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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 17, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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and causing delays as you make your way across this morning. locally we're looking good in the baltimore area, no problems around 695 and here at hartford traffic is looking good. here on the west side at frederick road traffic moving although a nice pace. check the drive times in the green so far as you make your way on the freeway and 95 southbound looking good, sai minutes from the beltway to route 31 and the outer loop from i-70 to 95 six minutes as well. it is 5:00. funerals being planned for three children killed in a house fire over the weekend. this is in cecil county early on saturday morning. linda so is here with how a neighborhood is devastated this morning the fire killed three kids, all younger than then. the mother barely made it out alive. the raging fire gutted the townhome on cedar hill circle and neighbors shot video. they say the mother jumped out
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the window to the first floor roof and was burned on 17% of other head. her oldest son was staying with his grandmother in pennsylvania. over the weekend teddy bears, balloons and letters were placed in front of the boarded up home. the friends are having a hard time coping with the sudden loss and shared memories of one of the victims sunday. >> never thought about just himself. if you would accidentally make him mad and you would apologize, he would always forgive you. >> i miss him very much. i love him. i wish he came back. >> a hard loss for the kids. the homes in the neighborhood were built in 1974 before sprinklers were required in townhome and apartment communities. the fire marshal says had there been a working sprinkler, it would have been a different story. linda so, abc2 news. this morning authorities have identified the body of a
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man found in arundel county park. they say he is a 31-year-old man named matthew martin who had been reported missing five weeks ago. if iisher man spotted the remains sunday afternoon at the pa pa tas co-state park. centers no word on the compacted cause of death. the university of virginia lacrosse player charged with murdering yeardley love attacked a teen last year. they told the team's coach they had been in a scuffle but worked things out. the school says the school handled the incident appropriately. he is facing first degree murder charges in yeardley love's death. >> and we're also learning the meaning of compassion and sportsmanship on the lacrosse field. both the men and women's teams won trice for yardley.
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>> good morning. the virginia lacrosse team won twice for yeardley love, and it is the sportsmanship shown by the towson tigers that stood out during a time of competitiveness and showed compassion during a time of mourning. yesterday the team beat towson 14-12? char lotsville and the men's team also won. from the flowers by the game sign to her family in the stands, yeardley love was every where after an emotional win by the cav leer women, yeardley's mother and sister hugged each player. they say she was the reason why they won. more than 2,000 people cheered on the cavaliers as they played in their first game without the number 1 jersey on the field and even towson fans showed their support for the lacrosse team. many of them wearing pins in honor of yeardley love. >> we're all parents. it could happen to any one of
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our kids, and you feel helpless when you see something like this happen. >> grew up in cockeysville, a stone's throw from the university and she played with players that are from towson. >> now, coming up at 5:45 beal find out what the towson players gave to the uba players and their reaction. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it is 5:04 now. the orioles forced to battle the indians shorthanded at camden yards. david hernandez had a sore shoulder. there is the movement. he got the nod, and henderson proved to be no match for jake westbrook. westbrook pitched his 13th career complete game allowing nine hits. the orioles went onto fall the indians 5-1. they'll get a two game series tonight at camden yards. game time is 7:05.
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after every great party there has to be a whole lot of clean up. over at old hill top an army of folks depended on the in-field, the clean up after saturday's preakness day. just a huge crowd out there. they had to move tons and tons of garbage off the grass and into trucks. some of the plastic and cups and water bottles of course will be recycled. >> that's all over. day 27 of the gulf oil spill. >> there is some good news and bad news in the race to clean up that massive oil spill in the gulf. i will have the latest developments straight ahead. >> a nightmare for travelers, the iceland volcano forces airports to close again. before you head out the door, send it over to justin and get a check on your weather. >> 58 degrees and we have ourselves dry weather right now. the clouds are rolling in and yes, there is rain behind those clouds, and it is going to turn out to be a chilly wet day. more on that coming up and let's get our first check. here is mark jones. good morning. >> the commute is a good one
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out there on the rail services. line rail metro, subway and mark all looking good for travel and the 3 express and 120 to be diverted downtown at fayette and st. paul. the 33 using cold spring between hart horde and hill due to road work and the 51 did 51 diverted at washington. so, what do you think?
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. kids were all smiles at the national museum of dentistry in baltimore in honor of tooth fairly day. >> really? >> yes. they had the chance to meet the tooth fairly herself, take parts in arts and crafts and learn how to take care of their teeth. >> i think things have definitely changed and we're in a really good place now. like george washington, he lost all of his teeth by the time he was president. it doesn't have to happen today. we want to teach people how to take care of their teeth. >> you can check out george washington's chompers. his dentureses are on display at the museum. >> the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> temperatures in the upper 50s, not bad, but we have a
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little rain begining to move in that will stick around for quite some time. these temperatures with the rain rolling in won't move much although 52 in easton and 48 in ocean ocean city is a cine of dry air and it is 58 and 60 in dulles. it is rain moving in on that side and it is a slow mover and will take a few hours to roll up 95. as we get into the morning hours rain will move in and we expect it to be steadier throughout the day and will hold the temperatures in check. somewhere between the upper 50s to near 60 and there is a chilly breeze developing and will stick around through the middle of the week. more of that coming up on that in a bit. >> we have reports of a disabled vehicle in the roadway in the southbound lanes of 5á79 at the split so that auto could i can peed a little bit this morning. very qie tote start off monday morning, no problems with the drive times, 83 is looking good
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down to 695 will take about five minutes and no problems southbound 795 from ohensville to the beltway and looking at 70 at the beltway track light and working an incident on the westbound lights of 50 as you approach the bay bridge. all the westbound lanes are closed now due to an over night crash. a battle over the new versions of pampers. >> what parents claim and what peter proctor and gamble say about them. >> and a face off between iron man and robin hood and we'll find out who won. >> abc2 works for the community, a proud partner of the race for the sure. (announcer) the art of getting dirty
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and replace your old mayo with the full flavor of kraft mayo with olive oil. ♪ dñlt and calories of hellmann's real mayo... .k may oil t . >> it is 5:14. proctor and gamble which use to the make soap in locust point is in a public relations war with moms and the internet. the parents claim new versions of the company's pampers diapers are hurting babies babies and toddlers. >> they're calling it the worst diaper change ever, the new reengineered pampers that some moms say are causing rashes, blisters and even chemical burns and they're detailing the complaints facebook. we spoke to a month mom by skype. >> i put it on her and within one hour she developed this bad
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rash. she actually developed blisters like you would find if you put your hand on a hot pan. >> the complaints around the swad leers and cruisers with dry maximum technology which debuted in march. parents posting the chemical odor is so strong i refuse to put them on my baby and their child never had a diaper rash until pampers switched to dry max. the makers, proctor and gamble says they use the same absorbent gel as the older version and it is printed on the diaper rather than poured into the bulky pulp material making it thinner. they say the diaper is one of the most tested products in their history. >> literally we have tested this with 20,000 babies, 300,000 diapersn clinical studies. unfortunately at any point in time 25% of babies are experiencing some type of diaper rash. 10% of those can be severe qlug bliss steering and war in
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cracking. pampers and dry max is 100% safe. >> and they believe something else may be behind some of the complaints. >> we believe that social media is fueling what a small number of parents have created. there are active cloth diaper people involved in some of these discussions. >> for them to say that this is a conspiracy is ab burden. >> the claims led to a class action lawsuit of the now the consumer product safety commission is investigating. the diaper p&g hoped would boost sales now creating a stink. good morning. this morning we're going to look at how to get a good night's sleep. so simple for most of us and the health experts say as many as 25% of us report occasional sleeping problems, insomnia is a chronic problem for about 10% of people. >> probably the number one problem is sleep deprivation.
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we all have busy schedules. we should aim for seven to eight hours of sleeper night. that's not always practicallial or feasible. sometimes napping can help with that. >> 7 to 8 hours, how many hours did you sleep last night? >> forget it. [ laughter ] >> itwe'll break down tips on what you can do in the bedroom to avoid and make sure you're doing the right thing when our head hits the pillow. >> the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> we take a look at the almanac that shows us that normally we should be down in the lower 50s or just a little above normal this morning and we're not going to get to the typical 74. with a lot of cloud cover already in place temperatures will hardly move much. at 58 in baltimore, 60 richmond, 62 norfolk and you will notice we have good air quality expected. that's because we limit the pollution with the rainfall.
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the rainfall itself coming off from the southwest not really an all out heavy one but definitely steadier rains pushing across the potomac through virginia and rainfall through west virginia and the pattern is wrapping around one area of low pressure and it will increase our winds out of the east and northeast and that's the reason we're going to stay chilly and the reason we expect to have rainfall pretty much to stay with us for the next couple of days, upper level pattern here across the midwest we'll be responsible for continuing to pump in more of this moisture and so we expect to have at least two to three days of chilly wet weather around here and the forecast model indicating that at least by lunchtime and early afternoon the lighter rain push ago cross baltimore while perhaps hartford and cecil may wait a few extra hours. the heavier rain will slowly build in our direction. we expect that through the over night and tomorrow morning. rainfall could be heavy at times as we continue through the day tomorrow. periods of moderate to heavy republican and the wind out of
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the east and northeast will make it feel rather chilly as we'll stay stuck in the 50s. it will try to relax a little bit. lingering rain or showers in the morning wednesday and it will warm up dramatically. for today near 60 and cooling back into the 50s as the rainfall builds in across the afternoon through this evening and tonight. the rain continues with patchy fog and a low of 52 and more of the rainfall on tuesday with high temperature only at 58. see what's happening now with currently dry around baltimore. >> they are dry for the time being. let's hope the rain doesn't interfear too much with this morning's rush hour. we have a serious incident in the westbound lanes of route 50. what we have is traffic is blocked and closed 50 westbound as you approach route 8 is about to be as you cross the bay bridge this morning. traffic is not moving. they hope to have that cleared up fairly shortly. they're trying to get the over night crash with debris left in the roadway and they're trying
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to get it squared away. it is not going anywhere too fast. give yourself a few extra minutes or a lot of extra time or wait it is cleared out. looking good around the baltimore metro, no problems on the 83 southbound, and from 83 to the jfx it will be one minute and no problems on the jfx and four minutes on the beltway 209 northern parkway. get ready for dancing with stars final four. evan, chad, erin and nicholle are still in the running. each couple will perform a new balance ball room dance and a hot latin dance. iron man 2 fought off a new release, robin hood to stay at the top. the super hero sequel starring robertdowny junior took in $53 million according to studio estimates. robin hood that features russell crow debuted number 2 with an estimated $37 million.
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it was followed by letters to juliette and another romantic comedy just right which features queen la latifah. >> when is sex and the city 2 coming out. >> i don't know. how excited about it? >> he love that. a new miss usa is crowned. why are you so happy about this? >> that's right, we're going to tell you all about the competition and what it takes to win the title when we come back.
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. the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> we have ourselves a wet day in store even though it is not raining now. plan for it. bring the umbrella and a jacket that might keep you a little warm because as we start at 58 degrees we'll only get to 62 or so and pull back as we head on into the afternoon again, probably dropping into the 50s and the wet weather continues tomorrow with a high of only 58. 67 morning showers and then we'll try to thin out the clouds on wednesday afternoon and thursday up to near 80, 83 on friday and bring back the showers next weekend with highs in the mid-to upper 70s. back to new york for this morn's tech place. >> a major study into the link between cell phones and brain cancer is inconclusive. the ten-year international study following almost 13,000
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people finds most cell phone use did not increase the risk of developing two types of brain cancer although there were signing that using phones for more than 30 minutes a day could be harmful. the researchers admit the constituted hi flaws and they're all for further investigation before they draw any conclusions. the site that gave us piano playing cats and helped turn susan boyle into an international star is turning five. u tube is celebrating the fifth birthday by announcing mother milestone. they're launches the five-year channel today that will host the my you tube story which features videos from people describing how the site changed their lives. a writer in the advertising industry used google, a few dollars and a little luck to land himself a job. he bought advertisements linked to the names of the top creative directors in new york. when they googled themselves the top result was a message from alec asking for a job with a link to his resume and
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portfolio. he created five ads, got four interviews and two job offers for just $6. finally, she may have been a blushing bride but it was someone else at the altar turning red and every other color. for the first time ever a wedding ceremony was conducted by a robot. it had colorful flashing eyes and plastic pig tails that led the couple through the vows and instructed the groom to kissed bride. the i fairly is not used to fanfare. the day-to-day job is directing museum visitors. for information log to to the technology page at
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. good morning, maryland. >> here we are nearly four weeks in and bp says it is making progress in the gulf but scientists say the damage is done. >> from the oil to the ashe the volcano continues to choke the skies forcing flights to stay grounded. >> last week it was tornado alley and this week it is flooding streets. oklahoma sunder the weather. >> thanks for joining us. hope you had a great weekend. the weather was amazing. >> the preakness was perfect, great horserace. >> absolutely. >> yesterday was perfect and justin berk says we're done. >> here we go. we get our rain coming in and rain itself is just off to the south. dc southbound on if you're traveling 95 coat of d cr.d or out 56 you will run into the rain in the mountains. it is slowly moving in our direction and it will be building in this morning. five complete sweeps across the chesapeake and we


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