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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 22, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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someone who you said he has never, never met a stranger -- i think that's walter brooks who died yesterday morning from what his parents say were complications over the h1n1 swine flu. >> overnight they remembered the north county high school graduate. >> more on a man that everyone loved. >> reporter: walter brooks was everyone's friend. in his first year at anne arundel community college. his parents say he wanted to become an actor. a a huge crowd turned out for the vigil in glen burnie. the 18-year-old graduated from the school in may. his parents say he appeared to get a cold last weekend and got worse quickly. he went to the hospital. he never recovered. doctors had to amputate his legs. >> walter was just the kind of guy where you walked down the hallways and it was just,
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there's walter. people are so negative nowadays, oh, this group of people hang with that group of people and so forth and so forth. walter hung with everybody. >> reporter: doctors told his parents walter had in fact been infected with h1n1 or swine flu and it crippled his immune system allowing another infection to take hold. walter's father hopes to put pressure on politicians to make more of the swine flu vaccine available. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. 5:01. with the government calling h1n1 a young person's disease you better believe it has parents, most of whom are very concerned, very worried this morning. the latest information out doesn't help either. the government is reportedly behind schedule on getting the vaccine out to people, not just a little bit but instead by millions of doses. though a top official in the obama administration promised more vaccines are on the way. >> it's something that is very serious. just the idea that there's not
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enough to go around, very worried, especially with people, kids, underlying conditions. >> health officials insist there are no shortages, just delays. >> people waiting in long lines to get vaccinated against the h1n1 and seasonal flu. this clinic was going on at the baltimore hebrew congregation on park heights avenue in northwest baltimore yesterday. they ran out of the shot even after giving it to only high-priority patients including pregnant women and young people ages 6 to 24. when it comes to the h1n1 and its vaccine continues to work for you. we have a wealth of information available now on our web site. we've also posted a listening to the state's -- link to the state's interactive map that helps you find the different clinics in your own neighborhood. it's on line at now. in other news -- baltimore county police have created a facial reconstruction in hopes you might be able to
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identify a woman found dead 13 years ago. so please look at the screen. her skeletal remains were discovered on falls road south of gunpowder road in march of 1996. computer enhanced images had been made but last week a forensic artist created this model using the skull that was found. >> we don't even know that this is a murder or just what this is. the autopsy was inconclusive as to cause of death. >> they do want to find out -- police say the woman is african-american, believed to have been between 17 and 23 years old. just over five feet tall. they say she has a small blemish on the right side of her skull. could be hereditary, a trait or perhaps something from surgery or an accident. so anyone with information is urged to please call police. the number is on the screen, metro crime stoppers, call 1-866-7-lockup. for helping
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me, for looking for my baby, thank you. thank you, everybody. >> just terrible. that was last night when the mother of a missing florida girl held a news conference, but today heartache and despair growing after detectives searching for little summer thompson found the body of a child in the georgia landfill. summer's father told a florida newspaper a birthmark on the leg of the deceased matches his daughters but authorities haven't confirmed it's summer. authorities say she vanished on her way home from school. police don't have suspects in this horrible case. 5:04:in baltimore, a 14-year-old robbery suspect clinging to life after being shot by police. this happened just before 8:00 last night in the 700 block of west lexington street in west baltimore. police say the officer involved was on his way back to headquarters when he saw the robbery going on. the victim is a medical student who was riding hits bike home .
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the officer saw the teen holding a gun to the victim's neck, it turned out to be a bb gun. neighbors tell abc news the 14-year-old lives on gilmore, in that community. the medical student wasn't hurt. it's now 5:04. in the morning. you try to do the right thing. you pay your bills on time. >> they are eliminating the people who pay their bills on time. >> yeah. but you may be punished by your bank. we'll tell you why. first to justin who is keeping an eye on the weather. >> 5:05. we have 49 degrees but a mostly cloudy sky. the clouds unfortunately have rolled in a little faster than we would like which means we're not going to have a repeat of yesterday. the feel, however, a different story. we're up with the warm temperatures and talk about how warm and for how long, coming up. good morning. the commute is good for the start if your ride is on light rail or metro subway. both on time. out there on the marc train, good to go nor travel on the
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camden, penn, brunswick lines. buses showing the number 17 with a diversion at corporate and international. ongoing construction. and heavy volume of passengers on the 3, 13, 7 and 23 bus lines. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. this is one way of getting vitamins and minerals.
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5:08. you are chip they are morning. >> i am. >> i didn't know. >> here's justin berk with a look at the weather. beautiful. >> beautiful day yesterday, 5:08. temperatures reached into the mid-70s. i wanted to show you our time lapsed view from mount airy. this is summit ridge. some of these spots had snow on sunday morning, yet much different story heading on in through yesterday afternoon. sunshine, just a few high clouds. this morning, let's take you you to westminster, starting at 59 degrees. whoa! that's one of the exceptions though. that is one of the warmer spots. with temperatures actually about 52 at brooklyn park middle school in anne arundel county. we're sounding the all clear on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. but heading on in through today we're looking for more clouds than sun. high temperatures still back up into the mid-70s. at the low end of our 2-degree guarantee at 75. 5:09. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. as we peek at the west side of the outer loop at liberty road traffic looks good and moving about at a nice pace so far to start off your thursday morning commute. we still do have a construction
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project on the top side of the beltway that has both the inner loop and outer loop lanes closed at charles street. they are in the process of picking that up. should be cleared away in a half-hour. working a crash northbound 95 past pulaski highway, that crash is off to the shoulder not causing much impact. as we look at some of the other shots, we see the inner loop at greenspring avenue, traffic moving about without problems. back to you. 5:10. they thought it was going to be a nice time on the town in a limo, except their driver ended up getting tasered by police. plus, artists come in all shapes and sizes but these artists don't work for cash. ♪
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it's 5:12. tough times, unemployment, usually the last thing to turn around when we're climbing out of this recession.
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at least there's that to consider when looking at maryland's latest numbers. the labor department says more than 200,000 marylanders are out of work. the september unemployment rate rose a 10th of a percent from august so it now stands just over 7% which is where it stood back in may, june and july but it's still below the national average. so, the holiday inn in linthicum is going to be hosting a massive job fair today, starts 11:00 this morning, to 2:00 this afternoon. on elkridge landing road. if you're out of work, looking for change of career, here's your chance to get your resume in to places such as enterprise, wal-mart and mutual of omaha. pay your bills on time? have good credit? if so you may be punished by your bank. thousands of people around the country are having their credit cards cancelled by their banks and lenders who say they are tightening up on credit. as abc2 news roosevelt leftwich tells us consumers are outraged. >> we were never delinquent. >> reporter: shannon and her husband loved their citi shell
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platinum card for the monthly gas rewards, that is until last week when after 18 years they got cut off. >> we could have been on a vacation somewhere using this card and had a hotel room bill to pay or rental car. we had no way of knowing this was coming. there was no advanced warning. they were quite rude when you called them after the card had been cancelled. >> reporter: city says it sent a letter, she's still waiting for it. the shell card wasn't discontinued, in fact citi is still advertising for more customers, and they have a credit like like that one, for people who pay their bills on time. >> i think they are eliminating the people who pay bills on time and who they are not making a lot of money from over the limit fees or late payment fees or even huge interest fees. >> reporter: why would a bank cut off credit to a customer that pays bills on time? well, citi will only say it reserves the right to change the temperatures of any credit -- terms of any credit card agreement. however, citigroup is not the only bank tightening up on
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consumer credit. it's happening to on-time paying customers a lot. more than 9,700 complaints came to the better business bureau as lenders try to beat newle from regulations. >> predators are now positioning themselves to take advantage of us now because they are not going to be able to later. >> reporter: barnett says creditors are trying to protect their riching and still make profit before the laws change. cards that give rewards cost lenders money because they have to give you something back. she says you have little recourse to fight the back but you can protect your credit rating. >> you need to call the bank or your creditor and ask your creditor to code that cancellation at the request of the customer. that's one piece of advice you might want to consider. so that the customer, it's not driven by the creditor saying there's a risk here. >> reporter: barnett also advises monitoring your credit report constantly because a bank's attempt to beat new federal laws could beat down your credit score. in baltimore, roosevelt
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leftwich for "good morning maryland." >> another round of consumer federal credit laws go into effect in february. among them, banks have to give 45 days' notice before they close your account. weather and traffic together. we want to take you on down to the deep south where storms have wreaked havoc on many drivers including a u.p.s. truck in fort fort worth. texas. this driver drove into the low-lying area. and stalled. he was not hurt but two and a half inches of rain in the fort worth area. flash flood warnings issued, more storms expected. the remnants of tropical storm rick being pulled into the nation's mid-section. different story for us. 75 degrees yesterday. 78 richmond and roanoke. no records broken but well above normal for a change of pace. still running below normal for the month of october but typically on this 22nd we would expect 41 in the morning, 65 in the afternoon. the record low 31 in 1952, and
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1979, a record of 85. sunrise 7:24. down at 6:18. we start at 49 degrees. a mild start but it comes with cloud cover. the clouds rolled in overnight and it looks like it's going to be a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy day. that may just change the impact a little bit of what we expect this afternoon. what's happening in the mid-section of the nation, by the way, snow from denver, colorado, eastbound to the -- from front prairies of the kansas border, but what was once tropical storm rick which was a 180 mile-per-hour happy over -- hurricane over the weekend blew into central mexico, the storm itself that was once tropical storm rick is not existent but the circulation and moisture being pulled into the storm making it a little stronger, that is going to wrap this storm up. that is going to make it rather windy. that is eventually going to bring us rain here by friday. this is what we expect as we head through the day and tomorrow -- the increasing moisture, already got the
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clouds in place. looks like this speeding up of the system may actually bring in some rain just on our door stepby tomorrow morning. periods of rain tomorrow. the main frontal boundary here will try to sneak in here with a chance of more rain saturday. today, a mostly cloudy one, today about 735 degrees. we're expecting overnight continues to stay -- conditions to stay in the mid-70s. 75 degrees. tomorrow, cooler, a high of 65. let's check the roads with kim. >> 695 is moving about pretty smoothly here on the west side. no problems to report between 7935 and the route 70 interchange. good news on the top side of the beltway, that earlier construction project has been picked up and is cleared from the scene. just keep in mind, tonight, again, 11:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. the beltway closed at charles street. i listed earlier a crash between pulaski highway and the 895 merge, just getting word it's a disabled vehicle vehicle, not impacting the
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commute. this is going to be the inner loop, again, at greenspring avenue. traffic is moving about very smoothly. back to you. ? virginia police are are desperate for clues in the case of a missing virginia tech student. morgan harrington went to see the band metallica saturday, and hasn't been seen or heard from since. police say they know she was there until at least 9:30, from a text message sent outside the concert venue. her purse and cell phone were found by a passer-by in a small parking lot next to the arena. let's go to detroit. police dash cam video. police say a guy stole a limo from a parking lot to make extra cash for renting it out. so when the owner saw the limo at the gas station he calls police, authorities approached the driver, he gave them some lip so the police had to taser him. must not have been so bad because he went to mcdonald's where he was picked up there. police told the passengers to get their belongings out of the
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car because it had been stolen. to philadelphia now, some philly fans are probably still celebrating since the phillies are heading back to the world series. last year's champs defeated the dodgers 10-4. brad lidge closed it out, phillies became the first team to reach consecutive world series since the yankees in 2000 and 2001. they will go for their third world series title beginning next wednesday night at new york or los angeles. 5:20 now. some central new york, well, they have the newest round of aspiring young artists who will literally work for peanuts. for the next month the zoo will take on the look of an art hall. part of "art gone wild." with gentle assistance from the zookeepers the animals created these works of art. instead of brushes the animals used their feet. the exhibit will showcase art from snakes, penguins, even lions. zookeepers say it's a great exercise and provides mental
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stimulation for the animals along with nice pieces of art for animal lovers alike. >> i would do. that put paint on my feet and do that. >> you think it would look that good? >> no. baltimore's board of estimates, they've spoken. >> and the sound of slot machines might be inching closer to the city. ♪
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5:23. we're going to take you out for the next seven days. we've got a warm-up today but we had the clouds already coming in. we should still reach mid-70s. aiming for 75. we'll range from partly cloudy to probably mostly cloudy for the day. as we head through tonight 55. 65 tomorrow with periods of rain could come in the morning. as we head on in through saturday, it's not going to be an all-out washout but it will be windy. we push 68. could be heavier showers especially in the afternoon when the front swings through, 62 sunday. 60 monday. looks like as the next round of rain comes in probably upper 50s through tuesday of next week. 5:24. now up to new york and get the latest "tech bytes." >> reporter: in "tech bytes" -- the newest version of windows goes on sale. windows 7 is in stores and on new computers today and arrives with much better previews than vista. it's designed to boot up faster, look cleaner and streamline the way people work with fewer clicks and fewer
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annoying notifications. windows 7 is also said to work better with plug in devices like cameras and simplifies home networking to share photos and music. several versions of the software will be sold, prices starting around $120. google will soon make it easier to discover, sample and buy new music. the company is said to be launching music search pages next week. they will feature images of artists, album art work, links to news, lyrics, videos and song previews. fans will also be able to buy songs for download though google won't be selling the music itself. the site gives record labels an alternative to apple i-tunes whichs the top on-line music store. facebook is getting into the music business. they are revamping its on-line gift shop allowing members to buy music for friends. for 10 cents, members can send a strong to stream on-line. for 90 cents, the song to be downloaded. the new feature starts rolling out this afternoon. finally, serving the web
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may be better than you think. researchers at ucla found older adults with little internet experience show positive changes in their brain activity after just one week on-line. that means internet training could potentially enhance brain function. the scientists say they will have to conduct further studies to see the web's impact on oner people. for information on all these stories log on to the technology page of those are your "tech bytes." i'm jeremy hubbard.
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he got along with everybody and anybody. he befriended anybody. >> a midnight vigil to remember the life of walter brooks. the former north county high school student died of complications from the swine flu. republicans continue to hammer acorn.
5:29 am
they want a complete investigation into this community organization. and, it could be the last spin on the inner harbor carousel. the 28-year-old ride could be coming to a stop. i know you took the ducks leaving town very hard. >> i did. >> how do you feel about this had >> >> he don't like it either. but i'm more likely to ride the duck than carousel. here he is, completely on the ground, justin berk with what is going on up in the air. >> it take some time. 5. 29. the weather is going to cooperate today. 49 in baltimore. 54 easton. we're mostly cloudy now. most of us in the mid-50s. outside of the baltimore area but the cloudy skies, that has moved in overnight. even though we will see sun today, not as much as we've had yesterday. i'll call it a mostly cloudy one, temperature still responding to a warm


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