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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 12, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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baltimore's most accurate forecast certified by weather rate. next on on abc2 news, works for you. baltimore police are taking a cue from the lessons learned overseas. tonight, an exclusive look inside city cops' n training techniques. concern rising as high as the surf and tides town how the state is responding to this fierce nor'easter slamming ocean city and the mid-atlantic. now abc2 news the latest at 11:00. we begin tonight with breaking news. i'm mary beth marsden. late this evening police arrested the man accused of violently raping and killing an east baltimore teenager. christian sheriff is standing by live at city police headquarters with the breaking story. >> reporter: new details continuing to come into us tonight.
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donte parish was indeed taken into custody tonight around 10:00 by the city police warrant apprehension task force. he had been the subject of an intense manhunt in connection with the rape and murder of a 15-year-old boy, jason madison, who is body was found in a home in east baltimore earlier this week. donte parish got out of prison last year after serving almost ten years on another murder charge. he had appealed that conviction and eventually won a new trial. when prosecutors went to prosecute that new trial they found that the file from the original trial had been lost, so they were forced to cut a plea deal with parish and at that time he was released. then this past tuesday the body of jason madison was found in that home in the 2400 block of lou ellen avenue. he had been raped, gagged with a pillowcase and stabbed to death with a box cutter. nearly 200 murders in baltimore city, this one most of the particularly heinous of them. now the man believed to be responsible, donte parish
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was found at a 7-eleven in northeast bambi the city police warrant apprehension task force. i talked to a spokesman and they said they know how they found him to be there but they're not ready to say at this particular time. next donte parish will be taken here to be interviewed by homicide detectives and after that will be taken for processing at central booking. the suspect in the murder of the 15-year-old boy earlier this week in east baltimore has been found by city police. donte parish taken into custody around 10:00 tonight. live in downtown baltimore, christian schaeffer, abc 2 news. now to the nor'easter. ida stormed to shore and worked its way up the coast. tonight it has nowhere to go. and ocean city is getting hammered. more than 18 inches of rain in one day. tonight the high tides and winds are a great concern. in some ways it's worse than a hurricane. you can tell that by looking at all the news reporters
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up and down the coast. >> reporter: it's about as nasty as you can imagine out here. >> it's not quite to the point where you have to lean into the wind to stand up but better have one foot behind the other >> from north carolina where business own erpz watched the surf creep past the shore line to ocean city where the wild wind could lead to serious damage, to the beaches of delaware where the surf was choppy and streets water logged. the jersey shore, more of the same. norm is following all the latest developments and joins us now. >> reporter: we've got good news and bad news. first the good news. as you can see right now, with maryland's most powerful radar. really heavy rain during the afternoon and evening is starting to let up just a tiny by the. that's because we're losing some of the moisture available. the waves are still pounding the area throughout the region. and a they're going to continue to do so as the
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storm just refuses to leave. that's the reason the satellite picture shows that things continue to sit at the mouth of the chesapeake bay, rotating counter clockwise, losing some of the moisture. but the moisture will rebuild again tomorrow. but the problem again, because of the extreme wave action, with waves off of ocean city being reported as high as 26 feet. just battering the entire mid-atlantic seaboard. watches and warnings across the region from hartford to baltimore, southern baltimore county, through anne arundel county. everything in blue is a coastal flood watch. everything in green which includes all of jersey, delaware, the entire eastern shore as well as lower eastern shore and charles and saint mary's county are coastal flood warnings. and the pink in the bay, that's a gail warning in effect for the bay. your forecast for this evening, cloudy, rain, windy, 45 degrees in pertinent part baltimore area. much rougher to the south
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and out to the east of us. we'll have the complete forecast coming up as well as the all important high tides which could mean a big problem for the annapolis area, baltimore area and other regions. we'll have those tides coming up in a couple minutes. maryland's emergency management agency or mema opened its storm center this afternoon. it helps to monitor severe weather conditions and coordinate the state's response. >> all emergencies begin and end local so our job is to help coordinate their needs and if we bring other resources to bear, that's what we do. >> mema is coordinating storm response with officials in virginia and delaware. here's the scene today in annapolis. sandbags were piled up near flood prone areas and many along the water took to hire ground. what's going on down at the state capital? terry owens is in annapolis. how is it looking there?
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>> reporter: the damage has been minimal. we did have one report of a tree down over on king george. we're told it took a power line with it. but here along the city dock in annapolis everybody is waiting for the next high tide. with the rain from ida still coming down and nor'easter winds picking up boaters like russell levi are bracing for a long night. >> when they say it's going to crest and finish, i have learned don't stop looking and being vigilant. >> reporter: that vigilance can be seen around the dock. sandbags are lined up out side businesses in low lying areas. >> there is not much you can do but to try to get the water out. just a little worried because of the winds i saw on the news with ocean city and bethany, august the storm surge. basically i think the winds. it's a little nerve-wracking. >> reporter: the next high tide
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is expected around 3:30 this morning. while the water is expected to crest the dock, many here know how to take storms like ida in spried. >> everybody over reacts -- stride. >> every over reacts a little bit. people have storm parties. i don't think we'll have anything as far as water coming in the buildings too much. >> reporter: city officials and the harbor master are taking every precaution. >> we worry about people getting to and from their boats. of course we're also going to have to turn off the electricity on the bulkhead tonight. if it does actually come up that high so that we don't have any electrical hazard. >> this was all rebuilt just a few years ago. it's a lot stronger and they did a great job so it's a lot more reliable. >> reporter: a lot more reliable but again, everybody watching the high tide that's coming up here now in just a few hours. actually norm says the high tide tomorrow afternoon could actually cause even more trouble here along the city dock in annapolis.
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reporting live from annapolis, terry owens, abc 2 news. the worst hit area in our area is maryland's eastern shore. brad bell from our sister station wjla has been in ocean city all night. here's what he's seeing. >> reporter: this is what much of the bay half side of ocean city looks like tonight. underwater because of consecutive high tides held ashore and the powerful winds of nor'easter. >> it's more than we stiply have with a nor'easter. >> reporter: the flooding high tides hit bethany beach, delaware earlier in the afternoon. the bigger concern there was a loss of sand. the high surf pounded and pounded at the beach until much of that sand was washed away and then the storm began to claw at the city's protective sand do you know. >> mother nature will bring
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-- dune. >> mother nature will bring some of it back but the dunes will have to be brought back in by other means. >> i said don't go too close to the edge because it looked like it could collapse at any time. >> i don't know if the dunes will hold up. it's scary. >> reporter: so far at least it seems her worst fears will not be realized when the evening tied peaked it seemed to stop just short of kaufgz property damage but the storm has not yet moved on. >> brad is joining us live from ocean city. looks like the winds have died down just a hair. >> reporter: just a little bit, mary beth. the rain has eased up as well but it is blowing pretty hard. steady 30, 25 miles per hour winds right now. it's still certainly moving sand around out there. what we did see was that that high tide that happened this afternoon into the evening we showed you was able to move down a little
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bit so there is still some minor street flooding, but the serious street flooding we saw earlier in the evening seems to have receded a bit. >> i know you've covered a lot of storms in ocean city. how does this one compare? >> reporter: you know what? there's some discussion. is this the remnants of ida? is this just a nor'easter? we got down here this morning and it was really pounding. there were gusts of wind 90 i was told, one reached 105 miles per hour, confirmed 105 miles per hour here in ocean city. there was a lot of wind, a lot of rain and it was sticking around for a long time. typical hurricane comes in, moves through in a matter of hours. oftentimes it clears right up. and you know i think with regard to beach erosion this is going to be a pretty bad one. with regard to wind damage, to structures, it doesn't look like there is much of that at all. this town is pretty well wind approved and people got their storm shutters
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down. we haven't seen any damage like that but some water did come up on the backside and certainly daylight is going to reveal an awful lot of sand has been taken out to sea. >> thanks and hang in there. >> sure. we urge you to stay with us both on the air and online as this storm continues to cause damage across our area. still to compton in less than 10 minutes we'll head back to norm and see what we can expect from this storm. we'll have more on the cdc's announcement today as well, plus drawing upon combat in iraq to help fight crime in baltimore. your exclusive look at what's called the diamond standard. and staggering new numbers reveal the scope of h1n1. our 2-degree guarantee was 50 degrees. the actual height bwi, 52. we did hit that 2-degree guarantee. we have hit it now six days in a row. the forecast coming up in a
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couple minutes.
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the theft trial of baltimore mayor sheila dixon is underway. today as christian schaeffer reports both sides laid the groundwork for their cases by giving their opening statements. >> reporter: during their opening statement, prosecutors showed members of the jury pictures of receipts, receipts from purchases they say were made by sheila dixon, using gift cards intended for needy families. the mayor's defense team countered she was given gift cards by developer patrick turner that were intended for the poor and by developer ronald lipscomb who she was dating at the time for her own use.
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the defense says she confused the two sets of gift cards. of the prosecution needs to prove she intentionally used stolen gift cards. university of maryland law professor doug colbert called the opening statements a draw. >> i think what happens is when the prosecutor sits down, people in the courtroom are thinking, there's a conviction here. when a defense lawyer sits down people are saying, we've got a trial on our hands. >> reporter: before the opening statements, the defense team did score a victory when judge dennis sweeney ruled the prosecutors could not use evidence related to a third assortment of gift cards. the judge ruled the prosecution provided the evidence too late for the defense to prepare for it. although he left open the possibility that it could be brought in later in the trial. >> every day is a good day. >> reporter: after the day's proceedings, i asked the mayor's attorney, arnold weiner whether he plans to put mayor dixon on his stand once he presents his case. >> how can i share all my secrets with you? >> reporter: the mayor did not
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take questions. her attorney offered only this assessment of day one. >> we said what we thought during our opening statements, and i'm sure everyone was listening. >> the prosecution will continue calling witnesses tomorrow morning. remember to stay with abc2 news on the air and online as we continue to follow all the developments from the sheila dixon trial. the baltimore city police department has a new weapon in the war on crime. its officers. abc2 news investigator brian keebler was the only reporter to be invited inside a new training program to see how radically different it is. tonight he begins his two-part series showing you what the commissioner calls the diamond standard in crime fighting. >> reporter: there may be a comical or sad iron i in comparing baltimore to iraq but the military surge much two years ago is exactly
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the impetus for the retraining of the baltimore city police department. >> brian, we're trapped inside that dam car and riding around and going from place to place to place to place, and accomplishing very little. and changing very little. we need to slow down, and invest in our people. slow down and get involved. do something real. >> reporter: the commissioner is investing in diamond. borrowing the complete warrior theory from the armed forces in iraq, bielfeld is retraining his officers to believe they can be the criminal's worst enemy, and the community's best friend and protector. the complete officer is a new standard he developed to counter the past confusing and failed police strategies and serve to close the disconnect between citizens and police. >> i'm not going no give
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everybody a big group huchlth i'm not going to teach people to make balloon animals. i'm not going to ask them to dress up as mcgruff. but at the same time i'm going to make it real. and no richard simmons low impact work out. they're going to do real training. >> reporter: the first part of the four-week training is very physical. the officers are trained in a different technique of handling weapons and shooting. >> people want to square up and stop. we help you constantly move. >> reporter: lieutenant john cromwell teaches officers to break away from the sedentary shooting technique. it gets officers moving, firing and countering a modern better armed criminal. >> the new way is better. the old way is what? >> show me the old way.
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>> that seems to be very stationary. what you're teaching these guys here is more mobile concept. >> absolutely. >> what does that accomplish? >> it helps the officer understand that in a real shooting situation he will be able to accurately hit what he is shooting at. >> by moving at the same time. >> while moving at the same time. >> reporter: the firearms training is capped by a grueling obstacle course where even the most athletic officers lose their breath, and their legs, combining a new shooting tactic with a demanding scenario. and that is just week one. new self-defense training aimed at disarming and detaining suspects without the use of excessive force. >> we have a morale obligation when we effect an arrest not to use force brutally or wrongly. >> reporter: and training for standard issue glocks. a tool teaching lessons in
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that split-second decision officers need to make that in our case literally left a mark. >> that hurt. >> reporter: that's who we can breakdown. a lesson they wanted to get across to us but more importantly a lesson officers believe really hits home. >> you guys see how obviously you're involved in training at some point but you see how this is better training than when you previously had. >> far better. intense takened the whole level of -- intensity and the whole level of training haines creased drastically. >> you feel it. >> reporter: the point of this training is not just feeling it in the body but the mind as well. the complete officer is a new breed. training that teaches words are just as powerful as bullets. in baltimore, brian keebler 2 news investigates.
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>> tomorrow night we'll look at how the military ideology is grooming the city cops as they're being trained to not just be enforcers but to repair relationships on the streets. now, the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here's chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> reporter: outside, 50 degrees. pressure falling, 29.72. as far as the watches and warnings we still have got for howard county, southern baltimore county, anne a run d.a. del county and -- arundel county, still in effect for southern maryland, flood watches as well as delaware and new jersey. through the chesapeake bay, a gail warning remains in effect through tomorrow evening. these are the most important tides. the high tides are the most important because that's when the water is going to
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be highest. at baltimore, 3:04 in the morning. then 3:57 tomorrow afternoon. annapolis, 1:31 in the morning, and then 2:27 in the afternoon. those are very critical tides for annapolis right there because the wind from the northeast continues to push the water up the bay and it's going to continue through the day tomorrow. the low this morning was 42. the high today, 52. and temperature outside 506789 the wind makes it feel cooler than that because of the windchill factor. the pressure that used to be ida continues to rotate counter clockwise. parked at the mouth of the chesapeake bay. i'll show you what the local impacts will be as well as the forecast right after this. hey, i just landed. yeah, i got your text.
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oh, that's excellent. yeah, great. perfect. really. uh-huh, are you kidding me? why does southwest airlines have so many flights a day? all right. yeah. no, i'll be there. that's why.
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what we've government is a very intense area of low pressure. we talked about the high
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tides being very important. if this was a big tub of water, and we had a vacuum cleaner, turn the vacuum cleaner on and put it over this tub of water, what would happen? it would suck the water up. that's what this area of low pressure is doing. it's mounding the water up. as it moves over the region we not only have got the high tide and wind pushing it in but the sucking motion of the upward motion of air is mounding the water up. take a look at this right now. this is what's going on over the past 12 hours as it rotates counter clockwise, suck the water up, pushing moisture into the region. some places in ocean city, 15 to 18 inches of rain just today. it is letting up just a little bit but the winds are not. maryland's most powerful radar indicates that the showers have let up but they will come back with a vengeance tomorrow. in ocean city, 55 degrees. northwest winds, 25 to 30 miles per hour. 15 inches of rain at the
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emergency management center. here's the forecast. the rain will continue through tonight, through tomorrow. then gradually starts to he be on out of here as -- ebb on out of here as the system moves up toward the new england region. the clouds will stay with us through saturday. once we get into saturday you'll see a little bit of break. the big important things are the high tides at annapolis tomorrow morning, 1:31 in the morning and then 2:30 in the afternoon. it's cloudy, windy, rainy, 43. not as rainy as during the day but the farther south and east you go the worse it is. during the day, rains resume with 51 degrees. windy conditions will continue. the eastern shore will continue to get battered by the high waves. some of the waves up as high as 25 feet. unbelievable. and there's your extended outlook the next seven days. showers saturday morning but gradual leerng during the day. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, things looking
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better with warmer temperatures. there will be a massive clean up on tap for the eastern shore. >> i don't want to see the beach erosion. >> check in with susan susan and she'll have the latest on the storm system. we'll be back tomorrow evening. now to the latest on the h1n1. as we first reported last night the latest flu numbers from the centers for disease control are staggering. the new figures about #,000 people have died from the swine flu. 540 of them children. tonight we have learned six more marylanders have died after contracting the virus. according to the state health officials, three are from the greater baltimore area. two from western maryland and one from southern maryland. all adults with under lying medical conditions. these deaths bring the total in the state to 19. stay with us. we'll be right back with a quick look at the forecast. hey, i just landed. yeah, i got your text.
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if you have any interest anywhere near the bay these are the most important numbers you need to know as far as the high tides at baltimore and in annapolis. in annapolis, 1:31 in the morning. 2:27 in the afternoon. baltimore, 3:04 in the afternoon and 3:57 in the afternoon. that's when we could have the most over wash problems. >> good night. announcer: for ten lucky cows
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