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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  December 21, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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snowflakes hardened into a stubborn mess. they are not moving much. it took a while to get here. we had the snowstorm friday night. today's monday morning. first time they've been through. >> reporter: as residents flooded the 311 call center calling for the city's help in clearing icy areas the city is also asking them to do their part. >> we are asking them to clear their sidewalks so people won't have to walk in the streets. >> reporter: lisa mitchell found out firsthand just how difficult that can be. as she tried to clean her own walk. >> as soon as y'all leave i'm putting this thing down. >> reporter: with temperatures expected to hover in the 30s it doesn't appear the snow will disappear any time soon. but it's just fine with those back at our sledding hill. >> it was fun. >> reporter: where each pass down the slopes provides a new
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thrill and new chance to have some fun. in east baltimore, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> crews will continue to work throughout the clock throughout the week to finish cleaning up the streets and residents are asked to bring their trash and recyclables around to the front of their homes to home facilitate pickup this week. an important reminder tonight from the baltimore city fire department. when clearing snow from the sidewalk or parking space clear the fire high trant as well. it only takes a few seconds and could save your life or the life of someone you know. >> what we want people to do is shovel the snow in and around the fire hydrants just outside their homes. why it's important is because if firefighters have to respond to their home to exfinger qish a fire -- extinguish a fire, trying to get access to the hydrant can waste precious time. >> make sure you clear a path from the street to the front door so paramedics can get to your house in the event of an emergency. we've received word baltimore county schools will be closed again tomorrow. you see a list of closings
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across the bottom of the screen. crews have been busy getting the last of the snow off the roads and residents are tackling their sidewalks. abc2 news roosevelt leftwich joins us. did you help anybody shovel today? >> no, my back said don't shovel any more snow after sunday. most of the heavy digs was done by most folks on sunday knowing they had to go to work today. you can call today's activities the finishing touches. today was a day to finish up sidewalks and chop through that ice that accumulated on walkways. baltimore county crews got on top of the snow early and were not able to get the -- were able -- just able to get the main roads clear but a lot of side streets had been plowed and salted as well. that made it easier for folks to get out and finish things up. some even got a chance to play by giving up -- a new winter job. >> it's a different kind of sweat i guess. they got it as a christmas present.
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>> reporter: you used to play here as a kid, too? >> yes. >> reporter: it's steep if you're a little kid. >> absolutely. they are having a lot of trouble walking back up the hill but it's fun. >> we started 8:00 yesterday morning. finished at noon. we got our driveway. what happened was, my neighbor next door, myself and the neighbor, we, three parts each, with the snow blower. we've had the snow blower for six years. it paid for itself this time. >> reporter: i would say it did. as they were able to clear out a good part of that neighborhood. that's what a lot of folks were doing trying to get sidewalks and that kind of thing clear. one of the things, too, with the plow crews, they were knocking back that last bit of snow to make sure the roads are pretty much what they would do on a normally dry day. we saw plenty of cars that hadn't been moved probably since the big snow. that was keeping some of the plow crews and a lot of the snow on the side of the road.
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one of the things you can do, get the car out of the way so the plows can put the finishing touch on your street. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> looked pretty good my way. what are folks saying out there? i know the arteries are clear but what about the side streets? >> a lot of the side streets, especially driving around baltimore county, i was surprised a lot of them were pretty clear. one street, the guy we just talked with, his street had just been touched by the plow but a lot of the crews got through a lot of the side streets. i live in baltimore county. my street looked pretty good but once again, if he got the cars on the street that makes the plows -- plow guy's job harder. you can get the cars off the street, that way they can clear it out and it will look just like a spring day which i hope comes very soon. >> roosevelt leftwich, thank you for that live report. what is in store now? let's check in with norm lewis. did you say more precip on the way? >> we have the chance for a little mixed precipitation, by the time we get along towards the end of the week. but not a big situation. you were talking to rosy about
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some of the side streets. one thing i noticed today, is that the main roads look pretty good. people are doing normal speed on the main roads, then turn into a side street and don't realize there's still a lot of ice there and that's where a lot of people have been sliding and, you know, taking down mailboxes and things of that nature. so be real careful getting off the nice clear street on to the side streets, or even entrances into shopping centers, things of that nature. temperaturewise across the region now, not looking too bad. from our storm center weathernet in howard community college, 36 degrees. a high today of 39 at northwest middle school in baltimore 35. and not as warm in carney, a high of 36. and now they are 33. look for mostly clear skies now, temperatures holding in the mid to low 30s the next couple of hours but it will be colder by early tomorrow morning. the complete forecast coming up. still no word from police if icy roads may have been a factor but a crash in baltimore
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county takes the life of one man. it happened just after 11:00 last night on mount carmel road near maysmore and hereford. investigators say the vehicle driven by 36-year-old richard winkler iii crossed the center line and went down an embankment. a ups driver has been charged in a crash that killed "the baltimore sun"'s business editor. it happened in october on york road at cornit road in baltimore county police say tim wheatley was turning on to york road when his car was hit by the ups truck. police say the driver has been charged with negligent driving, failure to stop at a red light and also failure to oh buy a traffic device. wheatley died at the scene. his daughter was seriously hurt. ocean city's town council is considering some code changes following several carbon monoxide leaks. council today discussed a proposal requiring that anyone installing or dealing with gas appliances be state certified. this follows several carbon
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monoxide leaks at resort properties including one that led to the death of two tourists in 2006. tonight there could be a key vote on a zoning measure for maryland's largest slot machine facility. the anne arundel county council is considering two measures. one would allow the cordish company to move forward with the plan to put more than 4,700 slots near the arundel mills mall. another would allow slots at laurel park. the meeting will be held at 7:00 tonight and we'll have coverage tonight on the news at 11:00. another beltway highway project that has been scheduled to get underway tomorrow has been postponed, a testify rather but longterm -- a temporary but longterm split. between i-83 and charles street. the project has been put on hold because of the snowstorm, until the first week of january. this weekend's storm was terrible timing for mall shoppers but they are making up for lost time. people crammed into stores to
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finish the shopping many thought they would do saturday. many retailers were stacked wall-to-wall with customers who say despite the snow they would have waited until the last minute anyway. >> absolutely. i thrive on the procrastination. it's still a little early. >> the towson town center, whitemarsh mall, mall at columbia and owings mills are extending shopping hours tomorrow and wednesday. they will be open until midnight to try to make up for some of the money lost because of the snowstorm. ho, ho, ho. john w. anderson and deputies and employees of the baltimore city sheriff's office wish all of you a very merry christmas. ♪ we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas ♪ >> the baltimore city sheriff's department is wishing everyone a merry christmas. deputies collected money from their fellow officers and purchased a bunch of gift for the abc2 kinder time toy drive. it's something they do every year. thanks to them. today's celebration, as you can
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see took place at the mitchell courthouse downtown. if you would like to give to our annual kinder time toy drive there's still time. just buy a toy, drop it off unwrapped. the response has been overwhelming. tonight was the deadline for donating at most dropoff locations but if you would still like to help we'll accept toys at the studios, 6400 york road, through tomorrow night. a reminder, all the toys collected will be distributed tomorrow evening. we've gotten a post blizzard update on the roads but what about the rails? coming up, the latest on train travel across the region. cheryl conner live at bwi marshall airport. look at the line of cars leading up to the departures. we'll let you know if the airport is back to normal after the weekend blizzard. >> from our storm center weathernet in bel air tonight. 31 degrees. and some refreezing of the
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stuff that melted over. norm has the complete forecast coming up. >> this is the satterly family, mary, caleb and lydia. daddy is working. we're in bamberg, germany, merry christmas to all our friends and family in maryland.
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an already hectic week at thurgood marshall airport now includes extra travel headaches. just two days after a blizzard and four days from christmas folks are still trying to get
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to and from. cheryl conner joins us with the details. how bad is it? >> look at the line of cars leading up to the check-in area at bwi marshall. [no audio] inches of snow caused the airport to shut down. airlines are juggling schedules and passengers are leaving later than planned but things are getting back on schedule today. on saturday the airport closed after most of the airlines cancelled their flights. plows came in to clear the runways and the airport reopened about eight hours later. we spoke to a family who was expecting their son and daughter, arrive from college saturday but instead they came in this afternoon. >> it's nice knowing that we could get them a hotel and everything in advance. that they were all settled and safe while we were waiting for them to come. >> it's been a number of years since we've seen this much
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snow. recordbreaking snow for december. it's just a real effort for the airport employees to get it up and running as soon as we did. >> reporter: back live now, if you plan on coming to the airport this evening definitely allow extra time. we have seen that line leading up to the departures get longer this evening. and as always jonathan dean says you need to call your airline before you head to the airport and you should probably expect a delay. live at bwi marshall, cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> i know you've been talking to folks. what is the longest of people having to wait? >> we talked to one guy this afternoon who had to wait -- he was actually scheduled for monday. instead he was probably going to be bumped back until wednesday morning. so he was expecting to get to his family today to start the holidays a little early. again, he's having to wait until wednesday morning so, these are some of the stories we're hearing this afternoon. >> ok. hearts go out to the folks. thank you, cheryl conner for the live report from bwi marshall. amtrak says operations along the northeast corridor
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are almost back to normal following that storm this weekend. we're told about a handful of trains between washington and boston were cancelled today but the majority are running pretty close to schedule. meanwhile, marc trains will be operating on a limited schedule again tomorrow because of the lingering effects of the storm. the "s" schedule will be in effect meaning only trains with an s under the number in the timetable will operate. the decision about wednesday's service will be made tomorrow afternoon. there's word tonight that the maryland zoo in baltimore will remain closed through christmas because of the huge snowstorm this weekend. the zoo is tentatively set to reopen at 10:00 a.m. on the 26th. the president of the zoo says while the polar bears are having a fun time in the snow many other animals cannot go outside in this cold weather. >> the polar
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bears are having a grand time. >> they are like at home. >> the 2-degree guarantee for today was 35 degrees. how high did it get? there's the 35-degree. 37. we did hit that 2-degree guarantee. our winner today, wayne kaufman of bel air, congratulations, you scored an umbrella. temperatures at bwi marshall, 33 degrees, 61% humidity, wind currently from the west at 9, pressure rising 30.07. temperatures across the region now -- 31 york. 36 hagerstown. 25 oakland. over in ocean city now, 34 degrees. when you figure in the breeze that's the wind chill. what it feels like outside. our satellite and radar picture throughout the day, a few light clouds across the area, a few snow flurries over western portions of pennsylvania, western new york but not bothering us much. as the sun goes down a lot of the clouds are kiss operating. that is going to -- dissipating and that is going to give us a clear sky now. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar no precipitation at least for the next couple of days but got a chance for mixed
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precipitation by the end of the week. damascus 31. 36 silver spring. arnold 35. 34 frederick. smithburg 33. 29 aberdeen. 32 norrisville and rock hall at 36. or forecast for tonight, the few clouds we've got around now are basically going to dissipate as we go through the overnight period. tomorrow lots of sunshine, more melting going on as we get warmer temperatures. as you can see showers break out in the ohio valley. as shower activity heads in our direction. that is going to give us the chance for mixed precipitation by the end of the week. for tonight clear, 24 for the overnight low. so whatever melts during the day today or melted during the day today will re-form into ice during the day tomorrow. mostly sunny, chilly, high of 36 degrees. in your extended outlook for the next seven days, there it is there. mostly sunny on tuesday and wednesday. thursday partly cloudy 36. friday, on christmas day, a chance for mixed precipitation, rain, maybe freezing rain saturday and sunday. monday sunshine returns with milder temperatures.
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we'll see you tonight at 11:00. >> thank you. take a look at this. the washington redskins are removing an estimated 25 million pounds of snow ahead of their game against the new york giants tonight at fedex field. 1,200 workers on the job. apparently they started shoveling saturday morning and have been clearing the parking lot, the ramps and seating areas. the team is encouraging fans to get to the stadium early. kickoff is scheduled for 8:30. the baltimore ravens are a step closer to the playoffs. the ravens beat up on the bears 31-7 yesterday at m&t m&t bank stadium. next stop pittsburgh. >> right now, the 24-hour rule. i'm still under that. i'm enjoying this right now. i think everybody knows what that game means. for us to go back there and win the championship. >> sunday's game, with
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pittsburgh kicks off at 1:00. we learned that defensive back and returner ladarius webb will not be playing. he has a torn acl in his right knee. norm will be right back with a final look at the forecast. this is traffic at 695 and harford road, move, but slowly.
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more stimulus money is headed to maryland. bawblght is getting -- baltimore is getting $6 million from the department of energy. baltimore city. sheila dixon made the announcement at a step forward, a housing unit in west baltimore. the funds will help community organizations do cost saving improvements in some neighborhoods. the dow made 85 points. actually, no -- yeah, gained 85. nasdaq 26. and s&p 500 up 11.
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we're working to help you in these tough economic times on you need to check our "financial survival guide." you'll find it in the "works for you" section. today, advice for when you should and shouldn't buy extra protection for your major purchases. plus, some last-minute holiday gift ideas that you can make at home. and, five steps to save money on your food budget. you may not know it but today's frank zappa day in baltimore. the world renowned musician was born in baltimore on december 21, 1940. he died in 1993 of prostate cancer. the city's public art commission voted to accept a bronze bust of zappa, a gift from a group of fans from lithuania. and will be placed outside baltimore's southeast anchor library. a similar bust is a tourist attraction in the lithuanian capital. a key vote in a zoning
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measure for maryland's largest slot machine facility. we'll have complete coverage tonight at 11:00. plus, just two days after marylanders got stranded on the tack -- tarmac at bwi marshall, major changes from the government. that's tonight at 11:00. what we're going to find in the 7-day forecast, melting during the day. refreezing at night. no more snow is in the forecast. but by the time you get to christmas day you could see mixed precipitation with rainfall during the day, with a high of 41 degrees. as soon as the temperatures start to fall at night we could get some freezing rain, sleet and snow. >> probably because of that refreezing we're receiving word in addition to baltimore county, anne arundel county, harford and anne arundel county school systems are out for tomorrow. that's it for abc2 news at 6:00. see you at 11:00. have a great evening. ówswbw
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