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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 20, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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longer. be aware of that. that is ongoing the rest of the week, the closed at charles street the beltway will be from 11:00 to 5:00 a.m. seconds away from 5:00. first up on this tuesday morning, pete "on the street" o'neal captured this fire. fire gutted one home and caused dabbling to a -- damage to a second in north baltimore, weldon avenue. happened after 2:30 this morning. investigators say one man escaped from one of the homes. authorities are continuing to search for a cause. from howard county to anne arundel county, back to the city, a story a lot of people are whispering about today. >> plans for that multimillion-dollar slots parlor by arundel mills mall appears to be in jeopardy. licensed -- linda so has that story. >> reporter: some wants to see slots there. others don't. it now looks like you'll have to wait longer to find out where slots will go in anne arundel county. the council last night
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introduced two separate bills. one moves ahead with the current plan to put the slots at the mall. another would move them to an industrial area near route 32 and 295. the council chairwoman brings the current plan to bring slots to arundel mills isn't a good idea. in february the cordish company submitted a multibillion dollar bid to do that outside the arundel mills. but the area may need to be rezoned. the chairwoman thinks the slots should be further south in the county to draw gamblers from virginia. >> now that the city is talking about moving their site outside of the original location right there on russell street the difficulty is they are going to be competing venues. >> reporter: but lay the county council cannot vote on either zoning bill until after a public hearing is schedule. that hearing is scheduled for december 7th. meanwhile the slots commission says it won't award a slots
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license until proper local zoning is in place. news time 5:01. the bad economy has claimed yet another local business. ericson retirement communities filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. based in catonsville, they run more than a dozen community including two in our area. the company also agreed to be purchased but officials say ericson's debt has to be restructured to finish that deal. 5:02. the latest on the johns hopkins university student killed in a deadly hit-and-run near campus. baltimore police say the man accused of kitting and killing 20-year-old miriam frankl has not turned himself in to police. earlier the man told his family he would go to the police. police found his pickup but haven't been able to locate him. a memorial service has been set up for miriam frankl, who is from chicago.
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it's expected to be held on campus but right now arrangements have not been finalized. the latest on the war in afghanistan. today u.s. officials say they expect afghan president hamid karzai to concede he fell short of the august election and that announcement is critical because it could determine if president obama will send more troops to the war-torn region. viviana hurtado now with more from washington. >> reporter: it's an about face a world away that could have serious repercussions at home. after meeting with western leaders including senator john kerry the president of afghanistan will likely announce later this morning he will agree to a runoff in the disputed august election. he initially opposed it. western governments with troops in afghanistan including the u.s. have turned up the heat on karzai. >> i think it's now up to the afghans to make this legitimate. >> reporter: a u.n. vote tally threw out more than a million votes including one in every three cast for the afghan president. >> we expect now the election
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independent commission to implement those orders so that we can move towards a final certifying result or a runoff if required. >> reporter: the white house has stated that afghanistan's strategy including general mckrystal's troop increase request will wait until the election is resolved. >> it's a major part of our strategic review as part of getting the election behind us, getting a new government that can represent the partnership we're seeking as we move forward. >> reporter: but defense secretary gates apparently contracted the administration's position when he stated that president obama may have to finalize his afghanistan policy even if the election results remain contested. political scientists say a power-sharing agreement between karzai and his closest challenger may be a way forward but that will take time to resolve. >> the war in afghanistan continues to be a hot issue in and around washington so drop
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in to, leave us a message on how you feel about it. should we send more ground troops? be sure to tell us why or why not. you can friend us on facebook and also twitter. the government goes into a state of alert because this is the information that we try desperately to protect. >> this story almost sounds like a plot from a james bond movie but federal investigators say top secret intelligence information may have been compromised. the man accused of handing that intelligence out, a scientist credited with helping discover evidence of water on the moon. today he's due in federal court to face espionage charges. the justice department says this man, 52-year-old stewart notchhead of chevy chase worked in the president's office. authorities say he tried to pass classified material to an
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fbi agent posing as an israeli intelligence officer. some call it a political agenda. >> others say it's a healthy option. >> i think it's a great choice for kids. they can learn about other ways to eat food without having meat. >> we'll look at whether meatless mondays are a decision the school should make our parents. >> and it falls 20 feet into the rafters, where it happened. first, justin berk with the weather. >> 5:06. we've got ourselves a chilly one today. at least to start this morning. we have a frost advisory, 35 to 43 is the spread on the thermometer. just a little bit of frost especially outside the beltway but a nice warm-up over the next few afternoons. lets check with mark jones. >> the commute start is good on the metro subway but light rail presently has a delay running 10 minutes late northbound. marc on time on the camden, penn, brunswick lines. on the buses, heavy volume of
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bounce back from the chill we've had over the last week. 35 in baltimore. 39 in easton. 45 in hagerstown. look at oakland, you know, they had themselves some snow and ice and freezing mornings. they are looking at 43 as a sign of the warm-up. they also have cloudiness but for us mostly clear start, patchy frost and frost advisory around most of central maryland. sunrise 7:22. will give way to a mostly sunny day. this afternoon, a seasonable mild afternoon but high of 67 as our 2-degree guarantee. 5:10. let's go to the roads with kim. >> thank you. quiet morning so far on 695, no problems or incidents to let you know about, though we have an overnight construction project at charles street that has both the inner loop and outer loop lanes closed just overnight, this is in effect for the rest of the week between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. expect the beltway to be closed at charles street. keep that in mind if you have to travel in the overnight hours on the harrisburg expressway approaching the
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"2 your health" -- if you have a child in the baltimore city school system you know about meatless mondays, the lunches. school officials say it's a way to cut costs and make sure children are eating healthier foods. critics say this plan with the school district is making decisions that should be left up to parents. lisa sylvester takes a look. >> reporter: at the hampstead mill academy in baltimore, meatless mondays, the only food in the cafeteria, vegetarian. the district-wide policy was implemented this year as a way to cut costs and promote healthier eating. >> in every culture on the planet there are, you know, plant-based meals and we wanted to be able to start a conversation around that. >> reporter: on the menu, vegetarian chili with rice, corn, green beans and fruit. the policy is being embraced by the people for ethical treatment of animals or peta
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which presented the school district with the award for the most progressive public school district 2009 and praised by the center for livable future, a joon from johns hopkins university that is promoting these cartoons, a play off the movie the matrix criticizing large factory farms. baltimore school officials say they don't have a political agenda. >> we're not the food police. we know that families and children will make choices and we don't want to judge those choices. we just want to provide more options. >> reporter: parents we spoke to didn't have a problem with the new meany. >> i think it's a great choice for kids. i think they can learn about there's other ways to eat food without having meat. >> reporter: the american meat institute does. the institute represents meat packagers and processers and says what kids are being served up is an unhealthy dose of indoctrine nation. janet riley with the meat
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institute, also a mother of two. >> i'm not suggesting every child should be forced to eat meat everyday, i'm suggesting children and parents should have the ability to choose what their children eat. >> reporter: riley says the school lunch may be the only source of protein some children get during the day. 3/4 of baltimore students require for free or reduced price lunches. >> meantime, a report says the government's 14-year-old standards for cafeteria foods needs an update. the report recommends more fruits, veggies and whole grains and limit on calories. the proposed standards could cause breakfast prices at schools around the nation to jump by 20% and lunch prices could rise by 4%. 5:16. we have an important recall involving your baby's food. take a look, plum organics now recalling some of its apple and carrot portable pouch baby food because of concerns over possible botulism
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contamination. the product was sold individually throughout the country and at toys "r" us and babies "r" us. botulism is serious, sometimes life threatening. the company says no other plum organics products are affected. the recalled product is sold in four-ounce pouches with a best by date of may 21, 2010. so throw out the pouch if it's in your pantry. 5:17. yesterday's high running 10 degrees below normal at 57. that was the story in philly, new york 58. similar numbers in western pennsylvania. roanoke is where it was warmer, 62. typically on this 20th of october we would have 42 in the morning. 65 in the afternoon. records range from 28 in 19912 and 87, the high mark in 1969. sun coming up at 7:22, down at 6:21. in between we'll have a big warm-up. 35 degrees this morning but look at the 40s back west.
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there's some cloud cover back there, however, that's just signifying a wind shift. we have a few high clouds trying to mix in. i think we'll wind up with a mostly sunny day, high pressure builds through and it's mostly a shift of the wind, will bring in warmer temperatures and we expect to have ourselves a significant improvement beginning today and the next couple of days. temperatures do try to jump back to normal with a mostly sunny sky at 67 degrees this afternoon. tonight we'll slip back to around 40. not as chilly as the last couple of mornings. 73 tomorrow and thursday. back to the 60s on friday. it looks like we surge warm air, the remnants of tropical storm rick on the pacific coast of mexico may get surged into the area and we get cooler temperatures by sunday and monday. let's check the roads with kim. >> traffic is moving smoothly at this time. 95 just north of 195, no problems to let you know about as you make your way northbound towards baltimore city coming from baltimore and howard
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county. but just keep in mind if you're traveling the top side of the beltway that the inner loop and outer loop lanes are remaining closed, just temporarily now for an overnight construction project at charles street. this will be in effect for the rest of the week. that the beltway will be closed at charles street between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. if you have to travel the top side or charles street or the harrisburg expressway just keep in mind you probably will have to have a little bit of extra travel time to head in that direction. back to you. news around the nation at 5:19 -- before the san diego chargers played the denver branchos last night a stadium worker fell out of a press box. the man fell nearly 30 feet out of the booth and on to the lower level. rescuers performed cpr before taking him to the hospital. no word on his condition this morning. a solemn vigil was held last night at the university of connecticut for one of their star football players. jasper howard was stabbed to death outside of a school-sponsored event early
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saturday morning. his girlfriend told the media they had just planned on the name of the baby she's expecting. means, a suspect is in -- meantime, a suspect is in custody. you would think in this video, no one survived the plane crash but amazingly the 17-year-old pilot walked away with minor injuries. officials say he took off from peoria, illinois and lost control of the plane while trying to gain altitude. the plane hit a light pole and burst into flames. he was later treated at a local hospital for his injuries. a buffalo bills fan is so unhappy with the team's performance he's calling for a shakeup of the management in a big and bold way. 18-year-old ryan abshaggan has put up a billboard calling for bills owner ralph wilson to fire a host of staff including the coach. he wants the coordinators fired, he wants the vice president of college scouting fired, he wants the vice president of pro personnel fired. he said he raise the the money
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for the billboard through an on-line campaign. talked with redskins fans in the newsroom. they said, hey, how did he do that? coming up next -- car fires can be frequent. you know that. >> but authorities say that this type of overnight fire in northeast baltimore was no accident. this is an abc2 news exclusive. we'll show you, just ahead. what's this?
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5:23. we have a frosty morning in some spots. temperatures begin their climb in the upward direction on the thermometer. that's usually how you climb, up. 67 degrees is our 2-degree guarantee tonight and tomorrow. and thursday, into the lower 70s. that is often the case where you get real big cooldown one week. it will balance out on the warm side of things the following week. that's what we have the next couple of days. we're back to 62 with a shift of the wind and showers trying to work in on friday. 68, a surge of warm air with the rain saturday and back in the 50s sunday and monday. 5:24. let's take a bite out of the "tech bytes" with jamie. >> let's go up to new york. jeremy hubbard is standing by with abc. >> reporter: in "tech bytes," a new way to find the right gadgets for you. a web site launching today looks to simplify the process of sorting through electronics. users answer a few basic questions on what they are looking for and the misey tells
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them the best gablghts for them. the nba season tips off a week from tonight and that means new basketball video games. continue evans of put two popular games head-to-head. >> live 10 excels at the long franchise mode. if you're the kind of game player who wants to be the general manager and take the game all the way through from the preseason to the finals, covering all the details and salary cap and things like that, that is the game for you. moving over to 2k10, that is the game you want to play if you're the kind of person who likes to play one player. it all comes down to what kind of player you are and what kind of game you want to play. both are very good but both are very different. >> reporter: and both are available now. a new study finds how distracting talking on a cell phone while walking can be.
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researchers at western washington university found cell phone users were far more likely to be oliveious to surroundings, and less likely to notice a clown on a unicycle comparing to people listening to music players or walking without electronics. cell phone users also walk more slowly and weave more often. finally, u2 on youtube. the band will broadcast its concert live on youtube sunday. the first full live show on the site. if you can't tune in it will be archived and available later. for information on all these stories log on to the technology page of
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we got a lot of new information in the death of former quarterback steve mcnair. and how firefighters knocked this down in baltimore and how people got out alive. >> anne arundel doesn't believe you support slots so it may ask the state to look somewhere else to build a casino. that story ahead. in the meantime, it's tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. >> let's get weather and traffic every 10 minutes with justin berk. >> good morning jamie and megan and everybody else. 5:29. we got ourselves a chilly morning, a little patchy frost and temperatures at least at bwi marshall now down to 35 degrees. we're not at record territory but definitely running a little chilly with 96% humidity and on that threshold of developing frost it doesn't take 32 to do that because the blades of grass and especially your chilly and metal car top could develop frost even with temperatures in the upper 30s. you may have to scape something off the windshield this morning. but it's


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