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tv   News  ABC  December 22, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EST

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anything that melted yesterday did refreeze overnight. 38 monkton. 32 sparrows point. wind gusts of 14 miles per hour, your current wind chill taking you to 28 degrees in sparrows point. clouds north and west. more clouds now than yesterday. a mostly cloudy day. i know i said this yesterday morning, we wound up with a lot of sunshine, i didn't hear anybody complain. this morning look for ice and plan for a high of about 36 with more clouds than we had seen yesterday. let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. we're pretty light on incidents around the area this morning. just some road hazards to let you know about if you're headed out. none working on the west side at liberty road but we have a disabled vehicle on the outer loop lanes. that is going to be on the ramp to southbound 295. i am getting word that traffic is able to get by that but you may see that if you head out. in towson, it's closed between concordia and brook hollow road because of the watermain break. detours are in effect. in cockeysville, southbound
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lanes at york road, right lane taken away at beaver run road because of repair work there. and looking good here at the bromo tower. back to you. 5:30 now. police have a guy locked up for shoveling. he allegedly forced his offer on a woman in canton and then she says the worst possible thing happened after that. abc2 news linda so live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. neighbors say the man was asking people if they needed help shoveling snow. when one woman took him up on his offer she was brutally attacked. police say 19-year-old donald vaughn of whitestone, virginia, has been arrested and charged with first degree rape and attempted murder. on saturday during the height of the storm police say he asked a 26-year-old woman if he could shovel snow at her home in the 800 block of south kenwood avenue in canton. she said yes and paid him. moments later though police say he came back and forced his way into the house through a side door. he attacked the woman with a kitchen knife. slit her throat and raped her. after the assault he stole cash and two cell phones.
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that is how police were able to track him down. neighbors say news of the attack is a wakeup call. >> everyone knows everyone around here. it's really a great neighborhood to live in. >> safety is always a concern around here. it's all young professionals and a lot of young girls by themselves here. >> police say vaughn was in baltimore visiting family for the holidays. a virginia newspaper is reporting he's a prime suspect in two other recent rapes there. he was under police surveillance as police waited for forensic evidence to come back. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. 5:32 now. still no word from police if icy roads played a factor in a crash that took the life of a baltimore county man. happened sunday night close to mount carmel road up here in hereford. investigators tell us that the vehicle driven by 36-year-old richard winkler iii crossed the center line and went down an embankment. a ups driver has been charged in the crash that killed "the baltimore sun"
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business editor. it happened in october on york road and corbit road in baltimore county. police say tim wheatley was turning on to york road when he was hit by a ups road. the driver has been charged with negligent driving, failure to stop at a red light and failure to obey a traffic device. wheatley died at the scene. his daughter was seriously hurt. another beltway highway project that had been scheduled to get underway today has been postponed. temporary but longterm split of the eastbound lanes of the inner loop beltway at 83 and charles street. because of the weekend storm the project has now been put on hold until the first week of january. 5:33 now. this weekend's storm was terrible timing for malls and shoppers but both are now making up for lost time. huge crowds are expected out again today. at towson town center, cramming into the stores to finish all the shopping that many had planned for saturday and sunday. many retailers ended up stacking wall-to-wall with customers who say despite the
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snow they would have waited until the last minute anyway. >> absolutely. i thrive on the procrastination. this is still a little early. i still have thursday night so i'm good. >> they have plenty of time. towson town center, whitemarsh mall, mall at columbia and owings mills mall are all extending shopping hours today and tomorrow. they will be open until midnight to try to make up for some of the lost money because of the snowstorm. ho, ho, ho, sliver john w. anderson and deputies and employees of the baltimore city sheriff's office wish all of you a very merry christmas! ♪ we wish you a merry christmas♪ >> baltimore city sheriff's department is wishing everyone a merry christmas. they collected money from their fellow officers and purchased a bunch of gifts for the abc2 kinder time toy drive. it's something they do every year. we thank them. today's celebration took place at the mitchell courthouse in downtown baltimore. >> you see that one woman doing the robot?
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looked good. a reminder, all those great toys that everybody has been collecting are now out in our lobby and will be picked up tonight around 6:30. you still do have time to drop off toys but you have to do it here at our studio, 6400 york road. >> the reason behind this, again, pete "on the street" o'neal lost his mother in this city due to violent crime. he thought a way to remember her is to do this every christmas. we want to thank you for your begun -- generosity, to make someone else's holiday season just a little brighter. >> they really did take a hit over the weekend because of the snowstorm. a lot of toys were not collected at certain places. you can still do it. all you have to do is bring a new unwrapped toy to the studio. again, 6400 york road and it's right here in baltimore. very close to towson university. do that before 5:00 tonight. that way we can get them to all the underprivileged kids in the area. sometimes answering a child's question about life can be very difficult. >> i was only 4 years old.
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she explained it to me as a boo boo on her tummy. >> one family took the tough questions and made it easier for families who are coping with the realities of life. before we head to break, before you head out the door, here's justin. >> good morning to you. good morning to jean taylor in westminster. i know he may still be scraping off some of the snow from the long driveway. we'll see if we can get a call from him and a later snow update. 32 degrees downtown. from the maryland science center to the national aquarium. got a northwest wind and bit of a wind chill. more on the christmas forecast coming up in a bit. right now let's check in with mark jones. >> the commute looks good now on light rail and the metro subway. both are on time. marc trains on a special schedule. if you look at the schedule it's trains with the s on it and things are on time out there on the camden, penn, brunswick lines. on the buses, they are still having a problem negotiating some side streets and hilly areas. best advice, look for the bus on the main thoroughfares.
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dealing with diversion activity, including the number 3 bus, that is still not at shepherd pratt. terminating the towson loop. and number 4 terminating eastbound at bowl neck loop. and number 36 using the alameda in both directions. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. headaches know when you're stressed. tired. running on empty.
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we're definitely getting frustrated. we just have to accept the situation. i'm sure they would love to get us off. what can we do? >> optimism is important to have and looks like it's paying off. after being suspended for three days euro star trains are back. the service is up and running. the weather-related suspensions left 40,000 stranded passengers in paris, britain, belgium but today they are finally getting a move on. thank you for joining us. >> welcome in. now 5:41. here's weather. once again we got closings, more closings and delays at the bottom of the
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screen. keep watching those. we'll pass them through to you. around the region right now, i want to show you sites from the parking lot at the harbor school. they worked on it yesterday. you see shiny spots? most likely if it's shiny it's slippery. be careful. 31 degrees, winds light out of the northeast. kingsville 30. shine on their parking lot as well. can't avoid that really. the sun we had yesterday giving way to melting. you may want to adjust the wakeup temperatures because they were in the mid-20s about an hour and a half ago. we're now closer to 30 in most spots, still icy spots. aiming for 36 and more clouds than yesterday. let's check the roads with kim brown. >> thank you. yes, ice is certainly a possibility and reality in some areas. especially on the side streets and neighborhoods. so just use caution as we look at the beltway, the main roads looking pretty good. we have building volume on the west side of the outer loop but no problems around the area. we had an earlier disabled vehicle on the outer loop in the southbound lanes of 295 on
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the exit ramp. that's been cleared and now we have a crash, actually on the bw parkway in the southbound lanes at the beltway so just use caution there, it takes away the left lane and left shoulder. as we peek at the city cameras on the jfx, across the 41st street bridge traffic is looking pretty good in both directions. back to you. good good samaritans, i stress good, do it all the time. >> they offer to clean up your sidewalk after a big snowstorm. >> but when one woman took up a stranger's offer it landed her in the hospital. why police arrested the man they say had a hidden motive.
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save money. live better. walmart. 5:45. snow brings out the best in people. people shoveling. >> people making meals for those who are homebound. linda so is live with the worst in people. she brings us the story in the studio. >> police say he presented himself as a good neighbor. he was going around asking people if they needed help clearing snow. a woman took him up on his offer and it allegedly led to a brutal attack. on saturday, during the height of the storm, police say donald vaughn asked a 26-year-old woman if he could shovel snow in her home in the 800 block of
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south kenwood avenue in canton, she said yes and paid him. police say moments later he came back, forced his way into the house through a side door. he attacked her with a kitchen knife, slit her throat and raped her. neighbors say he saw the man asking people if they needed help shoveling. >> he came up to me when i was by myself, he was like, hey, you need help? i was like, no thanks. he just hung around. my neighbor stepped in because you saw this guy approaching me. that's when he just stepped away. >> police say vaughn was in baltimore visiting family for the holidays. a virginia newspaper is reporting he is a prime suspect if two other recent rapes there. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. the anne arundel county council right now has approved a zoning change that will allow a casino to be built right next to the arundel mills mall. slots supporters say the county needs the money. opponents say a mall is the wrong location for a casino. they believe when voters approved the slots referendum
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they thought the casino would be placed at laurel park racetrack. the county executive john leopold could approve the slots bill as soon as today. people who live near the mall are trying to collect signatures right now to force another referendum to keep slots away. 5:47. let's look at some of the other stories we're working on for you this morning. the senate is hours away from a key procedural test on health care reform legislation. the democrats prevailed on a similar test vote early yesterday. democrats now have -- they have 60 votes needed to cut off republican delays. still a final vote is not expected before late thursday. meantime, we have a new survey that suggests that the public's views on health care haven't swayed much because of the political battles in washington. a new poll out by the robert wood johnson foundation, 77% believed in november a health care overhaul is important for improving the economy. a lawyer for the suspect in
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the fort hood shootings says his client was prevented from praying in arabic with his family. the attorney john galaghan says police stopped a conversation major nidal was having with his brother on friday because it was not in english. nidal hasan is accused of killing 13 people and wounding dozens more in the fort hood attack. ike miller, his first name? >> alex. >> alex ike miller from baltimore, the guy heading to jamaica for his brother's wedding. and forced to sit on the tarmac for more than seven hours. in 121 days airlines will no longer be able to keep people like ike miller stuck in grounded planes. for more than three hours. violations could result in staggering fines. the only exceptioning would be for security, safety or disruption of airport operations. no doubt about it, answering comirns questions about cancer -- children's
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questions about cancer or really anything that deals with sickness can be very difficult. in our health minute, dr. gupta explains why being honest and open can be helpful for the child as well as the patient. >> reporter: when tess first found out hermana had cancer her questions were simple. >> i was only 4 years old, she explained it to me as a boo boo on her tummy. >> reporter: then a grandfather died of cancer and there were more questions. >> stopped for breakfast at our favorite place. >> reporter: tess and her grandmother put conversations into a book called nana with cancer, published by the american cancer society. >> i believe the way to talk to kids about cancer is to be open and honest with them. >> reporter: some of the questions children ask are surprising. others universal. >> the first thing that surprised me was that she was worried about can i catch cancer. >> reporter: or if she can make it worse. and why some people got the good cancer, others the bad.
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she hopes the book will not only educate families about the disease but encourage adults and children to share their worries and joys as they live with cancer. she says spending time with tess is good medicine. >> there's nothing like a smile for the immune system of the sick one, that's for sure. >> reporter: according to the doctor brawley, nearly half of all people with cancer now survive, leaving more time for conversations and answering those children's questions. 5:50. i want to point out something interesting. a couple of things on the northern view in reference to baltimore. you see the snow here that is backing its way from eastern canada back into maine? this is a sign of a blocking pattern that keeps it very cold along the eastern seaboard. then we've got this little band of snow, this is in response to fast winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere. those like the band we saw yesterday, likely to not make
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it and survive across the mountains but something that is actually going to help include some more cloudiness. if you're watching yesterday i called for a mostly cloudy day, it turned to be mostly sunny. that was actually a good thing but we have ourselves probably a better likelihood of getting more cloudiness as we head in through today. we've already pushed the clouds in overnight. 32 in baltimore, that's bumped up from where we were this morning but temperatures likely not to move much over the course of the day. remaining mostly cloudy, 36 degrees our 2-degree guarantee and for tonight we'll slip back to 21 as we should try to clear out, again, plan for icy conditions to re-develop. for tomorrow, aiming for about 33. a little cooler despite the fact that we'll have more sunshine. we'll have the outlook through christmas weekend in a moment. let's check the roads with kim. >> traffic is flowing freely around the beltway but we still have a crash working in the southbound lanes of the bw parkway at the beltway. that continues to block the left lane and left shoulder. also, a crash up in northern baltimore county out in freeland, that is going to be
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at valley road, valley mill road and walker road so use caution there. a pair of road hazards around the area, utility problems still in reisterstown, route 140 at glens falls road, a broken watermain on the scene. in taneytown, southbound lanes of route 140 still closed, that is at -- excuse me, old taneytown road because of a utility problem, traffic gets by in the northbound lanes. pratt and president streets, still quiet through downtown baltimore here. back to you. from baltimore to tampa with love. >> the weekend blizzard grounded not only flights but also wedding plans. shawana hodge and her soldier fiancee were supposed to be married in orlando but after a day of delays and cancellations her husband-to-be finally caught a flight to tampa at midnight sunday. guess where he was stuck? at bwi marshall airport. so, with the wedding party at her side shawana decided she couldn't wait any longer. after a quick reunion and a few tears the middle of tampa's
5:53 am
airport became shawana and cody's chapel of love. >> do you take shawna michelle hodge to be your lawfully wedded wife. >> i do. >> you may now kiss the bride. >> can we rerack -- we can't. did you see the minister? looked like he was from east baltimore. where did they find that guy? >> they had to improvise. they got married at the airport. the story broke baltimore's heart. >> it did. but the heavy snow wasn't enough to keep this little sugar from one family's home. we have the story of the pudgy pug making it back home. if you've taken your sleep aid
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it's 5:56. sugar bear is back. she's the little pug that we have been asking to you keep an eye out after she got lost from the snow. her little escape over the weekend. >> yesterday there was a knock at the door. and snow plow driver spotted
5:57 am
sugar almost stepping on to the beltway on saturday night. saturday night around 11:00 the 8-year-old, 19-pound pug who limps when she runs, sugar hates the cold so mom was shoveling a trail. when she turned her back sugar got confused and followed a different trail. her paw prints led up the ramp to the beltway. sugar bear is the miracle bear right now. >> she's back home. >> we'll be back to tell you about the 6:00 news.
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wait until you hear what police are investigating in canton. >> they finally hit the jackpot in anne arundel county. slots are a go but not without a major fight. >> did uncle joe make it in yet? from sacramento? is irisha going to


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