitely use caution there. looking at the jfx -- this is actually downtown, mlk and fayette street, traffic looks great downtown. back to you. the head of the chicago public schools about to try a controversial new plan to fight the violence plaguing city youth. what is the plan? well, chicago ceo ron huberman says they are going to spend
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millions of federal dollars on less than 3% of all the school children. many kids living in chicago feel you can't just throw money at the problem. it's much bigger than that. >> being caught in the middle of violence coming home from school right now. that's my main concern. >> huberman plans to talk about 10,000 school kids at the highest risk of getting in trouble and put them in an outreach program. >> walking to school with our school is like about being safe on the streets and walking for pedestrians. >> in east tennessee students are walking to school rather than taking the bus as part of an international program to teach kids street savvy and healthy habits. the kids say they really like it because instead of getting dropped off they feel more safe, they have fun with their friends and of course getting some exercise. how about this to start off the morning? peaceful with pictures of some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. >> it's the annual event in santa cruz, california, that has people living there looking
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forward to this every year. the much-anticipated monarch butterflies. in migration, the monarchs already started to return to the state park and are showing up by the thousands. this particular park is protected habitat. it's a warm climate. they have eucalyptus trees, milkweed. and experts say the monarchs draw a lot of attention from people who are mesmerized by their size and color. they are beautiful. >> didn't you have one of those in your sweater last week? >> please ignore him. at least right now. speaking of size, these guys are about to show you they have a tough lesson on picking on someone their own size. >> let's go to south wales. tourists shot video of guys walking around and decided to poke fun at some ladies of the night. little did the guys know the ladies were men in drag. and they are professional cage fighters. oh, my.
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so needless to say the bashers got their hats handed to them from some real pros. not that ladies kind of night. look. gee. >> oops. >> come on. his death was never announced publicly. >> and few attended the funeral of one of our greatest writers in the 19th century. the guests who lined up overnight to say farewell 160 years later to edgar allan poe.
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5:24. let's look at the next seven days because we're going to have a little roller coaster ride here. temperatures back up to 71 today. we're expecting to have a bit of a breeze and skies actually going from mostly sunny to partly cloudy. the clouds really thicken up overnight and tomorrow, the leading edge of warm air, showers in the morning, maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon, we'll get to a high of 79. even the possibility of pushing 80 in some spots. we'll hang near 70 on saturday with the morning shower but improving in the afternoon, 65 as we head through sunday with more rain possible. 5:25. back to you. >> we'll send it back to jeremy hubbard in new york with the latest in "tech bytes" today. good morning. in today's "tech bytes" a new way to watch tv on the go. the flow tv personal television is about the size of an average touchscreen phone with three
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and a half-inch display, built-in stereo speakers and about five-hour battery life. it gets 15 channels including espn mobile, comedy central and nickelodeon. it's set to arrive around the holidays for $1250 with monthly -- $250 with monthly rates starting at $9. dell getting into the cell phone business. it will reportedly release its first smart phone early next year. it will run on google software and be available for at & t customers. all four major cell phone companies will soon carry phones using its mobile operating system. several smart phones now double as gps devices thanks mainly to downloadable aps but one gps maker is getting in the cell phone business. garmin. as sam grobart explains the $300 device will get you where you want to go but that's about it. >> it's maybe a slightly better afghanistan navigator than -- navigator than you'll find in an ap for your iphone or
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blackberry but your device can do so much more. this new phone is limited to two things and costs way too much to be so limited. >> read more bit on "the new york times" web site. finally, a hot new pop star proving that japan's got talent but this cute edgy singer is actually a robot belting out tunes with the help of new electronic voice technology by yamaha. she also takes requests but you need an iphone to send them to her. the pop-had bot is june -- pop-bot is an upgrade from the first one. for more go to those are your "tech bytes." i'm jeremy hubbard.
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