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tv   News  ABC  December 3, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EST

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per hour catonsville. most spots reporting wind gusts in excess of 25 miles per hour. maryland's most powerful radar showing a clean sweep. the rain is out of here for now. we'll see a balmy start this morning, around 60. damp on the roads. slick gusty winds as well. sunshine will help dry us out today. looking forward to tomorrow. the trend will be for 40s tomorrow and potentially a little wintry mix around here on saturday. we'll talk about that straight ahead. let's see what the roads look like this morning. >> thanks a lot, good morning, everyone. i'm certain that the hazardous driving conditions contributing to the first two crashes of the morning, first one coming in on the inner loop, edmondson avenue, also another crash in owings mills. southbound 795 between owings mills boulevard and the beltway. use caution out there everybody. lots of intersections closed this morning. eastbound liberty road, pikeswood drive. downed power lines have the
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intersection closed in cockeysville. fallen trees block the intersection. green spring valley. benita avenue, intersections closed due to fallen trees. traffic is moving about very good, but we have reports of standing water. please use some caution. megan, back to you. >> we heard kim and wyatt talk about it, really the weather is the big story this morning. heavy rains, even a tornado watch has been issued. this was overnight in maryland. we continue team coverage this morning. sherrie johnson is live in south baltimore where they had flooding issues to deal with overnight. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning, megan. we're live in the 500 block of patapsco avenue. water has started to recede after heavy rain. here's video from our overnight photographer, pete on the street o'neill. the rain made it very tough for cars to get through on their morning commute. the department of transportation put up barrels to block a lane so that drivers could avoid the
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standing water, but you definitely want to be careful as you travel around this area. even now, there's still a lot of heavy wet roads right now. the rain has let up. makes driving easier for the commute this morning. reporting live in south baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. at the white house today, the president is holding a job summit with 15.7 million americans out of work, there's a desperate need to create jobs. the president is bringing the best business minds together to try to find a solution. most of the ideas will be expensive for the taxpayer, that is no doubt, but many say the priority is reviving the economy. the ceo of google says the answer is green jobs. >> these are jobs that can be created very, very quickly. have a very long-term and strategic benefit to america. they cause us to fight fewer wars. they will cause gasoline prices to ultimately be lower. they are jobs that are difficult
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to move overseas. >> other ideas from high ranking officials include giving bailout money to small businesses and lowering the minimum wage. the white house has made no decision on which initiatives it will support, but we'll keep you posted. all right, beyonce has enough grammy nominations for her and sasha pierce. they're getting ten nods for album of the year. song of the year, her anthem, single lady, record of the year for halo. taylor swift wasn't far behind beyonce though. she was getting eight nominations. she was also nominated for album, song and record of the year, as was lady gaga who got five nominations. reflect, rejoice, renew. that is the theme for the obama family first christmas in the white house. the white house christmas is now celebrating christmas with recycled ornaments, natural materials and of course a
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gingerbread white house. previewing the holiday decorations wednesday, first lady michelle obama said the theme was chosen because the family spends the holidays reflecting on their blessings, rejoicing in the company of friends and family and renewing their commitments to each other and the causes they believe in. a family's desperate search to find their daughter as tension returns to her boyfriend who is also missing and the last one to see her. employers, if productivity was down on monday, we can tell you why. heavy rains from overnight pushing out of the area. in its wake, a lot of wind to deal with. temperatures changing a lot over the next 24 hours. we'll give you forecast details on the other side of this break. we do have wind warnings posted at the bay and hatem bridges. we have a couple crashes coming in on the beltway and around the area. we'll have a complete report when we come back. let's get a check of buses and
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trains with mark jones. >> reporter: out there right now, you'll find the numbers 16 and 14 buses using annapolis road to patapsco rail station. construction on the scene and number one bus working around the water main break in south baltimore on charles between hamburg and cross. the number 15 also diverted at saratoga and park. number 20 diverted at dunnman way. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. ( piano music playing ) by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count.
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guys remember, we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning?
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mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade. . the latest now on the tiger woods drama. it is continuing this morning. a new york woman who has denied, up until now, about having an affair with tiger woods, she scheduled a news conference in los angeles today. initially she denied having an
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affair with woods when contacted by the associated press. in an online statement woods wrote has he's been true to his values and the behavior his family deserves. holly trolley program isn't continuing this christmas. the program was a way for the city to give needed items to several charities last year, including toys for tots. the white house party crashers tareq and michaele salahi have declined a chance to testify before congress. benny thompson says he might issue a subpoena to compel the couple to testify. we'll see what happens. all right, let's get you into the forecast this morning. again, the heavy rain we had last night, you may have woke up to it, it has moved out. we do have drier conditions behind all the heavy wet weather
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we've seen as much as 2/3 of an inch. 60s on the eastern shore. 50s across the baltimore area. depends exactly where you are. we have a front in the area. over a half inch of rain tonight. forecast coming up. let's head to kim brown with the latest on your roads. >> thanks, wyatt. we do have abc2 crews out and about on the lookout for downed wires and trees and also any other weather damage in the area. as you look at the beltway, we have building volume on the inner and outer loop. several crashes on the inner loop. edmondson avenue, crash blocks one lane. between owings mills boulevard and 695, crash blocked a lane. reported near the steel bridge, we have crashes there as well. check the wake-up window for a complete list. if you're cozy inside your home, the rain might not sound
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bad on your rooftop, but not if you're on the roads this morning. >> reporter: i'll show you what it looks like outside now. what do we expect this winter? we'll forget checking in with meteorologist right now, we'll see what a warm has to say. look at that guy. he's got all the answers. and wal-mart's been slashing prices to help you this holiday season. the latest discount includes a very big ticket item. we'll tell you all about it. a 9-year-old is being hailed a hero this morning for saving his grandmother from some home invasions. and the big holiday season kick-off in baltimore where you can catch the monument lighting. makes a difference this year. we'll tale you all about it. inside that truck is something familiar--
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guys remb, wee sor stem. rss wn.a... um, it's only 10am. o sn h eir jimmy dean eakfast this morning? mmmm! w ts orbit i feel you're all awesome. jimmy deanrefa sandwiches, fit e rning fade. it is 6:44. good thursday morning. thank you so much for joining us here. we are going to get a check on your weather. start things off right now with wyatt everhart filling in for justin berk this morning. hi, wyatt. >> we are going to start things off with a check of your weather
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this morning. i guess we'll go with temperatures first. 54 in baltimore. easton checks in 63. 64 dover. contrasted temperatures and that contributes to why you woke up to such a heavy round of wet weather in many spots overnight. towson 2/3 inch of rain. just a real soaking out there in terms of rain. a lot of precipitation here up and down the east coast. you see the storm moving off to the north and east, that's good news. we'll break down your temperature forecast for baltimore in a second. when you talk about predictions, this is interesting here. our good friend, the worm. i think we have it for you. take a look. isn't it cute? >> the groundhog tells us how many days until spring, but the wooly warm apparently predicts how cold the winter will actually be. the folklore says look at the stripes. black stripes signify harsh weather, brown means mild. i think i see mostly brown
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there. maybe a tinge of red, perhaps megan. seems like more mild? we'll save this for our good friend mr. wooly. if it's a tinge of red, i don't know what that means. it's mild this morning. then we're in the 50s this afternoon. check it out towards the weekend here. uh... only into the 40s tomorrow. a chance for a bit of a winter mix coming in. especially late in the day saturday. temperatures fall from the upper 30s to low 30s. could see flurry actions. keep that in mind. for now we'll head over, get a check of the roads out there. kim brown standing by. you have to follow a tough act there. >> i'm definitely pro warm in this aspect. as we look at the beltway, you'll see traffic is beginning to build. here's the accidents. we have a few accidents around the area to let you know about. on the inner loop, earlier crash continues to take away the left
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lane and left shoulder. delays start back at 95. also a crash in the southbound lanes. beltway, that crash takes away one lane. delays start at franklin avenue. minor impact at frankfurt avenue. we have a complete list of all the road hazards. several intersections remain closed this morning. abc2 crews out and be looking for weather damage. >> there's been major flooding this morning that could affect your morning drive, wherever you're going. let's get to sherrie johnson who joins us in baltimore. >> we're live in south baltimore in the 500 block of patapsco avenue. i'll show you what it looks like right now. so far you can see the water has receded after flooding from heavy rain overnight. now traffic has started to pick up this morning, but it was a different scene earlier this morning. here's some video from our overnight photographer pete on the street o'neill. the water made it very tough for cars to get through on their morning commute. the department of transportation
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put up barrels to block a lane so drivers could avoid the water, but you definitely want to be careful as you travel around this area. the roads are still quite wet. the rain has let up. that's making things easier on this morning's commute. reporting live in south baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. breaking news to tell you about this morning: we told you about it twice this morning during our 5:00 hour and about 20 minutes ago, now it's a done deal. comcast says it's ready to take charge of nbc universal and create the nation's largest entertainment company. comcast says it will buy universal for more than $13 billion. consumer groups are already questioning whether one company should have so much power over the production and delivery of entertainment. this story doesn't end here. we have you covered online where we have more details on the deal and what it could potentially mean. head to for more information. when you get there, you can just read the breaking news banner in red on the top of our homepage.
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stay focused despite a guilty plea. that appears to be the game plan for baltimore city mayor sheila dixon. no telling how long any of it will last. there's no date set for the mayor's sentencing which could come after her second trial which starts in march. she plans to appeal the conviction on the one charge that led to the guilty verdict in the first place. they said they're allowing the legal process to play out. a behind the scenes political process will likely be the route tie resolution. >> what they've tried to do is find some way to end it as quickly as possible. but nobody wants to have his or her footprints on that. >> today is the first public event the mayor will attend since she was found guilty. the washington monument lighting in mount vernon is tonight and the mayor will be there in front
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of thousands of her constituents. the holly trolley program isn't continuing this christmas. it was a way for the city to give needed items to several charities. last year, toys for tots was one of them. a spokesperson for the city hopes corporate and private doo donations will continue to help baltimore's needy this holiday season. >> we have several supporters, you know, many schools and churches and groups that, that collect for us. um... but you know, we're always trying to find resources. >> if you would like to help out or learn more about the charities in trouble right now, head to our website, we have more information for you there. the family of a missing baltimore county woman is now taking matters into their own hands they're forming a search party in hopes of finding her. 22-year-old jerryell foster disappeared last week from her
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cockeysville apartment. her family is searching for her body in the woods near her apartment complex. her live-in boyfriend is the last person who claims to have seen her on wednesday and showed up the next day at her mother's house to share a thanksgiving day feast. >> he was at my house for thanksgiving dinner. he ate dinner with me with the baby. friday was the last time i saw him. when i came out to report my daughter missing. >> and now he's gone. >> he's gone. >> police say they cannot consider foster's disappearance a homicide in the absence of a body. the family says they'll keep searching to provide one. a 9-year-old boy was shot in a home invasion trying to protect his grandmother. the boy was shot in the hand. he's doing all right this morning. the shooting happened around 11:00 on tuesday night in the
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1600 block of north ellamont street. >> i have an 18-year-old son. i'm scared for him. i have a 13-year-old and 11-year-old. i'm scared for any children. >> police have no suspects or motive in this case. 6:52 right now. wal-mart is cutting prices on select items every single week until christmas. the retail giant is knocking $10 off the price of burglar video games and offering a $50 giftcard with the purchase of a wii gaming console. this would make the wii available at the lowest price ever. being sold at the store for about $200. receiving the giftcard makes it
6:53 am
$150 to buy one. turns out cyber monday was a hit according to com score, the virginia-based firm that tracks internet activity. this monday's sales matched the all time record set last year. com score says the online sales totaled $887 million on monday. and here's an interesting little piece of information for you. more than 52% of all those transactions were done on work computers. hmm.... after beating the pittsburgh steelers on sunday night before a pumped up crowd at m&t bank stadium, a trip to the frozen tundra is next. they travel to wisconsin to take on the green bay packers to historic lambeau field. >> this is the first time you walk into the stadium, and you know, the frozen tundra and all the history it has behind it,
6:54 am
once you get out there, kind of amazed by the field and the crowd. after that, it's just football. >> it's a great place to play. the tradition, the fans. >> the ravens are 6-and-5 right back in the playoff chase. a rare copy of edgar allen poe's first book is expected to sell for a rare price when it comes to the auction block. it is going to be $500,000 and $700,000. that's the range. it'll be auctioned off tomorrow. the 40-page collection of poems was published in 1827. only 12 copies are known to remain. christy's book expert calls it a once in a lifetime chance. today the christmas season officially kicks off in baltimore. there it goes. the annual lighting of the washington monument in mount
6:55 am
vernon. will take place as 7:30 tonight. new this year, they're going to have incandescent lights previously used on the monument upgraded to high efficiency led lights. they will burn brighter, last longer and use approximately 90% less energy. when you head to the store to do your shopping, you can think about others too. it's time for the annual kinder time toy drive. you buy toys and drop them off at different locations. all for needy kids in our state. we can all participate. that's all you have to do is get one and drop it off at the locations, right there on your screen. all right, let's get another check of the forecast for you. we've had very heavy rain in here overnight.
6:56 am
2/3 of an inch plus. low-lying flooding. the eastern storm system pushing into the new england states. behind it, mainly just the wind we'll have to deal with. a big change in temperatures on the way. we hit 60 this morning. now we're dropping into the 50s across baltimore. into tonight, back down in the 20s. clear and colder. last check of your 7-day forecast, chilly day on tap for your friday into the 40s. chance for wintry mix saturday afternoon and evening. we only see temperatures in the 30s, dryer though for sunday. one last check of traffic with kim brown. >> the roads are certainly beginning to heat up with incidents. new accident to let you know about on the inner loop, jfx. log onto we're out of time. thank you for joining us this morning. remember good morning maryland happens at 9:00. see you after good morning america.
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