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tv   This Week  ABC  May 23, 2010 10:30am-11:30am EDT

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good morning. and welcome to "this week." >> i think we need some new blood in there. >> we need change, period. >> message sent. >> we have dom take our government back. >> a win over the status quo. >> a message breakdown. >> when does my honey moon party start? >> and the democratic front-runner gets caught exaggerating his war record. >> i have misspoken about my service. >> the week in politics. this morning, what it means for the november mid-terms. this morning, tim kaine and
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michael steele. caine and steele, a "this week" debate. and a debate from "the roundtable." and as always, "the sunday funnies." >> the pul itser prize was given today. to richard blumen thal for his vietnam war memories. >> hello, again. joining me now, the chairman of the democrat national committee, tim kaine and the chairman of the republican national committee, michael steele. >> good morning. ? good morning. >> i want to start with you. the kentucky republican senate candidate, rand paul, has
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expressed rejection to the federal government being able to tell businesses they cannot discriminate. >> i like the civil rights act that it ended discrimination in all public domains. i abhor racism. it's a bad business decision to excluz anybody. but, at the same time, i believe in private owner ship. there's ten different titles to the civil rights act. one dealing with private institutions. ed that i been around, i would have tried to modify that. >> here is a candidate say thagt he doesn't think the government, philosophically, saying that a buzz had to serve you. >> i think he's clarified his statement and reiterated support for and movement toward pushing
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civil rigs forward as opposed to going backwards. number two, our party has had a strong view on this issue. we have fought very hard in the '60s to get the civil rights bill passed as well as the voting rights bill. i think that any attempt to look back wards is not in the best interest of our country. certainly not in the best interest of the party. i have talked to rand. our party substantiates four square moving forward on civil rights. there are other civil rights fights that loom ahead for us. rand paul will be square with the republican party and in lock step. looking forward, not back wards. >> do these views on rand paul make the seat more competitive? >> absolutely. it starts with our candidate, squ
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jack conway, i think it's a great race. rand paul said it's up american to try to hold bp to their policies. >> where do you stand on it? >> he said that going in that direction could be an un-american. >> we have the clip. let's watch it. >> what i don't like from the president's administration is the sort of, i'll put my boot heel on the throat of bp. i think it's part of this sort of blame game society in the sense that it's always got to be someone's fault. instead of the fact that sometimes maybe accidents happen. >> certainly accidents happen is not what you want the republican response about the oil spill to be? >> people shouldn't worry about the republican response. they should worry about the
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democratic president's response to the bp oil spill. it's one thing to get on the ground, get in front of this thing. it's another thing to set bake and hold bp accountable. without helping them. that's what's happening here. the federal government should have stepped into this thing immediately to to help make sure that the appropriate steps were being taken by bp, all federal agencies to in support of the state government. here we are, almost a month and a half later and it's still spewing oil. >> what that? >> the administration is doing two things. it starts with bp's accountability. it's not un-american to hold somebody accountable for a massive environmentaldy saiser. bp has to be responsible to stopping the spill and paying for the consequences and cleaning up. the american government has been working with bp.
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it's their job. they have to be held accountable. saying that, for example, we needn't be so worried about things like mining regulations. this is an important role that the government has to protect the safety of the environment and the health of citizens. rand paul's statements with troubling. it's important for the republican leads to say if they back this kind of attitude or not. i was a civil rights lawyer for 17 years. rand paul wrote a letter that said a free society should tolerate discrimination, even if it means people are excluded on the color of their skin. >> that's pretty much a direct quote. >> it's a view held by l libertarians. we have a loft members go to the senate with different
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philosophies. when they get to the body, how they work to move the country forward matters. right nourks federal government is not working on be p, on that mess, not moving forward on the economy. a lot of talk on this hill by folks to get stuff done. what the american people are looking for is what are the concrete steps that this administration has take on the clean up the mess in the gulf, before it gets worse and create the jobs necessary for people to go back to being able to build the economy to the way everybody wants to it be. ? do you condemn that point of view? where would african-americans be if the federal government hadn't come in and said, hotels, you have to -- >> exactly. that's much of the debate from the '60s and going forward. our party has stood behind -- >> do you condemn that view?
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>> i can't do that. you have a belief, i can't debate your -- >> are you comfortable with that? >> the people of kentucky will vote in that election. as narnl chairman, i'm here to say our party will move forward. figing for the rights of the american people. especially the minorities in the country. everyone that comes to the united states congress on the state capitals with the republican leaders are comfortable with that. >> let me turn to something to make you uncomfortable, if i can. the race in connecticut. richard blumentha larks caught exaggerating his war record. >> we have learned something important since the day that i served in vietnam. >> he didn't serve in vietnam.
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he was a marine reservist during the vietnam war. he's also credited with saying in vietnam, we happened to endure taunts. i said, i wore the uniform in vietnam and many came back to all kinds of disrespect. this seems like a real trust issue. ? the statements were wrong. period. it was important for him to clear it up. in his defense, he's given numerous speeches where he talks about what he did and didn't do. an editorial was run yesterday. reporters who have covered him for years have said they have never known him to xang rate his service. in those statements, he was inflating, they were wrong. it was important he set it straight. >> at a time when the american people are rebelled against same
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old same old, i don't think blumenthal is the kind of guy they want to send anywhere. i think there's a big credibility gap here. you can't say i lied to you in one instance but i made up for it by explaining why i lied to you. i think other issue will come to the fore. the people in connecticut, just as the people in kentucky, will have the final say and ultimate say on these leaders. right now, there's a mood out here that the people are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the same old in washington. these people will be judge bid the people back home. >> a word about connecticut? the attorney general not a new figure for connecticut voters. it's an intimate, small state. they know him well. they've elected him to be attorney general.
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they are going to weigh this in the grand scheme of thing. they have a lot of his record. including the number to rouse occasions that he has correctly stated his record. >> but now they have more that they didn't know before. >> are they preparing for having to put another candidate up? >> i was there late last week. i don't think there are any plans for a contingency. >> moving to elections. congratulations rk congratulations, a hawaii special election that you won last night. for competitive special elections, the republican party is 1 for 4. there were two in new york, one in pennsylvania. does the republican party have a problem? >> no. hawaii is a significant election
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win for us. i'm going thank and congratulate charles djou on a great race pap strong democratic state. a strong democratic competitors that he ran against. he took almost 40% of the vote. a significant number. he ran a grass rots campaign focused on the issues that impact the people of hawaii. don't take way from that race by short of shoving it off. it is a significant win. it's the birthplace of the president of the united states. >> not everybody in your party things so. >> that's irrespective. that's where the man was born. we're proud that we took that seat. >> for the viewers, the issue about the high high election, three candidates ran. >> you couldn't convince one of
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the democrats to drop out? >> they're fiery bunch. they got 60% of the vote. in the november election it will be one democrat against one republican. we feel confident about winning the race. >> and hawaii doesn't have a history of throwing incouple bets out of office. >> to the pennsylvania 12. isn't that the kind of race you need to win? >> on paper you would think so, right? it's appalachia. >> the democrat was a staffer for john murtha? >> can we be real here? get out of the conventional wisdom. hat's off and kudos to governor rendell. he put the primary and the special election on the same day. you wrote about, gee, what does this mean? what's the mystery here? what happened was the votes went
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in to vote for sestak for the primary and then had to vote against him for the special election? they weren't going to do that. that, coupled with the 2-1 democratic edge made it a tough race from the beginning. the thing to keep in mind sh and the governor can appreciate this, we were on point in terms of turnout, the turnout models exceeded expectations. the ground game was strong. in november, we will get the seat back. independent conservatives git to play then. that will be a different race. >> are you going take the house back in november? jt we're working hard to do that. as you can see, with some incumbents going down in primary, that mod sl still being built out for us. we're in the hunt, just as he's in the hunt to protect, we're in the hunt to take. >> this pennsylvania 12 says, republican leadership said they
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were going to win the race. they had to win this type of race to get a majority in the house. we won it by a lot. a former head of the nrcc, tom davis, a virginia congressman said, look, if they can't win this seat, where is the wave that's come sng the democrats were ener skrized. like in kentucky, all the focus on the rand paul race. the democratic candidates got more votes than rand paul did. our voters are energized. with the economy um proving, the passage of health care, the gdp growing. we're going pass mark where we created more jobs in 2010 than entire administration of the bush years. >> i only have a couple minutes. i want to ask you about an interview that congressman ses skrn tak gave in february to
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larry kane where he said the white house tried to offer him something for not running against arlen specter in the primary. >> were you offered a federal job to get out of this race? >>y. >> was it the navy secretary? >> no comment. i would never get out for a deal. i'm in it. zp was there a job offered to you by the white house? >> yes. >> quickly, because we're running out of time. does the white house have a spont to own up and talk about what is offered? >> i don't know that they do. the issue is they have to work with him to make sure he's the next senator. i talked to joe earlier in week. we had a great visit on thursday. and he was very excited about working hand in hand to win this race. we're a big ten party. he's a dynamite campaign person i think he gives us a great shot in november. >> that's rich. you don't believe that the white house has the obligation to
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answer a simple question? did you or did you not offer a member of congress a job to not run? for office? >> i only have one more time. because you have not done a sunday show since february, a new report showing that the rnc spent money on athletic and softball equipment. can donors to the republican committee know that the dollars are well spent? >> absolutely. our donors are strong, we're raising money. we're looking forward to cruising the money to beat this guy in november. >> they had a good softball team before they bought the uniforms. >> thank you so much. as the "roundtable" panel takes their seats, bp is doing little
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to help keep the oil out of the marshlands. >> i think the government thinks they are partners with bp. >> the president scares me. he's been acting like vatican observer here. when is he doing to do something? >> why isn't the federal development taking over? >> they have the legal responsibility and technical expertise to plug the hole. >> i want the know what worked and what didn't. >> president obama announcing a bipartisan commission to investigate the oil spill. one of the topics for "the roundtable" this morning with george will, donna brazile, sam donaldson and cokie roberts.
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>> there's no reason to believe that rand paul is racist. there is now reason to believe he's frivolous. that he doesn't understand his job is to win a senate seat and not conduct a seminar on libertarian philosophy. in 1964, we repealed, as a nation, the wright of private popperty owners to serve whom they want and replaced it with another right. the right of the entire american public to use public accommodations. we were right to do. the notion was you cannot legislate morality. yes, you can. we did. we got african-american into public accommodations, we chainged the thinking of the white portion of the country as well. >> i have heard it said that kentucky might be one of five or six places where a guy like rand paul can win?
10:50 am
>> kentucky is a red state. i thought after the other night, he had a clear path to victory. i don't think so anymore. he struggled with his answers the day after, but his extreme views are now under the micro scope. the people of kentucky, i don't believe, are interested in sending him to washington, d.c. to further polarize the country and the sfat. so jack conway, his challenge is to show the kentucky voters that rand paul is basically out of touch with the main stream of kentucky and out of touch with the main stream of america. >> 46 years later, after the civil rights act filibuster was broken. i was in the gallery. when the republican leader made the speech to tend filibuster, dr. paul says we should reopen the debate on title ii. you can have breakfast
10:51 am
someplace, go to a motel. that's private business. >> he doesn't want to overturn it. philosophically -- >> he said if he was in the senate, he would want to modify it. >> we'll have more discussion. zwh >> on the rachel madoff show, e believe he's knot probably not a raci racist. he was asked a question. should the woolworth lunch counter be able to discriminate? yes or no? he doesn't say yes. he doesn't say no. i think that's stupid. >> i'm not sure that the voters care about somebody being out of the main stream. the people they're choosing in the primaries are people that are out of the main stream. whether it's utah or in arkansas
10:52 am
is still out for -- up for grabs. looks like it's going toward the more liberal candidate in arkansas. in state after state, it's not the mainstream candidate that the voters are interested in. >> sit fais it fair to say that got him le ekted to this point -- >> could get him elected to the senate. the fact that he is real. he's not a phony. the views are racist. >> which voters? which voters? it can't be all the votes. the democrats have a lot of people out there. day elected the president. in the race, as pointed out by the democratic charn, the two
10:53 am
candidates running got 60% of the vote. >> in hawaii? >> no, kentucky. >> who is going to win in kentucky? i don't know. don't predict anything. i would be shocked, i will say that now, if rand paul gets most of kentucky's votes and becomes a senator. >> this is a close primary. there's an internal struggle going on. i hope george can address what side will come out on top. but rand paul is able to energize the republican party now because there's a vacuum. a vacuum of leadership. the tea party has filled that gap. in the fall, will independents support someone who's views they consider outside the main stream? >> are you comfortable? >> the good news about the rand paul dispute is this. we close some questions. some debates come to an end. 115 years ago, democrats were up
10:54 am
in arms about free coinage of silver. now no one in america wants to reopen the argument that rand paul has reopened. ? what about doing way with the federal reserve gold? relacing it with nothing? >> what about -- >> our discussion here on politics will continue after the break and during the break probably. plus mexico's president enters the immigration fray. zbmplt and the politics of the bp oil spill. and later, the "sunday funnies." in a new interview, jesse james says that he's the most hated man in the world. and the ceo of bp was like, dude, don't flatter yourself. will your savings be enough to fund your retirement? what will happen if your spouse outlives you by many years?
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you've been a long time advocate for abstinence education. you had a report studies. what did you think of this hearing? >> well, i personally feel i should have abstained from the hearing. >> former congressman sauter of indiana. he was being interviewed by the staffer he allegedly had an affair with. moving on. we have george will, cokie
11:01 am
roberts, sam donaldson and donna brazile. >> he didn't 'accuse himself because he was having an fair with her. he went on the say he did it for other reasons. >> always with the fairness, sam. i appreciate that. let's talk about the pennsylvania senate race and congressman joe sestak's vixry over arlen specter. widely dord be one of the most effective ads in the election cycle. >> my change in party will allow me to be re-elected. >> he's been a republican politici politician. >> he's a firm ally. >> but now --? my change in party will enable me to be re-elected. >> wow. let me ask row this. the republicans are trying to make hay against the alleged deal that the white house tried
11:02 am
to make with sestak. is it a big deal? >> not a big deal. they offered him a transaction, if they did. and i continue to see a thing wrong with it. >> they're trying to make a big deal out of it. >> i don't care. it's a small thing. not since 1980 when four incumbent senators were defeated for nomination, did this happen. we have specter out. bennett is the third, and mccain's state is still in doubt, blanche lincoln. arlen specter, when he changed party, there was a framing. he said i'm just doing it to save my own skin. it didn't work. >> there could not be a worse year for that. people are in a mood of hating professional politicians. hating washington. and for him to say, i'm doing this to win, and the end of that
11:03 am
ad says he was protecting one job. his. and -- people hate the phoniness of it all. >> there is one aspect to the specter failure to be re-elected. here's president obama on the campaign trail with the four candidates that he is supporting as president. they are deets in virginia, corzine in new jersey, coakley in massachusetts, and arlen specter. do we have the tape? >> we know where mar that coakley stands. arlen knew it was more important to answer to the people that sent him to washington. you're going to be looking at the next governor. your governor, my friend, john corzi corzine. >> he's 0 for 4, donna.
11:04 am
>> i wouldn't blame it on the president. arlen specter has been running for office as long as the president's been alive almost. could he transfer his popularity in philadelphia to other places? the answer is no. joe ses tack ran a democratic campaign. it was an uphill battle for senator specter. when you announce you're saving your job, that's a losing candidate. >> why didn't specter do what ronald reagan did in reverse? why didn't he said i didn't leave them, they left me. >> he said both. >> can we play the tape against to cokie. what is the name of the town you're from again?
11:05 am
new orleans? i pick up the paper the next day, "the new york times headline" i may not have it exact, voters are after imcouple bents. it wasn't the incumbents' failure. it was arlen specter's failure. >> he said that the republican party had become too conser conservati conservative. >> not in that clip. >> when he won for the senate the first time he was running against someone who lost more than he had. he had lost more campaigns than you can imagine but finally somebody had to win out of two losers running against each other. and he's gotten reelectroed as the incumbent. be with difficulty. it was hardly surprising to have him in a year of anti-incumbency, when it seems phony to have him switch, when he's 80 years old. the surprising part is that the white house backed him so
11:06 am
strenuously in the first place and then pulled back in the end. >> a virginia congressman, jerry konlly was upset that the president didn't do more in the closing day. let me get this straight. the you think i can't win, you're not going spend split call capital on me, even though i pill buckets of blood for you? does the white house have a problem here? >> the white house has problems. but i don't know what blood specter spilled for the white house. >> a word to specter. arlen specter helped put more money into national institutes of health, more money to fight cancer and aore deadly diseases he got more money put there.
11:07 am
>> what is your tame on blumenthal. this a different era than mine. people are careful about how they talk about their service. >> i was in active duty for two years, we had no war. i served as a correspondent in vietnam, briefly. i didn't have a good time. no one did. i don't know what got into blum blumenthal. i suspect what happened, and i have seen the analysis. he was sorry he hadn't served. he's trying to compensate. you start telling something, at fist you tell it right. you slip something in. you tell it looser. then wham, it may have cost him the opportunity to serve. >> donna, if he came to you and said, what do i do? what would you tell him?
11:08 am
>> he apologized. he needs to keep doing that. he needs to get the burden off his back and get back to the real issue. the longer he talks about it, the more tape, voters don't care. they care about their jobs, their health care, their way of life. he has an incredible record of service. you have to talk about the issues. >> if i were a democratic strategist, i would tell him to get out of the race. >> out? >> out. it's not a year for phonies. >> they may hold it against him, don't get out. fight back. you're going to lose, maybe. which one of us has not exaggerated? >> if you ran the party, if you were tim kaine, what would you be doing? >> i would be trying to get him out.
11:09 am
it's all taken -- how do you explain that he evidently told the hartford current that he was the captain of the harvard swim team when he wasn't on the swim team. he goes on "morning joe" and says i have never taken pac money, when he meant in previous campaigns. in this one, he's taken $220,000 of pac money. >> i think it's a mistake. i think voters will say, we'll make a decision about of that. i'm not saying, other than that, mrs. lincoln, how do you like the play? >> should rand paul now drop out? >> this does show a change in consciousness when it comes to having served in veet tham. there was a time when -- the idea of bragging about having served in vietnam in a weird
11:10 am
way, shows some sort of progress. >> absolutely. >> for a long time, the whole business of vietnam was the opposite. when people came home, they were castigated. >> he said when we came home. >> he said some wheere. i think the first gulf war changed it. there was pride in the military. the leadership of colin powell, schwarzkopf. >> we treated the service personnel so shabbily at the end of vietnam. we were beaten, we blamed them the. that was ridiculous. the people opposed to this war honor, rightly, the people we
11:11 am
sent there to fight it. that's a good thing. >> let's go the special election. you heard tim kaine talk about how great that was for the democratic party. here's an except from the ad by mark critz. >> i approved this message because i want you to see the ad that the republicans are running. >> mark critz, he will put the liberal agenda before the people. >> that's not liberal. is that the how democrats win by being republicans? >> the party is veriy diverse. he ran as a democrat that represents that district. they wanted this e lex to be about pelosi and obama. mark critz ran about his
11:12 am
district. >> 70% of republicans call themselves conservative or very conservative. only 40% of democrats consider themselves liberal or very liberal. i think it gives a systemic imbalance in favor of the republicans in this election. >> just look. you can nationalize some elections. we saw it in '94 and in 2006. republicans think they're going to do that this year and turn it into a referendum on obama and pelosi. that could happen. we've been talking about it so long, democrats are not idiots. they're able to take a look at each congressional seat and try to stop whatever national wave there is. they did it in pennsylvania. >> and i think scott brown, the victory of scott brown got they'their attention. they had the warning shot of a
11:13 am
republican winning ted kennedy's seat in massachusetts. wh why do you think tim murphy lost? >> i think i know why the democrat won? i think because he was a former aide to john murtha. he really said, but didn't show it in the ad, hey, i'll continue to bring home if bacon. the people of onstown said, okay, hey, we like the bacon. we have two daughters of louisiana here. i want to turn to the voil spill in the gulf. cokie, you heard james carville and chris matthews ber rating president obama in the clip. do you think the obama administration is doing a good justify job with this --?
11:14 am
no. i think it's clear. the oil is gushing. we're being lied to about how much oil is gushing. and the administration authorities came out that first week and said, the worst case scenario is that it keeps up until we get the second well drilled. the worst case snacenario is no worse. they have named a commission. when you don't have anything else to do, you have a commission. >> how are you going to stop it? if they could stop it, they would. if the administration could stop it, they would stop it. at the moment, you can't stop it. three times in the last ten years, the minerals management service -- they warned them offshore, you have to have something in a backup for the blowout prevernts. it never happened. it was the regulation, they said
11:15 am
it should happen. they didn't regulate. they let the companies do what they wanted. >> and congress passed law that has a $75 million liability to these oil companies. it's not a day of their profits. >> but the oil companies have a loft money that goes into campaigns. >> you talked to the epa administrator, lisa jackson last night. what did she tell you? >> i wanted to talk to her about the chemical dispersants that they're using to try to break up the oil. >> the government told bp not to use the one they're using and bp is not honoring that. ? the administration is not tough enough. they need to stop the oil leak, contain it, keen it up, help us preserve our coastal wetlands. >> why haven't they been tough muff?
11:16 am
>> because of the oil solutions act of 1990. they're saying this was the country's response to the "exxon xs valdez." >> nothing. and if they can't get permission to build barrier islands. >> the president ran against oil -- the oil industry when he ran for president. what's going on? >> he also ran on transparency and accountability. >> i don't know. maybe the commission will find out. in mast regulatory problems, one of the reasons is they play with the people that regulate and after they leave with a government pension they then get a good job for good salaries for the companies they have ln been regulated. i want to touch on the president of mexico.
11:17 am
he came to the white house and congress. he krit krized the arizona immigration law. here he is. >> i strongly disagree with the recently adocumented law in arizona. it is a law that not only ignores the reality that cannot be erased. but also introduces a terrible idea such as racial profiling. >> i'm the spring chicken at the table. i cannot remember a head of state from another country coming to congress and krit sighing american laws. >> while he was lecturing america on moral governance, he was doing it against the background of a report saying that illegals crossing through mexico are facing a major human rights crisis leeing them with no access to justice. persistent failures by the
11:18 am
authorities, that would be mr. calderoan's government. he lectures us on moral gompb nance and gets a standing ovation from donna's party. the fact is, mexico has two big expoer exports. oil. and poverty to the united states. they get $21 billion a year from remittances back to mexico. >> i heard president clinton say, what you did in tiananmen square was wrong. that was the ox being gourd by the other horn. >> that law is supported bay majority of americans. i can't believe your comparing
11:19 am
it to tianenman square, are you? >> no, no one was massacred. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> the democrats applauded the fact that we have to fix this problem. our boards, broken. george, we have a broken -- >> they applauded the president of mexico. >> i'm sorry. "the roundtable" will continue in the green room. later, check out of fact check. stay tuned for "the sunday funnies." hey what'sng on? doing the shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em aoi. if those boxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh 'em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes
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now, "in memoriam." >> how hard can it be to make a lineup? come on. >> why don't you do it. >> stand up. >> well, i had the original idea of the atm out of frustration when i couldn't cash my check at the bank. ♪ >> this week, the pentagon released the names of 11 service members killed in afghanistan.
11:23 am
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and now, the "sunday funnies." >> i guess there will be a loft surprises in the final episode of "lost."
11:26 am
i don't want to give too much way. the smoke monster was created by british petroleum. >> the bp executive predicted that his company will survive this. really? >> another canceled show here, "the ghost whisperer." every week, they would run errands for dead people. this week, she's trying to find a job for arlen specter. >> how to describe rand paul. he's a doctor. it's as if sarah palin somehow made it through medical school. >> we'll be right back. i'm using my 4g mobile broadband card to download the multimedia client presentation my associate dave here was supposed to bring. and while that's happening, dave will attempt to explain to our boss why he left the one thing he was responsible for back at the office.
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