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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  December 10, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EST

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in both directions due to flooding. that's from yesterday's weather. disabled vehicle in the northbound lanes of 95, fort mchenry tunnel past the toll plaza. traffic is quiet downtown. jamie and megan back to you. we have a developing story this morning. a spokesman for the baltimore city fire department says the closure of a fire station, right near the scene of that deadly fire in west baltimore didn't contribute to the delay in the response to the fire. >> the fire tore through a home around 3:00 yesterday morning in the 3100 block of presnan street. sherrie has more. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right, truck 18 is housed right here on north avenue. it's closed as part of a rotating closure used to save money. yesterday an elderly man was killed in a fire on pressman
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street. a 911 call was difficult to understand. instead of going to 3100 block of pressman street, they went to the 2100 block of pressbury street more than ten blocks away. >> the call was dispatched to a nearby location. >> reporter: the head of the city's firefighter union are saying it didn't have an impact. but it did. if truck 18 was in service, it would have made a big difference. baltimore city mayor sheila dixon says it would cost the city $3.5 million to eliminate rotating closures from now until july. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson abc2 news. all new this morning: a
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baltimore city police officer is recovering after his cruiser crashed into another car around 1:30 this morning. it happened at the intersection of east patapsco at fair haven in south baltimore. the officer and two people in the other car were taken to harbor hospital with minor injuries. police are determining what caused the crash, but says the officer was responding to a call at the time of the accident. as first reported on abc2 news: the city of baltimore stands to make nearly $50,000 in the first month of operating the speed cameras. according to the city, department of transportation, more than 1200 citations were sent out from november 1 to december 1. it's not all the city's cameras. they're not even all operational. only four of the city's speed cameras are fully functional. 20 others work only during the daylight hours and 26 cameras are yet to be installed. that has the city at odds with
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the company due to do the installations. let's name names. where are the cameras? northern parkway, park heights, katon and benson avenues. two at the alameda and 33rd. it made the state about $56 ,000. two baltimore city cops are on routine leave after shooting and killing a suspected drug dealer. we're first to tell you about this story on good morning yesterday. the detectives were part of an undercover drug operation, tried to stop the man on west baltimore street. he took off running. when one of the detectives cornered him, he pulled out a gun. the detective pulled out his gun and fired at him.
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the suspect died in the hospital. the president is expected to outline his vision of american leadership and emphasize the responsibilities of all nations to advance the cause of peace. viviana hurtado reports. >> reporter: a war time president arrived in ozlow, norway to accept the nobel peace prize. barack obama's name will be added to a select list which includes the reverend martin luther king and mother teresa. he meets with norway's leaders, but will acknowledge in his speech the irony of accepting the peace prize. >> the president will address the notion that um, last week he authorized a 30,000 uh, person increase in our commitment to afghanistan and this week accepts a prize um, for peace. >> reporter: the president will
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argue that so-called necessary wars, such as the conflict in afghanistan are as important as perceiving opportunities for peace. including non-proliferation efforts. still some americans are skeptical mr. obama deserves this prize. >> his task here in ozlow is to explain to the american public that he recognizes the criticism. he makes it more about what can be achieved. >> reporter: many believe the president hasn't earned this honor. hope the president believes is necessary to help achieve peace in the world. mr. obama returns to the u.s. with a medallion and $1.4 million he'll donate to charity.
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look closely, you'll see an unusual spiral display. take a look. look at that. huh? norwegian sources think it was another unsuccessful launch of a harmless russian rocket. so far no official comment coming in from russia. what is that spiralling? justin, c'mon? >> justin will get to the bottom of it. he's on it. online shoppers, no lines, quick, easy and the way to go. >> but is it safe? we'll sort out safety features so you don't get scammed. since we're pointing and clicking to get holiday gifts, we'll get the numbers for you. let's check the numbers temperature-wise. >> everything i've seen is russian ballistic missile may have failed. not a black hole, not a ufo. either way, we have ourselves an old campaign of winter coming back. winds 20 miles an hour.
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that brings down a wind chill in the 30s. we'll calculate that for you and chances of snow coming up in a bit. let's go to the mta and check in with mark jones. >> commute is a good would not the marc train system. no delays on the camden, penn, or brunswick services. the number 50, using uh, belair instead of manasota. diversion at monument and washington. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. i'm major kenneth smith stationed in afghanistan. i want to wish my wife a merry christmas and our soon to be born baby a merry christmas also. i can't wait to see you both and uh, see you soon.
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we're taking a look outside at maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we have stuff showing up towards hagerstown. looks like there's green in the form of rain. i believe it's colder. anything falling right now could be in the form of a snow shower near hagerstown split between
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i-70 and 81. 15 north towards sabilusville. this period of snow or snow shower off to the east. temperatures in the mid-30s to near 40. blustery winds expected throughout the day. let's see what's happening on the roads. here's kim brown. >> thanks, justin. it's a bliszry -- blustery morning. we're off to a better start today than yesterday. disabled vehicle blocked lane five at the fort mchenry tunnel. you'll see in middle river, route 150, eastern avenue closed in both directions due to flooding. try to avoid that area if we can. cold spring lane, traffic remains quiet at this hour. 5:11 on good morning maryland. look at this. a waterfront home goes up and nearly kills three firemen.
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the amazing video from washington state. local kids teach justin the abc's of weather. wait until you hear their song. we'll play it for you.
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despite the nation climbing its way out of a recession, holiday spending online is up
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about 3% this year. during the first 36 days of november and december, online sales have totaled $16 billion. nearly $9 million of that is from cyber monday. >> many people want to know how to check yourself while shopping online. there are trust marks, even customer satisfaction. it's easy for shoppers to get confused. >> consumers are largely unaware of what the seals mean. there's a common misperception that the web seal is a cover-all security uh, guarantee. >> each trust mark company has its own set of guidelines that must be followed in order for a site to display its seal. when you see the better business bureau's seal it means it complies with all requirements.
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we have some tips to help you stay within your budget. first, have a plan, don't fall for questionable deals there, megan. third, don't miss any discounts, fourth, buy practical gifts and fifth, no credit cards. use only cash or debit cards. these are tips from usa today and you can read the entire article waiting for you online at yesterday down to elkridge, right near columbia. we've got a chill and wind in the air. we'll talk about how this is making it feel like the 20s. to warm your spirits, i want to take you down to elkridge, you'll hear a song about the water cycle. listen up.
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♪ >> you gotta love that. that's good stuff. we have chill this morning. but i want to thank everybody at elkridge, great faculty, great staff. the third graders were phenomenal. this morning we have ourselves this chill. we should normally be down to 28. 48 the typical high. temperatures could be as low as 1 where it was in 1876. 1966 we had ourselves record high of 72 degrees. down at 444. different type of day. yesterday we had heavy rain in the morning followed by sunshine
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and strong winds. we start off cold, start off mostly cloudy and 40 right now. 20s back to the west of the mountains. that's also being accompanied by snow showers. our forecast indicates we have snow showers back into the mountains. a few inches expected. they're opening up for business today. the ski resort and the only one in maryland is actually opening up. they're getting a fresh snowpack. we could have flurries leading into the afternoon. cleared out overnight and through tomorrow. we try to stay clear at least through saturday morning. saturday afternoon, beyond we'll talk about another storm that could give us a taste of winter. as far as we're concerned, we're expecting this afternoon, downtown baltimore mostly cloudy, maybe a stray flake. we have a better chance of flurries flying into our west. westminster about 36 degrees. let's get a check of the roads
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now, here's kim. >> 695 is looking really good this morning. no incidents or accidents working, though we still have another intersection closed, cecil county due to high water and flooding. delaware avenue closed in both directions. elkton. be aware of that. same thing in middle river. eastern avenue closed at earl street because of high water and flooding. northbound lanes at the fort mchenry toll plaza. disabled vehicle blocking unlane. wind warnings posted at the key bridge this morning. traffic is really quiet as you make your way here, past the convention center towards the harbor. jamie and megan, back to you. the problem we have going on every day in the mornings and afternoons. it's caused behind you and in front of you. you have nowhere to go. >> police say an amtrak train collided with another in durham,
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north carolina killing two children. the mother doesn't have injuries. it's a million dollar waterfront home near seattle a pile of ashes after a massive fire. the fire was so out of control that part of the roof collapses right on top of three firefighters. luckily none of them were injured. all have been accounted for. nobody was home when this fire broke out. the home was worth over $2 million. the owner just invested a million dollars in remodelling the home just over a year ago. listen: you'll be waking up to kids shortly, picking out their clothes and what to wear, what will they eat for breakfast? >> general mills plans to reduce the amount of sugar in their cereal marketing to children in ten of its cereals. it didn't provide a timeline for reaching that goal, but the food
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and drug administration has been cracking down on misleading packaging. a target still on the back of south carolina governor mark sanford. >> we have a governor foresaking, abandoning, deserting his office. >> we have details when we come back.
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all right, you're looking at uh, against my better judgment, maybe i won't open this umbrella inside. thanks for the gift from the faculty and students. they signed this for me. very cool. it'll be cool outside today, you don't need the umbrella, but there could be a rain or snow shower as cold air rushes in. will hold our temperatures nearly steady. dropping into the 20s overnight. 35, sunny tomorrow, dropping into the teens friday night and saturday morning. we'll stay in the 30s. not a large storm, but could have minor accumulation with wet snow turning to a wintry mix on sunday. looks like temperatures actually warm up with the rain and we'll get back to near 50 by tuesday. let's get back up to new york and get this morning's tech bytes. in today's tech bits, facebook begins rolling out new privacy controls. facebook is requiring millions of members to review and update their settings the next time they log on. controls are designed to
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simplify privacy, giving users control over each piece of information they add to the site. for example, every time someone posted a picture, they can choose whether friends only, friends of friends or everyone can see it. some privacy advocates say the new settings still expose too much information about users. at&t is considering incentives to encourage some customers to use less wireless data. the iphone has been a big bandwidth hog with users surfing the web and downloading videos onto their phone. analysts say the company could eventually introduce a tiered pricing structure, charging more for more data use. some new technology turns smartphones into credit card machines. a company called square makes a small device that plugs into the iphone and other gadgets.
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you plug it in, swipe your card and can sign the screen right there. finally: a new report asks how much information do we consume? researchers at the university of california san diego looked at everything we do from surfing the web to watching tv to texting. they found the average american consumes 100,000 words of information a day. they don't actually read that many words, they just cross their eyes and ears in 24 hours. for information on all these stories, log onto the technology page at those are your tech bytes, i'm vinita nair.
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the an early christmas gift from a total stranger. how a popular music group is helping a family that broke baltimore's heart. the men of morning tv welcomes a brand new guy to this morning club. we'll introduce you and let you know. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. >> let's look at our weather. here's justin berk. good morning, justin. >> video there too of an attempted record in wisconsin. we'll talk about that later on. but we're looking at big snow, blizzard conditions in the great lakes. and pushing its way through new york state into new england. we have a little burst of flurries at least in tony


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