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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 13, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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we're quiet around the beltways, we're getting word of a crash in anne arundel county. route 50 westbound, i'll have more details as they come in. as we check our cameras, pretty quiet on the outer loop and inner loop as well. heading down towards 95, here on the northwest side, old court road, traffic moving at a really good pace. checking our drive times, all looking good in the green. six minutes from the 95 split to 295. 95 southbound looking good to route 32. 15-minute trip. outer loop between i-70 and 95, only six minutes so far. 5:00 right now. today is your chance to get a job at maryland's first casino. it's a 36-acre site located off 95 at the toll plaza at the prime outlets. linda sow joins us with what's being offered today. >> it's your first chance to
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learn about all the different jobs being offered. advertising manager to bartender. a job fair will be held from noon to 8:00. more than 300 positions will be open in october. applicants with start the process online. they're expecting more than 1,000 people to show up today trying to get a job. today's job fair will be an informational job fair. they'll answer all your questions relating to the casino. a whole host of jobs have been posted from cooks to electricians. >> these are jobs that pay $40,000 annually including benefits. we hire locally. should we be fortunate enough to get our license, setting up local job fairs. >> and today's job fair is from noon to 8:00. it'll be held at the perry
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outlets. it'll have a huge buffet. linda sow, abc2 news. the food and drug administration says a kit hasn't been proven effective. its maker says it offers you a chance to peek into your genetic code for signs of diseases like alzheimer's. a dog left a man seriously injured and a little yorkie poo had to be euthanized. his owner is trying to deal with what happened sunday afternoon. >> just sitting there and watching your dog die, bitten like he was, attacked like what he by a pitbull.
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>> harrison has more than 40 stitches in his hand. he's not sure how the injuries will impact his career right now. the pitbull's owner hasn't been charged yet. that dog is expected to be euthanized as well. 5:03 now. the foreclosure crisis may be showing signs of easing. reality track is now reporting that the foreclosure filings on american homes dropped during april and the filings show last month they fell about 2% from a year ago. 334,000 homes received some sort of notice last month or 1 in every 387 homes. there's a neighbor works, hope hotline to help people in danger of losing their homes. here's the number to call. 1-888-995-hope. this news is welcome change. experts predict gas prices will fall as the summer driving season nears. they expected a national average of more than $3 by memorial day,
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now they say prices are likely peaked just below that price. concerns about the global economy have helped drive down gasoline prices. it'll take several weeks for the full effect to hit the pumps. this time of day you're sipping on your first cup of coffee, for another set of four-legged creatures, they're a mad dash right now, 40 miles an hour. horses have started to arrive for saturday's preakness. sherrie johnson live at pimlico where things are getting busy. >> reporter: that's right. kentucky derby winners arrived in baltimore yesterday and were starting quite a buzz. things are quiet right now, but later today will heat up. i'm sure as trainers start bringing the horses around the track. now we know where they'll start
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in saturday's preakness. the third place derby finisher, patty o'prada will start from the 10 th spot. the hype will escalate at 1:30 -- -- 9:30. also today, there'll be the 20th annual preakness crab derby at noon. i've done it in the past, it can be tough. the winner collects $500 for their favorite charity. at 3:00 today is the hot air balloon festival and admission is free. also here at the hilltop, people will be able to enjoy a 20-minute tour of the barn. they can tour the facilities and get an up close and personal tour. that starts from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
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lots going on for preakness. reporting live at pimlico. >> do you know there are more horses entered in the preakness than the orioles have wins. >> i believe it. this is a positive, it took the middle of may to get 10 wins. they are 10-and-24 on the year. miguel tejada had the big hit. brad ferguson leads the club in wins with three. taking a shot at capping the leak. >> reporter: a new attempt to cap the oil spill in the gulf. i'm t.j. winnick in washington, i'll have the latest straight ahead. one boy survives when everyone else is killed in a plane crash. how the 10-year-old is doing this morning. before break, let's send it to justin for a check on weather. >> 52 degrees outside right now. temperatures pulling back. we'll hold back today.
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north northeasterly wind. we'll talk more about the outlook for preakness weekend, coming up next. right now 5:06. let's go to the mta with mark jones. >> good morning, out there right now for your commute start, number 33 bus using cold spring, 51 bus with a diversion at pratt and monroe, construction on the scene there and number 51 bus with a diversion at hollands ferry. light rail, metro subway on time, marc train system looking good for the commute start. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones.
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dozens of stars and organizations are stepping up to help tennessee recover from recent flooding. taylor swift is going to donate half a million dollars. funny man jerry seinfeld donating all the proceeds from one of his shows tomorrow in nashville. on sunday, the country music cable network act, gac will air a telethon. unfortunately rough weather could hit that same area today and tomorrow. check this out yesterday, yesterday's high temperature in baltimore, 77. same story in easton. 80s in southern maryland.
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it was 50s just north of the border in york, pennsylvania. what an amazing contrast. this morning, we pulled back to the cool stuff. 48 in new york, same match in easton. 52 in baltimore. we're going to stay on the cool side for today. satellite radar composite. not much going on. whole lot of clouds. patchy drizzle this morning. 45 to 50 on average for most of us. cool breeze and mostly cloudy sky. it is 5:11. here's kim brown with traffic. . >> quick update on earlier traffic in anne arundel county. another crash reported southbound on bw parkway. 195 in arbutus. as we check drive times on the beltway. looking good from the loop to providence road. on the top side between 83 and the jfx, that'll take you about one minute this morning. as we check our cameras, traffic
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looking good. very light volume. northeast corner at at harford road, not a whole lot going on so far in the metro. we have another toy recall to tell you about this morning. >> messy book bag, lockers, we have tips to help your kids get organized.
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take a look at your screen. there's a toy recall involving 2.5 million push around toys. according to the consumer product safety commission, the buggy's handle can detach, possibly injuring young children. the recall affects those sold between 1999 and march of this year. if you own one of those, contact step 2. 1-866-860-1887. messy lockers and backpacks are often problems for boys, but chuck roberts explains getting organized may help them improve their school work. >> reporter: john roach remembers a time when keeping track of his school work seemed
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impossible. >> my binder was always messy. i could never find my homework. >> reporter: many parents observe that disorganized lockers and overstuffed book bags can often be problems for boys. there's a reason why boys sometimes have a harder time staying organized than girls. >> the part of the brain that deals with multitasking hasn't really developed in boys in the same rate as girls. you have to be a good multi-tasker. >> reporter: she offers tips for boys needing help getting organized. create a study space free of distractions. schedule homework time just like any appointment and create a weekly regroup time to clean out and organize that backpack. don't forget about the two most important tools for academic success. a homework planner and binders. >> i'm having a lot better time
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just finding stuff i missed and turning it in on time and i'm doing well on tests. >> reporter: getting organized, a good thing for boys and girls alike. for today's health minute, i'm chuck roberts. our centering your life series continues. we're showing you all sorts of yoga today. it's all about moms and their babies. we're taking you to a yoga class for the true beginner. these participants can't even walk yet. you might wonder what's the benefit of baby yoga. >> children often don't have lots of moods of expressing themselves. they're still learning how to express themselves. they can use their bodies. >> he's at the age where he's getting really active. he loves being put in different positions and putting himself in different positions. i figured he'd like that. he loves seeing people. he could see how it goes. >> isn't that the cutest onesie
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you've ever seen? we're going to show you this class that has much benefit for the baby, but also for the mom. coming up, that's at 6:00. 5:18. let's check out the almanac. 74 in the afternoon. close to that yesterday. back on the cool side today. 5:55 sunrise. 8:11 sunset. after hitting the upper 70s yesterday, stuck in the 50s in pennsylvania, we're down to 52 in baltimore. 40s nearby outside the beltway. at least that air quality, we'll be showing the maps when they mean something. getting into the stifling heat and pollution, you know it's going to happen at some point. we had summer last week, didn't feel like it this week. it was warm yesterday, most of the heavy rain and storms to our south.
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that stuff, look at this little circular pattern to the clouds. flare-up of storms similar to yesterday morning. wraps the cool winds. we're northeast and chillier to be expected today. the boundary to our south will lift back through tonight and tomorrow, pushing in warmer air. this is wrapping behind a very impressive storm system, severe weather extending down through the central and southern plains, even parts of the great lakes could get into that action today. it'll push the warm air back in. it'll take it until tomorrow to get here. probably going to be rain free. spotty drizzle and mostly cloudy sky. we'll actually get the chance of showers coming into the mountains and maybe spilling into our region as we head through this evening and tonight. that'll lift the warm air back in. some of these, depending on how warm we get could turn severe. at least that'll be the last push of this weather pattern. we'll sweep it through the
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region and come saturday morning, we're in fine shape. cooler weather, that means for preakness and fellow runners out there at aberdeen proving ground, hopefully we'll be in good shape. that's our two-degree guarantee. little patchy drizzle. we may have spotty showers at 54. for tomorrow, tomorrow's going to turn out to be a partly sunny day. up to 84. developing strong and maybe severe storms in the afternoon and evening. we'll check out the preakness forecast in just a minute. 5:20, here's kim brown with traffic. >> traffic is really light at this time. we do have a couple incidents we're working around the area. would not 50 westbound as your approach exit 37. closer to stevensville and queen ann's county. if traveling southbound on the bw parkway. accident reported at route 195 in arbutus. quiet around the beltway at harford road. you see traffic moving above speed in some places. not a whole lot going on.
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83's looking good as well. as we take a peek at our drive times, all in the green as you make your way on 795, and franklin boulevard. franklin boulevard to owings mills boulevard. megan and jamie, back to you. if you're celebrating a birthday today, happy birthday. you share a birthday with legendary musician stevie wonder. >> i'm going to say catonsville high. >> darius rucker, you love him don't you? and robert pattinson. >> he went to howard? >> he's 24, where'd he go? >> he had to go to a new school. manchester valley. that's where he went to. how about that? send us an e-mail if you're having a birthday.
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drop us a line about yourself and when your birthday is. we'll get it on here at what would be a great birthday present is an apple ipad. here's how you win one. watch good morning maryland for the daily code word and text it to 46988 and you can win a 32-gig apple ipad. the contest lasts through may 21st. two winners will be randomly selected. go to for all details. there'll be fireworks. who stepped in to save the 4th of july celebration?
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5:25. we're back on the cool side today. up and down little pattern will continue. we'll try to smooth it out by the weekend. staying 62 today under a mostly cloudy sky, maybe a little patchy drizzle and showers this evening. most of today should be dry. tomorrow back to 84. those storms in the afternoon and evening could be strong to severe. this weekend, looking good. preakness saturday. a sunday morning turning partly cloudy in the afternoon. 73. lows in the 40s. we're back to 70s on sunday with sunshine and we'll stay in the 70s, but guess what, more rain early next week. it's 5:25. time to go to new york for
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today's tech bytes. general motors and google talk about linking phones and cars. gm wants to tie onstar drivers service into phones using google android operating system. for example, someone with an electric car could keep track of the battery's charge. new technology allows anyone to turn a cell phone into a credit card reader. square is a tiny plastic device that plugs into a jack on smartphones, ipad and itouches. you can take a payment over the phone. >> you can become your own merchant. my friend used it during a garage sale. you can settle a bill with a friend using a credit card. >> reporter: the square gadget
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is free and available at square you'll get a link to a video when you upload it, only people with that link will be able to watch the video. be careful who you share the link with. a sign of the times this morning: one in four households has a cell phone, but no traditional land line. that trend is led by young people hoping to save money. 15% of households have a traditional phone, but no cell. that's about half the rate from four years ago. those are your tech bytes, i'm vinita nair.
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