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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 3, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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like we said very slick road conditions. as we look around more on the west side traffic is moving at a fairly decent pace. check the drive time southbound on the harris berg destroy looking good towards 69a, 6 minutes and take it easy on the jfx, about 5 minutes from the beltway to northern parkway. >> first things first at 1:00 here this morning, the double t dine certificate in the news. according to the baltimore sun, at least 14 women who got a pay check were groped, grabbed, sexually abused by bosses or fellow employees. a recent lawsuit says stie any was the target working at the double t in past dean a lawyers deny the allegations saying they have a detailed anti- harassment policy in place. about the accelerator and more about the brake when driving in baltimore county this morning.
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speed camera citations will be issued starting today at sulfur spring road and near dunn dock middle school and elementary school. shirley johnson joins us live in arbutus this morning with what you need to know. >> reporter: , worm, megan. there wering 15 speed cameras and two go into effect this morning. we're here in the arbutus area by sulfur spring road outside of arbutus middle school. there is mixed emotions about this. many people have different opinions about it. the camera system can take a picture of your license plate and issue a ticket automatically and one of the two cameras that will issue tickets today is dunn may way in front of dunn dock elementary school, a long straight stretch of road where drivers could easily reach speeds of 35 to 40 miles an hour or higher, but the speed limit is actually 25 miles an
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hour. the camera will issue a ticket if you're driving 12 miles over the speed limit. some drivers have theories why the cameras are a bad idea. >> as soon as they see the signs, they're either going to slam on the brakes and the people behind them might not notice that and it can cause a lot of accidents. >> the cameras will only operate monday through friday from 6 in the morning until 8 at night. if you get a ticket, the fine is $40. you won't have any points on your record. reporting live in arbutus, sher reason johnson,abc two news. a developing story out of nornlg noshing. police are investigating a failed car bomb in the heart of times square. a handbag vendor alerted police to an suv packed with propane tanks and fireworks and gasoline containers. the search continues for who is behind it but they have a video to go on. the focus turned to this suv and the police commissioner raymond kelly says video shows
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the vehicle entering the area around 6:30 saturday night. a vendor says he noticed the car smoking and flagged down an officer. duane jackson's village lance is recognized by authorities in baltimore. >> what happened in new york reminds us all it is so important as we get further and further away from 9/11 and further and further away from terrorist attacks here in the united states we all have to remain vigilant. >> surveillance video shows a man in his 40s slipping down an ally, taking off his shirt and revealing another one underneath. now, a monitoring group says pakistan's taliban chief promised attacks in a video apparently dated early april released following the car bomb scare in times square. the video contains no specific claim, but the group also apparently tries to take credit in another video. new york's mayor and police commissioner said there is no evidence of a taliban link. and following another developing story this morning,
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authorities have found the bodies of four more people killed by floods in nashville, tennessee. that means that a total of 11 people have been killed in tennessee, and four in mississippi after a series of powerful thunderstroms this weekend brought tornadoes and record rain. crews rescued more than 600 people in the water this weekend and heavy downpours wash oud major roads. the oil spill in the gulf, president obama took a first hand look how to seal the gush, and the president says bp is responsible for the massive clean up. diana aveair reports near the slick. >> president obama vowed accountability after getting his first look at an eek logical disaster. >> bp is responsible for this leak. bp will be paying the bill. as president of the united states, i am going to spare no effort to respond to this
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crisis for as long as it continues. we will spare no resource to clean up whatever damage it caused. >> the damage could be catastrophic. the entire gulf coast is threatened by the oil spill, 30 miles and growing. on dolphin island home to a bird sanctuary crews worked to build a three mile barrier to keep the oil away from the shoreline. >> because of the depth of the water and the width, probably the most effective way to flock this. >> we're responsible for this clean up and any impact that it occurs and we agree with the concern and stress it caused on people. >> bp crews are drilling a relief well to stop the leak. that could take three months to complete. since the explosion as many as 210,000 gallons of oil have gushed daily from the damaged oil well. stormy weather has kept it at sea, and the sluggish pace allowed precious additional hours of preparation. louisiana fisherman struggled to lay thousands of feet of
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boom to head off the oil. >> they have the 35-foot seas to continue with and the rope they have is poley. >> the livelihood under threat, they say they have no choice but to keep fighting. >> the news is getting worse for fisherman. noah banned commercial and rec reconciliational fishing for the next ten days. all the way from the mississippi river to the pensacola bay. the orioles did spring cleaning and went for the sweep and here we go. thai doubled home the winning home in the tenth inning giving the orioles a 3-2 win over the red sox, and it is victory. bam. the orioles first sweep at home in 36 years. they begin a three game set against the yankees in new york. not all the good news was the orioles. brian roberts says his lower
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back problems are keeping him out of the lineup indefinitely. he went on the d l april 12th and to receive more treatment on the disc in his back and they say he can be out anywhere from three weeks to three months. parents, a recall of more than 40 over-the-counter children's medications. >> news that may be hard to swallow. strong winds cause a wave of problems. >> look at the 75 degrees, rain is only knocked us down 5 degrees so warm muggy start, and heavy rain on the west side of the beltway and check out maryland's most powerful doppler on this wetted monday coming up. >> good morning, the commute started a good one out there on the system, no delays on camden and slowing buses on some
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. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate
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and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> 72 degrees, picking up almost a tenth of an inch of rain and most coming in the last 20 minutes. coming down heavy even though the totals may not seem impressive and it is east of ellicott city and we have five sweeps coming through the west side that extend from wood lawn through arbutus and elk ridge and on top of bwi. randrandallstown is getting it and pushing towards bellaire as well. there is another batch right from in hagerstown crossing the mountains. overall we have ourselves a pretty heavy rain waiting to push through the area. we'll deal with it all morning long. it will take until midday to pass through the areas. temperatures in the 70s this morning, official sunrise you will not see at 6:06 and we get to 79 as the rain starts to taper off and a partly sunny afternoon with 83 as our 2
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degrees guarantee and an isolated thunderstorm still possible. it is 5:11. see what's happening on the wet roads. >> it is pretty quiet on the roadway. we all know how rain can impact the monday morning commute. fortunately not a lot happening now as we take a peak at the west side of the beltway here at liberty road the drive times are looking good as you make your way southbound on 795 and it is going to take you about 12 minutes to make it from route 140 to 695 because people are tapping on the brakes and keeping the speed down some and looking at the cameras no real problems here. traffic moving fairly decently as you head towards i7 0 and look at the top side of the west side at old court road. be careful, the roads are slick. 5:12, a dream come through for a terminally ill woman. >> ties the knot with the love of her life. what made this wedding so special. as our parents get older, their needs change. i am linda so, how we as their
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. storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l l bean. >> it is 5:15. a health alert, really a consumer alert for you. we have a recall of more than 40 over-the-counter medicines for infants and children. listen who is on the list. tylenol, tylenol plus, moe
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stricken, stricken z y r t e c h and benadry l. the fda is advising consumerring shortstop giving the medication to your kids. we often go through role vefersal, instead of our parents taking care of us, it is our turn. linda so is here with how you can care for aging parents and keep them healthy. >> it is easy for them to debt he depressed and feel like they can't do anything. it is important to help them stay active. there are a number of practical ways you can help. encouraging is the first step. to helps to find activities for parents where check exercise and meet new people. all of these can prevent aging parents from becoming isolated. >> your mind is different. your body cannot move and do things any more. you have no interest in anyone
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or anything. it is not good because you age quicker. >> coming up at 6:15, take to you a local senior center to see how a lot of seniors are living out their golder years, and we'll talk about practical ways to take care of your aging parents. strong winds caused a body to capsize here in roosevelt lake near phoenix. six people were in a 12-foot aluminum boat that started taking on water. they say the vote eventually turned over sending six people including two small children in the water. they were rescued and one woman was taken to the hospital for hypothermia. nobody else was hurt. the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. it is 5:17 on monday, the 3rd of may and tiply we would be 48 in the morning and afternoon temperatures of 70. we're starting above 70 degrees. we're 75 at bwi, and the rain
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coming through can prevent us from warming back up too much this afternoon. 34 is the record low just five years ago, 1913 brought us the record high of 91 degrees. sun up the 6:06, down at 8:02 and we could get sun in the afternoon but not this morning. we have 75 in richmond where they lit the 90s yesterday. 60s back towards arrow west and a front is just begining to enter in across the chesapeake bay, so just about an hour ago it was 80 degrees in baltimore and now the rain coming through will bring down the temperatures and although we still have a surge ahead the front itself back to our west will be intinging through with the rain responsible for a wet and slow commute and eventually as it swings through by lunchtime we'll get breaks of sun and there is still instability behind this as you see a couple of lines of showers in ohio. we'll have to deal with the threat of some more storm this is afternoon. there is a little more disturbed area on back towards the west as as as well, behind
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the entire frontal boundary and the complex system and still a chance of something trying to sweep through tomorrow. the strong winds are whipping up and the high avenues and it takes it is oil spill and spreads its way towards the panhandle of florida. once this front swings through winds swik to the northwest and may carry it down towards the gulf coast. we're watching mild air behind the boundary so it won't cool off too much immediately but rain will cut off by lunchtime this afternoon, partly sunny with an isolated storm. clear skies could give us fog and tomorrow afternoon although sun gives us an isolated thunderstorm into the midafternoon hours and dry out over the week. for today it is morning rain and partly sunny with an isolated storm, 83, our 2 degrees guarantee. look for fog over night as clear skies and moisture go way and for tomorrow we'll call it sunny, but there will be
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isolated storms popping up after the noon hour. it is 5:19. take a deep breath. it is going to be a slow ride. here is kim with the latest. >> so far so good on the roadways. really don't have any accidents or delays at this time. we're looking good in terms of volume assist we pay a peek at the beltway. light volume on the west side here at frederick road and traffic is moving fairly decently. you will see people tapping on the brakes because you will encounter plenty of slick spots this morning. as we check the drive time, kicked up just a notch as you make your way southbound on 95 from the beltway down towards the 895 split. that is a 4 minute ride and 6 minutes from the fort mchenry and 10 minutes on the key bridge as you head towards i- 97. the may trashing of day time has died. hellen wagner passed away at the age of 91. she played nancy hughes on the
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cbs soap opera for more than half a century and held the guinness world record for playing the same role for the longest amount of time. other entertainment news at the they are tar, nightmare on he elm street didn't scare away movie goers. the real winner was the super hero sequel iron man 2. it doesn't open in the united states until friday. over the weekend it made $100 million, and that's just overseas. a big night for "dancing with the stars." the six remaining couples do two dances a piece. each couple will perform a dance they haven't done yet and three couples at a time will perform a cha cha cha as a team. you can catch it here tonight. california store workers got quite a surprise. >> a curious young seal lion pup pays a visit and the whole thing caught on tape. we'll show it to you.
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. 5:24. we've had ourselves a rough weekend weather wise across the nation. we're getting the diminished form of the storms, and that's this morning where we have heavy rain, and it will be a slow commute. still watching a heavy band pushing through central maryland. plan for the rain this morning
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and isolated showers this afternoon and back up to 83. fog tonight in the low 60s and tomorrow partly sunny with an isolated storm at 80. back to 78 and dry on wednesday, thursday 84, and after storms on friday we'll knock it into the cooler 60s by the weekend. it is 5:25. take our ride back up to new york and get this morning's tech bites. in the tech bites a cyber security summit kicks off. the international security conference beginning in dallas today is expected to attracted more than 400 government officials from 30 countries. it is designed to get them and industry executives talking about the threats of cyber crime. the officials are looking for common ground perhaps with the hope of preventing a future cyber war. the second wave of ipads hits stores this weekend and many were sold out by sunday. the 3g with cellular connectivity went on sale late friday starting at $629. a top analyst estimated that apple sold about 300,000 of
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them over the weekend including preorders and online sales and also estimated apple has sold more than a million ipads total, both wi-fi only and 3g since they went on sale last month. the web is buzzing with speculation about apple's next move now that it announced it is shutting down online music service they bought lala in december and announced the site will stop operating and many expect a new web version of itunes music store using lala technology and it would mean a subscription service that would allows to listen to songs over i phones and other devices. is twitter the future of news. it is grouped with social networks but an analysis finds it is more closely related to new sites. they looked at more than 100 million tweets and found 85% were news related in some way,
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in many cases a news story appeared on at this twitter faster than cable .
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. good morning, maryland. >> it was times scared. a car bomb found parked is diffused and police are looking over the tape to catch those that ditched tnchts. a minister is facing more than 70 charges of abuse. we have the latest on the investigation. if you saw the derby on saturday, looked like they were racing on peanut butter. kentucky is flooding. good morning. >> hope you had a wonderful weekend wasn't the festival fun st


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